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The Pros and Cons of Online Dating During the Pandemic

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For single people looking for love, online dating is a modern way to find it. However, this can be a confusing time to consider online dating. The pandemic has limited our socializing for several months and may continue to do so. The following article will help list the benefits and disadvantages of dating at this time.


1.The quarantine won’t last forever.

You can create a good foundation for a relationship during this time and get to know someone well. With technology at our fingertips, it’s easy to communicate through text, call, and Zoom.  This allows us to connect with someone anywhere, any time.

If you build a strong connection, it will be even sweeter when you are able to be with each other in person. It might also be easier with all of the basic knowledge out of the way; you two can already have some depth between you.

2. Making it work

If you have strong feelings for someone, and they feel the same way about you, getting through this won’t be so hard. If your relationship can’t make it through the pandemic, then maybe it wasn’t meant to be. However, if you both try, then you’ll be able to get through it together. By the end, you will have shared an important experience and strengthened feelings for each other. 

3. Socialization

Dating is a form of socializing, which we could all use more of nowadays. After the long months of quarantine and not being around others, dating can help you get back outside. It’s important for us to talk and be with other human beings. 

4. Love

If you want to fall in love, social distancing and the pandemic don’t have to hold you back. You can continue to search for someone special, and you might find them. Just know that if you don’t try, it’ll be more difficult to find love. You are more likely to develop a relationship if you put yourself out there. 

5. Remedy to boredom

Many of us have more free time on our hands—maybe too much. In your extra time, you can put forth more dating profiles or make more of an effort than usual. It can be another way to spend your time besides the usual TV shows and movies.


1. You don’t know them well yet

Going on a date with someone you don’t know well is a constant struggle with online dating. That’s why it’s important to stay in a public area on the first date and stay safe. With the pandemic, there’s an extra layer on top of this.

You don’t know what precautions your date has taken against coronavirus or whether they care at all about social distancing. Before you go out with them, make sure you ask about this. You can create boundaries with your date prior to meeting.

2. Lack of intimacy

Due to the pandemic, measures such as social distancing and masks have been implemented in order to mitigate the risks of catching coronavirus. This may not be the most conducive environment for romance. Without being able to touch someone or see their face in a public area, it may be harder to build a connection.

3. Date ideas can be difficult

You may have to do research beforehand to check on restaurants’ policies and see whether the tables are spread apart. In a restaurant or bar, you have to take off your mask to eat and drink. These settings are very common for first dates, but you may want to consider the risks of venturing to these and other populated places. Perhaps opt for a walk in the park instead.

4. Zoom

As previously mentioned, you could get to know someone you’re dating through Zoom. However, this is also not the most romantic place to “be” with someone. Interaction is different through screens. Missing body language can make conversation stilted. It is more awkward to talk to someone through the computer than in person, but keep an open mind, because it’s still an option.

Coronavirus won’t last forever. After some time, we will likely have a vaccine or a cure. You can choose to wait until then if you’d prefer to experience dating the normal way. Before that happens, though, there are plenty of other important things you can focus on in your life, such as school, your career, your friendships, and your family.

Consider the pros and cons listed above when deciding whether to jump back into the online dating scene. There are various factors that may influence your choice, and there are many reasons to date and not to date right now. Most importantly, you should do what’s right for you.

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