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5 Critical Questions to Ask When Moving in With Your First Roommates



Three women moving in together

The situation is this: you’re officially renting your first place. No more close-quarter dorms or parents looking over your shoulder. You might be feeling a variety of emotions, depending on why you’re moving out. Anxiety, excitement, and sadness are all valid. On top of all that, you are looking for your first roommate. Don’t worry— you’re not alone, even if you’re moving out only after your freshman year of college! In fact, you’re in good company. According to a study by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average age of people first moving out is 19.

One of the most important things, besides remembering to pay rent, is getting along with your roommates.

Whether they’re people you’ve known for years, or someone you are just meeting now, chances are you don’t really know all of the ins and out of living with them. Who will buy the toilet paper? Who washes the dishes?

Here is a list of questions to ask your roommates when moving in together!  

Which roommate buys the paper products? 

As silly as it may seem, this is an important question to ask! You don’t realize how much toilet paper, paper towels, or tissues you may use. The last one is especially important if you have allergies. Last year, the average person spent $120 annually on paper products! 

You have to be prepared if you don’t want to buy your own stock every week or so. If the roommates are already set up, send them a text if you can, or learn when you get there. But if everyone’s newly coming together, have a discussion with your roommates and decide on what sounds good for you! It might be that everyone buys their own stock. Or it could be whoever’s out just buys it! Maybe everybody chips in! It’s up to you and your group. While you’re out, don’t forget to get plastic wrap and foil, too! 

Do we want to share dishes? 

This is another thing that depends on if you’re all coming together for the first time, or moving into an already established house. If you can’t get a hold of the people you’re moving in with, it’s smart to have two full sets for yourself. Then, you can wash and alternate just in case. If you’re moving in with a whole new group, however, it’s important to convene on this. This way, you may be able to get a larger set of dishes for cheaper with everyone chipping in. When getting dishes, however, you also have to remember to get kitchen utensils and appliances, if they’re not included. It’s probably not reasonable for everyone to have their own toasters, but it might make sense for everyone to have their own spatulas.

An apartment hallway with a chair and table set and stove in the back.

Who pays for WiFi? 

Considering a student’s reliance on the internet, you need to know who the WiFi will be under. If you’re moving into an already established household, it’s easy! Just learn who pays for it and make sure to pay them your share every month. If you’re moving in with a whole new group, you have to sit down and decide who will pay for it. Be on the lookout: if you already have a phone plan, you might be able to get a good deal on an internet plan too. 

Do we want to share food? 

You don’t want to be the person stealing food from your roommates, after all! If you’re with friends, you might feel comfortable sharing food. However, if you’re moving in with strangers or acquaintances, you might not. Roommates might want to share some items, like spices or baking products. Things like meat, yogurt, or cheese might be a little too much to share. Similarly, you might want to figure out if you want to cook together, especially if you’re with friends. This is important to know not only for budgeting, but for knowing what times you can use the kitchen! 

What furniture do we need?

Again, your response will change if you’re moving in with a pre-established group or a new one! Pictures from the landlord should answer most of the questions, but it’s important to make sure the pictures are up to date! If there is no furniture, Ikea and Target are great options for new cheap furniture. But if you’re on a bit of a budget, don’t worry! There are plenty of options on Facebook Marketplace or at local thrift stores.

Figure out what you need for common areas like living rooms, and keep in touch about what you find. 

An apartment living room with dark colored couches, white walls, wood floors, and a counter.

Moving into a new place for the first time is an exciting experience, but it can also be terrifying. Despite that, there’s definitely no reason to panic. Just keep these questions in mind, and you’ll be ready to take on the world!

College Life

60 Amazing Halloween Costumes for College Guys-The Complete Guide



A man dressed as a vampire holding a jack-o-lantern.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

It may be over six months until Halloween, but it is never too early to plan your costumes. Luckily, I’ve got you covered with 60 college Halloween costumes for guys ranging from the most popular to even last-minute costume ideas. Now, before you continue reading, I suggest that you save this article somewhere, just in case you decide to go the last-minute route.


1. Tiger King

Tiger King was the most popular Netflix Documentary during the first half of quarantine and who doesn’t love the wacky personality of Joe Exotic? The Tiger King was one of the most popular Halloween costumes last year, even during a global pandemic. All you truly need to pull off Joe Exotic is a terrible tiger print button-up long sleeve and the embodiment of Joe Exotic, (though one person can pull off the Tiger King and that is Joe Exotic).

