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60 Amazing Hobbies for Women in their 30s

Are you a woman in your 30s and you are not sure which hobbies to try next? We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of the best hobbies for women in their 30s.

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Woman in her 30s hiking as a hobby

It’s no secret that life is incredibly overwhelming at times, especially in your 30s. Suddenly it feels like life is moving a million miles a minute, and you just need a second to breathe.

Well, if you’re one of those women that struggle to take time for yourself and relax, I’m here to tell you that it’s time to get a hobby!

Finding a hobby, big or small, can have great benefits to both your physical and mental health, especially when you incorporate the activity into your everyday routine.

When you’re doing something you enjoy, those few minutes or hours can become the most memorable part of your day.

Picking a hobby can be incredibly daunting, though, when you aren’t quite sure what you want to try.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best hobbies for women in their 30s, with everything from getting active activities to not having to leave your bed.

In this post:

5 Most Life-Changing Hobbies

 1. Meditation

A woman sitting on the edge of a pond meditating


A lot of people think that meditation is just sitting with your legs crossed and saying “aum.” It’s way more than that, though, especially when you take the time to do it correctly.

Meditation as a daily hobby can be a terrific way to reset yourself throughout different points of your day. Are you super stressed after a meeting?

Bad phone call with your mom? Take a few minutes at your desk or even an empty spot on the floor to center yourself.

There are great meditation apps that offer guided meditations, as well as tutorials on YouTube, or you can just practice your breathing until you feel you can continue with your day.

Taking up meditation as a hobby has the power to change your mood in seconds, and in the long run, it can have long-lasting benefits to your mental health if you take the time to stick with it.


2. Learning a new language

Not only is learning a new language a great hobby because it exercises your brain, but it also is an amazing way to introduce yourself to new perspectives, cultures, and people.

Maybe you want to speak the language in a country you wish to visit someday, or perhaps you just want to be able to watch a foreign movie without subtitles.

Learning a new language as a woman in your 30s can really revamp your life and open new doors.

It’s so easy for life to start to feel stagnant, but learning a new language means that you can visit new places and try a world of new foods, music, movies, literature, and more.

It isn’t just a hobby that passes the time, it’s also a skill that can enrich your life in ways you previously didn’t think possible.

3. Journaling

When life starts to overwhelm me, I like to take some time out of my day to just write. While I prefer to do this on the computer, picking out a cute notebook, a nice pen, and just sitting down is incredibly cathartic.

If you’re a woman like me, we both struggle to keep up with our thoughts while writing.

Journaling and getting out as many thoughts as I can, even if they make no sense, is a great way to slow down and acknowledge your feelings.

Much like meditation, journaling can have benefits that extend beyond just passing the time. Journaling has improved my ability to explain my emotions in difficult situations or recognize the root of a problem.

It’s a hobby that makes you feel better in the moment, but also provides effective self-care skills in the long run.

4. Blogging

Maybe from all the journaling you’re doing, you realize you have some interesting advice or a unique perspective to offer.

Blogging as a side hobby can be a super exciting way to share things you’re passionate about with the world. Maybe you happen to love knitting… consider starting a blog with different tutorials and patterns.

Or maybe you’re a professional in a certain field. Women are always looking for other inspirational women to share information with, so starting a blog giving tips in your area of expertise could end up helping so many other women in their 30s.

5.  Cooking

My roommate would always take the time out of her day to cook dinner, because even if her day was awful, she knew she could go home and make herself a good meal… it gave her something to look forward to.

It’s also a super fun way to learn a new skill; even if you’re super advanced in the kitchen, there are always new dishes or techniques to try.

Sometimes, cooking can seem like a chore, but finding ways to try new things in the kitchen is a great way to turn a seemingly annoying task into a fun and interesting hobby.

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 Active Hobbies For Women

If you’re anything like me, you strongly dislike lazy, but sometimes it’s hard to encourage yourself to get out and get active.

Taking up a more active hobby can be wonderful for your physical and mental health, but it can also just be a great way to let yourself escape from life for a bit.

