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60 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas – The 2023 Complete Guide

Are you having a hard time coming up with costume ideas for Halloween? We’ve got you covered! Check out these amazing last-minute Halloween costumes.

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College students wearing last minute Halloween costumes

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For many,  Halloween is their favorite day of the year — candies, candlelights, costumes. It truly does have it all, and it’s one of those rare occasions where just about anything goes.

But similarly to the 51% of millennials who cite Halloween as their favorite holiday, you’ll most likely end up with very little time to plan your costume for the night itself.

That’s where these last-minute Halloween costume ideas come in.

With everything ranging from Carole Baskin to Sherlock Holmes, there is no television, film, literary,  public, or celebrated figure who remains off-limits this Halloween.

We have suggestions for every partygoer, including last-minute Halloween costumes for girls, last-minute Halloween costumes for guys, and last-minute Halloween costumes for all genders.

Slay every party with these incredibly easy yet attention-grabbing looks that are guaranteed to have you looking the part — whichever one that may be.

In this post:

  1. Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes
  2. Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Girls
  3. Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys

Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

1. Pig in a blanket

To start is this pun-inspired costume, ideal for anyone looking for a quick and simple costume.

All you need are three items to create this look: a blanket, a pink T-shirt, and a set of animal accessories to transform you into a pig.

This costume really is that simple. If you don’t happen to have these items on hand, you will be able to purchase them all on Amazon and have them delivered to your door.

This look is all about minimal effort, but what it certainly doesn’t lack is comical or Halloween fun.

Copy the look:

2. Bandit

While this outfit may be an oldie, it’s definitely a goodie, and it’s one that never goes out of style where Halloween is concerned.

For this last-minute Halloween costume, play the thief in a classic striped top, a pair of black jeans, a beanie to keep a low profile, and, of course, a set of black gloves and a mask to keep your cover.

This outfit works particularly well as a pair or as part of a larger group. It goes without saying that the cop and bandit duo is a timeless costume classic, one that you and your bestie can have fun recreating.

Copy the look:

3. Sriracha Bottle

Spice things up in this condiment-inspired costume. Like most of the costumes in this guide, there is little to no preparation necessary.

It also won’t have you breaking the bank.

So if you can take the heat, all you’ll need is a red T-shirt complete with the markings of a traditional sriracha bottle, as well as a green cone-shaped hat.

I don’t know about you, but this look has me feeling hot, hot, hot!

Copy the look:

4. Holy Guacamole

Sticking with a culinary theme, why not dress up as what has to be one of the most Instagrammed foods of all time. Period.

But give it a comedic twist in this last-minute Halloween costume.

The look requires nothing more than a green T-shirt, a halo, avocado cut-outs, and good-old double-sided tape for attaching the cut-outs onto the shirt.

Who knew that your favorite food, one that can be smashed, blended, diced, and baked, could also transform itself into a winning Halloween costume?

Copy the look:

5. Minion

Bello! That’s hello in minion, something you’ll probably say all night long in this adorable costume.

Now, being a minion itself may not be easy under Mr. Gru, but this outfit is anything but complicated.

Just take a yellow T-shirt, some denim overalls, black gloves, some goggles, and a sharpie to draw on the iconic minion logo, and you’ll nail your outfit.

Copy the look:

6. Baseball Player

You’ll be hitting home runs in this American baseball player costume. Indeed, we guarantee that you definitely won’t strike out in it either.

How could you, when all it takes is a classic raglan T-shirt, leggings of some kind, knee-high socks with stripe details, and a baseball cap?

Feel free to carry around your own glove and bat to really knock this outfit out of the park.

Copy this look:

7. Error, Costume Not Found

For those hoping to put in the least amount of prep work possible, opt for this “Error, Costume Not Found” costume.

While it may be on the minimalist side of Halloween costumes, this does not detract from its effectiveness.

The T-shirt can be ordered on Amazon, or if you’re feeling more creative and perhaps have more time on your hands, you could use an old plain white T-shirt and write the message on it yourself with a fabric pen.

Either way, in this costume’s case, less really is more!

Copy the look:

8. Alvin and the Chipmunks

Grab a group of friends and get together to transform yourselves into everyone’s favorite singing chipmunks!

Start with a set of oversized sweatshirts (red, green, and blue if you’re trying to stay true to the movies).

Add a chipmunk accessory set complete with cute headpieces and the group’s signature round glasses.

From there, cut a yellow card into the letter “A.” All that remains is to attach the letter using clear tape to whoever is playing Alvin and leading the group this Halloween!

Copy the look:

9. Cereal Killer

If you have a weakness for puns — like me — you’ll love this incredibly clever and easy last-minute Halloween costume.

To recreate the punny look, you’ll need a plain white T-shirt, fake blood, extra strong glue, a Sharpie, and plenty of old mini cereal boxes.

Simply write “Cereal Killer ” on the shirt, scatter fake blood across it, and attach as many mini cereal boxes to it as you want.

Complete the look by applying fake blood over your face and body, and you just might be the scariest pun there is!

Copy the look:

10. M&M’s

For the sweet tooth in you, dress up as one of your favorite candies! Pick your color, whether that’s red, blue, or green, and purchase the corresponding T-shirt. Yes, that’s it!

It’s a ridiculously easy and delicious last-minute Halloween costume. However, we can’t promise that you won’t end up eating yourself silly on M&M’s by the end of a night of partying and trick or treating!

Copy the look:

Spongebob Squarepants Large Smile T-Shirt

For the sweet tooth in you, dress up as one of your favorite candies! Pick your color, whether that’s red, blue, or green, and purchase the corresponding T-shirt. Yes, that’s it!

It’s a ridiculously easy and delicious last-minute Halloween costume. However, we can’t promise that you won’t end up eating yourself silly on M&M’s by the end of a night of partying and trick or treating!


11. Scarecrow

You won’t scare anyone too much in this costume. Plus, a few items are all it takes to transform yourself into a traditional allotment scarecrow.

A check shirt, a pair of jeans or denim overalls, and a classic scarecrow hat like this one from Amazon, which comes with a straw necklace, are the staples of this outfit.

For those of you who are more artistically inclined, grab some face paint to truly transform yourself into the ultimate scarecrow!

Copy the look:

12. Smarty Pants

You can never really go wrong with a good pun, and this one tastes as good as it looks!

The costume consists of a shirt, a dickie bow, geek glasses, trousers or jeans, and last but not least, Smarties Candy Rolls.

Double-sided tape can be used to attach the candies to your pants. By the time you’re done, you’ll look like quite the smarty pants!

Copy the look:

13. Magic 8-Ball

This costume is unbelievably simple and easy to put together.

Yes, for this costume, all you’ll need is a blue cone (a party-style hat will suffice) on which you’ll write the various outcomes that the Magic 8-Ball gives, as well as a T-shirt complete with the game’s iconic logo.

Don’t count on others not taking note of your outfit and stealing it for next year’s Halloween. The outlook is very good for this last-minute Halloween costume!

Copy the look:

14. Hogwarts Student

Expelliarmus! Bring some magic to the celebrations in this enchanting look. You can be Harry, Hermoine, or Ron this Halloween.

The good part about this costume is that many of the items can be used again, such as the grey sweater and the white shirt.

Although the same can’t be said for the traditional Hogwarts cape, the glasses, or the wand.

However, you’ll certainly put a spell on every trick or treater in this costume!

Copy the look:

15. Nerd

This outfit is built for the intellectual, the academic, and the student in you. In fact, it’s as clever as you are!

A reasonably priced accessory set featuring glasses, a bow tie, and a name badge will have you looking brainy and full of knowledge.

Simply put on a smart shirt, add suspenders (always bound to add an intellectual flair) as well as a pair of smart trousers, and you’ll look and feel like you’re back at school!

Copy the look:

16. Rick and Morty

Known for their intergalactic adventures and repeated mishaps, this two-person costume is perfect for any pair looking to go as one of TV’s most popular duos.

If you’re channeling your inner Rick Sanchez, all you’ll need is a white lab coat, a blue sweater, a pair of brown trousers or chinos, and to really solidify the look, a blue wig, and eyebrow set.

For the Morty Smiths, it’s even easier. Just a yellow shirt and blue jeans are needed to create the second half of this hilarious duo.

Copy the look:

17. Breadwinner

If puns are your thing — as they are mine — this costume is perfect for you. It also won’t require hours of prep work, and it’s made up of only a few items.

First, any classic T-shirt (preferably blue) will be suitable. You’ll pair it with a sports headband and a gold medal.

Then, just grab a loaf of bread, carry this around with you during the night, and your costume is ready to be showcased!

Copy the look:

18.  French Kiss

French fashion and classic rock collide in this outfit, producing an incredibly original look. For the French part of this outfit, you’ll need a long sleeve striped top and a red scarf, which will have you looking every bit Parisian — a beret and a French baguette can be added to the costume if you are going all out.

