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150 Ways Being a Well-Dressed Woman Will Change Your Life

Are you wondering what are the benefits of being a well-dressed woman? We got answers for you. Check out these 150 ways of how being a well dressed woman will change your life forever!

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Let’s be real, wearing sweats and comfy socks every day is awesome. Like, if I could, I would have it in my will to be buried in hot pink joggers and hoodies.

Living your life (and afterlife) in sweats is so tempting, and with the pandemic, this lifestyle stuck even more.

However, now that restrictions are lifting and you have to see people and go out again, you can’t go in sweats.

As my mom says, you always have to be a well-dressed woman when you go out because you never know who you will bump into. It could be the gossipy friend of your mom, or your ex with her bright shiny girlfriend.

Dressed women rule the world. When have you seen a CEO wear sweats? Or even royalty?

I mean, Queen Elizabeth is one of the most influential people on the planet, and at her age, I would not be bothered to be dressed up like her. However, I have never seen a photo of the queen without makeup or those funky hats; she always looks royal as ever.

Now, I am not saying that with sweats you don’t feel powerful and great. I am a huge believer that even if you wear the most figureless outfit on the planet and you have the confidence of a skyscraper, you will rock that outfit.

However, we are women, and we like to take care of ourselves. Wearing a great outfit will make you feel like a queen, even if you are not going anywhere.

If you need more convincing to put on that fancy outfit you have at the back of the closet and convert to the bright side of being a wickedly well-dressed woman, here are a few ways to get you going!

Check out these ways being a well-dressed woman will change your life!

In this post:

Lifestyle Changes

1. Couch Potato 2.0

Everyone will look at you differently. Everyone will check you out — women and men equally. You will no longer look like a couch potato, but the couch potato 2.0.

2. Varied Wardrobe

To look the part, you have to buy going-out clothes. It is, unfortunately, time to get rid of your freshman year sweats.

3. Eat Balanced

Now, we do not mean to eat minimal portion sizes or restricting foods. We want you to put some good food into your body that makes you feel the best and that gives you that glowy skin.

4. Work Out

Exercise is essential for health in general, and after a good workout, you will feel good. And putting on a great outfit afterward with some makeup will make you feel all put together.

5. Life Benefits

Let’s face the music; to live a great life we have to have some balance and make things right.

So if you want to be the cool mom or the cool aunt that will potentially be the great-grandma, you have to find your style now.

6. Find You

When you get out of the sweats, you get to explore with your clothes what you like and what makes you plain uncomfortable.

So get off of Instagram and go on a big fat shopping spree. Find what makes you feel like a star.

7. Awkwardness To Awesomeness

Trying new styles and what’s hot is plain scary because you do not know how it will look on you. My biggest advice is try going from the most awkward style to the one that you like the most.

8. The Path To Makeup

I do not wear makeup. I just feel uncomfortable in it, and I do not have the patience for it.

However, when I have to go out, I have found that doing a makeup look that enhances your most unique features is the way to go, and you will feel natural but flawless.

9. Shoes Everywhere

Shoes are fantastic. I think shoes dress up an outfit very well and give it a certain spice. Just make sure your shoes are appropriate for where you are going and pull the outfit together.

10. Jewelry Queen

As Elizabeth Taylor said, “Big girls need big diamonds.”

When you dress up an outfit with rings, necklaces, earrings, or bracelets, it gives it a certain look that will make you feel like a queen. We recommend starting your collection now.

11. The Hair

A woman in a pink dress wearing a face mask


This is your sign to take more care of your hair now and brush it once in a while. Plus, you get to experiment with different hairstyles!

12. Life in Pink

When you increase your wardrobe, you start getting more excited about what you are going to wear next, which makes life a bit more fun. It gets you planning on what to wear and being curious about yourself.

13. Reassess Your Current Style

It’s time to give away clothes you have been wearing since you were 14. Get on track with who you are right now, and make some sensible fashion choices to be you.

14. Fashion Is Fun

Many people have forgotten that what you wear can change, and it’s fun to dress up sometimes. So put on that outfit you have been saying you do not have anywhere to wear, and rock it!

15. Quality Over Quantity

Being a dressed woman does not mean buying clothes that are cheap and bad quality, or expensive and will cost you half your paycheck.

For sustainability purposes, we recommend you buy from online thrift shops or your local shops.

