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60 Best 19th Birthday Ideas To Make Your Day Extra Special

Are you having trouble thinking of the best ways to spend your birthday? We’ve got you covered! Check out these best 19th birthday ideas for a special day.

Temwa Namandwa



A woman sitting in front of pink balloons, radiating joy and celebration.

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Birthdays come and go, but you’re only 19-years-old once! Let’s make it something to celebrate. However, it can be a tricky age.

You’re still a teenager and an adult, and this may even be your first Birthday away from home. If you need to learn how to put together your 19th birthday party, we’ve got you covered.

Here are the best 19th birthday ideas worth considering. We have many fun things for you to try, so keep scrolling.

A woman sitting on the floor, encircled by colorful balloons, creating a joyful and festive atmosphere.

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Personalized Birthday Party ideas 

An excellent 19th birthday always starts with personalized touches. These personal details will give your Birthday a fun look that encapsulates your individuality and creativity.

So, make your 19th Birthday memorable by trying these personalized ideas. Remember that these ideas are meant to help you unleash your creativity and not serve as the only decoration at your party.

• Custom Face Straws

      A hand holding golden straws adorned with portraits of individuals. Pink and white striped straws featuring Taylor Swift's pictures.Pictures Courtesy of DreamsByHandShop on Etsy

Your 19th Birthday is your excuse to be extra and try fun things. So, don’t settle for basic straws; go all out! After all, it is your last year as a teen. 

Your straws will look so cool and Instagrammable in your drinks with these personalized face straws.

Plus, your friends will surely enjoy drinking from them, and of course, they’ll love taking snaps of the straws for their Insta stories!

Choose your best selfie or anything silly to make your straws stand out! It would also be a good idea to pick a straw design and color that matches the theme of your 19th birthday bash.

• Custom Balloons

No 19th birthday is complete without balloons! Think beyond the usual number of balloons and try more fun things like custom balloons with your name!

Go for balloons with a sweet “Happy 19th Birthday” message on them. Has the large balloon filled with confetti and smaller balloons that match the color scheme of your birthday bash?

You can decorate it next to your birthday banner or snack table.

• Custom Beverage Napkins

Personalized birthday napkins featuring vibrant colors and unique designs, perfect for adding a personal touch to any birthday celebration.Picture Courtesy of DecorPress on Etsy

The tableware you pick for your 19th Birthday can make all the difference in how your 19th party looks. So, skip the basic napkins and try something special for your big day.

Personalized napkins with birthday wishes are a perfect way to take your birthday decoration to the next level. 

Place the napkins on top of your plates for a flawless look.

Self-Care Planner


• Cups

Disco ball personalized plastic cups: Vibrant cups with a disco ball design, customized for a unique touch. Perfect for parties and events. A person holding a cup with a disco ball design, adding a touch of sparkle to their beverage.
Picture Courtesy of SassyandCoDesigns on Etsy / Instagram @sassyandcodesigns

You’re going to need fun things for your birthday party. For example, these cool cups to pour your party drinks in. Plus, the cups are perfect for recording fun “cheers!” boomerangs on Instagram.

So, create a unique 19th birthday experience by getting these colorful birthday cups. Make them extra fun by having your guest’s names on them.

The cup names need to be in a lovely iridescent finish, so when your friends take a snap of their cups, they will shine beautifully in their photos/ videos.

• Letter Candles

Let’s be honest: a birthday cake is only complete with candles. They give a cake character and personality. So remember to skip the candles for your 19th Birthday.

However, step up your teen birthday instead of going for 19 candles by choosing letter candles that spell out your name. 

• Cake Toppers

Alternatively, skip the candles and pick a fun and unique name-cake topper. It will make your cake look so delicious and make your birthday party Instagrammable.

• Banner

A woman's photo hanging on a paper string.Picture Courtesy of artbumblebee.etsy.com

Get this super fun, personalized face banner to let everyone know who the birthday girl or boy is. It’s a perfect way to have a creative 19th birthday celebration.

The banner is ideal for hanging outside by the pool or inside for a casual party. You accompany the face banner with fairy lights for an extra cool look. (Make sure the lights don’t touch the banner!)

• Party Favor Bags

Get ready for your friends to call your 19th birthday celebration “the party of the year” with favor bags (cause who doesn’t love free stuff?!). Have each bag with your guest’s name for a personal touch.

However, you can also follow the popular trend of not adding names. According to Party Planner Specialist, Kelly Jennings, A lot of 19 year olds like to keep favor bags “lowkey.” 

Add in gifts that you know they will love. It’s a great way to say “thank you” to your friends for attending your birthday bash.

• Party Hats

Three party hats with pictures of people on them - a fun and festive accessory for any celebration.Pictures Courtesy of SerendipityLabels on Etsy

Yes, party hats aren’t just for kids’ parties anymore. They’re perfect for teens as well. So, if you’re turning 19 soon, I highly recommend these custom party hats at your birthday party!

For a relaxed look, have the hats printed with your best selfie or anything silly to give your friends a laugh.

• Party Invitations

Personalized party invitations are perfect for getting your friends excited for your big day. Have the invitations printed with a cool title for your birthday party? Include a dress code, date, time, and venue. You can find these templates on Canva!

• Birthday Sash

Besides party food, nothing makes a 19th birthday party more exciting than birthday accessories. Elevate your party outfit with a birthday sash.

Get a custom sash printed with your name along with a “Happy 19th Birthday” message. You can buy a pack of plain sashes on Amazon or Shein and print them at your local printing shop.

• Headband

Your party outfit could also be accessorized with a custom headband. Buy a plain headband from Amazon or Walmart and stick patch numbers or letters on the front of the headband with a glue applicator.

You can find these letters or numbers on Shein and Amazon.

• Custom T-shirt or Sweatshirt

Need to know what to wear to your 19th birthday celebration? You’re in your 19th birthday Era, so why not get those words printed on a shirt? Design a cool graphic of these words in Canva, and get the shirt printed at your local printing shop. 

