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250+ Flirty and Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

Do you want to conquer the heart of the guy of your dreams? We got you. Here are the best flirty, sexy, and dirty questions to ask a guy you like.



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This article was updated on February 5th, 2024.

Any healthy, close relationship must have open communication. Partners can strengthen their relationship, explore each other’s desires, and deepen their connection through frank and open communication.

Come along on this intimate and self-discovery journey with us as we explore a comprehensive list of sly and flirtatious questions you can ask a guy to ignite passion and strengthen emotional and physical bonds and the power of communication.


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Best Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

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     Spicy and Provocative Questions to Ask a Guy

     Freaky and Fantasy Exploration Questions to Ask a Guy

Dirty Questions for Different Situations

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     Questions for Fun

How to Ask a Guy Dirty Questions Comfortably and Respectfully? 



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Benefits of Asking Naughty Questions to a Guy

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Asking your boyfriend humorous questions can positively impact your relationship by encouraging enjoyment, understanding, and connection.

 Joking around with questions can be advantageous for the following reasons:

Strengthening Emotional Intimacy:

Playful questions can foster lighthearted conversation. Playful banter and thought-provoking questions can foster emotional intimacy and cause couples to laugh together.

As a result, the relationship between partners strengthens, and their emotional intimacy grows.

• Discovering Common Interests:

Engaging conversations allow people to pleasantly discover each other’s preferences, annoyances, and areas of interest.

Lighthearted questioning will enable partners to learn new things about one another, identify areas of agreement, and possibly even identify interests or passions in common.

This may eventually result in a connection and understanding between the partners. I’ve always been talkative, and finding common interests is a great way to maintain relationships.

I remember having an ex-boyfriend who loved sports as much as I did, so I woke up each morning to exercise and play squash. Other various sports would always help us reconcile or improve other differences and bad attitudes towards each other. 


Playful questions are a great way to bring positivity and joy into a relationship. They can add fun and spontaneity to ordinary conversation, breaking up its monotony.

Playful questioning helps couples forge priceless moments and amass an enormous collection of recollections, fortifying the basis of their union.

In my experience, I had a boyfriend for two years, and the relationship can become a little monotonous, so interacting with each other and asking flirty and dirty questions is a great way to keep the flame alive! 

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Best Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

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Playful Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy

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  • What is the perfect beginning and ending of a date?

This works as a way of playfully asking them what they would like to do after the date ends and you stay together.

  • Have you ever been obsessed with a teacher?

This playful, dirty question will get the heat up between you. 

  • Which pickup line is your go-to?

This works by getting them involved in the flirtiness game between the two. 

  • Shorts or boxers?

This is a discrete way of getting them into a respectful but playful conversation.

  • Have you ever gone on a skinny dip?

This can be an invitation for you two to go skinny dipping or asking if you want to be clothes-free with him. 

  • Describe your craziest dream with me.

This can be a way to know his kinks and what he wants to do with you. 

  • Can you give good kisses?

This is an excellent way for them to kiss and flirt with you. I used this question at school and always got him to smile. 

  • Have you ever slept with someone you didn’t know?

This question helps you know how promiscuous he is and get the heat up. 

  • In your perspective, what part of a woman’s body is the most attractive?

This question will help you know his focus and start a sexy conversation afterward. 

  • Have you ever done something dirty and rough because of jealousy?

This lets you know if he likes to be rough or delicate in his intimacy.

  • In your experience, what is the most embarrassing thing you have ever experienced in public?

This can insinuate you want to know if they have ever been caught doing sexual things in public. 

  • Have you ever entered a theater and done sexual things inside?

This question will let him know that you also like risky things and will excite him. 

  • How do you like to unwind after a demanding day?

This question can insinuate that you want to know what he would like to do with you after a long day of work in the sexual part.

  • Are role-playing games your thing?

This will let them know you have a kinky side.

  • Have you ever been caught doing things by your parents?

This question can put up the heat and get him into the conversation because of the riskiness it suggests.

  • Describe a surprising turn-on moment for you.

Here, you can know what his turn-ons are for your intimate moments. 

  • Do you think that love can exist at first sight?

This is a more romantic question, but it allows him to answer something kinky about you. I always use this one to sound romantic but turn the conversation into something kinky.

  • Do you prefer to cuddle or charm people?

This question always leads my boyfriend or the guys I like to turn the conversation into sleeping together and the afterward care. 

  • Would you ever think about being in a trio?

If you are into trios and kinky things in bed, this question is perfect to get to know him better and his interests. I had a friend who liked trios, and after talking it over with her boyfriend, they got to do it now and then and maintain the flame alive in their relationship. 

  • Have you ever dreamed of someone you know in real life in a sexual way?

This question can let you know about their sexy dreams and kinks.

  • What is the most sexy thing you’ve done with a girl in a classroom?

This question will get him into the kinky conversation and heat the moment. 

  • Could you recall your very first kiss and kinky things with a girl?

I often asked this to get the guy to know I was thinking I wanted him to kiss me.

  • What is the history of your one-night stands?

I used to have these conversations to flirt with the guy I was dating because he then asked me, and I told him what I liked in a kinky way that turned him on. 

  • What peculiar quality in a person do you find appealing when in bed?

This question can make your partner horny and let you know what things he is interested in bed.

  • Even though you knew you had no interest in dating them, have you ever flirted with someone just for kicks?

This can be a good question to know more about your partner’s deep kinks.

  • Do you prefer streaking or skinny dipping?

You can heat up the conversation with this question and then try it afterward.

  • Which of your nicknames do you like to be called in bed?

    This question is perfect for flirting with a guy.

  • Do you prefer to be the boss or the follower in the bedroom?

Here, you can know if your boyfriend is into the dominant and submissive game.

