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9 Legit College Jobs This Fall For Students

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Finding work during a pandemic can be difficult. However, with schools starting up again, there are more opportunities for college students to find part-time jobs.

Both on- and off-campus students can get work if they want it — they just need to look in the right places.

There’s a reason why society associates college students with being broke: they spend a lot of money. Tuition, room and board, meal plans, parking passes, textbooks — the list is never-ending.

Oftentimes students need a part-time job in order to support themselves.

The efforts to end the pandemic while keeping schools open has caused thousands of college students to either be stuck at home or quarantined on campus.

With unemployment rates at an all-time high, finding a job right now may seem impossible.

However, the new school year brings opportunities both on- and off-campus.


Many campuses are staying open for a select number of students. This means that there is a need for people to work in buildings in order to keep them open and running.

The best place to start looking for part-time work is in these pertinent buildings:

  • Academic Departments

Advising services and departments at colleges and universities will remain open throughout the semester for students to utilize.

Although these services have most likely been altered to have remote sessions, someone needs to be manning the phone and scheduling appointments.

Reception work is a great way to show future employers that you have strong communication skills, good organizational abilities, and can work well with others.

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  • Dining Halls

If there are people on campus, they are going to need to be fed!

Dining halls, cafes, and cafeterias on campus will need staff in the kitchen, cleaning the tables and dishes, and serving visitors in order to keep operating.

Working in dining halls can give students experience working under the pressure of rush hours, collaboratively working with others to make things run smoothly, and being friendly in order to maintain good customer service.

  • Dorms

Students living on campus have strict rules and regulations to follow in order to keep everyone healthy.

Security guards and RAs for dormitories are even more crucial now than they were before.

Both of these positions would show future employers that you are organized, patient, and responsible.

These jobs, especially for an RA, require a lot of people skills, which are important to have for future jobs.

  • Libraries

On-campus libraries offer many different job opportunities.

Services for technology and tutoring are often found in campus libraries, and they are still needed despite the decrease in the campus population.

Students can also work behind the front desk, doing reception work, or helping librarians with book returns.

Any job found in a library can improve one’s organizational skills, time management skills, and communication skills.

  • Labs

Research labs do not stop their work for a pandemic. Some researchers are looking for a vaccine for COVID-19 or a cure for cancer, and time is precious.

Lab assistants can help researchers save time since dividing the work among multiple people will help them get things done.

Lab assistants have the opportunity to develop many valuable skills, such as collaboration, organization, and analyzation, as well as many other field-specific skills.


The next best place to start looking for a job is to see if your school has a job board.

Not only does the school post available on-campus jobs, but people in the community can post opportunities as well!

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If a student is studying remotely or is commuting to school, there are plenty of job opportunities for those students as well.

The following jobs provide opportunities to teach valuable skills, even if they seem irrelevant.

  • Tutoring

There is no doubt that learning for K-12 students will be more difficult than usual due to remote work or hybrid schooling.

Parents will need help keeping their children on top of their schoolwork while also working themselves.

Being a tutor for younger children is a great way to learn patience and compassion while developing teaching and communication skills at the same time.

  • Babysitting

This semester, children will be home for some, if not all, of their school day, and parents will be busy with work, whether at home or in person, and they will need someone to watch their kids.

Babysitting may seem like an irrelevant job in regard to building skills for the future; however, it can teach people time management skills and teaching skills.

Babysitting can demonstrate how creative and responsible a person is, as well as their ability to multitask.

  • Animal Caretakers

Taking care of animals can be just as important as taking care of children.

Stopping by someone’s house to let the dog out and play with it for a few hours may seem like child’s play; however, taking care of an animal means watching it with a close eye and possibly even training it.

Training an animal takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice. Working as an animal caretaker is a great way to relieve stress as well!

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  • Brand Ambassadors

Being a brand ambassador is another way to earn money. This job requires a person to simply wear or use the product daily in their life and post on social media about it.

Most college students are going to be on social media anyway, so why not earn money while doing it?

Having social media skills is a commonly used ability in today’s world with technology increasing seemingly every day.

Being a brand ambassador would also show a person’s sales and communication skills.


Whatever job a college student ends up having, it’s important to understand that working while in college shouldn’t be stressful.

A job should be flexible, stress-free, and help you gain skills you can use in your future career. It’s what students take out of a job that’s important, not the title of the job itself.