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How to Be a Classy Woman – 50 Traits of an Elegant and Sophisticated Woman

Do you want to be a classy woman? Check out these traits of an elegant and sophisticated woman to help you get started. 



Three classy women having tea at a table

So, you have made the decision to become more sophisticated and chic. What a wonderful idea! Making the decision is the easy part, the next step is more difficult, but not impossible.

There is a lot of information out there to become a classy woman, but it can be PRETTY overwhelming. 

Fortunately, in this article, I am sharing the distinctive traits of an exceptional woman to help you get started.   

In this post: 

Boost Your Confidence as a Classy Woman

1. Walk with Confidence

Woman walking elegantly with a white overcoat and black purse


One sure way to build up your confidence is to walk with confidence. Avoid looking down at the group when walking- keep your shoulders back and your head held high.

I know at times that may be something that is difficult. I have days where I just want to look down and act as no one can see me.

However, I try to give myself a pep talk and remind myself that I can do this. I have the ability to overpower negative thoughts and bring out positive ones.

I pick my head up, push back my shoulders and walk with confidence. If I can do it, so can you. 

2. Don’t be Afraid of Self-Care

We can all be busy, whether you’re focused on work, school, friends, family, etc. When we have to focus on so many different things, it can be difficult to remember to take care of ourselves.

This is why it is important to make your self-care routine a priority.

Take days off from everything else and watch your favorite show, get your hair and nails done, take a bath, just unplug from everything else.

I have to force myself to do this quite often. I get wrapped up in schoolwork and have to force myself to take a break.

Once I do, I feel so much better. I guarantee you will come back refreshed, with a clear mind, and will be able to function much better.

3. Dress Tastefully and in Your Style

When you are dressed the way that you like, whether that’s comfortable or all out, you will be confident. If you feel like you have to wear certain clothes, then you will be focused on how uncomfortable you are.

I know that my discomfort and self-consciousness are magnified if I am wearing clothes that do not fit at all. So, if I am in clothes that are not my style, then I will not be successful or confident. 

4. Pursue Your Interests

What is the one thing that piques your interest? The one thing that you would do anything to pursue as a hobby or even a career. Well, stop just allowing that interest to live in your mind and make it a reality.

When you follow your heart, confidence will come naturally. If you just stick with what you feel you have to do, the confidence will not come as naturally.

This is something I had to work toward. I am pursuing a career that combines my love of music and writing, and my confidence derives from the passion I feel for my work. 

5. Keep Your Belongings Clean and Organized

It’s easy to let your belongings become disorganized and cluttered. You tell yourself that you’ll straighten everything up soon, but it just keeps piling on.

That was me during the last two weeks of the spring semester. My room became a bit of a mess and I just kept putting off straightening up until after I had all my work completed.

However, once I finally deep cleaned and organized everything, I felt so much better. This is why when you keep your belongings organized and everything clean, you will feel more confident.

Cleanliness and organization is a huge indicator for sophistication. It allows you to find things easier, reduces stress when getting ready or doing work, and helps you be more productive. 

You can present your best self and help increase your sophistication.

6. Stay True to Your Word

When you make a promise, it’s important to stay true to what you say. Even though at times it can be difficult; sometimes things come up, or it can be easier to do the opposite or change your mind.

I know at times, I agree to do something or go somewhere and I later decide I may not want to go through with it.

However, staying true to your word builds trust with those around you and they will find you to be more sophisticated. After you complete the task and stay true to your word, you feel accomplished and confident. 

7. Focus on Your Education 

Whether you are in high school, college, or pursuing some sort of training, it’s important to stick with it and see it through. At times it can be difficult, you may want to give up.

You may want to stop and come back to it later. It may seem like you cannot get through it.

However, with perseverance, you can get through it. The end will come and you feel accomplished and full of confidence.

The feeling of accomplishing something you worked so hard for is an amazing feeling. I know I am getting one step closer to completing my degree.

With each accomplishment, I am improving my skills, and reaching elegance and sophistication.

8. Do Not Compare Yourself to Others

This may be one of the more difficult traits on the list. I’m guilty of constantly comparing what I look like to others, what I have accomplished, my work, etc.