  • Have you ever felt a strong attraction to a fictional character?

This is more like a dirty, nerdy question that can make him talk about his kinks.

  • When you’re in bed, what’s your favorite activity? 

This is perfect so that you know what things he likes in bed, and afterward, you can let him know yours.

  • Have you ever had a romantic date in public?

Here, you can see how romantic he is, and with this question, he can also start talking about other, more intimate things he likes to do on dates. 

  • On your bucket list, what is the most daring item related to us in bed?

 I used to ask my boyfriend this question so we could try some new things he liked in bed. 

  • Have you ever tried a successful pickup line?

This can lead him to say some dirty pickup lines and turn the conversation a little more flirtatious and dirtier. 

  • How do you like it done to you in bed?

 I used this question a lot as well with an ex-boyfriend so that I knew what his favorite things were, and then I told him mine, and it helped us a lot in bed. 

  • Do you prefer more conventional means of communication or sexting?

This is an excellent question because here, you can know if he also likes sexting, and you can do a mix of both or if he likes pictures and videos. 

  • Have you ever tried using cream and fruits in the bedroom?

This can be a proposal to try something new in bed and make everything kinkier. 

  • Describe the horniest act you have ever done with someone?

 This is an excellent way to spice both of you up and for you to know how horny he can be.

  • Have you ever had a wet dream about me?

I use this question a lot because it starts a dirty conversation about what the other wants in bed with you and the other way around.

  • What is your shower routine? You always look handsome!

This can spice things up while also complimenting him and flirting with him.

  • Do you shave everywhere?

This can initiate a bit of dirty talk between you two. 

  • Do you like using costumes while in bed?

This can let you know about his kinks and if he likes role-playing in bed. 

  • Describe the ideal date in your mind.

 This question can turn dirty and playful after you insinuate some dirty things.

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Sexy Questions to Ask a Guy

A couple smiling and posing for a photo at a beautiful resort. Source: Instagram @stevengrossman99

  • What is the most memorable sexual experience you’ve had with me?

I always asked this question to bring the heat of that moment, and we could spice it up a little.

  • Which part of my body is your favorite?

This is the perfect way to start a sexual act by then beginning to get close to it. 

  • What sensation turns you on the most?

This can help you know your partner better and how he feels more pleasure. And vice versa. 

  • Can you share a fantasy you may have had about us?

This is an excellent way of starting a sexy conversation between the two of you and, afterward, letting him know any fantasy you would like to fulfill.

  • What is your favorite thing that I do to you?

I love to ask the guy I’m with this question because it helps our relationship in bed by knowing what each of us likes to have done the most.

  • Which fragrances or perfumes get you horny the most?

With this question, you can know if they like perfumes and if you could incorporate some in your intimate games. 

  • What kind of touch do you prefer?

This is a great question to turn them on and make the conversation flirty. 

  • What style of underwear appeals to you the most?

Here, you can flirt, and afterward, this can lead to showing some skin and turning the heat up between the two of you. 

  • How do you like to be turned on?

This question is perfect for flirting and for getting to know them better in their sexual side.

  • Do you like to watch mature films? Which ones are your top picks?

If you are into this, this question is perfect for spicing up the conversation and getting to know each other’s kinks.

  • Where would you like to have a passionate makeout session?

I often asked this question to let the other person know I wanted to be with him making out. 

  • What is your attitude toward trying new things in the bedroom together?

This is one of the best questions you can ask because getting to know each other’s desires in the bedroom will keep the flame alive

  • How do you like to create a sensual atmosphere?

This question can help you create the best space for the two of you when you’re looking for a sensual moment together. 

  • Which sensual song always puts you in the right mood?

Asking this question is excellent because next time you’re in a sexy mood, you can play that one and also some of yours to spice things up.

  • Do you like to send and receive sexy images or texts? 

I love this because, for me, it’s better if the person asks before all of it and not just send a lot of sexual stuff without you wanting them. 

  • What is your opinion on sensual interactions outside the bedroom?

This is a good question because you can know how risky the other person is, and if you like those kinds of things, it’s a good idea to ask the other person first.

  • What kind of foreplay is your favorite?

I really like asking this question since I’m a person who likes foreplay, and I think it’s a perfect idea for keeping the flame alive. So, by asking, you can also show them, and maybe they’ll like it. 

  • Have you ever sensually dreamed about me?

This question is the perfect combination of subtle flirting that will still make him desire you even more. 

  • How significant do you think intimacy is in a relationship?

This is an excellent question because many times, there’s no communication about the sexual life between partners, and that is something that can quietly end up breaking up the relationship because of differences that were not talked out. 

  • What has been our most sexy activity on a date?

I always like asking my partners this question now and then to find out which activities they’ve done and enjoyed. 

  • Do you find massages enjoyable? Which type of massage most satisfies your needs?

I love this question almost as much as I love a good massage and, even better, a sexy one! So this question will make them go crazy, I promise you. 

  • When in private, have you ever used any sensual toys or props?

This question is great because you can better understand their fantasies and guilty pleasures.

  • What is your opinion on including food in sensual activities?

This question will let him know you’re savage and you don’t only like ordinary things! 

  • Do you like to act out scenarios in bed? Which roles, if any, excite you the most?

I love acting scenarios and getting props, and asking and trying this question with your partner can help the relationship work even better. 

  • Is there something you don’t like to be done to you in bed?

This question is rare, but it is essential. Knowing the things the other person likes is good, but knowing what they dislike is even better. Being in bed with someone who does something that irritates or upsets you will immediately make you want to leave that room. 

  • Would you like to try any erotic fantasies with me?

This question will make him immediately horny, and on the other hand, it’s also a great way to start trying new things or know exactly what your desires and fantasies are and try them out. 

