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Stocking Stuffers for College Students: 50+ Incredible Ideas

Are you having a hard time finding the perfect stocking stuffers? Check out these awesome ideas for stocking stuffers for college students.



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This article was updated on 11/29/2023.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

It’s the holiday season! That means it is time to begin Christmas shopping. While buying gifts for people can be fun, it can also be stressful.

You want to find the perfect gift, something that will love, which can be hard. While the main gifts are important, so are the stockings.

You can get creative with what you fill them with.

Also, if you pack it carefully, you can fit quite a bit of stuff into a tiny stocking. You may want to fill stockings for some of the people in your life. Or, maybe you all are only exchanging stockings.

One of those people may be a college student.

What do you put in the stocking for a college student? Candy? Make-up? Gift Cards? Check out this list of 50+ of the best stocking stuffers for college students!

These are going to vary in price, type of item, and store, so you can find the ones that work best for the college student in your life. At least one item on this list is going to be the perfect stocking stuffer for them.

Plus, it may even help you think of some fun and unique ideas on your own!


1. Small Notebook

Mead Small Notebook, 12 Pack of Small Spiral Notebook, 3x5 " College Ruled Memo Book Wirebound 60 Sheets, Pastel Colors of Mini pocket memo pad in Bulk pack

In my opinion, anyone could benefit from having some sort of way to write things down. College kids would for sure benefit from having one.

These notebooks would be great to put in a book bag or purse. They are similar or smaller in size to a phone, so they do not take up much space.

That way, if they are in class and need to make a note of something, or if they suddenly remember an item to get at the grocery store or a person they need to email, they can write it down.

It will keep all of those notes in one place. Plus, you can use it as a journal. They come in a variety of colors, so you can get them multiple, and they can designate a color for certain things -- or you could just get them one in their favorite color. Either way, these are fantastic stocking stuffer ideas. 


2. Power Bank

Anker Portable Charger, 313 Power Bank (PowerCore Slim 10K) 10000mAh Battery Pack with PowerIQ Charging Technology and USB-C (Recharge Only) for iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and More

In today’s day and age, we are always on our phones. With that, our phone batteries are constantly being drained.

This is especially true for college students. They use their phones for studying, listening to music, social media, playing games, or taking photos -- they use them for everything.

This means they will not be happy if their phone does not have enough battery.

That will not be an issue with this stocking stuffer idea.

This portable charger will allow them to charge their phone on the go. They can charge it while they are in class, doing homework, walking around campus, etc.

There is no need for an outlet. As long as the power bank is charged, they can charge their phone. Plus, it can slip easily into a backpack and not take up too much space.

So they can still bring their books to class. 



3. Release and Recover Ball Set

Release and Recover Ball Set | Unisex Work Out Accessories | lululemon

Having sore and tight muscles is never fun. Which is where this next idea for a stocking stuffer for college students comes in.

This is a set of three lightweight massage balls that can be used after a workout. They are designed to target different muscle groups and help relieve tension.

Each ball is a different size, so you can target different sizes of muscle groups. If they workout often or experience muscle tension, this is a great gift option.

These can be easily stored in their dorm or apartment and used as needed. Plus, it is extremely useful to have.

They will be very grateful for this gift, especially after using them post-workout for the first time. 



4. Pop Socket

PopSockets Grip with Swappable Top for Cell Phones, PopGrip Black

This next stocking stuffer idea is an oldy but still a goody. It is a pop socket. Now, these were a popular item a few years ago, but they are still a useful phone accessory.

Not only do they come in many designs and colors, they help you get a better grip on your phone. It can pop out, allowing you to wrap your fingers around and hold on to it.

It can also be a phone stand. You can watch videos on your phone without having to look down.

Also, you can swap out the tops, so they can be changed without having to change the whole pop socket. It is also inexpensive, at just about ten dollars.

So it is a cheap, easy, and useful item to throw into the college student's Christmas stocking. 



5. Nike Headband Set

Nike Headbands (6-Pack). Nike.com

Headbands are one of those staple hair accessories to have in your collection, which makes them the next stocking stuffer idea. This set of six headbands is thin, so they will not take up a lot of space on your head but will still be able to keep hair out of your face.

The silicone grip allows it to stay on your head while being active. So you can workout, go to class, run errands, or do whatever you need to do, and it will not fall.

Since it is a set of six, each one is different. So you can pick one that fits you best for the day. Plus, they are black and white, so they can go with pretty much any outfit -- keeping it simple. 


