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33 Gifts for Mom That Will Get You in Her Good Books

Find gifts for mom that secure your spot in her good books. Choose thoughtful presents to express love and appreciation.

Liz Douglas



This article was published on January 8th, 2024.

Buying a gift for your mom can come with so much pressure! After all, this is the woman who gave you life and then went on to feed, raise, clothe, and love you for years after. 

No gift could ever truly repay our mothers for all they have done and continue to do for us, so buying a gift for them – whether it be their birthday, Christmas, or Mother’s Day – can feel like such a monumental task.

Well, don’t worry; this is the ultimate guide full of ideas for gifts for mom – whether she’s into health, cooking, gardening, reading, or traveling – you’ll find the perfect gift idea for every mom here.

daughter giving gift to her mom


• Instant Print Camera

If your mom grew up in the era of the Polaroid camera, an instant print camera like an Instax would be a fun blast from the past. These colorful cameras quickly capture family memories for display on a fridge, pinboard, or scrapbook.

• Blender

 blender and wooden table in kitchen


If your mom is health-focused, a high-powered blender makes it easier for her to eat more fruit and veggies throughout the day. NutriBullet has a great range that is affordable, small, and easy to clean.

They make eating healthier more accessible and are perfect for individual smoothies or small-batch savory recipes like this avocado pasta sauce.

• Personalized Jewellery

For the sentimental mom, an engraved piece of jewelry would be a lovely keepsake to wear daily.

If she likes a bit of sparkle, a custom ring, necklace, or bracelet with the birthstones of her children would be a thoughtful and colorful statement piece.

This would be pricier, but you could ask your siblings to chip in to get something extraordinary made. It would also be a touching gift for a new mom.

• Air Fryer

Undoubtedly, this was one of the most popular appliances of 2023, and for good reason.

In just minutes, mom can make healthy versions of her fried favorites or roast up dinner in a fraction of the time.

If she needs help figuring out where to start, share some easy recipes with her, like this buffalo cauliflower, for inspiration.

• Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If your mom needs a moment of peace or loves listening to music while working out, noise-canceling headphones are a great choice.

• Massage Gun

Being a mom is a physical job, and there’s nothing better than a massage gun to knead away stress and soothe sore muscles after a long day.

• Yogurt Maker

If she’s lactose intolerant or plant-based, your mom probably doesn’t have a great variety of yogurts to choose from at the supermarket.

A yogurt maker is a practical and affordable present that makes it easy for her to make her own delicious vegan yogurt at home.

• Spa Day Voucher

For a woman who has everything, a day of pampering with massages and facials is the perfect way to make her feel special.

• Custom Portrait

Think family portraits were only for the royals and uber-rich? Think again! You can affordably get a commissioned piece of art on Etsy that captures the essence of your family.

Find an artist whose style you like and send them photos of your family members and a description of each person’s hobbies, quirks, or interests.

Not only will it surprise your mom, but it’ll also probably get a good laugh out of the rest of your family and be a treasured piece for years to come.

• Skincare

High-end skincare is always a safe gifting option for moms. Hand creams, moisturizers, and box sets are a versatile choice and a girl’s best friend.

If you’re unsure what her skin type is, find a store that offers consultations that can be redeemed for products afterward. Buy her a gift card and let her make an appointment.

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• Gourmet Teas

If your mom loves tea, why not buy her a gift box of premium loose-leaf tea? This is a fun, consumable present for the mom who says she doesn’t want more “stuff.” Ensure she has a teapot and strainer if she usually drinks bagged tea.

• Cooking Class

Does your mom love cooking, or did she teach you how to cook? Exploring new cuisines and learning about new flavors and cooking techniques is always fun, so why not book a class you can attend together?

It’s an excellent quality bonding experience. Just make sure it’s something unique and different – not a ‘cooking basics’ type class – that might not be received well!

• Kindle or E-Reader

If your mom is a bookworm, get her a Kindle or e-reader to make buying and storing her favorite books easier. Take the gift to the next level by loading it with some of her favorite authors’ latest books.

• Gardening Kit

For the mom with a green thumb, a new matching set of gardening tools in a cute color or design will inspire her to be out in the garden.

These would also pair perfectly with a kneeling pad to ease the pressure on her knees and make her hobby more comfortable.

• Silk Pillowcase

At the end of a big day, nothing feels more luxurious and relaxing than lying down on a silk pillow. Plus, the soft fabric smooths hair, making it easier for your mom to get ready in the morning.

