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LGBTQ – Voices

“In my opinion, how easy it is to come out depends on the person to whom you’re coming out.”
Newton, MA
I came out when I was fifteen. I had only one Tumblr friend who knew that I wanted to be romantic and sexual with women.

I guess I kind of came out twice because I first came out as bisexual because it felt less committal. However, I soon began identifying myself as a lesbian as the other queer women I knew embraced that identity.

This was easier for most of our friends to accept. I think it was more straightforward, which speaks to the hardships truly bisexual people feel. I told my mother first because I was crying about an irrelevant girl I was dating.

That girl was irrelevant, but relevant enough that I couldn’t keep it a secret. After that, I was not allowed to have female friends in my room.

Everything I did was wrong, so we fought constantly. It’s better now, but I don’t know if I can really forgive my parents for that initial rejection.

In my opinion, how easy it is to come out depends on the person to whom you’re coming out. No matter where you are or what year it is. My experience has been that over time, people have been more frequently receptive to this interaction.

I do not think there is enough LGBT+ representation in the media. Once, I was trying to think of three fictional characters who describe me.

And, I could hardly name anyone that felt real. That’s horrible, honestly, and I don’t really think we have improved now.



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