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30 Long Distance Friendship Gifts To Express Your Gratitude in 2024

Are you far away from your friends? Want to gift them something special? Here are the most popular long distance friendship gifts for you and your friends.

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This article was updated on 1/22/2024.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

Long-distance relationships are a pain, but have you experienced a long-distance friendship. Like any bond that’s compromised by physical distance, you constantly feel as though your other half is missing.

The start of college is always exciting, as it’s a new chapter in your life. With many college students choosing to attend school far away from home, even going out of state, many can relate to the inevitable heartfelt farewells to loved ones.

This includes close friends. Of course, the farewell isn’t forever. But to ease the pain, here’s 30 long-distance friendship gifts to show your friend that they will always be there in your heart, regardless of geography.

1. Choose Friendship, My Friendship Bracelet Kit

Choose Friendship, My Friendship Bracelet Maker

A friendship bracelet is a classic gift that can remind your friend that they are always in your thoughts. It’d be more meaningful to make each other’s bracelets.

This kit allows you to create your own bracelets in three easy steps, with ten vibrant colors. I especially like how you can customize your own unique bracelets. It makes the bracelet much more special!


2. Pinky Promise Bracelets

morniface Pinky Pomise Distance Matching Bracelets Moon and Sun Bracelet for Best Friends Couple Family Women Mens Teen Girls

If you want something more original than a basic braided friendship bracelet, try checking out this bracelet.

Take friendship bracelets to the next level and purchase these inexpensive bracelets for you and your friend.

With cute designs such as the sun and the moon, two compasses, and more, the bracelets are simplistic but convey a deeper meaning of irreplaceable loyalty and affection.

This cute accessory allows you to have a memento of your friendship with you at all times. Personally, I especially like the simplistic design of this bracelet. The quote that comes with it makes it all the more touching.


3. Friendship Lamps

Filimin Friendship Lamps

This gift is similar to the bond touch bracelet. You each have a lamp and if you touch it, the color will change for both of you.

Just like the bracelet you can have each color have a different meaning like “I miss you” or “thinking of you”. Once again, it is on a pricey end, but will help you two stay connected, no matter where you are.


4. Capsule Letters

INFMETRY Capsule Letters Message

Until the day you and your friend are reunited, consider buying these cute capsule letters. At first glance, it looks like a bunch of pills in a glass bottle.

Upon closer inspection, you’ll be delighted to discover that these pills are actually little smiley capsules where you can insert small thoughtful letters.

Purchase one for you and one for your friend to exchange letters. Pop one capsule open per day or whenever you’re missing your friend to help you cope with the distance.

I especially like this gift because sometimes, it’s always healthy to show love and appreciation to your friend. What gift would be better than this to write heartfelt notes?


5. Lavender Scented Candle

GSPY Lavender Scented Candles

This next gift for your best friend is sweet but also has some sass. It emphasizes how strong your friendship is no matter what happens.

Of course, you most likely would never forget them, but it is still a witty, sassy candle. So, if this fits into your relationship with your best friend, then this is a great gift.

03/06/2024 01:52 pm GMT

6. Custom Long Distance Friendship Mug

Personalized Long Distance Coffee Mug for Best Friend BFF, I Love You More Than The Miles Between Us Mug, Long Distance Mom Mug, State to State Mug, Mothers Day Gift, 11 Ounce

Create your own mugs designed for long-distance friendships. For this particular customizable mugs, you can select the names, hairstyles and states to fit them to your needs.

While you may not be by your friend’s side physically, this small yet sentimental gift will keep your friend warm and cozy with a hot beverage.

I like this gift because many people often start their day with a warm cup of milk or coffee. Using this mug with thoughts of your friend to start your day is just perfect.


7. Gift Basket for Best Friends

Birthday Gifts for Friends Female, Best Friend Cups for Women, Christmas Gifts, Best Friends Birthday Gifts for Women, Gifts for Women Friends, Friend Tumbler, Gift for Best Friend Women

Pamper your friend by sending your friend a gift basket. In this gift basket, you’ll be sending a candle, a wine tumbler, and a pair of socks. Your friend will absolutely love this gift set. 

03/07/2024 03:01 am GMT

8. Friendship Necklace

Onepurposegifts For Best Friend, Best friend Necklace, best friend Birthday, Long distance Best friend, Best Friend birthday, Best Friend jewelry

This 14k gold plated opal necklace is the perfect luxury gift for your friend without breaking the wallet. It’s obvious that the necklace is quite beautiful, but it should be noted that this particular friendship necklace also expresses the love for your best friend.

