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Couple Buys a Car for Denny’s Waitress After Learning She Walks 14 Miles Everyday for Work



After a random couple heard Adrianna's story about walking 14 hours to and from work everyday they decided to buy her a car

It truly is the season of giving, and nobody knows that better than Adrianna Edwards. The Denny’s waitress was awestruck when a couple she had been serving came back hours after paying their bill with a brand new car for her.

Edwards, who works as a Denny’s waitress in Galveston, Texas, had been pinching pennies for a while to save up for a car. The young woman had been making a 14-mile journey to and from her job. 

During one of her shifts, Edwards had shared her story with a couple she had been serving. The couple, which has remained anonymous, were so moved by her work ethic that they decided to buy her a car. 

Just hours after meeting Edwards and paying their bill, they returned to Denny’s with a 2011 Nissan Sentra and gave the keys to astonished and confused Edwards.

While the couple was impressed with her work ethic, they did have one condition in giving the Denny’s waitress the car: pay the good deed forward.

Beyond freeing Edwards from a grueling commute, the couple has done much more than just buy a car for a person in desperate need.

Edwards will be able to use the money she saved up to put herself through college, and she already has a plan for using her improved circumstances to help others.

By: Madison Starr


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