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20 Sites That Pay You To Actually Do Homework – The Ultimate 2022 Guide

Are you looking for a way to make money as a college student? Check out these 20 best sites that pay you to do homework!



A college student sitting at a computer wearing a white shirt

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

Are you a pretty good student who takes the time to write detailed notes? Have you become a sort of expert in a particular subject?

If you aren’t going into any kind of teaching, I know it can be easy to ask ‘why did I sit through that algebra class?’ because even if you got good grades, you may not need to use algebra in your everyday life.

Well, I’m here to tell you that all that random knowledge and good study habits can actually make you money. There are tons of websites that will pay you to help people with homework.

It’s common for students to loathe doing homework and to feel discouraged when trying to complete assignments- I speak from personal experience!

Signing up to tutor at one of these 20 sites is a great way to make some money while also just genuinely taking some stress off of students who, let’s face it, are drowning in work.

Check out these 20 best sites that pay you to do homework!

1. OneClass

OneClass was a favorite that I found throughout my research. Job options include homework help or sharing your notes from a particular class.

This website is definitely more geared toward college classes, so you can browse and see what classes you match up with and get paid to share those notes. In a way, it’s like you’re getting paid to go to class, especially if you’re already a decent note taker!

There is also a super cool option to get paid either in the form of actual cash, or gift cards for Starbucks, Amazon, and other larger companies.

A fun little bonus… you don’t actually have to be enrolled in college to sing up, even if you have a degree there is the option to either sign up for homework help or to share notes you may have left over!

Benefit: Can also get paid to share notes from a class you are taking or have already taken

Disadvantage: Might feel like more work having to make sure notes are going to be the best for everyone and not just yourself – more stressful

Requirements: College degree or higher

Salary: around $20 with the possibility of bonuses

Sign up here

2. PaperCoach

As a writing tutor myself, I know that there are tons of people who need help writing papers. PaperCoach allows everyone from high school students to people writing dissertations to find people to write their papers for them.

While they are not always hiring for new essay helpers and writers, you can check their website to see when they are in need of new people.

Writers range from undergraduate students to experts in the subject, but to be approved as a writer you have to go through a series of tests to make sure you actually can write about the topic you are signing up for.

It’s a legit website that offers fair prices for essays depending on the difficulty and the amount of time to write it. It’s definitely worth looking into if you have a knack for writing!

Benefit: Fair pricing for work required

Disadvantage: Not always hiring so maybe not the most convenient

Requirements: Have to take specific tests in the subject you want to write for to make sure you are knowledgeable. While I couldn’t find if it is required to be in college, I expect that high school students will not have the knowledge needed to complete the assignments.

Salary: Not salary, prices vary on the subject, assignment, length, time until due, and difficulty.

Sign up here

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3. Chegg

If you’ve ever Googled homework help in your academic career, Chegg probably popped up! It’s a great website that offers help in a ton of different areas, and it’s super easy to apply to be a tutor.

My favorite part about Chegg is that tutors can be from anywhere in the world and you can sign up for hours that fit your schedule. Pay also is around $20+ per hour on a weekly basis, so that isn’t bad either!

Chegg is an incredibly reputable website, and from my research it seems that it’s fairly easy to navigate signing up to be a tutor.

Homework jobs may seem like they would take over your day to day because there will always be students who are seeking help, but Chegg does a great job at making sure the quality of work trumps the quantity, and you are really able to provide great services to students in need.

Benefit: Super reputable and popular website

Disadvantage: Since quality trumps quantity, may not always have a lot of jobs available

Requirements: Student ID, diploma, or transcripts if still enrolled, photo of yourself

Salary: around $20 per hour

Sign up here

4. Freelancer

I love this website because it isn’t exclusively for helping people with their homework. Freelancer is free to join, all you have to do is set up a profile and set your own prices and hours.

The only “downside” to this option is that since it isn’t just a place where you go to find jobs that are helping students with homework, you have to take more time to apply to jobs that are in the field you want… so finding them might be a little more time-consuming.

Nevertheless, I really like Freelancer because of its flexibility, and even if you have to individually apply for certain homework jobs, you can find the ones that really spark your interest rather than just taking whatever falls into your lap.

Benefit: Isn’t just for tutoring so there are a lot of options for jobs

Disadvantage: Have to take time to apply to jobs with cover letters and resumes

Requirements: Student ID, diploma, or transcripts if still enrolled, photo of yourself

Salary: completely depends on the assignment and the price agreed upon by the tutor and the customer

Sign up here

5. Homework Market

This website is also pretty high on my list because you can set up a profile, put in your area of expertise/degree and students can search through profiles to find you. Homework Market is a great tool because it allows students to find the best tutor to help with what they need.

There are also a bunch of options for what students coming to you may need, anything from actually doing the homework, answering questions about a particular concept, or even just having an extra set of eyes on an assignment to make sure it meets the teachers requirements.

Anybody can sign up to join and the pay is pretty competitive… usually $5 for answering a specific question and then the prices rise depending on what service the student is seeking.

Definitely worth looking into!

Benefit: Can answer individual questions when you have the time instead of worrying about a whole assignment

Disadvantage: May end up having to do the homework instead of just tutoring

Requirements: Anybody can sign up!

Salary: usually $5 for answering a question and prices go up from there depending on the assignment

Sign up here

6. 24houranswers

This website is geared toward college students who need help with homework assignments through one-on-one tutoring help. As a tutor, you can also upload solutions to specific problems students are having trouble with as well as online tutoring help.

You also have some control as a tutor, which I think is great since you’re the one doing the work! You decide as a tutor how long it will take you to help the student or complete the assignment and then you are able to talk about compensation depending on what you think is best for your contribution.

I think it’s a great way to have more control as a tutor because sometimes fixed pricing can be a little unfair depending on what kind of homework you’re helping with for your job.

The only thing about this job that is both a blessing and a curse is that you have to hold a bachelor’s degree to be considered for the position… great for the students because they are getting the best help out there, but a bit annoying if you are looking for a homework job in your final years of college. Still a great option to consider for some extra cash on the side!

Benefit: Tutors are the one’s in control

Disadvantage: Not the best option for students looking for work

Requirements: Need to hold a bachelor’s degree

Salary: Pay is negotiated between the tutor and the student

Sign up here

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7. Tutor.com

Unlike 24houranswers, this homework job only requires that you live in the U.S. or Canada and are enrolled in a university. I think this is a phenomenal option because you can provide really great help while being in the midst of college and make some extra cash.

They are a service of the Princeton Review, so they are a super credible and established website which can make their pay more competitive.

Tutor.com only provides one-on-one tutoring sessions which is great for a super personal experience, but you have to be able to have a minimum of 5 hours a week set aside to tutor.

While this isn’t a super big commitment and you can pick your hours, I do think it would be nice to pick availability based on what your week-to-week looks like, because let’s face it… you’re busy too!

Benefit: One-on-one tutoring sessions

Disadvantage: Have to work a minimum of 5 hours a week and this might not work for some

Requirements: Live in the US or Canada and are enrolled in a university

Salary: Depends on the assignment, but because it is a reputable website, it is competitive

Sign up here

8. TutorMe

TutorMe is another one of my favorites just based on their website because students can match with who they think is best for their subject, or they can be matched with someone by the system if they just don’t know where to start.

They hire tutors to teach all kinds of subjects, from difficult college-level math courses to AP Spanish, which I think shows that this is a website that has a lot to offer for tutors.

There are a bunch of benefits to working for TutorMe for a homework job as the pay starts at $16/hour, you can pick your own hours, be enrolled or graduated from a university, and gain either tutoring or teaching experience.