  • When is the best time of day for you to go to bed and try things with me?

With this question, you can get to know him better on that side and know if he always wants to be in a sexy moment or if he prefers it just at some specific times. 

  • What is your opinion on trying out new methods or positions?

This will turn him on, and you two might try some new ones right there. 

  • What kind of seductive kiss is your favorite, and where?

This kind of question always used to heat my conversations and help me start a seductive game with the guy I was dating. 

  • Do you like to make jokes during private times?

This can be a funny question that makes you laugh and helps you connect better in bed afterward. 

  • What sensual clothes would you most like to see me wear?

This can be a good idea for people who like to include certain clothes in their private time. 

  • How do you feel about engaging in sensual activities in a public setting?

My ex-boyfriend always asked me this because he liked the sensual activities in public spaces. After all, it turned him on. And I think this can be a good dynamic for a relationship to put a little more ¨danger¨ and enthusiasm. But it’s good to ask first to be sure the other person likes it. 

  • Do you enjoy taking the lead or being submissive during intimate moments?

I would have loved to ask this question to some of my ex-boyfriends because you never know if they might like being submissive sometimes and being able to please each other the same is part of doing excellent sexual relationship work.

  • What is the most seductive thing I have, in your opinion?

This is a good question for both of you because it’s good to tell the other person their good things now and then, and this question can turn you both on. 

  • How do you prefer to start a conversation about intimacy?

I’m a person who loves to communicate everything, and for me, it is one of the most essential things in a relationship and life. So, knowing how the other person likes to communicate is vital to having a healthy relationship. 

  • What is your opinion on indulging in sensual pursuits while on vacation or travel?

This question can let him know that you want to be with him at all times, even on vacations or trips. 

  • Aside from kissing, what kind of sensual touch is your favorite?

This can let you know where the other person likes to be touched the most and do it in bed next time.

  • What is your opinion on taking on different roles during private times?

I love taking roles during private times because it makes it more entertaining and turns you on a lot more. 

  • What kind of sensual dance or movement is your favorite?

I love to joke about doing striptease with my partner, and I love it when he also does it. This is a great dynamic to incorporate into any relationship to boost the confidence between both of you. 

  • What is your opinion on having sex while wearing a blindfold?

This question is perfect when you are with a shy person and want him to enjoy your intimate moments as much as you do. 

  • What kind of sensual whispered words or phrases are your favorite?

This is an excellent question because it forces you to get closer. 

  • How do you feel about sensual activities while exploring new locations? 

New and different locations can inspire you to try new things with each other.

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Dirty Questions to Turn Up the Heat

A mesmerizing close-up of fiery flames dancing and flickering, creating a warm and vibrant glow. Source: Instagram: @sunflowerisyellow_ 


Spicy and Provocative Questions to Ask a Guy

In a beautiful scene, a man and woman express their affection through a warm embrace in front of a window. Source: Instagram @linasauria 

  • What is your wildest fantasy? (Opinion: This question allows you to explore your partner’s desires and can lead to exciting conversations about shared interests.)
  • What is your favorite part of my body? This question can boost confidence and make you feel desired. I used to ask this for a boost of confidence. 
  • What is the sexiest thing I’ve ever done for you? (This question can help you understand what actions or gestures turn your partner on.)
  • Have you ever had a naughty dream about me? (This question can add a playful and intimate element to your conversations.)
  • What is the most adventurous place you would like to have sex? (This question can spark excitement and ignite your imagination.)
  • What is your favorite type of lingerie on a woman? This question can help you understand your partner’s preferences and spice up your intimate moments.)
  • Do you enjoy watching adult movies? This question can open up discussions about shared interests and preferences.
  • What is your favorite position in bed? This question can lead to exploring new ways to pleasure each other.
  • Have you ever fantasized about role-playing? This question can introduce a new level of excitement and playfulness into your intimate relationship.
  • What is your favorite way to be seduced? This question can help you understand how to turn your partner on and create a passionate atmosphere.
  • Have you ever had a steamy encounter in a public place?  This question can add a sense of adventure to your conversations and inspire new ideas.
  • What is your opinion on using toys in the bedroom? This question can open up discussions about experimenting and trying new things.
  • What is your favorite type of foreplay? This question can help you discover new ways to build anticipation and pleasure.
  • Have you ever had a naughty text exchange with someone?  This question can add a playful and flirtatious element to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite way to be teased? This question can help you understand how to build anticipation and create excitement.
  • Have you ever had a spontaneous, intimate moment? This question can remind you of the excitement that comes with unexpected encounters.
  • What is the most daring thing you’ve ever done in bed? This question can lead to sharing exciting and memorable experiences.
  • Do you enjoy trying new things in the bedroom? This question can open up discussions about exploring and expanding your intimate repertoire.
  • What is your favorite type of dirty talk? This question can help you understand how to communicate your desires and turn each other on.
  • Have you ever had a fantasy about a threesome? This question can lead to discussions about boundaries, desires, and exploring new experiences together.
  • What is your favorite way to be kissed? This question can help you understand how to create passionate and intimate moments.
  • Do you enjoy being dominant or submissive in the bedroom?  This question can open up discussions about power dynamics and role-playing.
  • What is your favorite way to be surprised in bed? This question can help you understand how to keep the excitement alive in your relationship.
  • Have you ever had a naughty encounter in a car? This question can add a sense of adventure and playfulness to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite type of sensual massage? This question can help you discover new ways to relax and pleasure each other.
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with different locations for intimacy? This question can inspire you to explore new and exciting places together.
  • What is your favorite way to be teased before intimacy? This question can help you understand how to build anticipation and create a passionate atmosphere.
  • Have you ever had a steamy encounter in a hotel room?  This question can add a sense of adventure and excitement to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite way to be woken up by your special someone in the morning? This question can help you understand how to start the day with passion and intimacy.
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with different positions in bed?  This question can lead to exploring new ways to pleasure each other.
  • What is your favorite way to be seduced in public? This question can add a sense of thrill and excitement to your conversations.
  • Have you ever had a naughty encounter in the great outdoors? This question can inspire you to explore nature and add a sense of adventure to your relationship.
  • What is your favorite type of role-playing scenario? This question can open up discussions about fantasies and create opportunities for exciting role-playing experiences.
  • Do you enjoy incorporating food into intimate moments?  This question can add a playful and sensual element to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite way to be teased during foreplay? This question can help you understand how to build anticipation and create intense pleasure.
  • Have you ever had a steamy encounter in a dressing room?  This question can add a sense of adventure and excitement to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite type of lingerie for a man? This question can help you understand your partner’s preferences and add a new level of excitement to your intimate moments.
  • Do you enjoy watching or being watched? This question can open up discussions about shared interests and fantasies.
  • What is your favorite way to be teased during a massage? This question can help you discover new ways to relax and pleasure each other.
  • Have you ever had a naughty encounter in a swimming pool?  This question can add a sense of adventure and playfulness to your conversations.
  • What is your favorite type of role reversal in the bedroom?  This question can open discussions about exploring different dynamics and adding variety to your intimate experiences.
  • Do you enjoy incorporating blindfolds or restraints into intimacy? This question can open up discussions about trust, exploration, and adding excitement to your intimate moments.
  • What is your favorite way to be surprised during intimacy?  This question can help you understand how to keep the passion alive and create memorable experiences.

