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130 Super Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas – The Ultimate 2024 Guide

Do you want to make your summer amazing? Do you struggle to find ways to make it as memorable as possible? Check out these summer bucket list ideas for some inspiration! 

Camryn Gruner



Five college students dancing during summer on the breach

Summer break is the time to let go and have fun!

Do you want to make your summer amazing, but struggle to find ways to make it as memorable as possible?

Check out these seriously awesome summer bucket list ideas for some inspiration!

1. Go camping in the backyard

Camping isn’t for everyone, but camping in your backyard is something everyone should try. Pitch a tent in your yard and have fun in the comfort of your own private space.

My family and I camp in our backyard at least once every summer just for a change of scenery… and if you don’t want to be outside anymore, you’re right at home!

2. Make homemade ice cream

Ice cream is easier to make than some people might think, making it a great summer bucket list item! You can make your own fun, creative flavors with ease.

Plus, there are a ton of ways to make it without needing a fancy ice cream machine.

3. Travel somewhere without any directions

Everyone likes to explore new places, but have you ever tried going to a new place without knowing where it is? Just drive without any directions, taking whatever turns you want.

Hopefully, you’ll find a new and exciting place!

4. Go to a sunflower field

Four girls in a sunflower field


Going to a sunflower field is a must-have idea on your summer bucket list. When you go to a sunflower field, it’s a great opportunity to enjoy nature in a unique way.

Not only is it the perfect photo-op, but some places will even let you pick a few to take home!

5. Have an outdoor movie marathon

Movie marathons are a fun summer bucket list idea, but outdoor movie marathons are even better. You can enjoy your favorite movie and snacks outside by a fire with friends and family in your own DIY theater.

Whether on a projector or an extra television, an outdoor movie marathon is a fun and inexpensive way to spend quality time with your loved ones.

6. Go on a hike

Exploring nature is always a sure way to have some summer fun. Going on a hike is a healthy way to have fun and relieve stress.

Enjoy nature with your friends, family, or even by yourself to stay relaxed and explore a new trail you’ve never been on before!

7. Start a garden

Gardening is a great pastime that comes with multiple benefits, which is why it should be on your summer bucket list. If you have the time and space, I suggest you take on gardening as a hobby.

Not only will you eventually have organic fruits and veggies, but it’s also an easy way to get in some extra physical activity.

8. Go berry picking

If you like fresh fruit and being outside, berry picking should be on your summer bucket list. This activity is fun for people of all ages and helps you experience something you probably haven’t before.

Summer is the ideal time for berry picking, therefore you’ll be having fun while also ensuring you’re taking home the best fruit.

9. Make a scrapbook

Scrapbooking is sometimes an underrated hobby, which is why you should take advantage of it this summer! This activity gives you a creative outlet to organize all of your best memories.

Bright colored paper, stickers and souvenirs from your favorite places can all be kept safe in the same book, ensuring every memory of your summer will not be forgotten.

10. Visit a butterfly sanctuary

Butterfly sanctuaries are beautiful places to visit during the summer. Not only will you have fun seeing these beautiful creatures, but it can also be an educational experience.

You can view different breeds, learn more about their life cycles and get closer to them than ever before.

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11. Do beach yoga

Yoga has countless health benefits, making it a great summer bucket list item. Yoga is a relaxing pastime in itself, but do it on the beach and your mind and body will reach total zen.

This activity will improve your balance, help with specific areas of pain and improve how you manage stress. And who knows? Maybe it’ll be an activity you stick with!

12. Take a picture every day for a month

We can often get so caught up in our own lives that we forget to enjoy the little things. Taking a picture everyday for a month is a great way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Some people take too many pictures, while others don’t take enough. If you fall into the second group, you should take the time to document your best moments.

13. Go white water rafting

White water rafting has a dangerous reputation, but when done with the right equipment with a reputable business, it can be a thrilling experience!

White water rafting involves floating a river on a raft in rougher waters. You might get pushed around a little bit, but speaking from experience, it’s an exciting ride.

14. Have a beach barbecue

If you love the beach as much as I do, you’ll try to spend as much of your summer there as possible.

Beach barbecues are a great way to ensure you catch those rays while also spending quality time with your friends and family. You can enjoy some of your favorite foods in a relaxing place!