The rock and roll aspect comes in the form of the bold Kiss-inspired face paint that became emblematic of the 1970s band. Rock on in this costume with a European twist!

Copy the look:

19. Sailor

Bon voyage! It’s all aboard in this maritime outfit that won’t leave you drowning in costume preparation.

Of course, you’ll need the classic striped T-shirt, along with the sailor hat and scarf that can be purchased at an affordable price from Amazon.

White loose trousers or chinos will round off the look as you sail the night away.

Copy the look:

20. Hydro Flask

They’re everyone’s favorite water bottle, and now, you can literally be one this Halloween! This outfit works best in large groups, but if you’re riding solo this Halloween, that works fine too.

Simply choose which color Hydro Flask you wish to be, and use a fabric gel roller or pen such as this one from Amazon to decorate your oversized T-shirt with the popular Hydro Flask logo.

Copy the look:

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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Girls

21. Minnie Mouse

You’ll look cute as a button in this costume. It’s low cost, simple, and allows for some personalization.

An adorable red polka dot skirt, a black T-shirt, and signature ears are all that you need to play this childhood character. After all, who wouldn’t want to be Minnie Mouse for a day?

Copy the look:

22. Pink ladies

Grease is the word in this costume, which pays homage to one of the most well-known musicals of all time.

Not to mention it’s an incredibly easy look to put together. Gather a group of friends to recreate this iconic look.

A classic pink ladies jacket, a scarf, glasses, a striped T-shirt, the ‘50s curled hair, lipstick, black bottoms, and heels will have you all looking slick.

Copy the look:

23. Greek Goddess

While this outfit is not for the faint-hearted, for a last-minute Halloween costume, you won’t even have to leave your house to create it.

Wrap and pin a white sheet around yourself. This will form the basis of the outfit.

Then, add some gold vine ribbon to the sheet, and wear it as a headpiece if possible.

Of course, if you don’t fancy making this, I recommend opting for a one-shoulder white dress and gold heels.

This may be inspired by ancient times, but you’ll look anything but outdated in this daring look.

Copy the look:

24. Dora the Explorer

Go exploring in this outfit that will take you right back to your childhood. By the time you’ve assembled your costume, you’ll look like you’re ready for an adventure.

The pink T-shirt and yellow cycle shorts can be ordered from Amazon. All that’s missing now is Dora’s iconic bag on your back as you set off on Halloween night!

Copy the look:

25. Bunny

At some point in a girl’s life, she’ll dress up as a bunny for Halloween. It’s your turn this year! An age-old costume like this requires little time, money, or stress.

If you want to be comfy, cozy, and look the part, sport a bunny onesie for the night.

If you’re planning on getting more dressed up, then a little black dress, a set of bunny ears, a dickie bow, and a bunny tail will have you hopping right into the party!

Copy the look:

26. Cosmic Brownie

For those with a sweet tooth, this tasty looking outfit is perfect.

Cosmic brownies are just as popular now as they were when they first emerged in the 1950s, and now, you can even dress up like one in this last-minute Halloween costume!

A plain brown dress forms the basis of the look. Assorted colorful pom-poms will then be attached to the dress, at which point you and your outfit will truly be out of this world, not to mention delicious!

Copy the look:

27. Dorothy From The Wizard of Oz

This costume is ready and waiting for you somewhere over the rainbow.  So be your own Dorothy this Halloween!

A pair of red heels are essential, which should be worn with a gingham pinafore and white shirt underneath.

Tie your hair in pigtails and add red ribbons to complete the outfit.

We can’t guarantee that anything will happen if you rub your heels together, but you’re bound to wow others with this theatrical look!

Copy the look:

28. Tinkerbell

Sprinkle some magic into Halloween with this Tinkerbell costume. Your outfit will feature the fairy’s signature light green dress and her all-important fairy wings.

Style your hair into a high bun, and add more sparkle with some makeup glitter. Don’t forget a wand to tie the whole look together.

Copy the look:

29. Carole Baskin

All you crazy cats out there will love this one. She’s become one of the most talked-about TV and internet personalities over the past year, and her style is equally recognizable.

Embrace your cat-loving tendencies this Halloween; Amazon offers the perfect set, complete with a flower crown and an animal print blouse.

Just add bootcut or flare jeans, and carry around your stuffed cat toy as you transform yourself into Carole Baskin for the night.

Copy the look:

30. ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’

Go back to school as you take on one of pop culture’s most infamous looks.

In her acclaimed music video, Britney Spears sports a revamped school uniform, pigtails, and heels — you can do the same this Halloween!

This last-minute Halloween costume consists of a white shirt tied at the waist, a gray cardigan, a black skater skirt, black knee-high socks, heels, and, of course, the pink pom-pom hair bands.

What are you waiting for? Go and get your Britney on!

Copy the look:

31. The Handmaid’s Tale

Step right into Gilead in this dystopian look. Not only is it an easy costume to assemble, it will also be instantly recognized by others who are fans of the award-winning novel and TV series.

To capture Atwood’s vision of the future, you’ll need a large red cape, brown boots, and, of course, a white bonnet. Blessed be your Halloween costume this year!

Copy the look:

32. Clueless

In a stylish throwback to the ‘90s blockbuster, this costume celebrates the film Clueless and Cher Horowitz, its lead character!

You’ll need the classic co-ord, featuring a gingham blazer, a white T-shirt, a yellow cardigan, and a gingham skirt, as well as a pair of white stockings.

White heels will finish the look off, and by then, it will be lights, camera, and action as you debut this movie star look!

Copy the look:

33. Tooth Fairy

Does she exist? Does she not exist? Who knows for sure? Either way, this Halloween, you can become a living version of the tale told by all of our parents.

Simply put on a white dress, a pair of fairy wings, and get crafty with a wooden stick and a white card.

The card will be used to cut out a tooth-shaped design, which will be attached to the end of the wooden stick — the tooth fairy can’t be without her wand. On this Halloween night, you are the tooth fairy!

Copy the look:

34. Party Animal

In keeping with other pun-inspired costumes in this guide, this outfit is simple, funny, and can be adapted from person to person.

All you need are your choices of party clothes, such as a going-out dress or skirt and top.

Any kind of animal headwear set will suffice. If you feel like being a lion, a dog, or a cat, you can!

Of course, this costume can be worn out as a group, with each member taking on a different role. Party the night away in this easy Halloween costume.

Copy the look:

35. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

In an elegant tribute to Audrey Hepburn’s renowned role, you’ll keep things classy with this outfit based on the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Slip into a black cocktail dress and accessorize with a beautiful pearl necklace. Then, add some black tea party gloves and a pair of cat sunglasses.

Complete the costume with a mini tiara, and you’ll look every bit like Holly Golightly.

Copy the look:

36. Ashley Spinelli

Who didn’t love watching Recess as a kid? This Disney Channel hit series had jokes, drama, friendship, and action in every episode.

Though I enjoyed watching the entire group, my favourite character had to be Ashley Spinelli. If you’re with me on this one, then you’ll love this Halloween costume.

The costume is easy too; all you’ll need is a leather biker jacket, a red dress, an orange beanie, black boots, and a pair of yellow and red striped socks, which can all be purchased from Amazon.

Copy the look:

37. Devil Wears Prada

Devil Wears Prada Costume


Just to be clear, this outfit doesn’t have you dressing up as Anne Hathaway or Meryl Streep, who both starred in the 2006 rom-com.

It’s another pun-inspired costume — personally, I can’t get enough of them.

As a devil-wearing Prada, you’ll need a Prada top of any kind, or a top that you don’t mind writing the logo on, as well as a set of devil ears.

That’s all it takes to create this last-minute Halloween costume.

Copy the look:

38. ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’

Johannes Vermeer, the Dutch Golden Age artist, painted “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in 1665.  Since then, it has remained a timeless work of art.

This year, you can capture the painting in all its simplicity and beauty during the Halloween period.

Simply wrap your hair up in a beige head wrap, and layer it with a light blue head wrap. Put on a white shirt and, again, layer that with a brown blouse over the top.

Of course, this look isn’t complete without a pair of pearl earrings!

Copy the look:

39. Unicorn

It’s no myth that unicorns will never go out of style when it comes to Halloween costumes. This costume is bound to add some magic, some color, and a little glitter to the night.

It’s easy too; a white dress and a unicorn headband are all you need to transform into the magical creature.

Alternatively, a rainbow tutu and a white shirt would make an equally dazzling last-minute Halloween costume!

Copy the look:

40. Wonder Woman

This list ends on a heroic note, and it celebrates feminine power and strength in a superhero-themed costume.

Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with, and her costume will stand out just as much as she does!

