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55 Amazing Graduation Cap Ideas for 2021 Grads

After four years of hard work in high school, college, or maybe grad school, these are our top 55 graduation cap ideas you must see in 2021.



A student in a cap and gown holder her diploma.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This is it. After four years of work at high school, college, or grad school, you’ve finally made it through and made it to graduation. But now that you’ve made it to graduation, it’s up to the final challenge: how to decorate graduation cap

There are so many different ways to customize your graduation cap. Whether it comes to painting, collaging, stacking items, or even taking a cheeky way out with a few penciled words. And there are so many different places to take inspiration from.

Pinterest especially has a wealth of ideas! Social media has provided so many ways to show off any kind of art work, and it’s easy to get jealous when looking at all of the cool caps people come up with.

Overall, graduation caps are a fun little way to express yourself after however many years of studying, all-nighters, and harsh reviews from teachers and peers. Whether you’re flaunting your major, making a reference to your favorite movie, or honoring a loved one, look no further for inspiration than these graduation cap ideas!

Maybe you really like Disney. Disney and Pixar movies are endless sources of jokes and inspiration, the characters near and dear.

Whether you really loved the movies of the Disney Renaissance, you think The Sword in the Stone was heavily underrated, or the original characters of Mickey and Goofy will always have a special place, there’s plenty of ideas to find!

A graduation cap that reads "I just finished the most amazing story."
Source: Pinterest

Maybe you want to really feel like a princess for a day. And why not? You worked hard enough! Time to kick back with your own version of a crown!

A graduation cap that reads "The little graduate"
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe being a princess isn’t your style. You’d prefer to be the one setting up the princesses— and superheroes—for their success. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be successful, too! 

A graduation cap that reads "I never look back darling. It distracts from the now"
Source: Pinterest

You’re finding your new groove. Why not show it off? 

A graduation cap that reads "oh right, the degree. The degree for Emily. the degree choses specially for Emily, Emily's degree!!"
Source: Pinterest

Or after four years of dealing with some annoying humans, lazy classmates, and rude professors, you want to see some animals instead!

A graduation cap that reads "Mine."
Source: Pinterest

Whether cute and cuddly or conniving and clever, these characters had an important role in growing up. You’re the king now! 

A graduation cap that reads "Hakuna Matata."
Source: Pinterest

After years of hard work, you’ve probably learned to roll with the punches– and the tides. Maybe a friend of yours really helped you when the surf got rough!

Two graduation caps that read "Do you have your exit buddy?" and "Yes, I have my exit buddy!"
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe the Disney Channel was more your jam! We all grew up with the actors of these shows, so why not?

A graduation cap that reads "I'm making my family proud"
Source: Pinterest

Or Disney at all might not be for you. Maybe superheroes are more of your interest. Whether you prefer to be a moghul like Stark or a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, you’ll outshine the rest! 

A graduation cap that reads "It's a leap of faith."
Source: Pinterest

Or Spongebob is more your style! You’ve spent so long in school, you might feel like Squidward at this point: surrounded by morons. The narrator voice speaking over every mistake made in Spongebob might have been a constant source of nostalgic giggling. Why not immortalize it?

A graduation cap that reads "4 years later."
Source: Pinterest

After so long in school, you might be in rough shape. But you have to grab your degree with pride! Firmly grasp it! 

A graduation cap that reads "Firmly grasp it!"
Source: Pinterest 

Video games too could be the perfect reference. After all, you did just level up in a major way. From 8-bit to PC, Mario games to Overwatch and Call of Duty, there’s an endless library of references to consult. Even if everybody doesn’t get it at first, you’ll always have those games to come back to relax with! 

A graduation cap that reads "Level complete."
Source: Pinterest

Don’t be afraid! The real monsters, like approaching deadlines and all nighters, are gone. Or at least, the ones that have to do with cramming three month’s worth of material back into your head in two hours. 

A graduation cap that reads "Well gang, that wraps up that mystery"
Source: Pinterest

Now that you’re a little older though, you might want a different type of reference. Where better to look than Parks and Recreation or The Office? Just because these series, and your school career, has finished, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a brand new adventure ahead! Go ahead, make some jokes that would make Leslie Knope or Michael Scott proud. 

Or maybe you had more fun with the side characters. Their exhaustion with their bosses’ antics never got old, even as they said they were. Channel your inner Stanley with this one!

A graduation cap that reads "I'm done. Goodbye."
Source: Pinterest

Maybe you had more fun with the classic duo of Jim and Dwight. Their antics can translate pretty well to graduation cap jokes. If The Office has taught us anything, it’s that you can work hard and play hard at the same time!

A graduation cap that reads "College debt is not a joke, Jim!"
Source: Pinterest

Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. And your new bachelor’s degree! 

A graduation cap that reads "Bears, Beets, Bachelors Degree."
Source: Pinterest 

Maybe you were more of a Leslie Knope type of person, trying to pep up and support everyone around you. In college and graduate school, that’s no small feat. You kept everyone going and yourself, and you should show off your spunk! Like Leslie, you’re not going to stop for just anyone, but you’re willing to help everyone. 