15. Have a karaoke night

Whether it’s at a public place or in your backyard, karaoke is an experience everyone needs on their summer bucket list. It’s a fun way to let loose and enjoy your favorite songs while adding your own twist to them.

Whether you sound good or bad, everyone there will have fun and share some laughs.

16. Visit a state park

State parks are beautiful places that people don’t take advantage of as often as they should. Not only can you enjoy beautiful scenery, but you can also experience multiple activities in the same place.

You can go hiking on multiple trails, go bike riding, try rock climbing and so much more! It’s a great way to try new things and explore where you live in a new way.

17. Have a water balloon fight

There’s nothing like being our age enjoying the things we loved doing as kids.

Before we need to fully step into the real world, we should enjoy all of the things we love, and having an old-fashioned water balloon fight is one of those things.

It seems silly, I know, but when is the last time you fully let loose and threw water balloons at your friends?

18. Go kayaking

Kayaking is a summer bucket list idea that makes it on my personal agenda every year. It’s a fun way to get active without straining yourself too hard.

It’s a fun and easy activity that anyone can take part in.

19. Get matching tattoos with a friend

If you’re feeling extra adventurous this summer, get a matching tattoo with one of your best friends. It can be an inside joke, a favorite quote, or something meaningful to just the two of you.

This summer bucket list idea is a great activity for people who like to be spontaneous and try new things.

20. Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-in movies were more popular in the past, but have been making a comeback within these last few years. After experiencing it for myself, I absolutely recommend it to anyone.

Not only is it a different movie experience, but you get to enjoy your program within the comfort of your own car.

Unlike a theater, you don’t have to worry as much about being too loud or bothering other people.

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21. Change your hairstyle

Changing up your look every once in a while can be fun and exciting, and there’s no better time to do it than during summer.

Whether it’s a cut or a dye, there are endless possibilities for your hair to look great in a new way.

If you are adventurous and like to change things up, I suggest this as an easy way to try something new on your summer bucket list.

22. DIY/Paint your own shoes

Lately, trends like hydro dipping and painting your shoes have become more and more popular online.

People have become creative with the trends, adding their own unique touches to their shoes to let their styles shine through.

Customizing your shoes is an easy and inexpensive way to spice up your closet.

23. Go paddle boarding

Paddle boarding is a fun activity that is harder than it looks. When you first start, standing up on a paddle board is not easy, especially when the waves are working against you and your balance.

However, it is a fun way to challenge yourself and learn a new skill.

24. Pull an all-nighter

As we get older and have more responsibilities, bedtimes seem to unintentionally get earlier and earlier.

Therefore, I suggest challenging yourself to pull an all-nighter with your friends.

Although you do need to get sleep, this can still be a fun way to spend quality time together without stopping.

25. Go thrift shopping

Thrift shopping is a fun experience that everyone should try. People tend to underestimate thrift shopping, but someone’s trash can be somebody else’s treasure.

You can find vintage clothing, furniture, records and so much more at such a small cost. I highly suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to search for antiques.

26. Try cooking a new meal

Cooking is always a great skill to have, and learning a new recipe can be a fun and relaxing pastime. Even if you don’t enjoy cooking, it can still be a fun experience that will lead to a delicious ending.

Plus, knowing that you did it all by yourself will be such a rewarding feeling.

27. Read a new book

Reading a new book is a simple summer bucket list idea, but it’s one that everyone should take advantage of. As our lives get busier, finding time to relax with a good book is scarce.

So for the summer, set a goal of finishing at least one book.

28. Go geocaching

Geocaching is definitely something that should be on your summer bucket list. It’s basically like a country-wide treasure hunt, where you go to specific locations marked by coordinates in GPS to find hidden treasures.

Once you find it, you do need to return it to its original location, but it is still a fun way to get out of the house and try something new.

29. Do a scavenger hunt with your friends

If you want to keep it local though, creating a scavenger hunt with friends is just as exciting. You can search for any funny, wild, weird things you can think of.

It’s a fun way to get up and moving, and maybe even find new things you didn’t know were in your town.

30. Visit a local waterfall

Visiting a local waterfall is another fun way to explore nature and experience something new. Not many people actively see or search for waterfalls, making it a unique and exciting adventure.

Waterfalls not only look gorgeous, but they are perfect for taking pictures and cooling off after a long hike there.

