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How Can Literature Classes in College Help You in Life



Pages of Books

Much of the world’s historical cultures and traditions have been preserved in literary pieces that can be studied to learn about the older ways of life.

Most literary pieces contain encounters filled with various human experiences that help broaden one’s understanding of the world they live in. In a nutshell, studying literature courses can help you learn about various cultures and histories through commentaries, stories, and theories.

But, there’s more. Modern literature programs and classes are usually structured in ways that enable students to absorb a lot more.

This means that today’s literature programs can help students develop several transferable skills like essay writing, critical thinking, and more.

Thus, those students who study literature in college can learn several skills that can later be beneficial to employers. In this article, we will take a closer look at how literature classes in college can help you in life ahead.

But before we jump in, students reading this should also know that certain aspects of taking literature classes can be tough. For example, it is never easy to write great essays without a thorough knowledge of the process.

Thus, to perform better, students need all the help they can get.

Today, several digital platforms help students with their academic work. For example, students can use a top platform like Studyfy for their help write my essay or ‘edit my essay’ services.

Using such services enables students to boost their academic performance while also giving them insights into their essay work.

In no particular order, here are 8 ways literature classes in college can help you in life.

1) You Can Improve Your Communication Skills

One of the best ways of learning to communicate better is through reading more. While studying literature, students need to continually read through various types of text like prose or poetry.

They are also provided with various study notes and are also encouraged to create their own.

Literature classes can also be very interactive and engaging. Most literature programs include discussions, debates, seminars, and more.

Overall, students would be able to learn better communication through more reading, listening, evaluating, and writing.


2) You Will Be Motivated to Weave Your Life’s Story

The main essence of any work of literature is that one can always find a story in them. This is because most literary pieces are created to record various events experienced in one’s body, mind, and surroundings.

And these experienced events are usually recorded as stories. Thus, reading more literary works can help mold the idea of ‘story creation’ early on in students.

And attending literature classes in college helps students understand the know-how of how it can be done.


3) It Can Help Improve Your Evaluation Skills

Studying literature properly is not just about plain and simple reading. But it also has a lot to do with being able to discern what one reads. And learning the art of discernment can improve one’s overall evaluation skills.

Being able to discern and evaluate then goes to help students communicate and write a whole lot better.

And this skill – of reading, evaluating, and understanding – is of paramount importance in the professional world.




4) You Can Become More Articulate

Most literary works are written in different styles because they are written by different people. And the more one reads, the more they would understand the complexities behind different writing styles.

But studying literature in college has more benefits than this.


Throughout one’s literature program, they will be put through various tests to gauge and improve their literary abilities. And one of the main abilities one can work upon is being more articulate.

This means that a good literature student would always include all the details when making any type of argument or point.


5) You Can Become a Better Writer

Yes, the ability to write well depends a lot on one’s imagination and frame of mind. But, to become a great or even good writer, one also needs to do a bit of reading.

This is because, without reading previous works, one will not be able to know the required standards for great pieces of text. And without it, one will not be able to write such that it grips their readers.

In the professional world, writers are some of the most well-paid workers. This is because they can convert heaps of information into understandable and engaging texts.

And this can help a business connect with its audience a whole lot more.


6) You Can Improve Your Interactive & Social Skills

Literature courses and programs are some of the most interactive ones around. Why? Because it involves a lot of discussions, debates, storytelling sessions, and more.

In any literature class, one can always find various types of commentaries and speeches from professors and students alike.

Literature students have the unique opportunity of digging deeper into various subject areas. And the best part is that they can do so with all of their peers together.

Learning such interactive and engagement skills from one’s classroom can help them greatly in their future careers.

7) It Can Improve Your English Skills – Better Grammar, Punctuation, & More

English is not only the most spoken but is also considered a standard language across several international communities. Thus, to grow to greater heights, sooner or later, one needs to brush up on their English skills.

Most literature programs and classes around the world are conducted in English. When one takes up a program in English, they have the opportunity of learning the language usage from the masters.