A graduation cap that reads "Slowing down is not really my jam - Leslie Knope"
Source: Pinterest

Or you made quite a few FRIENDS that you don’t want to let go! 90s Jennifer Aniston had some of the best looks.

A graduation cap that reads "The one where I graduate."
Source: Pinterest

Maybe these weren’t the shows for you, but you still want to do some kind of pop culture reference. Luckily there’s still evenmore to draw from! Whether you were a Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, or Disney kid, there’s plenty of shows and movies that got you through hard times.

You might have gone a little looney with all the caffeine needed to finish last minute papers. But you still made it through! 

A graduation cap that reads "That's all Folks!"
Source: Pinterest

Or you want to pay homage to a classic. You’ll look so fetch with this cap topper, courtesy of Zazzle! Check out their website for more cool cap toppers for if you’re too busy to customize your own! 

A graduation cap that reads "She doesn't even go here anymore."
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe you liked the idea of being a princess… but being a queen is even better. Represent the true queen of Genovia, Julie Andrews, and make her proud! As someone who grew up on The Princess Diaries and Mary Poppins, I would love to reference this queen. 

A graduation cap that reads "The eagle is flying for the last time"
Source: Pinterest

Your grad cap might not be the bejeweled silver diadem of your dreams. But you don’t need it to show off just how royal you are! 

A graduation cap that reads "Not all queens wear crowns."
Source: Pinterest

Getting out of school is a real opportunity to grow your wings. It’s a transformative period! You’re probably hungry for success, and it’s good to keep that hunger. 

A graduation cap that reads "My wings are ready!"
Source: Pinterest

When you look back on your past, you really have to appreciate the masterpieces you’ve made. And learn from any “happy little accidents” you’ve made too! Both are necessary to learn and improve. 

A graduation cap that reads "Happy little graduates."
Source: Pinterest 

Of course, pop culture references aren’t for everyone. It might be better to just go with some good old fashioned jokes. Anything to lighten the somber and serious mood of leaving behind friends and beloved teachers. A clever joke is always the best! 

A graduation cap that reads "Can't touch this."
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes you don’t even need too many words to express how tired you are. Can we skip to the part where you have a job and cozy apartment?

A graduation cap that reads "#Done."
Source: Pinterest

Go ahead and be a little cheeky. You’ve earned it, and you’ll be reminded of it every time you have to make a student loan payment! 

A graduation cap that reads "My $105,000 dollar hat."
Source: Pinterest

Maybe you want to remind everyone of just how powerful you are. And exactly who made you so powerful! My mom didn’t raise a quitter. Neither did yours. 

A graduation cap that reads "My mama didn't raise no fool."
Source: Pinterest

Using props on your hat might offset the balance, but with just the right placement, you can make an awesome gag that everyone can relate to. I definitely lost some desperately needed hours! 

A graduation cap that reads "I ain't get no sleep cuz of yall!"
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe you’ve got some lighter things to attach to your cap. You can express how #done you are with just a little more ecological flair! 

A graduation cap that reads "So long succas."
Source: Pinterest

This next one you can also find on Zazzle! 

A graduation cap that reads "This hat only cost my parents $30,000!."
Source: Pinterest

Or you like to pull out the dad puns and make everyone groan. Who can blame you? You might feel like you’ve aged ten years in the time you’ve been in school. 

A graduation cap that reads "moo-ving on."
Source: Pinterest

Maybe you wanted to incorporated some sports puns too. I never was one for sports, but I can appreciate a bad pun! 

A graduation cap that reads "It was a walk in in the park."
Source: Pinterest

A bright cap like this is sure to draw attention. And then as soon as they see the pun, they’ll groan.

A graduation cap that reads "A reel expert can tackle anything."
Source: Pinterest

We all have our vices. Whatever we need to get through, we can indulge in! (Safely and legally of course). 

A graduation cap that reads "I wined a lot but I did it."
Source: Pinterest

You can even get this dad-worthy dog pun premade on Etsy! 

A graduation cap that reads "It wasn't too ruff."
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe it’s more fun to pay tribute to those furry friends who didn’t care about how you looked or how many pages of reading you got done. Your dog or cat will always be there for you. Why not thank them for it? 

A graduation cap that reads "Our human is graduating."
Source: Pinterest

And maybe buy some extra treats as thanks– since they probably aren’t allowed to the graduation ceremony. They don’t really understand it, but you did everything for them! 

A graduation cap that reads "I worked hard so my cat can have a better life."
Source: Pinterest

I know he is. I know he definitely is. 

A graduation cap that reads "I hope my dog is proud of me."
Source: Pinterest

Sometimes, our dream job has to be our second. Just because of reality.

A graduation cap that reads "because "cat lady" isn't career."
Source: Pinterest

Or maybe there’s someone more important to you that you should pay tribute to. Family and friends are really what keep us going during school. The late night calls, the goofing off during Family Weekend and homecoming, and care packages are all very important.

A graduation cap that reads "Thanks for the memories."
Source: Pinterest

You’ve made some really great memories with those who got you through, and their support should be appreciated. Especially those who may not be with us anymore.

