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80+ Graduation Party Ideas – Ultimate 2024 Guide

Are you trying to plan for the most amazing graduation party of the year? Check out these best graduation party ideas for your party this year.



A collage of graduates proudly wearing their graduation caps, celebrating their academic achievements.

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Graduation, whether it be from high school or college, is an important moment in any student’s academic career.

It is the culmination of all of their hard work, time, and effort. They have endured many sleepless nights studying for stressful exams and writing page after page for their final paper.

They have overcome the trials and tribulations that came with four years of school and earn the degree that they worked so hard to complete.

This is a significant moment for your graduate, the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

Once all the pomp and circumstance that comes with graduating has come to a close, it is time to celebrate!

Gather your closest family and friends and have a party full of food, fun activities, and flashy decor.

Parties and large gatherings are scarce nowadays, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, so when it is safe to have a party, you have to go all the way!

The decor, activities, and gifts have to be memorable so that this celebration can be perfect for your graduate.

In this list of best graduation party ideas, we break down the ideal decorations, themes, and gifts for both high school and college graduations alike. 

Check out these 80 graduation party ideas!

In this post:

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Graduation Party Theme Ideas

Things to Consider in Planning a Graduation Party

Tips on Making Graduation Party Successful

Best Facebook and Instagram Captions for Graduation Party

Graduation Party Gift Ideas For Her

Graduation Party Gift Ideas For Him

High School Graduation Party Ideas

Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Make Graduation Cupcake Toppers

A box of cupcakes with graduation decorations, including mini graduation caps and diplomas.
Photo Courtesy of @CamarenaCakepops

The party doesn’t begin without dessert! These festive cupcake toppers will spice up any baked goods to suit your party! Here are some links to cupcake toppers on Amazon that will go perfectly with your graduation party. 

Make your own:

Blow Up Graduation Balloons

 A festive cake with colorful balloons on top, perfect for celebrating special occasions.Photo Courtesy of @balloonsandartsbga

Is a party really a party without balloons? These graduation balloons will do just the trick. Have a blast blowing up these balloons to liven up your party cutely and inexpensively.

Do it yourself:

 Set Up a Portable Speaker

 person holding a portable speaker on a bench, enjoying music outdoors.Photo Courtesy of @tronsmart

Great parties require fun music to vibe to. With portable speakers, your party can blast catchy tunes from anywhere in your home, from outside on the patio to inside your dining room.

Set it up yourself:

Put Up a Graduation Banner

Sunflower paper flower backdrop: A vibrant display of sunflowers made from paper, creating a stunning backdrop for any occasion.Photo Courtesy of @blooming.petals


Let your neighbors know that a college graduate is in the house with a jovial graduation banner to hang right outside your front door. It could also serve as a sign to all party guests that this is where the fun is!

Put it up yourself:

Gather Champagne Glasses 

Two champagne flutes adorned with black ribbon and name tags.Photo Courtesy of
Photographer: @rebeccahaleyphotography / Sip & be seated installation: @weeventschicago 
Calligraphy escort cards: @xoartanddesign / Planner: @blushandborrowed

College graduation is an important adult accolade and you can celebrate this moment in an elegant, stylish way with some sleek champagne glasses

Get your own glasses:

Buy Graduation Photo Booth Props

A group of people smiling and posing together in a photo booth, capturing a fun and memorable moment.Photo Courtesy of @theneverendingphotobooth

Thinking of having a photo booth at your graduation party. Come prepared with graduation-themed photo booth props so that you and your friends could celebrate your achievements in style. 

Buy your own props:

Set Your Table with Graduation Plates and Napkins

A blue napkin with a tassel and ribbon, adding elegance and charm to any table setting.Photo Courtesy of @papelcustomdesign

Sometimes, all you need to take your graduation party to the next level is a high-spirited tableware set! They are disposable for easy cleanup and can be bought in a variety of designs. 

Set your own table:

Find Good Graduation Centerpieces

A festive graduation party table adorned with balloons and a graduation sign, celebrating academic achievements.Photo Courtesy of @dsballoonart

Bring your party table together with celebratory centerpieces! This decor can elevate the tastefulness of your event in an instant!

Find your own centerpieces:

Throw Graduation Confetti

Blue and black graduation party confetti scattered on a table.Photo Courtesy of @red.truck.acres.studio

It’s the little details that can truly bring your celebration together. Invest in graduation-themed confetti to elevate your graduation party in a major way. 