Sometimes I compare myself to others without even realizing it.

I have to consciously tell myself to stop doing so, because it is not good for my self-esteem and or for sustaining my unique qualities.

You will not make progress if you compare yourself to others. A classy woman strives to be unique and focus on her own work and skills rather than others’ accomplishments.

9. Keep to a Schedule, Be Punctual

Once again, a classy woman needs to keep herself organized and reliable. Of course, this is another element of being a classy woman that is not an easy task.

However, a schedule is the basis of organization. It will help you complete tasks and remain punctual.

For many, punctuality is the most important trait while also being the most difficult. Life happens, you sleep in, misplace keys, etc., and before you know it you’re behind schedule.

This is why I always leave with plenty of time to spare and get ready with plenty of time for mishaps.

Habits do not change overnight. However, once you make these changes slowly, you will begin to see an increase in your confidence in your abilities to be punctual and keep to a schedule. 

10. Independence

A classy woman does not rely on others to be successful or boost her confidence. She finds her confidence in herself and thrives on independence.

She counts on herself to get stuff done because she knows she can trust herself.

However, like many traits on this list, this confidence builds up overtime, it is not an overnight change.

This is something I am working on, and I’m slowly realizing I can count on myself more. While independence seems scary at first, I feel more confident.

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11. Radiate Authenticity

This trait of a classy woman can be attached to several traits on this list. No matter what you do, you have to remain authentic. You do not try to change yourself to mimic the traits of others or who others tell you to be.

A classy and confident woman represents who she truly is. This is something I always try to live by. I wear what I want, pursue my interests, listen to music I like, and overall just live my life how I want to.

I feel confident in my abilities to be successful as my authentic self. 

12. Accept Feedback from Others

While this may seem contradictory to some of the points that have been brought up earlier, a classy woman listens to what others have to say and decides if they will help or hurt them.

This does not mean letting others tell you what you need to do, but rather accepting constructive criticism.

You listen to others, you do not attack others for what they have to say and you decide to apply their suggestions if you think it’ll benefit you. 

13. Be a Role Model for Others

A classy woman is aware of how she is perceived by others and how her actions are interpreted.

This is why a woman who pays attention to how she acts and chooses to act in a way that portrays her as a role model, is more confident.

I may not act perfectly all the time, but I try my hardest to be a role model when I can, which allows me to feel more confident.

14. Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things

Trying new things can be scary. We can get stuck in our habits and routines, becoming comfortable with what we know and the idea of trying new things is the exact opposite of what we want to do.

I’m guilty of this, too. I will have the same coffee drink, sleep the same way, wear the same clothes, go to the same places.

However, a classy woman is someone who welcomes new experiences. She will try new places to eat, shop, spend time at, etc.

They are open to wearing new things if they feel like it suits their style. When they try new things and it works in their favor, their confidence improves.

This is why this is a must for building confidence in a classy woman. 

15. Build Up Your Self-Esteem, Know Your Worth

In order to be a classy woman, you need to build up your self-esteem and know your worth. You must understand that you are not someone who deserves to be walked over.

You are one in a million and should be treated as such.

This is something I am always working on as there are days where my self-esteem is lacking. However, when I work on building up my self-esteem and treat myself as such, my confidence goes up.

This is why in order to be a classy woman you need to know your self-worth. 

16. Celebrate Small Personal Wins

Who says celebrations only have to be over large wins? Do not be afraid to boost your self-esteem with celebrations for small wins.

Did you get an A on a hard test? Treat yourself to a dessert or a new shirt. Did you show up early to every obligation you had this week? Treat yourself to your favorite place to eat.

It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just something that acknowledges your small win.

This is something I love to do. I will buy myself something I have been wanting as a celebration for finishing a semester or completing many intense assignments.

Acknowledging your accomplishments will boost your confidence.

It is not selfish, you are not bragging. It is just a classy woman, celebrating a small win. 

17. Face Your Fears

This goes along with not being afraid of trying new things. A classy woman is not afraid to try and face small fears they have. I am not saying you have to face your biggest fear, but you have to start somewhere.

It’ll be scary at first, but once you face it you will feel even more confident.