• Photo Booth Props

Personalize your birthday party with fun photo booth props you and your guests can use for fun pictures. Create photo booth props with your favorite sayings or words.

To create these props, you can design the graphics in Canva. Print them out and stick them to wooden sticks.

• Photo Booth Frame

Every perfect 19th birthday party has a personalized photo booth. It is the ideal accessory to use to take the best pictures. Go all out by getting the booth personalized with your name!

You can go for a Spotify-themed photo booth frame or a TikTok frame.

• Menu

Put together a great birthday party by letting your guests know what’s on your menu. Design a personalized menu on Canva with your party’s name and color scheme.

Try to be creative by naming the meals after your favorite sayings.

• Personalized Stickers

It would be a cool idea to design personalized stickers that can be added to your party favor bags. These stickers could be a cartoon version of you, your favorite words, and more!

Your guests can use these stickers to stick on their phone cases. To implement this idea, you can design the stickers in Canva and get them printed on Vista print.

• Bottle Labels

Two cups with desert-themed designs, featuring cacti and sand dunes, perfect for a desert lover's beverage.Picture courtesy of SassyandCoDesigns / instagram SassyandCoDesigns

Upgrade the bottles at your party with personalized labels. Design these labels with your name and birthday message. You can get them printed at your local printing shop.

• Guestbook

Have your friends share their heartfelt wishes for you in a guestbook. An excellent idea would be to create a personalized guestbook with your name.

To make this work, buy a plain notebook and get the front cover printed. For example, “Ashely’s 19th Birthday!”

• Memory Jar

Another excellent idea for your 19th Birthday is to assemble a memory jar. This idea involves your friends or family writing a special memory or wish about you.

The notes are then put into a pot! It’s sentimental and fun! And the best part? It’s simple to create. All you have to do is recycle a jam jar, print a label, stick it on the front, and voila! 

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Themed Birthday Party Ideas

A dining room with sleek white chairs surrounding a modern black table.Source: TNT Decor

• Euphoria

If you love binge-watching Euphoria, why not make it your party idea? According to Party Planner Specialist Kelly Jenkins from Pick-Your-Party ZA, Euphoria is a popular 19th birthday theme. ‘It involves a lot of neon lights, chrome colors, moody lighting, lots of sparkle and glitter.” Kelly said in a phone interview.

• Influencer Party

How fun would it be to host an influencer party? It will be an unforgettable day! Ask your guests to dress up as their favorite influencers to make this party work.

As for the venue and decor? The design of the party should resemble an influencer product launch party.

• TikTok

When in doubt, host a TikTok birthday party! You can have a dance party where your guests try to recreate popular TikTok dances.

Other cool games at your party can be TikTok trivia or where people try to figure out iconic memes.

• Spotify

If you have the best Spotify playlist in your friend group, why not host a Spotify party? It can be a chill listening party where you play your favorite tunes. Have Spotify cupcake toppers and gift bags for a cool vibe.

• Marvel Superhero 

A birthday party with superhero-themed decorations: colorful balloons, capes, masks, and a cake with a superhero emblem.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party



Marvel-themed party ideas A superhero-themed birthday party table with colorful decorations, masks, capes, and a cake with superhero logos.
Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to play dress up? Go for a Marvel Superhero party by asking your friends to dress up as their favorite hero.

You can also hang up some Marvel posters, decorate your dessert table with action figures, and go for an Avengers cake as the star of your Birthday.

• Spa Day

Get everyone in on the self-care! This is a great 19th birthday idea because all your guests can participate in the special treatment.

Besides some fun snacks, you only need to get some face masks, nail polish, and other spa supplies, which usually are relatively inexpensive.

Put on some fun music to create a tremendous low-key party and the perfect atmosphere for catching up with friends!

• Murder Mystery

A woman proudly holds a sign that reads "Queen of Hearts". She exudes confidence and charm, embracing her royal title.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party


  Skeleton and balloons at a spooky Halloween party. Three glasses of wine with ice and straws, perfect for a refreshing summer drink.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Do you like watching True Mystery shows? Or do you have a large collection of mystery books? Why not host this party idea?

To make this party work, you need to be the star of the story, and your guests can role-play as the murder suspects. This idea requires you to either create your own story or follow an existing one.

• Dance Party

It may have been a while since you danced around with your best friends. So, your Birthday is the perfect time to host a dance party theme!

Put together a fire playlist of trendy songs and dance all night with your squad. Just make sure you have plenty of refreshments for your guests!

• Picnic Birthday

A beautifully decorated dinner table with white and pink accents, ready for a party.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Need to be into dancing? Don’t fret! A picnic party theme is a great idea for you. Host the birthday party at a beautiful park for those Pinterest-worthy, aesthetically pleasing B-day photos.

Bring cake, fruit, cheese, and drinks to serve your guests. Your picnic birthday could involve activities like painting!

• Black-Tie Party

A festive balloon arch in black and gold with a cheerful "Happy Birthday" sign.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party


A beautifully set table with elegant black and gold place settings, adorned with candles for a touch of warmth and romance.  A beautifully decorated table with black and gold accents, adorned with elegant candles.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

You can never go wrong with a fancy dinner party idea. Host the party at a fancy restaurant and ask your friends to get dressed up in their chicest suits or dresses.

Have the dinner table decorated with silver candlesticks, elegant bouquets, and name cards for each guest.

• Oscars 

Give your 19th Birthday an A-list vibe by hosting an Oscars-themed party! To pull off this party theme, ask your guests to come dressed as their favorite actors and actresses.

Decorate your venue with a red carpet and hire photographers to act as paparazzi!

• Y2K Party

 It’s no secret that the Y2K has been trending for a while. So why join in on the trend by making it your 19th birthday theme?