6. Running

I know, I know… what woman in their 30s wants to suddenly take up running as a hobby? Hear me out! I’m not saying run a marathon (unless you want to!) but going even for a half-mile light jog can help relieve so much stress from your body.

Running is also a great hobby because you can set milestones to push yourself, so you don’t get complacent. Try running a certain mile one week, or maybe for 5 minutes straight, and then the next week add a half-mile or another 5 minutes.

Having a hobby that you can keep improving upon will help keep it from seeming like the same task every day. Runners’ high is a real thing, I promise, you just have to stick with it long enough to find it.

7. Biking

While I am very pro-running for other people, it just isn’t for me- biking is way more my style. When quarantine began in March of 2020, I started biking every day to get out of my house and out of my head.

It was a great way to explore areas I hadn’t been to before, but also made the world slip away for a little while. I understand that as a woman in your 30s you may want to escape for a bit, but maybe after a long day of work you don’t want to go home and throw on running shoes.

Biking is a super great hobby to get active, but you can also take it easy with a stroll down the sidewalk.

8. Hiking

Hiking as a hobby is great for the body, and even better for the soul. It’s great exercise, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also healing to be out in nature, surrounded by trees, animals, flowing water, lakes, etc.

If you’re lucky enough to have beautiful hiking trails near you, I really do encourage you to take up hiking as a hobby.

It can be as long or as short as you choose, but just remember that paying attention to the great outdoors can help distract you from how far you’re walking!

9. Dancing

Who doesn’t love a good dance party? Dancing for fun can be super freeing and also helps bring out your creative side!

I personally really love to play Just Dance on my Xbox, but I also look up easy dance tutorials on YouTube to try out from time to time.

If you’re feeling particularly outgoing, sign up for a dance class! I promise you that other women in their 30s also want to dance, and forming a group to learn a new skill can be challenging and therapeutic at the same time.

10. Martial arts

Martial arts is an awesome hobby to try out because as a woman you can never be too safe, even in your 30s.

Not only are martial arts an excellent way to get physical exercise as a hobby, but it’s also a great way to learn self-defense.

As women, I think it’s great for us to learn how to defend ourselves, but also understand the strength we have in our bodies. Martial arts is tough on the mind and body, but it’s a hobby that will make you feel as strong as you are within.

11. Walking

For an entire summer, my mom and I would go on walks every night. Not only is walking a super great exercise, but it’s also very relaxing.

It’s so fun to go explore different areas you haven’t seen before, and all places look different on foot than when you’re driving past.

Walking is also a great hobby for your mental health just as much as your physical health.

When I feel like the world is getting to be too much, I like to throw on some headphones and clear my head on a walk. It’s a great hobby to do by yourself or with a friend.

12. Weightlifting

I actually just started going to the gym and lifting weights. Granted, they’re very light weights, but they’re weights!

Weightlifting is honestly one of the hardest mental and physical challenges I’ve given myself in a long time, and as I said, they’re not even that heavy!

Really though, weightlifting has become such a great hobby for me because it makes me feel so much stronger – and I don’t just mean physically.

Pushing myself to squat more and more weight from one week to the next has helped me gain confidence in myself as a young woman, and what woman in their 30s doesn’t deserve a little extra confidence boost?

If you’re looking for a hobby to push yourself both mentally and physically, well, I sincerely suggest you give this a try.

13. Joining a recreational league for a certain sport

Playing volleyball in high school did wonders for me. It gave me a routine that pushed me physically and was also just a super fun way to be with friends.

Joining a recreational team for a sport you used to play, or even a sport you want to play is a super exciting hobby to try out.

I know it can be a little nerve-wracking, but everyone has to start somewhere! Do some research into women’s leagues in your area that you can try, and I bet you’ll find a group of women searching for a new hobby or community just like you!

14. Skiing

Skiing could be either outside in the snow or on water, it just depends on where you are and the climate you live in! Skiing, however, is super fun either way.

