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Young Boy Donates His Vacation Money To Hurricane Survivors

Source: Htv1michindoh | YouTube

Jermaine Bell is a six-year-old with a big heart. He turned his birthday trip into an unforgettable cause by helping others in the place of celebrating his own birthday.

For a whole year, Bell had been saving up money for a trip to celebrate his 7th birthday. He was going to celebrate by traveling to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park.

Although had he planned for a fun birthday trip, when Hurricane Dorian caused over a million residence near South Carolina to evacuate from their homes, Bell decided to put his money toward helping evacuees instead. This natural disaster was not going to put a damper on this young boy’s birthday. 

Bell bought snacks and water to hand to evacuees as they drove by on the crowded highway. He stood alongside Highway 125, held a hand-made sign and gave out hot dogs, chips, and water to those who needed them. Bell served more than one hundred people his donated food and touched each and every one of them with his kindness.

Video of Bell giving out snacks:

“The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re going to stay at. I wanted to be generous and live to give,” said Bell

Bell is a six-year-old, who has already learned how to be selfless and generous to others. He was proudly accompanied by his grandmother, Aretha Grant.

Lauren Bell, his mother, was very pleased with her son’s generosity . She posted about his service on Facebook to spread awareness to others and show them that everyone can help in whatever way they can.

“He actually even prayed for a family while they were here in reference to their house being okay when they got back, so that was really tear dropping,” said Grant.

“He has a very big heart and all-around caring spirit,” Lauren wrote on Facebook. “It definitely makes it a birthday to remember for him.”

After Bell’s act of kindness was heard of, all over the country, Mickey Mouse and Disney World workers surprised him at his home in Jacksonville. They invited Bell’s family to Disney World’s Animal Kingdom park for a VIP trip.

Bell was thrilled and had never expected anything that amazing would happen. He was thoroughly surprised and full of gratitude.

Video of Bell given a trip to Disney

“If you do good things, you will be rewarded,” Bell said.

Bell’s mission of making a difference was accomplished with a large amount of gratitude on both ends. With his selfless act of kindness, Bell has reached lengths far past his age and proven that no matter how old or young, anyone can make a positive impact. 



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