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50 of the Best College Outfits — The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Fashion is a way of expression, and these are the current college outfits you need to know about in order to fit into the college fashion world.

Eleanore Belanger



five fashionable college students sitting and smiling

This article was updated on 1/29/2024.

As you prepare for college, you might be wondering, “How should I dress for college?” and, “What should I wear to college?”

You shouldn’t worry, though. You should wear what you love and what you’re most comfortable in. Happiness looks good on everyone, so if you’re happy and comfortable, then you’ll look good regardless of what you’re wearing.

But if you want some college outfit ideas, we created a list of 50 different clothes and combinations from popular and affordable clothing brands for college students, so you can put together the best college outfits all year long.

Table of Contents:

Trendy College Outfits

Best Casual College Outfits

Summer/Spring College Outfits

Fall/Winter College Outfits

Trendy College Outfits

1. Sneakers

Woman sitting outside in a white shirt and white sneakers

Let’s start from the bottom and work our way up because shoes are a necessary part of every college outfit.

You can wear sneakers anywhere and pair them with anything, from your casual college outfits to your comfy college outfits. Depending on the sneakers and the occasion, you can sometimes even pair them with a fancy outfit.

White sneakers are really trendy right now, so if you’re looking for shoes that you can wear with anything, a pair of Nike sneakers are the perfect choice.

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2. Combat Boots

White combat boots with black laces

Combat boots are always in. It seems like they never go out of style! Regardless of the color, they’re a college outfit staple.

However, along the same lines as the white sneakers, white combat boots are especially trendy right now, so if you’re looking for the perfect shoes to wear with your college outfits, a pair of Nasty Gal boots are a great choice.

I love them because they have adjustable laces that can be tightened or loosened for comfort, but they also have a zipper that makes them easy to slip on and off.

These boots also come in black, so if white shoes aren’t your thing, then these are the perfect combat boots for you.

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3. Booties

Woman standing by a water fountain wearing a jacket and ankle booties

Boots are some of the trendiest shoes right now — probably because they’re so versatile.

They’re comfortable, cute, and come in a variety of styles that can be mixed and matched with almost any outfit, so if combat boots aren’t your style, that’s OK, because there are a ton of other popular styles that you can wear with your cute college outfits — like these Lacy booties.

They’re sleek and elegant when paired with a nice outfit. But they’re comfy and understated enough that they can be paired with a casual outfit for everyday outings like class.

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 4.  Jeans

Woman posing in yellow hoodie and ripped skinny jeans

A pair of jeans is an essential part of every college wardrobe because denim never goes out of style.

The best part is, you can wear whatever style you’re most comfortable in and it’ll still create a trendy outfit, whether that’s skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, baggy jeans, or ripped jeans.

Jeans can be paired with pretty much anything. For example, these pants can be worn with any kind of footwear, and you can dress them with nice sweaters, fun T-shirts, and any style of purse or bag you’re carrying around that day.

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5.  A Denim Jacket

Woman posing in denim jacket

If you have a denim jacket in your closet, now is the time to pull it out. If you don’t have one already, now is a good time to buy one. Just like denim pants, jean jackets are always trendy.

This jacket from ASOS goes with everything, so you can throw it on with whatever you’re wearing and instantly turn it into a trendy college outfit.

It’ll keep you comfy during the cooler fall months and during the summer months when the air conditioner is blasting in the classrooms.

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6.  A Denim Skirt

Woman posing in front of a city skyline in a red sweater, beanie hat, and short denim skirt

Jeans go with everything, and they never go out of style. Are you noticing a pattern? When creating a trendy college outfit, you can never have too much denim in your closet.

Just like a pair of jean pants, this denim miniskirt can be paired with anything to create a cute outfit. Wear it with your white sneakers and a simple gray shirt, or pair it with some flats, black tights, and a soft pink sweater.

When it comes to denim, the possibilities are endless, and a denim skirt like this one will instantly turn a simple outfit into a trendy college outfit.

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7. Ruffle Sleeve Shirts and Dresses

Woman standing on a gravel path in front of a large house wearing a blue ruffle dress

Ruffly sleeves have become a popular look. They’re not for me, but they look good on a lot of people!

If you want to emulate the look, you’re in luck because there are a lot of ways to build a trendy college outfit around this style.

There are puff-sleeved shirts and turtleneck sweaters that can be paired with jeans or leggings, or you can throw on this cute ruffly dress from Amazon for an all-in-one outfit.

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8. The Little Black Dress

Woman posing in a little black dress

Every college girl needs to have a little black dress in her closet. You can wear it with sneakers for a cute but understated party look, or wear it with heels and a gold necklace for a nice occasion.