I know women who swear by water skiing, and love the feeling of being in the water. I remember seeing my mom being pulled behind our boat on skis and thinking she looked so cool and strong.

With snow skiing, you’re also bound to see some of the most beautiful views you’ve ever encountered.

When you make skiing a hobby, in either environment, you’re able to push yourself to try new tricks or go down a different slope, or you can just go out in the great outdoors and enjoy being outside and active. It’s a hobby that’s built to fit the person.

15. Surfing

I find surfing to be one of the most impressive hobbies because I just do not understand how people surf… I wouldn’t be able to stay up!

If you live in a place where you can make surfing a hobby, I highly suggest giving it a try. Every day and every wave would be different, and you could always try to challenge yourself with new tricks or new areas, but honestly, I think staying up would be challenging enough.

It’s also a hobby where you can get a decent tan if you do it often enough, so win-win!

16. Swimming

Whether you take swimming to mean doing laps in a pool at the gym or floating in the pool in your community/backyard, swimming is an incredibly relaxing yet active hobby.

It’s an amazing workout but isn’t too hard on the muscles. Even if you aren’t looking for a super intense workout, just swimming around can be a great way to mindfully move your body. Also like surfing, if it’s outside you get tan… need I say more?

17. Rock climbing

What I love about this hobby is it can be as adventurous or laid back as you please. As you’re getting started, I obviously recommend going to an indoor climbing place, but if you get more comfortable and stronger, this is a hobby that has promise to take you places you’ve never been before.

You could get a group together and compete in competitions, you could go rock climbing in the mountains (safety first, of course) or you could challenge yourself with super difficult indoor courses.

It is a hobby that will allow you to progress at your own pace, but also be able to track your progress as you try different courses.

18. Kickboxing or boxing

One word for women who kickbox or box: badass. The power you’re able to feel from your body is absolutely remarkable, and I think it’s a great way for women in their 30s to be able to feel how strong they are, especially if they may be feeling stuck in the everyday routine of their lives.

From women I know that have tried kickboxing, they all say that it gives them a rush like no other, and that it also makes them more comfortable knowing how strong they truly are.

If you pick this up as a hobby and stick with it, I bet you’re also bound to find a good community of women around you who also love the sport.

19. Fencing

I put this on the list for the women, like me, who think sword fighting looks cool in moves and have always wanted to try it. I know it’s not the same, but I’ve always thought it looked really cool.

On a serious note, fencing is a super-challenging sport, and I can only imagine how long it must take to get the technique down. But it’s also something super different and adventurous to try.

I highly recommend giving it a try and turning it into a hobby that is 1) super cool and 2) super demanding physically.

20. Horseback riding

Now, I personally am terrified of horses, but I have a friend who swears that horseback riding is one of the most freeing activities she does.

I can imagine that it would be super incredible, though, to be going through nature and feeling connected to both the world and the horse.

I also think that it’s a super unique hobby for a woman in her 30s to have… so you could always flex a little bit that you have a skill not many people around you might have. Who doesn’t love a hobby and a pat on the back moment?

It’s a hobby I definitely wish I was outgoing enough to try, and while I’ll keep hyping myself up to do it, I really hope you give it a whirl!

21. Jump rope

Jump rope is one of the most challenging exercises I’ve done in a long time. When I was little, I absolutely loved jump roping, but since I’ve grown up a little, it’s become a lot harder.

However, it is a hobby that makes me feel like I’ve truly accomplished something. I love how I feel when I ride a bike or go on a good walk, but the feeling after you finish that last set of jumps to your favorite hype song really is unmatched.

Like a lot of physical hobbies, it’s just as tough mentally as it is on the body, but I promise if you just give it a try and stick with it, you might just fall in love with it.

22. Pilates

I’ve heard a lot of people say that Pilates isn’t challenging, and to that I ask, what kind of Pilates were you doing?? The Pilates exercise videos I’ve tried just by searching them on YouTube had me pausing halfway through and re-contemplating my life.