Thus, learning literature early on in life can profoundly improve one’s overall English skills, which can be crucial for career progression.


8) It Can Teach You Critical Thinking & Broaden Your Horizons

To efficiently power through a literature class or program, one needs to be able to contribute adequately. But one’s contribution is often seen as beneficial when they are also able to communicate their knowledge neatly.

A study of literature can achieve this by making students find various patterns and meanings in texts. Literature from various periods of the world also contains much information about historical cultures and traditions.

It can give a lot of insight to students about how people during different times in history were, what they did, how they thought, and more. This broadens one’s horizons and makes one look at the world in an autobiographical way.


The Bottom Line

There is no doubt that studying literature in college has several benefits for one’s life. But that being said, literature programs can be difficult in terms of learning and scoring higher grades easily. 

Students should learn beforehand about all the intricacies and semantics of their desired programs. Doing so would help them know which particular literature program would be the most suitable for them. 


College Life

Most Awesome Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Looking for the best name to call your best friend? We got you. We have compiled a list of the best 250+ nicknames perfect for all personalities.

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Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Nicknames are more than just a fun name to call your friend or loved one. They tell a mini story about that person, the connection you have with them and how much they mean to you. They, in a way, signify your bond to that person. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t give out nicknames easily. They have to be perfectly cultivated to encapsulate every beautiful, or not so beautiful, thing about the person who is given the name.

It can’t be super boring, basic, or plain (unless of course, that person is boring, but you love them for it anyway). A nickname has to be perfect; no if’s, and’s, or but’s about it, the name has to be absolutely perfect.

Now, after hearing my spiel about how important nicknames are, I am sure you are thinking about the fact that your girl best friend doesn’t have one.

I bet the panic is staring to set in now, “Why doesn’t my girl best friend have a nickname???” and “Why is my nickname for my girl best friend so bad?? How can I make it better?” Take a deep breath and worry no more.

Below are the best nicknames for your girl best friend and they aren’t super plain or basic. If you’re looking for names like those, then this isn’t the article for you because plain nicknames are pretty easy to come up with.

But hey, if that’s the perfect fit for your girl best friend by all means, use that nickname. 

Continuing on, below I have taken the nickname game to the next level by organizing all the nicknames into categories.

Simply look through the category that suites your relationship and choose from 50 names, or better yet, use my examples to come up with the perfect custom nickname for your girl best friend.

No matter what name you end up choosing or creating, she will love it!

Before you begin, remember, the nickname process can be a long one and it deserves the time. The perfect nickname can be tricky to find, however, you will know when you’ve found the perfect name because it will fit effortlessly.

Also, if it is the perfect nickname, it may stick with your girl best friend for the rest of her life. So, again, make sure it’s the right name for her! Enjoy the nickname process!





Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Smart Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Below are some cute smart nicknames to call your girl best friend who always seems to have the answers to everything.

Now, this could be in life, school, or simply random facts; this girl knows it all and more importantly, this girl deserves the perfect nickname.

Consider the options below!

  1. Smarty
  2. Big Brains
  3. Brainy
  4. Brainiac
  5. Worm
  6. Reader
  7. Genius
  8. Owl
  9. Nerd
  10. Nerdy
  11. Young Sheldon
  12. Einstein
  13. Booker
  14. Course Hero
  15. Grade Saver
  16. Apple
  17. Hacker
  18. Lib
  19. Wordy
  20. Brains
  21. Daze
  22. Solver
  23. Professor
  24. Wordle
  25. The President
  26. The Secretary
  27. The Brains
  28. Skater
  29. McSmart
  30. Google
  31. The Saver
  32. Nobel
  33. The Main
  34. Tutor
  35. The Teacher
  36. Nodder
  37. The Knower
  38. OZ
  39. Overlord
  40. Brilliant
  41. Light
  42. Beamer
  43. Shooting Star
  44. Champ
  45. Egghead
  46. Goggles
  47. Ivy
  48. Lemon
  49. Magic Lady
  50. Ray


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Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Funny, original nicknames are hard to come by these days. It seems as though every good nickname is attributed to someone you already know; therefore, you can’t use it.