A graduation cap that reads "I know she's smiling."
Source: Pinterest

There’s a lot of work and sacrifices that went into the past few years. But that’s life! 

A graduation cap based on the game of life.
Source: Pinterest

You ought to be proud of yourself. You’ve worked very hard, and you can finally take a bit of a load off. 

A graduation cap that reads "If there's one thing I'm willing to bet on it's myself."
Source: Pinterest

You might still be in a little shock. But you still did it! 

A graduation cap that reads "Holy cow I did it."
Source: Pinterest

It might not feel real yet. Despite how worried you may feel about getting back into the real world….

A graduation cap that reads "They asked "are you ready to graduate?" I told them yes... you know, like a liar."
Source: Pinterest

And you might not even understand how  you got here. I know I was a little shocked! 

A graduation cap that reads "I still have no idea what I'm doing."
Source: Pinterest

And sometimes you might wonder how you handled things under pressure…

A graduation cap that reads "I winged it."
Source: Pinterest

You’ll be okay. Just because you’re you! 

A graduation cap that reads "Why fit in when you were born to stand out?"
Source: Pinterest

You might not see all of how you succeeded in school. But that’s okay.

A graduation cap that reads "Legacy? It's planting seeds in a garden you never get to see."
Source: Pinterest

There’s much more to do. A whole world of opportunities! 

A graduation cap that reads "You almost lost me there...but I pulled through."
Source: Pinterest

You faced so many challenges. And kept going.

A graduation cap that reads "She turned her cant's into cans and her dreams into plans."
Source: Pinterest

You weren’t made to sit in the shadows. You were made to change the world. 

A graduation cap that reads "Born to make history."
Source: Pinterest

Defy everyone who said you weren’t ready. Or that you couldn’t do it. 

A graduation cap that reads "I am coming for everything they said I couldn't have."
Source: Pinterest 

It’s onto a new chapter! Whether that’s a new school or getting out into the workforce…

A graduation cap that reads "oh the places I'll go, but country roads will take me home."
Source: Pinterest

You’ve got plenty more to show the world. And you don’t need that school anymore. 

A graduation cap that reads "out."
Source: Pinterest

You’re on your way. Both up and out, you’re heading in new directions.

A graduation cap that reads "catch ya on the next wave."
Source: Pinterest

Good luck out there! You’ve got this. 

A graduation cap that reads "Don't stop me now."
Source: Pinterest

That’s a wrap. This post was all about graduation cap ideas. Though graduation might look a bit different this year, decorating your graduation cap could add more excitement and memories to the occasion!

Let us know how you decorated your cap by tagging @blendtw in your Instagram post! Also, share this article on social media if you found it helpful.

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Are you struggling to talk to your girl crush over text or in person? We’ve got you covered! Check out this ultimate guide on how to flirt with a girl over text or in person.



A boy and girl looking at each other and smiling

There are certain dos and don’ts that I’ve come to realize about the art of flirting. How to flirt with a girl isn’t necessarily a step-by-step process for success.

Instead, it’s best to stay adaptable to your environment and feel comfortable socializing.

Of course, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind that are sure to help guide you through your first case of nerves.

The worst thing that could happen when flirting is rejection, and although that can be a pain to your ego, once you move past the fear of rejection, you’ll find a lot of acceptance.

This article is your perfect guide on how to flirt with a girl, and more importantly, feel confident doing so.

Check out this ultimate guide on how to flirt with a girl over text or in person!

In this post:


How to Flirt with a Girl Over Text

1. Be responsive

Nothing is worse than waiting hours for a response from someone when getting to know them and trying to form a relationship.

The conversation will end and you will lose the flow of the conversation.

It’s understandable to take a few minutes away from your phone, but if you want the girl to know you’re interested in her, especially in the beginning, you should be responding in a timely manner.

Show her that she is on your mind!

2. Use emojis

I personally love using emojis. I think they’re so fun and add a little bit of teasing to a conversation.

But do not overuse emojis because they can also make a conversation seem more of a joke than a bonding opportunity.

Stick to one or two emojis, limit your use of hearts and smilies, and keep it casually classy when flirting with a girl.

Positivity is key, but being overly enthusiastic could scare your crush away. 

3. Send funny selfies

When I’m finding it hard to come up with what to text someone, I start sending random updates about my day to fill the gap in the conversation.

You could send really anything (as long as it is appropriate)–a selfie saying “just went grocery shopping, off to the gym” could smoothly keep your conversation going.

Sharing a fun fact about yourself or asking a question about her are also great ways to keep her interested in your messages.

4. Send good night and good morning texts

It’s nice to be reminded over text when someone is thinking about you.

By sending a text in the morning and at night, it lets the girl you like know you are thinking about and care for her. 

5. Ask open-ended questions

Rather than asking “how are you” which is often responded with one word and abruptly ends the conversation, instead, ask her something like “what did you do at work today?” which opens a conversation to flow and turn into a way to get to know each other.

Flirting with a girl is about prolonged contact, so don’t cut off conversations before they lead to anything meaningful! 