For a woman in her 30s, I think that Pilates is a great hobby to take up because even if you can’t make it to a studio, there are plenty of videos and programs available online to help you keep up with it. Sometimes as women, we just want to stay home in our pj’s but also want to feel strong and like we’ve accomplished something.

Well, I did Pilates for the first time on a whim in my pj’s on my bedroom floor and had to shower afterwards because I was so sweaty. I did feel accomplished, though, and I bet you will too!

23. Barre

While I’ve never tried barre, I’ve only ever heard amazing things, and that it’s TOUGH. It’s a kind of exercise that incorporates movements from ballet, so I can only imagine the physical exertion doing it.

If you’re a woman who enjoys dancing but is maybe looking for something different to try or something a little bit more out of your comfort zone, check out a studio.

Or if you’re a woman, like me, who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing but wants to find a group of other women to feel powerful with, then I say give it a try. It’s a hobby guaranteed to push you to your limit, but also enjoy your time doing it.

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Relaxing Hobbies For Women

As important as it is to make sure you’re nurturing your body with exercise, sometimes as women, we just want to relax – especially in your 30s when it feels like everything is happening so fast.

These are some hobbies that aren’t all about getting up and getting out, most of them can even be done from your bed! The point is, nurturing your mind with some relaxation and creativity in your hobbies is just as important as physical activity.

24. Reading

Since I’m an English major, I’m a little biased towards books – everyone should read, in my humble opinion.

Even though reading isn’t much of a hobby for me anymore, because so much of my schooling revolves around reading, I promise it’s such a relaxing hobby. There are so many authors to read, so many characters to fall in love with, so many plots to love and despise.

Starting to read can be daunting because there are so many kinds of books to choose from. My advice if you’re going to pick up reading as a hobby is to pick some that are on the bestseller lists in a genre you think you’d like and start compiling a list of ones you liked and even the ones you disliked or couldn’t get through.

From there, you can start finding authors that have similar styles or maybe you realize you love sci-fi novels and just want to explore a particular genre. Please, though, I’m begging you… fall in love with books!

25. Sewing

Making sewing a hobby and taking the time to perfect it is not only super relaxing once you get the hang of it, but also a practical hobby in the long run for a woman in her 30s.

Being able to sew up clothes for yourself or make alterations is a great way to save a little extra money when you can just do it on your own!

More than this, sewing is a great way to be creative and feel accomplished. Every time you master a new skill that will only improve your technique or finish a piece entirely, you can look at what you’ve created and say, “I did that,” and it’s a great feeling.

26. Knitting

This is another hobby that I can personally attest to being very relaxing. This past winter, I decided to start knitting scarfs.

It took some time, and a lot of mistakes (still), but after I got the hang of it, I sat in bed for days (I was sick at the time) binge-watching Netflix and counting stitches.

When I was overwhelmed at school with a lot of assignments but also needed to just shut my brain off, counting stitches and trying new patterns was a super helpful way to channel my anxious energy into something else, without having to be active.

Like sewing, it was also such an amazing feeling every time I would finish a different project knowing that it was something I did all on my own.

27. Gardening

Gardening is a great hobby for a woman in her 30s because what’s better than flexing some nice flowers in your house/apartment?

Having something to take care of and look after is a great way to focus built-up energy into something that still feels productive without having to always feel like energy needs to be put towards work or other responsibilities.

It’s also a great hobby because there is so much to learn! Having a vegetable garden, flower garden, or herb garden, all take different products or care to help thrive.

Learning how to best maintain your garden is a fun way to learn things you never knew before while also giving your brain some time to focus on something more low stress.

28. Painting

When I say painting is a great hobby, I in no way mean that you’re trying to be the next Picasso. Painting can be anything from abstract to paint by numbers, and it doesn’t even have to be on a canvas!

I’m currently working on a little project for a house I’m moving into where I’m painting the class from frames and then I’ll be able to hang those frames with what I’ve painted.

It isn’t anything intense, but it has been so relaxing and brought me so much joy to think about this project, find pictures I want to paint, and to actually paint.