Get your own confetti:

Assemble a Graduation Card Box Holder

A graduation gift box with a tassel, symbolizing the joy and accomplishment of completing an educational journey.Photo Courtesy of @jennarches

During this party, your graduate is going to be receiving a lot of gifts and cards from loving family and friends. Construct a graduation card box holder to keep these presents organized! 

Get your own graduation card box:

Hang a Party Backdrop

Woman standing in front of colorful balloon arch, smiling for the camera.Photo Courtesy of @may_bautista_mb

A good, attractive background is ideal for taking perfect graduation pictures. Find a lovely party backdrop and take as many photos as your heart desires! 

Create your own hanging backdrop:

Give Out Graduation Advice Cards

 Graduation advice cards with tassels and a cap, perfect for celebrating academic achievements.Photo Courtesy of @refindphotobooks

Following graduation, you will need a great deal of guidance regarding the important decisions that you will be making.

Use the wisdom of your party guests to your advantage by encouraging them to fill out graduation advice cards to help you with your choices going forward.

Get your own cards:

Put on Graduation Water Bottle Stickers

A table with water bottles and a graduation cap, symbolizing refreshment and achievement.Photo Courtesy of @best_moments_factory

Stay hydrated and on theme with your graduation party by using adorable water bottle stickers on every drink.

I personally love this unique idea because I am a habitual water drinker, and if you are too, then these stickers are for you!

Get your own stickers:

Make Miniature Custom Hand Sanitizers

Arili hand sanitizer - a small bottle with a pump dispenser, featuring a refreshing citrus scent and 70% alcohol content.Photo Courtesy of @aleahsoapstore

This idea is similar to the water bottle stickers. Giving your guests custom hand sanitizers as party favors is a thoughtful idea!

Get your own:

Give the Graduate their Sash 

A woman in a graduation gown stands proudly beside a vintage car, celebrating her academic achievement.Photo Courtesy of @aleahsoapstore
A woman wearing a white dress and a blue graduation gown, symbolizing her academic achievement.Photo Courtesy of @tinathii

A beautiful graduation sash is an ideal accessory for a celebratory party. It is also the perfect attire for posing for many pictures with family and friends.

Get your own:

Get Noisemakers 

Pastel chevron paper straws: a set of colorful, patterned straws in soft pastel shades, perfect for adding a touch of style to any drink.Photo Courtesy of @sweetmemories_events

It’s a party—time to make some noise! Noisemakers may become annoying after hearing them repeatedly, but they are harmless fun for everyone.

Get your own:

Have a Bowl Full of Themed Candies 

A group of blue lollipops with the words "Congratulations Machine" written on them.Photo Courtesy of @marzipops
Chocolate covered graduation hats on sticks, perfect for celebrating academic achievements.Photo Courtesy of @carrieagroff

Graduation-themed candies are ideal for satisfying those with a sweet tooth at your graduation party. As a sweet tooth, I would gravitate toward a bowl full of these adorable candies instantly!

Get your own:

Bring a Disposable Camera

A woman posing for a photo, holding a green camera.Photo Courtesy of @hi.cass
A repetitive pattern of the word "Kodak" is displayed in the image.Photo Courtesy of @film_qquu

These cameras may have gone slightly out of style since I was a kid, but they are ideally suited for small celebrations and events! They are perfect for taking many pictures with your loved ones at your graduation party.

Get your own cameras:

Hang a Disco Ball 

A woman stands by a shopping cart filled with shiny silver balls, possibly for decoration or a special event.Photo Courtesy of @vivienpulimeno
A woman sitting on the floor, holding a disco ball, radiating vibrant colors and reflecting light.Photo Courtesy of @itsmecaityb

This decoration will most certainly make your party memorable. Disco balls weren’t reserved for the 1970s—they can make an appearance at your graduation party, too!

Get your own:

Graduation Attire for the Pets 

A Pomeranian dog proudly wears a graduation cap and gown, celebrating its academic achievement.Photo Courtesy of @milenium_formaturas

If you have a pet, they need to get into the graduation party spirit with a cute outfit as well. Best of luck trying to keep this adorable graduation cap on your pet’s head!

Get your own:

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Graduation Party Ideas Themes 

Show The Adventure That Awaits 

Assorted travel themed cookies featuring airplane, globe, and passport decorations.Photo Courtesy of @prettysweetcookies

College graduation marks the beginning of a brand new adventure. Adopt a party theme that reflects the start of this journey with a celebration centered around travel and new experiences.