If you find this happening to you, consider the list below. This list contains some funny nicknames you may or may not have heard of before.

If you have, consider them as a steppingstone to help you find or create the perfect funny nickname.

  1. Goose
  2. Goon
  3. Gooser
  4. Bug
  5. Nugget
  6. Dogo
  7. Kiwi
  8. Rat
  9. Moose
  10. Ducky
  11. Spoon
  12. Buba
  13. Bub
  14. Bab
  15. Thing
  16. Bear
  17. Sneak
  18. Slink
  19. Slinky
  20. Shifty
  21. Pal
  22. Bro
  23. Dude
  24. Buddy
  25. Sipper
  26. Teddy
  27. Funky
  28. Ding Dong
  29. Whopper
  30. Pots
  31. Frugal
  32. Wally
  33. Snail
  34. Light Weight
  35. Goof
  36. Bono
  37. Fudge
  38. Bosco
  39. Special __ (letter of their name, ex. Special K)
  40. The first letter of their name (ex. B)
  41. Goober
  42. Snacker
  43. Stinker
  44. Stinky
  45. Cheeto
  46. Stepper
  47. Anything based off of their last name
  48. Barn Dog
  49. Beak
  50. Pinky

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Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Sassy Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


We all have that one sassy best friend that deserves an equally sassy nickname. If you are struggling to find the perfectly balanced, or not so balanced, sassy nickname look at the list below.

This list has sassy, sassy sweet, feisty, and so many other sassy styles of nicknames for you to choose from.

Browse below and find the best sassy nickname for your girl best friend.

  1. Dumber
  2. Stupid
  3. Dummy
  4. Sass
  5. Spaz
  6. Weirdo
  7. Dung
  8. Doof
  9. Snap
  10. Pop
  11. Crackle
  12. The Weed
  13. Squirty
  14. Mother
  15. Bummer
  16. Bird
  17. Salty
  18. Grumpy
  19. Brit
  20. Snoozer
  21. Sleaze
  22. Squirt
  23. Tree
  24. Duck
  25. Pea Brain
  26. Loner
  27. Creeper
  28. Mom
  29. Parent
  30. Tooter
  31. Gingersnap
  32. Shortcake
  33. Bean Stalk
  34. Pipsqueak
  35. Hangry
  36. Cayenne
  37. Cheeseball
  38. Fuzz Ball
  39. Your Highness
  40. Nuts
  41. Kiddo
  42. Nosy
  43. Bossy
  44. Crow
  45. Diva
  46. Rebel
  47. Lazy
  48. Hun
  49. Rat
  50. Puff Bal

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Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Dirty Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Before you choose a nickname from the list below, make sure that your girl best friend is ok with the nickname.

If she gives you the greenlight, then browse below to find the perfect dirty nickname for her. But again, make sure to confirm that she is ok with one of the names below!

  1. Snack
  2. Hottie
  3. Sticky
  4. Looker
  5. Cutie
  6. Lover
  7. Hot Stuff
  8. Cold Stuff
  9. Shifter
  10. Sleeper
  11. Her last name (ex. Brown) (Keep it as is or change it up, ex. Brownie)
  12. Singer
  13. Snicker
  14. Sweet
  15. Twister
  16. Dynamite
  17. Banger
  18. Shadow
  19. Edible
  20. Goddess
  21. Doll
  22. Candy
  23. Sugar
  24. Smooches
  25. Sunshine
  26. Bubbles
  27. Bunny
  28. Bun Bun
  29. Tiger
  30. Sassy
  31. Missy
  32. Baby Girl
  33. Firecracker
  34. Goldy
  35. Amor
  36. Brandy
  37. My Girl
  38. Ace
  39. Fireball
  40. Kisses
  41. Sparky
  42. Caramel
  43. Spice
  44. Martini
  45. Snappie
  46. Buttercup
  47. Sexy Pants
  48. Sweet Cheeks
  49. Sugar Lips
  50. Angel

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Sweet Nicknames to Call Your Girl Best Friend



Dirty Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend


Finding a nickname for your sweet girl best friend is usually pretty easy. There are many cute names out there that you could call her.

