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How I Advocate for Intersecting Identities



A girl with dark hair and glasses, smiling while sitting on the sidewalk playing with a brown and white dog wearing a green sweater.
Sudbury, Massachusetts

I realize I’m not straight every day! There are so many moments that I can hardly count them. I can think of crushes in preschool, or honestly, every time I see Rihanna. I have memories of spin the bottle when I was younger where I faced the experience of not being heterosexual.

As I got older, it was really surrounded by queer friends that I was able to safely process my identity. Seeing femme representation on social media was another big turning point for me in learning about myself.

Coming out is definitely still an issue! The default is still straight and cis until proven otherwise.

I think coming out is easier for some people and just as hard for others. Especially with the ways our other identities intersect with being LGBTQ.

In that respect, the question is whether your queerness is visible and then how visible it is. Trans women of color are murdered every day. Queer white ladies like me? Not so much. That’s a sort of privilege in it of itself.

There is not enough LGBTQ representation in the media at a base level. And yet, something that’s awesome to me is that we have a lot more control of what media we consume.

With so many options are at the fingertip, we are able to curate what representation we experience. My Instagram feed is seriously so gay. Also, my podcast app is so gay too!

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