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140 Amazing Compare and Contrast Essay Topics – The 2022 Student Guide

Compare and contrast essay topics are hard to come up with on your own in college. Check out these best essay topics!

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college student writing a compare and contrast essay

Picture this: It’s 9 p.m. on a weeknight and you’ve finally sat down to grind out that essay you’ve been putting off for a week. You load up your laptop, open up a blank document, and lay out your task description on the desk.

All you need to do now is write the essay. The only problem? You have absolutely no idea where to start.

What you do know is that the assignment is asking you to compare and contrast, which is where this comprehensive guide to all things on the subject comes in.

From tips on constructing your essay to suggested topics for a compare and contrast essay, as well as a reminder on the essential features that make up this type of paper, we’ve got you covered on your latest college assignment.

Check out these best compare and contrast essay topics!

In this post:

What Is a Compare and Contrast Essay?

The compare and contrast essay is a staple in a long list of essays that most university students are expected to produce.

Not only does this exercise push students to examine a given subject from multiple angles, but it also teaches them how to form well-rounded, informed, and notably balanced arguments.

Put simply, and as the name suggests, this essay focuses on comparing and contrasting two or more subjects.

In other words, it aims to explore the similarities and differences between multiple topics, identifying perceptive and subtle commonalities or divergences that exist between the two.

It goes without saying that these papers encourage thought provoking and engaging discussions that will push writers toward a more robust and comprehensive style of learning and evaluation.

In fact, just as is the case for other kinds of papers, compare and contrast essays are said to aid cognitive growth — even more reason to get on with that essay!

What Am I Expected To Do in a Compare and Contrast Essay?

First and foremost, it is essential that both topics are explored thoroughly and in relation to one another; this means identifying the negative and positive aspects of each given topic.

For example, if you are writing about real life dating in comparison to online dating, it would make sense to highlight that the nature of online dating means that users don’t always know who might be on the other end of a conversation.

However, considering the sheer number of dating platforms that are now available, as well as the staggering number of people who use them, it is likely that people will connect with a greater number of people through online dating as opposed to traditional forms of dating.

It simply is not enough to consider just your own viewpoint; on the contrary, this essay pushes you to look at the bigger picture, establish similarities and differences of any scope between the various topics, and evaluate a range of arguments — regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

The ability to juxtapose subjects and effectively assess their strengths and weaknesses within a range of arguments are invaluable skills that will not only make you a better student, but also a more desirable candidate when seeking employment.

What Should I Write About in a Compare and Contrast Essay?

While there are no hard or fast rules as to what should be the focus of this kind of essay, it is important to choose your topics wisely. That is, you should pick topics that are related closely enough so that similarities can be drawn.

However, the chosen topics of the essay should be distinctly separate, so that contrasts can be found between them.

In many ways, the trick to producing an excellent compare and contrast essay is to select two or more subjects that connect in a meaningful way.

For example, a comparison between the painting styles of two renowned artists would form the ideal basis for such an essay, while comparing an artist to an athlete perhaps would not.

That being said, two seemingly unrelated topics can make for a more compelling essay, since more astute, shrewd, and perceptive observations can be made. In any case, you must ensure that your essay does what the title says: compare and contrast.

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How Do I Write a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Hopefully, you’ve been doing this for a long time with every essay you are assigned, but if you haven’t, I have one word for you: plan.

When you open a new document, start writing, or even put your name in the header. Take the time to outline your essay — you’ll thank me for it later!

There is no one method of planning that fits everyone; however, for this kind of essay, Venn diagrams offer a clever way to map out all commonalities and differences between the topics that you will be discussing.

Alternatively, a brainstorm or table would also suffice. From there, you should determine which of the comparisons made between your topics are most interesting and, of course, relevant.

Ask yourself which similarities and differences are significant and why?

These can then be used to frame your essay and develop your overriding argument, which should be linked throughout the paper; notable points of contrast and similarity should provide the foundations for creating strong thesis statements and leading paragraph topic sentences.

It’s important to demonstrate to readers why these comparisons are important. For instance, something to consider may be if there is a positive aspect to one of your topics that makes it superior in some way to the other topic.

