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Self-Expression – Voices

“My photography perfectly captures the beauty out there which I hope inspires others to broaden their horizons!”
New York, NY
My greatest passion is traveling. No matter whether I’m home in New York City or abroad, I find there’s so much to see and do.

My motto has always been that you only live life once so why not live it to the fullest. Personally, I always found it interesting to learn about all the different cultures that’s out there.

I also have gained a new perspective on life through traveling. Honestly, there’s just so much history in this world, as well as such amazing food!

I started traveling when I was still a baby. Thanks to my mom, I was able to travel to amazing places at a young age.

My mother is an adventure seeker with a passion to explore the world. She has been a major inspiration to me in that way.

As for how my actual passion has influenced me, I have become more adventurous and spontaneous in my everyday life. I tend to be very open-minded about where I go, what I eat, and how I view the world. This is why, I started blogging on Instagram as well.

On my IG account, I am able to express myself and showcase my travels in a creative way. My photography perfectly captures the beauty out there, which I hope inspires others to broaden their horizons!



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Self-Expression – Voices

Self-Expression – Voices

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