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90+ Cheap and Fun Date Ideas for Teens – The 2024 Guide

Having trouble thinking of date ideas? Check out these original date ideas for teens that won’t break the bank, but will have a big payoff in fun!

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Dating can be intimidating, maybe it’s your first date, or you’re nervous about going out into the world after over a year of minimal social interaction, or maybe you just feel like you’ve run out of original ideas of how to spend time with that special someone.

Check out these original date ideas for teens that won’t break the bank, but will have a big payoff in fun!


In this post:

START WITH THE DATE IDEAS PRINTABLE so you can organize your date ideas and keep track of them! 

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First Date Ideas For Teens

All first dates come with their required amount of awkwardness, but here are some date ideas that may just be able to minimize some of the awkward – or at least make you have enough time to embrace it!

First dates are the beginning of almost any relationship. What makes them so important is that they can define the type of relationship you are going to have with the other person.

The first date is when you’ll know if you have enough connection and chemistry or if you’re better off just being friends (or friends with benefits).

So, if you’ve already got an appointment and don’t know what plans to make, you’ve come to the right place. This article compiles the best ideas for a perfect first date, whatever your style.

It doesn’t matter who asked who out. In this century it is no longer taken for granted, nor is it expected that men will take the first step.

Modern women are becoming more and more courageous and open when starting

1. Mini Golf

Now, this is one of my personal favorites.

It has the right balance of giving you both something to do and keeping the conversation going, but it’s not too much work – nobody wants to get sweaty on a first date (at least I don’t).

Smartphones, let´s face it, are a distraction. Individuals are forced to focus on the date and put their phones away when playing miniature golf.

After all, you can´t hold a golf stick and a phone at the same time. As a result, you´re more likely to focus on your date than on your phone notifications.

Mini golf is an excellent way for you and your date to get to know each other. Mini golf not only allows you to talk while you´re playing, but it also allows you to learn nonverbal information.

As an example: Is your date competitive? How do they respond to adversity? Are they quick to pick up new skills? Mini golf is more than just a game for new couples, it serves as an icebreaker.

It’s also one of the perfect dates to have a good laugh: bumping into mirrors, completely missing the ball, tripping on the course… you name it.

Mini golf is a great way to relieve some of that teenage first-date stress and just have a good time!


2. Grab A Coffee Or A Bite To Eat

Getting a coffee or a quick bite to eat is always a safe bet.

Picking a place you feel comfortable in already or a place you really love (*cough* Starbucks for me) is a good way to take away some of those normal teenage first date jitters.

There’s a reason why going out to eat is such a popular option, and that’s because it’s easy to worry about everything else going into a first date, so you may as well have a good meal too!

Really though, going out in public always helps some of the awkward first date conversations happen more naturally.

3. Go To An Arcade

Another absolute favorite of mine – but that might just be because I’m competitive.

Going to an arcade means there’s never a dull moment, you’ll always have something to do if the conversation starts to lag and it’s honestly just an awesome time!

4. The Classic – Movie Date

Like eating out, every teen movie features a first date that includes going to the movies simply because it’s fun!

For shy people, it’s a great way to spend time with your date and see what they’re like one on one without having to be talking every second.

Tip: try getting to the theater early or staying a bit after it’s over, take a little stroll, or just sit and talk.

Hopefully, conversation sparks itself, but if nothing else at least you have a movie to talk about!

5. Game Night

Whether you choose a board game or Head’s Up! from the app store, a game night at home is a very relaxed way to have fun.

Perhaps going to an arcade isn’t your jam, but you still want to have something to do – BOOM! Game night.

Maybe you’re nervous about other people being around all the teenage first date awkwardness, or maybe you just want to stay comfy at home, it’s all the fun without having to go out and pay for an arcade… and who doesn’t love a good board game?

6. Slap On Some Skates

These skates are perfect for a snowy first date in the winter or an indoor first date year-round, ice skating or rollerblading is bound for some laughs.

If one or both of you are new to skating, it’s a fun way to try something out of your comfort zone and have a good laugh. If you’re both pros, you can race each other. It’s a win-win in my book!

Get your own skates:

7. Go To A Concert Of Someone You Both Like

This one is kind of like going to the movies, but with a lot more standing.

There is nothing more fun than dancing around at a concert with someone you like, and it’s great for you and your date to bond over a common interest.

As the world starts to open back up more and more every day, keep your eye out for the perfect first date concerts!

8. Try Something Completely New For Both Of You

Going on a first date with someone is enough of an adventure, I know, but you could try going out of your comfort zone together!

This can be something as simple as trying a cooking class together.

It’s easy to get creative with this, just start by asking “What’s something you’ve always wanted to try, but never have?” and go from there! It’s a great way to see what your date is interested in and will be a story you’ll never forget.


9. Explore The Great Outdoors

The best way to make sure you don’t just sit and stare at one another is by taking a little outdoor adventure like taking a walk, riding a bike, hiking, swimming, or anything you want!

