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I Am An Immigrant Series

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“I got so dedicated in becoming Americanized, I didn’t realize my roots were slipping away.”
Harrisburg, PA
I tried to do everything to fit in. I let myself become an Akata (An Americanized Nigerian). Born in Warri, Nigeria in 1996 and migrated to America in 1999 which was definitely a transition that wasn’t expected. I went from not having electricity some days and being around family to having it all and finding myself quite alone. I constantly got bullied for not looking the same as everyone else which made me learn very quickly that in America, appearances matter. The children would call me names such as “African booty scratcher” and because of that I was determine to fit in. ” I got so dedicated in becoming Americanized,I didn’t realize my roots were slipping away.” I got my first actual haircut from a barber in the 5th grade after getting bullied about my hairline. I just wanted to fit in. As the years went by, I realized I was more closer with an American lifestyle than Nigerian. Although, one thing I fell for about America is the American dream. My father’s dreams were for me to become a successful doctor but I explained to him that it wasn’t my passion and whatever I become, I’ll work twice as hard because of my adversities. My motto is: You can be whatever you want to be and my pursuit of happiness is becoming a mechanical engineer.
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