So if you feel like playing the part of a global superhero this Halloween season, simply order a Wonder Woman T-shirt from Amazon, as well as the tiara that Wonder Woman is always seen wearing.

You might not be able to slay the world in this costume, but you will slay any holiday party in it!

Copy the look:

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Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Guys

41. Men in Black

Two men in a black tux wearing sunglasses


Guys, if you still haven’t figured out your costume for Halloween this year, then this look is here to save the day. A black suit and tie and slick shades are all you need to look the part.

What’s more is that if you don’t already have these items, then purchasing them will be a long-term investment. After all, every man needs a staple suit in his wardrobe.

Copy the look:

42. Neo from The Matrix

Neo from The Matrix seating on a chair


The Matrix is arguably one of the most acclaimed films of the 21st century; this Halloween, you can transform into one of its main characters.

Neo is seen wearing an iconic long black cape, black shoes, and a pair of polarized ultralight sunglasses.

All of these items can be purchased online from Amazon to be delivered just in time for the celebrations. The only question that will remain after sporting this costume is the red or blue pill?

Copy the look:

43. Joe Exotic

A family in Joe exotic inspired outfits


I would struggle to believe anyone who claims to have not heard of this man. Otherwise known as the Tiger King, Joe Exotic was first introduced to the world in his Netflix show, which entertained us all during quarantine.

It’s safe to say that his personality is just as wild and bold as his style, making this a fun and exciting costume to put together.

To be the legend that is Joe Exotic this Halloween, you’ll need an exotic patterned shirt, a pair of jeans, and an accessory set featuring a stick-on mustache, fake piercings, a wig, and a baseball cap.

Copy the look:

44. Borat

A guy dressed as Borat holding the American flag


In this outfit, you’ll be looking very nice, as Borat himself would say. The amusing character from Kazakhstan is most often seen in an old-fashioned grey suit and yellow tie.

You’ll need these items, as well as a pair of smart shoes. To really complete the look, carry around a small American flag for the night. Very nice!

Copy the look:

45. James Bond

A guy in a tux posing as James Bond holding a gun


Your name’s Bond. James Bond. That is, this Halloween night. This truly is the perfect last-minute Halloween costume.

You can either wear your own tuxedo, rent one, or purchase this clever zip-up one from Amazon.

Copy the look:

46. Dr. Drake Ramoray

A smiling guy in a doctor's outfit


The Friends gang recently rekindled their unmistakable bond to film a special reunion episode. So how could we not reference the series at least once in our guide?

We based a costume on one of the show’s most memorable storylines for the ladies’ man, Joey Tribbiani; in the show, the soap opera star is always seen wearing a doctor’s coat, a shirt and tie, as well as a stethoscope around his neck.

Create your own version of this memorable fictional doctor, played by the legendary actor Matt LeBlanc.

Copy the look:

47. Diego from Dora the Explorer

Diego the explorer


We couldn’t mention Dora the Explorer without also mentioning her partner, right? With this in mind, two people can team up to create this adventurous duo.

Of course, Diego can also ride the night solo. To create this look, grab a baby blue T-shirt, cargo shorts, a well-pocketed fishing vest, walking boots, as well as a crossbody bag, and the exploring can begin!

Copy the look:

48. Jughead Jones

I have to admit that I am not up to date on all things Riverdale.

But, like many others, I binged my way through the first three seasons, hooked by the murder, secrets, and romantic storylines between the characters.

One notable character is Jughead Jones, though his style is incredibly simple, making it the ideal foundation for a last-minute Halloween costume.

All this look needs is a sherpa-lined denim jacket, jeans, a black T-shirt, a flannel shirt, and, of course, the hat that Jughead wears in every single scene!

Copy the look:

49. Farmer

If you want to opt for a more laid-back look this Halloween season, this country look is perfect. You’ll be ready for country life in this outfit, and it won’t have you spending a fortune.

This outfit consists of a pair of denim overalls, a check flannel shirt, and a straw hat. After a long night of partying, all that will be left to do is hit the hay!

Copy the look:

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50. Mr. Clean

You’ll clean up nicely in this incredibly simple, last-minute Halloween costume. He’s seen most often on the side of cleaning products, and on Halloween night, you can create Mr. Clean’s iconic look.

Simply put on a white T-shirt, white jeans or chinos, and a pair of white plimsolls.

You could also choose to sport a bald cap if you’re really committed to the part! Just don’t forget the bushy white eyebrows!

Copy the look:

51. Cowboy

A cowboy


Howdy there! Fancy bringing a bit of the Wild West to Halloween this year? Well, this outfit will do just that, and it won’t require a lot of prep work either.

Put on a classic check flannel shirt, jeans, walking boots or cowboy boots if possible, a bandana around your neck, and, of course, a cowboy hat to finish off the look.

You’ll be saying yee-haw in no time in this costume!

Copy the look:

52. Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes


Play detective in this costume, which is ideal for anyone short on time but hoping to impress their guests.

While it may be easiest to purchase this comprehensive Holmes costume, you can also assemble the look yourself.

You’ll need a long tweed coat and hat, a magnifying glass, and a pipe to start solving mysteries this Halloween!

Copy the look:

53. Mr. Bean

Played by the hilarious Rowan Atkinson, Mr. Bean was a character that had everyone laughing. His unique look can be easily replicated for this year’s Halloween costume.

It simply requires a brown suit jacket, brown trousers to match, a white shirt, and a red tie. Carry around Mr. Bean’s signature furry friend for the night so that you are instantly recognizable!

Copy the look:

54. Stewie Griffin from Family Guy

If you’re a fan of the animated show Family Guy,  then this last-minute costume will be right up your street.

Stewie Griffin, one of the series’s most popular characters, sports an outfit that is very easy to put together.

In order to copy this look, a yellow shirt would be suitable; pair the yellow shirt with red overalls and plimsolls and you are good to go.

Carrying around a stuffed teddy bear would also add to the look since the character is known for his childlike behavior.

Copy the look:

55. Old School Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

I can still remember when this meme first surfaced and blessed my social media feed. In a throwback picture of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the movie star is seen dressed in all things ‘90s.

If you feel like recreating the look this Halloween, just put on a pair of mom jeans, a black turtleneck, a gold chain, and a classic fanny pack. This look really is that straightforward!

Copy the look:

56. Brawny

We all use them — everyday, probably. I’m talking about paper towels, which somehow are the inspiration for this next costume!

The product logo for Brawny paper towels features a strong-looking man, which you can dress up as this year for a Halloween costume that is a bit different, and a bit more creative than others.

It’s simple too; a black and red flannel shirt, jeans, and a pair of brown boots are all that this costume needs.

To guarantee that everyone knows exactly who you are, I also recommend carrying around a pack of Brawny paper towels for the night!

Copy the look:

57. Firefighter

Hopefully, you won’t have to put out any fires during the Halloween season. But should the event arise, at least you’ll look ready for action in this costume.

It only consists of a few items.

Simply purchase a fire crew T-shirt, put on a pair of black or navy blue trousers, whip out some red suspenders, and complete the look with a firefighter hard hat.

You’ll certainly look like the hero waiting to save the day.

Copy the look:

58. Mr. Incredible

On the subject of heroes, why not dress up as one of the most powerful and coolest superheroes that has ever graced our cinema screens?

As a child, The Incredibles was a film that I watched on repeat — much to the dismay of my family.

If you’re anything like me, recreating your own version of the film’s leading man this Halloween is a brilliant idea.

Not to mention that Amazon stocks all the items you’ll need to do this, like an Incredibles top, a superhero mask, and black gloves.

Copy the look:

59. Carlton Banks

As I grew up and grew out of The Incredibles, one of my favourite shows became The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

I am a huge fan of Will Smith, but I couldn’t help but be entertained by his on-screen cousin Carlton Banks.

So, bring a bit of Bel-Air to Halloween this year in a costume that is simple and inexpensive.

The character most often appeared wearing a shirt of some kind (we’ve opted for a light blue one), smart trousers or chinos, smart shoes, and a sweater draped over his shoulders.

All that’s left to do now is put some Tom Jones on the speaker and dance like Carlton Banks!

Copy the look:

60. Peter Pan

To round out this guide, we’re taking you to Neverland for this final last-minute Halloween costume.

For this outfit, you don’t have to grow up, so let loose and enjoy the spooky celebrations. By no means is this look difficult to prepare; however, it will require some light craftsmanship.

An oversized green T-shirt will need to be cut at the hem to create a zig-zag design.

Pair this with a pair of green trousers or leggings, brown boots, as well as a classic Peter Pan hat, and you’ll be ready to fly off into the night.

Copy the look:

Final Thoughts on Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re after a movie-inspired look or a pun-loving one, this guide is sure to help you decide who you want to be this Halloween.

The choices really are endless, so go wild, be creative, and have fun with whatever and whoever you choose to be inspired by.

