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300+ Best Flirty Pick Up Lines For Her

Are you trying to get a girl’s attention? Are you having trouble thinking or things to say to her? Check out these best flirty pick up lines for her.



This article was updated on 1/19/2024.

Are you interested in a new girl? Are you trying to get her attention but are not quite sure how to do so? Are you trying to find a pick up line to use but not quite sure where to start?

You may be looking for some flirty pick up lines. Maybe you want some cheesy pick up lines, funny pick up lines, cute ones, etc. No matter what type of pick up line you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

Are you considering the best pick-up lines to use when approaching someone you like? If so, this article will undoubtedly be helpful to you. You can liven up your conversations by flirting.

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If used correctly, some corny or flattering pick up lines can make the other person feel good. But it’s crucial to understand the limits.

Healthy flirting is harmless but avoid being overly sexual and making it very personal; that will undoubtedly offend someone else. Even if it wasn’t your intention, you could still blow your chance.

Here are some flirtatious phrases and pick up lines to help you up your game.

Sometimes all it takes to start a conversation is a novel strategy. Perhaps you feel that pickup lines are amazingly cheesy and ineffective.

Cheesy jokes, on the other hand, can come across as awkward if delivered with lackadaisical confidence, but if mastered, a good pickup line can work to your advantage, transforming a dull conversation into something enjoyable and flirtatious.

Make sure the pick up line (or pick up lines) you use are clever and not overly seductive. Last but not least, never employ a line that you don’t find humorous.

Instead of attempting to change who you are, you should focus on finding a partner who appreciates and gets your sense of humor.

I am going to provide you with a list of over 300 of the best flirty pick up lines to use. Hopefully, at least one of these pick up lines will work best for who you are interested in.

Or, at the very least, help inspire some pick-up lines of your own.

In this post: 


A printable for flirty pick up lines




Best Pick-Up Lines For Her

• I think there is something wrong with my eyes: I can’t take them off of you.

• I need to cross the street. Would you mind holding my hand?

• Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

• I think I need a map: I keep getting lost in your eyes.

• I knew love, at first sight, was real when I saw you.

• I would fall for you even in zero gravity.

• If you were a song, you would be my favorite track.

• The sparkle is so bright in your eyes–the sun is jealous.

• I just won hide and seek because I found you.

• Your beauty makes me appreciate being able to see.

• Looking at you made me forget my pick up line.

• If you were a triangle, you would be an acute one.

• You looked familiar, but then I remembered I had only seen you in my dreams.

• I am no photographer, but I can picture you and me together.

• I’m going to sue Spotify. For not including you in the hottest singles of the week list.

• I am going to call you Google because you are everything I am searching for.

• Can I follow you? I was told to follow my dreams.

• Nice shirt! What’s it made of girlfriend material?

• I just checked the crystal ball, and it says you are in my future.

• Anyone who says Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth has clearly never stood next to you.

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Cheeky Pick-Up Lines For Her

• You got your first wish granted: I am here. What are your other two wishes?

• You know what material this is? [Grab your shirt] Boyfriend material.

• You like raisins? Then how do you feel about dates?

• Do you have a name, or can I call you mine?

• You must be a Klondike Bar because I would do anything to get you.

• Are you a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you.

• Good thing I brought my library card because I am checking you out.

• Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back.

• Is it hot in here or is it just you?

•  Did you see what was on the menu? Me-n-U.

• Do you know what time it is? I want to remember the exact minute I first saw you.

• They say nothing lasts forever; will you be my nothing?

• I am an organ donor, and I will start by giving you my heart.

• There is something wrong with my phone: it doesn’t have your number in it.

• I have forks and knives; all I need is a little spoon.

• Let’s commit the perfect violation–you steal my heart, and I will steal yours.

• Was that a cannon firing, or just my heart pounding?

• I think I lost my phone; can you call it?

• Four plus four equals eight, but you plus me equals fate.

• Your lips look lonely; would they like to meet mine?

Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Her

• If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

• Did you just come out of the oven? Because you are hot.

• Are you a loan? Because you sure have my interest.

• Are you a broom? Because you swept me off my feet.

• You’re so sweet that you are giving me a toothache.

• If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber.

• Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knees falling for you.

• If you were a fruit, you would be a fineapple.

• I just learned that happiness does not start with an ‘h,’ it starts with ‘u.’

• If you were a transformer, you would be Optimus Fine.