This gift comes in four different colors and is packaged in a black box and a card with a sweet quote to it. I love this gift because while the gift looks luxurious, it’s affordable!

I especially love the color of the plate and how it can go with multiple outfits.


9. Edible Flowers Indoor Garden Seed Starter Kit

GARDEN REPUBLIC Edible Flowers Indoor Garden Seed Starter Kit

Give your friend this cute kit to grow some flowers. It comes with four types of flower seeds that include cornflower, pot marigold, shasta daisy, and viola tricolor.

The package comes with 25+ seeds per packet. Along with the basic essentials of growing a flower, it also has cute plant markers where you can name your plants and write the date of birth.

It’d be a cute idea to write your friend’s name on it and think of them whenever you’re watering the flowers! I especially love this flower kit because the very beauty of the flowers can brighten your residence.


10. Long Distance Relationship State Map Keychain

Long Distance Relationship State Map Keychain

Does your friend have a bad habit of losing their keys? Instead of buying a basic lanyard from your college bookstore, check out this long-distance keychain.

You can select your own state and give it to your loved one to remind them that they are always in your thoughts.

In all honesty, I have lost my key way too many times. I like this gift because it can be helpful for your friend to remind themselves of their key while also reminding themselves of you!


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11. Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in-the-Blank Journal

Knock Knock Why You’re My Bestie Fill-in-the-Blank Gift Journal

This next gift is one that is full of emotions. You can fill in this book with all of the reasons why your best friend is so important to you.

What makes them special, any memories you have, etc. Just follow the prompts and make it so it fits you and your best friend. They will absolutely love it.


12. Wine Tumbler/Mug

Friends Wine Tumbler Set of 4, Side By Side or Miles Apart Friends Are Always Close at Heart Wine Tumbler for Long Distance Friendship, 12 Oz Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler with Lid and Straw

This gift is perfect for a wine lover, with ten cute colors to choose from. With its resistance to heat or cold, your friend can take this mug wherever on the go.

As they take a sip from this mug and read the sweet message inscribed on it, they’ll be reminded of the friendship you share. 


13. Jewelry Dish

RELISSA Jewelry Dish

This jewelry dish is yet another great gift for everyday use. It’s a sweet and sentimental gift that has great practicality.

The mundane design of this dish also allows it to be placed anywhere, whether by the sink or on top of a bed stand. 


14. Primitives by Kathy Wood Box

Primitives by Kathy Wood Box

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.” This quote inscribed in the box is the perfect quote to describe your long-distance friendship.

Even though you might not be around all the time, this box is perfect to show that you’ll always be there for your friend. You can use this box to make a time capsule or store treasured items that are important to your friendship.

I especially like how this box is versatile when it comes to using it. It’s the perfect way to either freeze time and store cherishable items or to use it as a gift box when giving a present to a friend. 


15. Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

UNUN Glow in The Dark Throw Blanket

Because of the distance, you won’t be there to wrap your arms around your friend and offer them warmth and comfort.

But a blanket might suffice, specifically this glow-in-the-dark throw blanket with the moon and stars etched onto it. It also comes in two colors.

I think this item is unique because of its ability to glow in the dark. I think it’ll go wonderfully with an additional glow in the dark stickers to attach to your walls and ceilings.


16. Friendship Gifts Throw Pillow Covers

Friendship Quotes Throw Pillow Covers True Friends Gifts Best Friends Pillow Covers Cushion Cover for Women Girl Friendship Gift for Birthday

Everyone loves pillows. So your best friend will love this throw pillow cover. It demonstrates how you appreciate being their friend and how much you value their friendship.

You can also get them a pillow to go along with it. Another simple and meaningful gift idea.


17. Plush Stuffed Animal 

Plushland Plush Stuffed Animal 6 Inches Surprise Zip Up Egg Hideaway | Cute, Yellow Pastel and Polka Dot Easter Colors | Spring Inspired Gift for Girls and Boys Birthday Mother's Day (Easter Chic...

You won’t be there to wrap your arms around your friend and cuddle them, but maybe this plushie will help. This cute soft plush toy of a baby chick is a wonderful temporary replacement.

There are other cute animals to choose from so you can even buy yourself one to have matching plushies.


18. San-X Sumikkogurashi Stackable Figurines

CLEVER IDIOTS INC SAN-X Sumikkogurashi Stackable Figurine

These adorable figurines are part of the Sumiiko Gurashi collections. The characters of Sumiiko Gurashi are shy and insecure and prefer to live a quiet solitary life in the corner.

Just like how each character has a small creature riding on its back, this gift is a great way to show your friend that you always have their back.


