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Straight Pride in Dallas Was as Much of a Failure as You Would Expect

Known for its conservative politics, Texas hosts a Straight Pride Parade, which ends up failing.
Source: sorayathepariah| Twitter

Minoritized groups such as the LGBTQ+ community, people of color, and women have a history of using marches and parades as a way to protest the wrong being done upon them. 

It’s not uncommon for certain groups, typically conservative, to respond by claiming that their rights are being taken away because a different group is gaining rights. 

You would think in 2019 that people would realize rights aren’t like pie, and if somebody else gets rights there is less for you. However, a whopping three people in Dallas disagreed.

Texas is known for its conservative politics, but they took it a step farther when a Straight Pride Parade was held in Dallas. 

The failure of a parade was held by Super Happy Fun America, the same people who planned the straight pride parade in Boston that was met with over 1,000 counter protestors. Vice President Mark Sahady commented on these demonstrations.

“Whether you are straight or part of the oppressed majority, or here as an ally supporting us, we welcome you to the greatest parade in the history of the world!”

The greatest parade in the history of the world had exactly three people at it in Dallas on November 16. Super Happy Fun America claimed they would send supporters, and two showed up. 

The march was promoted by Protecting Our Next Generation, a group that claims they are “strong conservative Christians who are standing up for our biblical values”. 

They’re better known as an anti-LGBTQ+ group. As though the poorly planned and ill intended demonstration couldn’t get worse, a member of the white supremacist group, the Proud Boys, decided to join them.

If it wasn’t so hysterical at the lack of success in getting any actual demonstration going at all, this joke of a demonstration would have gained much more air time and news attention. 

However, there is still a problem found in this failure. There are people that genuinely believe that it’s any of their business who people love, that race determines worth, that some cops aren’t corrupt, and that Donald Trump is above being a decent human being just as they are.

By: Madison Starr



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