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3 Ways to Give Sustainable and Affordable Gifts This Christmas



affordable present for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, however, 2020 has thrown everyone a curveball with places of business closing down, big stores going bankrupt, and people staying indoors. Buying that special someone a present can be stressful and going to a general store to buy one can feel less special to the person you are buying the gift for. Yet, there are ways to help those small business owners and buy a gift that truly will make a person’s Holiday season better. 


Etsy is not only a great source for people to buy beautiful handmade gifts from small businesses, but they can also be customized to what the buyer needs. Personalized necklaces, glass blown decorations, and hand-painted portraits are all gifts that can be obtained through Etsy and most sellers provide free shipping as well.

It’s important to note that not all sellers are the same on Etsy though. Make sure to check the reviews and comments, as well as pictures from other customers to get an idea of whether buying the product is worth it. 

Some examples of hand-made items that can be bought via Etsy are: 

Engraved bracelets


Personalized jewelry

Glass blown objects

Pop culture items


Hand-made bags


Taqua Czech glass focal beads as the center point of two beautiful earrings found on etsy

Shopping from Local Stores

Whether you live in a small town or a big city. Every place has small shops. While they’re easier to find in smaller towns, finding that small, cute, and local shop is like finding that hidden gem that you never knew you had. Most of these stores are family-run and they are great at providing a special experience for the shopper.

They typically sell handmade items like soaps, scarves, jewelry, and handmade foods. Buying items from these types of “mom and pop” stores not only help boost the business but buying handmade gifts like these is special for any occasion. Some stores even sell homegrown meats and dairy products. Normally you can’t get these in regular supermarkets.

The labels typically show where the meat was produced, what farm, and even what the diet the animal was on. This helps with not only choosing more sustainable foods, but it also helps the local farmers, which in turn helps the local market that you’re buying from. 

Table containing a large assortment of jams and jellies, and some baked good, located at a farmers market

DIY gift making 

Watching DIY videos on Youtube are popular these days, but what if making your own gifts were as simple as watching them? Some can be! Making scarves can be made easy by getting a scarf making kit and the kits will teach the person making the scarves the steps in which to create it; making it simple and fun.

Other gifts like build-your-own wooden wind chime, or birdhouse making kits can all be found in stores like Homegoods or Walmart. These kits come with instructions and all the steps needed to make these objects. Sending someone a homemade gift and one that is useful or nice is the perfect gift for anyone during the Christmas season.

A DIY puppet kit containing an assortment of fabrics, beads, and eyes. targeting the younger audience, located on pinterest

Happy shopping!

Gift Ideas

30 Amazing Gifts for College Girls in Your Life-The Ultimate 2021 Guide



This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

two college students are hugging each other



Buying the right gift for any girl in your life is not an easy feat, especially if she happens to be a college girl.  

Why? You may ask

Because college is a fascinating yet weird time where college girls are constantly evolving in many aspects of their lives, and it can be hard sometimes for our loved ones to keep up with the changes. 

Whether you are struggling to find the perfect Christmas gift that will help her end the year on a high or a birthday gift that will put a smile on her face, this gift guide is for you.

Our gift guide includes some of the most popular items out there. It will help you choose the best gifts for college girls. You will not be disappointed

1. Portable Phone Charger


No one goes anywhere without their phone. Also, college students are frequently on their devices. With that comes the constant need to make sure your phone is charged. A portable phone charger is one of the best gifts for a college girl. I do not think I could survive my long class days without one. I make sure it is charged before I leave and throw it in my backpack. Then when I notice my phone battery is getting low, I plug my cord and phone in and start charging my phone. No matter if I am in class, meetings, grabbing dinner with friends, my phone is full power. Selfie-taking, social media checking or text messaging can continue––regardless of the battery percentage.

2. Charging Station


Having to charge multiple devices at the same place can be frustrating. The cords can tangle, and having to find space and plugs for all of them can be difficult, especially if you are in a dorm. When I lived in the dorms, trying to charge my phone, laptop, watch and earbuds was always a struggle. The cords would get tangled, I would try to unplug one and it would be the wrong device. I would have to choose which devices to charge and which ones could wait. It was never a good time. That is why a charging station for all of her devices can be very useful in a single spot. She can place this on her desk or dresser and charge everything in one compact area. This is a smart, problem-solving idea.

3. Iced Coffee Maker


A way to help save your favorite college student money on coffee is to buy her an iced coffee maker. She can make her favorite caffeinated beverage in her dorm room or apartment. This useful appliance can be small and easily stored, saving space. For me, making my own coffee saves me money and time. I prepare my cold brew the night before and store in my fridge. In the morning I pour myself a cup right away and do not have to wait in a long line to buy an iced coffee. Plus, I can make it exactly how I want it. I can add whatever flavors, creamer I want. Perfecting my iced coffee is a goal of mine, and having my own ice coffee maker is the tool needed to do so.