16. Excited To Be Out

I am your local introvert. However, even for me, dressing up and having a bit of fun with my friends outside of my house is something that makes me feel excited to dress up.

17. Read More

Finding a style is a research project. We recommend you find people that inspire you to wear different clothes, watch vlogs, fill your Instagram feed with fashion inspo, and read about the current fashion trends.

18. Follow the Seasons

No more wearing what is for fall in the spring. Research what’s in style for each season, and get excited to wear new outfits!

19. Be Unapologetically Brave

Like Katy Perry, don’t be afraid to let people hear you roar. Wear outfits that make you feel like a goddess. Remember, you get one life, and you can’t base it on the likes and the comments that you get.

20. Be Prepared

When you are well-dressed, you will never feel out of place. So prepare to never feel under or overdressed. If you dress with confidence, the people around you will be the ones feeling out of place.

21. Don’t Be Taken by Surprise

When you go out, no one will be seeing you in your old ratty sweats.

Instead, when you go grocery shopping and you find your ex or your boss or even your noisy aunt, no one will be able to process the fashion icon they have stumbled upon.

22.  Follow Fashion Influencers

Influencers are a great way to get you out of the “I don’t know what to wear” dilemma.

One influencer that we recommend is Emma Chamberlain. She will truly make you get out of your comfort zone.

23.  One word — Hygiene

To get out of the pandemic funk, you have to make serious changes, like brushing your teeth and showering more often.

Buy some charcoal toothpaste and some nice-smelling body wash. You have to scrub yourself out until you become a new woman.

24. Smell To Impress

Perfume is going to become your best friend. When you smell good, everyone will sense that you got your stuff together and will ask you what you are using. So please, do your research about which perfumes last longer and find some good smelling ones.

25. Skincare

When we talk about skincare, we are not only talking about the face, but the skin of the rest of your body.

That is why we beg you to invest in a good hydrating body butter, a scrub that will get all the nasty stuff out, and a serum that will make your face feel like a baby’s butt.

26. Get Cookin’, Good Lookin’

When you are on the first steps of getting your stuff together, you truly have to venture out to improve. That’s why we recommend trying new and easy recipes that will get your creative juices sizzlin’.

27.  Detail and More Details!

If you want to achieve being as well dressed as the Duchess of Cambridge, you have to keep an eye on everything you wear. Little details can attract the attention of people and will leave you feeling fantastic.

28. Variety Is the New Black

Start by exploring colors you have never thought to wear! You don’t have to wear the same range of clothes every day. Start by mixing pantsuits, blazers, and dresses. We guarantee you’ll have fun.

29. Discipline Is key

As much as we love spending every paycheck on clothes, it is important to be conscious of money.

Try spending your money on clothes that are going to last until you get wrinkly, and plan your outfits around what you have.

30. Get Stuff Done

When you get out of your sweats and wear your power outfit, you feel like Wonder Woman.

That is why we recommend that you get up in the morning, take a cold shower, avoid the sweats, and wear that outfit you were saving for a night out.

31.  Aesthetically Pleasing

Aesthetics are the new rage of this year, and there are so many that one or more will match your personality.

Try colors and outfits that match your aesthetic, and try to match the things that belong to you.

32. Equal Ground

Wondering why your partner gets all the looks and you constantly feel underdressed? Well, being well-dressed can be the solution for you.

Try making an effort with your appearance. Have a variety of clothes, so you can have a bit of the spotlight.

33. Hot Girl Summer

This trend is the right motivator to start your change now. Every hot girl owns her ground and wears the right outfits to impress the ones around her, so start preparing for hot girl summer!

34. Distractions Are Key To Nerves

Whenever you are stressed or anxious for any kind of event, distracting yourself with makeup and getting ready will take your mind off the nerves.

So if you have an exam or an interview, just leave your notes and your nerves, and pick up your makeup or your fashion inspo and start your makeover.

35. Do It Now

There is always a tomorrow, but why wait? Start following your favorite celebrities and looking through shops. Remember, you have to wake up everyday and continue with your day, so why not do it in a very fashionable way?

36. Sweat Not Sweat

Every human sweats, and maybe the reason why you don’t dress well is because of the heat.

That is why planning your outfits will come in handy. You can plan for every type of weather and buy the clothes necessary for it.