• Do you like Star Wars? Because yoda the only one for me.

• You look familiar? Didn’t we have chemistry together?

• Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past again?

• There is just one thing I want to change: your last name.

• How was heaven when you left?

• I must be in a museum because you are a work of art.

• You better tie your shoes; I do not want you falling for anyone else.

• Are you a keyboard? Because you are just my type.

• Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten-I-see.

• If loving me is wrong, you do not want to be right.

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Cool Pick Up Lines For Her

• Sweetness is my weakness.

• Would you touch my hand so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel?

• You must be a broom because you swept me off my feet.

• Is this the Hogwarts express? Because it feels like you and I are heading somewhere magical.

• How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the room?

• Does your watch have a second hand? I want to know how long it took me to fall in love with you.

• Can I take your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

• I was going to buy a drink, but I got distracted by you.

• I’m sorry, were you talking to me? No? Well, then please start.

• You are like fine wine. The more I drink in, the better I feel.

• I am horrible at math, but I do care about one number: yours.

• Someone pinch me–you are too cute that I must be dreaming.

• Are we flying? Because you seem Wright for me.

• Are you the package I ordered, because I have been waiting for you all day?

• If I were a cat, I would spend all of my nine lives with you.

• I need sunglasses–your smile is blinding me.

• We are like socks: we make a great pair.

• You just proved that aliens exist because you abducted my heart.

• Do you have a couple of minutes for me to hit on you?

• Let’s play a game. I win, you take me out; if you win, I take you out.

Funny Pick Up Lines For Her

• If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you would be a McGorgeous.

• I’m good at algebra. I can replace your X, and you wouldn’t need to figure out Y.

• Was your dad a boxer? Because you are a knockout.

• I think you are experiencing from a lack of vitamin me.

• Life without you would be like a broken pencil: pointless.

• If I were a booger, would you pick me?

• Call me Shrek because I am head ogre heels for you.

• You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

• Are you a goldfish? Because you are a snack that smiles back.

• You’re so gneiss, I would never take you for granite.

• Are you Franklin D. Roosevelt? Because you are a dime.

• Are you made of copper? Because I Cu with me.

• Are you, my appendix? Because there is this feeling in my stomach that makes me want to take you out.

• You are sweeter than 3.14.

• Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

• Do you like coffee? Because I like you a latte.

• Are you a cat? Because I feline a connection between us.

• Did you swallow magnets? Because you are attractive.

• My name is Microsoft; can I crash at your place tonight?

• Your middle name must be Gillette, because you are the best a man can get.

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Cute Pick Up Lines For Her

• Forget hydrogen, you are the number one element in my life.

• Your eyes are like the ocean. I could swim in them all day.

• Kiss me if I am wrong, but the Earth is flat, right?

• When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

• I am not a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever.

• You’re so cute that it’s distracting.

• Is your name WIFI? Because I am really feeling a connection.

• I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on Earth tonight.

• How come you are not on top of a Christmas tree? That is where angels belong.

• I am new in town. Can you give me directions to your heart?

• I need a dictionary, because since I saw you, I have run out of words.

• You may want to keep your distance–I may fall for you.

• Are you an interior designer? Because you made this room more beautiful.

• I do not want to use some cheesy pick-up line, so can I buy you a drink?

• You know what is beautiful? Read the first word.

• Tonight, I am wearing the smile you gave me.

• If you were a potato, you would be a sweet one.

• If kisses were snowflakes, I would send you a blizzard.

• You should never play hide-and-seek. Finding someone like you would be impossible.

• I know someone who likes you, but I am too shy to tell you who.

Flirty Pick Up Lines

• Do you have a sunburn or are you always this hot?

•  If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I will give it right back!

• Are your parents’ bakers? Because you´re a cutie pie!

• Wow, I have been blinded by your beauty. I will need your name and number for life insurance purposes!

• I want you to pay close attention to the first three words of this sentence.

• Do you want to share and split the Uber ride home? But we can just use your address.

• Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk in again?

• I’d love to read your biography, especially the chapter we’re about to write.

• I believe there is a problem with my eyes because I find it impossible to look away from you.

• Roses are red, violets are blue, I know I can’t rhyme, but I want to date you.

• I am not an astrologer, but I can see my future with you.

•  I wish I could rearrange the letters of the alphabet. I would place U and I together.

• They say dating is a numbers game, so can I get yours?