Freaky and Fantasy Exploration Questions to Ask a Guy

A couple embracing under a tree, surrounded by colorful autumn leaves, symbolizing love and the beauty of the fall season. Source

  • Which strange but respectable fantasy would you like to explore with me from the beginning? I love to ask this question because it helps the relationship get a little more fun and freaky. 
  • Without getting too specific, what aspect of our private moments would you like to add excitement? When I used to ask this question, my partner would get freaky with his answers and start adding them to our private times. 
  • What non-traditional romantic gesture, without going over the line, do you find intriguing and slightly exhilarating? I love strange, romantic, and freaky gestures in couples because they keep the flame burning between them. 
  • What fantastical situation would pique your interest if we could add a dash of magic and fantasy to our intimate moments together? This is great for people who love fantasy books and movies and would like to add a little of it to their intimate moments. 
  • What thrilling, non-disclosed adventure has you fantasized about going on with me? Going on a fantasy adventure with your partner to know each other better on those aspects will improve your whole sexual relationship!
  • How can we spice up our relationship with humor and excitement without getting too outrageous? This proposal is for using more props and excitement in the sexual activity that might bring some laughs. 
  • What could we incorporate that is intriguing and a little mysterious into our intimacy? Couples could incorporate toys, food, or other people into their intimacy to bring more fun to the relationship. 
  • What out-of-the-ordinary fantasy or desire do you feel comfortable sharing that may help us get even closer and understand each other better? I used to have a lot of weird fantasies that I wasn’t comfortable sharing with anyone. But with my ex-boyfriend, by asking the correct questions, we both were able to talk about them and it 100% improved our sexual relationship.
  • What would it entail if you could add an exciting and captivating twist to our private moments without going overboard? This is great for risky couples excited to try new things in bed and out of it!
  • What’s the most creative and alluring scenario for us to excite our intimacy and connection? Asking this question can help both of you create scenarios that might improve your sexual relationship by turning the flame of seductiveness on again. 
  • Which fun elements would you like to incorporate in our romantic moments? This question allows for various dirty, fun answers that might start a flirtatious conversation. 
  • what charming and lighthearted fantasy would you like to introduce into our intimacy without going too far? This can be a fantasy that is not very dirty, but that brings a lot of excitement for both of you. For example, I had a boyfriend who liked it when we had a sweet dominant-submissive role-playing, and we talked about it so that we both could get the most out of each other’s fantasies. 
  • How would you do it if you could add a little mystery and seduction to our relationship without going overboard? This question will help both of you because asking him this makes him think of it and start making some changes or incorporating seductive acts into the relationship. 
  • What wild and unusual fantasy would you like to explore with me to strengthen our bond further? This question lets you explore the things you both would not be able to say to anyone else, and it can bring even more intimacy, connection, and trust between you two. 
  • How can we maintain our intimacy’s lightness and charm while establishing an intriguing and creative area for exploration? Some people don’t like to incorporate a lot of ¨strange¨and creative ideas into their intimacy because of the fear of losing their intimacy’s lightness. But I can tell you that doesn’t happen; on the contrary, it gives you even more connection and bond. 
  • If we could add something exciting to our romantic moments, what would it be? As mentioned above, you can find things that excite you and start exploring them together. 
  • How can we spark our relationship in a fun and endearing way? This is a great space to talk about the things you never say with each other about your intimate moments and what you would love to incorporate. 
  • In the context of our intimacy, what imaginative scenario would you picture yourself and myself exploring together? I love to daydream about intimate scenarios with the person I’m dating, and having the trust in each other to talk about them and try them together is great for your sexual relationship. 
  • In our relationship, what seductive, enigmatic, and fantasy acts spark your interest? I used to love it when a partner asked me this because this question is the perfect way to try all your most intimate fantasies and thoughts with someone you love. 
  • How can we bring more attraction and riskiness into our close relationship? Turning your sexual times together a little riskier will help you want to go to bed with that person even more. It can bring the spark again between both of you. 
  • How would you like to incorporate a playful, exploratory element into our intimacy? These elements can be edible or nonedible; whatever crosses your mind can be used as you please.  
  • Which intriguing scenario would you like to explore with me that is creative and fun? Some scenarios I liked with my ex-couples were, for example, teacher and students or things like that. 
  • How would you picture our private moments if we could subtly add a touch of mystery and naughtiness? This is great if you want to take the first step towards making your relationship more fun.
  • Would you like to have playful exploration? Exploring playful games with your partner is a great way to keep your relationship interactive. 
  • How can we add a touch of naughty fantasy to our romantic relationship without getting too specific? Which one do you like? It’s always good to satisfy each other’s dreams; this question can significantly help with that.
  • Would you like us to introduce someone else now and then to our sexual interactions? This is a very open-minded proposal for both of the people involved. But it can bring more emotion and pleasure in the bedroom if you’re into it. 
  • What creative and alluring way can we make our romantic moments a little more dirty? It’s good to put a little spice into your relationship. One of my relationships was just romantic, and we knew something was missing until we tried turning it a little naughtier and dirtier. 
  • Tell me something you’d like to do to me that you aren’t able to tell anyone else. This can initiate an intimate dirty conversation between you two; when I used to ask this, I always felt more pleasure at the time of our intimate interactions.
  • What exciting and creative journeys can we take together that involve our intimacy? I used to go hiking with my boyfriend, and when we were up there, we would do some dirty things that were even more exciting. 
  • What part of your body excites you the most when touched? Mine, for example, is the neck, and knowing this, for when you start your intimate interactions, is an excellent idea for more spice in the bedroom. 
  • How do you like to be flirted with? Knowing this is good because it can lead to a healthier and more interactive relationship between the two of you. 
  • What intriguing and slightly enigmatic aspect of our relationship do you find sexually exciting? By knowing this, you can do it more often and have a more pleasing sexual relationship for both of you. 
  • How can we add a little more thrill to our sexual relationship? All the time I asked this question, my boyfriend would get very excited and happy to introduce new things into our sexual side of the relationship. 
  • Have you ever been with more than two people in bed simultaneously? This can help you know what kind of kinks he likes, and maybe if you are also into it, you can improve your sexual interactions. 
  • Have you ever spanked or subtly hit while you’re in your sexual interactions? If you’re a person who likes those kinds of things and you think he does, too, then this question can help you start that new dynamic in your sexual life. 
  • What fascinating situations might we investigate if we could bring a sense of surprise and joy to our private moments?  I used to ask this to some of the guys I dated so that we could have more enjoyable and suspenseful moments together. 
  • Would you like to tie me up to the bed? This question is great because if you have this fetish, here you ́ll be able if he does too, and you can start this new dynamic in bed. 
  • What do you think of biting while having sexual intercourse? I had a friend who was obsessed with biting, and she told me that soft biting while in bed got her boyfriend very horny.  
  • Have you ever had sexual intercourse in a car? Would you like to? This is an excellent proposal that’ll let him know that you like having sexual intercourse with him no matter the time. And that you like to take risks. 
  • What is the weirdest place you’ve ever had sexual intercourse in, and where would you like to have it with me? This question will let him know you like to be adventurous and have sexual intercourse in risky places. 
  • What is your weirdest fantasy? You’ll be able to know their deepest fantasies and sexual secrets that can excite both of you. 
  • What are the weirdest mature film genres you watch? This question can let you know more deeply about your partner’s likes, dislikes, and guilty pleasures in bed.