As mentioned in the earlier example, the fact that online dating sites present users with a larger pool of people to communicate with is something that real life dating lacks, and is an advantage of online dating.

Overall, you really want to avoid listing off your comparisons; thinking about the relevance of each comparison and assessing them carefully should help you stay clear of making this mistake.

Of course, deciding on some kind of clear structure should also prevent you from falling into this common habit.

Now, it goes largely without saying that an essay’s structure is largely contingent on its PAF — that is, its purpose, audience, and form.

Nevertheless, there are fundamental elements that make up any college level essay, as well as a series of ways in which compare and contrast essays are usually organized.

  • Introduction

You should begin by introducing the topics that will be explored in your essay and explain why you have decided to compare and contrast them.

Remember, an introduction should engage readers immediately by establishing a tone for the essay that follows and reveals your central thesis.

  • Main Body

This section —which should be divided into suitable paragraphs — should explore the principal similarities and differences that exist between your essay’s topics.

For each point made, evidence should be cited to support your ideas, and any counterarguments should also be tackled.

Be sure to transition logically between each paragraph, signaling to your reader that a transition is being made as you move from point to point.

Of course, the way in which you go about this can vary. You could opt for the block, or what is known as the subject-by-subject method.

This entails discussing all of your points that relate to your first topic, and then all of your points that relate to your second topic.

Notably, this doesn’t always make comparisons and contrasts clear to the reader. It runs the risk of you listing your ideas rather than crafting a coherent essay.

If you’d prefer not to structure your essay like this, then choose an alternating or point-by-point method. For this approach, you would choose one idea that you are comparing and contrasting, such as the cost of different forms of public transportation.

This would be discussed in relation to each topic; this may be in regards to the cost of taking the bus, followed by the cost of taking a train.

  • Conclusion

A strong conclusion will voice any final insights and reinforce the thesis of your overall paper. It should succinctly summarize your paper, highlighting what your essay has shown readers about the two subjects.

All that remains at this stage is to then proofread, edit, and submit your essay! What Should I Write About in a Compare and Contrast Essay?

Whatever your major, whatever class you’re enrolled in, and whatever obscure assignment your professor has given you, we have topics for every kind of compare and contrast essay that is bound to inspire your next paper!

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for College Students

  • Reading a Book or Listening To an Audio Book: Which Is better?
  • What Were the Focus Points of First-Wave vs. Second-Wave Feminism?
  • City Living vs. Country Living
  • Freelance or Office Jobs: Which Working Conditions Are Better?
  • Only Child Households vs. Multi-Sibling Households: Which One Is Better for Children?
  • Real-Life vs. Online Dating
  • Reading vs. Watching: Which One Is Better for Getting New Information?
  • The Elderly vs. the Youth: What Are the Differences in a Lifestyle?
  • TV or Newspapers: Where Is the Best Source To Get the News From?
  • Computer Games vs. Board Games: Which Are More Entertaining?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Health

  • Medicine vs. Natural Remedies: Is One More Effective?
  • Should Surgical Procedures Be Favored Over Therapeutic Protocols When Treating and Curing Cancer?
  • Public Healthcare vs. Private Healthcare
  • Diets vs. Healthy Eating: Compare and Contrast Their Effectiveness for Weight Loss
  • Smoking Cigarettes vs. Vaping: Compare and Contrast the Safety of the Two Habits
  • Morning Exercise vs. Evening Exercise: Which Is Better for Our bodies?
  • Modern Medicine vs. Traditional Medicine for Treating Anxiety
  • Sugar Free Soda vs. Regular Soda: The Effects of Both Drinks on Your Health
  • Compare Different Methods of Treating PTSD
  • The Differences and Similarities Between Osteopathic and Allopathic Medicine

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Religion

  • Comparison of Abrahamic and Dharmic Religions
  • Islam: The Shia Denomination vs. the Sunni Denomination
  • Religion in Africa: Before and After the Coming of the Missionaries
  • Atheism vs. Creationism: Which One Should Be Considered True?
  • Life After Death in Christianity vs. Life After Death in Hinduism
  • Comparison of Religious Festivals in Islam and Hinduism
  • The Origins of Christianity vs. the Origins of Islam: What Are the Similarities and Differences?
  • Fundamental Differences and Similarities Between an Anglican Bishop and Catholic Priest
  • Pope Francis vs. Dalai Lama.
  • Religious Prophets: Moses and Muhammad