Do you want to go on a date with someone who enjoys being outside as much as you do? Perhaps you simply want to take in some seasonal sports or get some fresh air for a change of pace.

You’ve come to the right place, whatever brought you here! We’ve compiled a list of 30 of the best outdoor date ideas that are all super cute and will help you make lasting memories.

Get your own boots:

10. Go To An Escape Room

Now, this is one of my favorite ideas!

As a teenager, I was an absolute sucker for an escape room. They’re super fun, competitive, and a great way to get to know how someone acts under pressure right off the bat.

It makes for a great story whether you escape or not! Maybe even the person who finds the last clue chooses where to go for ice cream after!

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Fun Date Ideas For Teens

11. Make Your Own Obstacle Course

Grab anything you can use around the house and put together your own obstacle course! It can be as easy or as hard as you choose, and it’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

If you’re inside, move the furniture around and make a little path, put some signs up throughout with activities like jumping jacks, or maybe you have to throw a ping-pong ball into a cup to pass that obstacle.

Make it super creative with whatever kinds of activities you both enjoy (or hate) and race to see who can finish it first!

For an outdoor obstacle course, it’s pretty much the same thing. You could carry a hard-boiled egg on a spoon to the finish line.

12. Aquarium

Go try to find Nemo! Really, an aquarium is a lot of fun to explore.

Going to the aquarium is like learning, but not really, and it’s a cool way to learn more about something with your date!

To make it more of an adventure, you can research what kinds of cool fish you want to see and have a little self-made scavenger hunt.

You can also try to find fish that look like each other, which is absolutely hilarious!

13. Haunted Places

Research haunted locations in your town that have tours and go on some! If you can, explore them on your own… or if you’re too scared, like me, maybe just stick with the tours.

It’s a super cool way to learn more about places around you and, of course, you can cuddle up together when things get too scary.

14. Go To The Gym

Maybe you’re a super athletic couple or you just want to work on yourself but hate going to the gym alone (like me).

Going to the gym together can give you that little extra motivation to get up and get moving, but it’s also a super fun way to spend time together that’s different from the usual movie night.

Get your own gym clothes:



Yoga Outfit

15. Sports Game

This is a super fun option because it’s a date where you can support your school, a favorite team, or maybe just go enjoy some time out together.

Find a sport or a team you’re both interested in, or just go enjoy some delicious arena food together!

My partner is a huge soccer fan and watching games with him has been a great way to experience something he loves.

Even if you aren’t super into sports, the energy at sports games is bound to be a good time.

16. Amusement Park

What says romance more than riding roller coasters until you feel sick? Really though, amusement parks are so much fun for a date.

If you aren’t into rides, there are plenty of games to play and prizes to win, because what teenager doesn’t want a giant stuffed bear or goldfish? This can also become an ice cream date if you wish so!

17. Kayaking

There’s nothing better than a good adventure date, and kayaking is just that!

Search up some local lakes or rivers you can kayak at together, usually, locations will have kayaks available to rent.

From there, you can take a little lunch to eat together, just make sure you have the right kind of bag like the one above to take with you to make sure your valuables are protected from the water.

18. Stand-up Show

Does your date have the best laugh in the world? Go to a stand-up show so you can hear it all evening!

Whether it’s a well-known comedian or someone trying to get their big break, a local stand-up show is bound to give you and your date a good laugh.

19. State Or National Park

Hike through a state park! There are usually tons of trails for beginners or advanced hikers, and you guys can spend the day at one with nature.

Google the kinds of plants or animals that are common in that area and then you can have a makeshift scavenger hunt along the way.

20. Go To The Fair

If you’re on a budget, fairs tend to be more lowkey and less expensive. Check out when your town is hosting a carnival and enjoy a night of rides, fried food, games and tons of fun.

My personal favorite ride is the Ferris wheel; it’s perfect for a full view of the fair and is absolutely beautiful during sunset!

Also, if you don’t get some kind of fried dessert, did you even go to the fair?

21. Play Video Games

I’m not sure if any other partner enjoys video games as much as mine does, but I can tell you that as soon as I sat down to (try) to learn how to play a game or two, I had a blast.

Whether you’re playing against each other or on the same team, your date will probably love teaching and making fun of you, and you will love learning how to do something they enjoy.

Highly recommend it!

22. 5-minute Crafts

Look up “5-minute crafts” on YouTube and watch people try the most ridiculous life hacks. Then, pick out a few and get the supplies to try them!

A lot of times you have everything you need right at home, and it’s hilarious how they turn out.

Or try your hand at some of the fun and unique craft kits there are on Amazon!

Get your own craft kit:

23. Make Matching Clothes

In my humble opinion, there is nothing cuter than a matching couple.

And no, not completely coordinated outfits or the shirts that say, “I’m with her,” but something a little more subtle.

Here’s a tie-dye kit you can get off Amazon and you can pick certain colors you want to use to make the shirt your own!