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Dirty Questions for Different Situations

A heart-shaped plume of lava erupting from Mount Etna, a majestic volcano. Source: Instagram @chris_flechtner


Dirty Questions for Your Crush

Beautiful couple spend time on a summer park Source

  • What is the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done while on a date? This can help you break the ice for the naughty side of the conversation.
  • What would be the ideal scenario for our date? I used to ask this to some crushes I had, and it worked to break the ice on the sexual part of how the relationship would be. 
  • Where is the most surprising and thrilling location you have ever imagined yourself making love to someone? If you ́re already in that type of conversation, then this is the perfect question that ́ll help you know how risky and horny the other person is. And maybe plan some dirty things you can do together in different locations.  
  • How was the most daring sexual intercourse you had with someone, or where is the riskiest place you’ve done kinky things with someone? This question is always a must for me in my relationships because I like daring places, so I also like to know if the other person likes it. 
  • If we were to go on an exciting, kinky adventure together, what kind of situation would you like to explore?  There are so many kinky things you can do before and during sexual intercourse that trying different things can spice up the relationship. 
  • In what position do you prefer sexual intercourse?  This question is perfect for getting to know the other person and where they feel more pleasure in bed. 
  • Do you like to do sexy things in the bathtub? I always asked my boyfriend about it because I like to do things in the bathtub.  It is a very intimate time you can share as a couple, relax, and have a sensual time. 
  • Would you take a shower with me?  This is the perfect discrete but dirty question for your boyfriend to heat up the moment. 
  • Would you like to watch me please myself?  This question will turn him on immediately and make him want to be with you. 
  • How do you want me to touch you?  This is a naughty question for you to ask your boyfriend; it will instantly initiate a sexy talk. 
  • What’s better: morning sex, afternoon delight, or nighttime sex?  This is an excellent question to ask because you can both discuss your favorite times for sex, and it’s also a flirty line. 
  • In what public space would you like to have sex in?  You may never do it, but it’s entertaining to consider.  Describe to each other how you imagine having sex in public would go.

    “Have you ever had sex in public?” is another question you could ask.

    “If I tried to go down on you in public, would you let me?”

    “What’s the craziest place you’d like to have sex?”

  • Do you have any kinks or fetishes? Maybe he’s always wanted you to tickle him with a feather, or perhaps he has a hidden interest in BDSM.  Discover his preferences and divulge your sensual secrets to him. Have you already posed this query? Instead, consider these:

    “What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?”