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Arts

  • Comedy vs. Tragedy in Theater
  • The Differences and Similarities Between Mozart and Beethoven Compositions
  • The Baroque Epoch vs. the Renaissance Era
  • The Painting Styles of Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.
  • Greek vs. Elizabethan Theater: Comparison of the Playwriting Styles of Shakespeare and Aristophanes
  • Italian Renaissance Sculptors: Donatello vs. Michelangelo.
  • Differences and Similarities Between Surrealism and Expressionism
  • Oil Paint and Acrylics: Which Painting Medium Is Best?
  • Differences and Similarities Between Dada and Cubism Movements
  • Digital Photography vs. Film: Which Style of Photography Is Best?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Sports

  • Winter Sports vs. Summer Sports
  • The Most Effective Workout: A home Workout or a Gym Workout?
  • American Football vs. Rugby: Which Is More Physically Challenging and Demanding?
  • The Playing Styles of Roger Federer and Rafeal Nadal
  • The English Premier League Compared With the Bundesliga
  • Which Sport Is Better for Weight Loss: Swimming or Running?
  • How Does Beach Volleyball Differ From Water Volleyball?
  • Formula One vs. Off-Road Racing: Which Driving Sport Is Safest?
  • Brady vs. Manning: Which American Football Star Will History Remember?
  • Performance Enhancing Drugs: Stimulants vs. Steroids.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Economy

  • Macroeconomics vs. Microeconomics.
  • Democracy vs. Dictatorship: What Do Countries Need To Fare Best Economically?
  • Real Currency vs. Cryptocurrency: Which One Will Remain in Society Longer?
  • Expansionary Monetary Policy vs. Contractionary Monetary Policy
  • China vs. the United States: Comparison of Their Economic Policies and Economies
  • Privatization vs. Nationalization: Which Method Should Be Favoured?
  • Owning a House vs. Renting a House
  • GDP vs. GNP: What Is the Difference?
  • Economic Growth or Per Capita Income: Which Is the Most Important?
  • Free Market Economy vs. Command Economy

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Entertainment

  • DC vs. Marvel
  • Comparison of American Cinema To Chinese Cinema
  • Differences Between the Horror Genre and the Thriller Genre
  • Radio vs. TV: Which Form of Media Is Superior?
  • Hollywood vs. Bollywood
  • How Does a Producer’s Role Differ From the Director’s Role?
  • Anime vs. Disney Cartoons: What Are the main Differences Between These Forms of Animation?
  • Spiderman vs. Batman: Who Is the Ultimate Superhero?
  • The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones: Which Is the Most Successful Fantasy Franchise?
  • Rock vs. K-Pop Music

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Academics

  • Do Students Fare Better Academically When They Receive Online Teaching or in Person Teaching?
  • The Private School System vs. the Public School System
  • Regular Students vs. Honor Students: Who Will Succeed in Life?
  • Homeschooling vs. Traditional Schooling
  • Boarding Schools vs. Day Schools: What Are Their Advantages and Disadvantages?
  • British Higher Education vs. U.S. Higher Education
  • SAT or ACT: Which One Is the Best Tool To Assess Students’ Skills and Knowledge?
  • Customized vs. General Class Curriculums: Which Should Be Favoured?
  • Studying Abroad vs. Taking Local Courses: What Is more Advantageous?
  • Seminar and Lecture Style Classes: Which Method of Teaching Is Most Effective at a University Level?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Ethics

  • Which Method of Testing Should Be Preferred When Developing Drugs and Medical Treatments: Human Trials or Animal Trials?
  • Should Prisons Be Sites of Rehabilitation or Punishment?
  • Euthanasia: Right To Life vs. Right To Die
  • Selfishness vs. Altruism: Which One Drives Human Evolution?
  • Is Happiness Derived From Helping Others or From Getting Material Goods?
  • Death Penalty vs. Life Imprisonment: What Is the Best Way To do Justice?
  • Meat-Eating vs. Vegetarianism: Is It Ethical To Eat Animals?
  • Pro-Choice vs. Pro-Life: What Is the Right Decision?
  • Physical vs. Mental Needs of Humans: What Is More Important To Us?
  • Freedom of Expression and Restraints on Freedom: Which Should Be Favoured?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on the Environment

