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100 Cheap and Easy College Halloween Costumes-The Complete 2021 Guide

Looking for a Halloween costume? You are in the right place. We have the best college Halloween costumes for you.



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This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This post is all about College Halloween Costumes. 

Boo! Halloween will be here sooner than you think, so let the costume planning commence. In college, costumes tend to make it or break it and if you are like me, you do not want to be unprepared for the spooky festivities!

So, it’s time to swap out your good old comfy t-shirt and jeans for something spooktacular.

BLENDtw rounded up the BEST 100 College Halloween Costumes—with a mix of DIY and Amazon sets—that are meant to fit your budget and will make anyone shake, rattle, and roll in your Halloween festivities.

Halloween, aka the best holiday ever, is the time to channel a new character! Candy, scary movies, Fall weather, hot cocoa… Halloween is just packed full of fun activities.

My favorite part is definitely the costumes and the creativity behind them. In this list of Halloween costumes, there will be a wide range of costumes to choose from or be inspired by.

Remember, Halloween is also about aesthetics, so don’t worry too much about getting the exact outfit. Have fun with your costume!

In this post:

Hottest Halloween Costumes 

1. Alien

No costume screams out-of-this-world more than this Alien ensemble. Show your quirky side with an alien headband and a metallic two-piece at your next Halloween party. No one’s going to be phoning home when you are around.

Copy the look:

2. Baby Yoda

This Baby Yoda ensemble will surely catch the eyes of your fellow Mandalorian lovers. You can wear it with the attached headband, or find a baby Yoda headpiece. Either way, this Halloween costume is guaranteed to earn you the title “best dressed!”

Copy the look:

3. Famous Paintings

If your dream is to live like a painting for a day, then this Halloween costume is for you! Whether it’s da Vinci’s Mona Lisa or Munch’s The Scream, this ensemble is sure to catch everyone’s eye.

Copy the look:

4. Dalmatian

Feeling a little cute? Then your next Halloween costume should be this easy Dalmation ensemble. Pair the dalmatian ears with a white shirt, and if you want to take it a step further, I suggest getting black fabric paint so you can draw little circles on the shirt. Have fun, but watch out for Cruella de Vil!

Copy the look:

5. Twister

Turn heads with this DIY Twister costume! Grab any plain white tee you have and some fabric paint, and then start drawing and painting circles around the shirt just like in Twister! With this Halloween costume, you’ll be twisting and turning heads at your college parties.

Copy the look:

6. Loofah and Soap 

There’s no better couple’s college Halloween costume than a loofah and soap! It really shows that you have each other’s back, am I right?

This costume has everything you need and all you have to do is wear them and have a good time.

Copy the look:

7. The Sun

Shine bright and be the beacon — be the Sun for your Halloween costume. Gold will be hard to miss at any event, and although you’re supposed to be blinding because you are the sun, everyone would still be looking at you.

Copy the look:

8. Ghostbusters

Who ya gonna call? This Halloween costume has everything you need to be the next Ghostbuster! For fans of cult classic films, this is the perfect way to show your love and find like-minded fans!

Copy the look:

9. Maui

What can I say except you’re welcome? And you are welcome for this Maui ensemble that is sure to bring out the Moana vibes for your next Halloween party!

Copy the look:

10. Money Heist

Bella Ciao! Are you ready to go on a heist? If so, then this Halloween costume is the perfect fit.

You can never go wrong with this Money Heist-inspired costume because it is so easy to replicate, and all you have to get correct is the mask and the red they all wear.

Copy the look:

11. Thing 1 and Thing 2

“Then, out of the box came Thing Two and Thing One!” You and your best friend or partner can pay homage to The Cat in the Hat’s Thing 1 and Thing 2 by wearing this to your next college Halloween party.

Copy the look:


Halloween Costumes for College Girls

12. Bratz Doll

If you have a passion for fashion like the Bratz dolls do, this Halloween costume is for you! Simultaneously chic and stylish, summon Chloe, Jade, Yasmin, or Sasha in these rocking platform boots matched with a faux-leather jacket and bucket hat.

Copy the look:

13. Gladiator

For Sparta! This gladiator Halloween costume screams fierceness. With a complete ensemble: cape, armor, headband, corset, and sword, you will be ready to fight for freedom… or you know, the best-dressed list. Don’t miss out!

Copy the look:

14. Pride and Prejudice Zombie

If you take Jane Austen and add a little spooky to it, you get a Pride and Prejudice Zombie. Grab any nightgown, add fake blood all over it and you’ll have your very own Pride and Prejudice Zombie. I wonder what Mr. Darcy would say.

Copy the look:

15. Bridgerton – Regency Era

Period dramas are very popular right now, and if you are a fan of Netflix’s Bridgerton, this Halloween costume is for you. The beautiful Regency-era dress paired with long gloves is sure to bring out the Daphne Bridgerton inside of you.

Copy the look:

16. Velma

Jinkies! Grab your favorite orange top and a black skirt, and you can channel your inner Velma for your next college Halloween party! But don’t forget your glasses, or you will not be able to find clues and solve mysteries.

Copy the look:

17. Pink Power Ranger

It’s Morphin Time! Channel your inner pink power ranger with this ensemble. It is sure to turn heads at your next Halloween party because of its uniqueness.

Copy the look:

18. Margot Tenenbaum

Another cult classic of course! Channel your inner Margo Tenenbaum with this teddy bear coat and white gloves. The attitude can only come from within, so I suggest watching the 2001 classic, The Royal Tenenbaums so you can perfectly capture Margot’s unmissable personality.

Copy the look:

19. Sandy from Grease

Is this the one that you want? There’s no better college Halloween costume than Sandy Olsson’s T-Bird outfit. Grab your favorite black top and a leather jacket, wear your fiercest red lipstick, and voila! You’re gonna be everyone’s favorite costume of the night.

Copy the look:

20. Medusa

Are you a lover of Greek Mythology? The toga and Medusa headdress combination sssscreams Greek Mythology. Although you can’t turn anyone to stone, if you wear this costume at a college Halloween party, no one will be able to resist looking at you!

Copy the look:

21. Witch

Cackle! You can never go wrong with a witch costume. Take any black dress you have, add a witch’s hat and you’d be good to go to any college Halloween party. Don’t forget your potions and spells to allure everybody with.