I feel like most people wanting to become a homework-helper, most likely have a little bit of experience tutoring, so I think those requirements aren’t too stressful.

I also just checked to see how easy the signup process was and they do a great job of making the application process easy… for safety though, they do require all tutors to connect to Facebook to make sure that the tutors are real people (just something to keep in mind).

Benefit: Students match with who they think is best

Disadvantage: Have to connect to Facebook

Requirements: Have to be 18+, be enrolled in a university or graduated, and show mastery of subjects you want to tutor in

Salary: Starts at $16 an hour

Sign up here

9. School Solver

A school solver, in a way, is kind of like shopping for an answer. Students post their question or assignment details they are struggling with and put an amount they will pay for assistance.

Tutors can then search the subject they are best in and find questions that they have the answers to. Once they answer the question, they get the amount credited to them.

I love this option because of the ability for helpers to find questions they for sure know the answers to. It’s super flexible, which is the selling point for a lot of homework jobs, but being able to find questions that you know you can answer makes the whole process that much simpler.

It’s also a tremendous tool for students from all over the world to use and get the best help possible, so it’s a win-win!

Benefit: Super flexible for tutors

Disadvantage: More like doing the homework rather than helping

Requirements: There website was unclear, but I believe since the nature of the website is you post answers and students shop for them, you should just be able to post the questions you know.

Salary: Depends on how much a tutor requires a student to pay for the answer

Sign up here

10. GeeklyLab

GeeklyLab stood out to me mostly because it’s only a site for homework help and not homework completion.

Let’s face it, you might be someone with a busy schedule or you’re still in school while looking to make some good money, but you don’t want to spend more time doing schoolwork. I know I wouldn’t want to!

What’s nice about GeeklyLab is that it’s all genuinely about tutoring and one-on-one instruction that sets the student up for success. I really like this because I think it takes some of the stress off the tutor even though it’s still a homework job.

On the website, there is a place to submit a quick application and they will get back to you. It doesn’t say anything about requirements for education level or anything, but I assume they will vet all of their applicants to make sure that their students get the best help possible.

Pay is around $20 per hour, which is a total selling point!

Benefit: Only homework help and not homework completion

Disadvantage: Requirements were unclear so the sign up process might not be super straightforward

Requirements: There website did not say anything about requirements, but I believe because of the nature of the website that you would have to have proof of a degree or be enrolled in university.

Salary: Starts at $20 per hour

Sign up here

11. Pay Me To Do Your Homework!


Unlike GeeklyLab, this website is true to its name. It sets up students with people who will do their homework.

Now, with how popular online classes have become, they even have an option for students to pay others to take their college-level courses for them.

There is a section on their website that talks about how you get what you pay for – they have varying prices for different services. For example, if you have a class you’re aiming to do just okay in, you can pay the lower end price. If you want A+ level work, you pay for that too.

It’s definitely a website that forces you to decide if you want to do someone else’s work, and even add to your own workload. The real upside is the pay, which makes it worth considering for a good homework job.

Benefit: Can be paid really good money

Disadvantage: Have to add more to your schedule by doing work for other people or taking their classes

Requirements: There website did not say anything about requirements, but I believe because of the nature of the website that you would have to have proof of a degree or be enrolled in university.

Salary: Depends on how well the student wants the assignment done, but the prices are fair depending on how much is expected of the tutor. Pay is also higher if you sign up to take a class for someone

Sign up here

12. Help with Assignment

From what I can tell, HwA lets you upload a question or assignment, get a quote for the price depending on the difficulty of the question, the student pays and the expert gives them the solution by the agreed upon date.

While it seems like a great tool, and I’m sure it is, their website was a little unclear on how to become an expert… which makes it a less desirable option from an applying standpoint.

When looking for a homework job, I think it’s nice for the expectations and requirements for the tutor to be easily accessible. While you can submit a contact form and request information, I think this would be further on my list due an unclear picture of the qualifications required.

The real selling point of HwA for me, though, is that they provide a good amount of subject help which is a great way for a variety of tutors in different subjects to find work.

Benefit: Great variety of subjects so tutors can sign up for multiple things

Disadvantage: Unclear if you’re going to be hired because you have to fill out a contact form

Requirements: Have to fill out a contact form, but their website doesn’t have any other information

Salary: Changes depending on how much the answer is quoted for and what the tutor/student agree on

Sign up here

13. EduBoard  

This was one of my personal favorite websites for a homework job just because the process is so simple… similar to other sites, students are able to post what they need help with, set a price and find a tutor to get help.

I think it makes the process for both student and tutor quick and easy, and not to mention flexible, because it’s all on a needs-based system.

EduBoard is also big on making sure results are long-lasting and encourage students to set up regular tutoring if they are struggling. As a tutor, I think this is super appealing because it’s guaranteed income!

The biggest drawback is that EduBoard takes 20% commission. This isn’t as bad if you have someone who keeps coming back to you, but if you are trying to find a homework job to bring in some quick cash every once in a while, this may not be the website for you.

Benefit: Ability to build good relationships with students to encourage them to return for help

Disadvantage:  They take a 20% commission

Requirements: Wasn’t clear on what the requirements were, but like most, I assume there is a degree or university enrollment requirement

Salary: Depends on the assignment and also how much EduBoard takes after the commission

Sign up here

14. Studypool  

Studypool is an interesting website to investigate because it’s based on a bidding system. Tutors place bids to answer the questions provided by students. If the student accepts a bid, that tutor gets paid the amount of money they bid for and gives the student the answer.

It’s more of a fast-paced homework job, meaning the projects and help are more on an as-needed basis and there is no guarantee your bid will be accepted. It’s a bit more of a gamble, but it’s also a great resource to use!

Benefit: Based on a bidding system, so you are able to choose your hours well

Disadvantage:  But also, the bidding system means that you may not have a guaranteed income

Requirements: Their tab called “Become a Tutor” has a place to sign up, but I couldn’t find anything about requirements. If you’re interested, I still think it’s worth starting the application to see what kind of requirements there are

Salary: Their website says there is an ability to make up to $7,500 a month tutoring – but I’m not sure how many hours that entails

Sign up here

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15. My Homework Done

This website is mostly writing services, and the requirements are that the writer is fluent in English, demonstrates a good understanding of professional writing in different contexts (analytical, business, etc.) and has at least a high school level education.

The fact that My Homework Done only requires a high school level education (at minimum) can make this a great option for a tutor who is still in school or is a decent writer and needs some extra cash.

The system is all fixed rates that depend on subject and length. Additionally, for science-related papers there is a bidding system in place for projects like lab reports. This means that the student can pick the writer that they think is best equipped to help them and has the best deal.

One really appealing aspect of the website is that returning students can choose to have the same writer for another project. In that case, the writer is actually offered a bonus! I think this is a super great deal for writers looking for a homework job.

It’s a good website that offers a variety of options for both writers and students which is super reassuring on both ends! Just keep an eye out as they hire at different times and are not always looking for writers!

Benefit: High school students can become writers

Disadvantage:  Only for paper writing

Requirements: High school level education or higher, have to show expertise in the subject

Salary: All based on fix rates, there are different prices required for the length of the paper or the subject – and there is the opportunity for bonuses as well!

Sign up here

16. Upwork

Upwork is a lot like Freelancer in the way that it isn’t just for finding homework jobs. It’s a website that connects freelance workers with all types of companies, but there is definitely a demand for homework help.

I like that Upwork is super flexible, and you can find and apply to projects when you need to. For someone with a busy schedule, I love this website because I could apply to a bunch of jobs during a certain window and after completion I can step away for however long I need.