This is something I have to force myself to do from time to time. I may be afraid to do something, and have to work up the courage to face the fear, but I’m always proud of myself after the fact.

I feel like I can do anything, which is why this is a trait of a classy woman.

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Being a Classy Woman in a Relationship 

18. Have Empathy for Others

Empathy means being able to understand and share the feelings that others have. In a relationship, you have to be able to have empathy toward your partner.

This is why to be a classy woman in a relationship, you need to have empathy.

This will allow you to better understand your partner. You can understand what your partner is feeling and going through. You can put yourself in their shoes.

This will allow you to better help your partner and see what you can do to help them. It may be difficult to do at first, but once you do, it will only help your relationship. 

19. Be Dependable 

This one goes along with a previous trait mentioned, be organized and punctual. This one goes beyond just being on time for events.

This means being there when your partner needs you. If they need help, you are there, if they need to be somewhere, you are there.

If you say you are going to do something, you are there. They can count on you for whatever they need. I feel like I am a dependable person. I help where I am needed.

I show up on time and I am there when I am called.

However, as for most things, there is always a need for improvement. This is what a classy woman in a relationship is. She is a dependable and reliable person. 

20. Be Accommodating When Necessary

Relationships are about compromise. Sometimes, the two of you have to be able to work with one another in order to come to an agreement.

Your partner may be stubborn or want to do certain things a certain way. So, you may have to be accommodating to some of their quirks.

Maybe it will be how they want to do the dishes or they like the music you may not like. I know at times I have to put up listening to music I may not be all that fond of.

However, sometimes it is easier to just go with it. Other times you may be able to compromise. No matter what you decide, being accommodating in a relationship is a trait of a classy woman. 

21. Be Perceptive

Part of being a classy woman in a relationship is being able to catch onto things that your partner may not realize you are catching onto.

This is a skill that I feel I am good at. I am able to pay attention and remember things that others may not realize I notice.

I may not even realize I am picking up on things until I am thinking about it later. You can pick up on ideas you can use for birthday or Christmas presents, things that maybe they want to do, etc.

This is an important trait. You may not realize how important it is until later. But, being perceptive is an important part of being a classy woman in a relationship. 

22. Be Able to Work as a Team

This one goes along with being accommodating. When you are in a relationship, you are a team. You have to work together. This is part of being a classy woman in a relationship.

You are not just one person, you are a duo, a team. You have to be understanding, a good listener, open to suggestions, and understanding. It is not always about you all the time.

If they are upset, you have to listen and help them. You have to both decide what you want to do when you go out. You or your partner cannot always make every decision.

It has to be a mutual decision from time to time. A classy woman is a team player.

23. Do Not Overshare

When you are in a relationship, especially when you are first starting out, you will not want to overshare. A classy woman will not spill every detail about their life at first.

You have to get a read on your partner and what they are sharing. Use what details they share as a guide. Sometimes I have the tendency to be an open book and be willing to share anything with almost everyone.

However, I have to keep in mind, not everyone wants to hear everything. So, be careful when you are just starting a relationship.

As time goes on, you can share more information. If your partner starts sharing more, then you can as well. A classy woman is careful to overshare.

24. Keep the PDA Subtle

People either love or despise PDA. However, a classy woman in a relationship does not overdo the PDA. They know that the public is not the place to be overly affectionate.

They keep it to simple kisses or hugs and handle holding. They have boundaries that are set with their partner. You may not be opposed to PDA, but be sure to not overdo it.

So, keep that in mind when starting out your relationship. Have a discussion about how they feel about PDA and what they are comfortable with.

This is part of being accommodating and being a team. It combines multiple traits of being a classy woman. 

25. Celebrate Your Partner’s Achievements

Just like you celebrate your small achievements, a classy woman also celebrates her partner’s accomplishments. They do not have to have a large celebration, just a small acknowledgment of getting a new job or getting an A on a project.

You can buy his favorite dessert, watch his favorite movie, eat at his favorite restaurant, whatever he wants to do. You are just acknowledging that you are proud of him and his accomplishment.