  • Forms of Renewable Energy: Wind vs. Solar Energy
  • The Planets: How Is Saturn Different From Jupiter?
  • Recycling vs. Landfills
  • Air Pollution vs. Water Pollution: What Should We Address First?
  • Earthquakes vs. Hurricanes: Which One Should We Be More Prepared For?
  • Fracking vs. Alternative Sources of Energy
  • What Separates the Milky Way From the Andromeda Galaxies?
  • Traditional vs. Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs
  • Life on Earth vs. Life on Mars: Where Is the Future Taking Us?
  • Electric/Hybrid Cars Vs. Diesel Or Petrol Vehicles: Which Type of Vehicle Is Truly More Environmentally Friendly?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Fashion

  • Compare the Fashion Trends of the ‘90s and ‘20s
  • Comparison of the Styles, Techniques, and Designs of Christain Dior and Louis Vuitton.
  • South Asian Bridal Wear vs. Western Bridal Wear
  • Is It Better To Shop Online or To Go Shopping in Stores?
  • Fashion Trends in Arab Countries vs. Fashion Trends in European States
  • What Is Beauty? American vs. Chinese Concepts of Beauty
  • Chanel vs. Gucci: Battle of the Designer Brands
  • The Ultimate Pair of Jeans: Skinny or Flare?
  • Leather vs. Synthetic Alternatives: Should Leather Products be Produced, Sold, and Purchased?
  • Comparison of 1950s Fashion Trends With Noughties Fashion

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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Motivation

  • Material and Non-Material Factors of Happiness
  • Is It Better To Be a Realist or a Dreamer?
  • Finding Motivation Through Friends vs. Through Family
  • Which Kind of Meditation Is Most Effective: Mindfulness or Yoga?
  • Wisdom vs. Intelligence: What Is the Difference?
  • Short-Term Goal Setting vs. Long-Term Goal Setting.
  • Important and Urgent Matrices vs. Traditional Lists: Which Method of Day-To-Day Planning Is Best?
  • Mindsets: Fixed vs. Growth
  • Visualizing Goals vs. Verbalizing Goals
  •  Relieving Stress: Exercising vs. Relaxing

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Travel

  • City Breaks vs. Countryside Retreats
  • Latin America vs. Europe: Which Continent Is the Ultimate Destination for Foodies?
  • Must-See Natural Sites of Beauty: Comparison Between Angel Falls and Iguazu Falls
  • The Future of Public Transport: Buses or Railways?
  • Booking Your Holiday Online vs. Booking It With a Travel Agent
  • Similarities and Differences Between Boracay and the Faroe Islands
  • Comparison of the New York Metro System and the London Underground
  • Beach Resort vs. Ski Resort: What kind of Holiday Is Most Enjoyable?
  • Plane vs. Ferry: Which form of Transport Is Most Reliable?
  • Compare the Eiffel Tower With the Berliner Fernsehturm

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics on Technology

  • SEO vs. Traditional Marketing: Which Yields More and Greater Results?
  • Science and Technology: Are They Interdependent?
  • The Rise of Self-Driving Cars: Should We Stick To Human Operated Cars or Replace Them With Self-Driving Cars?
  • Xbox vs. Playstation: Which Is the Better Gaming Console?
  • Apple vs. Microsoft: Which Company Is Superior?
  • Compare MIR and the International Space Station
  • Utility of Touch Screen Versus Cellular Phones
  • Laptops vs. Tablets: Which Kind of Device Is the Most Popular and Widely Used?
  • Facebook vs. Instagram
  • Advanced AI Workers or Human Workers: The Future of Manufacturing

I hope this list of compare and contrast essay topics was helpful and gives you ideas on what to write for your own essay!