6. Make suggestive comments

It can be challenging to move past a friendly text back and forth to a romantically charged conversation.

Something that may help pivot the mood would be to add suggestive comments like “oh yea?” or “make me.”

These playful comments can set a new tone in your messages and turn them into flirting. This way, you will send your girl giggling on the other end. 

7.  Use correct grammar!

There is nothing more annoying than incorrect grammar.

No matter if it is just in casual texts or in essays you are turning in for a class, correct grammar can improve a girl’s impression of you.

There is no reason you shouldn’t be capitalizing “I” in a text. And sometimes you need a dash or a period to break up a thought in a text!

Remember the little things really count when you want a girl to think highly of you.

It’s hard to read emotions through a text without proper grammar or other tonal hints.

Using simple characters such as exclamation points could add more signals for your girl to interpret when flirting over text.

8. Don’t be afraid to double—or even triple—text

This is another silly texting etiquette rule that bothers me. What’s the harm in sending more than one text at a time?

If the conversation seems to be lagging or you want to change the topic, easily send another text!

Most times, I’ll double text because it makes sense in the flow of conversation. It’s not as serious as others may make it seem.

Just make sure to avoid spamming her phone!

9. Compliment her

Compliments make anyone feel good! You could use comments to let your girl know that you notice things about her.

Compliment how she looked today–though that may seem like a given, you may be surprised at how much hearing that would make her day.

On a deeper level, compliment her on what you know of her character. Tell her that you admire her or compliment her work ethic.

When a girl sees that you notice more than surface-level characteristics, it can make her feel way closer to you. 

10. Talk to her on the phone!

Phones are for more than texting. If you’re comfortable, give her a call while you’re on a walk just to see what’s up!

Conversations always flow better when you’re talking in real-time instead of awkwardly waiting for each other to respond over text.

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How to Flirt with a Girl in Person

11 Be funny

The best thing a guy could do when flirting with a girl is to make her laugh. Be funny!

Make jokes! If a guy makes me laugh, I always feel a lot more of a comfortable connection with him.

I am a sucker for a good joke, and I am assuming other girls are as well!

12.  Initiate touch

This is a tricky one because we have to respect people’s physical boundaries, but the best way to show someone you’re romantically interested in them is to initiate physical touch.

If you get to see your crush in person, you may initiate a respectful hug or put your hand on her shoulder when in conversation.

Try to do something to let her know that you feel comfortable around her.

But, you may want to warm up to her over text or with distance before you escalate to initiating touch. 

13. Allude to future moments you can spend together

While in conversation, you can allude to activities you can do together at another time.

For example, if your conversation is about a music artist you both like, you can mention an upcoming concert or festival to attend.

Sounds pretty smooth, am I right?

14. Use confident body language

Confidence is key when flirting with a girl. No one wants to be guessing if you are or aren’t flirting.

Maintain eye contact, stand up straight, and direct your attention to your girl.

The way in which you hold yourself can say so much more about who you are than words often will.

Holding someone’s gaze for longer than a split second can be fairly intimate.

And not backing down from a stare is that slight confirmation that, yes, there is a connection being formed between you and her.

Body language goes both ways, so if she’s leaning away or not paying much attention, this is a sign that she is not feeling the relationship the same as you are. 

15. Ask her about herself

Most people love talking about themselves if given the chance! Direct some questions to her and show you’re interested in who she is.

This will also open a chance for you to tell her about yourself. You never know what you’ll have in common, and what you’ll playfully argue about in the future. 

16. Smile

Even more than your use of open body language, a smile goes a long way.

Whether it’s a small, shy turn of your lips or a big, cheesy grin, a smile lets your girl know you’re directing your attention to her.

It also shows that you feel comfortable around her and may help her feel the same way while around you.

17.  Look and feel your best

In the essence of flirting, your goal is to impress your girl.

Not only does this come with your behavior and confidence, but it comes with how you present yourself to her.

You should be taking care of yourself and present the best version of yourself when flirting with a girl.

18. Don’t use pick up lines

Using pick-up lines can make you look lazy and tend to make you sound outdated.

It may be a turn-off for the girl you are speaking with if you approach her with a sleazy one-liner comment.

This kind of flirting alludes to the fact that you are only interested in one thing.

Sometimes it works, but when flirting with a girl, leave the pickup lines at home. Chose another way to get her attention. 

19. Use the female gaze

What a guy thinks a girl is looking for completely differs from what a girl is actually seeking.

This can be explained by the male and female gaze. The male gaze is a way of sexualizing women for male viewing pleasure.

This is the kind of thinking that a girl will want a buff, muscular, strong, masculine man.

But the female gaze shows that girls really want an emotionally inept and charming fellow that sees her as their equal, not only a sexual object.

It explains why girls want a Loki, not a Thor.

So, next time you are trying to flirt with a girl, remember that you do not need to be a Thor in order for her to give you the time of day. 

20. Ask her out on a fun date

After all of these tactics, you should be ready to seal the deal. Ask her to the movies, go for a picnic or out to a nice dinner.