4. Coffee Tumbler


Coffee tends to be the caffeination method of choice after a late night of studying or Netflix bingeing. With the constant need for caffeine comes the need to have something to take their caffeinated beverages on the go. That is why a coffee tumbler is a perfect gift. I have a nice collection of coffee tumblers. These are great when I have early days and do not have time to enjoy my coffee before I have to leave. I pour the coffee in and get my day started. I have plain ones and also ones with fun sayings and patterns. I can pick one that expresses my mood for the day. As a caffeine-addicted college student, I always love buying new tumblers. Pairing a tumbler with an iced coffee maker can make a caffeine-addicted girl’s day.

5. You are Loved’ Coffee Mug


Again, caffeine addiction is the norm for college students, so get her this mug! It showcases how much she is loved and cared for, even though you may not be together. It may seem cheesy, but she will adore it. Plus, it is never too late to start building up a mug collection. I started my mug collection in high school and it just keeps growing. I would love to have this mug in my collection. Mugs with cheesy phrases are always a weakness for me.

6. Coffee Gift Cards


As mentioned above, caffeine and coffee are essential parts of a college student’s day. That means a lot of money is spent buying coffee from their favorite coffee places. If I looked at how much money I spent buying coffee, it would be shocking. There are days when going to buy coffee is absolutely necessary for me. It would make my day so much better. A gift card to their favorite coffee spot is great for college girls. If they are going to buy coffee at least a few times a week, a gift card will help save them a few dollars anyway.

7. Water Bottle


Hydration is very important, especially after consuming substantial amounts of coffee. And sometimes with a busy schedule, it can be hard to remember to drink enough water. This is definitely true for me. There are days where I am finishing up my work and I am unsure if I had any water that day. Plastic water bottles can get expensive and are bad for the environment, which is why every college girl needs a reusable bottle. Not only will this remind her to stay hydrated, but it lowers the amount of waste she is producing and saves her money. Also, getting one with time markers on the bottle will motivate her to drink her water throughout the day. I bought myself one with time markers and I have seen a difference. It becomes a competition with myself to get through two whole bottles a day to make sure I am hydrated. I fill it at the start of my morning and keep it with me the whole day.

8. Reusable Straws



These have been on the rise over the last few years. Whether it’s a metal straw or a rubber straw, many people are buying their own reusable ones. So this is definitely one of the best gifts for a college girl if she does not already have her own set. They can also be decently priced. I bought myself a set before my second year of college and they are still in great condition. I use them regularly, in coffee, water, iced tea, etc. They are easy to clean for those who live in dorms, especially if they come with a cleaning brush. I hate doing dishes, and cleaning my metal straws is one of the most painless dishes I have to do. It is also an environmentally friendly replacement for plastic straws. These straws can be perfectly gifted with a water tumbler.

9. Notebooks



With classes comes the need to take notes. While some may prefer to take notes on a laptop, taking hand-written notes can help students process concepts more easily. 

Notebooks do not have to be boring-colored; there are so many different colors and designs. This is one of the best gifts for college girls. You can find one that represents her personality and will make note-taking a little less boring. I have a few notebooks with different patterns that I use for taking notes. Whenever I find a fun new one to try, I get excited. Throughout school, some teachers would require us to have certain colors for each subject, but now in college, I get to choose. This is just another way I get to express my personality in my everyday life. Find a floral printed and bright-colored one with a geometric pattern, or even one you can put her name on. Help make her semester brighter with a fun notebook.


10. Bath Bombs


Who doesn’t love a relaxing bath after a long week of classes? A set of bath bombs allows anyone to upgrade their weekend relaxation. Bath bombs not only add color to the bath but also contain elements like essential oils, Epsom salt, cocoa butter, or coconut oil. These provide the optimal relaxation experience for every college girl. Out of this whole list, I think I use bath bombs the most. I have a basket under my sink dedicated to just bath bombs. A nice relaxing bath with a bath bomb after a long week is my favorite thing. I pick one that fits the mood I am going for and let the stress of the week melt away. Bath bombs are one of my top stress relievers for sure.


11. Leggings


College girls are all about comfy clothes. That means leggings are a great gift for them. They can never have enough pairs of leggings. I live in leggings. I mean it, I wear leggings at least five days a week. My dresser has a drawer of just leggings. I can never have enough pairs. Especially black leggings, I have many pairs, but always need more. Get her a pair in a unique color or with a fun design on the leg to change up the collection. If they have pockets, that is a plus. My pairs of leggings with pockets are some of my favorites. Comfort is key, and leggings are just the case.


12. Weighted Blanket


Everyone needs a blanket. A weighted blanket is a unique blanket that contains a layer of glass beads that makes the blanket heavier. The blanket is supposed to help you relax and sleep better. The dorm beds are not always the comfiest, and adjusting to a new bed may be difficult. I know for me, adjusting to sleeping in a new environment can be difficult. So, this blanket may help make adjusting easier. The weighted blanket has become popular over the last few years, making this a top gift for any college girl.


