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Mindy Kaling Shares Pics With Uplifting Message: All Body Types Should Feel Comfortable In A Bikini



Source: Dominick D |Flickr

Actress, comedian, writer, and new mother, Mindy Kaling, posted a photo of herself on Instagram that left viewers enlightened. Her post was promoting body positivity and stating that everyone should feel comfortable wearing a bikini no matter what body type. The post included two side-by-side photos of Kaling looking beautiful in a two-piece bikini.

Kaling wrote in the caption: “IDK who needs to hear this but…,” she wrote. “WEAR A BIKINI IF YOU WANT TO WEAR A BIKINI. You don’t have to be a size 0.”

Source: mindykaling | Instagram

A video was also posted on Kaling’s story in which she explained her first encounter with the struggles of women in business and her realization of the importance of body confidence. She also added in her post that she prefers high waisted bikinis as they are more flattering for her figure. Kaling ended her post with encouragement towards viewers by inviting them to take pictures of themselves rocking a bikini and to send it to her.

“My very best friend in the world, Jocelyn, is from Hawaii, and I would go and visit her when I was in college, and what I was struck about Hawaii is that everybody wears bikinis,” she recounted. “It does not matter what your body type is. You rock a bikini cause you’re in Hawaii. And there’s so much body positivity there that I, who was always really shy about my body, would wear bikinis,” Kaling said.

Kim Kardashian thinks Mindy looks beautiful in a bikini
Source: mindykaling | Instagram

Many of the comments, including Kim Kardashian, have supported Kaling’s powerful messages and are helping to spread the word to women all over the world. Posts such as this are changing the way beauty is perceived and inspiring other women to take the stand as well.

A young lady on Instagram reacts to the Mindy bikini selfie with some inspirational quotes of her own
Source: mindykaling | Instagram

Confidence and pride can make or break an experience. Kaling is right about everyone deserving to live without feeling self-conscious about whether others see them as fitting into a specific definition of beauty. Though people may have a predisposed idea of what beauty looks like, everyone looks beautiful in different ways. Nobody deserves to feel self-conscious or less attractive than anyone else.

By: Sydney Murphy

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