Then, once you’re done, you can go out together with your new matching shirt.

Get your own tie-dye kit:

24. Try The Other’s Favorite Hobby

For me, this means learning how to play soccer and for my partner either reading or learning how to knit – I’ll let him choose.

Learning something that your partner enjoys can be an incredibly special way to spend time with the person you’re dating.

You can understand what makes them so special, and you might even gain a new hobby!

25. Build Legos

Because every teen has that little kid still in them that loves building Legos, why not do this with your special someone? This is a Lego kit you could use to build your own little town, or whatever else you desire.

This will definitely be a great idea if they are looking to have a conversation while having some fun and while being creative at the same time!

This will recover memories from your childhood that you´ll be able to share with your date in a way that not even Netflix and chill would help.

Get your own legos:

26. Go To A Park Or Playground

Maybe your inner child doesn’t like building Legos but loves the outdoors, head to a park together.

Hold hands while swinging, and take turns going down the slide.

Let your inner child run free together! This is also a great double-date idea if you are nervous of going alone!

27. Game Night At Home

Here are some good couples’ game night packs you can find on Amazon! If none of these floats your boat, card games are another great option.

A game night is a relaxing, yet fun way for you and your date to spend time together… the person with the most consecutive wins picks the movie? This is a great date idea for everyone who enjoys staying cozy at home! If you´re looking for the best date ideas you´re in the right place!

Get your own card game:

28. Hit Up A Local Pool

Mermaids! Just kidding… unless…

But really, going to the pool is another great way to spend time with that special someone.

Whether you’re someone who likes to get in and splash around or sit on the side with a good book, a pool date is a super fun way to get out of the house together.

You should seize this chance to embrace your natural appearance with pride and self-assurance. You can impress a guy without wearing makeup.

You should feel free to enjoy wearing makeup; there is nothing improper about it. It shouldn’t, however, come at the expense of your insecurities about how you appear without it.

29. Photo Scavenger Hunt At A Certain Place

Pinterest has a bunch of fun scavenger hunt lists, like the one above, for places like Target, Walmart, or the mall.

If you aren’t a fan of these, make your own list and spend the day roaming around a certain store or area in your hometown where the goal is to find everything on the list.

30. Make Blankets Together

Head to a craft store and have each of you pick out your favorite type of fabric, whether it’s a solid color or a pattern, and get a couple of yards of each (I would ask an attendant how much exactly depending on how big you want the blanket to be).

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Cheap Date Ideas For Teens

Odds are, in your teens you don’t have a bunch of money to be spending on special dates all the time.

A fantastic date night doesn’t have to be expensive! Actually, you don’t need to spend any money at all.

A date is an opportunity to get to know someone or to hang out with someone you like.

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or extremely impressive. Some of our top suggestions for a romantic evening are totally free.

Luckily, here are some cheaper options for dates that guarantee just as much, if not more, fun than expensive options.

31. Rock-paper-scissors Dinner

This is a super fun and inexpensive way to have a dinner date adventure.

Start each round by playing rock-paper-scissors; first-round winner picks appetizer, second-round winner chooses the main course, third-round winner decides dessert!

You can go as expensive/inexpensive as you want, and still have a fun time driving around and deciding where to go!

32. Paint Together

There are a bunch of cute painting tutorials on the internet, here is one of my personal favorites. Head to a local craft store or Target and pick up supplies.

I love to mess around with different colors as a way to show my personal style.

Make it even more special by giving each other the final product!

Get your own paint set:

33. Mall Fashion Show

Head to the mall and pick out outfits for each other at different stores!

It’s a great way to see if you know your date’s style, or to get them into something completely different, or just downright funny.

34. Thrift Shop

More inexpensive than a mall, a thrift shop! It’s crazy how many good finds there are at a local Goodwill or another thrift store. Go try on items you would’ve never thought you’d like.

Make sure you and your date don’t just look at clothes though, there are plenty of interesting little knick-knacks to sort through, too.

Bonus date: buy something, take it home, and turn it into something else together!

35. Plan A Vacation

Let’s face it, while in your teens you probably won’t be going on a cool couple’s European vacation any time soon, but there’s no harm in looking around!

See what places you and your partner have on your to-do list and plan an entire trip.

It’s a super fun way to see what kinds of activities you’re both into when you’re in vacation mode.

Who knows, maybe you can even start saving up little by little until one day you really can go on that vacation!

36. Play “Would You Rather”

I know, this totally sounds like middle school.

But it really is fun! Picking out funny or ridiculous “would you rather” questions is an entertaining way to get to know the weirdest details about the person you’re dating.

You can also do this from anywhere… driving around, eating snacks on the couch, or taking a walk. It’s like a date within a date.

37. Make A Bucket List

I love a good list, and the only thing better than having one list? Having multiple.

Sit down with some fun colored paper, pencils, pens, markers, and any other crafting material your heart desires, and start making different bucket lists.

Anything from relationship goals you want, certain dates you want to go on in the future, or even a list of shows you want to watch together.