Even just thinking about going to work on it as I type this makes me happy. A hobby isn’t just about feeling relaxed in the moment when you’re actively doing the hobby, it’s also about being your sense of peace and hope in your day. Painting is a great option for that!

29. Yoga

While this is probably one of the most active hobbies for women in this “relaxing hobbies” section, I think it falls more into relaxing than active because yoga is all about releasing energy.

There are certainly some intense yoga programs, but for me, I’ve used yoga in the past as a hobby I go in and out of when I’m feeling stressed to help me center myself and release bad energy.

For a woman in your 30s, I imagine you’re feeling stress from a lot of different directions, and maybe you just have a hard time unwinding.

Building yoga into your routine as a hobby can help you refocus at different points of the day, so you can just let go and remind yourself to be present. It’s a great hobby to have saved in your back pocket, like I do, for when times get hard, or it’s a great hobby to do all the time as a stress-reliever!

30. Candle making

Another one of my roommates works at a candle shop where you can go in and make your own candles! She’s always talking about how much fun it is to make your own scents.

I think this could be a super relaxing hobby because you can make the scents your own and be creative.

A bonus tip to make this extra relaxing is to find scents that calm you and just have an endless array of calming candles… that way even if you can’t always find time for your hobby to go make a candle, you can have an added hobby of just burning the candles you make!

31. Coloring

This is one of my favorite hobbies in this category for women in their 30s because I feel like it lets them bring out their inner child.

During my freshman year of college, my best friend bought me a female empowerment coloring book. Not only was it super cathartic to just color and watch TV when I was feeling stressed, but having a coloring book full of inspiring sayings, reminding me to keep my head up, was also super special.

I think coloring as a hobby can be as intense or laid back as you want it to be. This is why it’s the perfect thing to do at the end of a rough day or at your desk during a small work break as a way to free your mind and focus on creating something pretty.

32. Embroidery

My best friend embroiders as a hobby, and she loves it!

When I asked her why she finds it relaxing she told me that she can focus her energy on the details, because it is a bit more precise than knitting.

Being able to focus anxious energy on making sure that each stitch is correct helps her relax her mind for a bit.

She’s also able to express a lot of creativity and being able to embroider also makes for awesome gifts for friends! So, not only is it a relaxing hobby, but it’s also a practical one as well!

33. Scrapbooking

I know for a lot of women, scrapbooking can seem more like a task. Maybe you need to make a scrapbook for a baby, of you and your partner, for a gift for a friend.

In reality, when kept up with, it’s a terrific hobby to take up for a woman in her 30s! Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be about stressing out on creating something perfect, it can be a great way to capture memories from important times in your life and reflect on times you never want to forget.

I recommend starting with just a small period of time, maybe a trip you took with friends or a special birthday. Once you have all the pictures printed, just enjoy looking back on those times and feeling grateful for the time spent with special people!

34. Puzzles

Puzzles are a great hobby because you can keep coming back to them whenever you have the time. It’s also so much fun working your way up to huge and elaborate puzzles and seeing how long it takes to put them together. I love puzzles because at the end of each time, you can see how much farther you’ve come. I feel so accomplished every time I stand up from the table, and see another part of the picture or have the entire outside finished. It’s super relaxing and also a great brain break!

35. Bullet journaling

Bullet journals are super popular right now and not only are they super practical for your day-to-day life as a busy woman, they’re also great at holding you accountable.

More than this, though, they’re super relaxing to put together and fill out every day!

If you’re new to the whole bullet journaling concept, it’s essentially a journal that works as a planner, tracks workout progress, keeps up on to-do lists, and really anything else in-between! Bullet journals are incredibly flexible to fit your life.

For me, a bullet journal would probably include my everyday school schedule, additional outside of school plans, a log to track my workouts and progress, a log to track how many pages of books I read every day, books I read every month, and maybe my mood throughout the day.

The thing that’s great about them is that they help you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of every day, and you can relax every night and set your intentions for the next day as you see how much you were able to do during your day.