The goal of flirting is to make a move on the girl.

After you show her your charming smile, make her laugh, and ooze confidence, she won’t be able to turn you down!

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Check out these 11 proven tips on how to flirt with anyone!


In this video, learn fun and easy steps to flirt with a girl. I love that this video acknowledges how uncomfortable it can be to begin flirting with someone.

When you’re flirting with someone you really like, your nerves are completely heightened and you become hyperaware of her every move.

In order to succeed in flirting with a girl, you must break through these nerves. Confidence and comfort are the perfect balance in flirting. 

Flirting is an acquired skill. And like any other skill, you should continue to practice in order to get better!

Learning how to flirt with a girl is only the first part of getting someone to like you and become interested in forming a romantic relationship with you.

The bottom line is, just be yourself! These tips and tricks on how to flirt with a girl will get you noticed, but it’s YOU that has to seal the deal. Good luck!




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a computer with blogs on a wooden table

Everyone is on social media these days! Being an influencer is becoming a normal job for people who want to inspire others by sharing their lives on the internet.

As human beings, we are naturally curious about common topics like college life, fitness, or even love advice. 

Blogs are one of the ways people can share their advice on the internet and, of course, influence other people’s behaviors. 

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In This Post:

1. TeensGotCents

 Eva Baker is a finance guru, and through her blogs, she teaches us, mortals, how to take a better hold of our finances. She has picked up the best tips and habits from trial and error. 

TeensGotCents is the place you should go if you want to work toward your goals without being completely broke.

2. Just So Elina 

From Australia, Elina is a writer and chronic illness warrior that allows everyone to take a look into her mind. On her blog, she shares her advice on wellness and living with a chronic illness, a topic that is not commonly discussed. 

Her main goal is to share her life, and she hopes that everyone who reads her blog will take something from it.

3. Anxious Lass

Somerset blogger Kelly Jean creates content that’s focused on mental health, specifically social anxiety. 

Kelly was inspired to start her blog after hours of scouring the web and finding only articles that seemed to be written by a robot rather than a human. 

She started her blog with the goal of being relatable so her readers don’t feel alone.

4. We the Urban

This blog quickly got its fame in 2009 when Tumblr was at its peak, and now it’s more famous than ever with more than 3 million followers on Instagram. 

With its trendy content and motivating vibe, its main goal is to inspire and empower today’s generations with posts that push boundaries and make you think of the world in a different way.

5. Dan Flying Solo

 This guy is crazy and a genius. Dan is a Londoner who started this blog as a newsletter for his family to keep updated on his world travels after he quit his job as a restaurant manager in 2014 to follow his love to Bali. 

At the time, he didn’t imagine his blog would grow to a million views per year. Now, as an ambassador for the famous travel guide Lonely Planet, he shares his experiences as a traveler of the world and shows us how life can sometimes take you to unexpected places.

6. Barnes & Noble Teen Blog

As a reader myself, I think it’s awesome that one of the biggest libraries on the internet has a blog. However, even if you do not share my passion for reading, this blog is perfect for you too. 

It includes podcasts, interviews with famous bestselling authors, and all resources for a teenager to avoid getting bored — you can switch those two hours on TikTok for a good YA podcast.

7. Teen Thoughts

We are the next generation that will be in charge of the world; however, it is no secret that the youngsters before us are the future too, and with social media being so ingrained in our reality, it is time for a reality check. 

We need a space where we can express ourselves without the fear of being subjected to a specific social trend, which is why Teen Thoughts’ goal is to give you a voice, to give you a space where your thoughts can be expressed, and to give you a safe haven to be yourself.

8. This Teenage Life

This youth empowered podcast/blog is a space where you can hear stories about what it feels like to grow — to not say, “I am the only person in this world that has this problem,” and to feel heard within a community. 

This Teenage Life gives you the opportunity to hear perspectives about common topics from other teens and to belong to a community.

9. Capturing Life on Camera

Natalie Park is a high school senior, traveler, and writer. She shares photos of her life in NYC that will convince you that living in the Big Apple is the best idea you ever had. With her dreamy aesthetics, you can almost feel New York at your fingertips.

10. Joli House

Knitwear designer and blogger Lily brings you everything you need to know about knitting content. With her own patterns on sale, she’ll teach you that knitting is an experience in itself and that it could be your new fall hobby. 

Her trendy patterns and dedicated blog posts clearly display that knitting is a ball in the park, so hurry up and buy some needles! You have knitting to do.

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11. Sea of Shoes

Dallas blogger Jane Aldridge created this blog to share her love for all things vintage and as a tribute to her love of extreme shoes. 

However, since 2007, the blog has grown into its own brand, with Jane collaborating with brands like Gucci and Marc Jacobs. 

If you need an outfit that will defy the border between vintage and modern, Sea of Shoes is right up your alley.

12. Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis

On her blog, lifestyle influencer Alexa Curtis discusses her feelings on topics that she encountered as a teen, such as mental health, handling social media, body image, and other sensitive topics. 

Her content is focused on talking about challenges young people go through, and she provides the stories that come from experiences that they may need to navigate day by day.