Copy the look:

22. Scarlet Witch

What is Halloween if not the child inside who likes to play dress-up persevering? If you are a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and WandaVision, this Halloween costume is the perfect way to unleash the Scarlet Witch inside. Agatha better watch out!

Copy the look:

23. Hippie

Love and Peace! Let the 70s aesthetic in you awaken at your next Halloween party with this easy, one-piece college Halloween costume. It will surely bring love, peace, and groove to your party.

Copy the look:

24. Cowgirl

Yeehaw! Wear a flannel shirt and top it off with a cowboy hat, and you are ready to wow everyone with your cowgirl ensemble.

Copy the look:

25. Maleficent

“Royalty. Nobility. Gentry. How quaint.”

Channel your inner mistress of evil with this Maleficent-inspired college Halloween costume. Any casual black top, will work but the showstopper will be the headpiece! You’re going to be the Halloween party’s center of attention.

Copy the look:

26. Edna Mode

With Auntie Edna around, there’s no room for a fashion disaster! Copy her style with a wig, round glasses, and a shirt. Who knows? You might be Jack Jack’s next babysitter.

Copy the look:

27. Angel

Make people say “you were sent from above!” with this easy and cheap angel Halloween costume. You can mix and match the halo and the wings with any ethereal, shimmering top you have in your closet to make you the star of the show!

Copy the look:

28. Butterfly

Spread your wings and fly in your next college Halloween party with this cheap and easy butterfly costume. With your beautiful monarch wings, people won’t be able to resist taking notice.

Copy the look:

29. Princess Diana

Bow to the People’s Princess! Channel your inner Princess Diana in your college Halloween costume. This homage is not only easily recognizable, but you likely have most of the items already in your closet, and all you have to do is channel the same grace and poise Lady Diana did everything with.

Copy the look:

30. 2000’s Fashion (Women)

The year 2000 was a year of fashion disasters, but looking at it in retrospect, we can appreciate the careless and easy beauty of dressing like you’re lounging about 24/7. The velour tracksuit is the perfect homage to the 2000s! Besides, what are college Halloween costumes for if not paying respect to trends?

Copy the look:

31. 1920s (Women)

Now channel Fitzgerald’s Daisy Buchanan and Jordan Baker in your college Halloween party with this 1920’s costume that includes everything you need!

From a flapper dress to jewelry, nothing is left amiss. All you need is your dancing moves and a big smile.

Copy the look:

32. Rosie the Riveter

This Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume one-piece has everything you need, from the jumper to the headband. A perfect homage to the powerful woman in you.

Copy the look:

33. VSCO Girl

SKSKSKSKSK, are you the next VSCO girl? Some of these things you might already own, but there’s no better way to show you’re in the know with the trends than ironically, or unironically, wearing a VSCO costume to your college Halloween party.

Copy the look:

34. 80s Aerobics

Let’s get physical! Channel your inner Olivia Newton-John with this 80s aerobics-inspired college Halloween costume. If you love the 80s and aerobics, this costume is perfect for you. The neon leggings paired with the curly wig are perfect to show your dedication to this spooky season.

Copy the look:

35. Retro Ski

Do you love skiing and all things retro? This 80s ski suit and ski goggles combination is sure to bring chills to your guests’ spines. Stun them with the colorful ski suit, a nod to the vibrant fashion that flooded the streets in the 80s.

Copy the look:

36. Pirate

Arrrgh! The good ol’ pirate costume never goes out of style. If you want a quick but still recognizable Halloween costume, this is the way to go. A corset over a loose shirt plus boots will have everyone saying “ahoy matey!”

Copy the look:

Halloween Costumes for College Guys

37. Medical Doctor

If you are a big fan of Grey’s Anatomy or any other medical show, this surgeon Halloween costume can make you the next Derek Shepherd or the Meredith Grey of your costume party. Grab a real or a toy stethoscope to complete the look. The doctor is in!

Copy the look:

38. Lifeguard

Lifeguard on duty! If you love bodies of water and you love watching over people for safety, this lifeguard Halloween costume is for you.

You’ll be difficult to miss with all the red, and it’s so worth it because they might award you best dressed of the night.

Copy the look:

39. Toy Soldier

A big Toy Story fan? Why not celebrate Halloween dressed as one of the toy soldiers from the movies? The toy soldiers are very easy to replicate in costume form, as you can see in the links!

Copy the look:

40. Mario and Luigi

Mamma mia! There’s no easier Halloween costume than going as Mario and Luigi. Find a red shirt for Mario or a green one for Luigi and top it off with a pair of overalls. If you have time, you can fashion fake mustaches from painted cardboard!

Copy the look:

41. Clark Kent

A journalist by day and a superhero by night? Channel your inner Clark Kent with this easy Halloween costume. The secret is mixing two shirts together: one with the famous Superman’s “S”, and an unbuttoned dress shirt on top of it. Top it off with some reading glasses and maybe a book bag, and now you’re ready to save the day!

Copy the look:

42. Richie Tenenbaum

If you love the cult classic The Royal Tenenbaums, then this college Halloween costume is for you! Richie Tenenbaum’s outfit is easy to replicate: grab a sweatband and a brown coat, top it off with some vintage glasses, and voila! The costume will be hard to miss at any Halloween party.

Copy the look:

43. Where’s Waldo 

Dressing up as Where’s Waldo is easy! Some items may be in your closet already, but don’t underestimate the power of this costume, because although Waldo is hard to find in the books, this costume will be recognized by everyone at your Halloween party.

Copy the look:

44. Costume Loading

Late Halloween costume? Have no fear! This funny “Costume Loading” shirt will excuse you from dressing up to any Halloween party, and it will trigger laughter from your friends.

Copy the look:

45. Tourist

Where to next? We all want to be a local to the places we travel to, but sometimes we can’t help but act all touristy. If you want a funny costume that will bring out laughs, be the wandering tourist and wear this tropical printed shirt and visor to your Halloween party. Further confuse people by asking for directions and by asking what’s the best place to get local foods.

Copy the look:

46. Captain America

America’s favorite hero! If you can’t get enough of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or are anxiously waiting for episodes of Disney’s new The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, you can pay homage to Steve Rogers by wearing this costume to your Halloween party.

Copy the look:

47. Pajamas

Lazy? Sleepy? These cute costume pajamas mix comfort and creativity together. So, if you’re feeling a little lazy about dressing up for your Halloween party, wearing these pajamas will transform your unpreparedness to quirkiness.