36. Baking

Baking was 100% my relaxing hobby during quarantine. When I was feeling so trapped and overwhelmed, I would find a recipe I already had the ingredients to and just make it!

While I was only outgoing enough to try to make cookies, I was able to master a terrific peanut butter cookie – and even dabble in changing up the recipe and adding Nutella!

The point is, during that hour and a half or so of baking, I felt so peaceful. I wasn’t worried about this responsibility or that task I needed to do, I was just focused on doing something with the ingredients in front of me. Oh! And you get to eat the end result… It’s a great hobby to take up if you ask me.

37. Flipping clothes

While I have absolutely no ability to look at an article of clothing and picture it as something else, some women just do! One of my good friends spends her free time thrifting and flipping clothes into items she wants.

She told me she finds it super relaxing because you get so lost in what you’re doing that eventually your mind and body are just working without even realizing what you’re doing. You also get super cute clothes out of it!

38. Bird watching

I know what you’re thinking… bird watching? Really? Yes! Just picture it, walking in nature, looking up at the sky and trees above you, a book in hand, and your eyes peeled above you. I know it might sound lame, but bird watching is actually incredibly relaxing.

Even if you just find a nice spot to sit and plop down for a while, being focused on finding birds is a great way to distract and relax your mind.

Being that close to nature also does wonders for your mental health when you prioritize getting out, and what 30-year-old woman doesn’t need a hobby that benefits her mental health just a little?

39. Listen to podcasts

I’ve just recently hopped on the podcast train, and let me tell you, I’m obsessed. I absolutely love listening to mystery podcasts, and while I know that might not seem like the most relaxing thing to listen to, it really does just let my brain get lost in the story.

I’ve also tried my hand at listening to some empowerment and self-care-focused podcasts and I love listening to other women share their stories and experiences.

For a woman in your 30s, you may want a hobby that both relaxes you but also inspires you. There are so many women out there with podcasts just waiting to share their stories with you, you just need to listen.

40. Learn calligraphy

Calligraphy is definitely a hobby that would be fun to flex. Imagine handing out birthday cards to friends and family with the most beautiful handwriting on them, and when they ask who it was, you can say that you made it.

Calligraphy can help you to aesthetically express your creativity while learning a new skill.  It’s also a hobby that will allow you to grow as you learn how to work with different kinds of tools!

41. Fishing

Just like bird watching, I’m sure your initial reaction is a flat-out “no.” What woman in her 30s wants to take up fishing as a hobby? Well, maybe you!

Being out in the water and shutting your brain off is SO relaxing, there’s a reason so many people fish for hours!

Even if you don’t catch anything, being silent and still will naturally relax your body to the point that it just becomes second nature. There’s also that pure adrenaline rush when you get a bite that makes you feel on top of the world.

42. Pottery

This is probably next up on my list of hobbies to try. I’ve always found it so impressive when friends of mine who have tried pottery would come home with their own mugs or vases.

It’s a great way to express your creativity and channel that energy into something productive, but it’s also very relaxing as you focus on molding the clay between your hands, only really focusing on what you’re doing.

You can also then customize your product with paints and that just adds to the fun and relaxation!

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Exciting Hobbies For Women

For a lot of women in their 30s, they really just want a hobby that is going to excite them and give them something to look forward to at the end of their day.

This list is a mix of hobbies that you may not have thought of that will excite that passion in you to keep coming back.

43. Learn a new instrument

With learning any new skill, deciding to learn how to play an instrument will come with its own set of challenges. As a woman in her 30s, you may find yourself dreading having to learn something from the very start.

Learning an instrument, however, is actually so exciting and fun. When you start to get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself wanting to come back and try a new chord, or even try your hand at a whole song.

The sense of accomplishment and pride you’ll feel after you master a new part of the instrument will hopefully give you that excitement you’re looking for until all you can think about is picking up that instrument again.

44. Video games

If there’s anything I’ve learned from dating someone who loves video games, it’s that they’re actually so entertaining.