However, listed below, are some of my all-time favorites. Use this list to pick the perfect nickname.

  1. Boo
  2. Love bug
  3. Lovie
  4. Lovely
  5. Lady
  6. Girl
  7. Girly
  8. Minnie
  9. Honey
  10. Love
  11. Poo Bear
  12. Sweety
  13. Sweetheart
  14. Beautiful
  15. Snuggle Bug
  16. Pea
  17. Beau
  18. Cuddle Bug
  19. Snuggly
  20. Hugsy
  21. Pookie Bear
  22. Quality
  23. Gorgeous
  24. Softy
  25. Smiles
  26. Baby Bear
  27. Mouse
  28. Puppy
  29. Bean
  30. Sugar Snap
  31. Beauty
  32. Goldfish
  33. Sky
  34. Bunches
  35. Pie
  36. Soul Mate
  37. Tootsie
  38. Boo Boo
  39. Lulu
  40. Gal
  41. Soul Sister
  42. Chickee
  43. Dreamer
  44. Muffin
  45. Lady Bug
  46. Buzzy
  47. Rosie
  48. Iris
  49. Fun Size
  50. Pal

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Final Thoughts on Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

Friendships are some of the most important relationships we will ever have, therefore, making sure that your bestie has the perfect nickname is very important.

Some friendships are sweet, while others sassy and feisty, but no matter what type of relationship, a nickname should be fitting for both you and your friend (especially because you will be the one calling them said nickname, so you better like it too). 

Also, I want to say, using a nickname that is coined “basic” or “overused” doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is a way for you to connect with your friend and it will be meaningful to you and her.

Therefore, even if the nickname is “basic”, it will be more than meets the eye because it bonds the two of you. 

If you are struggling or, rather, were struggling to find the perfect nickname, I hope the list above was helpful in finding the perfect nickname or discovering an original one of your own!

No matter what you chose, your girl best friend will love it!




Names to Call Your Girl Best Friend

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College Life

What To Bring To College – The Ultimate 2022 College Packing List

Are you having trouble knowing what to bring to college? We’ve got you covered! Check out this essential list of what to bring to college.

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girl with a suitcase

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This post is all about the college packing list! 

Going away for college is the beginning of a brand new journey. You are leaving home behind for three or four months to live in a place that you have never been to before.

You now have to go to classes, move into your dorm room and receive a whole new set of responsibilities since you are off on your own. This is a big transition for any college student because you are going from having to abide by your parents’ rules to forming ones of your own.

Your parents will still check in with you and make sure you are okay, but now, in college, you are allowed to become independent and make your own decisions.

Now, it is your turn to have faith in yourself and make the right choices, starting with preparing what to pack away for college. You are going to be away from home for a whole semester, so you have to make sure that you have all of the things you need.

You need accessories to jazz up your dorm room. You need enough personal care products to last the entire semester. You have to make sure that all your school supplies are packed in your backpack and that you are up to date with the latest electronics.

If you are fortunate to have your own kitchen in your dorm, you must have all of the right tools with you so that you can learn to cook your meals on campus. Through this guide to packing what you have to bring to college, you will know exactly what you need and get you on the right track!