Decorate your venue with Y2K-inspired decor like Neon-colored pinwheels, CD backdrops, and flip phones as table decor.

Ask your guests to dress up as iconic Y2K stars. It would also be great to serve popular Y2K drinks like Kool-Aid and Mountain Dew.

• Come as Your Favorite Zodiac Sign

If you’re into Astrology, this is the birthday theme for you! Decorate your venue with planet ornaments and have an astrology backdrop.

Get dressed up as your Zodiac sign; for example, if you’re a Virgo, find a Virgo goddess costume. Ask your friends to also dress up as their Zodiak sign. Go the extra mile by hiring a Tarot reader for your party.

• Disco Party Theme

A table adorned with shiny disco balls and beautiful flowers, creating a dazzling and vibrant display.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party
A table adorned with shiny disco balls and beautiful flowers, creating a dazzling and vibrant display.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Get groovy all night for your 19th Birthday by hosting a disco party. Have a disco ball, a colorful dancefloor, and a playlist with 70s hits! Get dressed up as your favorite 70’s celebrity or musician for a cool vibe.

• Dress as Your Favorite Cartoon

A tray of food with a sign that says "Krabby Patties" - a delicious and iconic dish from a popular animated TV show.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party


  SpongeBob birthday party ideas: Decorations, games, and cake inspired by the beloved cartoon character. SpongeBob-themed birthday party bags filled with goodies and decorations. Perfect for a fun-filled celebration!Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Raise your hand if you still watch cartoons. I know you do, and that’s cool! Host a 19th birthday party where all your friends show up as their favorite cartoon.

Serve food that your favorite cartoon likes to eat. For example, if you like Garfield, you can serve lasagna at your party!

• Barbie

Barbie birthday party ideas: A vibrant celebration with Barbie-themed decorations, cake, and activities for a memorable and fun-filled event.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party


  A pink and white table with a sign that says "b" placed on it. A pink table adorned with a Barbie theme, featuring Barbie dolls, accessories, and vibrant decorations.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party!

This list is complete with a Barbie theme idea! I’m sure you watched the Barbie movie in 2023 and loved it. So why recreate it for your 19th Birthday?

Ask the guys to come dressed as Ken and the girls to come dressed as their favorite Barbie outfit from the movie.

• Hawaiian Luau

  A vibrant tropical birthday party with a neon sign illuminating the celebration. A table with a variety of delicious food options.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Okay, so if you can’t afford to fly out to Hawaii for your 19th Birthday, that’s fine. Bring Hawaii to your hometown instead. Wear grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, and Lies.

It will also be fun if you deck out the venue with tiki torches, surfboards, and bright colors to bring in the beach vibes. Serve traditional Hawaiian dishes and drinks like pig roast and mai tais.

• Anime Party Theme

Anime lovers, this 19th birthday idea is calling your name. Think of your favorite Anime and host a party based on your favorite show! Ask your guests to come dressed up as characters from the show for a fun time.

• Newspaper Theme (Party Times)

Personalised newspaper birthday print: A unique gift featuring a custom newspaper front page for a special birthday celebration.Photo Credit Printenella on Etsy

Why have a regular birthday party when you can host a Newspaper-themed party? Get these Party Times newspapers and use them as decor at your venue. What’s cool about them is that they have fun facts about the year you were born.

For example, popular songs of that year, news, cost of living, and more! You can also hand over the posters as party gifts to guests as a newspaper boy or girl. When you hand over each newspaper, you could say, “Extra, extra, read all about my birthday!”

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DIY Birthday Party Ideas

A colorful assortment of balloons and birthday-themed items, creating a festive atmosphere for a joyful celebration.Source: Temwa Namandwa

If you love to create projects at home or you can’t afford to buy some party accessories, it would be a good idea to do fun things yourself. It will be so exciting (and great content for TikTok).

• Homemade Party Favors

There is no better way to thank your guests for attending your 19th Birthday than with party favors. You can create your party favors by buying a set of gift baskets from Amazon.

What’s great about these is that the baskets have clear plastic wrapping and bows to seal the gifts. I recommend choosing small gifts that follow the theme of your 19th birthday party.

• DIY Photo Booth Props

Photobooth props are fun accessories to have at a party. They make photos look cute and Instagrammable.

You can create your own designs on Canva, print them out on card paper, and stick them to sticks.

• Custom T-shirts

Make your party extra special by printing out your own t-shirts for your Birthday. 

The first thing to do is design the graphic in Canva or Adobe Illustrator – keep in mind that your T-shirt design should fit the theme of your party.

The next step is to pick a printing method. This could either be direct-to-garment printing or screen printing.

• Fun Glasses

Have a fun party by making some cool glasses to wear with your birthday outfits. You can also choose to make custom sunglasses for yourself or your guests.

The best way to implement this idea is by buying plain sunglasses and gluing on letter buttons to spell out your name.

• Party Invites

One of the best parts and most fun things about party planning is creating party invites! Play with different designs, fonts, and colors in Canva or Adobe Illustrator.

For example, you can create concert ticket invites if you’re hosting a concert-themed birthday party.

• DIY Pizza Party

Who doesn’t love pizza? It’s one of the best party foods to eat. However, instead of ordering pizza, why not host a Pizza party? You can set up a pizza-making station where guests can make their own pizza.

All you have to do is provide a ready-made pizza base and some delicious toppings. The person with the best-looking pizza can win a prize!

• Garland

You’re going to need a garland to decorate above your dessert table. I know it doesn’t look easy to make, but it’s not. Plus, you don’t need to buy expensive fabric to put together. Here are some ideas.

• Birthday Cake

If you love to bake, this is a great DIY party idea to try for your Birthday. Try different with your cake by using fondant and creating fantastic designs for your birthday cake.

• Cake Topper

A cake topper is another perfect DIY party idea. Making a cake topper is as easy as putting together photo props.