Copy the look:

48. Mime

I’ve no words! The simplicity and silliness of a mime costume can go a long way. Grab your favorite striped shirt, get some white gloves, and if you have the time, paint your face white. You’ll soon be ready to commence your silent art!

Copy the look:

49. 2000’s Fashion (Men)

Bringing sexy back! Men’s fashion in the 2000’s was more laid-back, but it is still a head-turner in 2021. Channel the 2000’s in your Halloween festivities by wearing a matching tracksuit. You can pair the set with any white sneakers you have; the true beauty of the 2000s is mixing and matching.

Copy the look:

50. 1920s (Men)

Channel F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Nick Carraway and Jack Gatsby (or Tom Buchanan?) in this 1920’s Halloween costume. The costume has everything you need to enjoy a night in the Jazz Age: hat, suspenders, bow ties, and more! All you need is a dress shirt and your dashing looks to go with it.

Copy the look:

Funny College Halloween Costumes

51. Skittles Pox

Skittles have various ways to wear them as a costume and this particular outfit doesn’t even need to be exact to its origin. But the funniest way to wear it will definitely be by mocking the hilarious Skittles commercial! Bonus: if you carry extra sticky Skittles and stick them on those that eat the ones stuck on you!

Copy the look:

52. Mr. Clean

Would you watch a reality show with Mr. Clean? I think I would… Anyway, here’s a hilarious costume for the baldies and everyone willing to wear a bald cap all night. Don’t forget the cotton eyebrows!

Copy the look:

53. Ace Ventura

He honestly has so many looks that you can choose whichever, but this may be the most iconic. You can only wear this if you commit to acting like this character the entire night. Kidding… only half.

Copy the look:

54. The Belchers

The great thing about this costume is that you can be any character in a group or solo and can still be recognizable. This easy costume comes together with an apron and simple clothes you may already have. Complete this look with a self-made spice rack with some black tape and have those that may have missed this episode guess what it should be.

Copy the look:

55. The Son of Man

Art majors will love this and those that recognize it will love and appreciate this classic piece. This outfit is very simple and can still be recognizable if you choose to wear all black instead. If you have a hard time gluing the apple to the hat, get a printout and tape it. From a distance, you can’t tell it’s paper!

Copy the look:

66. Sims

One of the simplest and craftiest costumes on this list, this Sims accessory will have many fans wish they thought of this. There is really no requirement but one: that plumbob over their heads. You can wear any outfit you want, but I suggest shouting your favorite Simish phrases to authenticate your costume.

Copy the look:

57. Deviled Egg

I love a good costume pun. This may stump some people, but everyone will laugh when they realize what it is. This can also be worn in various ways, so get creative with these egg patches!

Copy the look:

58. Dinosaur

To meme or not to meme… Honestly, it’s worth the price and attention. This definitely requires character interaction, so be prepared for that. If not, there is always a regular dinosaur head that you can supply with various end-of-the-world jokes.

Copy the look:

59. Operation

This costume is great for a couple or a single costume! You can either wear a full nude bodysuit or clothes close to your skin tone. This one will require a little work in getting the pieces all together, but it will be the best costume of the night!

Copy the look:

60. Regina George

Let’s just hope no one already has this at your party or gather some friends and start the trend. Either way, you win and none for Gretchen Weiners. Bye.

Copy the look:

Cheap College Halloween Costumes

61. Powerpuff Girls

Everyone loves a good tv reference, so this is great for trios, but not necessary. You can even add an extra person for Professor Utonium. I’ve seen many interpretations for this set, but as long as you have the colors and Blossom’s signature bow, you can get away with many looks!

Copy the look:

62. Princess Morbucks

Or if you rather be a solo PPG character, look no further than the best villain money can buy. You can either be very fancy and get a great golden crown or create a simple one.

Copy the look:

63. Fortune teller

This is a very simple costume and great if you already have asymmetrical clothing. Wear all your jewelry and hair long with this one. Get this mood light ball instead of a crystal one to “predict” everyone’s future based on the color.

Copy the look:

64. Velma and Daphne

A classic friendship and best description for all friends, you can’t go wrong with this duo. Whether as a twosome or with the rest of the gang, this timeless costume will make the night a success.

Copy the look:

65. Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts

The most important question on this list. It’s all preference and definitely depends on what you order from either of these cafes. This costume has no requirement but to make it clear which side you are on.

Copy the look:

66. Bookworm

This one also has no costume requirement, but it can still be done. I recommend wearing mostly green and carrying around a stack of books if you can’t get them on your outfit. This may require some crafting, with which you can make books out of cardboard and glue them on. Either way, it shouldn’t be that hard to pull off!

Copy the look:

67. Willy Wonka

I don’t see enough of this outfit and it’s pretty sad. If there are any of these 50 Halloween costumes you need to do, it’s Willy Wonka. It’s so simple, it’s crazy!

Copy the look:

68. Grapes or Raspberry

This one is really cute, but not for those with an irrational fear of balloons. Actually, if you decide on this, it may be the scariest costume for some people. Either way, this simple costume will work wonders.

Copy the look:

69. Anna Wintour

Global fashion icon, Anna Wintour would be perfect if you’re already the most fashionable friend. This one is also great because it’s a general look and all in the attitude. Make sure you work it, girl!

Copy the look:

70. 1970s Disco

The 70s have been making a comeback for practically all of the 2000s, so let’s make sure we stay groovy! The best thing about this costume is that they are common, so they are usually the cheaper ones. Match these accessories with some bell bottoms and/or a flowery dress!

Copy the look:

71. Kim Possible and Shego (or Ron Stoppable)

The duo that could never be. Imagine if Kim and Shego got together and took over the world! These costumes are simple and don’t need too much work in them. If your duo is with Shego over Ron, pay attention to her makeup!

Copy the look:

72. Tourist

You might have to check your dad’s closet for this one. Another simple costume with variations, the essential accessories will let everyone know exactly who you are. Khaki shorts are preferred, but jean shorts work well. Carry a paper map and camera if you have them!

Copy the look:

73. Ladybug

A teacher favorite, this ladybug costume is too adorable not to include. You can add wings and glasses if you like. There are also full polka dot alternatives, but that is totally up to you.

Copy the look:

74. Crayons

Another costume that works great as a group but can be solo is dressing up as crayons! They are a cute and simple way to get into the Halloween spirit. You can wear your favorite color and be stylish in your Halloween costume!