In this article


College Packing List for your Dorm Room 


1. Desktop Powerstrip 


2. Laundry Basket


3. Essential Oil Diffuser 


4. All-Purpose First Aid Kit 


5. Photo Clip String Lights 


6. Personal Fan 

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College Packing List of School Supplies 


7. Daily Planner 


8. Mechanical Pencil Variety Pack 


9. Travel Backpack 


10. Pen/Pencil Case 


11. Office Clips Set 


12. 3-Hole Punch 


13. 4-Pack Spiral Notebooks


14. Highlighters 


15. Sticky Notes Organizer 


16. 4-Pocket Binder

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College Packing List of Kitchen Supplies 


17. Chef Cooking Utensils Set 


18. 2-Slice Toaster 


19. Kitchen Brush Set


20. Cutting Board Set


21. Digital Food Kitchen Scale 


22. Kitchen Conversion Chart Magnet 


Essentials for Cleaning and Bathroom


23. Mesh Shower Caddy


24. EasyWring Spin Mop 


25. Tall Trash Bags, Set of 90


26. Linen Towel Set 


27. Broom and Dustpan Set


Packing List of Personal Care Products 


28. Face Masks


29. Coconut & Honey Hand & Body Lotion – 


30. Facial Tools 


31. Beard Kit 


32. Under Eye Masks


33. Albolene Moisturizing Cleanser 

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Packing List of Personal Care Products


34. Scalp Massager 


35. Pimple Healing Patches


36. Microdermabrasion Machine


37. Foot File 


Packing List of Electronics 

38. Portable Power Bank 


39. Sleep Headphones 


40. Echo Dot (4th Generation) 


41. 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Station


42. Beats Studio Buds 

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Food and Snacks


43. Compact Air Fryer 


44. Food Storage Containers, 16-Pack 


45. Acrylic Dinnerware 


46. Mini Waffle Maker


Packing List of Fun Stuff


47. Fitbit Versa 2


48. Mini Projector 


49. Hand Warmers


50. Electronic Word Clock

Final Thoughts on College Packing List

Getting ready to leave for college is an incredibly difficult task because you are essentially leaving behind the life you had always known, at least for a few months, to a brand new environment.

You will become mostly surrounded by people you have never met before and you have to rely on your own decision-making to solve problems that may arise in the upcoming semester.

It may seem very overwhelming and it is easy to become stressed out during this period, especially with the preparations before you leave for college.

You want to make you have everything you need before you are off on your own, which includes your personal care products, electronics, kitchen supplies, and dorm accessories.

Hopefully, this list has helped guide you in choosing the right items to bring! 





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College Life

Amazon Prime For Students – How to Save Hundreds Every Year with Prime

Are you considering creating an Amazon Prime account? Check out these quick and easy steps to set up an Amazon Prime for students.

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Girl holding iPhone 6 Space Gray with service Amazon

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

I don’t know about you but waiting for a package to arrive can be like torture. As soon as you place the order, all you can think about is ripping that box open and seeing what’s inside.

But then, what if the order is delayed? Chaos may ensue. Get rid of the anxiety and wait by signing up for Amazon Prime Student. This service, provided by Amazon, is extremely helpful in getting you what you need, when you need it, with little to no delay. 

While there have been recent rises in prices for Amazon accounts, the Amazon Prime Student account is still a great deal at $7.49/month or $69/per year. The subscription even comes with a six-month trial period that includes free two-day shipping!

So, what are you waiting for, save some cash and get your purchases faster with an Amazon Prime Student account!

Don’t know how to sign up or where to start? Continue reading to learn about all the benefits and how you can secure your account today.

In this article


What is Amazon Prime Student?


Amazon Prime Student, like Amazon Prime, offers great benefits. Luckily, the cost of the student account is half the price which makes it even better! Listed below are some of the benefits that you will receive with an Amazon Prime Student account:


  • Fast, free delivery – Two-day delivery guaranteed and one or same day delivery on select items
  • Amazon Fresh – Free 2-hour delivery on groceries and household items (select U.S. cities)
  • Prime Video – Stream countless movies and TV shows
  • Amazon Music Prime – 2 million ad-free songs included
  • Prime Gaming – Unlock exclusive video games
  • Prime Reading – Unlimited reading
  • Textbook Rentals – Get textbooks delivered to your door in two days
  • Prime Member Deals – Enjoy the same deals as Prime members 
  • Amazon Photos – Unlimited storage
  • Prime Try Before You Buy – Try clothes on at home and pay for what you keep
  • Better deals – Deals with Grubhub, Course Hero, Calm and StudentUniverse
  • Prime Day – 48-hour sale only on Amazon that happens once a year exclusively for Prime members 
  • Early access to deals


After you graduate, the perks above don’t just go away. You are automatically transferred to an Amazon Prime account.


