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30+ Fun Hobbies For Women In Their 20s

You are in your 20s and stressed because of your new life. How about have some hobbies? it would help reduce your stress. Here are 30+ fun hobbies for you.

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As women start their terrific 20s and begin to fully enter the workforce, finding time and space just for themselves becomes an increasingly difficult problem.

Whether it’s rushing to your next appointment or picking out gifts for your best friend’s wedding, the world only feels like it’s spinning faster and faster.

That’s why it’s time to settle down and focus on yourself for once. For women in their 20s, it’s ever more important to practice self-care in order to maintain a constant zest for life.

Hobbies, particularly, offer a unique avenue through which you can channel your emotions healthily.

Don’t just listen to me! According to a study, “people with hobbies are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression”.

Additionally, researchers found that “being engaged in more reading and hobby activities and spending more time each week doing hobbies is associated with a lower subsequent risk of incident dementia”.

With that in mind, finding and actively participating in hobbies for women in their 20s feels more and more of a necessity, not only to regulate stress but also for other various health reasons as well!

That said, I’ve created an expansive list, in no particular order, of 30 fun hobbies for women in their 20s, just for you! Feel free to peruse them, and if anything catches your eye, push yourself a little to go out and try it!

You just might learn something new about yourself and have fun doing it too.


1. Scrapbooking

For some, scrapbooking is an art. For others, it’s another way to keep and store your memories in a tangible place.

If you’re looking for a creative hobby for women in their 20s who love old photos and other memorabilia, scrapbooking is for you! Scrapbooking, if you break down the words, is literally taking “scraps” and putting them into a book, typically a hardcover with blank pages.

Some people enjoy taking old restaurant receipts or plane tickets and rearranging them in a way that emphasizes the nostalgia.

You can also add other elements, such as journaling sections, washi tape, or drawings, to spruce up your scrapbook of memories!

This is what you need to start scrapbooking today.


2. Photography

Do you have an eye for beauty? Try photography! I know, in the age of Instagram and Snapchat, you might feel a little inadequate to take up a hobby that thousands of others do for a living.

If you put some personal time and effort into it, however, you might unearth a love for snapping the best, aesthetically pleasing aesthetic shots.

You can just start with your phone, since most smartphones have amazing built-in cameras already, and slowly upgrade to buying an actual camera in the future!


3. Calligraphy

Have you been told in the past that you have beautiful handwriting? Did you or do you enjoy writing in cursive? Even if you don’t, calligraphy is a great way to practice your handwriting in a more artistic, decorative way.

You can easily buy calligraphy brushes or pens online or in nearby craft stores, and some places even offer lessons!

If you have a friend’s wedding or birthday party coming up, calligraphy skills may come in handy for adding a little extra pizzazz to their birthday or thank you cards.

These are perfect pens for calligraphy. 

Woman writing in a notebook

4. Bullet journaling

So you tried calligraphy, and it ended up turning out really well, except for the fact that you don’t know where else you can use it on.

Never fear, the bullet journaling is here! The bullet journaling craze might have started years ago, but it’s still going on today.

Don’t be afraid to hop onin the bandwagon! Bullet journaling is a smart and, creative way to plan and organize your life, all through a simple journal.

In its essence, bullet journaling involves taking a journal and writing bullet point lists of tasks you need to do for the day, week, month, or year.

Beyond that, however, bullet journaling artists like AmandaRachLee have evolved the hobby into something more artistic that combines calligraphy, journaling, scrapbooking, and agenda-making into one!

In addition to writing an organized list of tasks, you can also include pages for budget trackers, monthly song playlists, and photo memories.

5. Writing

Whether you are it’s embarking on the next great American novel or simply reflective journaling, writing is one of the best hobbies to express yourself.

After all, what can be better than getting all those thoughts down on paper? Plus, if you find yourself having a good time with writing, maybe you can end up working on publishing it too!

Young woman sitting at a table with a mug

6. Pottery

Pottery is a fantastic way to add a unique flair to your home or office, as well as to show off some ceramics skills! You can make anything from vases, pots, bowls, and plates however you want them.

Plus, pottery allows you to work on keeping a steady hand and a good focus on your creation, which will surely help in any other work-related activities that might usually cause you to feel frazzled or stressed out.

This is what you need to start pottering today.


7. Gardening

If you tried pottery, you might already have a pot with nothing to put in it! Or, maybe, pottery didn’t work out, but you have a really good green thumb. Regardless, gardening is a great hobby that was especially popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic quarantine,  with the rise of houseplant owners.

You can choose to grow vegetables and fruits or work with more low-maintenance houseplants and succulents. Some houseplants, like the Golden Pothos, have also been highlighted for their air-purifying abilities.

For gardening with vegetables and fruits, they can also decrease the amount of money you spend on groceries, as well as teach you valuable lessons on how your food is grown.

This is what you need to start gardening today.