• Audiobook Subscription

If your mom enjoys a good audiobook or would like to read more but doesn’t have the time, then a subscription to Audible or a similar service will let her escape into stories throughout the day or while driving.

• Custom Recipe Book

Gather family recipes and anecdotes and have them printed into a bespoke personalized book.

Online print-on-demand services like Shutterfly or similar make these super easy to create and can be delivered quickly.

Add author photos for each family member’s recipe or story to make it even more personal.

• Weighted Blanket

A popular wellness trend, weighted blankets have been shown to reduce anxiety and bring a sense of calm. It is a perfect way for a busy mom to unwind after a long day.

• Slippers

A classic gift for mothers, but a good pair of slippers is a lovely little luxury. Pick up a pair of UGG boots, moccasins, or colorful designer slippers to brighten up her mornings.

• Digital Picture Frame

This one is for the mom who loves to display family photos but needs more room.

It’s also easy for her to keep up to date with her family members, who can upload images and videos via a mobile app.

Some models will also allow you to react and comment on photos.

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21. Bean Grinder

Coffee-loving moms will undoubtedly appreciate a bean grinder to get the freshest-tasting brew.

Grinders also allow you to customize your coffee more and even create your own blends, so it’s a great gift for foodies – she can now become a caffeine connoisseur!

22. Board Games and Puzzles

Board games are a fun way to bring people together – they get everybody off their phones and into the present moment by talking and playing.

For moms who love nothing more than seeing their family together and having fun, this would be an excellent gift for Christmas

Puzzles are more of a quiet and mindful activity, which can be equally enjoyable solo or with a group. You can even get custom-printed puzzles on Etsy for a personal touch.

23. AirTags

If your mom constantly loses her car keys, phone, or wallet, then AirTags are a practical gift that will make it much easier to keep track of her most important possessions. They’re also handy for traveling in case a suitcase goes missing.

24. Luxury Travel Accessories

If the wanderlust bug has bitten your mom, help her jet-set in style with some designer luggage tags, a travel wallet, and a plush neck pillow.

25. Portable Speakers

A portable Bluetooth speaker means mom can bring her favorite music with her wherever she goes, whether in the garden, at the beach, or on vacation.

26. Smart Mug or Cooler

If your mom aims to stay hydrated throughout the day or always has a hot drink on the go, then an insulated bottle or a Yeti cup is the best gift. These will keep her beverages at the perfect temperature wherever she goes. Plus, they’re customizable!

27. Smart Watch

Even the least tech-savvy mom will appreciate the convenience of a smartwatch. Not only are they a great way to stay notified of reminders, calls, texts, and emails throughout the day, but they’re also a convenient way to collect biometric data like sleep tracking, exercise, daily steps, heart rate, and much more.

28. Wireless Charging Station

Nobody likes a tangled mess of cables next to their bed. Get her a neat, compact solution compatible with her phone and other wireless charging accessories like headphones, watches, etc. It is a practical but thoughtful gift to keep her gadgets charged and home tidy.

29. SodaStream

If she loves soda or bubbly drinks, a SodaStream is an eco-friendly and convenient way to always have sparkling water on demand. Some versions require no power and can be stored in a cupboard to save on precious bench space. Pick up her favorite syrups to make soda at home.

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30. Tickets to a Show

For the mom who doesn’t want any more possessions or clutter, an experience is the best gift option. Pick up tickets to her favorite musician, comedian, or the latest theatre production. If you can join her for the evening out, even better!

31. Diffuser and Essential Oils

You can’t go wrong with an essential oil diffuser for the house-proud mom who prefers natural ingredients and low-tox living over regular air fresheners.

A gift set with a range of scents to choose from will have the house smelling like a garden.

32. Professional Family Photoshoot

Surprise your mom by booking a professional photographer for group family portraits. Find a day when your whole family will be available but keep it a surprise from your mom.

Let her know on the day, but a few hours in advance, so she has time to gussy up. Go the extra mile and get one of the photos printed and framed afterward for her to display.

33. Personalized Calendar

A calendar for the upcoming year is an excellent Christmas present.

Upload some family happy snaps to an online calendar maker or create your own design in Canva and have a custom calendar printed for your mom.

Mark it with family birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions. 

To make it extra special, plan out dates for the year in advance when you will visit your mom to spend quality time with her, and add these to the calendar, too.

It will have her looking forward to the year ahead, and she will no doubt be touched by the thoughtfulness behind the gift.

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