37. Let the Gains Begin

What other factors can you gain from dressing well? Maybe your coworkers will respect you more, or your mom will stop sending you on blind dates.

Remember that to gain something, you have to lose something.

38. Clubs and Activities

You have to think about what’s outside of your non-working hours. Do you have a hummus club you have to dress special for? Or maybe you walk your dog and you want to dress well for that boy next door to finally notice you.

39. Look Nice and Comfortable

Stop wearing your older brother’s old sweatshirt everywhere. Sometimes, we have to dress nice, so stop trying to make it work. We know it’s comfortable, but we bet that a flowy dress is even more comfortable.

40. Functional Over Fashionable

So maybe you have a profession that requires you to wear an old plain uniform every day. Try spicing it up; wear wacky shoes with it, or wear a perfume that makes it special.

41. Push but Don’t Run

It might sound scary going out with a new style you have not had time to be comfortable in.

That’s why we recommend you wear it everywhere. Going to the store? Wear it. Watching movies on the couch? Wear it.

42. Channel Your Inner Gloria

When in doubt, remember how your role model or a character in a movie that is always dressed to impress does it — like Gloria from Modern Family.

You have to admit that she is the queen of always being in heels.

43. Unbalanced To Steady

Your closet might be a hurricane right now, and you may not keep your new style the first couple of days. However, habits can be made, so try, and don’t give up!

44. Don’t Be Swayed

There is tons of fashion advice out there on what you should wear and what fits best. However, you have your own mind, so we recommend you maintain critical thinking, and be aware of what you feel best in.

45. Open Mind

Life is known to throw curveballs, and it might affect the plans that you had from the beginning.

That is why we recommend that if you lose or win something, do not panic, and always be aware that you can build a new plan.

46. The Painful Truth

Unfortunately, if you are like me, you get very excited when another person wears clothes that fit like a glove, but you turn into a potato when you put the same clothes on.

So if a piece of clothing just does not fit, stop trying. Mourn the loss, and keep going.

47. Basics Are the Bomb

A plain old white shirt or a pair of jeans can be styled in a lot of different ways, from casual to business.

That is why the first step on your list is to buy the basics that fit in every outfit.

48. Skirts, a Love-Hate Relationship

I don’t like skirts, and I am proud of myself for that fact. However, I can admit wearing a skirt is kind of freeing and can be practical, so I invite you to try them out!

49. Don’t Throw Away Anything You’ll Regret

Before you throw anything away, look at what fits and what doesn’t. This way, you won’t throw away anything you’ll regret later.

We personally recommend trying on every single piece of clothing and jewelry you have, so you can have a recent opinion.

50. Are you Ready?

Your answer right now should be positive, because you read this for a reason, and it is time. So do it!

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Confidence Boosts

51. Get Those Killer Heels Out

Now that you know how to dress well, let me tell you what will happen when you do.

Even if you are not the most confident person in the world, when you feel good with what you wear, you’ll truly feel that you can take on the world. So get that killer dress and those heels and be the queen!

52. Who I Wanna Be

Now that you found your style, you need to rock it! Go with your gut, take millions of photos for your Instagram, and take to the town with your girlfriends.

53. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Every girl has a group of besties, and they’ll notice the change in you. So be prepared to answer a million questions per hour, and be yourself when giving an answer.

54. Don’t Stand Still and Watch Life Fly By

Make the most of your new outfits. Now that you have a plan, go out and brag to the world. Be the diva you always wanted to be.

55. Don’t Lose Focus

Keep the plan you made, and reserve the sweats only for days in. Remember that you made all this progress, so don’t lose it.

56. It Gives You Value

Don’t get me wrong; I bet you’re beautiful in a dress or sweats. However, it is great to flaunt what you have, and it is great to dress up once in a while to build up your self-confidence.

57. Take and Give

I just want to clarify that I do not mean to steal ideas from others. If a friend of yours is interested in a top you have, and you are interested in some jewelry she has, exchange ideas and share where your inspo is coming from!

58. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Being well-dressed means putting together a bomb outfit that will make you feel empowered and will make everyone take notice.

So if a random stranger asks you about your outfit, don’t be shy; talk to her. Maybe you’ll learn something from her.

59. Tinder, Here I Come

Now that you’re Wonder Woman, if you are interested, explore your sensuality. Put together outfits that will make you feel comfortable and will let whatever crush you have finally take notice of you.