For more tips and tricks on all things concerning compare and contrast essay writing, check out this video!




140 amazing compare and contrast essay topics

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Most Awesome Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Looking for the best name to call your best friend? We got you. We have compiled a list of the best 250+ nicknames perfect for all personalities.

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Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Nicknames are more than just a fun name to call your friend or loved one. They tell a mini story about that person, the connection you have with them and how much they mean to you. They, in a way, signify your bond to that person. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give out nicknames easily. They have to be perfectly cultivated to encapsulate every beautiful, or not so beautiful, thing about the person who is given the name.

It can’t be super boring, basic, or plain (unless of course, that person is boring, but you love them for it anyway). A nickname has to be perfect; no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it, the name has to be absolutely perfect.

Now, after hearing my spiel about how important nicknames are, I am sure you are thinking about the fact that your girl best friend doesn’t have one.

I bet the panic is staring to set in now, “Why doesn’t my girl best friend have a nickname???” and “Why is my nickname for my girl best friend so bad?? How can I make it better?” Take a deep breath and worry no more.

Below are the best nicknames for your girl best friend and they aren’t super plain or basic. If you’re looking for names like those, then this isn’t the article for you because plain nicknames are pretty easy to come up with.

But hey, if that’s the perfect fit for your girl best friend by all means, use that nickname. 

Continuing on, below I have taken the nickname game to the next level by organizing all the nicknames into categories.

Simply look through the category that suites your relationship and choose from 50 names, or better yet, use my examples to come up with the perfect custom nickname for your girl best friend.

No matter what name you end up choosing or creating, she will love it!

Before you begin, remember, the nickname process can be a long one and it deserves the time. The perfect nickname can be tricky to find, however, you will know when you’ve found the perfect name because it will fit effortlessly.

Also, if it is the perfect nickname, it may stick with your girl best friend for the rest of her life. So, again, make sure it’s the right name for her! Enjoy the nickname process!





Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Below are some cute smart nicknames to call your girl best friend who always seems to have the answers to everything.

Now, this could be in life, school, or simply random facts; this girl knows it all and more importantly, this girl deserves the perfect nickname.

Consider the options below!

  1. Smarty
  2. Big Brains
  3. Brainy
  4. Brainiac
  5. Worm
  6. Reader
  7. Genius
  8. Owl
  9. Nerd
  10. Nerdy
  11. Young Sheldon
  12. Einstein
  13. Booker
  14. Course Hero
  15. Grade Saver
  16. Apple
  17. Hacker
  18. Lib
  19. Wordy
  20. Brains
  21. Daze
  22. Solver
  23. Professor
  24. Wordle
  25. The President
  26. The Secretary
  27. The Brains
  28. Skater
  29. McSmart
  30. Google
  31. The Saver
  32. Nobel
  33. The Main
  34. Tutor
  35. The Teacher
  36. Nodder
  37. The Knower
  38. OZ
  39. Overlord
  40. Brilliant
  41. Light
  42. Beamer
  43. Shooting Star
  44. Champ
  45. Egghead
  46. Goggles
  47. Ivy
  48. Lemon
  49. Magic Lady
  50. Ray


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Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny, original nicknames are hard to come by these days. It seems as though every good nickname is attributed to someone you already know; therefore, you can’t use it.

If you find this happening to you, consider the list below. This list contains some funny nicknames you may or may not have heard of before.

If you have, consider them as a steppingstone to help you find or create the perfect funny nickname.

  1. Goose
  2. Goon
  3. Gooser
  4. Bug
  5. Nugget
  6. Dogo
  7. Kiwi
  8. Rat
  9. Moose
  10. Ducky
  11. Spoon
  12. Buba
  13. Bub
  14. Bab
  15. Thing
  16. Bear
  17. Sneak
  18. Slink
  19. Slinky
  20. Shifty
  21. Pal
  22. Bro
  23. Dude
  24. Buddy
  25. Sipper
  26. Teddy
  27. Funky
  28. Ding Dong
  29. Whopper
  30. Pots
  31. Frugal
  32. Wally
  33. Snail
  34. Light Weight
  35. Goof
  36. Bono
  37. Fudge
  38. Bosco
  39. Special __ (letter of their name, ex. Special K)
  40. The first letter of their name (ex. B)
  41. Goober
  42. Snacker
  43. Stinker
  44. Stinky
  45. Cheeto
  46. Stepper
  47. Anything based off of their last name
  48. Barn Dog
  49. Beak
  50. Pinky

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Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


We all have that one sassy best friend that deserves an equally sassy nickname. If you are struggling to find the perfectly balanced, or not so balanced, sassy nickname look at the list below.