Get your own:

Traditional Black, White and Gold  

Black and white graduation balloon backdrop with balloons.Photo Courtesy of @angelesdesign

A classic black and gold theme can make any party seem elegant and sophisticated. By adopting these two traditional colors as your theme, you can transform your graduation party into a stylish event.

Get your own:

Doctor/Nurse Theme 

. A beautifully decorated cake with a stethoscope, pills, and a doctor's coat design to celebrate Doctor's Day.Photo Courtesy of @brunastro_biscotti
Assorted cake pops decorated with medical symbols, perfect for a healthcare-themed event or celebration.Photo Courtesy of @sabbakes_

This graduation theme applies to all medical professionals entering the workforce! As a friend of a few nurses graduating this upcoming year, I recommended this adorable theme for their graduation party!

Make your own doctor theme:

Fiesta Theme

 A festive fiesta themed party with a colorful taco bar.Photo Courtesy of @sweetcreationsslc
 Festive party table with colorful balloons and a sign.Photo Courtesy of @_thepartprep

This theme is for graduates who like to celebrate Taco Tuesday every day. Having a “fiesta” theme for your graduation party is very unconventional, but you will most certainly stand out from the rest!

Create your own fiesta theme:

Dinosaur Theme

A woman happily holds up a stuffed dinosaur toy in a store, showcasing her joy and love for the adorable plush creature.Photo Courtesy of @anahoyu

For all of the future paleontology graduates out there, this fun theme is for you! Give your graduation party a dinosaur theme for a memorable experience and plenty of unique stories to tell afterward!

Create your own dinosaur theme:

Nature Theme

man and woman smiling together with a nature themePhoto Courtesy of @anahoyu
man and woman standing holding each other Photo Courtesy of @anahoyu

It is the perfect theme for those graduates who love the outdoors. Give your party a wildlife theme to become one with nature.

Create your own nature theme:

Firefighter Theme

Birthday party with fire department theme, featuring balloons and decorations.Photo Courtesy of @thethreesistersevents

Becoming a firefighter is genuinely honorable—a selfless, hardworking professional. Celebrate your firefighter graduate with this cool theme.

Create your own firefighter theme:

Basketball Theme

A basketball-themed cake with a player and net decoration.Photo Courtesy of @RS_PastryandBaking

Being prepared and winning on the court is very important for a basketball player. Your basketball graduate can also win off the court if they prepare to throw a party with this awesome theme.

Create your own basketball theme:

Harry Potter Theme

 Harry Potter themed cake featuring a Hogwarts hat on top.Photo Courtesy of @zi_happyboxes

Your graduate might not have received their letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, but they can still have a graduation party with this awesome theme!

Create your own Harry Potter theme:

Friends Theme

A cake with the words "Friends Central Perk" written on it, representing the iconic coffee shop from the TV show.Photo Courtesy of @Omi´sCakes
A sign reading 'friends' hangs on a wall surrounded by photos of friends.Photo Courtesy of @KatherinHU

Even though it has been off the air for over a decade, Friends is still a popular television show for teenagers and adults alike. If your graduate is a fan, this theme is perfect for them!

Create your own Friends theme:

Police Theme

A festive police-themed birthday party with colorful balloons and decorations.Photo Courtesy of @makeover_20

Celebrate the induction of a brand new officer with this ideal theme! The themed balloons are adorable and a must-have if you throw this type of party.

Create your own police theme:

Casino Theme

A colorful bunch of balloons and a cup filled with candy, creating a delightful and festive atmosphere.Photo Courtesy of @anahoyu

Your graduate may not be able to travel to Vegas for their graduation party, but who says they can’t replicate the atmosphere at home with this fun theme?

Create your own casino theme:

Beauty School Theme

A woman holding a box of makeup products.Photo Courtesy of @anahoyu

If you are becoming a beautician, you need to have a party that is as glamorous as your beauty skills. With this exquisite theme, your graduation party will be stylish and elegant, just like you!

Create your own beauty school theme:

Baseball Theme

 Baseball cookies with player numbers and names, perfect for sports-themed parties or events.Photo Courtesy of @arris_goodies
 Dessert table with cheesecake cups and baseball decorations.Photo Courtesy of @midulcefantasia

Baseball is one of the most time-honored traditional sports in history. Have a fantastic party for your future baseball player with this awesome theme.