• Can I show your profile to my friends to prove that angels really do exist?

• I seem to have lost my phone. Can I call from yours?

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Smooth Pick Up Lines

• Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favorite.

• Are you glitter because you add sparkle to my life?

• Even if there wasn’t gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.

• You don’t need keys to drive me crazy.

• Are You a Magician? Because Whenever I Look at You, Everyone Else Disappears!

• Can I Follow You Home? Cause My Parents Always Told Me to Follow My Dreams.

• You Look So Familiar… Didn’t We Take A Class Together? I Could’ve Sworn We Had Chemistry.

• Just When I Catch My Breath, You Turn Around And Make Me Lose It Again.

• Is there an airport nearby or is it my heart taking off?

• Kiss me if I’m wrong, dinosaurs still exist, right?

• Your eyes are like the ocean where I could swim in them all day.

• I hope you know CPR because you just took my breath away!

• Are you a map? As I just got lost in your eyes.

• Are you what Google? As you are a full pack of everything I wanted.

• You must be a parking ticket as Cause, you’ve got ‘fine’ written all over you.


Dating App Pickup Lines For Her

POV: You just saw your crush on Tinder, and you are wondering how to ask her out. To break the ice, You’re going to need a great pickup line to impress her. Here are some great lines:

• Is your name Tinder? Because I can’t stop swiping right on your pictures.

• You set my heart on fire like the Tinder logo.

• Do you believe in love at first swipe? Or should I unmatch and swipe again?

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Valentine’s Day Pickup Lines For Her

There is no better time to compliment your crush than on Valentine’s Day. Every girl is expecting to receive something sweet, so surprise her and steal her heart with these chat-up lines.

• Is your name Cupid? Because you drink an arrow through my heart.

• You’re so sweet; you could put Cadbury out of business.

• Do you know what would really look cute on you this Valentine’s Day? My arms.

• Are you a Hershey chocolate bar? Because you make my heart melt.

• Hey baby, be mine because you’re fine.

• Do you know what’s on the Valentine’s Day menu? Me-n-u.

• Is your name Rose? Because you’re the most beautiful flower in the garden.

• Excuse me, did you see my heart? I think you stole it.

Easy and Smooth Pickup Lines

In order to have the best rizz, your words have to flow. Don’t know how? Here are some ideas. You will find a good pickup line below.

• Hey baby, are you homework? Because everything about you keeps me up all night.

• Wow, you’re so hot. I need sunscreen when I’m around you.

• Are you a magnet because I’m so attracted to you.

• Are you the school stairs because you take my breath away?

• Do you like soccer? My favorite player is Ronaldo, but we can still get Messi.

• Can I get you a soccer jersey? I really want your name and phone number.

• Are you the Eiffel tower because Ei-fell for you.

• Are you Irish? Because Irish you were mine.


Food Pickup Lines

Have you noticed that your crush is a foodie? Next time you see her, Impress her with these food pickup lines and corny jokes.

• Did you just come out of the oven because you’re so hot.

• Can I egg-plant a kiss on you?

• The Starbucks barista may forget your name, but I never will.

• I carrot leave without you.

• Everyone else says nothing lasts forever, but lettuce remain together

• I think you may have the Kiwi to my heart.

• You’re berry much my type.

• I’d love to see you s’more.

• You make my heart pop like popcorn.

• Are you a bakery? Because you’re a cutie pie.

• Are you a box of Lucky Charms? Because you’re magically delicious.

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Little Mermaid Pickup Lines

These lines are a great way to make her see that you know her interest. You will find a good pickup line to show her you know her favorite movie as much as you do.

• Ariel’s love for the Ocean runs deep, but my love for you runs deeper.

• Do you know what Ariel and I have in common? We both want to be part of your world.

• Are you Ursula because you stole my voice with your beauty.

• We’re the perfect Match like Ariel and Eric.

• Is your heart as adventurous as Ariel’s? I’m ready to explore this magical journey with you.

• Are you a mermaid princess? Because I want you to be the ruler of my underwater kingdom.

• Are you Ariel because? I’m hooked on your enchanting charm like Eric.

• If you were a mermaid, you’d be Ariel. Beautiful and the melody to my heart.


Star Wars Pickup Lines For Her

Is she into nerdy things like you?  You will find a good pickup line below that is out of this world. Use it on a dating app or the next time you bump into her.