This list has sassy, sassy sweet, feisty, and so many other sassy styles of nicknames for you to choose from.

Browse below and find the best sassy nickname for your girl best friend.

  1. Dumber
  2. Stupid
  3. Dummy
  4. Sass
  5. Spaz
  6. Weirdo
  7. Dung
  8. Doof
  9. Snap
  10. Pop
  11. Crackle
  12. The Weed
  13. Squirty
  14. Mother
  15. Bummer
  16. Bird
  17. Salty
  18. Grumpy
  19. Brit
  20. Snoozer
  21. Sleaze
  22. Squirt
  23. Tree
  24. Duck
  25. Pea Brain
  26. Loner
  27. Creeper
  28. Mom
  29. Parent
  30. Tooter
  31. Gingersnap
  32. Shortcake
  33. Bean Stalk
  34. Pipsqueak
  35. Hangry
  36. Cayenne
  37. Cheeseball
  38. Fuzz Ball
  39. Your Highness
  40. Nuts
  41. Kiddo
  42. Nosy
  43. Bossy
  44. Crow
  45. Diva
  46. Rebel
  47. Lazy
  48. Hun
  49. Rat
  50. Puff Bal

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Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Before you choose a nickname from the list below, make sure that your girl best friend is ok with the nickname.

If she gives you the greenlight, then browse below to find the perfect dirty nickname for her. But again, make sure to confirm that she is ok with one of the names below!

  1. Snack
  2. Hottie
  3. Sticky
  4. Looker
  5. Cutie
  6. Lover
  7. Hot Stuff
  8. Cold Stuff
  9. Shifter
  10. Sleeper
  11. Her last name (ex. Brown) (Keep it as is or change it up, ex. Brownie)
  12. Singer
  13. Snicker
  14. Sweet
  15. Twister
  16. Dynamite
  17. Banger
  18. Shadow
  19. Edible
  20. Goddess
  21. Doll
  22. Candy
  23. Sugar
  24. Smooches
  25. Sunshine
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bunny
  28. Bun Bun
  29. Tiger
  30. Sassy
  31. Missy
  32. Baby Girl
  33. Firecracker
  34. Goldy
  35. Amor
  36. Brandy
  37. My Girl
  38. Ace
  39. Fireball
  40. Kisses
  41. Sparky
  42. Caramel
  43. Spice
  44. Martini
  45. Snappie
  46. Buttercup
  47. Sexy Pants
  48. Sweet Cheeks
  49. Sugar Lips
  50. Angel

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Sweet Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend



Dirty Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Finding a nickname for your sweet girl best friend is usually pretty easy. There are many cute names out there that you could call her.

However, listed below, are some of my all-time favorites. Use this list to pick the perfect nickname.

  1. Boo
  2. Love bug
  3. Lovie
  4. Lovely
  5. Lady
  6. Girl
  7. Girly
  8. Minnie
  9. Honey
  10. Love
  11. Poo Bear
  12. Sweety
  13. Sweetheart
  14. Beautiful
  15. Snuggle Bug
  16. Pea
  17. Beau
  18. Cuddle Bug
  19. Snuggly
  20. Hugsy
  21. Pookie Bear
  22. Quality
  23. Gorgeous
  24. Softy
  25. Smiles
  26. Baby Bear
  27. Mouse
  28. Puppy
  29. Bean
  30. Sugar Snap
  31. Beauty
  32. Goldfish
  33. Sky
  34. Bunches
  35. Pie
  36. Soul Mate
  37. Tootsie
  38. Boo Boo
  39. Lulu
  40. Gal
  41. Soul Sister
  42. Chickee
  43. Dreamer
  44. Muffin
  45. Lady Bug
  46. Buzzy
  47. Rosie
  48. Iris
  49. Fun Size
  50. Pal

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Final Thoughts on Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we will ever have, therefore, making sure that your bestie has the perfect nickname is very important.