The one big downside I see to websites like this is that it requires you to submit a sort of cover letter to apply for the job, since it’s a website intended for any freelance position. This makes sense for the website but seems a bit tedious when you’re looking for a quick homework job.

Nevertheless, it’s guaranteed decent pay from a reputable website, so it’s still definitely worth looking into!

Benefit: Super flexible scheduling and you choose what you want to work on

Disadvantage:  Cover letters and resumes

Requirements: Since you’re applying to jobs, it’s up to the person to think if you are qualified.

Salary: Depends on how much the client is willing to pay, but the great part about this kind of website is you can communicate back and forth to negotiate pay.

17. Fiverr

Here is another freelance site but one that is more so for finding a homework job… Fiverr even offers an entire service that is focused on matching freelancers with students seeking help.

I like that this one can be more specific toward homework help and it starts at a flat rate of $5 but as an expert you can charge more for longer/more difficult assignments.

I like that it can be a good way to get some quick cash or more money if you have the time to really sit with an assignment for a bit. Definitely a website worth checking out if freelancing is more your style!

Benefit: More geared towards homework help

Disadvantage: Not guaranteed super good pay

Requirements: I couldn’t find what the requirements are, but since it’s a freelance website you probably need a decent resume

Salary: Flat rate of $5 for answering questions but if you’re an expert you can try to charge more for bigger assignments

Sign up here

18. Just Answer

This website reminds me a lot of Quora or Ask.fm because you can find questions that you know how to answer and get paid to answer them!

It isn’t just all random, though! You have to sign up as an expert and must have a degree for what subjects you apply to be an expert in.

Price will depend on the subject as well as the difficulty of the question, so it’s a good way to at least make a quick buck.

Benefit: Paid to answer questions you know the answer to

Disadvantage: Website is super lacking and there isn’t a lot of information

Requirements: I tried to find absolutely anything and the website was super unclear.

Salary: Another thing lacking from the website – which isn’t promising

Sign up here

19. AllHomework.net

What I think I loved most about this website is how easy it is to navigate as a tutor. AllHomework.net provides homework help for students in all subjects and they have decent pay for tutors as well.

Just from taking a quick glance at their website, a short essay that a student wants back in a week is $39.95, which is a pretty good price if you’re a writer.

They have a place at the bottom of their homepage where experts can apply. Right now they are looking for people to fill homework help jobs in biology, accounting, geography and English literature. I think it’s a great place to start for a tutor and has clear expectations that guarantee payment.

Benefit: Easy website to navigate as a tutor

Disadvantage: They are only hiring for certain subjects

Requirements: Have to apply via the website and it doesn’t say what the requirements are – I’m sure there are degree requirements or a way to prove expertise

Salary: A short essay starts at $39.95 and prices go up from there depending on the assignment

Sign up here

20. Wyzant

Wyzant is intriguing to me because it offers one-on-one tutoring online or in-person.

It has a very user-friendly website that is easy to use and provides a comprehensive list of subjects that tutors are ready to teach.

Applying to become a tutor is super easy and you are able to set your rate depending on what you believe you deserve for the experience you have.

I think because of the more hands-on experience of Wyzant, either online or in-person, this may be a more time-consuming kind of homework job, but it does guarantee some good pay and you are able to be flexible with your preferred mode of tutoring and schedule.

Benefit: Has ability to meet online or in-person

Disadvantage: Seems more like a time obligation

Requirements: You have to have a degree, and the higher the degree the higher you can set your rate

Salary: The rate you demand is set based on what you think you deserve

Sign up here

BONUS – Let’s Talk About The SAT And ACT 

The great thing about all of these websites is that whether you’re someone looking for help with homework or trying to get paid outside of a 9-5 job, these sites can all help you do that!

A bonus to a lot of these websites is that they help with standardized test prep. If you are anything like me, standardized testing was the worst thing about applying to college – I am 100% not a test taker!

But it seems like we are on the up-and-up because a lot of colleges are moving away from requiring standardized testing and are making things like the SAT and ACT optional.

When you start compiling your list of possible schools to apply to, I think it’s super beneficial to organize your schools by test-required and test-optional. You might even find that a lot of the schools at the top of your list are test-optional!

The best way I can recommend finding out if a school is test-optional or not is going straight to the source – the university website. When you go to any university website with the intention of applying, it’s easy to find “application requirements,” and most times schools will say outright whether they are test-optional or not.

It’s important to remember that some schools are test-optional permanently or just for certain school years, just keep an eye out!

To get the process started, here is a list of 15 schools I’ve found that are test-optional just to get the ball rolling.

  1. Butler University. Indianapolis, IN
  2. Boston University. Boston, MA
  3. Harvard University. Cambridge, MA
  4. Ohio University. Athens, OH
  5. Princeton University. Princeton, NJ.
  6. Yale University. New Haven, CT
  7. Penn State University. Centre County, PA
  8. Santa Clara University. Santa Clara, CA
  9. Tufts University. Middlesex County, MA
  10. Columbia University. New York City, NY
  11. Dartmouth College. Hanover, NH
  12. Clemson University. Clemson, SC
  13. Cornell University. Ithaca, NY
  14. Loyola University Chicago. Chicago, IL
  15. University of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, PA

Read more: Test Optional Colleges – Colleges Not Requiring SAT

Now just remember these are only 15! There are tons of universities that are test-optional… just start looking and happy applying!




How to make money by just doing homework

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They have overcome the trials and tribulations that came with four years of school and earn the degree that they worked so hard to complete.

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Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

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Make your own:

2. Blow Up Graduation Balloons


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Is a party really a party without balloons? These graduation balloons will do just the trick. Have a blast blowing up these balloons to liven up your party in a cute and inexpensive way. 

Do it yourself:

3. Set Up a Portable Speaker



Great parties require fun music to vibe to. With portable speakers, your party can blast catchy tunes from anywhere in your home, from outside on the patio to inside your dining room. 

Set it up yourself:

4. Put Up a Graduation Banner


Image by grace_kelly_events on Instagram

Let your neighbors know that a college graduate is in the house with a jovial graduation banner to hang right outside your front door. It could also serve as a sign to all party guests that this is where the fun is at! 

Put it up yourself:

5. Gather Champagne Glasses 


College graduation is an important adult accolade and you can celebrate this moment in an elegant, stylish way with some sleek champagne glasses

Get your own glasses:

6. Buy Graduation Photo Booth Props


Thinking of having a photo booth at your graduation party. Come prepared with graduation-themed photo booth props so that you and your friends could celebrate your achievements in style. 

Buy your own props:

7. Set Your Table with Graduation Plates and Napkins


Sometimes, all you need to take your graduation party to the next level is a high-spirited tableware set! They are disposable for easy cleanup and can be bought in a variety of designs. 

Set your own table:

8. Find Good Graduation Centerpieces


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Find your own centerpieces:

9. Throw Graduation Confetti


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Get your own confetti:

10. Assemble a Graduation Card Box Holder


During this party, your graduate is going to be receiving a lot of gifts and cards from loving family and friends. Construct a graduation card box holder to keep these presents organized! 

Get your own graduation card box:

11. Hang a Party Backdrop


A good, attractive background is ideal for taking perfect graduation pictures. Find a lovely party backdrop and take as many photos as your heart desires! 

Create your own hanging backdrop:

12. Give Out Graduation Advice Cards


Following graduation, you are going to need a great deal of guidance in regards to the important decisions that you will be making. Use the wisdom of your party guests to your advance by encouraging them to fill out graduation advice cards to help you with your choices going forward. 

Get your own cards:

13. Put on Graduation Water Bottle Stickers


Stay hydrated and on theme with your graduation party by putting adorable water bottle stickers to put on every drink. I personally love this unique idea because I am a habitual water drinker and if you are too, then these stickers are for you!