Create your design on Canva, print the design, cut out the background with a scalper, and lastly, tape sticks on the topper.

• Pinata

Pinatas aren’t just for kids’ parties; they’re also cool to have for teenagers. And who knows? You might start a trend for other 19-year-olds also to have pinatas at their parties.

Here is an easy tutorial to follow for DIY pinatas.

• Backdrop

One of the easiest ways to set the mood for a party is to add a backdrop. You can either create a tinsel backdrop by sticking strips of tinsel on double-sided tape or by gluing balloons on your wall!

• Party Hats

As I mentioned earlier, party hats are great party accessories. So, make a bunch to complete your party! Need to know how? This is an easy tutorial to follow.

• Flower Crowns

Are you hosting a Coachella-themed party? You’re going to need flower crowns. They’re surprisingly easy to make. First, you will need a wire base, artificial flowers, and a glue applicator to stick the flowers on the base.

• Table Centerpiece

Let’s say you’re hosting a garden-themed 19th birthday dinner. You will need fancy table pieces to set the vibe. Need help to afford to buy the ones from the store?

You can use old vases and spruce them up with paint and foliage to decorate them! You can also try other fun things to upgrade old vases, like adding pearls!

Cookie Cutter Birthday Candle

Complete your homemade birthday cake with a DIY cookie-cutter candle. The shape really depends on what theme you are going for your party. Need to know how to make it? Follow this tutorial. 

• Table Runner

A table runner takes a table from boring to fancy in seconds. However, you can do it yourself instead of buying expensive table runners.

Use your mum or grandmother’s sewing machine to sew your table runner. This should attach the two-cut fabric together and create a neat hem.

• Confetti Balloons

The following DIY party idea is meant to elevate your basic balloons. Fill em with colorful confetti. Use the balloons to hang on your archway or ceiling for a fun look.

• Face Fans

Face fans are great accessories during the summer months. If your Birthday is in summer, I recommend creating face fans so your guests can use them to cool off.

Not only are they practical for parties, but they can also act as great photo props. To make the face fans, print your best selfie and cut the edges for a clean look. Stick on a paddle, and voila, you’re done.

• Cowboy Hat Decorating Station

This is great if you’re hosting a cowboy-themed birthday idea. Have a cowboy hat decorating station where your guests can accessorize their hats.

Leave bowls of accessories like beads and other fun accessories for guests to use.

• Donut Board

A donut bar with a sign that says "donut bar" - a tempting display of various donuts and treats.Picture Courtesy of Pick Ur Party

Do-nut forget to include this birthday idea for your upcoming 19th birthday party. Not only will it make your party look unique, but it’s a great place to hang sweet treats.

To create the donut board, you’d need a board, some sticks to attach to the board, paint, sandpaper, and a drill. Follow these instructions here.

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Things To Do On Your 19th Birthday

A beautifully arranged table setting with pink and gold accents, including place cards for each guest.Photos Courtesy of SassyandCoDesigns / instagram SassyandCoDesigns

• Give Yourself A Hair Makeover

Starting another trip around the sun is the perfect excuse to switch things up with your look. Out with the old; in with the new.

Start 19 by getting that bold haircut you’ve been thinking about, or by dyeing your hair that crazy color you think would look amazing.

Go to a salon if you want to go all out, but you can totally do this at home if you’re on a budget. Either way, what better way to mark this new chapter than with a new ‘do!

• Update Your Room

Has your personal space looked the same for too long? Spend your 19th birthday working on the room of your dreams. It can be as simple as rearranging some furniture, or as elaborate as buying some new accessories.

Your room is your sanctuary, and it should reflect the authentic you as much as possible. In this case, prepare your room for all the growing you’re about to do this coming year.

• Take a Road Trip

Who doesn’t love a long, beautiful drive? You can have a set destination, or roam aimlessly. You can take a few loved ones with you, or drive alone for some self-reflection time.

Regardless, taking a memorable road trip is a great 19th birthday idea that doesn’t involve spending too much money. Just make sure you’ve got that perfect driving playlist!

• Attend a Concert

I personally believe it’s more worth it to spend money on experiences rather than things, and a good concert is always a worthy splurge!

Of course, this 19th birthday idea can’t be done last-minute, but it’s totally worth it to check who’s coming to town around your birthday.

Even if it’s just the cheap seats, seeing your favorite artist live for your birthday is unforgettable. Take lots of videos, or just live in the moment!

• Have a Special Meal

Your birthday is the perfect reason to finally eat that food you’ve been craving all week.

It can be something you make yourself if you like cooking or baking, something you order for a fun night at home, or you can do a full outing at a restaurant.

Either way, it’s never a bad time when there’s good food around. It’s your special day, so eat all the special treats you want!

• Do Some Self Care

Out of all the 19th birthday ideas, this one is truly just about y-o-u. Set up a relaxing bubble bath at home, or go to the salon to get a manicure or a massage.

Everyone gets busy and forgets to take care of themselves; your birthday is a great day to catch up on some much-needed self-care. Worry about everything else on every other day of the year!

• Go To The Arcade

This is a fun 19th birthday idea for feeling like a little kid again. Revisit old favorites like pinball or Pac-Man! A visit to the arcade is usually pretty affordable, and it’s the gift that keeps on giving.

You can walk out of there with some sweet prizes! Consider them extra birthday gifts to yourself.

• Buy Some New Clothes

Give that wardrobe a 19th birthday upgrade! First, I’d recommend tossing out all the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Clear out the old you and make way for all the cute clothes you’re about to get!

Spend a fun day at the mall trying on clothes and maybe even taking a few fashion risks. Treat yourself to a new wardrobe; it’s your birthday after all!

• Spend Time with Loved Ones

You deserve to be surrounded by as much love as possible on your 19th birthday. While all of these activities can be done alone, it goes without saying that you can invite a loved one along.