Copy the look: 

2. Dwight Schrute from The Office 

Look, I do not think that I am the only one who loves The Office and Dwight Schrute who is well known to be the Assistant to the Regional Manager of Dunder Mifflin and part owner of Schrute Farms. Dwight Schrute is a perfect college Halloween costume guys! To pull off the mysterious Dwight, all you need is a button-up short sleeve in a terrible shade of mustard yellow, dark brown pants , and a matching ugly mustard yellow tie.

Copy the look:

3. Johnny Rose from Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek was one of the most popular television shows of 2020, and we were all disappointed to learn that its sixth season would be its last. The show is filled with so many memorable characters that anyone can dress up as come next Halloween, including—you guessed it—Johnny Rose. All you truly need is some pronounced eyebrows, and if you weren’t born with them, that is totally fine! Either color them in with a marker or buy some really poofy eyebrows to truly conquer the look. Do not forget a nice suit and high hopes, as the man is all about principle and morals, or you will end up back at the Rosebud Hotel.

Copy the look: 

4. Deadpool

Deadpool has truly earned his place in the cultural psyche, and there is no better time to take advantage of this fact! This form-fitting Deadpool costume will surely make you the center of any conversation, like the series itself. It’s the best costume for any college guy trying to make a statement next Halloween, especially in preparation for the third installment of such a great franchise.

Copy the look:

5. Bob Ross

There is nothing more iconic than Bob Ross and his hair and beard. Oh, and let’s not forget his soothing voice as he teaches all wannabe artists the joy of painting. If Bob Ross is your next idea for a college Halloween costume, then look no further, as Amazon has you covered with his signature look. All you truly need is some dad jeans to pull off the look.

Copy the look:

6. Borat

2006’s and 2021’s films from the Borat franchise feature the outrageous situations that Borat himself encounters as he visits America to tell the world how great the United States is. All you truly need to pull off this curious traveler is a black curly wig and a moustache. Also, don’t forget the cheap blue suit he wears to make himself look professional while he is out and about working on his film.

Copy the look:

7. Walter White from Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad may have ended in 2013, but the show is still a major pop culture icon that has already spawned a Netflix sequel and epilogue with El Camino. There are many different ways to portray Walter White: Walter before his impending cancer diagnosis, Walter after his diagnosis, or Heisenberg. Honestly, I would go with the Heisenberg look, as it is truly a simple costume. All you will need is some wired glasses, a nice black brimmed fedora hat, and a goatee. When you go out on the town in this costume, everyone will know that you are the one that knocks.

Copy the look: 

8. David Rose from Schitt’s Creek

I think I am in the minority when I say that David was my favorite character in Schitt’s Creek over Moira, and if you disagree that is okay. Either way, David Rose is a great character to dress up as when it comes to college Halloween costumes. All you truly need is a statement sweater with a bold or intricately beautiful design. Oh, and let’s not forget: make sure your hair and eyebrows are perfect, before you get ready to go out on the town.

Copy the look:

9. Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? has been in school and public libraries for over the last 30 years entertaining young children as they are challenged to find Waldo in the group. Waldo is easy to recognize in person as he dons his red-and-white-stripped shirt, bobble hat and glasses. However, I don’t think you will have an easy time spotting him at Halloween parties or in the multiple books that are published under the Where’s Waldo? title.

Copy the look: 

10. Forrest Gump 

Forrest Gump is one of my most favorite movies growing up as I would pretty much watch it every other week during the summer months. Now, if you loved the movie and also the book series then next Halloween is the time to dress up as Tom Hanks most lovable character. If life truly feels like a box of chocolates then you should definitely think about owning a Forrest Gump costume.

Copy the look: 


Hot Halloween Costumes for Guys

11. Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation 

If you are the type of guy who enjoys watching reruns of Parks and Recreation and you happen to burst into a smile the minute that Nick Offerman’s character appears, well then this costume is for you! Ron Swanson is truly a simple human who wants to avoid boring work and who knows the library is the source of pain and desires to craft all things he might use himself. This is a great college halloween costume guys! Especially, if you are a big fan of Ron Swanson.

Copy the look:

12. Ransom Drysdale from Knives Out

Ransom Drysdale, played by Chris Evans in Knives Out made waves back in late 2019 for how the actor played off the character’s signature sweater. Now, if you have never seen the hit mystery film, Ransom, is the main antagonist who conspired to murder his grandfather out of anger for him removing from his will and his sweater is a killer, if you know what I mean.

Copy the look:

13. Ricky Bobby from Talladega Night 

I’ll admit that I am not the biggest fan of Will Ferrell’s early works, such as, Talladega Nights, but the movie is truly a classic and a great costume for any college student. All you truly need is a simple race car driver outfit to pull off this look and don’t forget to act like Ricky Bobby himself.

