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Motorwork’s Brewing Company in Florida Finds Homes for Shelter Dogs

Sydney Murphy



As part of Motorwork's Brewing Company's contribution towards animals in need, they find homes for dogs in animal shelters.
Source: Motorwork's Facebook Page

A brewery in Florida called Motor Works Brewing recently started printing faces of shelter dogs on their beer cans.

These are adoptable dogs from a nearby animal shelter, and the beers are distributed in hopes of facilitating the search for homes for the dogs.

Motorworks Director of Sales and Marketing, Barry Elwonger, has been working to make sure the funds raised from the sales of the beer are going towards efforts to build a brand new shelter for animals in need.

The beer cans are sold during the collaborative event titled ‘Yappy Hour’ and which now happens every third Sunday of each month. During this past month, more than 150 four-packs of the beer were sold and people were excited to contribute to such an overlooked and integral part of the community. The proceeds are going to Shelter Manatee.  

“The response from this project has been overwhelming. We have had countless calls and messages about the program and we are elated to have raised so much awareness (and money) for the shelter already. We love dogs here at Motorworks Brewing and can’t thank the community enough for getting behind this initiative,” said Elwonger.

Each of the dogs’ stories have also been printed on the beer cans. These stories include the different breeds of the dogs, what the dogs like and where the dogs can be adopted.

“We had a small amount of leftover labels from the initial run and since we have received so many requests from customers outside of our area we thought selling the labels themselves would be another way to raise funds, which it seems like it will be,” said Elwonger.

The Motorwork’s Facebook Page has helped spread awareness of the effort to find homes for dogs. This effort is a sign of caring and warmth that people have toward dogs who can’t help the situation they are in.