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How Sex Reassignment Surgery Improved My Personal Growth



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New York, NY

Coming out as trans was incredibly terrifying for me. Yet, it turned out to be one of the most freeing experiences I’ve ever had.

I knew when and how I was going to come out, and I had prepared for it for several weeks prior. I was also in a very privileged position, knowing that I would not be kicked out of my home or harmed physically or mentally as a result.

Many other trans folks do not have this privileged experience. I am very grateful and lucky to be in the position that I am in. My family took my coming out as well as I expected them to.

There were tears from my mother when I did my best to explain everything to her. I texted my father and let the rest of my family find out through a Facebook post.

Everyone treated me differently after coming out. Mostly, because of my pronouns and my name change. It took a while before they got used to it and to realize that I was still the same person.

When I started taking hormones, I was worried about changing mentally, but the most I changed mentally was experiencing mood swings. I was and always have been the same person. Now, I’m just more open about who I am and am much happier.

I remember the day that I had top surgery. I had been on testosterone for a year. And there were some complications with my surgery that I had to be moved to the hospital as a precaution.

When I was waking up, I felt a tightness around my chest and looked down. I was totally flat-chested. The tightness was from the cloth binder they had wrapped around me that I had to wear for the next week.

That was the first time I remembered feeling completely free. I was finally able to be my most authentic self, and since then I have had no dysphoria.

My journey isn’t the same as everyone. And it is important to note that not everyone’s transition has an end goal. I will be on hormones for the rest of my life and will continue to evolve as a person physically and mentally.

It took my entire life to finally feel comfortable in my own skin. Despite the ups and downs that life has thrown at me, at least I can be my most authentic and happy self.

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