The little black dress will always be trendy, but that’s because it’s such a versatile college outfit.

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9. A Backpack

Person wearing a winter jacket and a small black backpack

You’ll need a cute bag to go with your cute college outfits, and this backpack is a great option.

Backpacks have become the trendiest way to carry around everyday items, which is perfect, since backpacks are great for students. A backpack like this one will complete any of your college outfits.

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10. Scrunchies

A woman looking in the mirror, with a scrunch in her hair

The ‘90s are back, which means that your trendy college outfits won’t be complete without a scrunchie. But even if you’re not into these throwback fashions, you’ll still want to wear these scrunchies.

To tie up your college outfits, you’ll need something to tie up your hair, and these scrunchies are perfect.

The silky material is gentle on your hair, so you can leave your ponytail up all day without a headache, and they come in many beautiful colors, so they’ll go with anything you wear.

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Best Casual College Outfits

1.  Converse

Feet in red Converse sneakers

If you’re trying to create the perfect casual college outfit, then you’ll need a pair of Converse shoes. They’re cute, but you definitely won’t look dressed up when you’re wearing them.

Throw your Converse on with anything else in your closet and you have the easiest look ever. Pair them with a cute dress, or wear them with jeans and a T-shirt, and you’re all set for a fun party, a day of class, or a trip to the mall.

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2.  Ballet Flats

Woman walking around outside in ballet flats

If sneakers are too casual, but you’re not getting too dressed up, then a neutral pair of flats are the perfect pair of shoes for a low-key outing. You can wear them with almost any casual college outfit, whether it’s a tank top and shorts or a mini dress and leggings.

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3.   Sweatpants

Woman posing in T-shirt and gray sweatpants

Sweatpants can be hard to turn into a stylish outfit — but it’s possible. And if you’re going for the ultimate casual look, then a pair of sweatpants are a must-have. With these Old Navy sweatpants, you’ll have the best casual college outfit, because they’re cute and comfy.

These high-waisted sweatpants are easy to wear with a tank top or a T-shirt for a cute college outfit.

You can even find the matching sweatshirt to create the ultimate casual college outfit. Wear them to class, to the gym, or just when lounging around. I love the design, and they’re so soft that I basically live in mine.

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4.  Cargo Pants

Woman posing in teal lipstick, pink sweater, and white cargo pants

If you want to keep it casual but still look put together, cargo pants are the way to go. Depending on how relaxed you want to look, you can dress them up or down.

You can wear them with a baggie hoodie for a very casual outfit, or wear them with a nice long sleeve shirt and those Lacy booties for a more put-together outfit. They’re the best pants for casual college outfits.

My Boohoo cargo pants are my favorite, because they’re nicer than sweatpants, but they’re still comfortable and relaxed.

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5. Leggings

Woman posing in puffy jacket, leggings, and work boots

It can be hard to make sweatpants stylish, but it’s easy to turn leggings into a cute college outfit. You can wear them with anything, any time of year.

You can wear them to the gym with a tank top or wear them to class with a T-shirt and some boots. You can even layer them under a mini dress or a skirt for a cute but casual party look.

I wear my black Aeropostale leggings more than any of my other leggings, but I have so many pairs because they’re so versatile, so it’s hard to choose a favorite.

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6.  Jeggings

It might seem like jeggings and leggings are the same things, but with jeggings, you have the comfiness of leggings combined with the trendy look of jeans.

Pair them with anything you would pair with jeans, like a nice sweater, a fun T-shirt, or a crop top, along with your choice of footwear. They’ll pull your look together, but you’ll still feel casual and comfortable.

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7.  A Plain T-Shirt

Woman posing in a field of wheat wearing a gray T-shirt and jeans

Building a casual college outfit is easy when it’s centered around a plain article of clothing like a T-shirt.

This ASOS T-shirt is soft and breathable, so you can wear it all year long, and it’s a neutral gray color, so you can wear it with anything.

When it’s summertime, you can pair it with jean shorts and sneakers, and when it’s fall, you can layer it with a sweater and pair it with leggings and boots. With a T-shirt like this, you’ll have multiple casual outfits you can wear anywhere.

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8.  A Graphic T-Shirt

Woman sitting on a restaurant booth sipping a drink, wearing a graphic T-shirt and Converse sneakers

Graphic T-shirts are always trendy, which is great because they’re comfortable too.

When you wear a T-shirt with a logo of your favorite band or a funny quote with a pair of jeans or leggings and your Converse shoes, you can be fashionable and casual at the same time.