Copy the look:

75. Carebears

Another costume I never see enough, and one idea that would be great for groups is dressing as Carebears! The costume itself is available as a onesie and would be great for those in areas where snow is near on Halloween. But if that’s not the case for you, it’s not hard to make this out of any crafts you can find.

Copy the look:

76. The Cheetah Girls

A group of 4 is required for this costume because it is when the girls were at their Cheetahlicious. The great thing about this costume is that the Cheetah Girls had many amazing looks, so if the sweatsuit isn’t your style, get that cheetah print!

Copy the look:

77. Rosie the Riveter

A simple and classic look, Rosie the Riveter! This has been interpreted in many ways and modernized in various styles. As long as you got the bandana and the flexed arm, you got this look ready!

Copy the look:

78. Bob Ross

Bob Ross, the first friend of many. Honor him by showing off your talents and remaining positive all night. Remember to make happy accidents with your friends!

Copy the look:

79. Arthur

Whether you’ve chosen this for the meme or because you loved Arthur, you’re sure to get some laughs and recognition. Simple and easy to put together, you can be solo or make a whole cast reenactment.

Copy the look:

80. Red Riding Hood

This classic has also been altered in various ways. As long as you have long red hair and a red hoodie, you can pull off this look easily! Wear a puffy dress for a classic look or all black with skinny jeans for a modern one.

Copy the look:

Last Minute/Easy Halloween Costumes for College Students

81. Pop Art

My favorite last-minute costume is definitely pop art because its focus is the make-up look. One year, I pulled a similar look together and grabbed a wig from the party store before walking into the party. It’s that easy!

Copy the look:

32. Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy

Spongebob and Patrick are everyone’s favorite cartoon duo, but we can’t leave out Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy. Without them, Bikini Bottom would perish as we know it! While this costume has great small details, they’re not too necessary but could be self-made if preferred.

Copy the look:

83. Wednesday Adams

Classic and last minute, this costume is the best last-minute one. The only downfall may be that there are other Wednesday Adams, but ensure that you’re the best one with this skull collar chain.

Copy the look:

84. Pantone

If you have access to a printer, or just have good enough handwriting and some scissors, this last-minute costume is probably the easiest to wear. You can even be multiple Pantone chips if you don’t have a monochromatic outfit. You can also wear all black and have a big cardstock paper with color and the Pantone number with it. I have even seen someone make a dress out of many of the small cards, so you have options with this one.

Copy the look:

85. Modern Witch

With all of the awesome witchy shows the last couple of years, it’s not hard to pull off a modern witch look. All black is a requirement, but pointy hats are optional. This look has to be completed with black makeup and cute but dark accessories. Honestly, an everyday mood if you ask me.

Copy the look:

86. Cosmo and Wanda

I know we were all jealous that Timmy got two fairly odd parents. Still, I loved this show and this duo is great as a couple or a friend costume. Hair color is essential for this costume and the crowns and wands are probably the easiest you could make with yellow paper and some tape.

Copy the look:

87. Sun and Moon

This duo is another I hardly see but should be much more common. It’s very easy to get clothing for this costume, for it can be really anything silver/gray or gold/yellow. This definitely gives you the chance to get super creative, so get some silver or gold hair wax, along with various corresponding accessories!

Copy the look:

88. Devil and Angel

Another classic that you can get creative with. I recommend finding new ways to interpret the angel and devil, but this is a classic for a reason.

Copy the look:

89. Bratz Doll

Now the makeup aficionados should definitely do this look since it is makeup-based and should be worn as such. I have seen many Bratz-inspired looks and I was in awe, so a full costume would be spectacular because you can wear just about anything.

Copy the look:

90. Lisa Frank

This is definitely a quick outfit that doesn’t need too much preplanning or work, unless your wardrobe is not as colorful. You can make your own or purchase specific items like the wig, leggings and ears. It was at this point in the list where I wondered if my list was too 90s… Yet, I decided to include it anyway because I love it.

Copy the look:

91. Spooky Doll

Now on the completely opposite of the previous, this spooky doll look is great for those who are always cute and want to change it up. Get your cutest dress and a stuffed animal and scare people with your adorable serial killer voice. I know you’ve got one.

Copy the look:

92. Neon Clown

Another makeup heavy look, cause these 50 Halloween costumes need some variety, but this is the best because its an upgrade to a classic. This look can be completed with a sleek modern clown look or a traditional, but dark one. Think Pennywise meets Annabelle in Sabrina.

Copy the look:

93. Secret Service

This one is self-explanatory and works better as a group. If there are only two of you, take turns pretending to guard other people with no clear reason. If you stay in character most of the night, you may be the most memorable.

Copy the look:

44. Where’s Waldo/Wanda

An adorable couples costume, this will bring smiles no matter where you go. Dressing up as Waldo and Wanda is such a cute look and quite easy to put together! This couple just got matching shirts, hats and cameras!

Copy the look:

95. Silent Film Actor

This one is for sure with good timing, as the Silent Film era ended around the 1920s. Pay homage in the 2020s with this costume. Works better as a duo or group, but not impossible.

Copy the look:

96. Daria and Jane

I’m wearing a Daria shirt as I write this and it’s upsetting to realize that my best friend and I have not been Daria and Jane for Halloween. Disappointing really. Add Quinn, Trent, or Jodie if you like, but you clearly won’t need any of them. This look can go many different ways and you can wear it with your bestie, which is really all we ever want, right?

Copy the look:

97. Mario and Luigi

The Plumber Brothers have become the most iconic video game siblings ever and they will be recognized no matter how you wear them. If you feel creative, definitely twist this fashion around, switching big hats to caps and overalls with shimmery dresses. It’s all in the details with this one.

Copy the look:

98. Snow White

Disney princesses are nice, but sometimes they get repetitive. For these costumes, make sure you have your own spin on them, whether it be the style or the makeup. I think we all know someone whose dream it is to be a Disney princess one day, well this is their chance to shine!

Copy the look:

99. Belle

Same with Belle, but this may be easier to pull off just on a different dress style. All of the princesses can be modernized, so you don’t have to stick to just dresses!

Copy the look:

100. Netflix and Chill

Lastly, because it has to be done every year, I added the Netflix and chill look! This is definitely up to you and how lazy or creative you want to be since there are already shirts that have this printed, but there are cute patches to make it your own.

Copy the look:

Final Thoughts on College Halloween Customes

I hope you were inspired by this list! I know I have a lot to talk about with my best friend and other friend groups. This list also made me want to start a Halloween countdown, so excuse me while I go do that.