Now when this happens, the price does go up, but the perks remain the same and you don’t have to worry about figuring out how to cancel your student subscription. 


How much is Amazon Student Prime account? 


Prime Student accounts are over 50% cheaper than regular Amazon Prime accounts and they come with the same benefits, as listed above. The price of Amazon Prime Student is $69 per year. Thus, if you purchased it for four years it would be roughly $276. 


If you are looking for short term Amazon Prime Student usage, consider going the monthly route and paying $7.49 per month for the account. You may ask, why wouldn’t I just pay for the entire year?


Well, if you only need prime for a couple of months instead of a year, this would be the better option. Also, if you only need Prime at certain times, this is perfect for a college student on a budget. 


In addition, you may also be wondering, what happens when I graduate? Well, as soon as you finish your studies or after four years (whichever comes first), your Amazon Prime Student account will end, and you will be switched to a normal Amazon Prime account.


This switch increases the fee to $139 per year or $14.99 per month. 


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What is the six-month trial period?


If you are unsure about forking over $69 dollars per year for a Prime account, consider trying Amazon’s six-month free trial period. During this time, you will have access to almost all the perks of a paid account. 


The only perk you will not be able to use is Amazon Music. However, if you switch to the paid account, you will gain access right away. 


Also, if you begin the free trial and realize it’s not for you, you can cancel at any time, free of charge. 


On the other hand, if you love the account and desperately want access to Amazon Music you can upgrade to a paid account at any time during the free trial. 


  • Who is eligible for Amazon Student Prime?

Amazon Prime Student is only available for students that are enrolled in higher education programs. This includes two-year and four-year college programs, as well as graduate programs. The benefits of this account do not extend to high school students. 


Note: Prime Student is only available for a maximum of four years or the amount of time that you are enrolled at a university or college; whichever is shorter. 


Being an Amazon Prime Student member provides numerous benefits, most of which, again, are listed above. They even have student exclusive offers. Some of these include purchases on textbooks, kindle unlimited, and more exclusive offers that are coming soon!


  • Is there a catch?

If you are familiar with Amazon Prime, then you know that you can share your account with others. However, as an Amazon Prime Student member, you cannot share your account with anyone else. 


Note: There are no loopholes for sharing an account. For example, if you switch from a regular Prime account that you are sharing with others to a student one, you will not be able to continue sharing the account. 


  • How do I cancel my Prime Student account?

Canceling your account is very simple. First, go to Prime Central. In the upper right-hand corner, there will be a box that says membership. Click on this box and there will be a drop-down menu.


The last box on that drop down menu will say ‘End Membership.’ Click that button and then click ‘End Benefits.’ Finally, click End Membership again. 


Note: If you cancel your membership, you cannot start another free six-month trial. You will only be offered a new membership with the costs of either $7.49 per month or $69 per year. 


  • What email do I use when I sign up? My school or personal email?

You can use either email! It is more common for students to use their personal email just because school emails are designated for schoolwork or events. But you will need both.


While you are signing up for your account, you will be asked to provide your student email address. This way Amazon can verify your student status. But other than that verification, your personal email will be tied to the account. 


If you don’t have a school email you can still apply for Amazon Prime Student. The steps are shown below under the section titled “How to sign up for an account”.


While signing up, be sure to have some proof of your student status on hand; Amazon made need this for verification. This includes having one of the following: 


  • A student ID
  • A transcript 
  • Class list for the current semester
  • A tuition bills
  • An acceptance letter for the upcoming semester. 


Note: If you don’t have a student email, you still receive the same benefits of Prime if Amazon confirms your student status. 