Create your own baseball theme:

Veterinarian Theme

A graduation cake with a horse and a graduation cap, symbolizing the celebration of academic achievement.Photo Courtesy of @simplycakesmiami

This theme is for all of the animal lovers out there, which includes me! Throw a lovely party full of pet-centered decorations that will absolutely impress your friends and family.

Create your own veterinarian theme:

Teacher Theme

Colorful balloon wall with assorted balloons and decorations.Photo Courtesy of @gingerpopballoons

I believe that teachers are the backbone of our society, and they deserve to be given the best celebration. This party decor is perfect for the graduate looking to become a school teacher one day.

Create your own teacher theme:

Chef Theme

A festive birthday party with a delicious cake and colorful decorations. Celebrating in style!Photo Courtesy of @saima_wohra

Completing culinary school is an incredibly difficult task. Congratulate your future chef graduate with the perfect party theme!

Create your own chef theme:

Scientist Theme

 Delicious assortment of cupcakes, cake, and treats on a table.Photo Courtesy of @tutupartyshop

Impress your fellow science majors with this unique theme for your graduation party. If you have any science nerds in your friend group, they will love this party theme!

Create your own scientist theme:

Artist Theme

Colorful balloon display spelling out "shaarai" in vibrant letters.Photo Courtesy of @justbee_adetee

A recently graduated art student needs to have a party with a theme that is as creative and thoughtful as they are. This graduation party idea is festive and fun!

Create your own artist theme:

Law Theme

 Cupcakes with strawberries on top next to a law sign.Photo Courtesy of @personalised_touchh

Law school can be challenging and competitive, so your law graduate deserves a wonderful party to reward them for all their hard work.

Create your own law theme:

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Things to Consider in Planning a Graduation Party

• Budget

Determine how much you are willing to spend on your graduation celebration.

Consider expenses such as venue rental, food and beverages, décor, entertainment, and any additional charges that may occur.

• Guest List

Determine the number of visitors you wish to invite and compile a list of relatives, friends, and classmates.

When establishing the guest list, consider the venue’s capacity and your budget.

• Venue

Select an appropriate site for the party, such as a hired event space, a backyard, or a community center.

Consider the number of attendees, the availability of amenities, and the general environment you would like to create.

• Theme and Decorations

Choose a party theme appropriate for the graduate’s personality and hobbies.

Plan decorations, such as balloons, banners, and centerpieces, that will complement the selected theme and create a celebratory mood.

• Food and Drinks

Plan the party food based on the time of day and the visitors’ tastes. You can select between a catered lunch, a buffet, or a potluck-style gathering. Remember to provide alternatives for those with dietary limitations.

• Entertainment

Plan activities and entertainment to keep people interested and create an enjoyable environment.

Consider hiring a DJ or live band, putting up a photo booth, or planning games and activities for everyone to enjoy.

• Invitations

Create and mail invites well in advance to allow attendees adequate time to RSVP.

Consider sending digital invites to save money and make it easier for visitors to react.8. 

• Graduation Ceremony

If the graduate is willing, try having a short graduation ceremony at the celebration.

This may involve a speech, the awarding of a diploma, and the customary cap and gown for photos.

• Photography and Videography

Hire a professional photographer or ask a friend or family member to document memorable moments during the celebration.

Consider putting up a photo background so that attendees may snap memorable pictures.

• Safety and Logistics

Plan for your visitors’ safety and comfort by considering parking, transit choices, and any event licenses or insurance requirements. 


Tips on Making Graduation Party Successful

• Display your Achievements

Place your diplomas, trophies, and other accomplishments in a prominent location so guests may appreciate and rejoice with you.

• Create a Memory Board

Set up a board with photos and mementos from your academic journey, allowing guests to reminisce and share your memories.

• Create a Themed Menu

Consider adding a theme to your food and drink options, such as a favorite cuisine, a color scheme, or a menu that reflects your cultural heritage.

• Personalize the Entertainment

Whether it’s a slideshow of great memories, a live performance, or a playlist of your favorite music, customize it to match your personality and interests.

• Send Out Unique Invitations

Create original invitations that represent your style and personality, and include a personal remark to show your excitement for the event.

• Include a Guest Book

Provide a guest book where attendees may leave notes and well wishes, resulting in a treasured memory of the occasion.

• Express Gratitude

Take the time to thank each visitor individually for their support and encouragement and consider giving them a little symbol of appreciation.

Best Facebook and Instagram Captions

A collection of inspiring graduation quotes shared on Facebook, celebrating the achievements of graduates.