13. The Teen Runaway

If you are as clueless as I am when navigating fashion, this blog is for you. With her beauty and fashion advice, and with experience such as being part of the press at fashion week, Lauren’s tips are invaluable. 

She shares her advice on how to be a fashionista like Barbie and how to not look like a clown when you brave a full face of makeup.

14. LoveSpunk

Angela describes herself as that awkward and shy kid in the back of the class; however, I find myself thinking she is completely endearing and a genius fashion connoisseur. 

She has her own portfolio on the blog where she showcases her work in fashion, and her videos are filled with content like “sewing 5 dresses in 5 days,” which I find mind-blowing because I can’t sew for the love of my cat!

15. SchoolHabits

This blog is entirely focused on teaching you how to learn. Kind of confusing, right? 

However, its resources and services will help you figure out what your best learning style is, and why it’s important to find your particular style. Give it a go. You won’t regret it.

16. Save the Student

Money is what every college student worries about because the amount of debt that is left after you finish school is astronomical! 

But Save the Student will save you from paying this amount in the future, and it provides you with tips on how to invest and protect your money, so it’s a no-brainer why you should visit this blog.

17. Sincerely Students

Not all of us love school and studying, and that’s OK, because Ellie, the writer of Sincerely Students, shares her advice on how to be more productive in school, how to find school coupons, and she even has a section on how to help our community! 

18. Celeste Lili

This blogger is an undergrad at UC Davis, and she’s sharing her advice on all things a first-generation student might go through. 

As a freelance SEO writer and content creator, she shares her advice on the marketing world, and also on how to navigate college if you are the first one to go to school.

19. Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen is a best-selling author on subjects like happiness, habits, and human nature. On her blog, she shares her advice on the pursuit of happiness and her personal experience in finding it. 

As one of the contributors to the happiness factor, we can assure you she is the one you go to if you feel unmotivated or uninspired, and with her witty humor, she will make you feel like you are talking to a friend.

20. The Fit Habit

Being a strong, independent woman is hard. Creating habits that are productive but at the same time good for your health is something our generations are struggling with more and more. 

That is why CarenHigh Street Beauty Junkie, the writer of The Fit Habit, shares her advice on living a happy, healthy, and long life, and how to make time for things that make you feel good.

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21. High Street Beauty Junkie

If you want to look good when you apply makeup and look like the people on reality shows, where their hair is all shiny and their makeup looks good 24/7,this blog is your first step. 

Charli, a U.K. blogger, shares her tips on all things beauty and hairstyle and gives a look into what’s going on in her life.

22. Jenn (across the pond)

Writing from Denmark, Jenn gives a look at what it’s like studying abroad and her adventures and misadventures. 

Jenn is from Colorado, and she shares what it’s like being out of her comfort zone in a whole different culture, and she gives advice on how to manage life in another country. 

If you are thinking of studying abroad next semester and want to see the world, this is a great blog for you!

23. Student Minds Blog

This blog is one of the greatest in terms of mental health and university life in the U.K. 

That being said, it is a place where you can read and share experiences and get a sense that you’re not alone and that mental health is important.

24. Jessica Slaughter

As a kind of journal, Jessica shares tips about all kinds of topics, from studying to brand reviews. You won’t get bored reading through her wacky adventures and experiences.

25. Dani Dearest

A graduate of California, Dani tells us everything there is to know in her mind. From tips on how to take care of yourself to organization and planning, she writes everything there is to know so that you can be an organizational and self-care queen.

26. Tolmeia Gregory

As you may know, a climate emergency has arisen, and it is on a critical level. However, what can you do to make a difference? 

As a climate activist, Tolmeia will educate you on what it is that you can do to stop this emergency, and she’ll make you think about the what, why, and how on social issues.

27. Her Campus

A 100% women-owned company, Her Campus shares stories and advice from the perspective of a woman. As Harvard undergrads, they started this project due to the need for more feminine influences on campus. 

From there, it grew through various campuses across the U.S., and now it is one of the most influential media companies.

28. Broke Millennial

This blog started from a Krispy Kreme donut sale, and it has grown to be a financial advice blog for teens. 

She basically gives you the answer to every question — How do you pay your student loans? How to bare your financial soul to your partner? 

With this blog, you can go from flat-broke to financial guru!

29. College Cures

This blog is your go-to college guide. From parties and hangovers to tips on being productive with your studies, this blog makes your college experience stress-free and pain-free by giving you resources, tips, and advice to navigate college life better!

30. Spoon University

Are you a foodie? Maybe you don’t even know how to make a toast! Either way, this blog is for you! Spoon University’s main focus is to help you figure out how to handle your cooking at college. 

By providing you with easy and healthy recipes, you will get all your nutrients and avoid the Freshman 15.

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College Life

30 Effective Study Motivation Tips – The Ultimate 2021 Guide

Having trouble getting back into the swing of studying as school starts? Check out these effective study motivation tips.



a blond girl sitting at a desk with books smiling

Sometimes, no matter what you do, it can be hard to motivate yourself to study– especially with everything that’s going on in the world right now.