• You’re the obi-wan for me.

• Do you like Star Wars? Cause Yo-da is the only one for me.

• You must be the force because I’m attracted to you.

• Is your name Skywalker cause you Luke so good

• You’re hotter than the flames on Mustafar.

• Leia’s buns are nothing compared to you.

• You’ve Obi Wandered into my heart.

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Makeup Pickup Lines For Her

Can’t think of a good pickup line? Make her blush with these makeup pickup lines.  

• Are you an eyeshadow palette? I love every shade of you.

• Your lipstick and I have something in common: we’re both meant to be on your lips.

• I bet I could make your cheeks rosier than your blush.

• Your smile brightens my day more than your highlight.


 Fashion Pickup Lines For Her


If you want to make a girl fall for you, you need a cute pickup line about something fashion related. It could be an outfit she’s wearing or a fashion brand she likes. Below you will find the best pickup line to use in-person or on a dating app.

• Are you a Victoria’s Secret angel? Because heaven is missing an angel.

• Are you a zipper? Because I can’t help but be drawn to you.

• Is your dress from outer space? Because it is out of this world.

• Is your name Nike? Because you just do it for me in those sneakers.

• Can I try your glasses? Because I want to see the world through your beautiful eyes.

• Nice T-shirt? Is it made of Girlfriend material?

• Nice dress, do you want to wear it on a date with me next time?

• Is your name Cinderella? Because those heels look like they were made for a magical night with me.

• Your hand looks great with that ring. But it would look even better in my hand.

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Birthday Pickup Lines For Her

Her birthday is the perfect opportunity to “wow” her. She will be surprised that you remembered her birthday and she’s going to be impressed with your birthday “rizz.” Pick any of these good pickup lines.

• I wish I was a time traveler, so I’d spend every birthday with you.

• Are you a birthday candle? Because you light up the room with joy.

• I’d say God bless you on your birthday, but it looks like he already did.

• I’m not a magician, but I can make your birthday wishes come true.

• I was wondering if your lips are as sweet as the icing on this cake.

• Hey, birthday girl, you’re hotter than the candles on this birthday cake.

• Is it just a sunny day or just the birthday girl shining?

• Can I be the cherry on top of your cake?

• I wish I could rearrange the alphabet on your cake so I could put “u” and “I” together.

• I bet you’re twice as sweet as this birthday cake.

• I didn’t know what to get for your birthday, so I thought I’d give you my heart.

• You can blow out these candles, but nothing can blow the spark between us.

• Your birthday is once a year, but you’re so special it should be every day.

• Your birthday is so special, it should be a national holiday.

• So, how does it feel to be the most beautiful girl at this birthday party?

• I wanted to give you my love for your birthday, but I couldn’t find a box that it could fit in.


Summer Pickup Lines

Summer is a great time for love. If you want to spend it with her, here are some good pickup lines to try!

• I’m not sure where to travel this summer, but I think your heart would be the happiest place to travel.

• Do you have a summer tan? Are you just naturally radiant?

• Are you ice cream? Because you’re sweet, refreshing and the best part about summer.

• Do you have a sunburn, or are you naturally hot?

• I don’t know what’s hotter today, you or the sun?

• Is your name ice cream? Because you’re the scoop of joy, I need this summer.

• If your heart was a seashell, I’d pick it up and cherish it forever.

• Are you a beach towel? Because you’re warm and soft, and I’d like to wrap myself up in you.

• I don’t know what’s sweeter. You or this popsicle?

• All I need this summer is H2U.

• I can’t tell if it’s the sun or your swimsuit that’s hot at this beach.

• Are you water? Because I’m dying without you this summer.

• If you were a swimsuit, you’d be the hottest pick in the collection.

• You’ve got everything I’m looking for this summer. Sweet, refreshing, and cool.

• The sparkle in your eyes is so bright that the sun might be jealous.

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Christmas Pickup Lines For Her

Christmas is a magical time to be romantic. Use any of these cute pickup lines, and you will spend NYE with her.

• Mariah Carey was right because all I want for Christmas is you.

• Are you Santa’s sleigh because you’re taking my heart on a magical ride?

• If I were Santa, you’d be at the top of my nice list.

• Is this place the North Pole? Because standing here feels so magical.

• Your love is the only gift I want to find under the Christmas tree.

• Are you into Christmas movies? Because I’d love for us to be Home Alone.