31. Go an entire day without using electronics

This task is not as easy as it looks, making it the perfect challenge to put on your summer bucket list. It’s easy to get sucked into the world of technology when it’s readily available for us at all times.

Instead, take some time to unplug and enjoy everything around you.

32. Play manhunt

Manhunt is a fun game that everyone should play with their friends at some point in their lives. It’s like hide n’ seek and tag combined… but all in the dark.

I used to play this game with my friends and all of our siblings, and it is definitely something I would do again for some extra fun.

33. Make a time capsule

Making and burying a time capsule is a summer bucket list item that is unique and can also be really sentimental. Gather some of your favorite items to save for your future self.

Then, after a few years, you can reminisce on messages and items you left yourself from the past.

34. Tie-dye clothes with friends

Tie dying is something everyone is familiar with, but it continues to get more and more popular with time. It is an easy way to be creative with your clothing, and ensures no one will have anything that looks like it.

It’s an inexpensive activity that is fun for people of all ages.

35. Go to a sporting event

Even if you’re not a big fan of sports, going to a professional sporting event in-person is an exciting experience. The food, the music and the cheering all make for a memorable time.

I recommend this activity because it’s not something people do all of the time, making it even more special.

36. Play with puppies

Lately, there have been more and more places that allow you to spend time with puppies. This is a great summer bucket list idea for anyone who loves animals and needs a way to destress.

Being around animals can help you cope with stress and add some extra cuteness into your life.

37. Make your own soap

Making your own soap is another super fun activity that you should add to your summer bucket list. Although the process may not be very easy for an inexperienced person, the end result will be worth it.

Not only will you be able to make any kind of soap you desire, but there is an added benefit of knowing exactly what is in your product, as opposed to worrying about harmful chemicals in store-bought soap.

38. Volunteer somewhere

It’s always a good idea to give back in some way. Whether big or small, doing something selfless needs to be normalized more than it currently is.

There are countless places to volunteer, and these places are always looking for more people to help out.

You can take pride in the fact that you are working hard, and your hard work is highly appreciated by someone who really needs it.

39. Rent a water slide with friends

These can sometimes be pricey, but split the cost amongst some friends and you will have an unforgettable experience.

Not many people can say they’ve personally had a water slide at their house, but you and your friends can change that by adding this to your summer bucket list.

A water slide is a fun and unique way to cool off on a hot summer day.

40. Take a pottery class

Pottery is a fun and useful skill to take the time to learn. It allows you to be creative in what you make to ensure that every piece is unique.

It’s not an easy thing to do at first try, trust me, but after you get the swing of things it is such an enjoyable and exciting hobby to pick up.

41. Go fishing

Fishing can be a relaxing pastime to enjoy in the summer. It’s quiet, peaceful and fairly easy to do.

You can enjoy time on the water with your friends and family, or spend some time alone with nature.

42. Create your own version of a board game

Board games are always a fun way to spend quality time with friends and family, but try adding your own twist to them! You can create your own places with your own rules, and see where it takes you.

Whether you base it off of an already existing game or start from scratch, a homemade board game is an awesome summer bucket list item.

43. Have a cornhole tournament

Corrnhole is a popular game to play with friends and family in the summer. But instead of playing game after game, make it a tournament!

You and your friends can have fun getting competitive over a backyard game, and can set the stakes high fighting for a prize.

44. Learn a new language

Learning a new language is not something that will be quick and easy, but it will definitely be beneficial for the future. It’s always helpful to know more than one language, and can even benefit other skill sets in your life.

Plus, you will be spending your free time doing something useful.

45. Go on a ghost/haunted locations tour

If you have an interest in anything haunted or paranormal, you should go on a haunted tour with your friends. If you look up haunted places where you live, there are sure to be search results.

Now, don’t go anywhere unsafe, but if you are into ghosts this could be a fun experience for you and your friends.

46. Redecorate your room

A fun way to spend your time in the summer is to change a room in your house! After a while the same set up can feel kind of bland, so switch it up to change the vibe of your room!

Plus, changing your room around doesn’t need to mean buying all new furniture… it can be as simple and inexpensive as rearranging the furniture you already have.

47. Build a fort

Building a fort sounds a little kiddish at first, but hear me out. A fort doesn’t just have to be built with couch cushions or blankets. You and your friends can create a cute, aesthetic hangout indoors or outdoors.

And although it will look more grown up, you can still have the same fun as when you were a kid.