This can be a great way to both have fun and think about the future together while also getting a bit more personal and sharing your goals with the person you’re seeing.

38. Build A Puzzle

What I love about this date is that it can be as intense or laid back as you want. Do you want to try to tackle a 1,000-piece puzzle, or maybe just stick to 100? Totally up to you!

Pick out a good playlist, break out the snacks, and just spend time together.

Bonus points if you put your phones away for as long as it takes to finish it!

Get your own puzzle:

39. Find A New Favorite Show Together

Teens have a lot going on. From school, jobs, sports, family, friends… sometimes when you’re dating someone all you want is time to relax and to spend time with that person.

Finding a show, you’re both interested in that you can set aside time to watch together is a great way to spend time with that person and to also just take a beat from your busy life.

40. Hiking

Getting out into the great outdoors is a great date when you’re not wanting to spend a lot, or any, money.

Taking the time to get out, decompress and just talk with your date is a good way to just get away for a bit. Also, let’s face it, I’m a sucker for good couples-hiking pictures.

41. Run Errands That You Don’t Want To Do

This one might be a little more practical, but teens are busy! Maybe you have some running around to do but also just want to spend time with that special someone. Do both!

Hop in the car, run your errands, and maybe pick up a bite to eat when you’re done.

It might not seem like the most glamorous date, but who needs glamour when you’re with the person you’re crushin’ on?

42. Make A Playlist Together

Pretty self-explanatory… also pretty darn cute. Pick songs that make you smile, that remind you of them, hype songs, songs you even think they’ll hate to just have a good laugh.

I have a playlist with all the songs my boyfriend has ever shown me, and when we’re apart sometimes I’ll listen to it and remember all the times we listened to them together… it’s the date that keeps on going!

Make your own playlist:

43. Use That Playlist And Drive Around

Going off #12, as soon as you’re done with that playlist, drive around and experience it together!

That way when you listen to it when you’re not together, you can remember how cute or completely ridiculous your date looked while singing all the lyrics wrong.

44. Learn A New Hobby Together

A bit more general, but just as successful as a date! My go-to that I really want to try is bracelet making.

Amazon has some cute bracelet kits!

The point is, find something you both want to try and it’s a date you can do over and over again: trying something new together and mastering a new skill.

Get your own jewelry making kit:

45. Movie Marathon

Pick a series of movies like Harry Potter or Marvel (my personal favorite) and try to watch as many movies in that series in a day as you can.

A little pre-date can be getting all the necessary snacks to get you through the day.

If you’re not a big series fan, pick 4-5 movies that you either have or haven’t seen and watch them together! Just as much fun, with a little more decision-making.

46. Make A Fort

Want to have a lazy, rainy day? Grab a bunch of pillows, blankets, or anything else you can get your hands on, and make a fort.

Cuddle up, tell stories, and just laugh!

There’s a popular belief that you have to DO something on a date when sometimes the most fun thing to do with your partner is just with them, all cozied up and forgetting about responsibility for a bit… you might as well do that in a fort.

47. Write Each Other Letters For Future Events

As someone in a long-distance relationship, this is one of my favorite dates.

It can be really special at the moment to look up at the person you’re dating and write what you want them to know in the future, whether you’re in person or not.

It also makes for a fun future date when you open the letters and read them… bring tissues.

This is one of the best free date ideas that will definitely keep your date entertained!

48. Color

I don’t know a single teen who doesn’t like to color, and if you say you don’t, you’re lying. What’s there not to like? It’s super fun and relaxing!

Grab some crayons and pick out a coloring book for each other. Maybe turn on that movie you picked to watch together, or that TV series you’re binge-watching, and color while you watch.

Bonus points if you finish the coloring book (eventually, maybe not all in one sitting) and give it to your partner!

Get your own coloring book:

49. Make A Time Capsule

This is another date that keeps on giving. Go to the store and pick out whatever kind of bin you like.

Go through your stuff and pick items that remind you of other dates, of your partner in general, or things about yourself that you want to look back on in the future.

Occasionally, come back to your capsule and spend a few hours adding to it.

Eventually, go through it together! Again, you might want to bring tissues.

50. Go To The Animal Shelter

We saved the cutest date ideas for last. Cute date. Cute animals.

You may even fall in love with an adorable animal and decide to take one home!

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Cute Date Ideas For Teens

These are the most Instagram-able dates on this list. The cute dates that make everyone else without a date feel super single.

51. Picnic Date

Put together a photo-worthy charcuterie board, or grab some fast food on the way, and find yourself a cute little spot in a park to set down a blanket and spend time together.

It can be as fancy or as low-key as you want, because at the end of the day, what matters is that you and your date are having a good time.

52. Photoshoot

Have a fun time getting ready together and picking out each other’s outfits. Research some of the cutest places around you to take pictures and have a couple’s photoshoot.

It’s even more fun if you can get a friend to take the pictures of you, but there’s absolutely nothing wrong with self-timer pictures, too.