Copy the look:

14. McLovin from Superbad

If you haven’t seen Superbad, then I am ashamed of you, but to explain, Fogell uses a fake ID to buy alcohol for a party. However, his ID is not too subtle, issued by the state of Hawaii to a man simply named McLovin. But on the upside, the fake ID makes a great accessory if you plan to dress up as the lovable McLovin next Halloween.

Copy the look: 

15. James Bond

The name is Bond. James Bond. This James Bond costume is such an easy costume for any college Halloween costume! All you truly need is just a simple black tuxedo and some famous James Bond quotes memorized to pull off the look. Also, there are over 25 movies in the franchise, including the unreleased No Time To Die, so there is a lot of reference material, as you can go as any James Bond from any movie.

Copy the look:

16. Rick from Rick and Morty

Rick and Morty is truly our generation’s pop culture icon, as the show chronicles the adventures of the Smith household through multiple dimensions and Rick’s own flying car. This costume is definitely a hot Halloween costume for any guy who loves anything pop culture and who loves recreating the adventures and dare I say misadventures featured in the Emmy award winning show.

Copy the look:

17. Ed from Good Burger

I bet I am not the only one who remembers Ed from the 1997 classic Good Burger and reciting the classic line, “Welcome to the Good Burger. Home of the Good Burger. What can I get for you?” But, if you somehow have been living under a rock, the movie is about a dim-witted teenager and his new coworker trying to save their old burger joint from failing. This is a great costume for anyone who truly remembers the comedy and the signature duo of Ed and Dexter.

Copy the look:

18. The Black Panther

The blockbuster superhero film spawned some of the most popular get-ups for Halloween after it premiered in 2018 and as the sequel is in the works, it is time to relive defeating Killmonger and Thanos with this Black Panther costume. This is such a hot costume for the next Halloween season for any college guy!

Copy the look:

19. Jake from State Farm

“Uh, khakis.” That, in addition to a red polo shirt and a name tag, is all you truly need to pull off this costume. Now, people may not remember that phase back in the early 2010s, but they may assume that you are just a Target employee. Jake from State Farm has made a comeback in recent years as Jake was featured in a State Farm commercial with Drake, so it’s a no brainer to dress up like him this Halloween.

Copy the look:

20. Superman

Superman has appeared in countless comic books and even has his own movies and video games. Superman is the hero of all superheroes, and he is recognized by millions across the world. With this costume, you can swoop in from the skies and make a grand entry at any Halloween party.

Copy the look:


Easy & Lazy Halloween Costumes for Guys

21. Twister

Twister the game has entertained families for decades, as it is truly a game of physical skill that will tie you up in knots. Moreover, the game works as a quick cheap costume: all you need to do is attach some construction paper circles to a plain white shirt. Also, if you actually have Twister in your college dorm, then use the spinner to complete the ensemble.

Copy the look:

22. A Movie Theater Floor

I miss the movie theaters, and we all can relate to the moment when the lights turn back on, and we scramble out of the theater to go back to our cars. However, you would need to watch out for all of the trash that would be strewn on the floor, especially the spilled fountain drinks. All you truly need to pull off this college Halloween costume is just some movie theater candy to tape on a black shirt and black pants to recreate theater floors.

Copy the look:

23. Chip On Your Shoulder 

I love puns and I will be honest there will be a lot more pun themed costumes in this list, because it is such a cheap costume look to create. All you really need to replicate this look is some cardboard, a black shirt, bright yellow spray paint and a sense of humor to truly pull off this college Halloween costume!

Copy the look:

24. Identity Thief 

Have you ever seen the Melissa McCarthy movie, Identity Thief? It is an old one, I know, but this costume has nothing to do with that movie other than the name. All you need to be an identity thief next Halloween is just some name tags and a Sharpie. This costume involves so much creative freedom that you can come up with any name to fill up those name tags before you stick them onto your shirt. Just don’t forget those name tags!

Copy the look:

25. Pigs In A Blanket

I feel as if this is one of the easiest costumes that anyone can do. Get a blanket (it does not matter what color), pig ears, and a pig’s nose. A piggy tail is also a nice added touch.

Copy the look:

26. A Cactus

This costume is such a cheap costume to make, because you may already have all of the items you need. You will need a green sweater, and some dry macaroni to attach to it. Wear some brown pants or shorts to make yourself look like a potted cactus.

Copy the look:

27. Hanging Chad

So not everyone knows what a hanging chad is, unless you are a big fan of How I Met Your Mother or you are a big political science nerd who knows about the controversy that surrounded the 2000 Presidential Election. This costume can be easily made with a white poster board designed like a ballot and some yarn to hang around your neck, just like Ted in How I Met Your Mother. 