• I’d have a blue Christmas without you.

• I asked Santa for you this Christmas.

• Are you a Christmas tree topper because you’re a star.

• You look sweeter than Christmas cookies.

• I ho-ho-hope you become my girlfriend.

• Santa just delivered the best gift for you: Me.

• Want to feel my Christmas sweater? It’s boyfriend material.


TikTok Pickup Lines For Her

If she’s obsessed with TikTok, she will enjoy these cute pickup lines.

• Like TikTok, my heart is made for you.

• Your face pops up in your head like the for you page.

• Are you TikTok? Because you always brighten my day.

• Are you the TikTok beauty filter? Because you’re so perfect.

• Are you on the “for you” page? Because you’re exactly what I’m scrolling for.

• Is your name Tiktok? Because my love for you is on a loop.

• It would be the best collaboration if our love were a TikTok duet.

• Every moment with you feels like the perfect Tiktok duet.


Easter Pickup Lines For Her

Hop on these ideas to impress your crush this spring. You will find a combination of cute and cheesy pickup lines.

• Do you want to hop into a relationship with me?

• Is your beauty a golden easter egg? Because it’s hard to find.

• Can I please have your phone number? I want to egg-splore a relationship with you.

• Do you have a basket? Because I’m ready to hunt for your love.

• Are you a bunny? Because I’m falling hare over heels for you.

• Can I be your easter bunny and deliver all the happiness in the world to you?

• Special delivery: The Easter bunny has something special for you: Me

• You’re as sweet as chocolate eggs.

• Do you have a crown of flowers on your head because you’re the queen of my heart

• Are you a sunflower? Because I’m drawn to your light

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Fall Pickup Lines About Her

Is fall her favorite season? Get her attention with these good pickup lines.

• My feelings have fallen for you like leaves on an autumn tree.

• If you were a sweater, I’d wrap my arms around you all season.

• If I were a scarecrow, I’d guard your heart in your field.

• The color of the leaves may change this fall, but my love for you will never change.

• Call me a jack-o’lantern because my heart lights up whenever I see you.

• Are you a pumpkin spice latte? Because you’re the only thing I’d order this fall.

• Are you a pumpkin pie? Because I need a slice of your sweetness.


Instagram Pickup Lines For Her


Start a conversation with your crush about her favorite social media app. And watch her agree to be in a certified relationship with you soon. Don’t know how? Pick any of these funny pickup lines.

• Are you an Instagram filter? Because you make everything look better.

• Are you an Instagram explore page? Because discovering your beauty feels like finding the best content on Instagram

• Are you an Instagram highlight? Because every moment feels like a highlight.


Cute Pickup Lines About Technology


For the girl who is always on her phone, get her attention with these funny pickup lines.

• Are you FaceID? Because my heart unlocks every time I see your face.

• Are you my new iPhone? Because I can’t stop staring at you.

• Are you Facetime? Cause all I want is your face and time.

• If you were a notification, I’d always keep you on “always.”

• Is your name Siri? Because I siri-ously need you.

• Is your name Airdrop? Because we just shared a moment.

• Hey baby, can i-Phone you tonight?

• Are you Airpods? Because I could listen to you all day.

• Are you the latest iPhone? Because I wouldn’t mind standing in line to see you.

• Are you the Apple logo? Because you’re the apple of my eye.


Pickup Lines About Books For Her


The book worm in your life will like you if you use any of these cute ideas.

• Are you a book? I have a library card. Can I check you out?

• You like reading; I like reading. Why don’t we write a book about our love story

• Yesterday, I was reading about the book of numbers, and I realized I don’t have yours.

• They say they don’t judge a book by its cover, but so far, what I see about you is pure beauty.

• In a sea of books, you’d be my favorite pick.

• You are a good novel; I can’t get you out of my head.

• Are you a thriller? Because I can’t put you down.

• If you were a book, I’d need glasses because you are fine print.

• Just like my favorite book, I never want our story to end. 

• You’re like my favorite book; you are my perfect escape.

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A Free Guide to Steal a Girl’s Heart

Be Chivalrous: Show your most gallant and courteous side. Help her with her coat, open the car door or give way. Girls value this kind of details a lot.

Be fun: Girls like to spend time with someone who makes them laugh and makes them feel good. Be fun and light-hearted and give him a good time.

Be respectful: Show that you respect her and her decisions. Don’t pressure her to do something she doesn’t want and respect her time and spaces.