Bonus tip: take a video of you and your person together in different spots, doing different poses.

Once you’re home, go through and screenshot the best poses and BOOM! Couples’ photoshoot complete!

53. Go To An Orchard

This might be more of a seasonal thing, but orchards in the fall are so beautiful. In the fall, go to a pumpkin patch and pick out ones to carve.

Maybe get a nice warm cup of apple cider and go on a hayride. It’s incredibly cute and definitely a memorable time for you and your date.

54. Art Museum

Feeling a bit classy?

Check out an art museum in your city! Also, look out for discounts or free passes for students, some art museums know teens can’t spend a bunch of money on a ticket.

Roam around and explore different kinds of art, maybe even take some pictures of each other imitating some pieces, because if you don’t do that… Did you even go to an art museum?

55. Bake

Channel your inner Great British Baking Show skills and make some cookies, brownies, a cake, a pie, literally anything your heart desires!

Pinterest has some sweet and simple recipes, and you can spend time decorating together, too.

The best part is you get to eat your treats afterward! A cute date and dessert? Can’t get better than that.

56. Watch The Sunset Or The Sunrise

Grab a blanket and find somewhere with a good view to watch the sunset. Pick up a pizza on the way and enjoy watching the colors of the sky change right before your eyes.

If you’re feeling bold and aren’t grumpy in the mornings, head out super early, pick up some breakfast, and watch the sunrise!

The same beautiful view, and it definitely calls for a nice afternoon nap later on.

57. Tour Guide Of Your Favorite Places

Whether your favorite place is your hometown, a town 10 miles away, or the library down the street, take your date to one of your favorite spots and be their tour guide.

I loved showing my partner around my hometown, saying, “That’s my favorite restaurant, that’s a park where I sat and ate donuts.”

It’s a fun way to show your date a piece of you, and you can take turns being each other’s tour guides!

Bonus point if you walk backward as college tour guides around a campus!

58. Mini Road Trip

While a cross-country road trip sounds like fun, it might not be the most feasible.

Pick out a place an hour or two away from home that the both of you have never been to and go exploring.

Take some snacks, make a cute playlist and jam out the whole way there.

You can make a bucket list of things you want to see or do while you’re there, so you know you aren’t missing anything!

59. Stargaze

Grab a blanket and just lay down and look at the sky together. It’s incredible the kind of piece you can feel when you’re just looking at the stars.

Take turns finding constellations, and if you’re like me and can never find them, look up a constellations guide to help you out!

60. Botanical Garden

Kind of like the orchards, but a more fun, seasonal spring date. Get dressed up and find flowers that remind you of each other!

61. Drive-in Movie

Find a couple of blankets and some snacks and settle in at a drive-in movie. It’s all the fun of a movie night with a hint of cute-couple-adventure!

This is even better than a movie theater, it is more romantic and memorable!

62. At Home Pizza Night

Even though most people love a good carry-out pizza favorite, try making your own!

Definitely big bonus points if you try to make your own dough, but you can always pick some up at the store if that’s more your style.

Pick out a bunch of different toppings, experiment with different combinations and have an entire pizza night feast with a good movie!

63. Spa Day/Night

If you can do a spa day at a professional location, that’s incredible! If you’re like me, and most teens, though, that’s a little bit too expensive.

Luckily for us, Amazon has these cute kits you can buy to have an at-home spa day!

You can personalize it as much as you want, maybe even pick out some nail polish to paint your nails, or a hair mask if you’re feeling fancy. Just remember, cucumbers on the eyes are a must.

Get your own spa kit:

64. “Reminds You Of Each Other” Shopping Spree

This is one of my favorite ideas. Pick a bunch of different categories like favorite food, color, drink, something soft, something weird, a toy… you choose!

Then, head to the store and split up and buy something that reminds you of your date for each of those categories.

Make sure you check out at different times and hide everything in bags, and then once you get home you can show what you got for each other!

65. Plant Something Together

Head to a local plant shop and find something you both think is beautiful- a tree, flower, bush, you decide.

Find a place where you can plant it together, maybe even try to have it be somewhere that is meaningful to you both.

Then, it becomes a place you can always go back to and watch the plant grow.

66. Portraits Of Each Other

Check out this drawing kit and consider having a little friendly drawing competition.

As someone who can’t draw at all, it’s a hilarious way to show off your (perhaps lack of) drawing skills and be silly together.

67. Chopped, At-home Edition

Pick either an appetizer or main course and dessert, or all three if you’re really feeling bold, and decide who is going to cook each meal.

Then, head to the store to get ingredients for the other person. That person has an hour (or more if you need it, it really doesn’t have to be intense) to cook their meal for two using those ingredients.

68. Go To A Nice Dinner Together

If you’re able to set some money aside over time, go out to a nice dinner together to relax and treat yourself after a stressful week!

You can share appetizers and/or your meals, and just enjoy some intimate time together doing something special.