Copy the look:

28. Stick Figure 

Do you already have a white ensemble? If so, buy some black electrical tape and some paper plates to use to create a face and become a stick figure! It is truly the cheapest costume that money can buy and the easiest costume to make.

Copy the look:

29. Brawny Man 

I think we all remember the old Brawny paper towel commercials that featured a lumberjack- looking man narrating the advertisement. This costume is an easy look to accomplish as all you truly need is a beard (and if you don’t have one, I suggest growing one or buying a fake beard) along with a red flannel that can be easily found on Amazon.

Copy the look:

30. Life Gives You Lemons 

I have said before that I love puns and weird sayings, such as, the phrase: “when life gives you lemons.” This costume is such a cheap costume as it involves just a simple white shirt that you can just write “Life” in sharpie while you carry some lemons around to make the phrase come to life.

Copy the look:

31. Ace Ventura 

You can become the world’s greatest pet detective next Halloween by dressing up as Ace Ventura. Figure out all kinds of animal mysteries, chase after lost parrots, endangered rhinos, or somehow get caught up in some bizarre NFL scandal. It is all in a day’s work for Ace Ventura, and you can definitely recreate the essence by dressing up as the pet detective himself. Although, please don’t wrap yourself into an NFL scandal.

Copy the look:

32. Harry Potter

If you have ever dreamed about becoming a full-fledged wizard, then you should definitely consider dressing up as Harry Potter next Halloween. With your Gryffindor robe and Harry Potter wand, you’ll look like you just took the train in from Hogwarts. Oh, and don’t forget to bring along a broom and golden snitch, in case anyone is playing Quidditch where you’re going.

Copy the look:

33. Dr. Anthony Fauci

I think we all knew a coronavirus-themed costume was coming! Everyone’s favorite doctor is sure to be the best college Halloween costume! The beauty of it is how easy it is to dress up as him. All you need is a regular doctor’s costume and then you can add glasses and a Dr. Fauci nametag to bring the ensemble together.

Copy the look:

34. The Mandalorian 

It truly isn’t Halloween unless someone is wearing a Star Wars costume, so it might not be a surprise if you’re the lucky person. But, make it the Mandalorian, as he is one of the newest characters from a galaxy far, far away. You can carry around a Baby Yoda doll for extra creativity.

Copy the look:

35. T. Rex

For years, you’ve lived in shame, knowing that you couldn’t achieve your childhood dream of being a Tyrannosaurus Rex. I’m sure that dream is shared by many adults and kids alike. Sure, no one thought you could do it. Sure, everyone called you crazy, but it was your dream and you can live out that dream with this costume!

Copy the look:

36. Mr. Peanut

Are you nuts about Planter’s peanuts and their mascot, Mr. Peanut? It’s okay if you are, because this costume will make you a showstopper at your next Halloween costume party, just like last year’s Planter’s Superbowl commercial where we saw Mr. Peanut die and resurrect himself.

Copy the look:

37. Indiana Jones

Who doesn’t love the Indiana Jones franchise and its multiple Lego sets? Because I surely do, and dressing up as Indiana is one of the easiest and laziest costumes to create, as all you truly need is a nice brown fedora, a whip and a nice khaki-colored ensemble. This is a great costume for any college Halloween party!

Copy the look:

38. Marty McFly 

Relive Marty McFly from Back to the Future driving Doc Brown’s DeLorean through the fabric of time, going on a date with your mom from the past, or seeing what your kids are up to 30 years in the future. All you really need to jumpstart your Back to the Future adventure is a jean jacket, plaid shirt and a puffer vest. Oh, and don’t forget the time machine designed by your eccentric scientist best friend.

Copy the look:

39. Pac-Man

Pac-Man is one of the longest-running and best-selling video game franchises in history, and Pac-Man himself remains one of the most recognizable video game characters in history. Everyone will definitely recognize your costume and will reminisce on their failed attempts to finish the game.

Copy the look:

40. Falling Dominoes 

I have been trying to find fun things you can do for Halloween costumes and I have fallen flat. Get it? Fallen flat, like falling dominoes. No, but seriously, get some friends and all dress the same, but with different numbers and go as a set. You and your friends can participate in a trust exercise where you all fall down, except no one is going to catch you.

Copy the look:


Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys

41. Men In Black 

I think it is safe to say that we all have at least one black suit and tie laying around in our closets, so if you are looking for a last-minute college Halloween costume, this is the one for you. Especially if you are a big fan of the Men In Black series and you aspire to be Agent K or Agent J for next Halloween.