Or, if there’s someone special you don’t get to see every day, you can take this time to finally pay them a visit or set up a virtual call. You’ll appreciate it, and so will they!

 • Go See A Psychic

Out of all the 19th birthday ideas, this one is probably the most out there. But hey, it’s your birthday; why not do something different? A simple tarot or palm reading doesn’t usually cost much anyway.

Seeing a psychic is something fun to do every once in a while, and it’s a unique way to celebrate your birthday.

Even if you don’t believe in this stuff, you can just take what the psychic says with a grain of salt. Or you could gain an interesting new perspective for the year ahead.

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19th Birthday Party Accessories

A large clear balloon filled with pink and black balloons, creating a festive and colorful display.Photo Courtesy of Beaming Balloons on Etsy/ Beaming balloons on Instagram


Ortizan Portable Bluetooth Speaker, IPX7 Waterproof Wireless Speaker with 24W Loud Stereo Sound, Outdoor Speakers with Bluetooth 5.0, 30H Playtime,66ft Bluetooth Range,TWS Pairing for Home

Help her bring music with her wherever she goes with this top-rated Bluetooth portable speaker. She’ll be able to pump out crisp treble, detailed mids and especially enhanced bass at any volume.

Not only that, but this speaker also doubles as a wireless LED night theme light, complete with different color-changing themes.

The speaker has an incredible 30-hour playing time and provides waterproof protection against rain, dust, snow and spills.


Letter Balloons 

Letter Balloons 40 Inch Giant Jumbo Helium Foil Mylar for Party Decorations Silver A

I think these are super fun, and letter balloons make for great Instagram pictures. Spell anything from “Happy Birthday” to your name, and hang them up for some lovely party decorations.

They also come in tons of different colors to suit your personality and the party’s vibe. You’re never too old for balloons!



AuKing Projector, 2024 Upgraded Mini Projector, Full HD 1080P Home Theater Video Projector, Compatible with HDMI/USB/VGA/AV/Smartphone/TV Box/Laptop

If a movie night seemed like the perfect 19th birthday idea for you, I’d suggest buying a projector. You and your friends can comfortably sit wherever you want and stream your favorite movies.

Even if you aren’t watching a movie, you can use the projector to display photos or announcements. Just make sure it connects to your device!


Pool Floats

Swimline Watermelon Slice Floating Pool Island Red/Green 60'' Diameter

If you’re leaning more toward the pool or the beach, then you absolutely need some pool floats. They’re useful for anyone who wants to spend time in the water but doesn’t necessarily want to get wet.

Plus, if you’re thinking about taking good pictures, pool floats are a must-have. I personally love this watermelon-themed float that’s perfect for summer!


Nail Polish

Nicole Miller Mini Nail Polish Set - 15 Glossy and Trendy Colors

Thinking about that spa party? Then you totally need nail polish! I like this set because it comes with 15 cute colors to choose from. This way, not everyone’s nails have to look the same. I’d suggest having a friend paint them for you to get them just right.


Face Masks

Celavi Essence Facial Face Mask Paper Sheet Korea Skin Care Moisturizing 12 Pack (Mix - 2 of Each)

Face masks are another essential for a 19th birthday spa idea. You can buy them in bulk at your local pharmacy, or just buy them on Amazon.

They come with a lot of great benefits for your skin, depending on which one you pick. Your pores will feel totally refreshed, and your skin will be glowing for pictures!


Baking Supplies

KITESSENSU Baking Pans Sets, Nonstick Bakeware Set 7-Piece with Round/Square Cake Pan, Loaf Pan, Muffin Pan, Cookie Sheet, Roast Pan, Cooling Rack, Carbon Steel Bake Set

Dig up an old favorite recipe and head into the kitchen with some friends. You’re going to need all kinds of trays and pans for your baking birthday party.

I recommend this set from Kitessensu because it comes with so many supplies, and it’s a reasonable price.

Maybe you can buy matching aprons for your friends as party favours!


Picnic Set

Picnic at Ascot Original Equipped 4 Person Picnic Backpack with Cooler, Insulated Wine Holder & Blanket - Designed & Assembled in USA

If you want to have a picnic party, a picnic set greatly reduces additional packing on your part.

Since they usually come with utensils and plates (sometimes they even come with blankets), you won’t have to worry about taking more time to get everything ready, or potentially even forgetting something important.

This is especially handy to have if you’re planning a party, which can admittedly be stressful. Help yourself make your 19th birthday run as smoothly as possible!


Tie Dye

7 Colors Tie Dye Kit, 10.14oz Jumbo-Size Fabric Dye for Family Friends Groups Party Supplies, 59 Pack Tie Dye Kit for Women, Kids, Men by Vanstek

Does the crafty 19th birthday party appeal to you, but you don’t know what to do? Get a tie-dye kit! This is easy for pretty much everyone to do, and there’s no wrong way to do it. 

Plus, tie-dye supplies take up minimal storage space. Make something bright and colorful out of some plain white clothing. Just make sure you put down a lot of newspapers or plastic!


Party Lights

[2-Pack] Sound Activated Party Lights with Remote Control Dj Lighting, RGB Disco Ball Light, Strobe Lamp 7 Modes Stage Par Light for Home Room Dance Parties Bar Karaoke Xmas Wedding Show Club

How are you supposed to get into the birthday party spirit without some party lights? They light up your house for a nice daytime affair, and they look fantastic at night or outdoors.

I like these remote control party lights because they’re small enough to be moved from place to place, and they’re easily stored. Plus, they have seven different modes!


Party Games

Cards Against Humanity

I love Cards Against Humanity! It’s easy to carry around, and it’s a quick way to break the ice with new people.

It’s also something that never gets boring, as the combinations you can come up with are endless and hilarious.


Karaoke Machine

Portable Karaoke Machine, VeGue Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Microphone, Powerful PA System with LED Lights, Remote Control, ECHO Effect, Supports TF Card/USB, Ideal for Kids & Adults Family Pa...