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6. Earrings

J.Crew: Small twisted hoop earrings

You can never go wrong with a jewelry gift, which is why earrings are a great stocking stuffer for college students.

You can find a pair of studs, a pair of hoops, or a pair with a cool design. Whatever fits their style.

They are small enough that they will fit easily into the stocking without taking up much room. That way you can easily fit more into the stocking.

You can even include multiple pairs of earrings. They are a simple and classic gift -- perfect for the college student in your life. 



7. Mixed Metal Ball Stretch Bracelet

Edforce Stainless Steel Women's CZ Honey Bee Charm Bead Stretchable Ball Chain Bangle Bracelet (Gold)

A simple bracelet is always a great stocking stuffer. They come in many different styles and colors, so there is one that will for sure be a hit with a college student.

They are cute, stylish, and a great accessory for any outfit. These bracelets in particular are simple and can make any outfit more elegant.

They can be easily placed into a stocking and not take up much space. They can be folded, placed inside, and you will still have plenty of space for other gifts. 



8. Dewy Cleanse and Hydrate

Dewy Cleanse + Hydrate - Tatcha | Sephora

If the college student in your life is into skincare, then this set is a great stocking stuffer idea.

It is a duo of products to help cleanse their skin and hydrate it to help improve their overall complexion. They will love finding these products in their stocking.

They are a useful and thoughtful gift. It shows that you pay attention to the things that they care about.

Plus, it is not overly expensive, as you can get both products for twenty-five dollars. So it is a useful, inexpensive, and thoughtful gift. 



9. Halo Pave Stud Necklace 

Halo Pave Stud Necklace | COACH®

Stocking stuffers do not have to be small and cheap gifts. They can be sweet and thoughtful gifts that may be on the more pricey end.

Of course, they do not have to be overly expensive either. A gift like this halo pave necklace is a great stocking stuffer.

This diamond necklace is a sweet and thoughtful stocking stuffer that is more than just candy or a gift card.

While it is a more expensive gift, it can still fit into a stocking, making it a stocking stuffer. It is a sweet gift that shows how much you care about them.

It may be one of the main gifts you give them, but that is okay because it is a special gift. They can wear it every day, or on special occasions.

Either way, it will add sparkle to any outfit, and they will think of you when they wear it. 



10. Fuzzy Socks

SISOSOCK Fuzzy Socks for Women Cozy Soft Warm Socks Casual Home Sleep Comfy Socks 5 Pack Winter Socks Gifts for Women

Fuzzy socks are a fantastic practical gift. I know I love my fuzzy socks and can never have enough pairs. They are great for lounging around the house or keeping your feet warm as you run errands.

They are a winter staple, which is perfect for the holidays. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. So there will for sure be a pair that fits the style of the college student in your life. They will love having at least one pair in their collection.

Also, they are not expensive, so you can buy multiple pairs and other gifts. Plus, they can easily be stuffed into a stocking, and you will still have plenty of space for other gifts. 



11. Carhartt Beanie

Carhartt A18 Watch Hat | Holiday 21 at DICK'S

Beanies are not only great for the winter, but they are also a stylish clothing item that can be styled in many different ways.

That is why they are a great stocking stuffer idea for college students. These Carhartt beanies will not only keep them warm but will also add to their outfits.

They can wear them even when it is not cold. Since they come in a variety of colors, you can find one in their favorite color.

They can be worn with a jacket, a sweater, flannel, t-shirt, or whatever outfit fits their style. Plus, it is less than twenty dollars, so it will not hurt your wallet.

The hat is made with stretchable fabric, making it durable, and it can fit anyone.



12. Winter Pom Beanie

Columbia Women's Winter Blur Pom Beanie

Just like the Carhartt beanie, this winter pom beanie will help keep the college student in your life’s head warm. This is a fantastic hat for the winter season.

Christmas is only the start of the winter season, so they will get plenty of use out of the hat the rest of winter.

Plus, with the added bonus of the pom, this beanie is cute and fun. So it is not just a boring winter hat.

It is another useful and cute stocking stuffer for college students to add to the list. 



13. Collapsible Bowl

Field & Stream Collapsible Bowl

If the college student in your life still lives in the dorms, then this is a fantastic stocking stuffer idea. This collapsible bowl would be handy to have in the dorms.