    “Want to give me a spanking?”

    “May I bind you?”

    “Would you like to bind me?”

    “Are you fond of being tickled?”

    “Do you want to watch erotica with me?”

  • Do you own any sex toys? Enhance your sexual life with enjoyable and healthful sex toys. On the other hand, you may be ignorant of your partner’s toy preferences. Get him talking about his toy usage and tell him about yours to liven up the conversation.

    “What sex toy would you use on me?” is another question you may pose.

    “Which sex toy do I prefer the most, you ask?”

    “What’s the approximate number of sex toys I own?”

  • What feels good in bed for you? While having sex, check in with your boyfriend. It’s essential to connect with your partner and make the experience enjoyable when having sex. Pay attention to each other instead of only yourself. You could also pose the following queries to your partner:

    “What do you want me to say when we have sex?”

    “What feelings do you wish to have from me?”

    “What words would you like to give me?”

  • What’s the most amusing and lighthearted way you’ve ever expressed your interest in someone without being too forward?
  • Do you like to seduce or to be seduced? This is an excellent question for your partner to get to know that side of him better and also to turn on the situation.
  • When did you have your first orgasm? I love to ask this question, to turn him on and open up more about the sexual talk. 
  • Do quickies leave you satisfied or even more frustrated?  This is a good question because this way, you can both talk about how you feel after a quick to see if you can change some things.
  • What is “good in bed” for you?  I used to ask this question to my partners with whom I had a lot of confidence, and it helped improve our relationship in bed. 
  • What’s your biggest turn-off? This is important to know because this way, you can know what they also dislike in the sexual activity. Or in flirting moves. 
  • Big spoon or little spoon? Knowing if the other person prefers a big or small spoon when you cuddle together is essential and fun.
  • What’s something that gives you butterflies?  Knowing what gives butterflies to your crush is excellent for your following dates together, so you know how to seduce him. 
  • What do you think your hottest quality is?  This question is perfect for your crush because you can use it to flirt with him afterward.
  • With a one-night stand, do you like to sleep over or leave? This question might get him to know you would be willing to sleep with him so you can use it to flirt and know a little about that side of him. 
  • Do I make you nervous? Asking this is excellent as a flirt towards the guy you like because he will immediately get the desire to make YOU nervous.  It has happened to me before; they do everything to get you. 
  • What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you in the bedroom? This question allows you to imagine the limits he is capable of crossing. 
  • Have you ever played strip poker? You can warm him up for the game later on by asking this. 
  • Do you like to be watched by other people while having sexual intercourse? There are a lot of people who love to be watched while having sex, and maybe he can be one of them.  So, if you also like this approach game, you can start playing it together. 
  • Have you ever slept with someone, then woke up wishing you hadn’t?  You can use this question to know what type of guy he is and if he is the type of guy that sleeps with any girl that crosses in front of him. 
  • Have you ever slept with your ex’s best friend? You can playfully ask this question so that he doesn’t get scared of answering with the truth. 
  • Have you ever used whipped cream as a warm-up? The warming-up kisses can come with a mixture of flavors and textures. 
  • What sex position have you always wanted to try but never had the chance to? With this question, you’ll get him daydreaming about all the sex positions he wants to try with you. 
  • What’s your most embarrassing sex memory that you can think of?  This can give you both a good laugh and allow your relationship to start in the most friendly way possible.
  • What are your favorite sex toys to use? With this question, you’ll be able to prepare everything ahead of time for your subsequent sexual intercourse. 
  • Do you like to have music to create a more sensual atmosphere? Use this question to know what kinds of atmospheres he likes while warming up for your seduction game. 
  • What type of music would you like to be played? This question helps you prepare yourself by having the playlist ready for the seduction. 
  • Do you like candles? Do they turn you on? Candles are your best ally at the time of seduction because they produce aromas and the perfect light to see the person, but you still have to get closer to detail her better. 
  • What type of aroma do you like candles to have? Candle aromas have different purposes, and this could be an excellent moment to introduce the most seductive ones into your relationship. 
  • What time of the day is suitable for being alone with your partner?  The nights are an ally for romance; nevertheless, you might be surprised to have your partner be a day person, so you must be prepared for the occasion.
  • Would you like to try essential oils for massages between us? Massages can be an excellent way to prepare your partner for a splendid romantic moment. 
  • Do you like romance? Making love is much more than just having sexual intercourse. A romantic conversation, for example, can take you to your climax.

