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Millionaire Helps Peruvian Boy Who Has No Choice But To Do Homework Under A Street Lamp



Source: Black Blassom | YouTube

Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba has inspired other students with his work ethic as he sat under a streetlamp in Moche, Perú, in order to do his homework. Víctor had been using the street lamp as a replacement for the lack of electricity in his home.

Because of an issue with obtaining the necessary documents, Víctor’s mother had been unable to prove that she owned the house in which they were living. This deed was also required for electrical service in the home. 

Reflecting the unfortunate conditions of the neighborhood in which Víctor lived, a security video captured film of Víctor Martín Angulo Córdoba doing homework under a Peruvian street lamp late one night. It was taken and shared on social media as inspiration to overcome challenges even if it meant finding a street lamp as a source of light.

This powerful message of perseverance spread all over the world, and the story reached many social change-makers including Arturo Fernández Bazán, the city’s mayor, and Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a young millionaire from Bahrain. 

Arturo Fernández Bazán responded to the video, by assisting Víctor’s mother, Rosa, in obtaining the deed to their home. After learning of Víctor’s aspirations to continue his studies and become a police officer, Bazán also gave school supplies to Víctor to further support his education. Thanks to the kindness of the Mayor, Víctor now has the tools to take charge of his plan for success and follow his dreams. 

Yaqoob Yusuf Ahmed Mubarak, a 31-year-old millionaire importer and chocolatier, was impressed by Víctor’s diligence and work ethic. He traveled all the way to Víctor’s home town of Moche to meet him. The validated Víctor’s hard work and became Víctor’s mentor and friend. 

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As Yaqoob became aware of the poor circumstances in which Víctor family was living, he insisted on providing funds for a home makeover. The new home included a second story and working electricity.

Yaqoob also offered Víctor’s mother business support and renovated the school, which Víctor attended. The improvements included a new computer center, which the school would otherwise not provide for the students. 

“We will go to make many plans to make this school very ideal and protected for all the kids,” said Yaqoob. 

“I am happy they are going to help me build my little house It’s humble and always will be. Thanks also for helping to build our school,” said Víctor.

Yaqoob promised he would return to attend the inauguration of the new school when the time came. In the time before the ceremony, Víctor’s family will have electricity and enough support to live comfortably and thrive in their community. 

By: Sydney Murphy

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