Some friendships are sweet, while others sassy and feisty, but no matter what type of relationship, a nickname should be fitting for both you and your friend (especially because you will be the one calling them said nickname, so you better like it too). 

Also, I want to say, using a nickname that is coined “basic” or “overused” doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is a way for you to connect with your friend and it will be meaningful to you and her.

Therefore, even if the nickname is “basic”, it will be more than meets the eye because it bonds the two of you. 

If you are struggling or, rather, were struggling to find the perfect nickname, I hope the list above was helpful in finding the perfect nickname or discovering an original one of your own!

No matter what you chose, your girl best friend will love it!




Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

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In no particular order, here are 8 ways literature classes in college can help you in life.

1) You Can Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the best ways of learning to communicate better is through reading more. While studying literature, students need to continually read through various types of text like prose or poetry.

They are also provided with various study notes and are also encouraged to create their own.

Literature classes can also be very interactive and engaging. Most literature programs include discussions, debates, seminars, and more.

Overall, students would be able to learn better communication through more reading, listening, evaluating, and writing.


2) You Will Be Motivated to Weave Your Life’s Story

The main essence of any work of literature is that one can always find a story in them. This is because most literary pieces are created to record various events experienced in one’s body, mind, and surroundings.

And these experienced events are usually recorded as stories. Thus, reading more literary works can help mold the idea of ‘story creation’ early on in students.

And attending literature classes in college helps students understand the know-how of how it can be done.


3) It Can Help Improve Your Evaluation Skills

Studying literature properly is not just about plain and simple reading. But it also has a lot to do with being able to discern what one reads. And learning the art of discernment can improve one’s overall evaluation skills.

Being able to discern and evaluate then goes to help students communicate and write a whole lot better.

And this skill – of reading, evaluating, and understanding – is of paramount importance in the professional world.




4) You Can Become More Articulate

Most literary works are written in different styles because they are written by different people. And the more one reads, the more they would understand the complexities behind different writing styles.

But studying literature in college has more benefits than this.


Throughout one’s literature program, they will be put through various tests to gauge and improve their literary abilities. And one of the main abilities one can work upon is being more articulate.

This means that a good literature student would always include all the details when making any type of argument or point.


5) You Can Become a Better Writer

Yes, the ability to write well depends a lot on one’s imagination and frame of mind. But, to become a great or even good writer, one also needs to do a bit of reading.

This is because, without reading previous works, one will not be able to know the required standards for great pieces of text. And without it, one will not be able to write such that it grips their readers.

In the professional world, writers are some of the most well-paid workers. This is because they can convert heaps of information into understandable and engaging texts.

And this can help a business connect with its audience a whole lot more.


6) You Can Improve Your Interactive & Social Skills

Literature courses and programs are some of the most interactive ones around. Why? Because it involves a lot of discussions, debates, storytelling sessions, and more.

In any literature class, one can always find various types of commentaries and speeches from professors and students alike.

Literature students have the unique opportunity of digging deeper into various subject areas. And the best part is that they can do so with all of their peers together.

Learning such interactive and engagement skills from one’s classroom can help them greatly in their future careers.

7) It Can Improve Your English Skills – Better Grammar, Punctuation, & More

English is not only the most spoken but is also considered a standard language across several international communities. Thus, to grow to greater heights, sooner or later, one needs to brush up on their English skills.

Most literature programs and classes around the world are conducted in English. When one takes up a program in English, they have the opportunity of learning the language usage from the masters.

Thus, learning literature early on in life can profoundly improve one’s overall English skills, which can be crucial for career progression.


8) It Can Teach You Critical Thinking & Broaden Your Horizons

To efficiently power through a literature class or program, one needs to be able to contribute adequately. But one’s contribution is often seen as beneficial when they are also able to communicate their knowledge neatly.

A study of literature can achieve this by making students find various patterns and meanings in texts. Literature from various periods of the world also contains much information about historical cultures and traditions.