Instagram captions for your Instagram posts - Get creative with these catchy and engaging captions.

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Graduation Party Gift Ideas For Her

Graduation Mug

A hand holding a bouquet of blue and gold flowers against a white background.Photo Courtesy of @_saras.sweets

Memorialize your college graduate’s special moment with a cute coffee mug. It will become essential with all the coffee or tea they drink when they get a full-time job!

Get your own:

Graduation Necklace

Gold necklace with woman's face pendant, elegant and unique jewelry piece.Photo Courtesy of shahrazadjewels

Your graduate deserves the best for all the trials and tribulations they have faced over the past four years. What better gift than a beautiful necklace they will cherish forever?

Get your own:

Graduation Plush 

A bunch of cute stuffed animals wearing graduation hats and tassels, celebrating their academic achievements!Photo Courtesy of @S&ADiscountGrocery

If your graduate loves stuffed animals like me, this gift is perfect for them! Give them an adorable graduation plush to brighten up their special day.

Get your own:

Graduation Ornament

A key chain with '2013' on it, symbolizing graduation.Photo Courtesy of @shopupcycledhome

This gift is a perfect reminder for your graduate and their achievement every time they decorate for Christmas! Please give them a beautiful ornament to adorn their tree.

 Get your own:

Graduation Keychain 

A hand holding a crochet keychain with a small black and yellow flower.Photo Courtesy of @afterworkcrochet

Here’s a little token to show your graduate how much you care! A graduation keychain serves as a great memento of their special moment.

Get your own:

Graduation Pin

A skull with a graduation cap and diploma, symbolizing academic achievement and knowledge.Photo Courtesy of @sarmas.store.sa

A graduation pin on a jacket or backpack would be incredibly adorable. Make your graduate’s day with this gift!

Get your own:

Graduation Candle 

- Create and publish web stories for the article: • Parents Quotes To Show Them Your Unconditional LovePhoto Courtesy of @sevo_candles

Who doesn’t appreciate a well-made candle to help brighten up even the darkest rooms? Give a graduation candle to your graduate, and they will thank you tenfold!

Get your own:

Graduation Gift Box

A black box with a teddy bear, flowers, and wine - a perfect gift for any occasion.Photo Courtesy of @anythingevents

Are you confused as to what present to give your graduate? Here’s a gift box with an excellent sample of gifts your graduate will enjoy!

Get your own:

Graduation Notebook

 Person holding three blue graduation notebooks.Photo Courtesy of @MyNotes

If your graduate plans on pursuing graduate school, this gift is perfect for them! Give them a graduation notebook to get a head start on their studies.

Get your own:

Graduation Charm

A silver charm with a scroll design, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any accessory. Photo Courtesy of @lyla_jewelers
A variety of shiny gold pendants and charms, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and personal style.Photo Courtesy of @bellaantiquesny

What a cute and timeless gift that your graduate is bound to cherish. A graduation charm is a beautiful reminder of their special moment.

Get your own:

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Encapsulate your graduate’s favorite moment from their final year of school with a beautifully themed frame.

You might want to buy one for everyone in your family as well so that they can cherish this memory too!

Graduation Party Gift Ideas For Him

Graduation Bracelet

A person proudly wearing a graduation bracelet on their wrist, celebrating their academic achievement.Photo Courtesy of @alevbyhatice

A piece of jewelry that your graduate will love! Give him a graduation bracelet that he will cherish forever.

Get your own:

Graduation Socks 

Two pairs of socks with 'grad' and '2023' printed on them.Photo Courtesy of @rightvibeapparel

Here’s an adorable graduation present for you! Grab a pair of graduation socks that your graduate is bound to enjoy.

He may have procrastinated buying himself socks while in school because he wanted to use his money for other more exciting items. These socks may be just what he has needed for a long time!

Get your own socks:

Graduation Pocket Watch

Silver pocket watch with a graduation cap on top.Photo Courtesy of zazzle.com

This is a very thoughtful gift to give your graduate. A pocket watch is an old-fashioned present that exudes sophistication and class.

Get your own:

Graduation T-Shirt

A proud graduate holding her diploma, celebrating her achievement in a graduation gown.Photo Courtesy of @webstar_creative

A piece of clothing may seem like an unusual graduation gift. However, a graduation-themed T-shirt is a stylish way to show your graduate how much you care about them on their special day.