Questions for Fun

A couple sitting on a couch by a pool, enjoying a relaxing moment together. Source: Instagram: @u.mateo
  • If you could only dress one way for each date we go on, what would it be? This can turn the conversation into seductive kinds of outfits. 
  • Would you go out with me even if I wore a ridiculous outfit? A person who rejects me for having a ridiculous outfit is someone who cares more about my looks than my inner self. 
  • What is your favorite singer for seduction? This question will help you be prepared with that exact singer’s playlist for when you’re together in bed. 
  • Have you ever flirted and had a humorous or embarrassing experience? This can be a great question to break the shyness barrier between you. 
  • When you see me, what comes to mind right away? I love these questions; I often ask them to start a flirty but sweet conversation.
  • Do you like to cuddle? Knowing this is very important for me because I love to cuddle, and I dislike it when they turn their back around as if they didn’t care about me. And asking this is great because he’ll know what to do next time after you sleep together. 
  • Do you like seeing the evidence? (Hickies, bite marks, bruises) I used to have a boyfriend who loved making hickeys and bruises, and I also loved receiving them and making them. So, it worked perfectly. But I also dated another guy who could not stand bites and being marked, so I had to slowly change many things since not everyone might feel the same pleasure. 
  • What is the longest you’ve ever gone without it? This will let you know how horny your partner is and how often will he expect you to do it. 
  • Would you like us to film ourselves doing it? If you like to film your sexual interactions with your partners because of the kink of it, then this is a fabulous thing to know beforehand. 
  • Do you like dirty talk? Dirty talk can be such an excellent tool for the warm-up in the bedroom or while you’re having your sexual interaction. You can both talk it over and see which type of dirty talk you prefer and at what specific time. Because, in my experience, it can be a massive turn-off if done wrongly. 
  • Have you ever played any sexy games? If you are into that, here is the perfect moment to talk about your sexy games and invite him to try them out with you. 
  • Are you the jealous type? I can’t deny that a bit of jealousy is attractive, but it’s good to know how jealous the other person can be. Because if it crosses a line, then the relationship can become a nightmare. 
  • Have you ever pleasured yourself while thinking about me? This can lead to a conversation about his fantasies in general and what he fantasizes with you, so you can maybe try it out later on.
  • Rough or romantic? I prefer rough, but many guys do it wrong because they don’t know what you like. I had a partner who was too sweet in the bedroom, and I had to talk to him about it, and it enormously improved our sexual relationship. 
  • What do you think of open relationships? Depending on who the other person is, you can decide whether you want an open relationship or not. If I’m too in love with him, I do not want to share his intimate moments with someone else. 
  • Do you think you could take off my underwear with no hands? This can be a flirtatious move for him to try it out! 
  • Have you ever licked a girl’s front and back areas? If you like to be pleasured everywhere, then asking this is an excellent start to letting him know. 
  • Is there anything you’re afraid of in the bedroom? Some might say this is a silly question, but there are a thousand traumas that we don’t know about, and knowing this can help the bond between the two of you in bed. 
  • What physical features are you attracted to the most in women? I always want to know this because it gives you a clear image of what he ¨falls in love with¨ when he’s with someone. 
  • Would you rather see me in lingerie or nothing at all? This dirty question can get him in the mood, and you can start a slow ¨striptease¨ afterward. 
  • What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done when banging someone? Talking about this helps to break the ice on sexual conversations and makes it all fun for your relationship. 
  • What’s your favorite thing to do in bed? I tend to talk with my couples about our likes and dislikes in bed, which has made our bedroom sessions incredible!
  • What’s the weirdest thing someone has ever asked you to do to them? Did you, do it? This question can give both of you a good laugh and space for a good talk about each other’s weirdest kinks. 
  • What’s the dirtiest thing you’ve ever done by yourself? This can be a huge turn-on for both of you. I had a partner who always wanted to know this type of thing, and I found it very exciting for him to be so interested in it. 
  • What kinds of intimacy are important to you? For many people, including me, having sex is not the most essential thing in a relationship. So, knowing what types of intimacy the other prefers is excellent for making a more significant connection in the bedroom. 
  • What is your least favorite sex position? We always ask for the favorite one, but knowing their least favorite position is also very important. They might not feel as much in some positions as in others, so it’s good to see how you can make each other feel the most.
  • Have you ever had sex while your parents were in the house? This can let you know how risky he is and turn the hit up between you. 
  • Is there anything that turns you on that you find embarrassing? There are many things we do that might turn on our significant other, so for me, it’s a good idea to know what these things are so we can turn on each other as a sensual game between the two. 
  • What’s the most perverted thing in your web history? There are some guilty pleasures we don’t usually say to anyone because of fear of being judged. But asking this question is an excellent way of breaking the barrier of judgment and even getting to try new things with that person. 
  • Have you ever pleasured yourself in someone else’s house? This kinky question can heat the moment, and you can also see how kinky the other person can be. 
  • Have you ever thought about someone else other than the person you were having sex with? This is a fun question because almost everyone has gone through that feeling. 
  • Do you prefer sensual or kinky foreplay? If you are both into foreplay, you must know which kind you like better. 
  • Do you prefer to be loud or quiet during sex?
  • I like to be asked this and know if they prefer loudness or quietness in the bedroom because many things can turn the other off without us noticing. 
  • What’s something non-sexual that gets you aroused? I love these kinds of questions! There are so many non-sexual things that can turn people on even more than the merely sexual act. And finding those things out can help you start a kinky game that you won’t want to stop.
  • What are your views on oral sex? If you like oral sex, then it’s good to know what the other person thinks and if you could give it a try and make it part of the sessions. 
  • Have you ever ended up laughing while trying a new position? I used to get a good laugh after asking this question. It’s a great icebreaker on the topic and gives you space to start a conversation on new positions you’d like to try out with him. 
  • Is there anything you would like to ask me about our intimate moments? It’s essential to let him ask some questions about things he wants to know about you.
  • Is there any movie sex scene you liked so much that you want to recreate it in real life?  I think it’s great to know this because you can know more about his kinks and fantasies, and trying all this together will forge a deeper connection between the two.
  • What is your most exciting sex story? These kinds of questions help break the ice on that topic and know what kind of sexual kinks the other has.
  • What is your ideal romantic location? Romance also plays a massive part in the intimate times of a relationship, so this question is fundamental for a bit of passion. 
  • What’s the most reliable way for you to orgasm with someone? This can be good information for the next time in bed, so you know exactly what makes the other orgasm the most. 
  • Would you rather receive a lap dance or a strip tease? I find striptease and lap dances very playful and fun in your intimate times. 

How to Ask a Guy Dirty Questions Comfortably and Respectfully?