Comment below to share which look you end up sporting this Halloween!




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These are all the good habits for students that they can develop while at uni.

Habits are defined as things that we always do or customs that we have and develop throughout our lives making constant and intensive use of them.

A study habit is a recurring practice of people, mainly students, in which study methodologies, study times, study subjects, etc. can be evidenced and presented.

Study habits are developed in order to improve academic performance, memorization, responsibility, self-management and autonomy of the student, creating awareness about correct educational practices in this.

Study habits are self-developed and acquired, for which reason a study habit that my partner has developed, I cannot have at the same level of development.

This happens because each one of us has techniques and ways by which it becomes easier for us to acquire information and/or memorize it, thus promoting individuality and the construction of personality in the student.

Study habits are the best and most powerful predictor of academic success, much more than the level of intelligence or memory, since habits are behaviors that we acquire by repetition and that, over time, become automated and allow us to face to daily tasks more effectively.

So, if you´ve been trying to do better at school then this article is for you, read it carefully and start changing your habits now!

Table of contents:



10 Good Habits in Class

1.Clarify any doubt on that same day

Even the brightest students initially struggle with certain concepts.

Clarify any questions you have the same day if you don’t understand a particular concept that your teacher covered in class.

You’ll stay current on the subject if you maintain this positive habit.

Clarifying any doubts about the subject studied in class is essential since it will still be fresh in your head.

Because if you wait a few days to clarify any doubts, you may no longer remember well what it was that you did not understand or you might just simply give up on the topic.


2. No electronic devices

Mobile phones, such as computers, tablets or video games, are daily stimuli in our lives to which the brain pays attention, consciously or unconsciously, whenever they are within our reach.

Its mere accessibility can cause diversion of attention and lower performance in the study.

Taking this into account, the solution seems clear, right? The devices when studying, better away.

Mobile devices are a great distraction when it comes to being in the classroom because for many studying is boring and, if following the flight of a fly can be entertaining depending on the topic or subject, a mobile is a pocket Disney.

An alert that indicates that a WhatsApp has arrived, a “like” on Instagram, the notice of a new update from your favorite YouTuber… each notification is a “Hello, I’m here. You are getting bored and I have something more fun to offer you. “


3. Arriving on time

By meeting the goal of arriving early to class, and making it a habit, which, although not very noticeable at first, over time generates a very attractive pattern, will undoubtedly distinguish you from others.

And in time you will notice a good attitude in others towards you; because this will generate an unconscious trust in your person and will make you seem reliable to be responsible for a project.

Arriving on time is also essential for your learning, since you will be more focused on the topic taught and you will not miss anything that could be important for your understanding.

To be a successful student you must be organized with your time and always have in mind that punctuality is the soul of courtesy.

Never forget that the golden rules are: If you are 5 minutes early, you are on time. If you’re on time, it’s already late. If you’re late, you’re gone.

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4. Stay organized: Agenda

Being organized is critical to academic success, so develop good study habits.

Every day, devote 5 to 10 minutes to organizing your notes and assignments.

When it comes time to study for your next test or exam, you won’t have to scour the internet for the resources you require.

Being organized saves us time and effort.

We waste a lot of time, for example, looking for the papers of each subject instead of having everything organized inside a carpet.

We can also do badly in class by not writing down all the jobs and tasks we have for the week in an agenda, since we can forget them. 

Being organized helps us to be calm and stress-free.

Many times, the mess in which we live is a reflection of the mess that is inside our heads and vice versa.

And also, so much mess inside our heads and having so many things from school to do can affect us and cause us anxiety.



5. Take regular notes

Another successful student’s habit is to always take notes while studying.

Taking regular notes improves your memory power and allows you to easily review topics. 

When students focus and practice a note-taking system that can keep them organized, they are developing a lifelong skill that can help them efficiently process and transcribe data and facts, which is relevant to a variety of professions.

Taking notes forces you to maintain attention and concentration in the classroom, to think about what the teacher says and to write, selecting and structuring the contents of the subject.

The effort to synthesize the information and give it its own shape is a tool for studying that facilitates the subsequent assimilation of the subject.


6. Sitting in the front row

A student who sits in the front of the classroom is more engaged.

You will make more eye contact with the professor and may be called upon more frequently.

It can be intimidating to answer questions in front of the class, but it is a great way to learn.

The average length of a class is an hour to an hour and a half.

In the grand scheme of things, this is not a very long time to remain focused on something that will contribute to the development of our future.

The class will seem twice as long if you drift off during this time.

It’s simple to get sidetracked and hide from the professor when you’re seated in the back of the room.

If laptops are permitted in the classroom, it’s very simple to start Internet browsing and lose all concentration.

It is usually simpler to maintain concentration on the material you are learning if you are in the front of the room.

If you pay attention in class, there’s a good chance you’ll even be able to reduce the amount of time you spend studying outside of class.

Take it slow if moving to the front row all at once seems intimidating.

Discover how simple it is to achieve greater success by starting to advance a few rows each week!


7. Establish communication with your professors

Talk to your professors as soon as possible and as frequently as possible.

Learning how to ask questions, request assistance, and interact with superiors politely will benefit you throughout your life and not just your academic performance.

Your education will be enriched by developing relationships with your professors, and you’ll be able to start a mentoring group on campus. 

You’ll be more likely to ask for assistance or participate in class if you establish a strong rapport with your teacher because you will be aware of the expectations.

Likewise, your instructor will be able to help you more effectively if they are aware of your strengths.

They might even encourage you to pursue additional academic or professional goals in fields where you excel but might lack confidence.

In the end, building relationships with your professors will improve and deepen your college coursework.

This is one of the best habits you can have as a college student for the future


8. Take every extra opportunity to study

Try to accommodate any after-class study sessions or opportunities for extra credit that a professor or teaching assistant might offer.

This not only increases your safety net in case you make a mistake again, but it also demonstrates your initiative as a learner.

This is a great habit for students wanting to excel at their courses, since it will not only show more interest in the class but really understand all the material better.

After class, spend some time reviewing your notes.

Although it won’t take much time, the sooner you complete this task, the better.

You can fill in the blanks and determine what you might need help with by reviewing right away following class, while the information is still fresh.


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9. Set short- term study goals

Setting short-term goals before each study session is a good study habit to keep up.

It’s pretty useless to read through your notes aimlessly in the hope that you’ll remember everything.

Get into the habit of writing down your objectives for the upcoming hour of study before each session.

For instance, if you are studying physics, your objective might be to have all the formulas you require memorized for a particular topic.

After every study session, go over your work by saying aloud everything you learned.

You know you need to spend more time on those specific areas if there is anything you can’t recall.


10. Never study hungry or sleepy

In order for our brain to function properly, it is important that we provide it with all the necessary nutrients.

Thus, you will have a greater capacity for concentration and you will be able to retain information more easily.

Therefore, it is important that you avoid studying when you are hungry, or postpone lunch hours to study longer.

Physiological needs influence the individual’s ability to concentrate.

Because of this, you should always prioritize your diet and make sure you’re full before you start learning.

In the same way, you should never study sleepy.

Drowsiness shuts down the brain’s ability to focus and absorb new knowledge.

Because of this, maintaining a healthy sleep routine contributes significantly to developing good study habits.


Student studying


10 Good Habits at Home

1. Prepare your study area

Your work area must be arranged according to your preferred method of studying, so the first step is to remove all your dirty clothes from the desk and transfer them to the bed (or better yet, to the laundry basket).

If you find it easy to learn new things while you are in contact with nature, perhaps the best thing for you is to be in a park or in a quiet forest.

But if you need absolute silence, the best thing would be a library or conditioning your room to prevent noise from the street or from the neighbors from interrupting you.


2. Organize your study time

The proper distribution of time in each activity is important when you dedicate yourself to studying.

This advice is often given constantly, but not everyone establishes an adequate schedule of the time they need for daily activities such as study hours.

A practical way to start this organization of your time is to evaluate the available hours you have left in the day after doing your routine activities.

Of that time, establish a minimum (it can be two hours) to study in a fixed and constant way.

Remember that studying in an orderly way will prevent you from feeling stress, since you will obtain positive results more quickly and of course increase your productivity.


3. What do you find harder? Dedicate more time to it

One of the most common mistakes that university (and school) students often make is that they leave the most difficult subjects for last.

There is a certain “fear” of facing the subjects that cost them the most and that is why they postpone them time and time again.

You have to do the opposite!

We all have areas in which we are weaker, and the only way to overcome ourselves is to face them (this also applies to situations in your personal life).

If from the beginning you dedicate more time to that theme that is difficult for you and that you do not like so much, with time you will master it and you will feel the peace of mind that it is no longer a threat to you.


4. Study first, then reward yourself

This is a great study habit that practically no one applies.

