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Best Apps for Long-Distance College Relationships-The Ultimate Guide



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Long-distance relationships have always been hard for college students.

With the help of the App Store, couples can get competitive, learn new things about each other, or keep up with their favorite shows together!

Long-distance relationships were hard for college students even before the pandemic.

Going from seeing a partner every day on campus to traveling home for holiday breaks alone was a drastic adjustment for many couples and resulted in plane tickets being bought and hours of traveling just to see one another.

Now, students are stuck at home with little hopes of returning to campus. Couples who previously lived in the dorm, next door from one another, are now separated and can only see each other while wearing a mask.

Unless a couple is quarantined together or is being extremely cautious about their health, long-distance relationships must rely on communication in order to survive.

They have to take the time to call one another while balancing family, work, exercise, and personal hobbies. Especially with quarantine keeping society inside, conversations can run dry and physical affection seems like a long-lost memory. No more hugging or kissing. 

Showing affection and love for each other has turned into cute text messages or posts on social media. Though having virtual conversations can feel impersonal, discussions about what each person needs and how they are feeling can help keep both people happy.

It may seem impossible to keep the romance alive while being so far apart; however, the App Store is here to help. The App Store has come to college students rescue to help make remote dating easier and more than just a video call.

A Little Competition

If a couple is looking to have some friendly competition, there are plenty of games available in the App Store to test each other’s knowledge on the relationship. 

Couple Game 

Set-Up: Both people download the app and sign up. One person shares their secret code to the other for their accounts to sync. 

How It Works: The couple chooses a deck to play! First, both individuals answer the questions on their own. Then, they take turns guessing each other’s answers to see who gets the most right to win!

Bonuses: No email is required to sign up! The app also keeps track of how many wins each person gets and which decks have been completed.

Possible Downsides: There are a few free decks but most cost $1.99 to play. 

Gottman Card Decks

Set-Up: One or both people download the app. There is no sign up required. 

How it Works: There are 14 decks to choose from with each having its own topic and instructions to follow.

Including, Love Maps, Open-ended Questions, Rituals Of Connection, Opportunity, Sex Questions, Date Questions, Give Appreciation, I Feel… , Salsa (Mild), Salsa (Medium), Salsa (Hot), Expressing Needs, Expressing Empathy, and Great Listening.

Bonuses: There is no score for this game. It’s meant for conversation and connection. 

Possible Downsides: The couple should be on a call for easier communication.


Set-Up: Both people download the app and sign up. One person shares their code to link their accounts. 

How it Works: Every day, each person gets to perform six “attentions” or actions. The “attentions” are Dare, Quiz, Fantasy, Kamasutra, Would U Rather, and Tips.

Each person can earn points through completing dares, guessing correct quiz answers, or matching Would U Rather questions. The couple can spice up their relationship by learning each other’s fantasies and Kamasutras or getting advice through Tips. 

Bonuses: Points are traded for coupons to use on each other like favors, guilty pleasures, or services. It is also possible to create personal dares, quizzes, or Would U Rathers.

In addition, there is a game for the couple to do when together!

Possible Downsides: The app requires the couple to wait each day to reload “attentions.” It is not simultaneous unless the couple decides to do it together. 

House Party

Set-Up: Both people download the app and sign up. Then, they find each other as friends!

How it Works: One person invites the other to the call and the other joins!  They have the option to play Word Racers, Heads Up!, Trivia, Quick Draw, Chips and Guac, or Magic 8 Ball by clicking on the dice in the top right corner!

Bonuses: This app allows many people to video call so it is a great way for the significant other to bond with friends and family. 

Possible Downsides: Sometimes the app has a poor connection. 

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A Relaxed Night In

If a long-distance relationship couple is looking to have a movie night, they often fumble with synchronizing the film and hearing the lag of sound over a phone call. These Apps are here to help:

Netflix Party 

Netflix Party is an extension that is added to Google Chrome. It allows users to share a link that will open up to the specific Netflix show and watch it simultaneously together. 


  1. Both people open Chrome, google “Netflix Party,” and then add it to their browser.
  2. After choosing something to watch, one person opens Netflix to the agreed video and clicks on “NP” next to the address bar.
  3. They then copy the link to send to their significant other.
  4. The partner opens the link to the page and clicks on “NP.”
  5. They’ve joined the party! 

Both people can now see the video at the same time without all the fuss. If someone has to go to the bathroom, press pause and it will stop on both screens. There is also a chat where partners can talk about the show.

No need to Facetime to hear that sound lag!


Rave is an app that allows couples to watch any kind of video synchronously. Couples can message or send live recordings while they watch Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Vimeo, Reddit, or some videos on the Web. 


  1. Both people download the app and sign up.
  2. One person clicks on the giant plus button in the bottom right corner of the screen to start a Rave.
  3. They choose which platform they are using and find something to watch.
  4. At the bottom of the new screen, the app will ask “Who should be able to join this Rave?” Choose “Private” and send the link to the other person.
  5. The other partner clicks on the Rave link and they’ve joined!

It is important that the Rave is set to private so only those who have the link can join. For a platform that requires an account to use, like Netflix or Amazon Prime, both people need to be signed in to that platform for the video to be seen.

Last Thoughts on Long-Distance College Relationships

Long-distance relationships are never easy and apps can only go so far. It’s hard to be away from a loved one for so long.

In order to thrive, keep a positive attitude, make time for each other, and make the most out of the situation. Set countdowns until the next reunion. Plan out fun activities to do together. It will all be worth the wait!


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