Copy the look:

42. Trader Joe’s Employee

All you need is a Hawaiian print shirt and some khakis to pull off this look, but beware that you may be mistaken as a Trader Joe’s employee if you decide to make a Trader Joe’s run in this outfit! This is a great college Halloween costume, as all you need can be found in your closet, especially if you are like me and love to wear Hawaiian shirts.

Copy the look:

43. Fifty Shades of Grey 

Okay, I’ll admit that I have never read any of the books or even watched any of the movies, but the jokes about the movies are more timeless than the series as a whole. If you are running out of time and you own either a black or gray shirt, just go to your local hardware store and hoard all of their gray paint chips. Another good idea is to count out exactly 50 paint chips that are different shades of gray and tape them onto your shirt, but it is all about how last minute you are.

Copy the look:

44. Baseball player 

I am a big baseball fan, but I am a bigger Atlanta Braves fan, and I don’t think that I’m the only one who owns a baseball jersey from my favorite player. If you’re waiting until the very last minute and you own a baseball jersey, then you are in luck as you can simply go as your favorite player.

Copy the look:

45. Breadwinner 

Are you the breadwinner of your college dorm or apartment? If not, that is totally fine, as you can still be a breadwinner this Halloween! Simply attach medals to your shirt, carry around a loaf of bread, and your work here is done. This is a simple and last-minute college Halloween costume guys that anyone will enjoy.

Copy the look:

46. A Ghost 

Now, this is a really last-minute Halloween costume idea, especially if you are expected to go out in less than an hour. All you really need is just a white bed sheet to pull off this super last-minute costume, and don’t feel bad if you go down this route as a lot of people do it, too.

Copy the look:

47. Error 404 

Have you ever tried to log onto an old page that you saved on your laptop and were greeted by an “Error 404” page? Well, you are not alone, as I think we have all been there to confront the blank white page with those two words. I am sure you will receive some laughs if you go and wear a white shirt with “Error 404” sharpied across your chest, because we have all been there.

Copy the look:

48. A Fork In The Road

I will not apologize for the abundant puns and sayings illustrated on these Halloween costumes, and you will need to accept it as I present you the “fork in the road” costume. All you truly need is a black shirt to be the road and some yellow duct tape that will be taped on the shirt to create the illusion that your shirt is actually a road. Lastly, for the final touch, you just have to either tape or hot glue on a fork to the shirt.

Copy the look:

49. Cereal Killer 

As college students, I feel as if it is not unusual to buy the cheap variety packs of cereal that the local grocery store or university dining hall offers. This college Halloween costume, in my opinion, one of the easiest costumes to pull off as all you need is some cereal boxes tape or hot glued to your shirt, and a plastic knife.

Copy the look:

50. A Lumberjack 

My university’s mascot is a lumberjack and this costume is a great last-minute idea for any college Halloween costume! Especially if your university’s mascot is also a lumberjack, and if you dress up as your school’s mascot, there is the possibility of being featured on their socials, so it is a win-win costume!

Copy the look:

51. Johnny Bravo 

You have to admit that Johnny Bravo is one cool dude, but he does live with his mom, he doesn’t have a job, and his best friend is Little Suzy from next door, so he isn’t really the coolest on paper. However, he does exude confidence and enjoys an awesome hairdo that many wish to have, so why not capitalize on that by dressing up as Johnny Bravo next Halloween?

Copy the look:

52. Mr. Clean

No, not that Yung Gravy Mr. Clean, but the most famous spokesman of cleaning products, besides the Brawny Man featured earlier on the list. Mr. Clean always demands absolute cleanliness from all of those around him, as his white shirt and pants are always shiny, like his bald head. All you need to pull off this last-minute look is a shiny bald head and everything white, especially the shoes. Don’t forget some Mr. Clean products to bring along with you to the next Halloween party.

Copy the look:

53. Beavis and Butthead 

If you are thinking about a funny and unique costume for Halloween, then you found the right one! There is nothing better than dressing up as two of the most celebrated idiots on television. Also, if you are looking for some added comic relief, you can also come as Beavis’s alter-ego, Cornholio! This show continues to have a cult following; plus, their costumes are super simple and affordable.

Copy the look:

54. Arthur 

The beloved aardvark, Arthur, has been entertaining children on PBS since the mid-1990s and the show has seen a recent rebirth in the last few years on the meme circuits. If you are planning on attending your next Halloween costume party as the classic book character, you just need to start with some fuzzy ears, red Converse, a dress shirt, and a yellow pullover sweater, and you have the look of a children’s storybook character.

Copy the look:

55. The Price is Right Contestant 

“Come on down!” The Price Is Right features a wide variety of games and contests with the basic challenge of guessing the prices of everyday retail items. The show has been an ultimate pop culture icon, due to the crazy costumes that many of the contestants and audience members wear with the hopes of being featured on the show. Oh, and did I mention how easy and last-minute it is to dress up as a contestant?