They give you a massive adrenaline rush when you’re in the moment and they can be so easy to lose yourself in trying to get to the next level, or get that next medal, etc.

I know a lot of women may turn up their noses to trying video games, but I really do think it’s an easy way to try something new and just have a lot of fun!

45. Try getting into makeup

I’m no master of makeup, but I do find it super fun to go on YouTube and watch makeup reviews for certain products.

I love trying new shades, even if I have nowhere to go, and experimenting with different techniques that I see on social media.

I think makeup can be a super exciting hobby to have because you can let your creativity rein free. Seeing your vision come to life with just a few products and brushes can give you such a rush!

46. Make your own bath fizzlers

What woman in her 30s doesn’t need to relax with a nice bubble bath? If you’re like me, though, the price of bath fizzlers is enough to make you walk the other way.

Making your own bath fizzler can be a very new and unique hobby to take up. It’s especially great because you can see what scents you like and don’t like to make them best suited for you.

They also make for a great homemade gift for friends and family for special occasions, especially if you know what scents they like!

47. Start writing poetry

Again, as an English major, I’m a bit partial to anything to do with writing. Writing poetry is an amazing hobby because it allows you to be so creative and expressive.

You’re able to mess around with form, punctuation, rhyme, and can just really make it your own. It’s an amazing hobby that can help you build a deeper connection with yourself and the way you tell stories or express emotions.

Whether you choose to share them, post them anonymously, or just keep them to yourself, writing poetry is definitely something worth trying.

48. Learn archery

Kind of like fencing, archery is one of those fighting skills I would see in movies and always be super impressed by.

When I was younger, I took an archery course as part of a school extracurricular, and although I don’t remember much about it, I do remember feeling super cool.

As a woman in your 30s, I imagine you may want a hobby that helps with a little bit of stress relief.

Archery is a great hobby to help blow off some steam because as you pull back the arrow, you can imagine everything that is weighing on your shoulders, and as you let go you can picture that stress leaving your body. Not to mention you’ll seem pretty cool when you tell your friends you do archery as a hobby.

49. Learn how to make your own wine

My parents used to make their own wine and it’s such a cool process to see take place! It’s super adventurous to try and you can really get to know so much about the process as you go along.

It takes a lot of trial and error but getting to the final product feels so rewarding. If you can’t tell by now, I’m also someone who likes their hobbies to be practical.

For years, my parents used the wine they’d make as gifts for people, so it really is another hobby that keeps on giving.

50. Camping

It may sound cheesy, but camping is a very relaxing way to become more in touch with the world around you and your inner self.

Taking the time out of a busy month to unplug for the weekend is super refreshing. I understand, though, that at 30 it may be difficult to stick with a hobby that you can do so seldomly.

However, camping is also a super flexible hobby, so consider making a trip out of it with some friends or family!

51. Restore furniture

Restoring and flipping furniture is super popular right now. If you’re like a lot of women, you may have a vision in your head of something you want but maybe you can’t find anything like it, or you’re just not willing to spend a bunch of money to buy it.

Going to thrift stores or garage sales, or even taking a look at your own furniture, and seeing what else you can do with it is bound to keep you entertained. Once you have a vision for something, it’s so easy to get caught up trying to create that vision, and it’s so rewarding when you finish it.

52. Write a book

Here we go again with the writing… I know! If poetry isn’t your thing, dabble with fiction! It doesn’t have to start big, but I find myself creating stories or characters in my head all the time.

Some women in their 30s want a hobby that is going to help them escape a little bit and writing a book can be a great way to get lost in an entirely different world for a little while.

There also is bound to be a point where you hit writer’s block, but there will also probably be a time when writing is all you can think about, and the words are just pouring out of you. It’s a feeling that can’t really be described but you won’t want to let go of it once you find it.

53. Paintball

Now, this is a hobby that will give you a major adrenaline rush! Whether you go with people you know, or even use it as a hobby that opens you up to new people, paintball is an incredibly fun and challenging hobby.