60. Wear What’s Right for You

Every stylist will tell you that being well-dressed means getting your clothes tailored, and some women love the tailored look.

However, if you’re like me and you stick with the oversized, you can look fashionable too, so don’t forget to wear what feels the most like you.

61. The Way I Make Myself Feel

Appearances are not important, and you shouldn’t care about them.

However, there are studies that link confidence directly to appearance, so get out of your bed, pick up that dress you planned. and go steal some hearts!

62.  It’s Time To Wake Up

Have you felt you have been in a slump since the pandemic started, and you don’t feel like yourself anymore? Being well-dressed will wake you up.

Now that restrictions have been lifted, it is time to show the world who runs the world and recover your old self from that moat you put her in.

63. Don’t Slip Up That Mask

In your mind, do you always associate CEOs in suits? That’s because we were taught since we were little that whoever has the power will have the most expensive suit on.

However, in these times when stereotypes are being broken, it is time to wear what we like and show the world that our importance comes from within.

64. But Still, Plan a Power Suit

As I said, you don’t have to wear what everyone is wearing.

Nevertheless, if you feel comfortable following a certain trend, you can still wear it and give it a little touch with what you like.

65. Wear It Like You Mean It

Your outfit can show that you have all the power in the world, and that you are the boss. However, if your confidence is lacking, or you are just plain uncomfortable, you won’t feel like you can make it.

So compliment yourself in the mirror. You can’t go wrong with a little pep talk.

66. Shine Like the Star You Are

It’s time to own who you are. Accept that you can work with what you have.

Being well-dressed in an outfit that you like will help you show the world who you are.

67. It isn’t Your Fault

Look, if someone is bothered by you, it is their problem.

You can hear their comments and can receive a few suggestions. But always be aware that whatever works for you is what works.

68. It’s Not Your Responsibility

Again, you are not responsible for the opinions of others. So don’t let anyone get hold of what you like. Show them you do not need their help to be fabulous.

69. All Eyes Will Be on You

Everyone near you will notice the changes in you. So don’t be surprised by the intrusive questions and other attitudes about your outfits. Let them stare at you.

70. Women Support Other Women

Now, I do not mean other genders will not be supportive. But all women are born with certain feminism that makes us the biggest fans of each other, because we all understand where we are coming from.

71. Don’t Be Afraid To Wear Masculine Outfits

If you feel certain styles tend to be masculine, don’t worry! Your femininity will show itself. Be confident enough to pull it off.

72. Don’t be toxic

Having too much confidence can drift toward narcissism. So please don’t fall into drama or criticize others as they’re doing to you. Instead, be the one that always has something nice to say.

73. Spread Positivity

The world is unnecessarily negative. Now, with the cancellation of culture and the hype of social media, everyone has an opinion, which is why we recommend that if you have any influence on others, spread ideas that will help.

Don’t cause damage, but instead help others build confidence too!

74. Run From Toxicity

If you feel the ideas or the people around you are toxic. run away as fast as you can. Surround yourself with people that value your ideas and what you wear. If necessary, block any kind of toxic ideas.

75. Let It Go

It is not necessary to get rid of the old you, or in this case, you in your old clothes.

We just want you to embrace a new version of yourself. That way, you feel that you can run the show. Let go of the fear of getting into old habits, and just practice consistency.

76. It’s All About You

The reason why you are dressing well is because you want to feel more empowered and because it’s time for a change.

So remember, you have everything you need, and you do not need others for you to find yourself.

77. Blend Into the Weather

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to dress according to the daily climate. You can avoid unnecessary pain in your life, and you can feel cool in whatever you wear.

78. Think of the Occasion

There is an outfit for every occasion. It can be fun to feel a bit extra, but trust me, it is also important that the event matters to you. Bring out the big guns that are appropriate for the occasion.

79. Fake It Till You Make It

No one is born confident. So if you want to wear outfits you have never worn before, pretend you are the only main character that has that outfit and wear it like Sharpay Evans.

80. Beware the Broken Necks

Being well-dressed will, unfortunately, come with a trail of broken hearts. In a power outfit and bomb makeup, you will be a walking sign of danger.

81. Keep Pushing It

A well-dressed woman means consistency, which is why each time you go out, make sure you look as presentable as Queen Elizabeth, with the elegance of a puma.

