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Diversity and Inclusion Reigned at the Super Bowl with Jennifer Lopez and Shakira



During the Super Bowl, diversity and inclusion are praised with the musical performances of both Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.
Source: IG: shakira

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez blew the crowd away as they performed at this year’s Super Bowl. Their performance showcased diversity and inclusion for the Latin community, while also giving us everything we needed, and more.

Prior to the Super Bowl, Shakira and Lopez did a press conference where they hinted at what was to come. 

“The Latino’s are going through a difficult time in the US right now, and I think it’s very important for us to convey a message of unity, and also to show what a relevant force the Latin community is in this country,” affirmed Shakira.

During the pre-game interview, they made it clear that it was important to showcase their Latino roots and stand for diversity and inclusion. 

“I think it’s a very important time for the Latino community in the country. The Superbowl is a very American event. And I think this is  going to be a reminder of what this country was built on, how much we have to offer, our idiosyncrasies, our culture that is so diverse,” explained  Shakira. 

Lopez on her part wanted to inspire and empower young Latinas. 

“I want this to be a big celebration and a big party. An inclusive party. I want to inspire many men and women and Latinos and people around the world to dream as big as they can,” Lopez said in an Instagram story before the game.

“When I think of all the little girls of the world seeing two Latinas doing this, at this time, is very empowering to me.”

During the 15 minute performance, both women combined their different cultural backgrounds  to give a different approach to Latin pride.

Shakira did a dance called Champeta which originated from African descendants of Colombia’s coastal regains, including her hometown, Barranquilla. This dance is admired for the intense footwork, and highly respected by all Colombians.

Shakira also paid homage to her Lebanese grandparents by performing the zaghrouta. This involves moving your tongue at a rapid speed, which caught the attention of many twitter users. 

Shakira’s Arab tribute was done at the perfect time. She performed just days after Trump expanded the travel ban, showing a sign of unity between our different cultures.

Jlo’s performance got political with a group of kids in singular “cages” appearing during the last part of her show, including Lopez’s daughter, who led a chorus of children—all donning sweatshirts with the American flag on them—singing Lopez’s 1999 song “Let’s Get Loud.” 

This part of the performance was considered a thinly-veiled dig to the Trump administration’s immigration policy and ICE, which separate parents from their children at the border. 

Lopez’ performance was also a tribute to her Puerto Rican roots. She donned a Puerto Rican flag while singing a rendition of “Born in the USA.” 

There is no doubt that the Super Bowl halftime show of these two Latin superstars will not be forgotten anytime soon. Their performance not only represented a celebration to the Latin community, but to all that stands for diversity and inclusion.