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9. A Hoodie

Woman peering out of the hood of her teal sweater

I’m sure you already own a hoodie, or a few, which is perfect because they’re the most versatile sweaters. They’ll keep you warm in those drafty classrooms, and regardless of how dressed up you are, when you throw a hoodie on, it’s instantly a casual outfit.

If you want to wear a cute dress or a nice pair of trousers, but you don’t want to look like you’re attending a dinner party after class, then just throw a hoodie on over your clothes and you instantly have the best casual college outfit.

If you don’t have one that you love, then I’d recommend an Old Navy hoodie. It’s super soft and will keep you warm in those cold classrooms.

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10. A Baseball Cap

Woman posing against a yellow wall wearing a green shirt and white baseball cap

To complete the best casual college outfit, a baseball cap is a must-have. It’s perfect for those days when you don’t feel like doing anything with your hair.

You can just throw a baseball cap on to cover up your messy hair, and luckily, it will look great with anything else you’re wearing on your casual outfit day.

Wear it with your Converse shoes and pair them with some leggings or cargo pants and a T-shirt. Bonus points if you’re sporting a cap with your school logo.

Copy the look!

Nike L91 Cap Tech, White/Anthracite/Black, One Size

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They are made with breathable, sweat wicking material, washable fabric and a strap in the back that allows you to personalize the fit. What more could your parents want? A day of golf and matching golf hats!


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Spring/Summer College Outfits

 1.   Flip-Flops

Flip-flops are the quintessential shoe for the spring and summer, so you’ll need the perfect pair to go with your easy and breezy spring and summer outfits.

You can easily slip these flip-flops on for a trip to the pool or a casual day of class.

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2.  Jean Shorts

Woman posing in font of a KFC wearing a red shirt and jean shorts

Jean shorts are a spring and summer wardrobe staple.  Much like your denim pants, you can wear any style you want and it’ll still create a trendy college outfit.

Whether you like cutoff shorts, cuffed shorts, high-rise shorts, or cheeky shorts, the only thing that matters is that you’re comfortable.

These shorts are one of my summer college outfit staples. They can be paired with crop tops, tank tops, plain T-shirts, and any set of shoes I want to wear.

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 3.  Comfy Shorts

Woman posing in sunglasses, a sleeveless bodysuit, and shorts

A light pair of shorts are a spring outfit staple. Denim isn’t always the most comfortable option in the heat.

For those occasions when you want to wear something lighter and breezier, you can complete your spring college outfit with these shorts from Amazon.

The lightweight material is perfect for spring, and for a casual look, you can pair them with your flip-flops and wear them with any of your cute spring tank tops, crop tops, or T-shirts.

Recreate the look!

4. A Skater Skirt

Woman posing with the cloudy sky behind her, wearing a floral skater skirt

Your spring and summer wardrobe isn’t complete without a cute miniskirt. This one is a staple in many of my summer outfits because it’s light and breezy, and the floral patterns are perfect for the sunny seasons.

Copy the look!

5. A Maxi Skirt

Woman at the beach wearing a pink maxi skirt and holding her sandals

Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean you have to put away your long, beautiful maxi skirts. With their flowy material, maxi skirts are the perfect addition to any summer outfit.

Wear it with your bikini and your flip-flops as you make your way to the pool, or dress it up with a blouse, your flats, and some earrings for a sophisticated spring look.

Recreate the look!

6.  A Corset Top

Woman wearing her hair in pigtail buns, a pair of sunglasses, a pink tank top, and jeans

A tank top is a must-have for the warmer months, and with its pastel color, this corset-style tank top paired with some jeans is the perfect outfit for spring.

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7.  A Crop Top

Woman posing in sunglasses, a jacket, and a crop top

This top from Urban Outfitters is the perfect addition to any of your summer college outfits, whether it’s with a skirt, shorts, or jeans.

But you’ll have the best summer outfit if you complete the look with the Urban Outfitters Out From Under Valtina Terry Track Pants and Sweatshirt.

Copy the look!

8.  A T-Shirt Dress

Woman posing in a yellow T-shirt dress

If it hasn’t quite reached summer heat yet, then it’s too soon to break out the sleeveless tops and sundresses. This is why a T-shirt dress is the perfect in-between outfit.

This dress is the perfect spring college outfit. The sleeves will keep you comfortable as the weather continues to figure out where it’s supposed to be, but the short flowy skirt will keep you from getting too hot as it starts to heat up outside.

Recreate the look!

9. A White Sundress

The bottom of a white sundress

As the weather warms up, wearing white is a great way to remain feeling — and looking — cool. Sundresses are a classic summer college outfit, so this white sundress is the perfect outfit to add to your summer college wardrobe.