Comment below to share which outfit you end up choosing to wear! I’m excited to see what you add to make the look your own!

That’s a wrap. This article was all about college Halloween customers. Did you like it? Share the LOVE on social media!

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One party idea for guys is to set up a drinks bar with all your favorite alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

I love this idea because I do not want my guests to be thirsty throughout the whole party, and if there is a bar specifically for drinks, it will be easier for them to know where to get their refreshments.

You can decorate the bar however you want, but I suggest getting beverage tubs like the one linked above! And don’t forget the ice.

Make your own drinks bar:

Snacks Bar

Sometimes when the party is too exciting, one needs a breather or a little snack to regain some energy.

One of the most awesome graduation party ideas is setting up a bar with all your favorite snacks to cure the mid-party #hangriness.

I suggest getting a clothesline so you can pin mini snacks to it for aesthetic purposes.

I love the idea that guests can see what snacks they’re getting when it’s hung on a clothesline. It adds character to the whole party.

Make your own snacks bar:

Photo Booth

One way to memorialize your awesome graduation party is to set up a photo booth!

Photo booths are a fun way to keep track of who attended the best graduation party of the year, and they allow guests to be silly in front of the camera.

This item from Amazon contains a graduation-themed border and some silly props to use when taking photos.

I love that the item is in line with the graduation party theme going on! It will be a perfect addition to any party.

Make your own photo booth:

S’mores Bar

If the snack bar isn’t enough to make the hangry go away at your party, then setting up a s’mores bar is a great graduation party idea.

Grab your favorite chocolate brand, marshmallows, and graham crackers, and get this electric s’mores maker to build your own s’mores bar at your graduation party.

This will definitely pique the interest of kids attending your party, or adults who have a sweet tooth.

I love that the maker is a flameless heater because caution is so important, especially when young ones are attending the party.

Make your own s’mores bar:

Popcorn Bar

One awesome graduation party idea for guys is to set up a popcorn bar at the party!

Popcorn is the best go-to snack, especially when getting a little intoxicated, and it will be fun to have your popcorn bar at the party.

My suggestion is to buy those popcorn containers from a dollar store and get this popcorn maker from Bed Bath & Beyond to finish your bar.

This idea will have everyone smiling at your party because of the popcorn maker’s carnival-like design.

Make your own popcorn bar:

Doughnut Wall

If you have a sweet tooth, then having a doughnut wall at your graduation party is one of the best things you can do. A doughnut wall doesn’t have to be complicated!

Get your favorite doughnuts from your favorite spot and buy these mini walls from Amazon that come with a stand and a peg where you can insert your doughnuts.

I love the idea of having a doughnut wall because I, like most, love doughnuts. This wall would be a hit at your graduation party.

Make your own doughnut wall:

School Color Themed Party

One best graduation party idea for guys is to host a school color-themed graduation party.

Nothing commemorates your college adventure more than representing its colors at your party.

If you are tired of seeing the usual black and gold items for your party, then switch it up by buying items in colors that represent your school colors.

Start with balloons! This item from Amazon has a variety of colors you can choose from, so your balloons can reflect the colors you want.

Them your own party:

Shot Tower

Another graduation party idea for guys is to have a shot tower at the party! This symbolizes both fun and letting loose before you tackle the world of adulthood.

Recreate the shot tower by buying a tiered cupcake holder, but instead of cupcakes, you can put shot glasses with the alcohol of your choice.

I adore this idea because it makes doing shots easier. Instead of pouring it, a ready one is more convenient and the aesthetics are on another level.

Make your own shot tower:

Memory Jars

If you want to have a cry session or a laugh session at your graduation party, then a perfect party idea is to have memory jars at either the entrance or on top of your graduation table.

Buy this large jar from Amazon and put pens and paper where your guests can write their fondest memory of you!

It is truly a sweet way to know that you are not alone in this world, and that you impact people in your special way.

I love that the jar is large enough to collect all the memories. Plus, it can be used in the pantry post-graduation party.

Make your own memory jar:

Crepe Station

A crepe station at a graduation party is probably one of the best ideas you can have at your party.

Crepes are so versatile. There are savory crepes and sweet ones. The ideas are endless.

Everyone at your party will love that you had a crepe bar. I personally love crepes as much as the next person, and for my next parties, I want to have one.

It’s easy to create a crepe bar at your party; just purchase this crepe machine that comes with 100 recipes, and you can buy your ingredients from that.

Create your own crepe station:

Music Booth

A party is not a party without music! One of the best graduation party ideas for guys is to have a music booth where you can play your favorite bops and dance to them.

If hiring a DJ is not an option, then this Bluetooth speaker is the best substitute.

You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and play it throughout the party without the hassle of suggesting songs to the DJ.

I love that the speaker comes with a microphone for karaoke!

Make your own music booth:

Throne Seat

One of the best graduation party ideas for guys is to have a seat of honor for the college graduate!

Whether it’s in the center or by the graduation table, no one can miss that this is your day and that everyone’s here to celebrate this big accomplishment.

You don’t have to spend over a thousand dollars for a throne seat. This dupe from Amazon gives the same regal vibe without breaking the bank.

I love that there are four colors to choose from because I can handpick what represents my school colors!

Have your own throne:

Outdoor Party

If the weather is nice and you have a space to have an outdoor graduation party, then the best idea is to have an outdoor one!

This gazebo canopy tent is the perfect purchase; you can host parties outside without the worry of a sudden weather change.

I love that the tent comes with windows so it doesn’t feel too crowded inside. Plus, the tents are large enough to fit many people and some graduation party decorations.

Host your own outdoor party:

Sushi Bar

If you love sushi as I do, then a perfect graduation party idea is to have a sushi bar! You can either purchase the sushi or, if you have time, make them days before the party.

To have a beautiful sushi bar presentation, I highly recommend getting these bamboo cutting boards that can serve as trays for your delicious sushi.

When setting up a bar, don’t forget the condiments, especially the wasabi.

Create your own sushi bar:

Fresh Fruits and Snacks Tower

A fruits and light snacks tower is an awesome graduation party idea for guys.

Fruits are an all-around favorite snack, especially if you are craving something sweet but it’s too early for two slices of the graduate’s cake!

Whether or not you get this gift tower from Amazon, everyone will love your fruits and snacks tower.

