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How An Online Support Group Welcomed My Sexuality



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Brooklyn, NY

My coming out story is a very difficult topic for me to talk or write about. I was actually in a three-year relationship with my college sweetheart when I came out as bisexual. Most of my guy friends didn’t understand my sexuality.

It wasn’t that I wanted to break up with my girlfriend and start exploring other opportunities with men, I just knew that I needed to be honest with her and with myself about my sexuality.

Sadly, our relationship started to fall apart soon after I came out. Once we broke up, I was completely heartbroken and fell into a deep depression.

My family was not supportive of me being bi either which didn’t help. However, I did join an online support group that really helped me get myself back out in the dating pool.

Thanks to the online support goup,  I was soon set up on some great dates with both men and women who were accepting of my orientation.

While I haven’t found anyone I have had a deep connection with, I do want to get married one day. However, whether that is to a man or woman, I honestly do not know nor care. It is wonderful that I have this option thanks to same-sex marriages being legalized.

While this journey definitely has not been easy, it has been worthwhile. I have felt so liberated and more myself these past two years as a “bi man” than I ever have before.

I genuinely look forward to what is to come for the LGBTQ+ community. We have been represented more and more in the media and have made so much progress. There is no reason not to be proud!

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