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A Man Announces His Two-week Notice With A ‘Condolence’ Card

An employee sent his boss a condolence card as a creative way to announce his two-week notice.
Source: Linnaea Mallette

An employee working at a call center in Sheffield, England, found a creative way to announce his two-week notice. Sam Baines sent his boss a condolence card. 

The front of the card stated, “So very sorry for your loss.” And, on the inside, Baines wrote, “My last day at work is the 28th July.”

Baines’ card was shared on Twitter by his coworker, Hannah, and has received over 430,000 likes and 76,000 retweets. Many people seem very excited about this new idea and have written their own versions of the condolence card to their own boss. 

Since Baines was returning to University that September, he knew he would need to quit his job before then. In order to be a full-time student, he must become unemployed from his current position at the call center. But he also recognized that there needed to be a fun way to announce his resignation. 

“We are a really close team and have a fantastic manager, so we’re always joking around and having fun. I knew I had to do something a little more creative when giving my notice to try and get one more joke in before I left!” said Baines

“Everyone was laughing and pretty amused with the card. It was done in good spirit,” Hannah explained. 

It seemed as though Baines got along with his coworkers and would be missed as he returned to school. Baines will be remembered as the employee who showed others how to make quitting their job more lighthearted. He has shown that even something that is typically a sad or awkward can be turned into a pleasant announcement.

By: Sydney Murphy



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