Nothing gets the party started like some karaoke! Singing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs is a hilarious way to break the ice, get comfortable with each other, and get in the spirit to celebrate.

Pair this with the party lights for some extra superstar pizzaz. The karaoke machine in the link even comes with its own LED lights!


Bulks of Snacks

FUN MIX ASSORTED Variety BULK Individually Wrapped Candies, 53 OZ (3.313 LBS)

I don’t know about you, but when I get to a party, I’m always excited to see what kind of food the host is going to have. Get tons of snacks so none of your guests go hungry!

I personally recommend some chips, a healthier option like fruit or carrots, and, of course, some candy. Calories don’t count if it’s your birthday.



Yankee Candle Fresh Cut Roses Scented, Classic 22oz Large Jar Single Wick Candle, Over 110 Hours of Burn Time

No matter which of the 19th birthday ideas you like best, candles are always essential at a party.

Of course, you need candles for the cake, but you can always find use for some other fun scented candles!

They make for magical nighttime decorations, spa relaxation enhancers, and even cover-ups after a long day of baking or cooking. Who doesn’t want a yummy smelling house?


LED Curtain

Twinkle Star LED Window Curtain String Light

This would make an amazing background for pictures! An LED curtain is super easy to install, and it creates a cool ambience for a birthday party.

I especially like these because it looks like they’d blend in with any other type of decoration, and they could also work with a more minimalist theme. You can put these in your bedroom when you’re done.


Floating Tray

Jasonwell Inflatable Rainbow Cloud Drink Holder Floating Beverage Salad Fruit Serving Bar Pool Float Party Accessories Summer Beach Leisure Cup Bottle Holder Water Fun Decorations Toys Kids Adults

A floating tray is a game changer for a pool or a beach party. Instead of constantly having to get out of the water, you can keep your food or drink on a floating tray for your convenience!

With this rainbow tray, you get a pit (for ice or unopened drinks) as well as five cup holders. It’s also just a super cute accessory!


Drink Markers 

26Pcs Wine Glass Charms Tags with Bottle Stopper, Silicone Wine Glass Drink Markers for Bar Party Martinis Cocktail Champagne Stem Glasses

Invest in drink markers if you know you’ll be hosting a lot of guests. Drink markers help to differentiate which drink belongs to which person, so there’s no germ sharing, and everyone has peace of mind.

For example, you just wrap these bands around your drink; obviously everyone has a different number. Just make sure you remember yours!


Glow Sticks

BUDI 200 Glow Sticks 467Pcs Glow Party Favors for Kids/Adults: 200 Glowsticks Party Packs 7 colors & Connectors for Glow Necklace, Flower Balls, Luminous Glasses and Triple/Butterfly Bracelets

Glow sticks are a classic party accessory. They’re fun to play with and to shape, they make great lights, and you can even wear them as jewelry.

If you’re a fan of neon colors, getting a few of these sounds like a good 19th birthday idea. Plus, they’re so satisfying to bend!


Canvases and Paint 

PHOENIX White Blank Cotton Stretched Canvas Artist Painting - 8x8 Inch / 7 Pack - 5/8 Inch Profile Triple Primed for Oil & Acrylic Paints

Never underestimate the power of a good painting session. Tie-dye is super fun, but painting with canvases can be a little more of a relaxing option if you’re up for crafts but don’t want a big event.

It’s interesting to watch your guests’ paintings progress as they create something that’s entirely their own. And you’ll all have a unique party favor to remember your 19th!



Igloo Ice Cube 60 Quart Roller Cooler ,

Every one of the aforementioned 19th birthday ideas needs a cooler.

It’s absolutely essential for any kind of outdoor gathering, and they’re useful indoors when you just want to keep all the cold beverages in one place.

Plus, a cooler is a useful long-term investment for any type of gathering you may have in the future. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


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19th Birthday Party Games Ideas

• Movie Night

Have some friends over and bring out the popcorn! This is a great 19th birthday idea because it involves few hosting duties on your part. Just put on the movie; everyone will be happy to spend some time with you.

I’d suggest putting on something lighthearted to keep the fun mood going.

• Beach Day

If you live near a beach, a day at the beach with friends is a fun way to spend your birthday — or you can always take a little road trip!

You can spend all day in the ocean or soaking up some sun, and there are usually other attractions nearby to make your visit worthwhile.

Who doesn’t want to end their 19th birthday with a nice tan and smelling like the beach? Just don’t forget some sunblock and water bottles!

• At-Home Spa

Get everyone in on the self-care! This is a great 19th birthday idea because this way, you can have all your guests participate in the special treatment.

Besides some fun snacks, all you need to do is get some face masks, nail polish, and other spa supplies, which usually aren’t very expensive.

Put on some fun music to create a great low-key party and the perfect atmosphere for catching up with friends!

• Birthday Dinner

A birthday dinner is great because it clears out the daytime for other stuff you may need to do, while giving you something in the evening to look forward to.

You can have a chill dinner at home with friends — and even cook it all together if that’s what you like to do — or you can meet at a nice restaurant if you’re feeling fancy.

A birthday is the ultimate excuse to gather with loved ones and bond over good food. Remember to save room for dessert!

• Photoshoot

This 19th birthday idea lets you be an influencer for a day. Gather some friends, find a good photography location, and fill up your camera rolls!

Wear some cute outfits, and maybe even bring some fun props. You and your friends deserve to be the center of attention on your special day. You’ll have Instagram content for months to come!

• Pool Party

OK, maybe you want to rock your new bathing suit, but you don’t like getting sand everywhere. If this sounds like you, a pool party is the right option!

Bring out your cute pool floats and get the juice pouches ready for a fun day of swimming. Pool days make for some cute pictures too!

