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How I Came Out With Mixed Emotions



A girl with dark hair wearing a black vest with a red polo shirt with a black and white dotted tied.
Locust Valley, NY

Nothing could prepare me for the moment I decided it was time to come out to my parents. I was going through a plethora of emotions. And I had my entire speech planned out, when it just came out—no pun intended.

Both of my parents took it better than I expected. I knew telling my mom would be easier, but her reaction was not what I had expected. She wasn’t as shocked as I thought she would be.

She said, “You thought I didn’t know? I’m your mother, I was just waiting for you to feel comfortable.” I waited for my dad to say something. I had hoped he’d say something, but he sat there quietly and let my mom do all the talking.

After we were done, my mom assured me that my dad would come around eventually. He just needed some time. It took him about a week to finally muster up some words. When he did, he told me he would always accept me and love me no matter what.

Neither of my parents treated me any differently. I knew after we talked everything would go back to normal. On the other hand, I knew telling my aunt would be difficult.

A typical week for my aunt includes going to church six days a week and being active within the church community. She was raised during a different time. And, I knew despite being her niece, it would be difficult for her to deal with my coming out.

Although she said everything was okay, I knew that’s not how she truly felt. It took her a few years, but I think after realizing I’m the same person today as I was before, she has become respectful and accepting. Coming out was definitely tough, but it was well worth the relief.