Get your own:

Graduation Lamp

A glass pyramid lamp with '24' on it, illuminating the room with a warm glow. Perfect for celebrating the class of '24!Photo Courtesy of @originalolatheswapnshopº

Here is a unique and useful gift: a graduation lamp. It is a perfect present for the goofball graduate in your life.

Get your own:

Engraved Wallet Card

Explore endless possibilities in the world of your dreams.Photo Courtesy of @suturasonline

An engraved wallet card that symbolizes your graduate’s special day is an excellent reminder of their accomplishments.

Get your own:

Graduation Blanket

A proud graduate holding a 2023 graduation blanket, celebrating her achievement with joy and excitement.Photo Courtesy of @personalize2official

This may be the coziest, comfiest, and cutest present to give your graduate. A graduation blanket as a gift might be my favorite idea thus far.

Graduation Paperweight

A compass on a map on a notebookPhoto Courtesy of @chartmetalworks

This gift is simple but very effective! A paperweight is perfect for the practical graduate! When he gets his first job out of college, he can use this paperweight to decorate his first official work desk!

Get your own:

Graduation Frame

A graduation photo frame with a man in a red cap, celebrating his achievement and looking towards a bright future.Photo Courtesy of @giftedhandsbyjaviah

Encapsulate your graduate’s favorite moment from their final school year with a beautifully themed frame. You should buy one for everyone in your family so they can cherish this memory, too!

Get your own:

Graduation Wall Art

Custom graduation card with elegant design and personalized message for the special graduate in your life.Photo Courtesy of @harper.prints

A beautiful wall decor would be the best gift for graduates moving out of their homes. It reflects their proudest achievement and can liven up any room in their abode.

Get your own:

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High School Graduation Party Ideas 

61. Photo Clips with String Lights

Table with heart-shaped light string and cards, perfect for a romantic dinner setup.Photo Courtesy of @not9_giftery

What better way to celebrate the most memorable experiences you had at school than to hang your favorite pictures up at your graduation party? Use photo clips, accompanied by luminous string lights, to personalize your party!

Get your own:

Assemble a Charcuterie Board

A rustic platter with cheese, fruit, and meat on a wooden table.Photo Courtesy of @stemsca
A delicious assortment of fresh fruit and savory cheese arranged beautifully in a basket. Perfect for a picnic or a tasty snack!Photo Courtesy of @honeyplateco

Every party needs interesting appetizers to keep guests returning for more and staying as long as possible. An impressive cheese board will give your graduation party a sophisticated flair.

Assemble your own:

Roll Out a Graduation Tablecloth

Taylor Payne, a graduate of the class of 2020, celebrating their achievementPhoto Courtesy of @raesbowtique1003

What better place to put oeuvres, drinks, plates, and napkins on a festive tablecloth? A perfectly theme-appropriate tablecloth suits any graduation party nicely and adds to the atmosphere of the celebratory event!

Get your own:

Play a Graduation Party Game

Test yourself on how well you know your most recent college graduate with graduation party games. This personalized trivia could liven up your graduation party in an inexpensive way. 

Get your own game:

Adorn Your House with Party Lights

Cozy living room with a comfy couch and a projector screen.Photo Courtesy of @blisslightsofficial

Nothing brings out the festive mood of a party like properly-placed party lights. Illuminate your graduation party with a bunch of lights to show everyone that this is where the action is!

Get your own lights:

Glow Sticks

Colorful glow sticks arranged in a vasePhoto Courtesy of @todoluminosos

Is a party ever truly complete without glow sticks? They are suitable for every occasion, but especially for graduation parties set at night. 

Get your own:

Get Chalkboard Signs for Food

Colorful sign with text "donut grow up" in playful font, surrounded by sprinkles and donut illustrations.Photo Courtesy of @chalkcuterie

If you are planning to have a buffet for your party, then these chalkboard signs are a must! You can also save them and reuse them for your next celebration as well!

Get your own:

Invest in a Karaoke Microphone

A woman confidently speaking into a microphone. She's ready to captivate the audience with her words.Photo Courtesy of @anahoyu

The party never stops once someone breaks out the karaoke machine. Buy yourself a karaoke microphone to have a blast at your graduation party and other celebrations to follow. 

Get your own:

69. Make a Graduation Sign Poster

A framed photo with the word "integrity" written in elegant calligraphy on a white background.Photo Courtesy of @successories

Want to treasure the memory of your graduation forever? Have your closest friends and family sign a graduation poster, so that you can cherish this moment with the thoughtful words of your loved ones. 

Make your own: