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Mariah Carey Shows Support to the LGBT+ Community By Headlining Brighton Pride 2020



Mariah Carey praises the LGBTQ+ community by headlining the Brighton Pride.
Source: IG: mariahcarey

Mariah Carey is set to headline this year’s Fabuloso Pride festival in Brighton, Sussex.

The singer, who has sold over 200 million albums worldwide and accumulated 19 number-one hits, will take over the stage August 1. 

Brighton’s Fabuloso Pride in the Park is the UK’S largest pride festival that takes place July 31, to August 2. Recently rejoined girl group “The Pussycat Dolls” will headline the event Sunday, August 2.

Coordinator Chris Jepson said Mariah Carey is “a huge LGBTQ+ ally.”  Jepson also said Pride is excited for “everything Mariah can throw at us” and is hoping she’s going to pull out all the big hits for the festival.

            “She’s a global icon, not just for the LGTBQ+ community,” Jepson said.

In 2016, Carey was awarded the GLAAD award, which is given to those who represent fair, accurate and Inclusive representation for all. During her acceptance speech, Carey decided to put a spin on the meaning of LGBTQ+. 

“L for legendary, G for gorgeous, B for beautiful, T for tantalizing, and Q for quality,” Carey said. 

Before accepting the GLAAD award, Carey released an album titled “Rainbow” on November 2, 1999. The album includes songs titled, “Can’t Take That Away” and “Against All Odds.” Both songs, along with others, express self-love and acceptance for all.

“In a perfect world, human beings would coexist harmoniously, like a rainbow, a multitude of colors. Each layer vibrant and clear by itself but in unison boundless, breathtaking, celestial,” Carey said. 

Member of Mariah Carey’s fanbase the ‘lambily,’ Solomon Fortune, expressed his excitement for Carey’s performance

“Mariah has supported the LGBT community in her personal life with her two gay uncles, and with her fans.” Fortune said, “It’s nice that she’s finally headlining a gay-themed event, and I can’t wait to see her there.” 

In a recent Instagram video, Carey confirmed her appearance in Brighton with a playful video. 

“Of course I’m doing Brighton Pride this year darling’s, I can’t wait to see you there,” Carey said.

Jason Cruz, who is also a part of Carey’s fanbase, was filled with joy after finding out Carey was headlining Brighton’s pride. 

“I can’t think of anyone in the music industry who has been an ally to us as long as Mariah has.” Cruz said, “Mariah was supporting us way before it was even accepted, and for that alone she has my full support.”

Last year the festival brought more than 250,000 people to the city, but with the constant growth of the festival each year and Carey performing, there is no doubt this number will significantly increase.