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, a little lazy, or disheartened, refer to these tips to give yourself the study motivation to do well this semester.

Article summary:

1. Make your notes aesthetically pleasing

If you put in some effort while taking notes, you’ll be much more willing to revisit them later. Try writing your notes out in fun colors and highlighting key words.

Or, if you’re like me and your handwriting is questionable, type them out during class and add underlines and images later.

Personally, I like to print them out and add flags and sticky notes with annotations. It helps me understand the material on a deeper level. 

2. Create a study schedule

Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I try to take a minute to slow down and organize my thoughts. I ask myself, what do I need to work on?

What tasks are the most pressing? Then, I start to write out a list in my planner and work on my calendar. Once you’ve organized your thoughts on paper, you’ll feel much better about the tasks ahead of you.

I suggest creating a work schedule to avoid procrastination. If you put in a little work each day and prioritize, you can accomplish your goals and then some. 

3. Study date with a friend

Now, this can either work really well or not at all, it depends on the friend. If you two are going to end up goofing around the whole time, maybe they’re not the friend you should be studying with.

But, you still want to make sure that your study partner is someone who lifts your mood and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Otherwise, you’ll be bored out of your mind, and you’ll never want to study again.

I once took a very challenging bio class, so my friend and I set up study dates where we went over the material, made silly acronyms and came up with funny ways to memorize the information.

We learned a lot, had some fun studying and performed well on the tests. 

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4. Create a reward system

This is a fun one. Think about the total amount of work you need to complete. It can be your work for today, the week, the month, etc.

Now, split up that total into increments. For example, do you need to read a 400-page novel by next week? Give yourself a reward every 75 pages.

Go get a treat, plan some T.V. time, anything that works for you. It’ll ensure you get some brian breaks and motivate you to keep studying. 

5. Take breaks!

If you stress yourself out and tell yourself you need to study for ten hours straight, chances are that you’re not doing yourself any favors.

If you don’t give yourself any breaks, you’re going to exhaust yourself, and studying won’t be as effective as it should be.

Plus, your mood might tank, and it’s hard to study when you’re feeling low. Try taking a five minute break every thirty minutes. Or a ten minute break every hour.

Grab a snack, go on TikTok, meditate– whatever you need to keep yourself sane. 

6. Study a little bit each day 

This study motivation technique requires timeliness and devotion, but it will save you loads of time in the long run.

If you study for a class 20-30 min a day rather than cramming the few days before the test, you’ll be much better off.

Many psychology experiments support that this spread-out study technique leads to a better understanding of the material.

7. Make a vision board 

If you remind yourself why you’re studying and what goals you’ll achieve at the finish line, whether it’s tomorrow or 20 years from now, you’ll have more motivation.

The next time you have some downtime, make a vision board with some card board and magazine clippings. Or, I like to hop on Pinterest and work on some of my boards. Works every time. 

8. Enter a productive space

I mean this both literally and figuratively. Literally, place yourself in a space conducive to studying, like a library, an office, a quiet coffee shop, etc.

Sometimes I convince myself that studying in bed will be fine– it’s never as productive as it can be.

And, figuratively, create a productive space by turning off text notifications, don’t listen to music unless it doesn’t have lyrics, and so on.

9. Make flashcards

I’d probably fail all my classes if I didn’t make flashcards. I always make them when I need to memorize information or prepare for a presentation.

Grab some flashcards from a supply store, a few colorful pens for study motivation and get started.

Making flashcards is basically half the battle. It can be time consuming, yes, but when it’s time for your test, you’re more likely to remember the things you wrote down, the vocabulary you underlined, the diagrams you drew.

Then, of course, testing and repetition will help. Quiz yourself or a friend in the class. You’ll be an expert in no time. 

10. Try to boost your mood

It can be hard to study when you’re feeling down, stressed or tired. Some ways to try and snap out of it are to…

Go for a walk: Exercise releases endorphins, which can make you feel good. Afterward, you’ll feel energized and ready to take on the books

Find a change in scenery: Sometimes changing your surroundings is enough to press the reset button on your mood. Have you been in the house all day? Try studying outside. 

Make your favorite snack or drink: Taking some time for yourself by preparing a treat could be what you need. Get a caffeine boost from your favorite coffee or tea. Or, if you’re a little hangry, a snack could do the trick.

Related: 100 Motivational Quotes for Exams – The Student Guide

11. Study apps 

There are plenty of study apps that you can download on your phone to help you study. Apps like Quizlet are designed to help you organize your flashcards or find pre-made sets in your class topic.

Download Flora to keep a to-do list, and set study timers to motivate you to stay off your phone. There are plenty more apps to choose from that can act as study motivators. Thank goodness for technology!

12. Motivational quote 

This one has worked for plenty of my friends. When it’s the middle of the semester and you’re feeling burnt out, try finding a motivational quote to turn to.

Skim a list of motivational quotes and see what speaks to you. Check out our list of best motivational quotes to study here. 

You can make it your phone background, write it out when you’re feeling anxious, turn it into a wall decoration for your bedroom, etc.