When it is not being used, it can be collapsed down for easy storage. When you are living somewhere with little space, saving space whenever you can is key.

Since this bowl is also microwave safe, they can heat up food in their microwave -- a college student’s main way of cooking in the dorms.

This will for sure get plenty of use if you put this in their stocking. 



14. Sweat Cosmetics Cleansing Towelettes

Sweat Cosmetics Cleansing Towelettes

This next stocking stuffer idea for college students is one that is useful, inexpensive, and the perfect size for a stocking stuffer.

These Sweat Cosmetics Cleansing Towelettes are less than ten dollars for a ten pack and less than twenty dollars for a thirty pack.

So you can stock them up for less than twenty dollars. The towelettes are great for removing makeup, cleansing your face, cooling down after a workout, etc.

They are also enriched with several elements like vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 that benefit the skin, making this an all-around great stocking stuffer. 



15. Mini Fragrance Set

Clinique 4 piece happy treats mini fragrance set Holiday 2021

You can help them find a new perfume with this next stocking stuffer idea. This is a set of four perfumes from Clinique.

You can put all four in one stocking or one in each stocking, based on who you think would like which scent.

Either way, they get to try a new perfume and see if they found a new favorite scent.

Each bottle is 0.24 oz, so they are small enough for them to get an idea of the scent to figure out if they like it.

Plus, who doesn't love getting new perfume and smelling good? 


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16. Microwavable Scented Weighted Eye Mask 

Microwavable Scented Weighted Eye Mask

Just like the weighted blanket, the weighted eye mask has its benefits. It will help you relax and relieve stress at night as you fall asleep.

Also, the mask is scented with dry lavender to help aid in relaxation. This mask can also be warmed up in the microwave to help provide warmth and comfort as you fall asleep at night.

So whoever you give this to will benefit from the relaxing benefits of this mask for sure. 



17. Two Piece Pop Treats Lip Set

2-Pc. Pop Treats Gift Set

If the college student you are filling a stocking for is into makeup, specifically lipstick, then this is an idea for them.

This set includes the lip color + primer and the lip gloss + hydration. You get two makeup products for less than ten dollars, which is a great deal.

They get to try out a new lip color and maybe even a makeup brand with this stocking stuffer.

Who would not want to try out a new makeup product without having to pay for it? 



18. Signature Slider Bangle

Signature Slider Bangle | COACH®

This next stocking stuffer gift idea for college students is this signature slider bangle. This is a simple silver bracelet that can be easily added into a stocking.

This bangle is not in your face or full of sparkle and glam. It is just a simple bangle that can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

It is a great staple accessory to have in your wardrobe. It is on the pricer end, especially for a stocking stuffer.

However, that is okay -- it can just be one of the main gifts for this person. They will love it, wear it with many outfits, and think of you. 



19. Reversible Cashmere Muffler

Reversible Signature Cashmere Muffler | COACH®

While this next stocking stuffer can be used to keep you warm, it is mainly used as a stylish clothing item.

This is a reversible cashmere muffler that can be styled in several different ways. It may also provide some warmth if needed.

They can style it for interviews for jobs or internships. Or maybe, they just have an event that this will work great for.

Either way, this will take their wardrobe up a notch for sure. 



20. Flower Charm

Jet Flower Charm | COACH®

Charms are a great way for someone to express their interests and characteristics, which is why a charm, like this flower one, is a great stocking stuffer idea for a college student.

The flower can mean anything to whoever has the charm. It can be just because they like flowers.

But maybe it is their favorite flower or color -- or maybe it has a meaning to their family.

Whatever it is, they can put it on a bracelet or necklace and showcase the flower and its meaning.



21. Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio 

Moisturizing Hand Cream Trio - Caudalie

Sometimes, just keeping it simple is the way to go, which is what this next stocking stuffer idea is.

This is a set of three moisturizing hand creams. You can never go wrong with gifting simple self-care and beauty products.

These can be easily kept in their bags, in their room, in their car, etc. That way they always have access to the creams when they need them.

They help with dryness, dullness, and uneven skin textures. They will love having these handy, especially when the cold weather causes dry skin. 



22. Skincare Essentials Kit

Clinique Summer Essentials 7 Piece Set ($98 Value)

 Self-care gifts are always a safe way to go. So why not get them a skincare essentials kit as part of their stocking stuffer?

Even if you do not put every part of the kit in the stocking, they can benefit from even just a few items. The kit includes several face masks, lip masks, and hair masks.