Young woman gardening


8. Dancing

Been stuck inside for too long? Dancing is a more exercise-based hobby that also incorporates a variety of creative elements.

If you just need to “shake it off”, turn on the music and dance! If you’re looking into something with more of a workout, Zumba classes are the way to go. You can also try ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, modern, and hip hop!


9. Singing

Does music run through your veins? Even if it doesn’t, you can still sing to your heart’s desire. Belt out a solo in the shower or just hum to your favorite tune while doing the laundry.

Singing has also been known to help with public speaking, so if you have a big presentation for work coming up, turn up the music! You can try practicing on your own through karaoke or opt for lessons with a vocal coach. Either way, you’ll be humming!


10. Playing an Instrument

Playing an instrument is a little- known hobby for women in their 20s that might spark an interest. Whether it’s piano, guitar, or the French horn, learning or relearning an instrument can ignite a passion for music and a greater sense of discipline.

With everything, and especially with playing an instrument, practice makes perfect! Plus, if you’re a singer, you can serenade your crush or sing with your significant other in a harmonious duet.


11. Cooking

There are hundreds of thousands of recipes to learn, and you can learn them! Cooking is not only an essential skill for you to eat, but it is also an art and a culture.

Whether it’s working on your presentation style or testing different blends of flavors, cooking opens doors to worlds you might have never known existed before. Just make sure your fire alarm is working.


12. Baking

Got a sweet tooth? Baking is the sweetest hobby there is. Try your hand at the infamous banana bread or go for something as simple as cookies.

Either way, you’ll be mixing and baking up a storm. You can also put together little baked goods care packages for your friends and family, which they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Here is all you need to start baking today.


Young woman baking


13. Painting

Finger painting, watercolor painting, acrylic painting. There are so many ways to paint that women in their 20s can try! Painting allows you to take some time to observe the world around you.

While photography also provides space for that appreciation of beauty, painting requires a greater sense of patience and dedication to the canvas at hand.

Here is all you need to start painting today.


14. Jewelry-making

Have you ever had a great idea for a pair of earrings? Are you interested in creating sustainable jewelry? Jewelry-making is an incredibly creative, hands-on hobby that allows you to put your crafting skills to work!

You can make necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, or even those beautiful flower crowns!

Here is all you need to start making jewelry today. 


15. Embroidery

Embroidery is another quarantine hobby that has kindled the inspiration of many at home. Similar to sewing, embroidery is the art of embroidering artistic designs and/or lettering into pieces of cloth.

With this hobby, embroiderers have made designs of things as simple as flowers or as complex as TV show characters. If you want to practice having a steady hand and a sharp eye, embroidery is for you!


16. Fashion

Looking to revamp your wardrobe? Getting into fashion as a hobby will definitely help you in your dreams of becoming the latest fashionista. You don’t need to spend money to start!

Check out your closet (or your best friend’s closet) and start mixing and matching different styles. Who knows, you might discover the next bucket hat trend!


17. Reading

With the hustle and bustle of the day, sometimes all we need is to sit down and read a good book. From fiction to nonfiction to poetry, there are millions of books you can choose from to help enrich your mind and future conversations.

If you need a challenge, you can opt for reading one book every month or starting/joining a book club! 


18. Learning a new language

Planning to travel? Or maybe you want to practice your native language a little more? Either way, learning a new (or old) language can open up your eyes to new and, diverse cultures.

After all, research shows that “the language you speak influences the way you think.”

Learning a second or third language provides you with the opportunity to become more creative and thoughtful in the words you choose and your tonality.

Also, becoming fluent in another language will earn you more brownie points when you travel and might lead to conversations you never thought you’d be able to have. 


Young woman listening to music with headphones


19. Playing a sport

Another fun hobby for women in their 20s is learning and playing a sport! If you’re on the coast, head to the beach with your friends for a game of beach volleyball.

Surfing, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or rollerblading are also great ideas for sports that you can try. Into team sports? Sign up for adult team sports and play against other teams!

Playing sports is also a great opportunity to meet and make new friends while staying active.


20. Hiking

Nature-lovers will also enjoy hiking as a hobby. Grab a bunch of your friends or just your significant other, and embark onfor the journey of your life!

The United States offers a great number of national forest parks that you should take advantage of. Health-wise, hiking is a great activity to test your physical and mental endurance, while also bonding with your friends.


21. Running/jogging

Running or jogging for women in their 20s is fantastic for those who want to be active but can’t afford the time to travel too much. Go for a jog around the block or visit the park near you.

Running can help take your eyes off the screen while also working on your cardio.



22. Yoga

Inhale. Exhale. Slow down the fast-paced world around you and make some space for you just to breathe and stretch your body. Yoga, however, isn’t as easy as you might think it is.

Prepare to challenge your body in strength, posture, and flexibility! Trust me, you’ll surely grow a lot, in both body and mind.

Here is what you need to start doing yoga today. 