Taking time to treat yourself as a couple is a huge part of making sure you have things to look forward to, no matter how big or small the date is.

69. Motorized Scooters

Rent a motorized scooter in your city and ride around on them! It can be super fun to act as a tourist in your own city, especially when you do it on a scooter.

Race each other, make laps around a park and just let loose for a bit.

70. Backyard Movie Night

If you can get your hands on a projector, that’s great! If not, a laptop works perfectly!

Pick a movie, grab some cozy blankets, probably some bug spray and enjoy a movie while out under the stars!

Outdoors Date Ideas for Teens

71. Farmers Market

Going to a farmers market is another outdoor date idea that will leave a good taste in both of your mouths.

You’ll be able to walk around to the various stands, sample items, and possibly discover your new favorite fruit, hummus, jam, or vegetable.

And as you learn about each other’s food preferences, you’ll be able to tell if you have a thing for each other.  Farmers markets are ideal places to try out new flavors because variety is the spice of life.

Nobody wants to be dull. Purchase a vegetable that you have never eaten or even heard of before. Anyone for kohl rabi?

How about some sautéed pak choi in olive oil? If you want to impress your date, learn the language of the farmers market: terrain as well as terroir.

72. Festival

Sure, eye candy is nice, but ear candy is what really matters to live music fans. If you and your date have similar musical tastes, you are likely to share other interests.

Furthermore, good music creates good memories. If your date isn’t as into music as you are, this is an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and teach them something new.

You will now have a bonding experience that you will never forget. If you’re at a festival, you’ve probably heard of the bands or know who they are.

During the set break, use this time to talk about what you know about the band or to bring up other music-related topics. Festivals are the perfect first date if you want it to be memorable.

73.  Fishing

You’ll have a very different kind of teen date experience than you would normally have if you go fishing with someone. Instead of doing something you’re both accustomed to, it will be something fun and new.

You’ll probably laugh a lot and get to know each other while enjoying the great outdoors if you’re both doing it for the first time.

Any person who enjoys fishing is welcome to go on a fishing date. No matter your level of expertise, it’s a great activity for everyone.

If you and your partner are both novices, you will have trouble hooking the fish and may lose quite a few, but that’s part of the fun. This is one of the best teen date ideas you can go for, it is fun, different and romantic.

74. Camping

You and the other person will always remember your date at sunrise or sunset. Prepare hot coffee or glasses of wine in advance to enjoy while watching the sky change colors.

Additionally, you are welcome to bring along some sweet snacks and treats like cookies, chips, or chocolate. Another essential for the camping date is a camera.

To capture these special moments for two people in photos is always a good idea. The ideal scenario should involve a tiny Bluetooth speaker playing your preferred music.

You two can relax in a warm, romantic environment thanks to the music.

75. Picnic  

I’m pretty sure a picnic date would be the next in line if dinner and a movie weren’t the traditional standby date! With good reason, too!

There are so many adorable picnics date suggestions that are affordable! It’s the ideal way to connect, spend some quality time, and rev up the romance.

It might be the best way to eat in a welcoming setting that promotes romance and conversation. Romance and quality time together are the main goals of a picnic date.

As a result, you’ll need to add some romantic touches to the picnic by bringing strawberries, chocolate, champagne, flowers, heart-shaped cookies, and calming music.

76. Bungee Jumping

Have you run out of date ideas? Bungee jumping might be an option. You two might enjoy doing this as a date activity.

It’s impossible to put into words the sensation of falling toward the ground and then being abruptly jolted back. As one is about to take the plunge, thoughts of excitement, exhilaration, and fear all pass through one’s mind.

The rush is so powerful that you might find yourself trying to outrun one another to the top so you can start the whole process over again.

This is the perfect date idea if you want to feel some adrenaline with the person you´re starting to like!

77. Water Park

People who want to spend their time more actively on a date should try using slides. There are a ton of different types of water parks.

There are high slides, low slides, long slides, and so on. Additionally, there are slides that permit simultaneous use by two people. Do you want to ride a dinghy down a slide? Some water parks also offer that.

Slides, regardless of the type, are a lot of fun. Additionally, there are water slides that can transport you to a magical setting.

This is as a result of their vibrant lights, which further enhance the amazing experience. Try slides with a lot of rough curves if you want something more extreme.

Romantic Date Ideas for Teens

78. Night Looking at the Stars

Observe the stars all night long. Few activities are more romantic or more reasonably priced than stargazing with your special someone.

Under a blanket, cuddle up and search for shooting stars, try to identify constellations, or simply take in the night sky.

Look for a location that is known for being far from city lights and other types of light pollution to get the most out of your romantic stargazing excursion.

Test the area out before your special evening to make sure you can see even the smallest stars.

79. Photo Booth

Do not pass up a photo booth date if you are looking for romantic date suggestions. This concept can be connected to the date at the mall.

Going to a photo booth and taking some hilariously awkward pictures together is always a blast. Every mall typically has a photo booth as well!