48. Go snorkeling

If you have the opportunity, snorkeling should make it on your summer bucket list. It is a fun and easy way to explore the sea, without the fear of diving too deep.

You can see everything right from the surface of the water and you don’t need to be trained like you would to scuba dive.

49. Go to a yard sale

Going to a yard sale is a great idea to add to your summer bucket list. This is another way to get some great finds for a small price.

If you’re on the lookout for new furniture, household appliances, books, etc. then you should definitely spend some time at a yard sale this summer.

50. Make snow cones

Homemade snow cones are a must-have for any summer bucket list. Not only are they the perfect sweet treat to help you cool off, but they’re also super easy to make.

Just shave some ice, add some of your favorite flavored syrup and you’ll cool right off!

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51. Have a photoshoot

Dedicate a day with your friends to have a photoshoot during your summer. You can either take pictures of each other or hire a photographer to get more professional shots.

But, either way, a photoshoot is a simple way to have fun, be creative and be outside with your friends.

52. Try pour painting

Pour painting is a great summer bucket list item for the people who like to DIY their home decor.

This technique creates a beautiful marbled look, all with the ease of pouring paint out of a cup and letting it spread naturally.

It’s easy, inexpensive and will make your home look stylish.

53. Learn to play a new instrument

Learning to play a new instrument is a great hobby to pick up in your free time. Not only will you learn a creative new skill, you will also learn another way to relieve stress and anxiety.

Playing an instrument has been proven to have many positive effects on your health, therefore you should give it a shot!

54. Make a funnel cake

Funnel cake is a well-known favorite at any fair or carnival. But did you know you can easily make it at home? There are many recipes to choose from, but the easiest ones consist of simply frying pancake batter in hot oil.

It’s a simple recipe that will have a delicious result.

55. Have an at-home spa day

The stress of everyday life is not always easy to deal with, and we could all use a break every once in a while. But, a relaxing day doesn’t have to be an expensive one.

Have an at-home spa day and pamper yourself for all the hard work you do.

56. Make homemade pizza

Making homemade pizza is a great summer bucket list idea. Pizza is fairly easy to make, giving you a delicious dinner with minimal effort.

Plus, it still allows you to be creative and add any toppings you want.

57. Go stargazing

When you’re constantly busy with life, it’s hard to make time for enjoying the little things. So, put stargazing on your summer bucket list.

This is a great way to lay back, relax and enjoy nature.

58. Run a marathon

If you’ve vowed to get more physical activity this summer, put running a marathon on your bucket list. Running isn’t for everyone and marathons are not easy, but if you like a challenge you should try it!

When you complete it, you will have the satisfaction of knowing you achieved an amazing accomplishment.

59. Go skydiving

Skydiving is something that should make it onto everyone’s summer bucket lists, and it frequently does. Although I’ve yet to go, skydiving gives you an amazing opportunity to see your community in a different way.

And after making it all the way up in the sky, you get to take an unconventional trip back to land.

It’s the perfect activity for someone who’s bold and likes to take risks.

60. Go to a carnival

In the summer, you’re bound to find a carnival somewhere. Carnivals are a great way to spend time with family and friends.

Between all of the fun rides and the fried food, there’s no doubt you will have a good time.

61. Take self-defense classes

This is an important summer bucket list item because it has a dual purpose. Yes, it is fun to learn how to throw a punch and protect yourself, but it is also necessary.

It’s never a bad idea to learn ways to be safe, and taking self-defense classes is a great way to ensure you will always be prepared.

62. Make friendship bracelets with your besties

Making friendship bracelets may seem old-fashioned to some, but I think it is still a great way to pass time in the summer.

Your bracelets don’t even have to match if you don’t want them to, but it will still be a fun and easy activity to do with your friends. It is something that is creative and simple to do.

63. Have a cook off with your friends

Having a cook off is a great summer bucket list activity. You and your friends can try doing your own version of the TV show “Chopped,” where you take three random ingredients and try to turn them into something gourmet.

It’s a great way to be creative and see who the real chef of the friend group is.

64. Try DIY-ing your clothes

After a while, I feel like people tend to get bored of their clothes. But instead of throwing them out and spending money on new ones, try to see if you can DIY a new garment by yourself!

Whether you simply cut off the sleeves of a shirt or completely transform a pair of pants, you’ll still have a new article of clothing that looks fun, fresh and made by you.