Copy the look:

56. Dustin from Stranger Things 

I think that it is fair to say that Dustin from Stranger Things is overlooked, as everyone just cares about Eleven and Hopper. So, let’s face it, people only dress up as Eleven for Halloween, but let’s not forget about Dustin. This is simply a great college Halloween costume, as Dustin grounds the show with the preteen awkwardness that it needs. All you need to do is slip yourself into a Waupaca Shirt and live out Halloween night as Stranger Things’ best character.

Copy the look:

57. Ghostbusters 

The Ghostbusters series has been a cinematic classic and pop culture icon since the first movie was released in 1984. I don’t know about you, but I fell in love with the franchise because of the soundtrack, specifically “Who You Gonna Call” by Ray Parker Jr. The Ghostbusters’ uniforms are so easy to recreate that they can work as a last-minute costume idea, especially since their uniforms are easily recognizable, which makes it a great college Halloween costume.

Copy the look:

58. The Pink Panther 

The early 60s brought us the fantastic series that we have all learned to love, The Pink Panther, which is centered around a rather clumsy detective by the name of Jacques Cousteau. He somehow solves his crimes and becomes Chief Inspector, even though he is a clueless manic. Although Cousteau isn’t a pink panther, the movie’s opening animation featuring a mute pink panther has made the series a pop culture icon.

Copy the look:

59. A Mannequin

This is truly a last-minute costume as you can just pass yourself off as dressed like a mannequin by wearing any outfit of yours! However, it may be a little easier to pull off and noticeable if you wear a nude color or white bodysuit underneath your clothes to make yourself look like a Target mannequin. Either way, this costume is a great last-minute costume for any Halloween party!

Copy the look:

60. Whoopie Cushion 

Pranks these days are all elaborate in their conception, but back in the day, pranks were as simple as making each other laugh at the expense of others, like with a whoopie cushion. The whoopie cushion will never go out of style, as it is the go-to prank for any kid. They are easy to find at any costume shop, if you decide to look for a costume before a party.

Copy the look:

That’s a wrap. This post was all about College Halloween Costumes for Guys. Did you enjoy the article? Let us know in the comments. Also, share the love on social media. 

Pin for 60 amazing and cheep Halloween costumes for guys.

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Best Remote Jobs for College Students – The Ultimate 2021 Guide



A college student working remotely.

Summer is right around the corner, which for some means constant partying. However, for others, the goal of the summer is to earn as much cash as possible. With COVID still affecting us all, some jobs just are no longer an option, or have been moved to remote positions. While this may rule out most normal summer positions, many online jobs that hire college-aged students are still an option!

Read on for the best remote jobs for college students this summer!


1. Remote Customer Service Representative

A customer service representative is responsible for supporting customers by supplying useful information, providing answers to questions and handling additional complaints.

Luckily, most of these inquiries come by phone or email, making it the perfect remote position. These types of jobs require above-average communication skills and the ability to deal with frustrated customers. If you think you meet the qualifications and don’t mind dealing with angry customers from time to time, this is the perfect way to bring in some easy cash this summer.

Where students can apply to be a customer service representative:

2. Virtual Assistant

Many high-ranking employees of different companies hire assistants to handle smaller issues and jobs that they cannot fit on their schedule. As a virtual assistant, possible tasks that may come your way include taking phone calls, scheduling appointments or meetings, responding to emails and even paying bills.

A good amount of these tasks are handled completely online, making it a great option for those looking for remote work. The ability to multitask along with top-notch attention to detail will benefit you in your role as a virtual assistant.

Places students can apply to be a virtual assistant:

3. Social Media Manager

You no longer need to feel badly about spending the majority of your day on your phone! As we progress further into the age of technology, more companies and corporations are starting to realize how social media stands out as an incredibly useful tool for advertisement.

“Two summers ago I worked for a radio station, promoting their shows on social media apps like Instagram and Tik Tok. It was by far the easiest job I’ve ever had. If every job was that simple, I’d be working 24/7,” says Temple University senior Nick Luz.

A social media manager’s job may include tasks such as making posts on a company’s social media accounts and answering messages that they receive on these platforms. With most companies looking for younger candidates to fill this position, that large following on your Instagram account might finally come in handy.

Where students can apply to be a social media manager:

4. Online Tutor

Got a good GPA and feel comfortable teaching subjects you know to other students? You may want to consider tutoring students in those areas which you find come naturally to you. Being a tutor can be highly rewarding, as spreading your knowledge to others usually does.