Get your own stickers:

14. Make Miniature Custom Hand Sanitizers


This idea is similar to that of the water bottle stickers, but this is better suited to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Giving your guests custom hand sanitizers as party favors is such a thoughtful idea!

Get your own:

15. Give the Graduate their Sash 


A beautiful graduation sash is an ideal accessory to have at a celebratory party. I think it is the perfect attire to wear when you will be posing for many, many pictures amongst family and friends.

Get your own:

16. Get Noisemakers 


It’s a party – time to make some noise! Noisemakers may become annoying after hearing them over and over again, but they are harmless fun for everyone. 

Get your own:

17. Have a Bowl Full of Themed Candies 


Graduation-themed candies are ideal for satisfying those with a sweet tooth at your graduation party. As a sweet tooth myself, I would gravitate toward a bowl full of these adorable candies in an instant!

Get your own:

18. Bring a Disposable Camera


These cameras may have gone slightly out of style since I was a kid, but I think they are perfectly suited for small celebrations and events! They are perfect for taking plenty of pictures with your loved ones at your graduation party.

Get your own cameras:

19. Hang a Disco Ball 


This decoration will most certainly make your party a memorable one. Disco balls weren’t reserved for the 70s – they make an appearance at your graduation party too!

Get your own:

20. Graduation Attire for the Pets 


If you have a pet, they need to get the graduation party spirit as well with a cute outfit. Best of luck trying to keep this adorable graduation cap on your dog’s head!

Get your own:

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Graduation Party Ideas Themes 

21. Show The Adventure That Awaits 


College graduation marks the beginning of a brand new adventure. Adopt a party theme that reflects the start of this journey with a celebration centered around travel and new experiences. 

Get your own:

22. Traditional Black, White and Gold  


Image by @cafecito on Instagram

A classic black and gold theme can make any party seem elegant and sophisticated. Transform your graduation party into a stylish event by adopting these two traditional colors into your theme.

Get your own:

23. Doctor/Nurse Theme 


Image by @cecestudyguides on Instagram

This graduation theme is applicable for all medical professionals entering the workforce! As a friend of a few nurses who are graduating in the upcoming year, I recommended this adorable theme for their graduation party!

Make your own doctor theme:

24. Fiesta Theme


This theme is for graduates who like to celebrate Taco Tuesday every day. Having a “fiesta” theme for your graduation party is very unconventional, but you will most certainly stand out from the rest!

Create your own fiesta theme:

25. Dinosaur Theme


For all of the future paleontology graduates out there, this fun theme is for you! Give your graduation party a dinosaur theme for a memorable experience and plenty of unique stories to tell afterward!

Create your own dinosaur theme:

26. Nature Theme


The perfect theme for those graduates who love the outdoors. Give your party a wildlife theme to become one with nature.

Create your own nature theme:

27. Firefighter Theme


Becoming a firefighter is truly honorable. A selfless, hardworking profession. Celebrate your firefighter graduate with this cool theme

Create your own firefighter theme:

28. Basketball Theme


As a basketball player, being prepared and getting wins on the court is very important. Your basketball graduate can also get a win off the court if they prepare to throw a party with this awesome theme.

Create your own basketball theme:

29. Harry Potter Theme


Your graduate may not have received their letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry yet, but that does not mean that they can have a graduation party styled in this awesome theme!

Create your own Harry Potter theme:

30. Friends Theme


Even though it has been off the air for over a decade, Friends is still a popular television show for teenagers and adults alike. If you graduate is a fan, this theme is perfect for them!

Create your own Friends theme:

31. Police Theme


Celebrate the induction of a brand new officer with this ideal theme! I personally think that the themed balloons are adorable and a must-have if you are going to throw this type of party.

Create your own police theme:

32. Casino Theme


Your graduate may not be able to travel to Vegas for their graduation party, but who says they can’t replicate the atmosphere at home with this fun theme!

Create your own casino theme:

33. Beauty School Theme


If you are becoming a beautician, you need to have a party that is as glamorous as your beauty skills. With this exquisite theme, your graduation party will be stylish and elegant just like you!

Create your own beauty school theme:

34. Baseball Theme


Baseball is one of the most time-honored traditional sports in history. Have an awesome party for your future baseball player with this awesome theme

Create your own baseball theme:

35. Veterinarian Theme


This theme is for all of the animal lovers out there, which includes me! Throw a lovely party full of pet-centered decorations that will absolutely impress your friends and family.

Create your own veterinarian theme:

36. Teacher Theme


Image by @sofestively on Instagram 

I personally believe that teachers are the backbone of our society and they deserve to be given the best celebration. This party decor is perfect for the graduate looking to become a school teacher one day.

Create your own teacher theme:

37. Chef Theme


Completing culinary school is an incredibly difficult task. Congratulate your future chef graduate with the perfect party theme!

Create your own chef theme:

38. Scientist Theme


Impress your fellow science majors with this unique theme for your graduation party. If you have any science nerds in your friend group, they are going to love this party theme!

Create your own scientist theme:

39. Artist Theme


A recently graduated art student needs to have a party with a theme that is as creative and thoughtful as they are. This graduation party idea is festive and fun!

Create your own artist theme:

40. Law Theme


Law school can be challenging and competitive! Your law graduate deserves a wonderful party to reward them for all the hard work that they have done.

Create your own law theme:

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Graduation Party Gift Ideas For Her

41. Graduation Mug


Memorialize your college graduate’s special moment with a cute coffee mug. It will become especially important with all of the coffee or tea they will be drinking when they get their full-time job!

Get your own:

42. Graduation Necklace


Your graduate deserves the best for all the trials and tribulations they had to face over the past four years. What better gift to give your graduate than a beautiful necklace that they will cherish forever?

Get your own:

43. Graduation Plush 


If your graduate is a lover of stuffed animals like me, then this gift is perfect for them! Give them an adorable graduation plush to brighten up their special day. 

Get your own:

44. Graduation Ornament


This gift is a perfect reminder for your graduate and their achievement every time they decorate for Christmas! Give them a beautiful ornament to adorn their tree.

 Get your own:

45. Graduation Keychain 


Here’s a little token to show your graduate how much you care! A graduation keychain serves as a great memento of their special moment. 

Get your own:

46. Graduation Pin


A graduation pin on a jacket or backpack would be incredibly adorable. Make your graduate’s day with this gift!

Get your own:

47. Graduation Candle 


Who doesn’t appreciate a well-made candle to brighten up the darkest of rooms? Give a graduation candle to your graduate and they will thank you tenfold!

Get your own:

48. Graduation Gift Box


Are you a bit confused as to what present to give your graduate? Here’s a gift box that provides a nice sample of gifts that your graduate will enjoy!

Get your own:

49. Graduation Notebook


If your graduate is planning on pursuing graduate school, then this gift is perfect for them! Give them a graduation notebook so that they can get a head start on their studies. 

Get your own:

50. Graduation Charm


What a cute and timeless gift that your graduate is bound to cherish. A graduation charm is a wonderful reminder of their special moment. 

Get your own:

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Encapsulate your graduate’s favorite moment from their final year of school with a beautifully themed frame. You might want to buy one for everyone in your family as well so that they can cherish this memory too!

Graduation Party Ideas For Him

51. Graduation Bracelet


Image by @nespolijewelers on Instagram 

A piece of jewelry that your graduate will love! Give him a graduation bracelet that he will cherish forever. 

Get your own:

52. Graduation Socks 


Here’s an adorable graduation present for you! Grab a pair of graduation socks that your graduate is bound to enjoy. He may have procrastinated buying himself socks while in school because he wanted to use his money for other more exciting items. These socks may be just what he has needed for a long time!