• Birthday Picnic

Find a beautiful spot out in nature and pack some of your favorite foods! Having a picnic is another great low-key 19th birthday idea for anyone who loves the outdoors.

For a lovely meal outside, you can pack anything from a charcuterie board to a birthday cake. I recommend going to a public park, because then you have the added benefit of people-watching!

• Crafting

The world would be a better place if everyone took a little more time to do some arts and crafts. This is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a creative way to spend your birthday.

You can do anything from bracelet-making to canvas painting. You and your friends can spend your 19th birthday creating something new!

• Bonfire Party

Is there a better 19th birthday idea than eating some toasted marshmallows with good friends? Get your coziest blankets and spend your birthday night with friends in front of a warm bonfire.

This is a slow-paced option for some great desserts and late-night conversations. Plus, you can spend some time outdoors without worrying about a sunburn!

• Game Night

Nothing gets the people going like a fun game of Monopoly or UNO! Bring out all your favorite games for some 19th birthday old-school fun.

You can play one game for as much time as you want, and if everyone gets tired, just move onto another one!

This is a great option if you have younger friends or siblings who want to join in on the celebration.

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Gifts for 19th Birthday Ideas


Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera - Ice Blue, 2.7x4.7x4.6 (Instax Mini 9 - Ice Blue)

All of these 19th birthday ideas sound like so much fun, you’re going to need ways to capture the moment. Help the host do so with a Polaroid!

Polaroids are such a quirky gift that make picture-taking all the more special, and I absolutely love their color options. Plus, all the pictures you take make for some awesome room or dorm decorations.


Record Player

Byron Statics Vinyl Record Player, 3 Speed Turntable Record Player with 2 Built in Stereo Speakers, Replacement Needle, Supports RCA Line Out, AUX in, Portable Vintage Suitcase

This is another one of my favorite retro-inspired 19th birthday gifts! It’s so nice to take a break from YouTube and streaming services and listen to music the old-fashioned way.

A music lover will definitely appreciate this gift. Record players also look really striking as decoration; they make good conversation pieces.

And for the future, you’ll know you can always gift this person records for their collection!



Moleskine Classic Notebook, Hard Cover, Large (5" x 8.25") Ruled/Lined, Black, 240 Pages

A nice notebook is a fantastic 19th birthday gift because there are so many ways to use one.

A notebook works for class notes, as a planner, or even just as a daily journal. It’s a simultaneously useful and personal gift. I know I would appreciate it!


Portable Charger 

2-Pack Miady 20000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank, Dual USB Output and USB-C Input, Fast Charging Battery Pack Charger for iPhone X, Galaxy S9, Pixel 3 and etc

This is more than a gift — it’s essential. The fact of the matter is that in this busy world, we can’t afford to be without an electronic for too long.

A portable charger ensures that no matter where you are, you’ll never run out of fuel. No more rushing home at 1%!


Oil Diffuser

Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set - Ultrasonic Diffuser & Top 10 Essential Oils - 400ml Diffuser with 4 Timer & 7 Ambient Light Settings - Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils...

My mom recently bought this essential oil diffuser for my dad, and he absolutely loves it.

Every night he turns it on, and the calming scent of lavender fills their house.

 This gift is perfect to pair with the essential oils above, but this diffuser also includes ten essential oils already.


Skylight Projector 

BlissLights Sky Lite - LED Laser Star Projector, Galaxy Lighting, Nebula Lamp for Gaming Room, Home Theater, Bedroom Night Light, or Mood Ambiance (Green Stars)

Create your own galaxy from right inside your room! With the skylight projector, you get to sleep under the stars without even having to leave your bed.

This makes for a beautiful bedroom display as well as a discrete nightlight if you don’t like sleeping in the dark. This gift is out of this world!


Lavender Spa Set 

Deluxe XL Spa Gift Basket for Women! Natural Lavender Chamomile Spa Bath Set Infused with Essential Oils. Sulfate Free Spa Gift Set to Soothe & Moisturize your Skin (Lavender Chamomile)

Spoil your loved one on their 19th birthday with this delicious-smelling lavender spa set! It comes with lavender shower gel, bath salts, bath bombs, bubble bath mixer, and body lotion.

Lavender smells amazing, and I think this a great gift to help encourage your loved one to include some self care into their daily routine. I also happen to really like the way the purple and silver packaging looks.


Bucket Hat 

Nike Reversible Bucket Hat. Nike.com

Here’s a 19th birthday gift idea for the loved one you know who likes to follow the latest fashion trends.

Bucket hats have been everywhere the last few years, so they’ll appreciate getting a cute new accessory as a present!

They also come in a bunch of cute colors to suit your loved one’s personality.


Nike Backpack

NIKE Brasilia XLarge Backpack 9.0, Black/Black/White, Misc

Everyone always needs a good backpack! And if your loved one is in college, this makes for an even better 19th birthday gift idea.

This Nike backpack — which comes in many colors — is big enough to hold textbooks, notebooks, and probably even a laptop.

It can also serve as a workout bag. Whatever it is they need to do with their backpack, hopefully the Nike logo will encourage them to “just do it.”


Air Jordan Tote

Nike Air Jordan Weatherized Tote Bag (One Size, Gym Red)

Maybe messenger bags are more their thing. In that case, try this Air Jordan tote.

The red color makes any outfit pop, and it’s just as roomy as a backpack — it stores electronics up to 15 inches. It also comes with an adjustable strap and buckle so you don’t hurt your shoulders.


Nike Skater Shoe

Nike mens SB BLZR Court CV1658 Shoes, Black/White/Gum-brown, 10

Know a skater? Get them some new shoes for their 19th birthday! I like how the shoes have a classic and more minimal look.

The flexible midsole also makes it easier to grip onto the skateboard.

I should also add that going to the skatepark counts as a 19th birthday idea. Just give them a new pair of shoes as the icing on the cake!