Words have the power to calm us down or give us energy, so you should give this technique a try.

13. An organized space for an organized mind 

Even if you don’t study in your room, or even in your house, it can be a huge help to keep these spaces clean.

First of all, you’ll be able to find notes and study materials easily, as you’ll actually know where everything is. And second, a clean space can be comforting.

For me, I feel like I can’t think straight when I know my room is a mess.

14. Don’t compare yourself to others

Motivating yourself to study should be for you and nobody else. When you compare yourself to others, it can be counterproductive and even harmful to your self-esteem.

Your main goal should be to do your personal best. If you compare yourself to those who are performing better or worse than you, you may not be as motivated to work hard.

Study motivation should come from yourself!

15. Take some pressure off yourself

This one goes hand and hand with the above tip.

Too much pressure and stress can be debilitating. Make sure you’re putting your mental health first. Besides, a healthy mind is a productive one. 

16. Break down your to-do list

To-do lists can be daunting. Breaking down your tasks into smaller, manageable ones will help things feel much more doable.

You don’t want to overwork yourself and try to get too much done in one day, so spread those smaller tasks throughout your week.

17. Change things up

If you keep your study routine the same, you’ll get bored really quickly. Try using different study methods to keep things slightly more interesting.

Instead of just reading your notes, try making flashcards, quizzing a friend, doing practice problems, drawing diagrams, etc. There are so many different angles from which you can look at the material. 

18. Study in the daylight 

Studying inside, in the dark or away from a window can make your brain feel foggy. Do yourself a favor and get some sunlight.

It’s a great study motivation, can help you boost your energy, concentrate, think creatively and get better sleep later in the day.

19. Meditate

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind, alleviate stress and press the reset button. Find an app such as Smiling Mind, and follow along with one of their pre-recorded meditations.

You can do this daily before you start studying or whenever you feel that you need a break. I use this study motivation technique all the time when I need a recharge. 

20. Exercise in the mornings

This study motivation technique works really well for me. Even if I have to drag myself out of bed in the morning, I get a burst of energy after I exercise.

I’m so much more productive for the rest of the day. Try setting aside at least 30 minutes a day to get moving. Go for a walk, do some yoga. You’ll feel great and ready to take on your tasks for the day.

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21. Play the right music

Music can be a great study motivator. It can increase your mood and your focus. But, it can also distract you as well. I like to listen to classical music when I study or write essays.

But sometimes I like to play my favorite pop songs when I’m working on a task that doesn’t require too much focus. 

22. Make it a creative project

One way to have fun studying while actually learning the material is to think about it creatively. Write a silly acronym. Come up with a song to remember the capitals of countries.

Write a short story relating to the material. Create a collage. These things can really help you memorize information and motivate you to study.

23. Stop negative talk

Don’t tell yourself that you’re bad at something or that you can’t do it. Seeing other people succeed or getting a low grade on a test can be really discouraging.

But don’t give up! Practice having a growth mindset. Tell yourself that you can improve if you put the work in. 

24. Work on your hardest tasks first

If you’re like me, you put off your most difficult tasks until the end of the day, and then you don’t have the energy to actually work on them as hard as you should.

It’s time to fix that. Move your most difficult, pressing tasks to the top of your to-do list. You’ll be able to work on it when you have the most energy. Then, things will only get easier throughout your day. 

25. Be consistent

Try studying at the same time every day. You’ll get into a groove, which can help you be more productive. Plus, this will keep other responsibilities from piling up, and you’ll likely have some extra time for yourself. 

26. Ask yourself why you want to study

If you figure out why you actually need to study, you’ll actually want to study. Is it for a good grade? So you can get a good job? Get into a good college?

Because you want to learn a new skill? Remind yourself of these goals for study motivation every time you’re feeling a little lazy. 

27. Figure out why you don’t want to study

If you get to the root of your lack of motivation, you might be able to figure out how to fix it. Are you too tired? Try to prioritize sleep.

Is the material uninteresting? Try some techniques to make studying more fun. 

28. Be reasonable

If you set impossible standards, you may be too hard on yourself if you end up not meeting them. Be reasonable with your goals.

And if you end up exceeding them, great! To start, don’t give yourself too many tasks to complete in one day. Having fun is important! 

29. Eat healthily

Eating junk food all the time can make you feel sluggish. Make sure to prioritize a well-balanced diet to ensure you have plenty of energy to get through the day.

And, preparing food for yourself is a great way to put yourself first and take your mind off of studying.

Need help preparing healthy college meals? Check out our ultimate post on college meal prep ideas here.

30. Make fun plans each weekend

If you have something to look forward to each weekend, you’ll be motivated to study and make it through each week.

Whether it’s a concert, lunch with a friend or a movie night by yourself, fun plans can act as study motivation. Plus, it’s important to have a life outside of school. 

If you need ideas on things to do, check our post of top 50 things to do when bored here.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. 30 study motivation tips to get you through a tough day, week or semester. Use these tips to figure out what works best for you.

You can also watch the video below for some additional advice. Best of luck, and happy studying! 




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