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4 Easy Ways to Honor Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Legacy

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Associate justice of the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg standing with her arms crossed over a blue chair.

May her memory be a blessing.”

A Jewish phrase used in the wake of a death, used to mean “May you be like the person who has passed”. A phrase that has been shared thousands of times in the past few weeks to commemorate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away on September 18, 2020, at the age of 87.

Lovingly nicknamed “RBG,” Ginsburg was a role model to many, being only the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court, and the first Jewish woman. Supporters of RBG flocked to the Supreme Court after her death to lay flowers and remember all she has done for the US.

In order for her memory to be a blessing, to be like her, and use her work as a guide, here are a few ways that you can honor her memory and keep her legacy alive.

1. Stand up for women’s rights

RBG was a fierce feminist, and many of her rulings on the Supreme Court gave new rights to women. In order to honor this part of her legacy, it’s important to continue fighting for women.

RBG championed many important laws that expanded women’s rights, including laws that stated that state-funded universities must admit women, that women have the right to financial independence, and that juries must include women.

To honor her legacy in this field, there are many things you can do, such as donating to women running for office and supporting organizations that are trying to put more women in office (like Emily’s List and She Should Run). Supporting women who are breaking the glass ceiling and fighting for gender equality is a great way to honor what RBG fought for. RBG famously said that she would consider there to be enough women on the court “when there are nine”, so putting women into high-ranking positions is the perfect way to honor her legacy.

2. Honor RBG’s dying wish

Ginsburg’s granddaughter, Clara Spencer, passed on some of Ginsburg’s parting words: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” To honor what Ginsburg wanted, and to preserve her spot on the Court for someone that may be more suited to her liking, you can sign this petition, or contact your elected officials, telling them you want them to wait to confirm another justice until after the upcoming presidential election.

3. Honor the reproductive rights that RBG fought for

Reproductive rights are at the forefront of the conversation regarding RBG’s replacement, mostly due to the possibility of a 6-3 conservative majority becoming a reality if President Donald Trump’s nominee is confirmed. RBG had many iconic dissents in favor of protecting reproductive rights, so continuing that legacy is so important. You can protect reproductive rights by donating to and supporting your local women’s health clinic or Planned Parenthood, becoming a clinic escort, or joining a pro-choice organization at your school or in your community.

4. Recognize the barriers that she broke

As the first Jewish woman on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg balanced the identities of being an American and a Jewish woman. Proud of her faith, she said in 2005 that “Judaism’s eternal pursuit of justice” guided her work, shown by how extensively she worked on sex-discrimination cases.

RBG worked until the day she died, and was a role model for so many. To truly honor her legacy, we must let her memory be a blessing – we must look to the justice she fought for and fight for it ourselves.