Get your own socks:

53. Graduation Pocket Watch


This is a very thoughtful gift to give your graduate. A pocket watch is an old-fashioned present that exudes sophistication and class. 

Get your own:

54. Graduation T-Shirt


A piece of clothing may seem like an unusual graduation gift. However, a graduation-themed t-shirt is a stylish way of showing your graduate how much you care about them on their special day. 

Get your own:

55. Graduation Lamp


Here is a unique and useful gift! A graduation lamp is a perfect present for the goofball graduate in your life. 

Get your own:

56. Engraved Wallet Card


An engraved wallet card that is symbolic of your graduate’s special day is an excellent reminder of all that they have accomplished. 

Get your own:

57. Graduation Blanket


This may possibly be the coziest, comfiest, cutest present to give your graduate. A graduation blanket as a gift might be my favorite idea thus far. 

58. Graduation Paperweight


This gift is simple and straightforward, but very effective! A paperweight is perfect for the practical graduate! When he gets his first job out of college, he can use this paperweight to decorate his first official work desk!

Get your own:

59. Graduation Frame


Encapsulate your graduate’s favorite moment from their final year of school with a beautifully themed frame. You might want to buy one for everyone in your family as well so that they can cherish this memory too!

Get your own:

60. Graduation Wall Art


For those graduates who are moving out of their homes, a beautiful piece of wall decor would be the best gift for them. It reflects their proudest achievement and can liven up any room in their abode.

Get your own:

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High School Graduation Party Ideas 

61. Photo Clips with String Lights


What better way to celebrate the most memorable experiences you had at school than to hang your favorite pictures up at your graduation party? Use photo clips, accompanied by luminous string lights, to personalize your party!

Get your own:

62. Assemble a Charcuterie Board

Every party needs interesting appetizers to keep guests coming back for more and staying as long as they can. With an impressive cheese board, your graduation party will be given a sophisticated flair. 

Assemble your own:

63. Roll Out a Graduation Tablecloth

What better place to put oeuvres, drinks, plates, and napkins than on a festive tablecloth? A perfectly theme-appropriate tablecloth suits any graduation party nicely and adds to the atmosphere of the celebratory event! 

Get your own:

64. Play a Graduation Party Game

Test yourself on how well you know your most recent college graduate with graduation party games. This personalized trivia could liven up your graduation party in an inexpensive way. 

Get your own game:

65. Adorn Your House with Party Lights

Nothing brings out the festive mood of a party like properly-placed party lights. Illuminate your graduation party with a bunch of lights to show everyone that this is where the action is!

Get your own lights:

66. Glow Sticks

Is a party ever truly complete without glow sticks? They are suitable for every occasion, but especially for graduation parties set at night. 

Get your own:

67. Get Chalkboard Signs for Food


If you are planning to have a buffet for your party, then these chalkboard signs are a must! You can also save them and reuse them for your next celebration as well!

Get your own:

68. Invest in a Karaoke Microphone


The party never stops once someone breaks out the karaoke machine. Buy yourself a karaoke microphone to have a blast at your graduation party and other celebrations to follow. 

Get your own:

69. Make a Graduation Sign Poster


Want to treasure the memory of your graduation forever? Have your closest friends and family sign a graduation poster, so that you can cherish this moment with the thoughtful words of your loved ones. 

Make your own:

70. Put Up a Graduation Lawn Sign


A congratulatory sign provides perfect outdoor decor for your graduation party. Grab a few of them if you can, so you can adorn your lawn with as many signs as possible!

Get your own:

71. Give Your Graduate a Graduation Headband


This is an adorable accessory that your graduate is bound to enjoy and wear on their head for the entire party.

Get your own:

72. Blow Bubbles


Who says that blowing bubbles are only for kids? These bubbles will be plenty of fun for you, your friends, and the entire family!

Get your own:

73. Find Mesh Food Covers


Making sure that the food at your graduation party stays warm and fresh is of the utmost importance. With mesh covers to place over your food, the potential problem of food going cold is solved!

Get your own:

74. Hand Out Graduation Goodie Bags


To thank all of your party guests for attending your party, what you need is thoughtful party favors that will leave them thinking about your celebration long after it is over. Give out graduation goodie bags to show these guests your gratitude!

Get your own bags to hand out:

75. Get Your Grill Gear


Image by ATOMIC Hot Links on Flickr 

Getting good grill gear for your party is important, especially if you are graduating during the summertime. Guarantee a big barbeque at your graduation party with this useful kit!

Get your own grill gear:

76. Construct a Dessert Stand

An ideal display for scrumptious desserts! Assemble a delicious stand full of cakes, cupcakes, tarts, and other sweets for your party guests. 

Construct your own:

77. Give Out Individually Wrapped Snacks


Sometimes having big bowls of chips on your party table can be a little germy and the chips will eventually go stale. These mini bags are perfectly portioned snacks for you and your party guests to enjoy!

Get the snacks:

78. Distribute Individually Wrapped Silverware 


Nobody wants to be stuck washing the silverware after an awesome party. Keep your party table neat and organized with individually wrapped silverware to give to every guest.

Get the silverware:

79. Make Smores


Who doesn’t love making smores? Smores sticks are perfect for making sweet treats with your friends at your party. 

Get Smore sticks:

80. Assemble Artificial Flowers


What better way to beautify your house before a party than by adding lovely artificial flowers to your living room, dining room, or elsewhere? You might want to keep these up even after the party is over!

Get the supplies:

Last Thoughts

Graduation is only the beginning for many college students. Following the success of their academic career, they are presented with a variety of questions that require delicate answers.

Do they want to go to graduate school? Should they try applying for a full-time job or should they take some time off to focus on themselves? Are internships a possibility?

These are all stressful, time-consuming questions that a student has to be thinking about once they finish college. 

However, they do not have to be resolved right away. Graduates can enjoy the success of their academic achievements first and this begins with an amazing, memorable graduation party with the people that have supported them throughout their college journey.

Hopefully, these 80 graduation party ideas are only the start of your party planning activities!




80 graduation party ideas ultimate 2022 guide

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How to Make Friends in College – The Ultimate Guide on College Friendship

Are you having trouble making friends? We’ve got you covered! Check out these tips for making friends in college!



A group of friends in college having fun

This post is all about making friends in college.        

Making friends in college can have a significant impact on how your educational years will be. We rely on our friends to share fun experiences with us, to have our backs, to support us when we are at our lowest, and to help us to achieve the best version of ourselves.

The solidarity created between two friends is a bond that cannot be reciprocated. For example, it can be helpful to have a friend with you in a particularly difficult class, so you two can face the challenges of each tough lesson together.

Sometimes, making friends in college can be very easy. Two adults can bond over a variety of common interests after sharing a common environment like a part-time job or an extracurricular activity.

On the other hand, if you have an introverted personality like me, making friends can be a bit more difficult than you think. It takes a significant amount of practice or trial and error to sharpen up your conversational skills.

Making the first move by speaking to strangers can be very scary, but the possible result of a true friendship can be exceptionally rewarding.

It can also be incredibly helpful to make friends if you are an inept listener just let the extroverts do all the talking and focus on improving your listening skills.

If this person truly wants to be your friend, they will want to know more about you and ask questions about your life. This contributes to a healthy friendship dynamic that will stand the test of time.

In my list of thirty-five friendship tips that will help you make friends in college, you will learn that in order to make good friends, you cannot be afraid to put yourself out there and be motivated.

You have to be respectful of their boundaries and understand their flaws; in turn, they should treat you in the same respectful manner. However, do not feel like you should have to change yourself to fit their ideal image of you.