A couple embracing affectionately in a kitchen. Source: Instagram @anahoyu

Asking intimate or provocative questions is more comfortable when asked efficiently, respectfully, and courteously. Here are some pointers:

  • *Create a Comfortable Environment: * When both parties are at ease and willing to communicate, things go more smoothly. Please ensure the scene is perfect; it could be a long drive, a quiet date night at home, or coffee in your preferred café. This is important because, in my experience, I’ve always preferred to play these questions game in the correct environment. 
  • *Make it a Mutually Informed Discussion:*  Make sure the conversation has some balance. Before you ask him to share his experiences, start by sharing your own. He’ll feel more involved, and your questions will seem less bothersome if you do this.
  • *Select Your Timing Carefully: * These questions can be more entertaining in the appropriate setting and attitude. It’s not a good idea to ask these questions when he’s anxious or distracted.
  • *Employ humor: *Often, humor can diffuse awkward situations. Keeping things lighthearted and playful can help keep the mood enjoyable.
  • *Act Sincere and Polite: * Make sure your interest is rooted in respect and sincerity. If he feels uncomfortable answering a question, be patient and understanding, then move on immediately.
  • *Use Your Experiences to Lead: * For instance, “That brings to mind the occasion when I had to dress ridiculously on a whim.” What is your worst-ever romantic or enjoyable moment gone wrong?
  • *Pose Free-For-All Questions: * This maintains the flow and interest of the conversation. For example, consider asking “What do you think about…?” instead of “Do you like…?” 

Remember that openness, comfort, and respect are essential when engaging in more personal and lighthearted conversations.

Signs a Guy is Uncomfortable with a Question

When a guy is uncomfortable answering a question, there are a few telltale signs.

However, when discussing delicate subjects, respecting people’s personal space and comfort zones is critical. The following are some indicators that he might be uneasy:

  • Body language: He might fidget, cross his arms, avoid eye contact, or move away from you as a way of expressing discomfort.
  • Verbal hesitancy: Before answering the question, he might pause or hesitate, searching for the right words or deciding how much information to divulge.
  • Brief or evasive responses: He might steer the conversation differently by avoiding specifics or responding unclearly.
  • Topic change: He may try to shift the conversation or change the subject if he feels uncomfortable discussing a private or taboo subject.
  • Defensive reaction: In response to the question, he may become combative or even irritated, maybe as a defensive tactic to uphold his boundaries.

Everyone has varying comfort zones and limits when discussing private or potentially delicate subjects.

It is essential to have these discussions with tact and respect. It’s best to change the subject or give them space if you see indications of discomfort.


Frequently Asked Questions


How can I initiate these questions in a lighthearted manner?

It is critical to approach these questions with respect and consideration for the other person. Here are some suggestions for posing dirty and flirty questions in a lighthearted manner:

  • Begin with a light and playful tone, using humor to break the ice. I always use a voice tone that lets him know I’m playing and messing around so that he gets comfortable and keeps the game on. 
  • Consider the other person’s comfort level and whether they are open to this type of conversation.
  • Remember to respect boundaries and consider the other person’s comfort level. If they appear hesitant or uncomfortable, step back and change the subject.

Finally, communication and consent are critical in these types of discussions.

It is essential to assess the other person’s level of interest and comfort and proceed accordingly.


What if my partner seems uncomfortable with a particular question?

It’s crucial to respect your partner’s boundaries and change the subject immediately if they seem uncomfortable answering a specific filthy or flirtatious question.

It’s critical to put your partner’s comfort and well-being first and make sure they feel respected and valued.

If the question caused them discomfort or was inappropriate, you can express your regret and acknowledge their discomfort.

It’s critical to be open and honest in your communication and to let them know you respect their boundaries and feelings.

The secret is establishing a welcoming and secure space for honest communication where both partners can express their needs and boundaries without worrying about criticism or coercion.

Trust and respect for one another are essential in any relationship, particularly during romantic or flirtatious exchanges.

Can these questions help add excitement to a long-term relationship?

Introducing dirty and flirty questions into a long-term relationship can add excitement and novelty. It can instill a sense of anticipation and playfulness in partners, which can help reignite passion and intimacy.

However, these types of conversations must be approached with sensitivity and respect for the other person’s boundaries and comfort levels.

Communication is essential. Partners can gain a deeper understanding of each other’s desires and preferences by openly discussing these questions and topics, leading to a more fulfilling and satisfying intimate connection.

It is critical to ensure that both partners are comfortable and willing to engage in such discussions and jointly establish boundaries and expectations.

Finally, because every relationship is different, it’s critical to approach these conversations with mindfulness and awareness of the other person’s feelings and comfort levels.

Final Thoughts

A couple enjoying a serene moment together, sitting on a rock with a scenic backdrop. Source: Instagram @u.mateo

Incorporating flirty and dirty questions into your relationship can be a fun and adventurous method to spice things up.

This list is a valuable resource to explore intimate topics and deepen your connection. By initiating open and honest communication through these questions, you allow yourselves to explore each other’s desires and fantasies, fostering a stronger bond and understanding.

Remember, a successful relationship thrives on open communication, allowing both partners to feel heard, understood, and desired. So, don’t hesitate to explore these questions with your partner and discover new dimensions of intimacy and passion.

Embrace the power of communication, and let these questions be the catalyst that takes your relationship to new heights.

Communication in relationships lets you explain what you are going through and your needs to your partner.

Communicating not only assists in meeting your needs, but it also assists in keeping you connected in your relationship.

As well as your intimate desires and thoughts, expressing your intimacy with each other will help keep the flame burning between the two! I tried some of these questions with a partner, and we made this a weekly thing.

We made it into a game so that the interest and spark in our relationship’s sensual side would always be there.

That’s a wrap! This article was all about the Best Flirty and Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy! DID YOU LIKE THE ARTICLE? SHARE THE LOVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. 




A collection of flirty and dirty questions to ask a guy, perfect for sparking interesting conversations and getting to know each other better.

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