65. Make your own donuts

Trying to make any kind of food is a great way to add to your summer bucket list. But, donuts are something everyone should try to make at home.

They are fairly easy to make, taste delicious and allow you to be creative with flavors and toppings.

66. Say yes to everything for a full day

We can all get caught up in saying “no” to things we’re uncomfortable with or hesitant about doing. Instead, try taking a day to be a little more adventurous and say “yes” to the things you normally wouldn’t.

Of course, don’t say yes to anything unsafe, but if you can take advantage of trying something you wouldn’t have before, then do it!

67. Go paintballing

Going paintballing seems like such an exhilarating experience that everyone should try at least once. You get suited up in gear to protect yourself, so you don’t have to worry about getting hit too hard.

Plus, there are many different kinds of paintball games that you can choose from.

68. Get a psychic reading

Getting a psychic reading is something that I’ve always wanted to cross off my summer bucket list, and here’s why. To start, I do believe in that stuff, but even if you’re skeptical it can be a fun experience.

There are some that are not very expensive, and it can be reassuring to get some extra guidance.

69. Have breakfast for dinner

Breakfast for dinner is such a fun change that is often underrated. It’s nice to change up your dinner routine every once in a while, and there’s no better way to do it than breakfast for dinner.

You can have all of your favorite breakfast foods without paying attention to the time of the day.

70. Go on a picnic

Going on a real picnic is a great summer bucket list item. Picnics are a fun and relaxing way to get outside and enjoy nature.

You can go to your favorite park or find somewhere new to eat your food, but it will be a great experience either way.

71. Try a Tik Tok trend

It’s no secret Tik Tok trends are popular among people our age, so why not try one out? Whether it’s pulling a prank or learning a new dance, some of them can be really fun! And who knows?

You might even go viral.

72. Learn to juggle

Juggling is a hard skill to master right away. But, if you want to try, you should add it to your bucket list!

You need to have good hand-eye coordination, reflexes and concentration, but those are all thighs that can be improved with time.

73. Go to a rage room

A rage room is a great way to spend a summer day when you need to blow off some steam. In these rooms, you can destroy whatever you want with whatever you want.

And even if you’re not mad about something, it’s still fun to destroy stuff without getting in trouble.

74. Have a bonfire on the beach

A bonfire at the beach may seem like a simple bucket list item, but it’s still a great way to spend time with friends and family. Bonfires are great for chilly summer nights.

You and your friends can sit around the fire staying warm, telling stories and making s’mores.

75. Make a video diary

If you want a better way to document your best summer moments, try making a video diary!

It doesn’t need to be fancy to be special, so film your best moments on your phone camera and compile them into one big video at the end of the summer!

Then, you will always have a perfect compilation of your best memories of the summer.

76. Have an at-home Olympics

If you want to add something fun and creative to your summer bucket list, you should host an at-home Olympics with your friends and family.

You can do any of your favorite backyard games as the Olympic events. When you’re finished, you can even host a medal ceremony for the winners!

77. Have a bake off

Having a bake off is another great way to test your skills and have some fun. You and your friends can see who is more talented in the art of baking sweets, and the winner could get a prize.

You can add points for creativity, display and taste, and whoever acquires the most points wins!

78. Roast hot dogs over a fire

Roasting hot dogs over a fire is a great idea to add to your summer bucket list. It’s an easy thing to make since hot dogs are technically already cooked.

But, you can add biscuit dough around it and you will end up with the perfect treat!

79. Treasure hunt with a metal detector

This is a bucket list item I have always wanted to try. You can get a cheap metal detector online, go to the beach and search for some treasure.

People end up finding great things buried in the sand, and I think you should give it a try.

80. Have a potato sack race

This is a simple activity that will still bring you so much joy to do with friends and family. It’s a fun way to get outside and get some extra physical activity, all while having some friendly competition at the same time.

81. Go wine tasting at a vineyard

Going wine tasting at a vineyard is a great way to experience a common activity. It’s an elegant environment with so many options to choose from.

It makes for a great day trip with your friends, and you might even find a new favorite wine!

82. Fly in a hot air balloon

This is a great summer bucket list item because of the fact that it’s so unique. Hot air balloons are a new and exciting way to fly.

They make for what seems to be a calming, easy ride with a great view.