So, they have everything they need to treat themselves on several different occasions. This kit is also only twelve dollars, making it a great deal.

What more could you ask for? 



23. Bump Eraser Body Scrub

First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub Exfoliant for Keratosis Pilaris with 10% AHA – 8 oz

This next stocking stuffer idea for college students is a bump eraser body scrub. This is an exfoliating body scrub that is supposed to help provide healthier looking skin.

This scrub is supposed to help with dry, flaky skin and help provide smooth and touchable skin.

So if the college student in your life struggles with any of those issues and is looking for a solution, this may be a great stocking stuffer.

Plus, since it is a travel-size bottle, it can fit in the stocking. It can also be something they can easily store and take with them if they need to. 



24. Makeup Brush Set 

Mini Holiday Vibes Makeup Brush Set - SEPHORA COLLECTION | Sephora

Do they like to do makeup? Are they looking for some new makeup brushes? If so, this next stocking stuffer idea may be just the thing you are looking for.

This is a set of mini makeup brushes. These are specifically mini eye makeup brushes. These brushes are small and can be used when traveling.

So they can take the brushes with them when they come visit you, go on trips, or just need to take them on the go.

Plus, the set of four is only fifteen dollars. So it is relatively inexpensive for a set of nice eye makeup brushes. This is an overall great stocking stuffer idea for college students. 



25. False Eyelashes

Lilly Lashes Royalty - Lite Mink Lashes | False Eyelashes Perfect for Small, Mono Lid And Almond Eyes | Cat Eye Mink Strip Fake Dramatic Fluffy Flare Lashes 15mm length, Reusable Up to 15 wears

False eyelashes are a popular beauty item, which is why they are the next item on this list of stocking stuffers for college students.

The packaging is small and compact, making them easy to add into a stocking.

Plus, there are a variety of brands, styles, types, etc., so you are bound to find a pair that works for whoever you are shopping for.

You can also get them at many different places, so no matter where you are shopping, you can find them for their stocking.



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26. Makeup Sponge Set

Coconut Mini Makeup Sponge Set | Enchanted Beauty Essentials Beauty Blender Set

Makeup sponges are always great to have if you are someone who does makeup often. As a basic makeup tool, they are helpful when applying makeup, like foundation and contour.

If the college student in your life does not already have makeup sponges like this, they will love getting these in their stocking.

These ones are infused with coconut powder, which is believed to help nourish and hydrate skin.

So when they are applying their makeup, these makeup sponges are always helping to improve their skin. 



27. Ornament Linear Stud Earring Set

YADOCA 4 pairs Copper Chain Stud Earrings Set for Women CZ Dangle Earrings Ball Stud Earring Bar Stud Earrings Huggie Hoop Piercing Earrings Stainless Steel Ear Pins Gold

This next stocking stuffer idea has a Christmas twist on jewelry. It is an ornament that has earrings studs in it.

So they can be stored and put on display when they are not being used. They can be hung on a hook, the tree, a door, or wherever you would like to display the earrings.

This makes finding a way to store earrings simple and easy. There is no need to worry about finding the matching pairs.  



28. Waffle Scrunchie Set

IVARYSS Extra Large Scrunchies for Women's Thick Hair, Premium Velvet Soft Jumbo Scrunchy, XL 6 inch Big Elastic Band Hair Accessories, 4 Pack, Neutral

I love my scrunchies. They are great for putting my hair up for the day without feeling the tension of a normal hair tie.

They are also not as damaging on my hair, which is why a set of scrunchies is a fantastic stocking stuffer idea. It is always good to have a couple on hand.

You can get them in several different colors, so you can match it to whatever outfit you are wearing.

That makes it an accessory and part of your outfit, rather than just something holding your hair up. No matter whose stocking you put this in, they will love it. 



29. Metallic Ring Set

22 Pcs Adjustable Ring Set, Gold and Black Ring Set, Opening Ring Set, Ring Set for Women, Stackable Ring Set, Boho Style, Unique style,

Rings are one of my favorite jewelry items. They are simple and can be a nice touch to an outfit.

I wear at least one ring most days, which is why this next stocking stuffer idea for college students is this set of metallic rings.

They are just simple silver and gold bands. They are classy and not in your face. They can be worn daily or just every once in a while.

Either way, it is a fantastic stocking stuffer. It is an everyday accessory item that they can add to their wardrobe and accessory collection. 