23. Meditation

Meditation is another hobby to pair with yoga or any other activity you might choose! There are thousands of meditation podcasts, television shows, and media that you can pull inspiration from, or you can just take a few minutes of your day to sit and center yourself.

Focusing on your breathing and allowing your thoughts to flow through not only leaves you with a clear head but a clearer heart.

Mindfulness meditation, or the practice of “being present in the moment”, is another specific type of meditation that might interest you!

Mindfulness emphasizes the need of being fully present throughout the day, rather than being too much in your head.

If you find yourself with a lot more emotional turmoil than usual, meditation should be something you should consider!



24. Tabletop Gaming

Tired of the excessive amount of screentime video games might bring? I feel you. Tabletop gaming, to put it simply, is any game that is played on the top of a table. Yes, that means chess, checkers, card games, etc.

Avert your eyes from the screen and try a game of solitaire. If you’re living with friends and/or family, invite them for a game of chess. It might bring out the competitive side of you, but it’s always in good fun!


25. Origami

Origami is a delicate and fun hobby for women in their 20s to try! Originating from Japan, this crafts hobby involves folding a piece of paper in various and, intricate ways to create incredibly gorgeous designs.

You can make crafts like paper cranes, tigers, hearts, or stars. I’d advise you to purchase an origami book if you don’t already know how to craft them, especially since origami usually involves very specific instructions.

This what you need to start making origami. 


A purple origami bird


26. Puzzles

Finishing puzzles has been my latest favorite hobby to do with my significant other. If you prefer a hobby that teases your brain and requires more thought, putting together puzzles is for you!

You can start with a simple 50-piece puzzle and then gradually build up to larger amounts of pieces, like 1000-piece puzzles.

There are also a lot of puzzles with specific themes, so you can search for puzzles with pictures of your favorite movie too!

Here is one I highly recommend. 


27. Blogging

Have a lot to say? Blogging has got to be the biggest hobby of the Internet age, and it’s because it’s easy! You can blog anything from work life to family life to the latest trip you took out of the country. 

All you need to do is create a website and start writing posts (which can include pictures and videos) and publish them on your website. 

Who knows, you might become the next biggest blogger!


28. Makeup

Thinking about that perfect eyeliner wing? Maybe makeup is your next favorite hobby! A lot of people say that makeup is an art, and it is! I mean, have you seen those cloud-themed makeup looks?

Or what about people who do makeup cosplay? Add a little blush and color it up! If you feel a little more confident about it, you can also try your hand at making make-up tutorial videos to share your talent with others.


A woman putting makeup on another woman


29. Magic

Pick a card! Any card! Learning magic teaches you the art of deception and paying attention to your surroundings.

Impress your friends by pulling a bouquet of flowers from your sleeve or a rabbit out of a hat. Or… you can just stick with the old got-your-nose trick. Either way, magic is a unique, underrated hobby that is sure to surprise.


30. Coloring

Adult coloring books are all the craze right now, and it’s for a reason! Coloring has been known to “reduce stress and boost creativity.”

Whether you’re coloring inside or outside of the lines, this hobby helps you focus as well as work with beautiful patterns and colors.

I recommend you this coloring book.  It is a very popular one because of its gorgeous images of gardens, botanicals, flowers and other natural landscapes that will help you ease your stress and reduce anxiety. 


31. Starting a Youtube Channel

Youtube has become one of the most popular sites in the internet in the last decade. If you have a unique interest you want to share with the world and love to create video content, then youtube might be just for you.

Some of the awesome perks of creating a youtube channel  is the community that you can build and also the fact that you can monetize your channel once you read 1K subscribers.


32. Practice Martial Arts 

Want a full-body workout that increases your mobility and flexibility, and helps you boost your self-confidence. Then martial arts are for you.

The most popular martial practice are Karate, Judo, Kung-fu and Jiu-Jitsu.

Each of them is unique in its own way so you have options to choose from based on your own interests, and level of intensity you are looking for.


33. Cycling 

Not a fun of running or jogging but still want to practice a sport that is challenging enough and helps you boost your body and brain. Cycling might just be for you.

One of the great benefits of cycling  is that it not only helps you burn fat: It also helps you build muscle. Now, if you do not want to cycle outdoors, you can also buy an exercise bike and use it at home. 

Here are some of top-rated bikes so you can start cycling today. 


34. Candle Making 

Do you love candles? Then you should consider candle making. It is a fun way to let your creative side run wild while creating your own candles for your home.

Having candles at home is always nice but usually very pricey so it is nice to learn to do it on your own. Plus, you can add your favorite scents to your candles.

Here are some essentials you will need to start making candles today.

Final Thoughts on Hobbies for Women in Their 20s

That’s a wrap ladies. This post was all about fun hobbies for women in their 20’s. There are, of course, hundreds of other great hobbies to try, so this is just the start.

Nevertheless, I hope this list helped you start thinking of ideas for different hobbies to explore. Happy hobby-hunting!




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