Stay true to yourself, and you will find individuals who will want to be friends with every single part of you, your skills, and your flaws.

These are words of advice that will help you maintain good friendships even after you graduate college and move on to bigger and better pursuits.

Though you and your friends may change, your friendship will remain the same as strong and adaptable as ever throughout all of the challenges of life.  


three people with their arms around each other


1. Join extracurricular clubs

Most friendships are formed between people who share common interests.

If you join a club that you enjoy at your college, you would be surrounding yourself with people who share the same hobbies and pursuits as you.

And now you know exactly what to talk about. For example, if you’re really into theater, joining the drama club can help you meet a bunch of thespians who love theater just as much as you do. 


2. Get a part-time job

From my personal experience, the best place to make quick friendships is at work.

It requires a lot of cooperation and teamwork from your coworkers to make your jobs more bearable, and this is where bonds can form.

Additionally, it is through these kinds of jobs that you can make friends with the most unexpected people. If you share a lot in common with your coworkers and have good chemistry, nothing is stopping you from being friends outside of work.


3. Do not be afraid to initiate a conversation

For those looking to make new friends, it may be a little daunting to go up to strangers or acquaintances and start a conversation.

However, if you are hoping to make friends in college, sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands.

It does not take much to start a conversation. Begin with small talk such as “How are you?” or “What are you doing later?” This can open up a longer conversation. These small risks can pay off in a major way.


4. Practice makes perfect

If you are like me, an amateur conversationalist, you need to practice your conversational skills every day to improve your small talk.

Make conversation with your professors, classmates, coworkers, friends, family, and so on to really sharpen your conversational skills.

While it may seem awkward when you first start, it becomes second nature to you the more you continue to practice.


5. Learn to listen

If you are not a very talkative person, sometimes the best thing you can do to make friends is to let the extroverts do all the talking.

If you are responsive, ask questions, and engage with the extrovert, you will find a complementary friendship dynamic that works for the both of you.

Additionally, if this extrovert is a keeper, they will want to know more about you and ask you questions in response.

This is very effective for those who are shyer and more reluctant to speak. Work with your strengths: if talking is not your forte, learn to listen and be an engaging conversationalist.


6. Give compliments out like candy

Is there a better feeling than receiving a compliment from a stranger?

It confirms the positive thoughts we have about ourselves when we are given kind words from those we least expect, and we will have a good impression of people who compliment us if we see them again.

If you see someone and think, “Wow, their hair looks so good!” or “That shirt looks really good on them!” do not be afraid to voice your thoughts aloud.

The people we compliment will look kindly on us for being honest and speaking our opinion.


7. Use their name when speaking to them

If you are incredibly forgetful with names like me, then this tip is particularly important. How are you going to befriend someone without getting familiar with their name?

The best way to never forget their name is to work it into your conversations like “Have a nice day, __!” or “Thank you, ___!”

Furthermore, when you remember their name, the person subconsciously realizes that you are purposefully trying to prioritize them, and that is how they become aware that they are important to you.


8. Laughter is contagious

Reminding someone to laugh sounds like the most obvious suggestion in the world.

However, it is incredibly important that you do not forget to laugh when you are talking to a potential friend.

If they see you laughing at their jokes (or even laughing at the jokes you make), they will see you as an easy-going, humorous person. They will feel compelled to laugh too!


9. Maintain eye contact

If you are somebody like me, whose eyes tend to wander around when someone is speaking to you, I’m sure you have been asked, “Are you paying attention?” when making conversation with a friend.

This is because making eye contact is considered crucial to show someone that you are listening to them when they are talking to you.

Try your best to look them in the eyes when you are speaking with your friends so that they know that you are focused on their every word. 


10. Say “Hello” and “Goodbye

What it takes to make and maintain a friendship is through the small gestures you do. Sometimes the smallest of formalities can remind them of how polite and thoughtful you are.

For example, when you greet your friend, do not forget to say “Hello” or “How are you.” When you leave, tell them, “Bye” or “See you later” to show them that you are thinking about them as you depart.

At my job, I have a coworker who says goodbye to everyone before she leaves. I strive to emulate her thoughtfulness and kindness, and you should too.

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11. Remember details from past conversations

Friends need small indicators to know that you truly care about them. This includes showing how you have been paying attention to what they say, how they behave, their likes/dislikes, their wants/needs, and so on.

Furthermore, you can recall details from past conversations. For instance, if your friend is asking for your opinion on what color of shirt they should wear, you could respond with “How about ___? That’s your favorite color, right?” Or, perhaps on your friend’s birthday, you could wish them well.

They will appreciate that you are thinking about them!


12. Use the Internet to your advantage

Social media has made a significant impact on keeping friendships because you are given constant reminders of what is going on in their lives.

You can use these tools as an opportunity to keep in touch with these friends and show them that you are thinking of them by commenting on their posts.

Additionally, you can also use social media to make friends in college.

Though I have never had online friends myself, I have heard stories of people making online friendships and then becoming so close with their long-distance friends that they meet in real life. 


13. Put effort into these friendships

It is scary to put yourself out there, especially if you are concerned that your feelings toward your friend are not mutual, that you care more about this individual than they care about you.

However, you cannot hope to deepen your friendship without putting in the work. Don’t be afraid of initiating conversations or doing good deeds while expecting something in return.

For example, get them a small present for Christmas, regardless of if they are getting a present for you. In some cases, it may feel like you’re doing too much, and those friendships are not worth keeping. Prioritize the ones that do matter and put in the effort.


14. Refrain from gossip

Gossiping can be fun, but it is also a nasty habit when it comes to maintaining a friendship.

Nobody likes being talked about in a disrespectful manner, especially when the people spreading rumors and secrets about you are your own friend.

It can be very difficult to keep friends if you are constantly talking about them behind their back.

You should only say nice comments about your friends when they are not there because if you say rude remarks, they will find out eventually and be very upset. Cut gossip out of your life for good and put your friends first. 


15. Be open-minded

Any two adults, with a few exceptions, have the potential to be friends if they give one another a chance. If you can bond over one subject and have the same demeanor, you do not need to have much in common.

For example, I am still friends with my sixty-five-year-old troop leader from when I did Girl Scouts many years ago.

We only have one thing in common throughout the years our participation in Girl Scouts but because we are both humorous and go with the flow, we get along really well together and have remained good friends.

Don’t let superficial barriers such as age stand in the way of you making friends in college or in life.


16. Loyalty is important

Trustworthiness is the most vital quality to have in a friend. It is essential that you have your friends’ back when they need your support, through thick and thin.

There are exceptions do not be so loyal to your friends that you compromise your values, morals, or beliefs.

However, you should generally stick by your friend when they need you most. Then, if you ever need support or a helping hand, your friends will have your back as well.


17. Do not forget to keep in touch

If you don’t talk to or see your friend, your friendship will eventually fade away, and you will become strangers once again. This can happen after college graduation, where friends go their separate ways to pursue different walks of life.

To keep your friendship strong, try to send your friend a text every once and a while to show them that you are still thinking about them.

You can also attempt to make plans to meet up, no matter how far in the future it may be, to keep them as constants of your life.


18. Compromise

You and your potential friend are not going to agree on the same ideas all the time. You are two separate people with different backgrounds and diverse personality traits.

What makes a friendship stand the test of time is compromise. For example, if your friend wants to play laser tag and you want to watch a movie, both of you should try to compromise.

You can do the other’s idea next time. Additionally, your friend should be open to compromise as well to keep the friendship fair and balanced.


