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How I Have Dealt With Homophobia



Author, in a dark flowery dress and rounded glasses, smiling while brushing her face with her hand and looking into the camera
San Francisco, CA

I came out during my sophomore year of high school to my parents when they were talking about the people representing their church who recently came to our door. What I said to them was “just tell them that your daughter is bisexual, and they will go away.” It was not difficult to do, but I do think my parents forget about it sometimes because I tend to lean more towards guys anyways.

I realized I was not straight when I started paying more attention to girls on TV. I’ve also noticed that the actresses and female singers I liked started to give me the same feelings that the male ones did.

My ex-boyfriend had a big problem with me identifying as bisexual and all of his friends said I could not really be bisexual unless I actually had sex with a girl. My ex-boyfriend constantly threw it back in my face when he was angry at me. And that is a big part of why I eventually broke up with him.

I do think coming out is still an issue for people. There are always going to be people who are homophobic unfortunately, and I do not see that ever changing. So instead of letting it bring you down, you can grow from it instead.

I think it is easier to come out now just because the LGBTQ+ community is so large and welcoming. I do not think homophobia has gotten better or worse honestly. It may have gotten a little better, but not by a huge noticeable jump.

I do not think there is enough LGBTQ+ representation in the media at all. Many shows and movies use queer baiting tactics rather than just giving proper representation. I think that is so messed up and it needs to change. It is hard to not be able to connect with a character in your favorite TV show or movie.