What’s more, students generally do the opposite.

Many wait to have the “perfect situation” to start studying, this means: Have eaten before, have played their favorite console games, have done everything they had pending; and only then begin to feel “comfortable” to start studying.

The truth is that you should do the opposite.

As we said before, set easy goals. The best thing you can do is say: “I’m going to study for 30 minutes and I’m going to focus 100% on my studies, when I’m done, I can play on my console.” Or: “When I finish studying, I’m going to reward myself by eating a pizza, but I can only eat it if I complete the study.”

Incentives are very useful study strategies if you know how to apply them.

5. Take breaks

Studying for hours can be exhausting, and after a period of time without breaks our brain can get fatigued, which is why it is ideal to take breaks as you study.

It is advisable to take at least 10 minutes of rest for every 50 minutes of study.

After the break, you will see how you are ready again to continue learning. 

It is advisable to do a little exercise, stretching or meditation, even a short nap.

Some points you should pay attention to are:


  • Stay away from the computer and social media.
  • The idea of ​​a break is not just stopping work, but also doing something different. In other words, get away from your screen, yes, even the small screen of your cell phone.
  • It’s easy to get lost in the world of social media, where a 5-minute break can quickly turn into an hour.
  • Move your body, try to get some exercise, it will not only help you rest but it will improve your mood, reduce your anxiety and strengthen your body.
  • Direct your attention to something other than what you are studying, taking a break is about using a different area of ​​the brain.
  • Fuel your body and mind, eating nutritious snacks and staying hydrated can help you stay more focused and provide you with the energy you need for a successful study session.


6. Eliminate time thieves

Distractions are the great enemy of study habits. To eliminate them, it is necessary to know and count them.

Which ones occur? When do they happen? How much time do they steal from me? These responses can be fixed with a quick journal.


Once identified, the solution is simple. If they are external distractions, it will be enough to limit them.


For example:


  • Remove the vibration from the mobile, leave it upside down or outside the study area.
  • Asking our family and friends not to disturb us while we are studying (for example, while the bedroom door is closed).
  • Turn off the computer (and, if I turn it on to search for information, turn it off again when I’m done, so it’s hard to get distracted).
  • If the distractions are internal (that is, my thoughts or feelings do not let me study) it can also be improved:


  • If I get hungry or thirsty, I haven’t planned my schedule enough. In good planning there is time to eat or at least, time for the unforeseen.


  • If my thoughts don’t leave me alone, I can modify the messages I give myself: “That’s not important now, now it’s time to study”, “I’ll think about that later, now I’d like to study”, etc.


  • If it’s my emotions (like anger or anxiety) that prevent me from concentrating, either it’s not the best time to study, or I don’t control them enough.


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7. Achieve goals through micro routines

Jordan Peterson, a well-known professor at the University of Toronto, created this valuable concept.

This technique entails making goals and writing them down because writing helps us organize and categorize our thoughts.

Once we have written down our objectives, we can more easily carry them out by breaking them down into smaller tasks called micro routines.

The brain rewards the achievement of these micro routines by releasing dopamine as a result of its connection to the primary objective.

In other words, thanks to this, feedback is generated that gradually pushes us to success, which is why it is important that the micro routines are not impossible to comply with since failure in them can produce a negative effect.


8. Follow what you are passionate about

The most successful students like what they learn and enjoy doing it.

Thanks to that passion, every day they learn more and more.

Therefore, another common habit among the best students is that they follow and are interested in current affairs and what the experts think.

For example, if you are studying economics, you must be up to date with what is happening in the economic world today.

Of course, it is important to point out that each student is different and not all of them strictly follow the same study habits.

The best way to become an outstanding student is to try different techniques and find out which ones work best for you.


9. The habit of summarizing 

The habit of summarizing the knowledge of each chapter and each section is scattered and isolated.

To form a knowledge system, there must be a summary after the class.

Summarize what you have learned and capture the key points and keys to master.

Compare and understand confusing concepts.

Every time you learn a topic, you should connect the knowledge points scattered in each chapter into a line, supplement with faces, and form a network so that the learned knowledge is systematized, regularized, and structured, so that you can use it to make associations.


10. Exercise

When performing physical exercise, the manufacture of new neurons is started in the brain areas dedicated to learning and memory.

On the other hand, sports activity allows us to secrete dopamine and norepinephrine, brain neurotransmitters.

This is very important since, in recent studies, it has been discovered that when dopamine and norepinephrine are released in the brain, the information studied is better consolidated in memory.

Exercising stimulates memory by regularly making people identify visual stimuli faster and concentrate more than those who are passive or inactive.

Commitment and responsibility are concepts that are valued by young students, since practicing a sport makes them more organized, prone to taking care of their bodies and not falling into bad habits.


Studying with friends


10 Tips to Develop Good Habits

1. More is not better

Long study days do not guarantee learning, the Kaizen method suggests distributing short sessions of time, but repeated throughout the week, in such a way that they allow generating habitual study frequencies for the person; It is also suggested to distribute specific objectives for each session in such a way that it is easy to assess the progress and motivation per session.


2. Study with friends

The second of the tips to improve study habits is to establish a time to study with a group of friends.

This will help us feel motivated while studying, since we will be in the company of others, not to mention that it will be much more fun than studying alone.

It is also very likely that they will remind you of the date on which you have met, so it is difficult for you to forget.

It will also help you feel more love towards studying since it will become something fun and not just something you´re forced to do.


3. Use Post- its

The next tip to improve study habits is an old way of reminding yourself that you have something to do.

I eat?

Through sticky notes or post-its.

The idea is to leave them all over the bedroom, bathroom or notebook.

Put brightly colored post-its in places where you know you can’t help but look at them without feeling guilty.

Having a schedule and study habits is the most important part of succeeding as a college student.

You just have to find the one that best suits your needs.

Once you have everything planned, you will notice the improvement both in your study habits and in your personal life.

4. Sounds

Depending on your tastes and personality, you may concentrate better away from noise, while your classmates may refer to listening to music, whatever your preference, try to use it when you prepare to study.

This technique will allow you to concentrate and meet the objectives faster, as well as stimulate your creativity and ingenuity.


5. Pomodoro Technique

If procrastination is one of your biggest enemies and you can’t find a way to focus on what you need to do, maybe it’s because you haven’t tried the Pomodoro technique.

Basically, the idea is to use a timer to divide your tasks into 25-minute blocks of time where you must fully focus on what you are doing, and interspersed with 5-minute rest periods.

Once you have completed a complete work cycle, that is, four blocks of 25 minutes, you take a long break that can be from 20 to 30 minutes.

This technique has helped many to improve their concentration and speed up.

The best thing is that there are several apps to help focus that include it creatively in their methodology, among them you can choose Forest, Goodtime, Pomodoro Timer, Focus To-Do, among others.


6. Check your progress

To verify that our study habits meet our needs, it is best to submit to small tests and questionnaires in which we can check the progress in the study and that we use techniques that give us greater performance.

Each student must be aware of their abilities, their ability to concentrate and, according to these factors, design habits and routines that make them move forward and feel that they are meeting their goals.


7. Avoid Procrastination

Procrastination is voluntarily putting off assigned tasks to finally carry them out at a time or date that is close to the deadline set to meet them.  Why do we leave things for later when we know that is not the best?

> Due to lack of self-control.

> We are not interested because we do not see the value of doing the task.

> We are afraid of failing.

> By character traits of each one


How to combat procrastination: 

Determine which subjects or topics are the most important, so that you can start there. Keep in mind that the most important thing is usually also the one with the greatest degree of difficulty. Study up to three important points per day and leave the simpler ones for when your tiredness is greater.


8. Study techniques 

Knowing the learning style that is most comfortable for us is essential, since it allows us to select the study techniques that best fit us. Usually, the most complex issues require the combination of different techniques to address them. Keep in mind that to remember a subject in the long term, you have to understand it at all cognitive levels.

  •  Short-term memory: retains what is central at a given time. Most people manage to retain up to 7 elements in this type of memory, such as the address of a site.
  • Long-term memory: it is the information located in the memory of short term that managed to be processed and passed to the memories, so that it is possible to quote after a long time.

Keys for memorizing: 

  1. Choose: you can narrate roughly the favorite story of

your childhood, even if you haven’t read it for a long time, because

you chose to learn and you were interested in remembering it.

  1. Visualize: Create mental images for each topic you need to remember. Take a few seconds to fix the image

mentally, so that you increase your chances of getting it back


  1. Link ideas and information: if you link the data

together you will build a chain of memories that will configure a

file easy to review later.

  1. Repeat until overlearning: use your own words to explain the things you need to remember, so that you can achieve overlearning or automation.