30. Touch Screen Gloves 

J.Crew: Ribbed Touch-screen Gloves In Supersoft Yarn For Women

The cold weather means that our hands are going to be cold, and that means gloves.

However, that can be tricky when you need to use your phone and have to take off your gloves for the touch screen to work. That is not an issue with these gloves.

These allow you to use your phone and keep your gloves on. So you do not have to pick between warmth and being able to text your friends.

This is a dream for college students who are always on their phones. They can just slip these on and continue to type away with no issue, making this a hit as a stocking stuffer. 



31. Scrunchie With a Velvet Bow

Kitsch Satin Hair Scarf Scrunchies | Softer than Silk Hair Ties for Women | Bow Scrunchies for Women | Ponytail Holders | Elastic Hair Ties for Thick Hair/Thin Hair | Holiday Gift (Black/Gray)

This next stocking stuffer is a fun hair accessory that is especially great for the holiday season. It is a hair tie that has a velvet bow attached.

So when they wear the hair tie, it looks like they have a bow in their hair. This will be great to wear on Christmas Day after they open their stocking and find it inside.

It is just a simple hair tie with a big bow. This can be styled in several different hairstyles, depending on the length and style of their hair.

No matter how it is styled, it will still look super cute and festive. Sometimes, simple gifts like these are the best stocking stuffers.



32. Oversized Knot Headband 

Huachi Knotted Headbands for Women Black, Leather Headbands with Knots Cute Womens Headbands knotted, Fashion Headbands for Women Top Knot Headband for Girls

This is the last hair accessory on the list. This is an oversized knot headband.

This headband has a knot in the middle, allowing it to differ from other headbands they may have in their collection.

The knot is not overdone, but it is large enough that you can tell it is there. So it adds something new to the hairstyle, rather than just throwing a headband on.

It is cute, simple, and something that can be easily thrown on when you need a quick and easy hairstyle. 



33. Camp Socks

J.Crew: Camp Socks For Men

You can never go wrong with putting socks in a stocking. You can never have too many socks, and it is always good to have a variety of socks.

This next stocking stuffer idea for college students will help grow their sock collection. These camp socks are cozy and comfortable.

They help recreate the look from old outdoor catalogs. They can be worn when they are just hanging out at home or when they are actually outside camping or hiking.

Plus, socks are easy to fit in a stocking, which makes these even better. 



34. Slim Waist Pack

Nike Slim Waist Pack 2.0. Nike.com

Over the last few years, I have found that having some sort of fanny pack is really useful.

Especially when you are going somewhere where you only need a few items and do not want to bring a huge bag.

That is why this slim waist pack is a great gift and stocking idea for college students. This pack has an adjustable waistband and expandable pocket.

They can just clip this on their waist, adjust as needed, put their essentials in the pocket, and be on their way.

These are great for running, going to concerts, running a few short errands, etc. They can have their hands free and move around freely.

Plus, it is only twenty dollars, which makes it even better. 



35. Resistance Loop

NIKE Resistance Loop Black - Small

This next stocking stuffer idea for college students is for the college student who enjoys working out. This is a resistance loop.

These can be used to help aid in their workout. They come in a variety sizes, so you can find one that will fit them the best. T

his is a useful gift that they may not expect to find in their stocking--it will catch them by surprise, which is always fun to do on Christmas. 



36. Training No-Show Socks

NIKE Dri-Fit Training Everyday PLUS MAX Cushioned No-Show Socks 6 PAIR Black White Swoosh Logo) LARGE 8-12

Once again, you can never go wrong with socks. These socks are great for the college student who is active and needs socks to go with their workout shoes.

The Dri-FIT technology of the socks will help them stay dry and comfortable at all times.



37. M&M’s Candy Cane

M&M'S Christmas Stocking Stuffer Milk Chocolate Candy Cane - 3 oz Tube

Candy is a classic stocking stuffer: everyone loves candy and chocolate. That is why an M&M’s Candy Cane is the perfect stocking stuffer.

It is something simple and easy that you can throw into the stocking. Any college student would love to find candy in their stocking, so this will for sure be a winner. 



38. Chapstick Variety Pack

ChapStick Holiday Collection Candy Cane Pumpkin Pie Sugar Cookie Holiday Lip Balm Tubes Variety Pack - 0.15 Oz (Pack of 3)

This is another easy stocking stuffer. It is a variety pack of chapstick. You can find these at many different stores while you are out doing your Christmas shopping.