83. Take a nap in a hammock

Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest things. Taking a nap in a hammock is one of those things.

It can be hard to find the time to relax as we get older, so pick a day to relax, and take a nap in a hammock.

84. Try jet skiing

Jet skiing is a thrilling activity to do during the summer. Not only is it something most people don’t get to do every day, but it’s a unique way to spend time in the water.

Jet skis are fast, fun and exciting to try.

85. Sleep in a log cabin

Sleeping in a log cabin is a fun and exciting way to experience nature. Think of it as a more luxurious way to camp, giving you a sturdy shelter with plumbing.

Log cabins look cute and are pleasant to stay in.

86. Wake up to watch the sunrise

Waking up early to watch the sunrise is not an easy task for some people. But, if you can, I suggest you try. Watching the sunrise on a beach or at a park is an amazing experience.

The sky is filled with the perfect mix of orange, pink and purple hues, and it makes for a great photo op.

87. Build a birdhouse

Bird watching from your backyard is a great pastime to enjoy during the summer, and a great way to do it is a birdhouse. But, instead of spending the money to buy one, challenge yourself to make one.

This way, you will pick up two hobbies in one and can make exactly what you want.

88. Go on a coffee shop tour

I’m sure your town is full of small, quaint coffee shops you don’t even know about. Instead of leaving them unknown, make a list of them and go on a coffee shop tour.

You might even find a new favorite drink or a new place to sit and do work.

89. Go to an aquarium

Going to an aquarium is a great way to have some summer fun with friends and family. You can experience seeing some beautiful sea life while also learning a thing or two!

It’s a great way to gain a new appreciation for nature.

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90. Go cliff jumping

Cliff jumping is a summer bucket list item that is extremely fun! It seems scary at first, but it’s an exhilarating experience.

All you have to do is make sure you are safe, know the waters you’re jumping into, and go with a group of friends just to be safe!

You can even go to professional places to ensure maximum safety.

91. Make a homemade face mask

Keeping up with a good skincare routine is important. Not only are you benefiting the way your skin looks, but also the way it feels. So, why not try making a homemade face mask?

If done correctly with the right ingredients, it can have multiple skin benefits. Plus, when you make it yourself it’s guaranteed that there aren’t any harmful chemicals.

92. Go to a food festival

Going to a food festival is a great summer bucket list idea for any foodies reading. It’s the perfect place to indulge in your favorite treats, and maybe even try some that you haven’t had before.

Food festivals are great for being adventurous with your taste and giving you a sense of your community.

93. Go to a zoo

Zoos can be super fun to visit with family and friends. If you love animals, and love learning more about them, you should put this on your summer bucket list.

It’s a great way to explore nature and learn more about how to keep these animals safe.

94. Rent a boat with friends

This summer bucket list item may be a little pricey, but it is definitely worth it. You and your friends can rent a boat and cruise on the water for the entire day.

Not only will you have the boat to yourselves, you will also be able to relax in a unique and fun way.

95. Go on a day trip

Sometimes friends and family don’t have enough time or money to go on a full vacation. So instead, take a day trip somewhere new.

Vacations don’t need to be long, extravagant experiences, and day trips can be just as fun as a week long getaway.

96. Go to a farmers market

Farmers’ markets are a great place to get the freshest fruits and vegetables. Not only are you supporting your local farmers when you go, but you are also ensuring that your fruits and veggies are not being genetically modified in any way.

It will give you peace of mind that your food is completely organic and will help support someone else.

97. Try cryotherapy

Cryotherapy uses low temperatures to help your body with any inflammation or pain it may have. Although the chamber can get painfully cold for some, it is said to have great effects afterwards.

It’s a unique therapy that has great benefits that you should take advantage of if you can.

98. Take a glassblowing class

Glass blowing is an amazing talent to perfect, and some places will let you try it on your own! You can create whatever design you want with molten glass, which can be very dangerous but the end result is worth it.

You get to go home with a product completely made by you!

99. Have a garage sale

Having a garage sale is a great summer bucket list activity if you have too much stuff you don’t know what to do with. Put low prices on your unwanted belongings and people will flock to purchase them.

It’s a great way to get rid of what you don’t need, give back to others and earn a little extra cash.

100. Learn calligraphy

Calligraphy is an interesting and useful skill to master, and what better time to do that than in the summer? Hand lettering has become more and more popular for home decor and other style aesthetics.