Color Pen Set 

Pentel Color Pens Set Assorted Colors Set Of 36 - Office Depot

Start your loved one’s 19th birthday off with some color! For starters, pens and supplies are always useful, particularly as a student.

And I’m sure if your loved one is crafty, they’ll like this gift even more. I’d have the nicest notes ever with 36 colors to choose from!


Rose Gold Fountain Pen

LAMY Lx Live Deluxe Fountain Pen, Rose Gold (L76F)

I know I’d feel super fancy writing with this pen. A nice expensive pen as a 19th birthday gift will definitely make your loved one feel grown-up!

The black and rose gold design makes the pen look super sleek, and I bet writing with it feels even nicer. Just keep it on your desk for any kind of signing you need to do.


Coffee Maker

Cuisinart Coffee on Demand DCC-3000 Brewer - 12 Cup(s) - Multi-serve - Black, Stainless Steel

This 19th birthday gift is especially recommended if you know your loved one lives in a dorm. Make sure they can always make a perfect cup of coffee in the morning or during a late night of studying.

The filter holds up to 12 cups of coffee, so they won’t constantly have to get up for water. Maybe buy some coffee pods for them to try too!


Fanny Pack

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag 1L

If your loved one likes to exercise frequently, consider buying them a fanny pack as a 19th birthday gift. This model from Lululemon is designed for being on the move, and the fabric is waterproof.

Keep your phone, wallet, and other valuables safely in one place around your waist. And there are so many great colors to choose from! Plus, fanny packs are super cute and make a fun accessory.


Yoga Kit 

BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set - Include Yoga Mat with Carrying Strap, 2 Yoga Blocks, Yoga Mat Towel, Yoga Hand Towel, Yoga Strap and Yoga Knee Pad (Black, 1/4"-Thick Mat)

As far as 19th birthday ideas and resolutions go, I’d say it’s always a good idea to try and incorporate more mindfulness into your routine. Help your loved one start 19 out right with a yoga kit.

It comes with a yoga mat, yoga block for support, and a microfiber towel.

Not only does practicing yoga contribute to physical exercise, but it also incorporates a lot of relaxation and meditation. This is a gift for the mind and the body!


Back Rollers

Double Roller | Women's Accessories | lululemon

Sitting at a desk in a car all day can have consequences on your back and posture. This two-in-one Lululemon roller can hopefully provide some relief!

The exterior roller is meant to massage the arms and legs (presumably after the gym), and the interior roller is meant to release any tension in the back.

I can totally see myself using a roller during study breaks or after working out!


LuluLemon Crossbody

Lululemon Easy Access Crossbody (BLK)

This crossbody is another adorable and practical 19th birthday gift! Just like the fanny pack, it’s waterproof and designed for being on the move.

It comes with the “belt bag” option if that’s what you prefer, but there’s also a different kind of relief to tugging the strap at your shoulder and being reassured you have all your stuff with you.

Never forget your phone at home again!



Performance Joggers

Maybe you know that your loved one is going to ditch all these 19th birthday ideas for a day of just chilling at home. Well, make sure they’re comfy with a new pair of joggers!

And while they’re perfect for a day lounging at home, they also work for warming up or cooling down after a workout. I think their slim fit is super flattering!



Nike Club Fleece Pullover Hoodie Dark Maroon

A sweatshirt is another classic cozy gift! The fleece material feels great on the skin and keeps you warm during the colder months.

The classic oversized sweatshirt looks great on everyone, but, of course, you can adjust the fit if needed.

There are also tons of colors to fit any kind of style or personality. Your loved one will practically live in this sweatshirt!


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Best Captions for 19th Birthday

Instagram birthday captions: "Another year older, another year wiser. Celebrating with loved ones and making memories

Facebook birthday quotes: Celebrate with heartfelt wishes and inspiring words. Share the joy of another year with friends and loved ones.

"A screenshot of a Twitter caption with no additional information."


A compilation of 19th birthday captions for social media posts. Celebrate your special day with these catchy and fun captions.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best surprise for 19th birthday?

The best surprise for a 19th birthday is ultimately to celebrate the last teenage chapter of life memorably and uniquely. Try to think outside of the box and brainstorm fun things to do. The goal should be to host a birthday theme that closes out on your Birthday in style.

Which outfit is best for 19th birthday?

Pick an outfit that signifies the start of your transition from teenager to young adult. Another idea is to pick a birthday outfit that fits with the theme of your party.

How can I celebrate my 19th birthday by myself?

Don’t feel ashamed if you don’t have a lot of friends to attend your birthday party — there are many fun things to do by yourself. Celebrate your 19th Birthday by going on a road trip; before you head off, I highly recommend making a road trip playlist. 

Take a road trip to the beach or the countryside. Pack a birthday cake, polaroid camera, and Bluetooth speaker before heading off for your road trip.

Another perfect solo birthday party idea is to have an at-home movie night.

For an epic movie night, you will need fairy lights and a projector. Your movie night can also be completed with a snack bar.

Choose a solo birthday idea that aligns closely with your hobby and personality.

How can I make my 19th birthday special without spending too much money?

You don’t need to drain your bank account to celebrate your 19th Birthday. Try to keep your Birthday simple by inviting a few close friends to save money on birthday costs.

It’s also a good idea to do a lot of DIY projects for your Birthday if you can’t afford a party planner. Another budget-friendly birthday idea is to have one at home!

You don’t need to worry about paying venue and furniture costs. Host your party in your backyard. Hang some fairy lights in the hedges to set the mood.

Wrap Up

Highlight the most important takeaways or pieces of advice in the article!

Your 19th Birthday is a special one. It is the official last chapter of your teens, so you need to plan properly to collect many beautiful memories.

Thankfully, this 19th birthday guide has given you many fun things to do. From themes, accessories, and all sorts of ideas to celebrate!




Creative 19th birthday ideas: A woman laughing and celebrating with colorful decorations and a cake.

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