This pack comes with several different flavors, so they can try each out and see which one they like the best.

Plus, it is small and compact, making it something that can easily fit into a stocking. And this pack is holiday themed, so even the chapsticks are in the holiday spirit. 



39. Card Case

Card Case

Having all of your cards in one place is important. Especially for college students who want to stay as organized as possible.

That is why this next stocking stuffer idea for college students is a card case. This case has room for three different cards, as well as a zipper pocket for cash or coins.

They can keep their ID and credit and debit cards all in one place. This can easily go into their backpack or into a purse for when they need it.

It is also small enough to fit into a pocket if needed. Their cards can all be safe in one place, helping to keep them organized. 



40. Yoga Mat Spray Cleanser

Vapor Fresh Cleaning Spray for Sports and Gym Equipment - Shoe Deodorizer, Yoga Mat Cleaner, Boxing Glove Deodorizer - Natural and Plant Based, 16 Fl Oz (1-Pack)

If the college student in your life is into yoga, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer for them. This is a yoga mat spray cleanser from Lululemon.

It is a plant based cleanse that has a gentle formula, so it will not irritate your skin.

It also contains odor reducing probiotics to break down dirt, dust, and oil while preserving the mat’s grip.

This can be something they keep in their bag so they remember to use it before or after a yoga class. This is something that will be incredibly useful for them.

It may also not be something they have thought to get themselves or would expect to find in their stocking. 



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41. Running Armband

Running Armband

If they are a runner, this is a must-have and would make a great stocking stuffer.

This arm band allows them to keep their phone on them, even if they do not have pockets or somewhere else to put their phone.

They just put the phone in the band and the band on their arm. They can connect their bluetooth earbuds and start their run.

No worry about the phone weighing down their pockets or checking to see if they have their phone. It is on their arm the whole time and out of the way.

This is the perfect stocking stuffer for college students who are active and still want their phone nearby. 



42. Make-Up Removing Clothes

ERASE YOUR FACE Make-up Removing Cloths, By Danielle Enterprises, Pastel, 4 Count

Removing makeup can be annoying and time-consuming. Well, this next stocking stuffer idea for college students helps with that process.

This is a set of reusable makeup removing clothes. These are great for sensitive skin, and all you have to do is add water.

Just wet the cloth, wipe your face with it, and it will begin to take your makeup off. There are no harsh chemicals on the wipes, and they remove all types of makeup.

They are great for traveling and can be thrown into a suitcase. They are another great stocking stuffer for those who wear makeup. 



43. Flawless Brows

Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Hair Remover Electric Razor for Women with LED Light for Instant and Painless Hair Removal

This next stocking stuffer idea is for those who want to take care of their eyebrows but do not want to pay to have them done.

This Flawless Brows tool allows you to take care of your eyebrows. This tool painlessly and effortlessly removes unwanted hair, and it is meant for all skin types.

It is gentle enough for everyday use and is easy to use. It is compact and portable, so they can take it on the go if they need to as well.

Overall, this is a useful and unique stocking stuffer idea for college students. 



44. Burt’s Bees Chapstick Pack

Burt's Bees Lip Balm Stocking Stuffers, Moisturizing Lip Care Christmas Gifts, Original Beeswax with Vitamin E & Peppermint Oil, 100% Natural (2-Pack)

Burt’s Bees is a popular chapstick brand with several different flavors. So why not get them a pack of different ones for them to try for their stocking stuffer?

This has four different flavors, allowing them to try them and decide which is their favorite. This is a simple and useful stocking stuffer.

Not only are they fighting chapped lips, they are also finding a new favorite chapstick. What a great combination! 



45. All-in-One Adapter with USB

Power Plug Adapter - 4 USB Ports Wall Charger - Fast Charging Adapter for 150 Countries - Multi Port Electric Plug - Type C Type A Type G Type I f for UK Japan China EU European by SublimeWare

This next stocking stuffer idea is for those who travel a lot, especially out of the country.

This is an adapter that can be plugged in so you can still use your devices when you are out of the country.

It comes with four different plug adapters, so you can attach the one you need and plug it into the wall.

That way, you can plug in your phone charger, laptop, hair dryer, etc. This is incredibly useful and something you may not think to get for when you are traveling abroad. 