This once again ties back to being a team. You celebrate your teammates’ accomplishments, so celebrate your partner’s wins, big or small. 

26. Make Eye Contact During Conversation

A classy woman knows the importance of eye contact. Whenever you are in conversation with your partner, it is important to keep the connection.

One way to do this is to keep eye contact during the conversation. However, this does not mean creepily staring at them while you are talking.

Look at him while he is talking to you and look at him while you are talking to him. This is something I have to make sure I am aware of, especially since I am going to be interviewing people as part of my future career.

So, this is a skill that has many different uses, but in a relationship, it is very important. It will show you care about what they are saying and it will improve your connection. So as a classy woman, remember eye contact. 

27. Value Trust, Respect and Sincerity

A classy woman knows that certain things need to be valued in a relationship. Three of the most important traits that need to be valued are trust, respect, and sincerity.

When you get into a relationship, it is important to have values that your partner also has.

A classy woman needs to be also to trust their partner, be respected and their partner needs to be sincere and honest with them. This also goes the other way. 

Your partner should trust you, be respected and you should be sincere and honest with them. If you both value trust, respect, and sincerity, then it sets a solid base for your relationship. 

28. Practice Patience

Patience is something that is important to have no matter the situation. Patience is important in friendships, family relationships, jobs, etc. Patience is a skill that I am definitely still working on.

While I am getting better at having patience, there are always situations where I could improve on my patience.

However, in a relationship, patience is vitally important. You have to be patient with your partner and they have to be patient with you. It helps build trust and understanding.

This is an important part of being a classy woman in a relationship. 

29. Understand Situations From Your Partner’s Perspective

This one goes along with having empathy. A classy woman is able to understand what their partner is going through. You can put yourself in their shoes.

If they are having a bad day, you can understand that. If they are angry, try to understand why.

You can understand their situation and are able to help them if they need help. A classy woman uses this skill to better understand her partner. They should also do the same.

They should be able to put themselves in your shoes and understand what you are going through. This will help improve the relationship and build trust. Which is another important aspect a classy woman needs in a relationship. 

30. Do Not Chase After Anyone

A classy woman doesn’t chase after anyone. A classy woman knows their worth and knows that they do not need to chase after someone. They let the person come to them.

They let it all happen naturally. Chasing after someone would force a relationship to happen unnaturally. While it may seem like something that is appealing and something you need to do, it is not the answer.

If something is meant to be, it will happen. A classy woman knows that and chooses to wait and not to force something to happen. So wait and if it is meant to happen, it will happen. 

31. Do Not Try to Change their Behavior

No one is perfect. That is a given. We all have bad habits and some things about us that are weird, and unusual. Usually, we do not recognize our flaws unless someone points them out.

That means, your partner probably has something that you think is weird or annoying. A classy woman does not try to change those traits unless it is dangerous or bad for the significant other. 

Other than that, a classy woman lets it be. You have to let them come to the realization of wanting to change on their own. It may be difficult, but a classy woman knows they can not force it. 

32. Set Boundaries for the Relationship

This one goes along with keeping the PDA subtle. When a classy woman first enters into a relationship, you have to set boundaries.

They may change as the relationship progresses, but when the relationship is new, you have to have boundaries set. What is it okay for them to share their opinions on, what kind of dates do you want to go on, etc. It is up to the two of you.

They may come naturally or you can have a discussion about it. But a classy woman knows that some boundaries may need to be set. So whether it is PDA or other relationship matter, a classy woman knows when to set boundaries. 

33. Do Not Get Jealous 

Sometimes without realizing it, you can get jealous easily. You may get jealous of someone’s clothes, job, relationship, etc. I know I can get jealous from time to time.

However, a classy woman knows that jealousy is a dangerous feeling. She knows she does not need to be jealous of every girl he talks to or of their friends or co-workers. A classy woman has trust in her partner and in their relationship. 

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Easy Ways to be a Classy Woman

34. Mind Your Posture

A classy woman knows the importance of having good posture. Whenever you are sitting in a chair, keep in mind how you are sitting. Do not slouch!

Not only is it bad posture, but it is also bad for your back. I am guilty of not paying attention to my posture when I am sitting and standing.

