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       Cielo is the Founder and CEO of BLENDtw. In her capacity, she oversees all the editorial content of the publication, recruitment and manages all teams. Maricielo has a great depth of knowledge in the Media industry with 5 years of experience working in digital media and TV news production. She started her career at NBC news working at the Today Show and MSNBC. Later, she transitioned to CNN where she helped produce the morning television show for CNN America. She has also written for NBC Latino and is very passionate about storytelling in all its form.Apart from BLENDtw, Maricielo is a motivational coach/speaker whom is frequently invited to speak at college events and conferences about the intersection of tech & media and its power to create social change. And she is currently working on her first-feature film.Maricielo is a former NBC page. She graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations from Wheaton College (MA), and attended Chinese school at Middlebury College, Brown University and Fudan University in Shanghai. She is fluent in Spanish and Mandarin.

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