46. Wet Brush

Wet Brush Original Detangling Hair Brush, Purple - Ultra-Soft IntelliFlex Bristles - Detangler Brush Glide Through Tangles With Ease For All Hair Types - For Women, Men, Wet & Dry Hair

It is always good to update your hairbrush from time to time, which makes this next stocking stuffer idea for college students a great one. It is a wet brush.

This brush is meant to help detangle your hair easily without pain. It is also great for all types of hair when it is wet or dry.

This one even folds up, so you can easily fit it in your purse and take it on the go. So if you need to fix your hair when you are out and about, you can. 



47. Beef Jerky


48. Manly Man Soap

Manly Man Soap - Masculine Body Bar - 100% Natural Skin Care Bar Scented with Clary Sage, Vetiver & Lime Essential Oils. One 4 oz Bar in a Handy Travel Tin. Great Gift Idea or Stocking Stuffer for...

This next one is a bit of a joke, but it is still useful. It is manly man soap.

It is a natural skincare bar that is scented with essential oils and can be used for multiple purposes. It is a simple stocking stuffer for the male student in your life.

It is just about ten dollars and will fit great in his stocking. Something simple, inexpensive, and useful. 



49. Erasable Highlighters

Erasable Highlighters, Double Head Smooth Writing Highlighters, Chisel Tip Assorted Colors High Lighter Markers, 6 Count

If the college student in your life uses highlighters often, then this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

These are erasable highlighters that come in a variety of colors. So, if you make a mistake, it can be erased and fixed with ease.

These can be helpful if you are taking lots of notes and make a mistake. With these, your mistake can be easily fixed!

Plus, they are inexpensive: less than ten dollars for a pack of six. The price makes them even better. 


50. Professional Nail Care Kit

ZIZZON Professional Nail Care kit Manicure Grooming Set with Travel Case(Rose Gold)

This last stocking stuffer idea for college students is for the student who loves to do their own nails or their friends’ nails.

This nail care kit has everything they need to take care of their nails at home. It is a twelve piece kit and is light and portable.

So they can take it on the go or while they travel if need be. Plus, it is only about eleven dollars, which is a great deal for a kit that has so many pieces.

And it will fit easily in the stocking, which is a bonus. 


51. Airpods 

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Earbuds, Up to 2X More Active Noise Cancelling, Adaptive Transparency, Personalized Spatial Audio, MagSafe Charging Case, Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

AirPods are definitely not a cheap purchase, but it is a perfect gift for anyone that owns an iPhone.

Not only are they comfortable and lightweight, but they also have noise cancelation, are compatible with numerous devices, are water resistant, fast charging, and have force sensors that let you control your audio/entertainment.

Since the AirPods are compact, they are perfect for stocking stuffers. It will definitely be a huge surprise for the lucky recipient.


52. Bath Bomb

Tree Hut Shea Detoxifying Bath Bomb with Charcoal Fig & Olive, 7.2oz, Ultra Hydrating Bath Bomb for Nourishing Essential Body Care

A bath bomb is a perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves bubbles and relaxing baths.

This specific brand is infused with activated charcoal which provides a blast of lush scent, vivacious fizz, and moisture for a relaxing bath so it'll definitely be a useful gift for your loved one.


53. Rechargeable Hand Warmer 

BESKAR Rechargeable Hand Warmer, 7800mAh Electric Hand Heater with Max 12Hrs Warming Time, Double-Sided Heating, USB Quick Charge, Portable Pocket Hand Warmer for Outdoor, Golf, Raynauds - Winter Gift

Hand warmers are a must-have to stay warm during the wintertime. This one is rechargeable with maximum energy that offers up to 6-12 hours of warmth.

This hand warmer is smaller than a deck of cards and as light as a baseball so it would be a great gift idea for a Christmas stocking.


Not enough? Want more ideas? Check the video below.


Final Thoughts on Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas

This year do not be afraid to get creative with the stocking stuffers. Especially when it comes to finding stocking stuffers for the college students.

They will love their gift no matter what you choose to include in the stocking.

When filling the stocking, it is time to be creative and find small gifts that are useful, meaningful, and fun.

They do not have to be extravagant and expensive. Even the small inexpensive gifts have meaning to them, especially when it comes from someone they care about. 

Hopefully, at least one item on this list of stocking stuffer ideas for college students stood out to you and will make it on your Christmas shopping list.

But just remember, do not let it stress you out.

Have fun and be creative. It is always the thought that counts.




50 incredible stocking stuffers for college students

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