19. Appreciate the little moments

It is hard to stay in touch with friends in college because once you graduate, life can become so hectic, and oftentimes, schedules do not match up.

Sometimes the only time you can see a friend is nine in the morning on a Sunday for two hours because that is the only chance you have to spend time with them for the next few weeks.

Take this small amount of time and cherish it. Every little moment spent together makes a big difference in keeping the friendship alive.


20. Explore new things together

What keeps a friendship fresh and exciting is having new experiences with one another.

For example, you both could go to a pottery class or try hang gliding. Perhaps you could bake a new pie together.

When you explore new things with your friends, you are preventing the friendship from becoming too mundane or predictable.

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21. Wish them well on the holidays

The holidays particularly the three succeeding months full of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas can be some of the best times of the year.

However, there are some people that have more difficulties enjoying the holiday season than others.

Some have nowhere to go and no one to spend these holidays with. If you learn about a college friend who has nothing going on during the holidays, do not refrain from inviting them to any celebrations or parties that you may have.

I always make sure my friends are spending their holidays with their loved ones. If your friend has no plans going on and seems to be upset about this, make sure that they know they always have a place in your home. 


22. Be introspective

Self-improvement is crucial to maintain friendships that have evolved over time. You have to look inside yourself to become a better friend, especially as you mature and grow.

For example, I have become a better listener since my days as a fourteen-year-old. I still have friends from when I was that age because I have grown and changed with these people. Now, we are the best version of ourselves.

23. Give one another space

Nobody likes to feel like they are being overwhelmed, whether it is by their family, friends, or peers. As an introvert, I know how important alone time is to strengthen a friendship.

Friends do not have to talk every single day; I don’t talk to my best friends every day because I know we would eventually run out of things to talk about. You and your friend need time to yourselves, and it is perfectly okay to take breaks.


24. Stay true to yourself

Do not change yourself to fit someone else’s blueprint. If you are looking to befriend a particular person, you should not have to feel like you have to look or act a certain way to appeal to them and meet their standards.

If they are a good friend, they will like you for who you truly are, and that includes everything about you. You have to find friends who suit you, not the other way around. 


25. Be understanding of their flaws

Friends aren’t perfect. They can be impulsive, stubborn, flakey, easily irritated, and so on. That does not make them bad people it just means they have flaws like you and me. For example, I have a very indecisive friend.

It can be frustrating making plans with them because they have difficulty making decisions. What you have to do is adapt to best suit their most frustrating quality.

When I am meeting with my indecisive friend, I take charge so that they don’t have to make any tough decisions, and this works out for both of us.



26. Respect their boundaries

Everyone has boundaries. Even the closest of friends in college have something that they are not entirely comfortable with sharing, or they have subjects they do not want to talk about.

For example, I do not like it when anybody goes through my phone, even when it is a very close friend of mine, and I have nothing to hide on my device. This is a boundary that I have set for myself that I do not let anybody cross, and my friends respect this.

To be a good friend, you have to learn and respect people’s boundaries and set some of your own to maintain a healthy relationship together.


27. Be willing to open up when you are ready

With a bit of time and a lot of trust, you can strengthen your bond with your friends. When you feel like you have a genuine companion in your life, do not be afraid to confide in them.

If you are like me, it can be difficult to voice your thoughts and feelings. However, if a friend wants to get closer to you and you feel comfortable enough to share your secrets and confessions with them, do not hesitate to put your trust in their hands.


28. Look out for them

A good friend always has their friends’ back, especially during their most vulnerable moments. If you spot your friend in an unfamiliar situation that makes you feel uncomfortable, keep an eye out for them.

They could be hanging out with strangers or partying too hard, and they are unaware of the potential harmfulness of their environment. I am not suggesting that you should act as their babysitter just keep one eye open for any suspicious activity that could hurt you or your friend.

Remember the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you look out for your friend, they will treat you with the same regard.


29. Encourage them to be their best selves

Whenever you are about to begin something new, start down a new path, join a new activity, or so on, encouragement from your peers can provide you with a major motivational boost.

That is why encouraging your friends to try new things, check out new places, and be the best versions of themselves is so important. They need your support and reassurance, and they will provide you with the same help when you find yourself in a similar situation.


30. Be honest

As stated in the previous tip, people need encouragement, support, and reassurance from their friends when exploring new ventures.

Friends are also given the difficult task of delivering the hard truth to their friends when they need it most.

For example, if a friend asks for your opinion about their outfit, and you are not a fan of it, tell them that it is not your style, but you’re happy with their look if they are. The key is not to be mean but true to yourself. Your friend should appreciate your honesty.

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31. Sometimes silence is satisfactory

When you are with friends, it may seem appropriate to keep talking all the time to keep their attention and prevent them from getting bored with you.

However, sometimes it is okay to settle down and reach a comfortable silence when the conversation reaches a lull.

You don’t have to entertain them with every joke or story you tell them. Sometimes a mutual moment of calm is necessary and needed.


32. Do not judge

Friends come in all shapes and sizes. It is good to remind yourself that just because somebody does not behave like you or make the same choices that you do does mean that they are less valid.

If someone judges you for the friends you have, ignore their comments. If you do not judge your friends, they will not judge you. You and your friends can form a bond of trust through acceptance of their differences.


33. Prioritize them when tension/disaster arises

Life is full of sticky situations. It is difficult to make it through life without friends having your back.

If a conflict arises where you have to choose between your friend and another concern, make your friend the number one priority.

If they are in desperate need of your help, you cannot delay. You need to support your friend when they need it most.


34. When the time comes, tell them you love them

Love is the foundation for the strongest relationships that we will ever have. You can love your friends just as much as you love your family, perhaps even more so. If you feel this way about your friends, do not be afraid to let them know!

This can be very difficult, as it can be hard to admit your true feelings for them, but if you know that you can trust them, take the risk. If they love you as well, they will reciprocate your affections and appreciate your openness and honesty.


35. If things don’t work out, that’s okay

Every once in a while, you may find someone that you have a lot in common with, but you just don’t have the chemistry or the time to make things work.

This situation is more common than you would think, and it is perfectly okay to let friendships fade.

For example, I have met friends in college who have stayed with me through all three years, and I have met friends that have only lasted a semester, and we stopped talking once our class was over. It is absolutely normal for friendships to pass: do not be discouraged if this happens.


 Final Thoughts

With these friendship tips, you can easily learn how to make friends in college. It takes thought, effort, and trust, but if you are willing to put yourself out there, you will be rewarded tenfold.

You will experience all different kinds of friendship in college. Some friends only last a semester; when the class is over, you two will run out of subjects to talk about and go your separate ways. This situation is perfectly okay and completely natural. Some friends stick around all throughout college.

They have fun with you and provide you with comfort as you overcome your daily challenges. However, once you graduate college, these friends become acquaintances. You meet them every once in a while, and you see their posts on social media, but they do not compare to your closest friends.

These select individuals are the ones who you love dearly, open up to, and confide in. Friends like these are once-in-a-lifetime people who you cherish and treat like family. Not every friend you meet, whether in college or in life, has to be these kinds of people. Do not force a friendship with every person you meet.

Do not change your appearance or behavior to impress your friends because you are not being honest with them or yourself. Just remember to stay true to yourself, and you will eventually meet people who best suit you. It takes time and hard work, but the fruits of your labor will be successful.

With these friendship tips, you can make all different kinds of buddies in college from class pals to forever friends.

Check out this video about making friends in college!




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100+ Best Flirty Pick Up Lines For Her

Are you trying to get a girl’s attention? Are you having trouble thinking or things to say to her? Check out these best flirty pick up lines for her.