With these infallible tips, you will be able to destroy her and steal her heart.

Remember that the most important thing is to be authentic and show your interest in her. If you do, you will surely win her over.

Winning over a girl is not an easy task, but with a little effort and dedication, you can achieve it. Follow these tips and show your best version to destroy it.

The important thing is that you are sincere and respectful and that you show interest in meeting her. If you do, you will surely get his love. Good Luck!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for cheesy pick-up lines or funny pick-up lines, this list has the pick-up line that will catch the attention of the girl you are trying to attract.

This list of the best flirty pick up lines have something for everyone. It has a line for every situation, no matter what pick up line you are trying to find. This list has some of the best pick up lines on it.

The pick up lines you use and the people you use them on will determine whether they are effective.

Be careful and don’t use pick-up lines dishonestly because you run the risk of sounding cynical or like you have a hidden agenda.

Saying “I swear I know you from somewhere” when you don’t, for instance, is inappropriate.

The most successful pick-up lines are those that flow naturally into a conversation.

Thus, if you’re still unsure of how to use pick-up lines, stick to straightforward questions you might ask a friend: “How are you today?” or “What do you like to order here the most?”

Pick-up lines should be used with humor and the intention of entertaining others rather than trying to get someone to go out with you or sleep with you.

Don’t get too worked up about it because one line probably won’t make a difference to them.

Now, of course, not every single pick-up line is on the list, but this is a great place to start.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to be flirty with a girl?

You want the girl to know you like her, so while flirting is fun, it should have a purpose. Without being overtly sexual, show off you’re charming and playful side.

She shouldn’t have to feel pressured or uneasy during flirting. However, your flirtatious demeanor ought to make her feel more comfortable.

With a little practice and confidence, you’ll be making flirtatious eye contact with a girl right away.

What are some pick up lines for your crush?

Pick-up lines are used to strike up a conversation with someone you want to date or get to know better.

At a party, bar, or anywhere else where you meet someone who catches your attention, a clever pick-up line will help you get to know each other.

A corny opening line will demonstrate your sense of humor and fun personality.

Some of the best pick-up lines for your crush are the funny ones so that the conversation starts with a good laugh or the smooth ones to impress them from the beginning.

How often should you flirt with a girl?

You should flirt with a girl sometimes in the day if you notice she likes it, but if you see that´s getting her bored or annoyed you should stop for a while and check out other ways to talk with her.

How much flirting is too much?

When you enter another person’s space (circumference of about 3 feet), and the other person’s reaction indicates that they are uncomfortable.

It is also important to consider who you are flirting with, when and where you are flirting. When in doubt, avoid it.

What are some pick-up lines for flirting?

Best pick-up lines for flirting include:

-Do you have a sunburn or are you always this hot?

-If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I will give it right back!

-Are your parents bakers? Because you´re a cutie pie!

– Wow, I have been blinded by your beauty. I will need your name and number for life insurance purposes!

-I want you to pay close attention to the first three words of this sentence.

What are some cute pick-up lines for her?

You’ve finally found someone who seems sincere and is exactly your type of person, but for us introverted guys, it can be difficult to strike up a conversation. not to mention starting a conversation!

Worst of all, you’re not the type to use those witty and direct pick-up lines that exude confidence; rather, you’re the kind of sweet, sensitive person who seeks a deeper connection.

However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you’ll spend the rest of your days acting awkward and clumsily! Simply learn how to introduce yourself with a little more tact. Some of the best cute pick-up lines mentioned above are:

-Forget hydrogen, you are the number one element in my life.

-Your eyes are like the ocean. I could swim in them all day.

-Kiss me if I am wrong, but the Earth is flat, right?

-When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

-I am not a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever.

How to flirt over text with a girl?

Text flirting is an art, though; the secret is to convey your interest while still maintaining a level of intrigue, and to project confidence without coming off as arrogant.

In general, a message should be as straightforward as possible. Therefore, if you want to strike a flirtatious tone, avoid typing a really long text.

Consider it this way: If someone walked up to you in a bar, smiled, said “hey,” and then left, which would be more effective at getting your attention?

Or if they came up to you and began to blather on about their life for five minutes straight?

A brief text is not only easier to read, but it also promotes back-and-forth conversation, which is how people naturally converse in real life.

You can refer to this link for more help with flirting over text!





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