I love that the gift comes with different fruits and snacks because variety is key, especially if someone at your graduation party has dietary restrictions.

Create your own fruit tower:

Money Cake

If you want a unique cake for your graduation party, then this money cake is an awesome idea.

Either roll the bills and place them around the cake, or purchase this money box and place the bills inside and the graduate can do a pull in front of the guests!

I love that it keeps the money clean even though it’s inside the cake.

The box is highly durable and prevents any contamination between the cake and the money.

Make your own money cake:

Money Bouquet

If cakes are not your thing, then a perfect graduation idea is to have a money bouquet!

This item from Amazon lets you clip multiple bills (or gift cards) at once, and you can arrange it in the form of a bouquet.

If you want to go the extra mile, get tissue paper and wrap it around the clips to create the bouquet illusion.

I love this party idea because I love flowers, especially when they’re made of money!

Make your own money bouquet:

Wishes Jar

Have your guests write their best wishes for you at your graduation party with this wish jar.

The kit comes with a decorative jar and a wish ticket where your guests can write their best wishes for you!

I love the thought of having a wish jar because I like to hear from people, especially post-graduation when everything seems so bleak. A good wish can motivate you to the next stage of your life.

Make your own wishes jar:

Cookie Bar

At night, when the graduation party is dying down, an awesome party idea is to have a cookie bar.

The sugar will get everyone going again, and cookies are a nice snack to have post-dancing.

Get these gold-lined trays to match your graduation theme and serve your cookies on them. I love that the trays are very elegant.

It will definitely heighten the appeal of any cookie on it.

Create your own cookie jar:

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Graduation Party Decor For Guys

Photo Banner

Welcome your new college graduate home with a banner of their school portraits throughout the years, from kindergarten to their college senior year.

To me, this idea is very nostalgic and is a good remembrance of the growth and journey a student experienced.

Copy the idea by purchasing a banner from Amazon, and instead of stopping at 12th grade, you can buy another banner to DIY it all through your senior year of college.

This will be the perfect idea for any graduation party decor for guys.

Create your own photo banner:

Grad Table

A graduation table that commemorates the college graduate is a must-have for any guy’s graduation party.

The table should attract all the guests and should feel celebratory. Copy the item by purchasing a graduation decor set on Amazon.

I suggest that you grab a large enough table and place it by a wall, so you can decorate the table’s surroundings.

Create your own grad table:

Big Head

There’s nothing funnier and weirder than seeing big pictures of your head floating around your graduation party.

Celebrate the star of the party by customizing a big head cardboard cutout of them. I love that these are so personal and so big!

It will show your appreciation for the handsome graduate.

Make your own big head cutout:

Favorite Sport

If your college graduate is a sports fanatic or has played sports in his college career, then a favorite sports altar is a must-have at this guy’s graduation party.

From basketball to tennis, whatever sport your college graduate played or supported, don’t forget to add trophy mylar balloons for that eye-catching finish.

I love that the item comes with four balloons, so you can decorate the table dedicated to sports.

It’s the perfect decoration for a sports fanatic’s graduation party.

Create your own sports alter:

For the Reader

For book lovers, or for the college graduate who has an affinity for books, this book arch decor is the perfect way to welcome them to their graduation party.

Defy gravity by stacking books together to make an arch, or you can purchase this bookshelf that makes the books look like they’re stacked, when in fact they’re supported by the shelf.

Tip: buy two of the shelves to be a base for the arch and add plywood on top so you can stack more books, ultimately finishing the arch. I love the creativity of this decor!

As someone who is inclined to read, I would love this at my graduation party.

Create your own book arch:

Grad Centerpiece

Centerpieces are a must-have decor at every table at a guy’s graduation party!

Usually, when people host a graduation party, they don’t pay attention to the tables’ decorations, but they should because they’re a fun reminder of who and what you’re celebrating, and it keeps the theme intact.

A simple vase with table toppers that displays graduation caps or graduation year can do the trick.

This item comes with 30 pieces of table toppers, and it should be enough to cover at least six tables. I love the gold and black theme that’s going on with the toppers, a classic reminder of graduating.

Create your own table centerpiece:

Balloon Arch

If the favorite sports altar or the book arch didn’t do the trick for one of the party decor ideas for a guy’s graduation party, then a balloon arch might get the job done.

A balloon arch is very versatile and can be placed anywhere for that added festive feel.

This 120-piece balloon arch kit from Amazon comes with complete tools and instructions to build your arch.

I love that it comes with instructions because I always think that balloon arches are so complicated to make, and the colors are celebratory.

Make your own balloon arch:


One graduation party decor idea for guys is a backdrop for fresh grad party photos.

A backdrop feels like a red carpet moment, and if you want to memorialize the party through pictures, then having a backdrop at the party is a must!

This 70.9 by 70.9-inch fabric backdrop is the perfect decor to have at a graduation party.

I love that it comes in six colors because you can choose whatever fits the theme of your party.

Make your own backdrop:

Cupcake Toppers

Cupcakes at a guy’s graduation party don’t have to be naked! Make the cupcake festive by adding some cupcake toppers to them.

It will keep the graduation theme intact and the cupcakes will be more pleasing to the eyes.

The item comes with 48 pieces of toppers, and if you are having more cupcakes, it’s best to buy more.

I personally love the cute graduation caps! It will go perfectly with a vanilla cupcake with white frosting.

Make your own cupcake toppers:

Graduation Cups

Truly, it is the details that count, and if you want your graduation party to be the best, then this decor for a guy’s party is a must-have.

Graduation cups that say the graduation year or “Congratulations” will make the party more festive.

I love that the cups are large enough to hold a lot of liquid because most cups are short and guests always feel the need to go back and forth to get drinks.

Plus, your college graduate will love this dedication. Truly, this party is all about him and his achievements.

Make your own grad cups:

Grad Box Decor

Another graduation party decor for guys comes in the form of graduation boxes! This is a perfect accent to put by the door or by the DJ at your graduation party.

At night, you can throw it around for added fun. The item comes with four boxes that you can store balloons or other party favors in (maybe candy?) for that ultimate graduation party feel.

Make your own grad box decor:

Grad Treat Boxes

If you want to go the extra mile for the graduation party’s guests, then these graduation cap party favors on their table are the perfect decor.

I love that the box is shaped like a graduation cap because it keeps that graduation party motif.

You can really personalize these and put whatever you want inside the boxes, from candies to little trinkets.