  • What happens when I graduate? Do I get to keep my account?

When you graduate, Amazon automatically switches your Amazon Prime Student account to a regular Amazon Prime account. This switch comes with an increase in price; however, the benefits remain the same.


Also, unlike with Prime Student, an Amazon Prime account can be shared with others. 


Basically, when you graduate or after four years (whichever comes first) you no longer have access to the cheaper Prime Student. But you can continue to use Prime by paying for a regular Amazon Prime account. 


  • Can I cancel my Prime Student account when I graduate so I don’t become an Amazon Prime member?

Yes! You can cancel your Amazon Prime Student account when you graduate. This way you will avoid being transferred to a full Amazon Prime account. Refer back to the section about how to cancel your account. 


  • Do I have access to Prime Video and Amazon Music Prime?

Yes! With a paid Amazon Prime Student account, you have access to both Prime Video and Amazon Music Prime. However, within the six-month trial period, you will not have access to Amazon Music Prime, but you will have access to all of the other benefits.


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Is it worth subscribing to an Amazon Prime Student account?

If you love to shop, need fast shipping, want discounts and various deals then yes, Amazon Prime Student is worth it. It’s also a sweet deal if you use numerous other platforms for streaming and music.


Rather than having a Netflix, Spotify, and Gaming subscription, you will only need one account for all your streaming needs with Amazon Prime Student.


Having an account is a great way to save money, which for college students is extremely important. You could be saving over $100 per year! 


On the other hand, if you don’t use streaming services or make many last-minute purchases that require two-day shipping, Amazon Prime Student may not be worth it.


If you shop on Amazon without an account and spend at least $25 on an order of eligible items, you will qualify for free shipping with Amazon anyway. Your order will also be delivered in five to eight days after all your items are ready.


So, if you’re not in need of fast delivery, just using Amazon without an account may be perfect for you. 


How to sign up for an account

If you’ve made I this far, I’m sure you’re wondering how you can sign up for an Amazon Prime Student account. Well, look no further. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to sign up with and without a student email address!


Signing up for Amazon Prime Student it actually very easy. All you need are a few things on hand to prove that you’re a current and eligible student. To begin click HERE or look up Prime Student sign-up. You should be re-directed to a page that looks like this.

To begin the sign-up process, click “Try Prime Student”:

You will be redirected to a page that asks you to sign in. If you have an existing Amazon account, go ahead and sign in.

If you don’t have an existing account, you will need to make one. This process is very simple and quick. First click ‘create new account’ and then enter your name, email address, and create a password.


You do not need to sign up using a school email here. That will be done later. 

After you set up your account a verification code will be sent to your email. Type this verification code into the directed spot and click verify.


You will also be asked to enter your phone number and then go through the same verification process as the email. 


After you have done that you will be re-directed to a page that looks like this:

This screen is for people who don’t have a school email or who would prefer not to use it. Enter your university or college, your name, birthday, and graduation year. 


If you would rather use your school email to sign up faster, at the bottom there is a link that says sign up using your .edu email. So, if you have a school email, you can also click the link and sign up that way instead. If you deiced to do this, you will be brought to this page:

Simply enter your school email and enter your graduation year. 


After you have completed one of the steps above (again, you only need to do one), then scroll down. At the bottom of either screen, you will see this:

This is where you are going to enter your credit card information. Under credit cards, click “Add a credit or debit card”. Then enter your information:

After you enter your payment information, press continue. Then click “Start your 6-month Trial”. Now you are done!


You will be able to start enjoying the benefits of your six-month free trial right away!


Consider Getting Amazon Prime Student Today


Whether you are thinking about purchasing a subscription or trying the free six-month trial, I hope this guide was helpful! Amazon Prime Student is a great deal for many students and can be a great alternative to having numerous subscriptions.


It is also a great way to save some precious and needed cash in college!


To sign up for Amazon Prime Student, all you need to do is click HERE.


Check out this helpful video for more tips!





Amazon Prime For Students

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