82. Commit To the Cause

Take care of yourself, do spa days, and eat good food. Every single aspect of your life will shine through if you want it bad enough.

83. Your Expectations Are Not Too High

Stick to who you are and do not change yourself. If what you want is attainable, just do it and stop thinking.

84. Do It at Your Own Rhythm

If you don’t accomplish it tomorrow, you are not a failure. Transitioning to being well-dressed will take time to get used to, so don’t rush perfection.

85. Be the Best You and Show It

No one is like you; I know it sounds cliche, but it is the truth.

Remember that your confidence is not going to be built up in one day, but by dressing yourself up, you have a way to make it to the top.

86. When in Doubt, Smile

Your most powerful weapon will be, no matter what, a smile on your face. Even if being well-dressed is not your thing, you can camouflage what you feel with a smile. People will no doubt look at you twice.

87. Point of View

Our brains have associated certain clothing pieces with certain impressions.

As much as we recommend changing the way you dress to fit a stereotype, it is important to remember that certain clothing pieces have a place and time.

88. The Other Side of You

Dress how you would like to be, wear it as you have it, and remember that if you are nervous to explore this side of you, don’t be. Rock it.

If Miley Cyrus rocked it with Hannah Montana, you can too.

89. Visualize Yourself in That Position

Do you want to be promoted? Maybe you want people in your office to take you more seriously. Start by showing them you can dress the part.

Trust me, if you start dressing up well, people will think you have it together.

90. The Age Dilemma

Are you afraid to wear clothes because you feel they were only designed for younger ages? Or vice versa?

If this is what you are thinking, please throw this perception through the window. Age shouldn’t determine if wearing a skirt is appropriate or not. If you want to wear a certain outfit, don’t be afraid to do it.

91. What Do You Want To Say?

Think of an outfit as a nonverbal way of communicating who you are to the world.

If you are going to a job interview, would you like to communicate that you want the job, or that you just rolled out of bed?

92. Organized Life = Organized Mind

If you did not know, organization plays a huge role in a well-dressed woman.

Why? If her mind is organized, she won’t doubt herself and can face whatever the world throws at her. So clean your life up and start prioritizing what’s important.

93. You Are a Ghost

This could be the case with your new style, and no one will notice. Maybe the ones nearest you will notice, but most people won’t turn their heads when you pass them.

This is why you don’t need to worry about the people that are going to notice. Probably only your nearest acquaintances will notice.

94. Don’t Fill Yourself With Lies

You can wear everything you want. Don’t fill your head with negativity that could come with making a change.

Instead, calm your mind, and breathe. Put on the outfit you planned to wear and go out without a second thought.

95. Let Them See

If people have eyes on you because of your fantastic style, show it off. Be the person that wears it with pride, and even if it’s not in season, or it just does not fit, let them look all they want. Keep going with your day.

96. Go at Your Own Pace

Are you having second thoughts? Worrying about whether it will take time or money? Don’t worry.

Go at your own pace. Start when you are having a good day, and save up or go thrift shopping.

97. Let the World See Your Fire

You are special, and there is nothing wrong with showing the world.

Show that spice you bring to your life, and don’t be afraid to make risky decisions with your outfits.

98. Flatter Yourself

You are your own cheerleader. If you are doubting an outfit or don’t like the way you look in your clothes, look in the mirror and start complimenting yourself.

99. The Cut

Wear designs that highlight your special features. Long neck? Wear a crew neck, Tan skin tone? Wear colors that pop, like red or white.

There are clothes for every feature and will make you special.

100. Babe, You’re Worth It

You deserve to feel good again, so do not hesitate because of your insecurities. Instead, remember that everyone has them, and it should not stop you from wearing that outfit you keep putting off.

You are your own worst enemy, and it is time to stop it.

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Social Life Benefits

101. Love Is in the Air

Being well-dressed will bring attention, which can be beneficial for you. If you want someone special to notice you, this is a great way to get started.

102. Don’t Waste Your Time

Some people in your life matter more than others. However, for some reason, it is more hurtful if a stranger gives you an unwanted opinion.

Remember, when this happens, what’s more important is your opinion, and sometimes the opinions of the ones you love.