The item comes with 100 boxes, which should be enough for every guest at your graduation party. A truly perfect decor at any guy’s graduation party.

Make your own treat box:

Photo Clips

photo box centerpiece on a table


If you want more centerpieces, or more graduation party decor for guys, then this photo clip block is an appropriate addition.

You can clip your college graduate’s yearbook photo and place them as centerpieces or as decor for your graduation table.

This will surely be appreciated by guests who want to see the graduate’s yearbook picture!

I love that you can personalize these to the name of the graduate; it makes it more sentimental.

Make your own photo centerpiece:

Plates and Napkins

Of course, what is a graduation party without plates and napkins? But you don’t want your plates and napkins not to be graduation-themed; it is a graduation party after all.

Get this fabulous plates and napkins set to add to any graduation party. It comes with cups, utensils, napkins, and plates, which cover everything that you will need for a party.

Get your own plates and napkins:

Card Box

Your guests will probably want to show their love and congratulatory remarks and give you cards, so it is a wise idea to have a card box at your graduation party.

The item is perfect decor because it is shaped like a graduation cap, but it is also practical because guests can just drop their cards off.

Plus, it will help you to not misplace cards, especially when you’re busy celebrating your day.

I love that it is shaped like a graduation cap. It will be the perfect decor for any graduation party.

Make your own card box:

Address Reminder

Post-graduation party, it would be cordial to send Thank You cards to those who attended your party, so a wise decoration for guys would be an address reminder.

It can be a pad where guests write their names and addresses, or another graduation box mentioned above.

Another fun item would be an advice card! Since it’s a graduation party, ask those who have been through it to give your college graduate life advice.

I love the idea of having an address reminder and a life advice box together because then you can thank them for their wise words.

Create your own Thank You cards:

Grad Party Souvenirs

Don’t let your guests leave your party empty-handed! An awesome graduation party decor for guys to add to your party is a souvenir.

Souvenirs can be anything you want your party to be remembered by, but these boxes from Amazon are a great way to store your party favors.

I love that it comes in different colors because you can match it with whatever motif you are going for. Souvenirs are truly a great way to say thanks for attending your graduation party.

Make your own party sourvenirs:

Lawn Decor

Let the neighbors know that a college graduate lives in the house with awesome lawn decorations.

Some might argue that lawn decorations are gaudy, but I argue otherwise because graduating from college is a big feat, and it deserves all the attention.

Welcome your college graduate home with these awesome lawn decorations from Amazon. I love that it comes in multiple designs so it doesn’t get too repetitive.

Get your own lawn decor:

Car Decor

One way to show that you are proud of your college graduation is to decorate your car (or theirs) to commemorate this big achievement.

Make your graduation party extra special with this decor for guys that will tie every grad decor in the house together.

I love that the stickers have multiple designs, and they’re not too big that it obstructs any view when driving your car. These are truly perfect graduation party decor for guys.

Make your own car decor:

Porch Banners

Welcome your college graduate with this easy and simple graduation party decor for guys. Porch banners are easily recognizable and easy to install.

It already sets a celebratory mood, especially when people see it before entering the house. It’s a perfect way to celebrate and recognize your college graduate.

Get your own porch banner:

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Graduation Gift Ideas for Guys

Graduate Lei

12 pc Purple Graduation Leis/Hula Dance Garland Artificial Flowers Neck Loop perfect for weddings, graduations, baby showers, parties

The ultimate symbol of leaving college and arriving at a new stage in life, leis are the perfect gift to give at your person’s graduation party.

Whether it is fresh leis that you give or an artificial one like the item above, this gift will show your affection and support for your new graduate.

I love what leis symbolize. Usually, the meaning of it is lost as it becomes the “usual” to give to graduates, but if we truly understand what it means, then the gift becomes much more special.

The leis linked above come in a classic color that is perfect for any graduate.


Duffel Bag

Solo Bags Leroy Rolling Duffel Bag, 22"H x 12"W x 12"D, Gray

Show your support for your college graduate’s future journey by giving them this rolling duffel bag at their graduation party.

Post-college is all about the adventure they will take to discover themselves, and that usually means leaving for another place.

The duffel bag is a perfect representation of this journey, and I believe that it is an awesome and sentimental gift to give.

I love that it is a rolling duffel bag instead of the carry-ons because it makes for easier schlepping.


Nike Canyon Sandals

Nike Canyon

Give your college graduate the gift of comfort with these Nike sandals.

Relating to post-college journey and adventure, these sandals are comfortable enough for long treks and stylish enough to wear daily.

I love that they don’t look like sandals at first glance because the design makes them look like regular Nike sneakers.

This gift will be the other star, besides your college graduate, of the graduation party.


Personalized Beer Mug

Graduation Beer Mug

Commemorate their achievement of getting a college degree by getting them a beer mug.

College is all about the fun memories as much as it is learning mind-blowing concepts, and the best way to remember the fun is to get the graduate a beer mug!

I love that it's personalizable to the name of the graduate because it makes the gift more sentimental. Truly, this mug is the perfect addition to any barware collection.


Short-Sleeve Polo

Evolution Short Sleeve Polo | Men's Short Sleeve Tops | lululemon

A classic gift perfect to bring to a guy’s college graduation party—a short sleeve polo!

If you want your college graduate to look stylish as they deal with life outside the halls of their university, then this is an awesome gift to give.

I love that the polo comes in fifteen different colors because I can choose the perfect one to give as a graduation gift.

It’s all about timelessness, and this short sleeve polo is the best definition of that.


Amazon Echo Show

Echo Show 5 (1st Gen, 2019 release) -- Smart display with Alexa – stay connected with video calling - Charcoal

If your college graduate is leaving the nest, then the best gift to bring to their graduation party is an Amazon Echo Show.

Sometimes it’s hard to use phones to video call someone with all the tapping, but with an Amazon Echo Show, all you have to do is ask Alexa to call your beloved college graduate wherever they may be.

For me, it’s the ease of access with Alexa products because I can control it with my voice, so whether I am in the kitchen or the living room, I can operate an Echo Show to call my college graduate.

If you only get one gift from the list, make sure to consider this one!


Amazon Gift Card in a Graduation Gift Box

Amazon.com Gift Card

A college graduate who has everything is not an easy person to buy gifts for.

But whatever gift you get will surely be appreciated by them, and an Amazon gift card that comes in a graduation-shaped gift box is one gift to bring to their graduation party.