“I tutored freshman in algebra when I was a senior. All I needed to get hired was an A- in the class when I took it, and an overall GPA of 3.5. It was honestly a great experience, especially since I went on to become a teacher,” says James Madison University alumnus Julie Alcott.

While many tutoring jobs exist right on campus, it is also possible to freelance yourself out to various other students as well. Tutoring online remains one of the simplest ways to make money using information you need to know.

Places students can apply to be an online tutor:

5. Virtual Call Center Agent

A virtual call center agent assists in various tasks that involve telecommunications. These remote jobs can include customer service, telemarketing, making reservations and scheduling.

Once again, excellent communication skills will definitely help you snag a position such as this. Prepare to spend a majority of your day on the phone if this job sparks your interest. With a massive amount of virtual call centers out there, finding a job at one shouldn’t be too challenging.

Where students can apply to be a call center agent:

6. Website or App Tester

Before a website or application reaches the public, it goes through multiple phases to ensure it is of the best quality. The people who test those apps and sites actually get paid to do so. And guess what? You can snag a role as one of those app-testers!

“I got hired by this site UserTesting.com, where they pay me to look for flaws in different websites and apps. I don’t make too much from doing it, but it’s a great side job that takes little effort,” Bucks County Community College sophomore Antonio Olivera said.

Checking for online bugs and glitches sounds much harder than actually doing so. With the ability to make up to $10 per website right from your computer or phone, why wouldn’t anyone want to work as a web tester?

Places students can apply to be a website or app tester:

7. Technical Support Representative

When a customer runs into an issue while browsing a website, they will often receive assistance from a technical support representative. Most companies provide some kind of support for when customers use their web services, and many of these positions require the same skills as any other telecommunication job.

The main difference for a technical support rep though, is the fact that you will need to learn everything that you possibly can about the service or product that the company provides. That doesn’t seem too bad!

Where students can apply to be a technical support representative:

8. Project Manager

Project managers run the show from behind the scenes, with their main job being  ensuring that everything runs smoothly. From video production to high-risk business investments, project managers exist in every field.

As a project manager, your responsibilities would include making sure that all elements of various projects remain on track and get completed on time.

This position requires strong time management skills along with the ability to keep things organized. When managing projects remotely, you may find yourself scheduling video conferences with all the members of your team. Make sure that all you remember to send that zoom link to everyone!

Where students can apply to be a project manager:

9. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing can bring in big bucks if the proper time and effort is put into it. If you consider yourself a decent writer, you may want to consider freelancing. Businesses and individuals that require writing services often look to freelancers to find what they need.

“I swear I just read this article about this girl who made almost a million dollars ghostwriting books for people while working as a freelancer. I’m planning on joining Fiverr soon, I’m pretty sure that’s the site she used,” Jefferson University senior Sophia Bell says.

Dozens of sites exist online to put yourself out there in order to provide these services. However, this industry sticks out as one that is highly prone to scammers. When freelancing, make sure you do not sell yourself short and always use sites that guarantee you will be paid.

Places students can apply to be a freelance writer:

10. Virtual Data Entry Clerk

Data entry stands out as one of the most common remote positions, since the job is 90% online to begin with. The responsibilities of a data entry clerk may include filing online documents for a company, along with sorting and organizing physical documents and then entering them into the company’s online system.

Important qualities for this job include excellent typing skills, great time management and high overall efficiency. Though it may sound easy, a data entry clerk holds a valuable position. If one number happens to get put in the system incorrectly, it could mess up the company’s entire file.

Places students can apply to be a data entry clerk:


A Personal Story

During my sophomore year of college, I was hired as an employee for the school’s telefund program. My duties included calling alumni and asking for donations to the school.

This was one of the easiest jobs that I’ve had, and at the same time I was able to learn so much from it. Making dozens of calls in just a short amount of time allowed me to improve my communication skills by at least tenfold. If you have the opportunity to take a similar job, I would not hesitate; it is worth the experience.

Where To Find Remote Positions

Many websites exist solely to assist people with finding jobs, and while some may charge a subscription fee for premium access, most of these sites remain 100% free.

Some important services to check out include LinkedIn, Upwork, Handshake, Indeed and FlexJobs. All of these sites have positions that can be worked remotely, and most likely include some of the jobs mentioned above. The only way to get hired somewhere is to apply, so take the first step by checking out some of these sites!

That’s a wrap. This post was all about best remote jobs for college students. Did you find it useful? Share the love on social media.

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100 Flirty & Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like



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In this post:

Have you ever desperately wanted to fill the silence during an intimate conversation with your boyfriend? That silence can kill the mood very quickly…talking can be some of the best flirting in a relationship. If you are in a long-distance relationship, these phrases can also be texted and have the same result! 