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9. Review and self – assessment

  1.  Importance of review


Information encoding and retrieval is an excellent exercise

to strengthen brain cell connections. Keeping your memory fresh with continual review is the best way to study and decrease forgetfulness. The mind selects the topics it wants

remember, so if something seems boring or uninteresting to you, it is likely that you forget it easily.

Avoid it by applying these tips:

> Define learning objectives before reading or attending class.

> Set the objectives in the short, medium and long term.

> Link them to your personal interests to stay motivated.


  1. Tips to self – asses your knowledge 


  • Reproduce the structure of the text

Write down the paragraphs after the first reading to master the subjects you study. Recite your content when you finish each chapter and record yourself to listen

your mistakes, which you will write to correct.


  • Use the available tools

Solve the lists of questions, objectives or exercises provided by the author of the text or the teacher.


  • Mess up the questions

Practicing the answers in a different order allows you to understand them better and carry out cross-training.


  • Tell the material to someone else

Even if you have no one to explain it to, pretend you do. It helps to digest the information, understand its relevance, the crucial aspects and use

an understandable language that denotes the essence of what you study.


10. Reasoning is better than memorizing

If you can’t understand what you read, it will be difficult to assimilate the new knowledge.

If you only memorize, you run the risk of forgetting the information once you use it, for example, in a test; but if you understand what you study you will be able to make use of what you have learned.

Studying by just memorizing everything causes an effect that makes it appear that the subject is known, but in reality, the knowledge is not acquired at any time.

It is dangerous to study like this, since you can pass a subject, but not an entire degree.

The best thing is to study using reasoning.

10 Healthy Habits for Students

1. Keep a good diet

If you are a young student who has just launched ‘independence’, one of the most difficult challenges facing you is eating well.

Not being used to cooking regularly, the temptation to resort to precooked food is very strong, but you should opt for it only in exceptional situations.

It not only harms your health (because it contains large amounts of sugar and saturated fat) but also your academic performance, since a good physical condition helps to study better.

Therefore, prepare a good list of menus, which is as varied as possible, in which there is no lack of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, dairy products, eggs, meat and fish, all in their proper measure.


2. Forget about unhealthy things

Do not resort to or, at least, do not abuse substances that are often used as supposed ‘help’ to study.

We are talking about coffee, energy drinks or drugs and vitamin tablets of different types, unless in the latter case it is recommended by a medical specialist.

All of them, without exception, can generate addiction.

And no addiction is good.

Caffeine, energy drinks and high-sugar foods are part of the daily life of many students who seek to perform well after a hectic routine and little rest.

Although a cup of coffee at the beginning of the day is very effective when it comes to providing energy shots throughout the day, the caffeine contained in this drink, when consumed too frequently, can have side effects on your health.

That´s why it´s good to sometimes alternate them with other natural energizers like vitamins B12, Gingko Biloba, green tea and dark chocolate.


3. Relaxation Exercises

Without a doubt, playing sports is a good way to release stress, but there are many others that you can add to your healthy routine.

One of them is to perform meditation or relaxation exercises, such as yoga or Pilates.

Something especially recommended during exam time but that can be carried out at any time in general.

Between 15 and 30 minutes a day may be enough.

Like for example transcendental meditation which is a technique from India that helps human beings use the full potential of their mind and is important because it allows full relaxation, increases communication skills and increases production at work.


4. Be water my friend

There are many advantages to drinking water.

The recommended daily intake of water is a topic of intense discussion.

We provide the answer: depending on your activity level, health, and complexion, between a liter and a half.

Fruits and vegetables, which should always be a part of your diet, are packed with water and will therefore add an additional half liter to your intake.

About 7 glasses of water per day are the foundation of your health, vitality, and well-being.


5. Learn how to manage your stress

Each person reacts to stress differently.

Some people find that the endorphin high they experience after working out is sufficient to help them relax and refocus.

Others find that it’s taking the time to unplug and engage in manual labor, such as preparing a balanced meal.

Spend some time figuring out what actually calms you down, releases tension, and helps you deal with overwhelming emotions or anxiety.

Sometimes all it takes to feel supported is a brief nap, some meditation, or a cup of coffee with friends.


6. Take good care of yourself

These days, studying involves spending a lot of time in front of screens, which can be quite taxing on your eyes, especially if you’re already taking classes online, watching TV, watching TikTok videos on your phone, and more.

So, remember to take good care of your eyes as well.

This entails keeping your screen at least an arms’ length away from your face, taking breaks from it, and possibly even investing in blue-light-filtering eyewear.


Additionally, you must be mindful of your posture.

How are you currently seated?

Make some quick, healthy adjustments if you’re slouching over a laptop or textbook.

Straighten your back while you sit and raise your textbook or screen to eye level.

If at all possible, purchase a laptop stand or simply place your laptop on top of some books to raise the screen to eye level.

Your shoulders and neck will be able to sit straight as you read your textbooks with the help of a cheap cookbook stand.


7. Walking around

Although it can be considered as an alternative activity similar to the ones mentioned in the previous point, walking deserves a separate point, because in addition to a playful or leisure activity, it is also one of the most complete physical exercises, so going out for a walk is doubly good for your mind and your body.

Going out, meeting people, interacting, is essential when you study at the university.

It will help you to know how things work in the city.

Nothing better, by the way, to force you to walk, and help you maintain healthy habits for university students, than staying in a location close to the university that allows you to walk.


8. Wake up early in the morning

An excellent habit that has many advantages is getting up early.

Students who get up early in the morning can begin the day with a relaxed attitude.

They don’t have to rush to get to school or complete the necessary tasks in the morning.

Additionally, they will have enough time in the morning to study.

They can begin the day in a positive manner in this way.

By getting up early in the morning, you can distribute your time better: exercise, meditate or take advantage of that space where your children sleep for a good read.

It is your time to do what you like the most, it is your morning routine and you can accommodate it as you prefer.

9. Practice gratitude

Regularly experiencing gratitude, like other positive emotions, can have a significant impact on our lives.

Positive emotions are beneficial for our bodies, minds, and brains, according to brain research.

Positive feelings allow us to consider more options.

They improve our capacity to learn and make wise choices.

Gratitude is one of the feelings with the greatest power to attract abundance and well-being into our lives.

Gratitude is directly related to happiness.

When we feel grateful, we value what we have, enjoy our accomplishments, and feel energized.


10. Spend time alone

Get some alone time. I am aware that it is college.

You are free to conduct your own activities as you please.

There are numerous people and activities to engage in.

In college, it’s common to meet new people and network.

Just remember that you also have a personal life.

There is no time for oneself when one is constantly surrounded by others.

It may be exhausting and occasionally overwhelming.

Spending time by yourself is crucial when you need it for this reason.

Make yourself your top priority and make an investment in your stability.

Never fail to congratulate and recognize yourself for all the hard work you put in. Having good mental health is key.

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Student Waking Up


Bad Habits of College Students

1. Procrastination

One of the most common bad study habits in young people is procrastination.

This is nothing more than leaving things for later, especially studying or reviewing the topics seen in class.

Procrastination has important negative consequences in university students, such as loss of time, poor academic performance, increased stress, anxiety and depression. 

When it comes to studying, many people have distractions and choose to watch a series, a movie, call their partner on the phone and even go out to train so as not to spend the afternoon studying.

Although we can sometimes afford an afternoon off, procrastination affects our performance and controls our lives.

The procrastinator, unlike the slacker, intends to perform the action but his brain prefers the satisfaction of putting it off and instead replacing it with something easy and fun.

Those who suffer from this disease often have motivational problems and sustained attention, managing to get distracted by not knowing how to use their collective attention span.


2. Distractions

The majority of students undervalue the impact of their immediate environment on their ability to study.

Distractions reduce study time and lower the caliber of learning.

When attempting to concentrate on studying, it is crucial to banish all sources of distraction, including mobile devices, television, and computers.

Distractions reduce study time and lower the caliber of learning.

When attempting to concentrate on studying, it is crucial to banish all sources of distraction, including mobile devices, television, and computers.

Every effort should be made by students to study in a distraction-free environment that is quiet.


3. Lack of organization to study

Sometimes the only problem you have is that you don’t know how to organize your time and your activities.

In these cases, no matter how much you are interested in a subject, if you do not organize your day, there is no way to dedicate useful time to your study.

Being organized is crucial for students because it teaches them how to set and achieve goals, prioritize tasks, and manage their time effectively.

Additionally, having strong organizational abilities facilitates teamwork and boosts productivity and efficiency.


4. Making negative comments about yourself

Did you know that, perhaps unconsciously, we believe everything we tell ourselves?

Pay attention to how many times you say things like: “I am so stupid!”, “This is impossible”, “I hate English”, “learning English is too difficult”, or “I will never learn to speak English”.

With so much repetition, your brain will get the message, and you’ll certainly feel the effect on your grades.

How to counter this?