Not only do you have to think on your feet, but you also have to be super aware of your surroundings. It can be hard to get the hang of it at first, but paintball can become a really captivating hobby if you stick with it.

54. Start a YouTube channel

This is a hobby that requires you to be a little more outgoing, and also not dislike the sound of listening to your own voice on recording! So many women in their 30s are taking to YouTube as a hobby to share their lives.

Whether it’s about parenting, their job, shopping, cooking, whatever the case may be, there’s an audience for it! Starting a YouTube channel is also a hobby that will let you be super flexible depending on your everyday life.

You can film when you want, edit when you want, post when you want. Making a little community around what you’re interested in is also super fun to see come alive.

55. Start a podcast

Now, if you dislike looking at yourself to edit videos, maybe try starting a podcast! Just like with YouTube, women in their 30s have a bunch of stuff to say!

There’s a bunch of mystery podcasts that I listen to where women use it as a side hobby in addition to what they do as their full-time career.

Even if it isn’t about your life, you can research literally any topic that you’re interested in, and I guarantee that someone else will be interested in it too.

It’s also a super great hobby to do with a friend! Finding someone you can talk to and have a good time with just chatting about something you’re interested in is bound to be a fun time.

56. Stand-up comedy

Are you like me and think you’re super funny? Do you have a bunch of stories to share about yourself or your friends that you tell people, and they just crack up? Try stand-up! I know it’s super intimidating, but it’ll give you such an adrenaline rush!

There are a bunch of comedy clubs in cities where first timers can go and try out their content, or maybe find a group of friends that are brutally honest and won’t just tell you you’re funny if you’re not and try a routine out on them!

57. Improv

This is another hobby that can help women in their 30s really escape their lives for a little bit. Improv is incredibly challenging but can be such a great way to go outside your comfort zone and try something completely new.

Kind of like with stand-up, there are improv classes where beginners can go to try it out. If there’s one thing, I know about improv is “yes, and…” which is a technique used in improv to make you continue with the scenario and think on your feet.

The great part about “yes, and” is that you can learn to use it in your everyday life to help you face challenges and look at tough situations through a more problem-solving lens.

58. Mixology

If wine making really isn’t your thing, try making other drinks! It isn’t all about just throwing different liquids in the same glass, and you really do have to pay attention to what kinds of flavors go together.

Mixology is a super unique hobby that can help you figure out what you like, try flavors outside of what you’re used to, and just have a good time!

Kind of like with cooking or baking, it’s so easy to get lost in what you’re doing that it becomes what you look forward to at the end of your day.

59. Glass blowing

This is probably one of the most challenging creative hobbies you can take up, and not just for a woman in your 30s but just in general.

You would definitely need to find someone who can teach you how to be safe, but just a quick Google search for places in your area should help!

I think this is also one of the most impressive hobbies since this is a great way to learn something completely new and different that not many people can say they ever thought about trying. Also, super beautiful pieces you can use to decorate… pretty practical hobby if you ask me!

60. Photography

Now, this… probably one of my favorite hobbies that I used to have. While I’m more into writing at the moment, I went through a huge photography page and found it so exciting.

Going around and seeing life through a lens really helps you put things into perspective. My favorite part about this hobby is that I would try to take beautiful photos out of less-than-beautiful landscapes or places.

It really forces you to be creative and can be such a cathartic way to see life outside of just your eyes.

If there’s anything you get from this list, I hope it’s that there are so many different hobbies for women in their 30s. Life doesn’t have to solely revolve around work, family, friends, repeat.

It’s vitally important to take time for yourself, whether that’s being active, relaxing, practicing creativity, or trying something completely out of your comfort zone- it could end up being your new favorite activity.

Use this guide to try different hobbies, even if you end up hating them! It may take some time to find where your heart thrives most, but eventually you’ll find it, you just have to be open to making time for yourself!

If you want to hear it from someone else, Hannah Cheung has a YouTube video here about the importance of hobbies!




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