I like the idea of gift cards because it allows the person I am giving the gift to decide what it is they want!

Plus, it comes in this cute graduation box that ties the whole graduation gift together.


Revolving Tie Rack

Revolving Tie Rack

Prepare your college graduate for future job and internship interviews with this revolving tie rack from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Job interviews can be daunting and sometimes it’s too stressful that one can’t put together a decent outfit or find a tie that will put it all together, but this revolving tie rack will allow your graduate to see what ties they have without fussing over their tie collection.

I love that it is revolving because that, for me, is wardrobe luxury! The rack holds up to 64 ties or belts, and no tools are required to install it.

I am sure that your graduate would appreciate it if you give them this at their graduation party.


Nike Sunglasses

Nike Circuit Mirrored

If your college graduate’s post-graduation plan is to travel, then these Nike sunglasses are the perfect gift to give them.

Both stylish and practical, I love that these sunglasses are lightweight and wearable, your graduate would appreciate the comfort.

Plus, it comes in three different colors so you can really personalize the gift to your college graduate’s taste. Overall, this is one of the best gifts to bring to their graduation party.



Assert Backpack 2.0 24L | Bags | lululemon

For the college graduate who plans to travel, this Lululemon backpack is the best gift to give at their graduation party.

The backpack comes with a lower lumbar curve to provide comfort when carrying the backpack.

Plus, it is water-repellent, and it is designed for the college graduate who is on the move. I love the simplicity of this backpack, but also its durability.


Pullover Hoodie

Nike Sportswear Club Fleece

If your college graduate is looking for a closet staple then the perfect gift to give them is this pullover hoodie from Nike.

I love all my pullovers from Nike because they are a classic.

It’s very comfortable, especially when you size up for that loose fit.

The item comes in seven different colors and thirteen sizes, which gives you a lot of options to choose from.

Truly, this is the perfect closet staple your college graduate is looking for.


Compass Bracelet

Tarsus College Graduation Gifts for Her 2021, Masters Degree Phd Senior High School Graduation Compass Bracelets Gifts for Women Daughter Boy Son Him

The adventure indeed begins when you graduate from college.

There is beauty in the unknown, but let your college graduate know that they are never alone with this compass bracelet.

Remind them that all they need is inside them, and that they are surrounded by people who love and support them.

I love that the compass symbolizes adventure because it truly reflects the journey of college graduates.



Fossil Men's Grant Stainless Steel Quartz Chronograph Watch

A timeless gift comes in the form of a watch. It’s perfect for every occasion, but especially as a graduation gift.

Watches, to me, are simple yet elegant gifts that will make anyone smile. Plus, it will remind the receiver of you every time they look at the watch.

The Fossil watch linked above goes with any outfit, from casual to business casual, which is perfect for the on-the-go college graduate.


Run Hat

Fast and Free Men's Run Hat Elite | Men's Hats | lululemon

For the college graduate who loves going out for runs, this run hat from Lululemon is an awesome gift. 

I love that the hat’s sweatband is anti-stink and sweat-wicking because it becomes the perfect accessory for running, especially when you run every day! 

The hat comes in three colors that you can choose from.

If your college graduate is the runner-type, then this is the best gift to bring to their graduation party.


Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

JLab® Audio GO Air True Wireless Bluetooth® Earbuds, Navy Blue

Your college graduate’s wireless earbuds are probably worn out right now because of overuse, especially for creating a distraction-free environment during all-nighters!

The solution, then, is to give them brand new earbuds at their graduation party.

I love using Bluetooth earbuds because I can be far away from my phone and I can still play music or answer a call, and I love that these come with extra buds because sometimes the earbuds slip if I am wearing them too small.

I am sure that your college graduate would love to receive this gift at their party!


#Adulting Flask

#Adulting Flask

If there’s a more daunting task than a college final exam, it would be learning how to #Adult.

Remind your college graduate to take it easy by giving them this #Adulting flask, which is a funny take on the thought of becoming a full-fledged adult.

I love the finish of the flask because it is very sleek, and the funny Adulting hashtag really tops it off. This would be a funny gift to give to your college graduate.


Button-Down Shirt

Airing Easy Long Sleeve Shirt Ventlight™ Mesh | Men's Buttondown Shirts | lululemon

A perfect gift for a college graduate who is ready to take on job interviews comes in the form of a button-down shirt.

This Lululemon long sleeve shirt is the definition of comfort and style with its classic colors and quick-drying mesh fabric.

I love that it is designed for people on the move because as post-graduation students will tell you, it is a must, especially when you’re going from one interview to the next.

It’s another classic closet staple to give your college graduate at their graduation party.


Customizable Docking Station

Wood Phone Docking Station for Men Personalized - Hooks Key Holder Wallet Stand Watch Organizer - Gifts for Him Husband Boyfriend Dad Son Uncle Boss Colleague - Anniversary Birthday Father's Dad Gift

A customizable docking station is a perfect gift for a college graduate, especially when they are starting a new job!

This can be placed on their desk so they can organize their belongings. I really love that it’s customizable because it makes the gift more intimate.

The engraving will surely remind them of you and the good times.



Nike Sportswear Premium Essentials

I personally love this Nike parka, and I think that it will be a perfect gift for any college graduate.

It is the definition of style and practicality because of its durable fabric and chic colors. Whether your graduate is moving to another country or state, this parka is the perfect companion.

The parka comes in two colors that will go with any outfit.


Scratch-Off Map of the World Poster

Landmass - Scratch Off Map Of The World Poster - Scratch Off World Map Print - Wall Art - Deluxe Travel Tracker Map - Gift Idea - Gift For Travelers - 17 x 24 inches

For the college graduate who wants to see the world, this is the perfect graduation gift. It’s a scratch-off map of the world that keeps track of the continents and countries they have visited.

A perfect substitute to your regular bucket list, this scratch-off poster adds fun to completing all your graduate’s travels.

I love the concept of scratch-off posters; I once tried this with movies and had so much fun! I am sure your college graduate would love to see the progress of their travels.


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Final Thoughts on Graduation Party Ideas for Guys

There are tons of ideas for guys to do at his graduation party, and these are just some of them.

Now you know what ideas to try and what decorations to incorporate, and I hope that the gift list also helped you decide what to get for your college graduate.

Graduating is indeed a big accomplishment, and the best thing you can give them is your best wishes and endless support for their future endeavors. To the college graduate, bon voyage!

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