Watch your words and thoughts.

Put all negativity aside and replace that internal dialogue with positive thoughts.

How about you start by replacing “I hate English” with “studying English will help me achieve the things I want to achieve”?

You have nothing to lose by trying.


5. Leaving  everything for last minute

One of the worst study habits that we have all done at least once is to leave everything to the last minute.

Contrary to studying little by little and dividing a large workload over several days, we torment ourselves with leaving everything to the last and it is not the best strategy because the night before your stress increases, affecting your levels of concentration and organization.

Even if you think you can do it, you’ll probably always end up sleeping very late, learning little, and getting a bad grade.

It’s hard to stay focused for more than a couple of hours, so trying to spend a lot of time studying at night will mean that little by little you’ll lose interest in what you’re reading and the next day you won’t remember it.

You need to create the habit of studying with time.


6. Laying down on bed to study

It usually happens when you start studying at the last minute and you do it because you get sleepy or feel tired.

It is the worst thing you can do since being this relaxed will make you increasingly sleepy and your ability to concentrate will be impaired.

In addition, you run the risk of falling asleep and not finishing studying.


7. Not resting

Many people obsess over studying and don’t stop for hours, and it’s a lousy habit.

Your mind needs to rest from time to time to process what it learns and not overload it with matter that in the end you will not be able to retain.

Sleeping well is also an important part of the study, since your body and mind rest while you do it, that way you arrive in optimal conditions the next day to give your test.

Studying efficiently is important so that you can really learn what you are reading.

Don’t push yourself too hard or relax too much, as neither extreme will help you perform properly.

And always remember that the more attention you pay in class, the less you will have to review later at home.


8. Studying while doing other things

By this we mean eating, having breakfast, going on the subway, and even listening to a certain type of music.

You are wasting time that you have a rest for yourself, because you are not really 100% focused or attentive to what you are trying to study.

Rest, relax, eat and do whatever you have to do. Once those things are done, go back to the studio.


9. Choosing the wrong people to study with

Choosing the right people to study with is an important factor in your learning performance.

For example, studying with friends could be a great idea if you and your friends are motivated enough and know how to keep going through the more challenging parts of studying.

If you and your study partner end up chatting about other topics, it may be better to study separately. 

Or just get together to test each other with questions after everyone has learned the material on their own.

Studying in a group can be motivating at first, especially when leaving home to go to the library if you’ve met someone.

But it does not have many other benefits.

In fact, it can become a bad habit if you get carried away and end up all of you in the library cafeteria.

And it is not the same to see another person solving a complicated problem and think that you have already understood it than to do it yourself.


10. Superficiality

It is when we do things just to hand them in due to lack of interest or some other reason.

Not delving or investigating enough to have an optimal result of the activity or task that we are doing.

When you don´t care about learning or getting a good grade but just on handing something and not getting a lecture on why you´re not doing your assignments.

The lack of motivation to succeed is one of the worst enemies for any student because, without motivation there´s nothing.

Nothing will stay in your memory if you do everything without desire or motivation.

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How to create or acquire a study habit

How can you make studying a daily habit? How long does it take to form a study habit?

All of these queries will be addressed, along with an explanation of how to develop or pick up a study habit. 


Let’s start by explaining how the study habit develops.

It must be understood that persistence and tenacity are prerequisites for developing a habit.

Any behavior can be formed into a habit by repeating it regularly and adamantly under all circumstances.

Why is this important?

Because research has shown that the only way for our brain to turn a particular action into a habit is if we repeat it every day.


Although some experts claim that it takes 21 days to develop a study habit, science has shown that it actually takes 66 days to form any habit, whether it be one related to studying or not. 


For example, imagine that you have proposed that every day you will have dinner at 8:00 p.m. and right after dinner, at approximately 20:30, you will start studying until 23:00, then go to bed, read a little and sleep.

This means a change in habits, since until now you used to have dinner at 9:00 p.m. and after dinner you used to watch TV until 12:00.

Carrying out this change in habits and incorporating this study habit into your life will require an effort at first, but as you repeat this routine day by day, that effort will reduce, reaching the point of doing it almost without thinking, instinctively.


It’s crucial to follow your routine every day in order to develop a habit, in this case a study habit, especially during the first 66 days.

You might find it difficult at times, but try to keep things in perspective.

What if your daily routine is all that stands in the way of achieving your goals and doing what you truly want to do for the rest of your life?  

Isn’t achieving your goal, what you’ve always desired, worth the initial struggle? 

So, what are you waiting for, start now!


Final Thought on Good Habits for Students

Whether you’re trying to build a good habit or break a bad one, this list provides you with the all the habits that you might be doing or not to make your student years more enjoyable and easier.

I hope that in this guide you found ways to improve your life in different aspects and to become a better person! If you are interested in more self-development ideas from BLENDtw, check out these articles:




Good Habit Students

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Make This Valentine’s Special – Follow These 6 Things To Do It Easily

Looking for special things to do on Valentine’s Day? We got you. Check out these fun and romantic ideas to make this day unforgettable.




couple holding little hearts

Disclaimer: This post is a paid collaboration. 

This post is all about Things to Do on Valentine’s Day.

Loving someone can be the best feeling you experience. So when you have true love, you must express it in every possible way.

Moreover, to express your true feelings, what can be better than valentine’s day itself? 

A time of the year that is dedicated to lovers to share their love and turn it into a lasting memory.

But the big question arises: how would you make it memorable for your partner? 

Don’t worry!

The following suggestions will be beneficial once you utilize them to make your valentine the best you have ever spent. 

  • Select A Personalized Present 

Small things make a huge difference. 

So to make any occasion extraordinary, giving presents is the best way to celebrate. 

Even if your loved one is angry for any reason, it still can make them smile and forget all the harshness.

Therefore, you should be sure about what you want to give your lady love. Then, choosing the right valentine gifts for girls will make your life easy, and the recipient will feel loved. 

You must not complicate anything. Instead, remind yourself about the choices of your partner. You may also look to wrap up the gifts in some dedicated packing so that they replicate the vibes of valentine’s day. 

  • Write A Heartfelt Message 

Things that are not said must be conveyed differently!

So why not write a message to express your feelings that will be unforgettable down memory lane? 

It will be a wave of fresh air in your relationship as people don’t expect such gestures due to technological advancements. 

But old things are still impactful as they were before. 

So you should use this tactic to surprise your partner and express your love. Things that once said might vanish from the mind, but the message you’ll write on the paper will stay with her for longer. 

Therefore, you should try this and stand out from the usual practices. Moreover, it positively impacts the mind and improves mental health when you are happy. 

  • Cook Something For Your Partner

Going to a restaurant or eating the usual food might feel monotonous. 

Therefore, go the extra mile and do something different. For example, why not test your cooking skills

When you intend to do something different, it is essential to understand that you must try things that you have done before. 

Prepare something that your partner loves eating. 

You shouldn’t be worried if it doesn’t come out perfectly, but not trying is not an option.

We are sure whatever you will make for her, she is going to love it. 

  • Go On A Drive 

The idea is to have the presence of your partner with you where no one can disturb you!

As it is essential to strengthen your bond with her, with so much hassle, people tend to get less time to spend with their loved ones. 

When you are in love, such moments should be used to the best of your abilities, and you should ensure that your partner recognizes your love. 

So take her out on a drive, play romantic music, and enjoy the journey. 

You both can recall your old memories of the hardships in your relationship. It can also be the best opportunity to resolve conflicts if there are any. 

Don’t forget to take pictures of you both together, as when you look back on such occasions, they bring a refreshing feeling. 

  • Plan For A Movie Night 

You should make sure to dedicate the whole day to your partner and do only the things she likes. 

So make it more unique and go to watch a movie of your partner’s favorite actor. 

Doing things that your companion likes surely will impact her more. This can be the easiest way to make someone realize that you put their preferences before yourself. 

Therefore, everything will become more exciting while you try to please her. Also, making such a gesture will make your task easy. 

  • Do Extended Commitments 

Women always seek long-term commitments, as they want to be sure about their future. 

So what better time are you looking to make commitments? 

Therefore, you should make sure to express your feelings for her and tell her about spending the future together. 

Being in love is about ensuring your companion that she holds importance in your life, and extended commitments are the best mode to do it practically. 

So the day that is celebrated for love is the best time to do it. 

Final Thoughts on Things to do on Valentine’s Day

Whenever you find an opportunity to celebrate and express love to your partner, you should not waste it. 

Valentine’s day is the best chance you can have to put a smile on your partner’s face. 

Nature won’t be fortunate to you every time. Therefore, ensure that you do everything in your capacity to maximize this prospect.




Valentine's Day Ideas

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Most Awesome Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Looking for the best name to call your best friend? We got you. We have compiled a list of the best 250+ nicknames perfect for all personalities.

