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How I Gained Confidence in Expressing My Sexuality



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Yuma, AZ

I first came out when I was twelve years old to my mom. I remember being very afraid to tell her. The truth was that I originally wanted to tell her something completely different. I wanted to talk about the act that my ex-boyfriend had raped me.

However, that seemed too hard so I came out as bisexual instead. I had already known for years that I was bisexual, but I had never came out to anyone before.

I remember being attracted to both females and males at only 8-years-old. This attraction to both sexes seemed perfectly normal to me then and it still does now. However, like many people in the LGBTQ community, people treat me differently once they find out I am gay.

In my case, they are either completely weirded out or turned on. To be quite honest, it gets annoying, but I’m a rather understanding person. Therefore, l usually just remove myself from the situation if I get uncomfortable.

However, I do think it is easier in today’s society to come out. In recent years, there have been hundreds of new outreach programs designed to help the LGBTQ community. Also, since same sex marriage has been legalized there is much more awareness raised about the issue of homophobia.

With marriage legalization, homophobia is being dealt with in a much more positive and realistic light. Now, those who don’t agree with our views are being forced to see our lifestyles in action. They can now see our views on relationships and love and make judgements based on real lifestyles.

Personally, I think that with all the LGBTQ+ representation in our society, things can only get better. Hopefully, this will help our younger generations have a better experience coming out and expressing themselves in the future!

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