103. Seek Advice From Strangers

Sometimes, the opinion is needed. And if you want the truth that could hurt, it’s better to ask a stranger. They won’t be biased and will tell you exactly as it is.

104. Don’t Give Up

If you go out, and a certain piece of clothing does not look as you expected it, ignore it.

What’s important is your confidence. Pretend to the world that you have everything under control.

105. Expectations Versus Reality

People judge by the cover, which is why they sometimes make assumptions about the way you dress.

Let them think whatever they want, and if you really care, raise your chin, look them in the eye, and then ignore them.

106. Keep Going

It does not matter if you hide, because opinions come 24/7. It does not matter is you dress well or not, you have to remember we are opinionated creatures.

Don’t take it as an offense. Be polite, and thank them if necessary — but then keep going with your day.

107. Draw Lines

If people are really pushing your limits and being nosy about the way you dress, do the following.

Remember you have a power suit, tell them what’s not OK, and walk away.

108. Culture and Style

The culture we have, often influences how we style things. So don’t be afraid to show the pieces that are proper from your culture, and be proud you are that way.

109. The Story of You

Where we come from and how we were raised affects how we do things — like how your mom dressed you up or what is traditional in your society will influence how you dress now.

Don’t be afraid, and be happy to show it to the world!

110. Shopping Time

Honestly, I hate shopping, but it is fun going shopping with friends or family. Treat it as a bonding activity where you can also have a second opinion on the pieces that you buy.

111. Motivation Between Besties

Like working out together, challenging a friend of yours to dress well can spark that competitive side of yours.

Lay into each other — share your strengths and worries and be each other’s main motivator to keep going.

112. Dress How You Want To Be Treated

Treat others how you would like to be treated. As a form of nonverbal communication, you can dress how you want to be treated. Convey to others what you are trying to say.

113. Prepare for the Unexpected

Keep a change of clothes in your car for emergencies. As much as you love your power suit, you also have to plan an emergency outfit that will have you prepared for unexpected accidents.

114. Is It Time To Go Out?

I am an introvert. However, when I want to go out, I polish myself and pick a power suit that will convey that I always look fantastic and that will make me feel beautiful.

115. Benefit Your Mental Health

Planning outfits and knowing how they look on you helps with the anxiety of what others might think.

This will save you the headspace to worry about more important things, and it will distract you from the stress of the situation.

116. Independence

Being a strong, independent woman can be hard to convey when you are small or you don’t have exotic features. That is why I try my best to dress like I am eight feet tall and have the exotic features of a Disney princess.

117. Dress To Impress

When I want to impress my ex or that boss that fired me, I dress as if I am Ms. Smith. That way, I convey an air of mysteriousness and sophistication that will tell them I am better off without them.

118. Be Unique

Have you been told everyone is unique? But you don’t know what is unique about you?

I will tell you a secret. You probably haven’t noticed it, but the people around you have actually noticed what’s special about you. So don’t try, and just do you.

119. The Little Details of You

Everyone has that something they do that works for them — a makeup trick or a special accessory. It tells everyone around you that, although you are well-dressed now, you are still you.

120. Don’t Be Embarrassed

If I’m being honest, I don’t get embarrassed like I did when I was younger. Why? Because I already experienced all the situations you would be embarrassed about.

Let me tell you something — to get rid of the embarrassment, you have to get out of your shell; don’t think and just get out.

121. You Have the Control

Life can be crazy sometimes, and a way to get back the control you lost is to take care of yourself.

Even a little thing like getting out of your sweats will do wonders for how you see yourself.

122. Put Yourself Out There

Get out of that limit that you put yourself in or that others put you in.

Break the stereotype that has been put on you, and show other people you are other things too.

123. The Benefit of the Doubt

When you dress well, others give you the benefit of the doubt. They won’t judge you right away like they would in your old ratty shirt. They’ll actually stop and give you a look.

124. Iron Must Be in Your Blood

Iron clothes must be the first thing your parents teach you. I can’t tell you enough how much of a difference it makes when I go out and others can see my clothes are as good as silk.

125. Don’t Try Too Hard

Don’t fit into clothes that don’t fit your personality. If a shirt or a dress just does not go with how comfortable you are, forget it.

126. Practice Your Swag

The way you walk is important. Have you noticed important people have a certain swagger when they present themselves?

They know they work the outfit they have, and they do not have a problem showing it.