Avatar photo



Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Nicknames are more than just a fun name to call your friend or loved one. They tell a mini story about that person, the connection you have with them and how much they mean to you. They, in a way, signify your bond to that person. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give out nicknames easily. They have to be perfectly cultivated to encapsulate every beautiful, or not so beautiful, thing about the person who is given the name.

It can’t be super boring, basic, or plain (unless of course, that person is boring, but you love them for it anyway). A nickname has to be perfect; no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it, the name has to be absolutely perfect.

Now, after hearing my spiel about how important nicknames are, I am sure you are thinking about the fact that your girl best friend doesn’t have one.

I bet the panic is staring to set in now, “Why doesn’t my girl best friend have a nickname???” and “Why is my nickname for my girl best friend so bad?? How can I make it better?” Take a deep breath and worry no more.

Below are the best nicknames for your girl best friend and they aren’t super plain or basic. If you’re looking for names like those, then this isn’t the article for you because plain nicknames are pretty easy to come up with.

But hey, if that’s the perfect fit for your girl best friend by all means, use that nickname. 

Continuing on, below I have taken the nickname game to the next level by organizing all the nicknames into categories.

Simply look through the category that suites your relationship and choose from 50 names, or better yet, use my examples to come up with the perfect custom nickname for your girl best friend.

No matter what name you end up choosing or creating, she will love it!

Before you begin, remember, the nickname process can be a long one and it deserves the time. The perfect nickname can be tricky to find, however, you will know when you’ve found the perfect name because it will fit effortlessly.

Also, if it is the perfect nickname, it may stick with your girl best friend for the rest of her life. So, again, make sure it’s the right name for her! Enjoy the nickname process!





Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Below are some cute smart nicknames to call your girl best friend who always seems to have the answers to everything.

Now, this could be in life, school, or simply random facts; this girl knows it all and more importantly, this girl deserves the perfect nickname.

Consider the options below!

  1. Smarty
  2. Big Brains
  3. Brainy
  4. Brainiac
  5. Worm
  6. Reader
  7. Genius
  8. Owl
  9. Nerd
  10. Nerdy
  11. Young Sheldon
  12. Einstein
  13. Booker
  14. Course Hero
  15. Grade Saver
  16. Apple
  17. Hacker
  18. Lib
  19. Wordy
  20. Brains
  21. Daze
  22. Solver
  23. Professor
  24. Wordle
  25. The President
  26. The Secretary
  27. The Brains
  28. Skater
  29. McSmart
  30. Google
  31. The Saver
  32. Nobel
  33. The Main
  34. Tutor
  35. The Teacher
  36. Nodder
  37. The Knower
  38. OZ
  39. Overlord
  40. Brilliant
  41. Light
  42. Beamer
  43. Shooting Star
  44. Champ
  45. Egghead
  46. Goggles
  47. Ivy
  48. Lemon
  49. Magic Lady
  50. Ray


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Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny, original nicknames are hard to come by these days. It seems as though every good nickname is attributed to someone you already know; therefore, you can’t use it.

If you find this happening to you, consider the list below. This list contains some funny nicknames you may or may not have heard of before.

If you have, consider them as a steppingstone to help you find or create the perfect funny nickname.

  1. Goose
  2. Goon
  3. Gooser
  4. Bug
  5. Nugget
  6. Dogo
  7. Kiwi
  8. Rat
  9. Moose
  10. Ducky
  11. Spoon
  12. Buba
  13. Bub
  14. Bab
  15. Thing
  16. Bear
  17. Sneak
  18. Slink
  19. Slinky
  20. Shifty
  21. Pal
  22. Bro
  23. Dude
  24. Buddy
  25. Sipper
  26. Teddy
  27. Funky
  28. Ding Dong
  29. Whopper
  30. Pots
  31. Frugal
  32. Wally
  33. Snail
  34. Light Weight
  35. Goof
  36. Bono
  37. Fudge
  38. Bosco
  39. Special __ (letter of their name, ex. Special K)
  40. The first letter of their name (ex. B)
  41. Goober
  42. Snacker
  43. Stinker
  44. Stinky
  45. Cheeto
  46. Stepper
  47. Anything based off of their last name
  48. Barn Dog
  49. Beak
  50. Pinky

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Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


We all have that one sassy best friend that deserves an equally sassy nickname. If you are struggling to find the perfectly balanced, or not so balanced, sassy nickname look at the list below.

This list has sassy, sassy sweet, feisty, and so many other sassy styles of nicknames for you to choose from.

Browse below and find the best sassy nickname for your girl best friend.

  1. Dumber
  2. Stupid
  3. Dummy
  4. Sass
  5. Spaz
  6. Weirdo
  7. Dung
  8. Doof
  9. Snap
  10. Pop
  11. Crackle
  12. The Weed
  13. Squirty
  14. Mother
  15. Bummer
  16. Bird
  17. Salty
  18. Grumpy
  19. Brit
  20. Snoozer
  21. Sleaze
  22. Squirt
  23. Tree
  24. Duck
  25. Pea Brain
  26. Loner
  27. Creeper
  28. Mom
  29. Parent
  30. Tooter
  31. Gingersnap
  32. Shortcake
  33. Bean Stalk
  34. Pipsqueak
  35. Hangry
  36. Cayenne
  37. Cheeseball
  38. Fuzz Ball
  39. Your Highness
  40. Nuts
  41. Kiddo
  42. Nosy
  43. Bossy
  44. Crow
  45. Diva
  46. Rebel
  47. Lazy
  48. Hun
  49. Rat
  50. Puff Bal

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Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Before you choose a nickname from the list below, make sure that your girl best friend is ok with the nickname.

If she gives you the greenlight, then browse below to find the perfect dirty nickname for her. But again, make sure to confirm that she is ok with one of the names below!

  1. Snack
  2. Hottie
  3. Sticky
  4. Looker
  5. Cutie
  6. Lover
  7. Hot Stuff
  8. Cold Stuff
  9. Shifter
  10. Sleeper
  11. Her last name (ex. Brown) (Keep it as is or change it up, ex. Brownie)
  12. Singer
  13. Snicker
  14. Sweet
  15. Twister
  16. Dynamite
  17. Banger
  18. Shadow
  19. Edible
  20. Goddess
  21. Doll
  22. Candy
  23. Sugar
  24. Smooches
  25. Sunshine
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bunny
  28. Bun Bun
  29. Tiger
  30. Sassy
  31. Missy
  32. Baby Girl
  33. Firecracker
  34. Goldy
  35. Amor
  36. Brandy
  37. My Girl
  38. Ace
  39. Fireball
  40. Kisses
  41. Sparky
  42. Caramel
  43. Spice
  44. Martini
  45. Snappie
  46. Buttercup
  47. Sexy Pants
  48. Sweet Cheeks
  49. Sugar Lips
  50. Angel

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Sweet Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend



Dirty Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Finding a nickname for your sweet girl best friend is usually pretty easy. There are many cute names out there that you could call her.

However, listed below, are some of my all-time favorites. Use this list to pick the perfect nickname.

  1. Boo
  2. Love bug
  3. Lovie
  4. Lovely
  5. Lady
  6. Girl
  7. Girly
  8. Minnie
  9. Honey
  10. Love
  11. Poo Bear
  12. Sweety
  13. Sweetheart
  14. Beautiful
  15. Snuggle Bug
  16. Pea
  17. Beau
  18. Cuddle Bug
  19. Snuggly
  20. Hugsy
  21. Pookie Bear
  22. Quality
  23. Gorgeous
  24. Softy
  25. Smiles
  26. Baby Bear
  27. Mouse
  28. Puppy
  29. Bean
  30. Sugar Snap
  31. Beauty
  32. Goldfish
  33. Sky
  34. Bunches
  35. Pie
  36. Soul Mate
  37. Tootsie
  38. Boo Boo
  39. Lulu
  40. Gal
  41. Soul Sister
  42. Chickee
  43. Dreamer
  44. Muffin
  45. Lady Bug
  46. Buzzy
  47. Rosie
  48. Iris
  49. Fun Size
  50. Pal

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Final Thoughts on Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we will ever have, therefore, making sure that your bestie has the perfect nickname is very important.

Some friendships are sweet, while others sassy and feisty, but no matter what type of relationship, a nickname should be fitting for both you and your friend (especially because you will be the one calling them said nickname, so you better like it too). 

Also, I want to say, using a nickname that is coined “basic” or “overused” doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is a way for you to connect with your friend and it will be meaningful to you and her.

Therefore, even if the nickname is “basic”, it will be more than meets the eye because it bonds the two of you. 

If you are struggling or, rather, were struggling to find the perfect nickname, I hope the list above was helpful in finding the perfect nickname or discovering an original one of your own!

No matter what you chose, your girl best friend will love it!




Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

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