19. Cute Letter Stationary Set

48Pcs Stationary Writing Paper with Envelopes - Japanese Stationery Set Double Sided Printing Floral Letter Writing Paper, 32 Stationary Papers + 16 Envelopes, 7.5 x 10.4 Inch of Each Stationary Paper

Instead of simply texting or video calling your friend, why not start a new hobby of becoming each other's penpals?

This stationary kit comes with 48 unique writing papers with 24 envelopes. Writing each other letters would be a unique and meaningful experience!


20. Samyo Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Samyo Wax Seal Stamp Kit

In addition to the letter stationary supplies, consider also purchasing a wax seal stamp kit to make your letter writing experience really memorable. We’ve all seen wax seals in aesthetically pleasing letters. Why not make yours just as fancy?


21. Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer

Fujifilm Instax Mini Smartphone Printer

This printer is compatible with iPhones and Androids. It’s cheaper than a polaroid camera in terms of replacing the film.

It’s great for printing phone photos, but if you want better picture quality, I’d recommend getting an actual camera.


22. Mind-glowing Photo Clip String Lights

Mind-Glowing Photo Clip String Lights - Hanging Pictures Fairy Lights for Bedrooms, Gifts for Girls 10-14 Years Old, Cute Room Decor (50 LED, 16.4 ft)

Along with the Fujifilm Instax Smartphone Printer, these photo clip string lights are a great way to decorate rooms. Simply clip on the pictures, and your friend can make a cute collection of your most cherished memories.

As college students, moving to a new residence is always fun and decorating your dorm is part of the tradition.

I think these photo clip string lights is a perfect way to beautify your room while also keeping your loved ones in your thoughts.


23. Friend Picture Frame Gifts

Vetbuosa Best Friend Ideal Gifts for Women Picture Frame, Friendship Gifts for Women Friends Female BFF, Birthday Valentines Day Gifts for Friends Women - Best Friends Forever - Fits 4x6 Inches Photo

While a picture frame might be a basic gift, this particular picture frame has a unique design to it. With the quote, “Side by side or miles apart, dear friends are always close to the heart”, this frame is a touching way to commemorate the beauty of your friendship.

Like other gifts listed on this list, the picture frame is an awesome way to decorate your dorm in a sentimental way.  


24. Customized Tapestry Wall Hanging Decor

yyfq Customized Tapestry Wall Hanging Decor

Whether you want a funny tapestry of your face at an unflattering angle for a friend, or a beautiful picture depicting the essence of your friendship, this customizable tapestry is a fantastic present to show your gratitude to your friend.


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25. CraveBox Care Package

CraveBox Care Package

If someone doesn’t drink, why not provide snacks? These will last for months.

The box includes sweet treats, such as fruit snacks, and healthier snacks, such as granola bars.

These are perfect for school or the office. 


26. Bath Fizzlers Gift Set

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs Gift Set

If your best friend loves to relax in a bathtub, then this is the perfect gift for them. They will appreciate that you have taken into account their health and stress.

They can use this set to relax after a long day. You can get them a variety of bath fizzlers, so they can find the perfect ones that they like.


27. Flower Bouquet Delivery

Purple Extravagance Bouquet by Arabella Bouquets.

Flowers aren’t just for couples. Send a bouquet to your friend as a thoughtful reminder that they’re always a part of you, no matter how far you are.


28. THE COMFY Wearable Blanket

THE COMFY Oversized Wearable Blanket
Because a plushie and a blanket might not be enough to temporarily fill in the gap of your absence, try giving your friend a portable hugging blanket. This wearable blanket is designed as a durable thick hoodie that will give your friend all the physical comfort they need, until you see them again.

29. Netflix Gift Card

Netflix Gift Card

Do you both want to have a Netflix watching party with your friend? On Amazon, you can send a Netflix gift card to your friend. The gift card will be sent through email.

Try checking out other options too! There are a variety of gift cards on Amazon ranging from Hulu, H&M, Victoria’s Secret, Domino’s, and more.


30. Tri-Fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Flymiro Tri-fold Lighted Vanity Makeup Mirror

Any friend would thank you for this unique vanity makeup mirror that can be folded into three. It’s a perfect gift for friends who take their makeup very seriously. 


Final Thoughts

Of course, you don’t need to buy these exact items, but consider these gift ideas for you and your best friend. It’s important to remember that distance makes interaction hard, but if you put in the effort, then your friendship will never miss a beat.

This post was all about long-distance best friend gifts. Was the article helpful? Let us know in the comments and share the love on social media.




Pin for 30 thoughtful long distance friendship gifts.

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