It can give a lot of insight to students about how people during different times in history were, what they did, how they thought, and more. This broadens one’s horizons and makes one look at the world in an autobiographical way.


The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that studying literature in college has several benefits for one’s life. But that being said, literature programs can be difficult in terms of learning and scoring higher grades easily. 

Students should learn beforehand about all the intricacies and semantics of their desired programs. Doing so would help them know which particular literature program would be the most suitable for them. 


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What To Bring To College – The Ultimate 2022 College Packing List

Are you having trouble knowing what to bring to college? We’ve got you covered! Check out this essential list of what to bring to college.

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This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This post is all about the college packing list! 

Going away for college is the beginning of a brand new journey. You are leaving home behind for three or four months to live in a place that you have never been to before.

You now have to go to classes, move into your dorm room and receive a whole new set of responsibilities since you are off on your own. This is a big transition for any college student because you are going from having to abide by your parents’ rules to forming ones of your own.

Your parents will still check in with you and make sure you are okay, but now, in college, you are allowed to become independent and make your own decisions.

Now, it is your turn to have faith in yourself and make the right choices, starting with preparing what to pack away for college. You are going to be away from home for a whole semester, so you have to make sure that you have all of the things you need.

You need accessories to jazz up your dorm room. You need enough personal care products to last the entire semester. You have to make sure that all your school supplies are packed in your backpack and that you are up to date with the latest electronics.

If you are fortunate to have your own kitchen in your dorm, you must have all of the right tools with you so that you can learn to cook your meals on campus. Through this guide to packing what you have to bring to college, you will know exactly what you need and get you on the right track!



In this article


College Packing List for your Dorm Room 


1. Desktop Powerstrip 


2. Laundry Basket


3. Essential Oil Diffuser 


4. All-Purpose First Aid Kit 


5. Photo Clip String Lights 


6. Personal Fan 

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College Packing List of School Supplies 


7. Daily Planner 


8. Mechanical Pencil Variety Pack 


9. Travel Backpack 


10. Pen/Pencil Case 


11. Office Clips Set 


12. 3-Hole Punch 


13. 4-Pack Spiral Notebooks


14. Highlighters 


15. Sticky Notes Organizer 


16. 4-Pocket Binder

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College Packing List of Kitchen Supplies 


17. Chef Cooking Utensils Set 


18. 2-Slice Toaster 


19. Kitchen Brush Set


20. Cutting Board Set


21. Digital Food Kitchen Scale 


22. Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet 


Essentials for Cleaning and Bathroom


23. Mesh Shower Caddy


24. EasyWring Spin Mop 


25. Tall Trash Bags, Set of 90


26. Linen Towel Set 


27. Broom and Dustpan Set


Packing List of Personal Care Products 


28. Face Masks


29. Coconut & Honey Hand & Body Lotion – 


30. Facial Tools 


31. Beard Kit 


32. Under Eye Masks


33. Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser 

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Packing List of Personal Care Products


34. Scalp Massager 


35. Pimple Healing Patches


36. Microdermabrasion Machine


37. Foot File 


Packing List of Electronics 

38. Portable Power Bank 


39. Sleep Headphones 


40. Echo Dot (4th Generation) 


41. 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station


42. Beats Studio Buds 

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Food and Snacks


43. Compact Air Fryer 


44. Food Storage Containers, 16-Pack 


45. Acrylic Dinnerware 


46. Mini Waffle Maker


Packing List of Fun Stuff


47. Fitbit Versa 2


48. Mini Projector 


49. Hand Warmers


50. Electronic Word Clock

Final Thoughts on College Packing List

Getting ready to leave for college is an incredibly difficult task because you are essentially leaving behind the life you had always known, at least for a few months, to a brand new environment.

You will become mostly surrounded by people you have never met before and you have to rely on your own decision-making to solve problems that may arise in the upcoming semester.

It may seem very overwhelming and it is easy to become stressed out during this period, especially with the preparations before you leave for college.

You want to make you have everything you need before you are off on your own, which includes your personal care products, electronics, kitchen supplies, and dorm accessories.

Hopefully, this list has helped guide you in choosing the right items to bring! 





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