Black girl smiling

Are you interested in a new girl? Are you trying to get her attention but are not quite sure how to do so? Are you trying to find a pick up line to use but not quite sure where to start?

You may be looking for some flirty pick up lines.

Maybe you want some cheesy pick up lines, funny pick up lines, cute ones, etc. No matter what type of pick up line you are looking for, you have come to the right place. 

In this article, I am going to provide you with a list of over 100 of the best flirty pick up lines to use. Hopefully, at least one of these pick up lines will work best for who you are interested in.

Or, at the very least, help inspire some pick up lines of your own. 

In this post: 


Best Pick Up Lines for Her

1. I think there is something wrong with my eyes: I can’t take them off of you. 

2. I need to cross the street. Would you mind holding my hand? 

3. Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?

4. I think I need a map: I keep getting lost in your eyes.

5. I knew love at first sight was real when I saw you.

6. I would fall for you even in zero gravity.

7. If you were a song, you would be my favorite track.

8. The sparkle is so bright in your eyes–the sun is jealous.

9. I just won hide and seek because I found you.

10. Your beauty makes me appreciate being able to see.

11. Looking at you made me forget my pick up line.

12. If you were a triangle, you would be an acute one.

13. You looked familiar, but then I remembered I had only seen you in my dreams.

14. I am no photographer, but I can picture you and me together.

15. Feel my shirt; it is made of boyfriend material.

16. I am going to call you Google because you are everything I am searching for.

17. Can I follow you? I was told to follow my dreams.

18. Can I be the Romeo to your Juliet?

19. I just checked the crystal ball, and it says you are in my future.

20. So what do you do besides take my breath away? 

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Cheeky Pick Up Lines For Her

21. You got your first wish granted: I am here. What are your other two wishes? 

22. I am studying history. Today I am learning about our date. 

23. You like raisins? Then how do you feel about dates? 

24. Do you have a name, or can I call you mine? 

25. You must be a Klondike Bar because I would do anything to get you.

26. Are you a parking ticket because you have fine written all over you.

27. Good thing I brought my library card because I am checking you out.

28. Can I borrow a kiss? I promise to give it back.

29. Is it hot in here or is it just you?

30. Did you see what was on the menu? Me-n-U.

31. Do you know what time it is? I want to remember the exact minute I first saw you.

32. They say nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing? 

33. I am an organ donor, and I will start by giving you my heart.

34. There is something wrong with my phone: it doesn’t have your number in it.

35. I have forks and knives; all I need is a little spoon.

36. Let’s commit the perfect crime–you steal my heart, and I will steal yours. 

37. Was that a cannon firing, or just my heart pounding? 

38. I think I lost my phone, can you call it? 

39. Four plus four equals eight, but you plus me equals fate.

40. Your lips look lonely, would they like to meet mine? 

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Cheesy Pick Up Lines For Her

41. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put U and I together.

42. Did you just come out of the oven? Because you are hot.

43. Are you a loan? Because you sure have my interest.

44. Are you a broom? Because you swept me off my feet.

45. You’re so sweet that you are giving me a toothache.

46. If you were a vegetable, you would be a cute-cumber.

47. Do you have a band-aid? I scraped my knees falling for you.

48. If you were a fruit, you would be a fineapple.

49. I just learned that happiness does not start with an ‘h,’ it starts with ‘u.’

50. If you were a transformer, you would be Optimus Fine.

51. Do you like Star Wars? Because yoda the only one for me.

52. You look familiar? Didn’t we have chemistry together?

53. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk past again?

54. There is just one thing I want to change: your last name.

55. How was heaven when you left?

56. I must be in a museum because you are a work of art.

57. You better tie your shoes; I do not want you falling for anyone else.

58. Are you a keyboard? Because you are just my type.

59. Are you from Tennessee? Because you are the only ten-I-see.

60. If loving me is wrong, you do not want to be right.

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Cool Pick Up Lines For Her

61. Sweetness is my weakness.

62. Would you touch my hand so I can tell my friends I was touched by an angel?

63. You must be a broom because you swept me off my feet.

64. Is this the Hogwart’s express? Because it feels like you and I are heading somewhere magical.

65. How does it feel to be the most beautiful girl in the room?

66. Does your watch have a second hand? I want to know how long it took me to fall in love with you.

67. Can I take your picture? I want to show Santa what I want for Christmas.

68. I was going to buy a drink, but I got distracted by you.

69. I’m sorry, were you talking to me? No? Well, then please start.

70. You are like fine wine. The more I drink in, the better I feel.

71. I am horrible at math, but I do care about one number: yours.

72. Someone pinch me–you are too cute that I must be dreaming.

73. Are we flying? Because you seem Wright for me.

74. Are you the package I ordered, because I have been waiting for you all day?

75. If I were a cat, I would spend all of my nine lives with you.

76. I need sunglasses–your smile is blinding me.

77. We are like socks: we make a great pair.

78. You just proved that aliens exist because you abducted my heart.

79. Do you have a couple of minutes for me to hit on you? 

80. Let’s play a game. I win, you take me out; if you win, I take you out.

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Funny Pick Up Lines For Her

81. If you were a burger at McDonald’s, you would be a McGorgeous.

82. I’m good at algebra. I can replace your X, and you wouldn’t need to figure out Y.

83. Was your Dad a boxer? Because you are a knockout.

84. I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin me.

85. Life without you would be like a broken pencil: pointless.

86. If I were a booger, would you pick me?

87. Call me Shrek because I am head ogre heels for you.

88. You are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.

89. Are you a goldfish? Because you are a snack that smiles back.

90. You’re so gneiss, I would never take you for granite.

91. Are you Franklin D. Roosevelt? Because you are a dime.

92. Are you made of copper? Because I Cu with me.

93. Are you my appendix? Because there is this feeling in my stomach that makes me want to take you out.

94. You are sweeter than 3.14.

95. Are you French? Because Eiffel for you.

96. Do you like coffee? Because I like you a latte.

97. Are you a cat? Because I feline a connection between us.

98. Did you swallow magnets? Because you are attractive. 

99. My name is Microsoft, can I crash at your place tonight? 

100. Your middle name must be Gillette, because you are the best a man can get. 

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Cute Pick Up Lines For Her

101. Forget hydrogen, you are the number one element in my life. 

102. Your eyes are like the ocean. I could swim in them all day.

103. Kiss me if I am wrong, but the Earth is flat, right? 

104. When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use? 

105. I am not a hoarder, but I want to keep you forever. 

106. You’re so cute that it’s distracting.

107. Is your name WIFI? Because I am really feeling a connection.

108. I’m fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on Earth tonight.

109. How come you are not on top of a Christmas tree? That is where angels belong. 

110. I am new in town. Can you give me directions to your heart? 

111. I need a dictionary, because since I saw you, I have run out of words. 

112. You may want to keep your distance–I may fall for you. 

113. Are you an interior designer? Because you made this room more beautiful. 

114. I do not want to use some cheesy pick up line, so can I buy you a drink? 

115. You know what is beautiful? Read the first word.

116. Tonight I am wearing the smile you gave me. 

117. If you were a potato, you would be a sweet one. 

118. If kisses were snowflakes, I would send you a blizzard. 

119. You should never play hide-and-seek. Finding someone like you would be impossible. 

120. I know someone who likes you, but I am too shy to tell you who. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you are looking for cheesy pick up lines or funny pick up lines, this list has the pick up line that will catch the attention of the girl you are trying to attract.

This list of the best flirty pick up lines has something for everyone. It has a line for every situation, no matter what pick up line you are trying to find. This list has some of the best pick up lines on it.

Now, of course, not every single pick-up line is on the list, but this is a great place to start. 





100 best flirty pick up lines for her

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