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Meet Lady Boss Blogger: Elaine Rau



Elaine Rau wearing a pink top with her arms crossed while smiling at the camera.

With an impressive following of over 150,000 readers, Lady Boss Blogger is a blog that has accomplished notable success in only 2 years. Elaine Rau, CEO and Founder, is the woman behind the popular site.

Lady Boss Blogger is dedicated to helping women entrepreneurs and bloggers. On the site, you will find countless articles featuring advice for women’s success in the business world from women professionals, informational courses created by the Lady Boss Blogger team, and more.

The blog reaches far past its headquarters in Chicago to across the world. With success comes hard work, and Rau put not only work but her passion and skills to create a resource for women to successfully navigate the business world.

Blogging had not always been Elaine’s passion. For years, Elaine worked in the wedding industry. Not only was she successful, but she loved it too. However, her whole life changed in a matter of one week.

At the time, her fiancé lived in Honduras with his family. She was shocked to learn that her brother-in-law was brutally murdered. Once she heard the news, she requested time off to support her fiancé in his time of grief.

As quickly as she asked, she was denied because of the approaching Christmas season. At that moment she realized she was nothing more than a dollar sign to the company. From there, she quit her job, sold her place, and moved to Honduras.

The move to Honduras was a challenging transition from her life in the states. She was fully immersed in a culture with a language barrier. Because of this barrier, she could not find a job.

Feeling lost, she decided to channel her creativity and find a purpose. In September of 2016, she created a blog. Originally, she bought the name Lady Boss but realized that all the social media handles were taken. Alas came the blog we know today: Lady Boss Blogger.

Lady Boss Blogger grew very quickly. She accredits it to her jumping on the wave of female-empowering projects when it was rare. At the time, Elaine recalls not seeing many projects like hers. In addition, she also thinks her consistency helped the growth.

Her blog today is still constant with the daily uploads at 6 PM CST. Elaine compares the importance of consistency of blogs to that of a television show.

Today, the blog posts two types of articles. One being interviews while the others are guest posts. Lady Boss Blogger has interns from all the around the world. For the past year, international Instagram pages have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Swahili.

Elaine wants to work towards erasing the language barrier, a barrier that she experienced in Honduras. With the help of her interns, they help translate to make the blog accessible to many. Currently, they are experimenting with Instagram and hope to expand to other platforms.

Once she moved back to the states, she confided in her mentor about her blog. As she poured out her heart about her vision, her mentor responded with the same response, “So what? How are you helping the world?”

At the time, it really frustrated her and kept her up at night. As she reflected, she realized she needed to do something to benefit the world. This led to her involvement with the Micah Project.

The Micah Project is a Honduran charity that works to help house and educate homeless boys. They also work against the violence that the boys endure, the same violence that took her brother-in-law’s life.

Her husband was one of those boys in his youth, so she felt compelled to get involved. A portion of all Lady Boss Blogger’s proceeds goes towards this charity. Elaine is emotional when she speaks about The Micah Project, but today she looks at it as a fulfilling experience that helps make the world a better place.

For readers who aspire to be bloggers, she advises them to draw from personal experience, be extremely relevant, and find a profitable niche that they’re interested in. They also should love the whole process of blogging from start to finish. Lady Boss Blogger is always looking for remote interns so if you’re interested click here.

The blog also offers a few courses to guide online business owners and bloggers. They are either paid or free, ranging from 3 to 21 days. The courses on How to Start A Money Making Blog and How To Become An Influencer were originally articles.

These articles were very successful with thousands of shares. Elaine decided to listen to the readers and create the courses. At first, it was difficult for Elaine to transition from learner to the teacher, but knowing that she’d help many women made it worthwhile.

However, with the popularity of women wanting to learn how to be bloggers, she knew she had to make the jump.

Elaine Rau is the head of a growing company that expands far pass just blogging. This platform helps thousands of women internationally channel their inner Lady Boss.

By helping all these women, she has created a network of women helping women. The success stories of powerful women in business motivate others that they too can achieve that success.

Rau is empowering and guiding women in business every day with her blog. Her message strives to have women take control of their lives and to not waste a second of life. You are never trapped.

If you’ve been looking for a start to blog, look at Lady Boss Blogger as that start.

By: Vivianna Shields