Check out these questions to ask your boyfriend or crush to get him all hot and bothered!

Dirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

  1. What is your favorite place to be massaged?
  2. What is your sexy scene from a movie?
  3. Do you have any fetishes? 
  4. Have you ever had a one-night stand?
  5. What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever done it?
  6. Do you like it when someone pulls your hair?
  7. Where is the naughtiest place you have done it?
  8. Do you get horny in the morning or evening?
  9. What are you best at in bed?
  10. Have you ever done it outside?
  11. What’s the best bedroom experience that you’ve ever had?
  12. What do you think about dirty talk?
  13. Is there anything that turns you off in the bedroom?
  14. What’s the longest you’ve gone without doing it?
  15. What’s the most number of times you’ve done it in a row?
  16. What’s one public place where you would want to do it?
  17. Have you ever had a friend with benefits?
  18. If I were in your room right now, what would you want to do to me?
  19. What is your favorite sex position?
  20. What’s the sexiest thing someone could say to you in bed? 
  21. When do you feel the horniest?
  22. What is your dirtiest fantasy?
  23. What are your thoughts on foreplay?
  24. What do you think about friends with benefits?
  25. Do you like the lights on or off during sex?
  26. What do you think about toys in the bedroom?
  27. What would you do if you could do anything with me?
  28. When did you lose your virginity?
  29. What is the weirdest thing you have dreamt about doing with a girl?
  30. Are you a top or bottom?


Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like

  1. What is the first thing you noticed about me?
  2. Do you like when the girl makes the first move?
  3. What turns you on?
  4. What do you find most attractive in a girl?
  5. What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
  6. Have I ever been in your dreams?
  7. What do you think of open relationships?
  8. Which body part are you most proud of?
  9. Do you like cuddling?
  10. Before you got to know me, did you ever fantasize about me?
  11. Do you prefer making out or cuddling?
  12. What is the best kiss you have ever had?
  13. What type of girl are you attracted to? 
  14. What do I do that makes you smile?
  15. How many girls have you been with?
  16. Do you see a difference between having sex and making love?
  17. What do you look for in a girl?
  18. Are you a good kisser?
  19. What do you wear to bed?
  20. Have you ever pictured me naked?
  21. Do you like massages?
  22. Do you prefer kissing or cuddling?
  23. Are there any games you like to play in the bedroom?
  24. Is it hot in here or is it just you?
  25. What is the easiest way to make you smile?
  26. What is your most embarrassing make-out memory?
  27. Have you ever slept with anyone and then regretted it? 
  28. Have you ever played dirty truth or dare?
  29. Have you ever played strip poker?
  30. Who is your celebrity crush? 


Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

  1. What’s one thing you want me to do to you that I haven’t done?
  2. Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes off?
  3. What’s your favorite thing to do to me?
  4. What’s your favorite sex position with me?
  5. How do you want me to touch you? Describe it.
  6. What color underwear do you like the most on me?
  7. How does it feel when I go down on you?
  8. Is there a sexy scene from a movie that you want to recreate with me?
  9. Would you like to take a long shower together?
  10. How can I drive you crazy with my body?
  11. Do you like going down on me?
  12. Do you want to know what I’m wearing?
  13. What is your favorite sort of foreplay?
  14. If you could only touch me in one place, where would it be?
  15. Can you undress me with just your mouth?
  16. Would you ever try edible underwear?
  17. What’s a naughty fantasy you have about me?
  18. What is your favorite type of lingerie?
  19. How often would you like us to be having sex?
  20. If I told you I wanted to have sex right now, what would you do? 


Flirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend 

  1. What do my lips taste like?
  2. What is your favorite part of my body?
  3. Would you rather see me in lingerie or nothing at all?
  4. Do you get jealous when other guys check me out?
  5. Do you like it when I pull your hair?
  6. How does it feel when we make out?
  7. Are you thinking about me? Because I am thinking about you.
  8. What times of day do you think about me?
  9. Do I make you nervous?
  10. What would you do if I sent you a dirty picture of me?
  11. Have you ever wanted to tear my clothes off?
  12. Do you think of me when we are apart?
  13. Have you ever had a dream about me?
  14. Do you prefer rough or romantic? 
  15. When was the last time you have a dirty dream? 
  16. If you could choose what I was wearing, what would it be?
  17. What is a sex position you have never tried, but would love to try? 
  18. What is the dirtiest thing you ever thought about me?
  19. Do you prefer eye contact or none during sex?
  20. How high is your sex drive? 

That’s a wrap! This article was all about the best sexy & dirty questions to ask a guy you like. Did you like it? Share the love on social media. 

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