Recreate the look!

10. A Swing Dress

Woman posing in a yellow swing dress

Wearing swing dresses is another great way to stay cool during the warmer months, which is why swing dresses are some of my favorite summer outfits.

The light and flowy material will keep you cool during the warmer months, and the sunshine yellow was made for summer.

Recreate the look!

11. A Maxi Dress

Woman posing in the woods in a floral maxi dress

Just because it’s hot outside doesn’t mean you have to wear something strappy and short if you don’t want to. Some of the breeziest summer dresses are the longest ones.

If you prefer more coverage from your summer outfits, but still want to stay cool, then this maxi dress from Amazon is perfect for you.

You’ll love the flowy, full-length skirt, and the lightweight material will keep you from overheating in the summer sun.

Recreate the look!

12. A Sleeveless Romper

Woman posing by a lake in a sunflower jumpsuit

Rompers of all styles are really popular right now, so a sleeveless romper with shorts is the perfect college outfit for the spring and summer, especially if dresses aren’t for you.

You’ll look extra trendy, but you’ll still have the security of shorts.

Copy the look!

13. Bracelets

A woman wearing a beaded bracelet

Spring is the season of new beginnings — temperatures are rising, flowers are blooming, and animals are awakening, which is why these bracelets are a great spring accessory.

The bright colors and flower designs will add the perfect seasonal statement to any of your college outfits.

Recreate the look!

14. Sunglasses

Woman wearing sunglasses

Sunglasses might seem like a minor accessory, but they’re an important part of a summer wardrobe. If you leave it out of your summertime outfits, you’ll regret it.

These are the essential shades you’ll need during the summer season. They’ll protect your eyes from the sunny rays, and they’ll look good with any of your summer college outfits.

Recreate the look!

 15. The Bucket Hat

Woman sitting on a washing machine wearing white pants, white sneakers, and a black bucket hat

When you think of cute ways to accessorize your outfits, bucket hats probably aren’t your first choice. They’re plain hats without much of their own personality.

But bucket hats are another ‘90s trend that have made a comeback, and a lot of people have found cute ways to incorporate the hats into their wardrobes.

If you need a hat to wear to the pool, or you just want a fun accessory to complete one of your summer college outfits, a bucket hat is the perfect choice.

Bucket hats are everywhere right now, and it looks like they’re here to stay.

Recreate the look!

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Fall/Winter College Outfits

1. Plaid Pants

Woman posing in a crop top and plaid pants

Plaid pants are a wardrobe essential for college girls. With a pair of these pants, you can create cute college outfits throughout fall and winter.

As the weather is still cooling off, you can wear them with a white crop top for a casual college outfit.

As it gets chillier outside, you can wear them with a fitted long sleeve shirt for a more formal look.

Plaid pants can even be turned into comfy college outfits when you pair them with a chunky sweater during the coldest winter months. Plus, they’ll look great with any one of the shoes you decide to wear, especially those white sneakers.

Recreate the look!

2. Linen Pants

Woman posing in front of a wall while holding a purse and wearing pink linen pants and a T-shirt

Some of my favorite fall and winter outfits involve my Old Navy linen pants. Even though they’re light and comfortable, they’re still warm and cozy when paired with the right clothes.

Plus, they’re easy to style, so I can wear them with just about anything — I can wear them with sneakers, flats, or boots, and pair them with a sweater or a crop top.

Recreate the look!

3. A Velvet Skirt 

Woman posing in a field of grass while wearing a denim jacket and a pink velvet miniskirt

A moody velvet skirt will add the perfect fall or winter feel to your college wardrobe. This amazon miniskirt is a staple in many of my fall and winter outfits.

You can choose the color you like, from burgundy to black to pink. Black and purple are my favorite. Put on some tights and booties and wear them with a T-shirt or a turtleneck.

Recreate the look!

4. Patterned Tights

Woman posing in a long white shirt, a black vest, and patterned tights

Is it a little too cold to wear your little black dress or your favorite pair of shorts? Throw these tights on under whatever you’re wearing to complete the outfit.

Your legs won’t be exposed to the cold, and you’ll receive compliments all day long for the cute pattern. They’re a simple piece, but they’ll do all the hard work for your fall and winter outfits.

Recreate the look!

5.  A Romper

A woman posing in a green jumpsuit and a red sweater

Rompers aren’t just spring and summer outfits. There are rompers available in many styles, and since they’re so popular, it’s a good idea to have a romper for your fall wardrobe.

This long-sleeved romper is the perfect fall college outfit. It’s like you’re wearing a cozy one-piece sweatshirt, but the drawstring waist gives it a sleek style that you can dress up and wear anywhere you want.