127. Avoid Accidents

I am an accident-prone person. I can spill coffee on my clothes, make a hole in my shoes and have something sticky in my hair in just one day.

But I have noticed that when I put effort into myself, I don’t want to ruin my hard work. I actually pay attention to what I do.

128. Love Yourself

Treat yourself like you are someone you love. Treat yourself like you are your own best friend.

Think of it this way — you never want your best friend to feel uncomfortable with what she wears. You want her to love what she buys.

129. Presentation Card

My mom says that each time you go out, you’re your own presentation card. You don’t need a fancy name to advertise yourself; you just have to bring the right attitude with the perfect outfit to the table.

130. Polish Like You Love It

Polish your shoes! It will make so much difference on how they look, and for some reason, people do look at your shoes. So polish it baby, and always be prepared to evade puddles.

131. It Shows Respect

Being well-dressed is a form of manners. It shows the people you meet that they’re that important that you dress up for them.

132. Be the Peacock in a Room Full Of Chickens

Peacocks are known for how they strut, with elegant and flamboyant wings. So be that elegant bird and show the chickens how to do it.

133. Dress Smart

Do not wear an outfit if it doesn’t work with the environment you are in. Think things through. Preferably, work with clothes that cause less stress and also work with the environment.

134. It’s Like Halloween, but Everyday

Think of it as Halloween when you have to dress well. If you can be a zombie for Halloween night, why can’t you allow yourself to be well-dressed just for a couple of hours?

135. Add Beauty To Your Reality

When life is dull, maybe wearing a flamboyant dress or funky shoes that show your personality can be a way to add a little spice to it.

136. Let Creativity Shine Through

Creativity is not extinct; we just ignore it with the monotone routines of our life.

Allow that creativity to shine through your boring clothes, and be creative with what you wear.

137. Be Selfless, Not Vain

You are not narcissistic if you admit you look nice and you want others to notice.

You dress well, and you want people around you to finally look at that cover and be impressed with what you can pull off.

138. Get Free Stuff!

For some reason, being well-dressed can give you certain privileges. Because I assume people think you are a high-profile person, so they have to impress you by giving you things. For free!

139. It Will Bring You Self-Respect

Being well-dressed gives you that sense of contentment. When you feel you’re doing everything right, it allows you to be happy with who you are. It is that feeling that makes you feel you are worth it.

140. The World Will Feel Your Vibe

Your outfit will be the new, shiny thing that brings joy to the world. We are visual creatures, and we like to look at beautiful things. If you feel as beautiful as you are, the world around you will feel your vibe and will respect it.

141. Get Compliments and Boost Your Confidence

When I receive compliments, I can admit it boosts my confidence. Getting compliments is kind of cool.

It’s not vain or narcissistic; it’s just a response that we have from many years of evolution that helps us feel good about ourselves.

142. It’s a Form of Self-Expression

An outfit can convey what you can’t put into words. It can tell the world what your ideas are and what your likes and dislikes are.

143. Improve Your Mood

When you’re stressed, distract yourself by trying on clothes with your friend or making a fashion runway for your parents.

Plan your outfits and notice what works and what does not work.

144. Take Tons of Photos

Social media can’t harm you if you don’t let it. That is why taking photos is fun; they are memories that are not defined by others, and that truly can be very amusing.

145. Follow the Dress Code

I have heard too many times of friends who weren’t allowed to enter clubs or even museums because of the way they dress. So take a look at the dress code of certain places, and dress accordingly.

146. Ditch the Glamour, Bring in the Confidence

Fashion is all about glamour and what the clothes expect the person to be.

However, fashion would not be a multi-million dollar business if it wasn’t for the humans behind the clothes.

147. Manifest Your Goals

If you have certain goals, it is time to subtly show what those goals are. You never know the kind of opportunities that will happen when people know you are interested.

148. Dress and Address

Your outfit does not make you; you make the outfit sparkle. Wear it like your second skin, and show those around you who you are.

149. Your Own Brand

People will remember you from what you wear to certain moments. So be memorable by dressing well. And it does not hurt to add a little accessory that only you will wear.

150. Be well-dressed Because You Want To Be

Be the Gloria you always wanted to be, and convey who you are to others in a confident, hot kinda way.

That’s a wrap, my friends. This article was all about dressed women.



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