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This 13-Year-Old Created his own Bakery and is Feeding the Homeless!

13-year-old-baker enthusiast Michael Platt turned his business model to a good cause by feeding the homeless and the hungry of Washington DC.
Source: michaelsdesserts | Instagram

13-year-old-baker enthusiast Michael Platt has always wanted to have a purpose in what he does. He turned his business model to a good cause, feeding the homeless and the hungry of Washington DC. 

 “It’s all about helping people — not just having a purpose for yourself, but thinking about, ‘How does this touch other things?’” Michael declares.

The business model is simple. For every piece of delicious pastry he sells, he gives one away for free to the less fortunate out of his self-made business called Michael’s Deserts. The young entrepreneur and philanthropist also works with other charitable organizations, such as the non-profit organization No Kid Hungry, based out of Washington DC. 

Michael has managed to turn his own business savvy and passion for baking both into a successful business model, and a charitable cause, giving assistance to the less fortunate including families in domestic violence shelters. At the age of just 11, Michael started his own bakery shop, with a passion for baking, it was no wonder his business model worked, as he started making a good, steady profit, but he wanted to give back.  

Michael quickly realized that turning your passion into a business revenue comes easy and naturally, but that things in life can be about more, about giving back and fighting inequality.  It’s not about the money, and although giving away pastries is not going to solve world hunger, or all of the inequality problems we are facing today, 

Michael does his part and fights the good fight, improving the world around him one step at a time. Michael has taken to his social media accounts to respond to adult naysayers. 

Some have said his business model is not sustainable, and others have questioned if really giving away a cupcake or two is going to help solve the world’s problems. And while that may not be the case, it can make a dent into the thick wall of inequality and social problems worldwide.  However, Michael has faced difficulty in his own life, and knows the challenges some of his fellow men are facing. 

Michael was diagnosed with epilepsy, suffering from medical problems from a young age. Despite this, he proved to be a creative, energetic force to be reckoned with, and he channeled this energy into baking and creating pastry. Focusing his creative energy and talents into baking has given the young inspirational business entrepreneur an outlet and ambition.  

You can usually find him handing out either delivering pastries to homeless shelters or domestic violence by himself. Luckily for him, his family has supported him all the way, helping him start out on the baking path, and letting him pursue his passion for helping the world

Even some of the big brand name companies have adopted a generous business model, and philanthropy, even on a small local level is important.  If you take a look through Michael’s Instagram, it is graced with beautifully made, delicious pastry, and inspirational words. And for those who want to order and try his creations, he accepts online orders on his very own Michael’s Desserts website and continuing to deliver to the less fortunate himself.

By: BLENDtw Team



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