If the date develops into a relationship, it’s also a fantastic way to preserve a lovely and romantic moment for all time.

80. Cook Dinner Together

Why not prepare the entire meal together instead of going out to a pricey restaurant, paying a lot for food, and waiting? Staying in and preparing a delicious meal for your partner is romantic.

You don’t have to be an expert chef to pull this date off. In fact, attempting to put a recipe into action with a group of people is much more interesting.

Go to the grocery store, buy a few ingredients for your meal, and then return to one of your homes to prepare it.

Teenage couples nowadays enjoy cooking and eating together, this is why this is a great way to meet your maybe future partner!

81.  Board Game Night

Playing board games is a fun way to bring out your competitive side and inner child. They are ideal for teasing your crush, especially in the beginning stages of your relationship.

Make this game a double date instead, as most board games are best enjoyed by groups of at least two players. Considerable options include Pictionary, Taboo, Monopoly, and Twister.

Also, for example, the This or That game is perfect for this occasion.

So why not ask your crush some questions for a quick and cost-free date night? These “This or That” inquiries will encourage conversation, the exchange of amusing anecdotes, and flirtation.

82. Visit the Botanical Garden

Before ignoring it, give it a shot. Going to the botanical gardens may seem like a dull date idea at first, but you can make it interesting by playing some outdoor games there, like hide and seek.

The ideal environment for this game is provided by the large trees and the large playing area. If not, you can work on a project together at the botanical garden while surrounded by lush vegetation.

83. Drive-In Movie Theatre

Have you not always wished you could watch a movie in the comfort of your old car with the person you´re starting to like?

Trying to cuddle over the center console with the seats fully reclined has a certain romantic appeal. You can complete the ideal evening by adding food from your neighborhood drive-in .

Prepare for your next date night, both experienced participants and first-timers.

84. Pedal Boat

Rentable pedal boats are available at some lakes that have parks surrounding them. Boats can be rented for generally affordable prices, and they offer a pleasant, calm ride on the lake.

This is the ideal time to talk to your date in depth while taking in the scenery. You could gather a group and hold pedal boat competitions, or you two could go head-to-head.

It doesn’t have to be a romantic date for this to work well as a first outing. You can bring some sandwiches and consume them while pedaling around the lake, if you like.

This is a great romantic date idea that will also keep you both in movement and not even a bit bored.

Winter Date Ideas For Teens

85. Tubing

Think of it as the adult version of sledding. Spend an afternoon or evening at a nearby adventure park or ski resort, where you can bond over the rush of hurtling down the slope together.

If you share a tube for a brief cuddle along the way, you get extra points.

86. Indoor Waterpark

Do you thrive in the summer? Visit an indoor water park to escape the winter weather, even if only for an hour or two.

It’s a great way to get some rest (think: kicking back on lounge chairs) as well as some excitement (think: speeding down water slides).

This is a great idea for a date if you want to have an unforgettable time besides a great person!

87. Theater or Dance Performance

Many local theaters and performing arts venues have reopened after more than a year of being closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

So, for your next date night, go to the theater—and support your local talent. Even if you don’t want to leave your house, you can watch a play, musical, dance performance, or concert from the comfort of your couch.

There´s a lot of different theatre shows to choose from, this will definitely give you a lot to talk about and to know about the likes or dislikes of each other.

88. Hockey Game

A hockey game is an excellent first date for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it’s a great way to meet new people in a fun and exciting setting.

Furthermore, hockey is a great conversation starter because you can bond over your mutual love of the sport or trash-talk the opposing team.

Finally, a hockey game is a great way to get some exercise while also enjoying some friendly competition. Hockey games are entertaining and action-packed for everyone, not just puck heads and sports fans.

Their high energy is contagious, so any pre-date nerves will quickly fade once the game begins.

Sharing a less formal experience with your date is an excellent way to get to know each other, especially if it is related to a common interest.

After all, you want your date to get to know you! Alternatively, if you’re new to the game, you’ll gain insight into the personality of your date.

89. Winter activity

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, or curling are some examples of new powdery activities you could try with your date.

(If you’re a beginner, we advise scheduling a private lesson or tour, which is available at many national parks and nearby resorts, so you can learn the fundamentals from an expert.)

You might even find a new hobby in addition to seeing beautiful snow-covered sights. Additionally, you can stop by a neighborhood bar for an après-ski beverage at the end of the day.

90. Tour a Brewery or Distillery

Nothing beats a few drinks at a brewery or distillery to warm you up, but to make this date more fascinating, sign up for a tour of the facility.

The majority of locations offer free tours, but if not, tickets are usually reasonably priced.

You’ll learn everything there is to know about the process of making beer or spirits, as well as the history of the company you’re visiting, and you might even get some free drinks at the end!

91. Check Out Christmas Lights

Most cities have an area or at the very least a street where an elaborate display of Christmas lights is on.

Go look them up together, the only catch is that depending on how long the street is, this could be a quick date, so grab a coffee or go to a bar afterward.