You’ll be learning a great skill that you could even make some money off of… people will pay for anything homemade!

101. Learn to crochet

Crochet is another skill that could come in handy. Once you get the hang of it, it’s super easy to do and goes pretty fast depending on what you’re making! You can make blankets, sweaters, scarves and hats easily and for a cheap price!

102. Take a spin class

Spin classes have become more popular in the gym community in recent years. And although I’ve yet to take one, I can understand why. Spin classes are fast-paced fitness classes done on a stationary exercise bike.

However, although fast-paced, they have a great reputation for being motivational and worth the money.

103. Start a unique collection

If you like to explore and find new things, starting a unique collection of something should be on your summer bucket list.

Whether it’s rocks, shoes, or antique ring boxes, starting a collection will give you something fun to do this summer. It will give you the perfect excuse to get out of the house and go exploring.

104. Make your own candles

Candles are all the hype lately, and if you’re someone that enjoys burning them then you should try making your own! Making your own candles is not only fun but it’s also super easy to do.

All you need is a wick, melted wax and a fragrance of your choice. The benefit of making your own candles is that you can be creative in how it smells and how it looks.

105. Foster a dog

If you need a cute companion in your life and feel like you can properly care for an animal, you should try fostering a dog.

Fostering is a great idea for someone who wants to help an animal in need, but can only care for them temporarily. It’s a great way to help dogs who are in need until they get adopted by new owners.

Plus, you can always adopt them afterward if you create a special bond!

106. DIY decor for your bedroom

Buying new decor for any room can be expensive, so why not try making it yourself? If you feel like you need to spice up your room, you can make your own decorations easily.

Whether you make a table from scratch or simply repaint something you already own, DIY decor is always a great idea for someone who needs change, but on a budget.

107. Go on a shopping spree with no spending limit

This summer you should take the time to treat yourself, and there’s no better way to do that than going on a shopping spree with no spending limit.

If you work hard and save your money, there’s nothing wrong with splurging every once in a while. So, take yourself on a shopping spree without worrying about spending too much!

108. Go to an old bookstore

Going to an old bookstore should definitely be on your summer bucket list this year. If you’re a true bookworm who’s always on the lookout for a new read, then this is the bucket list item for you.

Not only can you explore a new place, but you can find some old books that you probably would’ve never found before.

109. Go to an axe throwing facility

Axe throwing has been more popular lately, and I think it is something that you should definitely try.

It can be dangerous, but when you go to a real facility they will teach you how to properly throw them to ensure there will be no harm to yourself or anyone around you.

It’s a new hobby to try that could potentially be very fun.

110. Learn to skateboard

Skateboarding is another hobby that can be difficult to learn, but once you get the hang of it, it can be really fun!

It’s a great way to get some exercise, and it gives you a new and exciting way to travel to your nearby destinations.

Plus, skateboards can be relatively cheap, so you can pick up a new hobby without needing to spend all of your money.

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111. Throw a theme party

Throwing a theme party is a great summer bucket list item for those who like to have a little extra fun.

You and your friends can enjoy each other’s company while dressed in funny costumes, and you can base all of the food, decorations, and music on that theme.

It’s a creative way to get together and it doesn’t need to be extravagant to be fun. Plus, with Covid, it may be a better idea to keep it relatively small, making for a more intimate time with your friends.

112. Make sangria

If you’re of drinking age, you should try making your own sangria. Sangria is essentially wine with fruit, but it is both delicious and easy to make.

Although recipes vary, the main ingredients usually consist of red wine, sugar and fruit. It is the perfect drink to have for a relaxing summer day with your friends.

113. Start a blog

If you have a passion for writing and want to do something with it, starting a blog is a great summer bucket list item for you. Blogs are great because they allow for maximum creativity.

You can really let your voice shine through, and you can write about anything you want! Whether it is informative or just for fun, it will give you a way to express yourself and your passion.

114. Have a water gun fight

A water gun fight is a fun way to let your inner child shine through. You and your friends can enjoy your time together without worrying about any responsibilities, and let yourself stay innocent.

Plus, it’s a great way to cool off!

115. Have a food fight

Food fights are always made to look so fun on television and in movies. But is it all it’s hyped up to be?

If you’ve been intrigued by the idea of a food fight and want to see if it’s really as fun as it seems, then it should be on your summer bucket list.