I am slouching or leaning over things. I know it is not good posture and bad for my back, but it is a habit that I am aiming to break. This is why if you want to be a classy woman, it is important to break the bad posture habit. It may be difficult at first, but you can do it. 

35. Know the Power of a Smile

A smile can say a thousand words. This is why a classy woman knows the importance and power of smiling. Of course, you do not have to smile all the time.

Sometimes you are having a really bad day, you are sad, angry, or frustrated and you could not even think about smiling.

A classy woman would not force a smile either. However, a classy woman smiles when she can. She also does not overdo it. She keeps it natural. A natural, genuine smile goes a long way. 

36. Watch What You Say

Sometimes, it can be easy to just let loose and say what is on your mind. You just say whatever comes to your mind without thinking about it. I can be guilty of this.

I get angry or excited and just let loose. However, a classy woman knows that sometimes that is not the way to go.

They watch what they say. They do not swear or say hurtful things out of anger. They do not exaggerate or tell lies. They think before they speak because they know their words can be powerful.

So, while it may be difficult and not an easy task, if you want to be a classy and sophisticated woman, start thinking before you speak. 

37. Do Not Spread Gossip 

This one goes along with watching what you say. A classy woman knows that spreading gossip is never the right thing to do. They do not spread lies about people or spread rumors that they hear from others.

I know, sometimes gossip can be fun. It can be interesting to hear what other people are saying about others and investigating if it is true. However, gossip can be hurtful and most times untrue.

So, if you want to be a classy woman, ignore the gossip that you get told. If someone tells you something, you do not add to it or spread it to others.

Trust me, I love gossip from time to time, but I know it can be dangerous. So, be a class woman and put an end to the gossip. 

38. Do Things for Others

Another way you can be a classy woman is to do things for others. A classy woman enjoys helping others out because they want to, not because they have to.

They do things without being asked because they know it’ll help others. They are unconditionally supportive when a friend needs them. 

I try to do this from time to time. I pick up something a friend needs from a store or pick up food if they have had a long day. I wash my roommate’s dish in the sink, etc.

They do not need to be big things. A small thing goes a long way. So be a classy woman, or even a good friend, and do something nice for someone.

39. Listen to Others in Conversations

To be a classy woman, you need to know the importance of listening to others in conversation. You need to be an active listener.

What someone is saying may be important. They may ask you a question and you do not want to be caught off guard.

It is rude to not be listening to others when you are having a conversation. You would not like it if someone did that to you.

I know it can be easy after a long day to tune someone out, but that is not what a classy woman does. So, get in the habit of being an active listener. 

40. Mind Your Manners

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to be a classy woman, you have to mind your manners. All the manners you learned growing up are still just as important.

You have to say please, thank you and excuse me. Do not put your elbows on the table when you are eating.

Hold the door open for others, cover your mouth and nose when you sneeze and cough. Of course, do not chew with your mouth open. Any manners that you could think of are important to keep in mind when you are a classy woman.

It can be a lot to keep in mind at first. However, just like most things, practice makes perfect and with time it’ll all become natural. 

41. Be Responsible 

This goes with being punctual, keeping your word, valuing trust in a relationship, etc. If you want to be a classy woman, you have to be responsible.

You have to be able to pay any bills you have, get homework for classes done, help friends when needed, etc.

It can be a lot of pressure when you first think about it. However, some aspects are already things you do naturally. If you want to be a classy woman, you just have to pay more attention to how you are perceived.

Would someone call you responsible? If not, think about what you can do to improve and be thought of as responsible. 

42. Give Sincere Compliments

When you are interacting with people, sometimes you notice something you admire and want to give them an earnest compliment. A classy woman knows this can make someone’s day and knows it has to be sincere.

The compliment should not sound forced, fake, or generic. The tone of voice and words you use should give off sincerity. If you do not mean what you say, then you should not say it.

When I give a compliment, I make sure they understand that I mean what I am saying. So, if you want to be a classy woman, pick your compliments wisely and carefully. 

43. Have a Sense of Right and Wrong

Knowing the difference between right and wrong is something we learn as a child. But, a classy woman always keeps the difference between right and wrong in the back of her mind.