Check out the massive displays that community organizations sometimes put on in parks, where you can walk around in a winter wonderland of millions of lights.

Check the local newspapers and ask your friends and coworkers where they are. Also, try to go during the week because they can be extremely crowded on weekends.

A thermos full of thick, delicious hot chocolate completes this night of romantic holiday lights.  Sip it while you take in the sights. The heart of your date will melt.


Guide to the Perfect First Date

The first date can be a pleasure or a real headache. Experience provides valuable learning about what we want, but above all about what we don’t want.

First impressions matter (much more than we think), and that is why there are two infallible pieces of advice: be yourself and do not have exorbitant expectations.

From there, your first date can go as well or badly as you both want. Because sometimes, the chemistry is emerging, it is not installed in our relationship from the first day. Follow these tips to create the perfect chemistry on a first date.

Preparing for your date

Don’t waste time or sit and watch time go by until your appointment time, turn your preparation into a ritual! Take some time to get ready for the date.

This, apart from helping you keep your mind occupied (and not eat your nails), will make you feel more secure when you arrive. You can take a bath with salts, exfoliate your skin, get a special hairstyle or go for a pedicure.

Do not allow nerves to play you

Are you afraid that your date will not show up for your appointment? Or that it doesn´t go as planned? Do not let these kinds of intrusive thoughts enter your head, and everything will be fine.

Many times we get nervous and look for problems where there are none. But did you know that 80% of the things we imagine will never happen? Think that it will go great and that you have everything under control and there will be more chances that everything will go smoothly.

Trust yourself

Being yourself is your best quality because no one can be YOU as well as YOU. Once you’ve learned this, remember that you have a lot to contribute and that comparing yourself to the rest of the gang is useless.

With your pluses and minuses, you are unique in every way. Do not try to be someone else or change your personality, because only by being authentic will you succeed on a date. And the same with clothing: wear what makes you feel good, and don’t choose your outfit just to make a good impression.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do on a first date?

1. Remain calm
You may be excited, but take a moment to relax. It’s harder to practice remaining composed when you really like the person. However, nobody wants to go on a date with someone who is overly enthusiastic. Before the date, take a deep breath and consider going for a run. You’ll be able to exert some energy and maintain your concentration.

2. Location
First dates are all about location, location, location. Invite your date over, but not at your house. Instead of giving them the impression that you only want to have sex with them, you should get to know them.

3. Make yourself ready
Spending some time getting ready for a first date is one of the things to do if you want it to go well. You don’t have to look like you just stepped out of a magazine, but if you feel good, your confidence will increase. Take a shower, wash your hair, and choose an appealing outfit. You’ll automatically improve your mood if you do that. In the days before a first date, it can be very simple to start worrying about first impressions. When they can’t find the ideal outfit or their face has developed zit city, people frequently find themselves freaking out.

Where should a 16-year-old go on a first date?

A 16-year-old should go on a first date to a place that is fun for both, and even better if it´s a place outside of their homes. A good idea can be a place where they can play games, or do some exercise, like going on a hike, skiing, or riding a pedal boat. Also for a 16-year-old going to a drive-in movie theatre can be the perfect date!

Where should a 13-year-old go on a first date?

For their first date, 13-year-olds should go to the mall where they can also enter the arcade or the photo booth. They can also go to the movies and have a great time watching something they´re both interested in.

What do you do on a date in high school?

– Recognize the meaning of dating for you.

– Consider the traits a boyfriend or girlfriend should possess.

– Set boundaries for your individual relationships.

– Think about your readiness for a relationship.

What are the best winter date ideas for teens?

Some date ideas for teens during winter time include skiing, ice skating, snow tubing, or snowshoeing if you are up for a challenge. Make sure to head to a local coffee shop with your date to warm yourself up after some fun in the snow.

What are the best outdoor dates for teenagers?

The best dates for teenagers outdoors include attending a music festival or going to a water park because they are much fun and they are great ways to make unforgettable memories with your significant other.

What are the best cheap dates for teens?

Some of the best cheap dates for teens include painting together because it is a great way to connect with the other person while calming yourself and having time to talk about the things that are important and meaningful to you. It is also a very inexpensive way to show that you want your date to feel happy and entertained. Another great activity for couples is to check out local thrift stores, which are less expensive than a mall! It’s incredible how many treasures can be found at a nearby Goodwill or other thrift shops. Go try on some things you never would have guessed you would like. There are plenty of intriguing little trinkets to browse through as well, so make sure you and your date don’t limit yourselves to just the clothing.


Final Thoughts on Date Ideas for Teens

Dating is hard for everyone, but especially teenagers when you don’t know what to do or don’t have a lot of spending money.

These dates are customizable to fit you and your date in a way that’ll push you to try new things!

Whether it’s a date off this list or a variation of them, what matters is that you’re spending time with someone you care about and having a good time together.

That’s a wrap. This article was all about dating.


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