Go outside, grab some leftovers (because we don’t want to waste good food) and let loose!

116. Send a message in a bottle

This is an adventurous bucket list item that could have a rewarding result. Write down any inspirational or meaningful message, put it in a bottle and let it float away.

Depending on what you leave, it could help put a smile on someone’s face. Plus, it always looked fun to do in the movies.

117. Make your own song

If you want to challenge yourself this summer, try making your own song. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but it could be a fun experience to try. Some computers come with basic music software, so try it out!

Or, if you play an instrument, try composing your own piece! It will give you something to do and help challenge yourself to new experiences.

118. Successfully finish a newspaper crossword puzzle

If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re not only missing out on current events but you’re also missing out on fun word games.

But for those of you who do occasionally like to read the newspaper, you know those crossword puzzles can be challenging.

So, if you want to challenge yourself, make it a goal to successfully complete a crossword puzzle in the newspaper without cheating.

119. Go to a concert

Due to Covid, it’s been a while since we’ve been able to experience something like a concert. This summer, if you feel it is safe to do so, go to a concert with your friends!

They are a fun excuse to get out of the house, dress up and listen to your favorite music live. It’s a different and enjoyable experience for everyone.

120. Throw someone a surprise party

If you know someone who has a special event going on this summer, you should throw them a surprise party. This gives you something fun to plan and look forward to, and will be so rewarding to give back to someone else.

The person will be so grateful you thought of them and it will be a great way to get all of your friends and family together.

121. Learn to use chopsticks

This is on my summer bucket list this year, and it should be on yours too. If you’re anything like me, you’ve had a love-hate relationship with trying to use chopsticks… you’ve wanted to learn so badly, but fail miserably every time.

So, take the time this summer to perfect this skill!

122. Learn archery

Archery is an interesting and super fun hobby to pick up during your free time. It’s great for helping to improve your focus and gets you up and moving.

Although it takes time to perfect, like any new hobby, it is definitely worth the time.

123. Go horseback riding

If you enjoy being in nature, try putting horseback riding on your summer bucket list. Many places will take you on a beautiful trail, where you can enjoy your surroundings and take a peaceful ride.

It’s a great new activity that is relaxing and enjoyable for everyone.

124. Make fudge

If you like to bake but don’t want to do something super challenging, you should try making fudge! Fudge is a delicious dessert that is super easy to make.

All you really need is sugar, butter, milk and the flavor of your choice! It’s simple, delicious and can be enjoyed by everyone.

125. Enter a hot dog eating contest

I feel like we’ve all seen hot dog eating contests on television and have thought that they seemed fun. Well, why not try it out this summer?

You and your friends can challenge each other to eating as many hot dogs as you can in a short amount of time.

This challenge is sure to make you and your friends smile, and even better, it tastes delicious.

126. Try to break a world record

There are world records for many interesting, unique things. Some records are for the longest fingernails, others are for how long someone can hold their breath.

This summer, try to see if you can beat one of them! If you go to the Guinness World Records website, it will give you all of the information you need to find existing records, how to break a record and how to apply.

127. Make your own lipstick at BITE Beauty

If you live in the New York area, or have the opportunity to visit this summer, go to the BITE Beauty lip lab in the city. If you like makeup, this could be a great experience for you.

At the lab, you have the opportunity to make whatever lipstick shade you want. Consultants will aid you in finding the perfect shade and finish for your custom lipstick.

128. Make your own nail polish at Orly

Similar to the lip lab, Orly will make your own custom nail polish. If you have the chance to go to Los Angeles this summer, put this item on your bucket list.

At this location, they will ask you a series of questions to get an idea of the kind of shade you want. Then, a mixologist will personally mix your color for you so you can ensure it’s what you want.

You even get to name your shade!

129. Swim with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins is the perfect idea for your summer bucket list. Dolphins are playful, lovable creatures, so why not try interacting with them?

However, you should make sure you go to a professional place to ensure your safety.

130. Go bungee jumping

Bungee jumping is an exciting activity to put on your summer bucket list. You will be attached to a long, elastic cord that will suspend you from an insanely high height!

However, it can be dangerous if not done correctly. So, if you want to try it, make sure you go to a professional place with people who know what they’re doing.

I hope this list was helpful!

If you want to see others completing their bucket lists, check out this video.




130 super fun activities to put on your summer bucket list

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