Recreate the look!

6. Denim Overalls

Woman posing in black denim overalls

What could make for a better winter outfit than denim from head to toe? That’s why you need to add overalls to your college wardrobe.

These are my favorite because they have a little bit of stretchiness, and the dark color gives them the perfect winter appeal.

Recreate the look!

7.  Suspender Pants

Woman posing on the road wearing a white shirt and pants with suspenders

If you like the idea of wearing rompers, but wearing one large piece of fabric seems cumbersome, then you’ll love suspender pants. They have a similar look to rompers, but they’re not a one-piece outfit.

When you pair these with a crop top or a fitted T-shirt, you’ll have a cute fall college outfit. When you wear them with a turtleneck, a scarf, and a sweater, you’ll have a nice winter college outfit.

Recreate the look!

8.  Tank Top Layers

A woman wearing a tank top and a black skirt

Tank tops might seem more like a summer outfit essential, and they are, but since layering is so important during the colder months, tank tops are also a fall and winter wardrobe staple.

This tank top from Aerie is a must-have for your fall and winter wardrobe because it can double as a tank top and a bralette.

You can layer it under anything you want. Whether you need the added warmth under a slouchy sweater, or you need an extra layer for that cute sheer shirt, no matter what you wear it with, it’ll create the perfect fall or winter college outfit.

Recreate the look!

9. A Cute Sweater

Woman posing with orange slices in front of her eyes. She's wearing double buns in her hair and a red sweater

As the days get shorter and colder, you’ll need clothes that will keep both your temp and your spirits up. This is why this sweater is perfect for your winter college outfits.

The red color will be a bright spot during the dreary months, and the cozy material will keep you warm all season long.

You can pair it with your velvet skirt and tights for a cute party look or wear it with a pair of jeans for a regular day of class.

Recreate the look!

10. A Button-Up Shirt

Woman posing with her arms folded, wearing a white button-up shirt and a turtleneck shirt

A button-up shirt is a fall college outfit essential because you can create a wide variety of outfits with just this one piece.

Button it to the collar with miniskirt and tights, or keep it unbuttoned over a tank top and jeans.

Fall is the perfect time for layers, and you can layer a shirt like this in so many ways.

Recreate the look!

 11. Loungewear Outfit

Woman posing in a beige loungewear outfit

When you start wearing rib-knit loungewear, you won’t want to wear anything else for the rest of the fall or winter, especially if you’re wearing a loungewear outfit from H&M.

The material is so soft and cozy, you’ll feel like you’re living in a cloud. It will be the most comfortable outfit you’ll ever own.

Recreate the look!

 12. A Faux Fur Coat

Woman sticking her tongue out at the camera while wearing a faux fur coat

A faux fur coat is the perfect way to stay warm during those cold and dreary winter days.

You can wear a Topshop coat with any of your college fall and winter outfits. It’s so soft, you’ll never want to take it off.

Recreate the look!

13. A Snap Scarf

Woman posing in sunglasses, a floppy hat, and a scarf

When preparing for the colder months, it’s all about cute layers, which is why scarves are essential for your fall and winter college outfits.

This snap scarf will be the most versatile piece in your fall and winter wardrobe. It has buttons, so you can style it however you want.

In the winter, twist it into an infinity scarf and throw on your faux fur coat before braving the cold weather.

When you only need one extra layer for the crisp fall air, button it into a cardigan and wear it over your fitted T-shirt and leggings. With a scarf like this, your fall and winter outfit options are endless.

Recreate the look!

14. Floppy Hat

Woman posing in a floppy hat and a red turtleneck shirt

It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a fancy outfit or something casual, a simple black floppy hat will add the perfect touch to any of your fall college outfits.

The felt material will keep you warm, but it’s not as heavy as a winter hat, making it perfect for the crisp autumn air.

You can add it to a pair of jeans, a T-shirt, and a scarf if you need a casual fall college outfit. But can also wear it with your little black dress, tights, and some heels to add that extra fall flair to your college party outfits.

Recreate the look!

15. A Slouchy Beanie

Woman wearing a white beanie hat

Every college student needs to have a beanie hat for their winter college outfits. They’re perfect for those cold days when you just don’t feel like getting dressed up or doing anything with your hair.

When you add a beanie to your outfit, you’ll stay warm in the winter weather, and no one will know about the state of your unbrushed hair.

Recreate the look!

Final Thoughts on College Outfits

Fashion is always in the eye of the beholder, so a lot of these college outfit ideas might not be your idea of a trendy outfit. But maybe this list will give you some ideas that you can use to create the best college outfits for you.




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