She knows what she should do, like help others and maintain manners. She also knows what she should not do, like spread gossip and chew with her mouth open.

Those are all simple things, but when faced with difficult choices, she uses these guides to help make those decisions. 

44. Know When to Disconnect from Technology

Technology embodies our lives. We are constantly attached to our phones, laptops, tablets, TVs, computers, video games, etc.

New technology is constantly invented and put out into the world, which only furthers reliance on technology. This is why a classy woman knows when to disconnect from technology.

She can put her phone down, turn off her laptop and just be in the moment. She can have a conversation without checking her phone, she can read a book, play a board game, just be present.

Trust me, as someone who uses technology for school and work and just for fun, I know it can be difficult. But it feels good to just unplug. This is why this is a trait of a classy woman. 

45. Be Adaptable When Needed

Again, like many of the traits on this list, this one ties in with several other traits of being a classy woman. Which only furthers the point that being a classy woman is not just one thing, it is several aspects of your life.

This one is similar to being accommodating in a relationship, being a team, and not trying to change people. Sometimes, it can be easy to get stuck in our ways or set on how things should be done.

However, sometimes things happen unexpectedly. Trust me, many things in my life have gone the opposite of how I have planned. However, if you are going to be a classy woman, you have to be able to adapt to change.

Maybe push dinner back or move a meeting to a different day. Whatever it is, adaptability is key. 

46. Accept Compliments With Great Gratitude

Just as a classy woman gives sincere compliments, you have to accept them with sincerity and gratitude.

When paid a compliment, you have to assume they genuinely mean what they are saying, so you have to mean it when you accept the compliment.

Your response should show your appreciation for the compliment. The compliment may catch you off guard. However, do not let your response give that off. It may be a simple thank you, but it should be a sincere thank you.

Not just an “oh thank you”, it needs to be meaningful. That is what a classy woman does. 

47. Respect your Elders

This should be another obvious one. A classy woman knows how important her elders are and how they deserve to be respected. They should learn from their experiences and stories.

They should talk to them and hear what they have to say often. They are people who should be looked up to and not ignored. They may be your parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, co-workers, neighbors, family, friends.

Whoever it is, cherish the time you have with them. Take an opportunity to spend time with them. Write down their stories and advice. It can be useful in the future.

A classy woman knows this importance and does not take it for granted. She appreciates and respects what they have to say. 

48. Never Show Up Empty-Handed to an Event

A classy woman knows that when they are invited to an event they do not show up empty-handed. They know to bring a dessert, drink, appetizer, flowers, something for the host or hostess.

It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just something to show their gratitude for their invitation.

A classy woman would view it as her being rude if she did not show up with something. If I were invited to a party I may offer to bring something or bring something anyway.

Unless they are told to not bring anything specifically, they always show up with something in their hands. This small gesture goes a long way in the eyes of a classy woman. 

49. Watch Your Body Language

 Many people do not realize how their body language can say a lot of different things. A classy woman knows to pay attention to her body language.

If your arms are crossed, it may give off a sign that you are closed off. Your face may look angry, even if you are not.

If you are looking at your nails, you may appear bored. I know I am guilty of not paying attention to what my body language says. So, if you want to be a classy woman, you have to be aware of what your body is doing.

Make sure it is true to how you are feeling. 

50. Stay Humble

No one likes someone who is a brag or a show-off. This is why a classy woman knows how to remain humble. She does not brag about her accomplishments, vacations, or what she bought.

She does not post on social media about everything she gets to do or has done. She keeps it to herself and maybe shares it with close friends or family unless she is asked about it specifically.

I know, I do not appreciate when people are trying to impress everyone with what they do. It can be annoying and come off as rude.

This is why classy women try to remain humble and work toward their next goal. They know they are not perfect and there is always room for improvement. 

Final Thoughts on How to be a Classy Woman

As you can see, many of the traits of a classy woman overlap with one another. Elegance and sophistication are not linear. They are traits that you have to keep in the back of your mind at all times.

It is something you are constantly working on and trying to improve on. While it may seem overwhelming and difficult, I hope this list helps get you started off in the right direction. 





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