13. The Comfy 


This is the perfect gift for any college girl that lives for comfy clothes. I think comfy clothes are the only appropriate attire for college. My wardrobe consists of mainly just leggings and sweatshirts. This is an oversized, hooded blanket sweatshirt. It will keep her warm and cozy at all times. The Comfy is perfect for lounging around while doing schoolwork or watching movies. It comes in various colors and is one-size-fits-all. Give her the gift of ultimate comfort with The Comfy.


14. Bluetooth Speaker 


Who does not love music? The love of music brings us to the next item on our list: a Bluetooth speaker. She can blast her favorite songs, dance like nobody’s watching or play some study tunes as she does work. A Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for any college student. I use my Bluetooth speaker regularly. When I am getting ready for the day I play my favorite music or podcasts. If my roommates and I will just play music when we are hanging out in our living room. It is very handy when I need what I am listening to be louder than my phone speaker to really jam out to what I am listening to.

15. Bluetooth Headphones 


Bluetooth headphones are good on-tho-go alternatives to a Bluetooth speaker. Most people love to walk to and from class listening to their favorite music. So, Bluetooth headphones or earbuds are perfect gifts for any college girl. These have been life-changing for me. I hated untangling corded headphones, having to choose between charging my phone or listening to music, or accidentally unplugging the cord while I was walking. Now I can just pop my earbuds in and listen to music with no issue. I can even leave my phone somewhere and walk to grab something and still enjoy music. They have various styles and brands that range in price online. Whether she likes over-the-ear headphones or in-ear earbuds, there are ones that will be just right for her. Easy to store and to throw in a bag, these are the perfect gift for any music-loving girl. 


16. Jade Roller 


Jade rollers have become more popular over the last year or so. I have seen these all over my social media feeds. It appears if almost every girl has or needs a jade roller in her collection. If she does not already have one, the college girl in your life will love this..This is for your face and eyes. It is supposed to massage your face, remove wrinkles, make your face look younger, rejuvenate the skin, help with blood circulation, etc. This is the perfect present for girls who are especially into skincare. These appear to be not too expensive. Also, I want to learn more about skincare and improve my routine, so this will be something I will be investing in soon.


17. Laptop Case

This gift is useful and cute. Students do a lot of work on their laptops, especially with online classes. Keeping that device protected is important, making a laptop case one of the best gifts for a college girl. However, it does not have to be a boring case. They have them in many different colors or patterns, and some even come with a keyboard color. They can even add some stickers to make it more personalized. Once I got my new laptop for college, I bought myself a clear case and plenty of stickers to cover it. For me, my laptop case is how I show my variety of interests. I love updating the stickers as I get new ones. When I needed a new case, I got excited to see how I was going to showcase my personality through it. I take my laptop to every class, so making sure it is protected is key. But having the case be something that represents me is important and really cool. Plus, it may spark some conversation among my classmates, and maybe even some new friends.


18. Portable Laptop Desk

Doing lots of work on a laptop means finding the best place to sit and put the device. While a desk or table is logical, it can get boring or uncomfortable. I am constantly moving around my apartment to find the perfect spot to do all my work. I start in one place and end up in somewhere completely different by the end of the day. I struggle to find a place that has enough space and is also comfortable to sit for hours. Getting her a portable laptop desk will allow her to change where she does her work while also having a sturdy place. It can elevate the laptop to prevent her from getting pain when hunching over, and it has cushions so she can place it on her lap comfortably. As someone who often gets pain in her back from awkward positions, having something to help alleviate the pain is very useful. It may even have pockets where she can put her phone or other devices. The size will allow her to take it from room to room, depending on where she wants to work. She will love this useful gift. 

19. Overnight Duffle 

A great overnight bag is always good for everyone to have. However, for college girls, having a bag to use when they visit home or friends is important. Get her a bag that can be easily transported to and from campus and can hold everything she may possibly bring. Trust me, whenever I go home to visit, I bring way too much stuff. I plan for any situation. I never end up using the majority of the items I bring, but I am prepared. If she has a bag, she may visit you more, which is a bonus. Also, if it has a matching bag for toiletries, that is useful. Finding a bag to bring my shampoo and stuff home for visits, is always a struggle. Get her an overnight bag to make visits from your favorite girl easier.


20. Smartphone Picture Printer


Pictures capture some of our favorite memories. They are also a great way to decorate a dorm room or bedroom. I have an entire wall dedicated to just pictures. At the start of every school year, I print out over a hundred pictures and just cover a wall. However, sometimes having to go somewhere to have pictures printed can prevent us from having all the pictures we want. Sometimes having to go through the process of picking out the pictures I want and having to go pick them up is just too much work. However, a picture printer that prints photos from a phone through Bluetooth can solve that problem. This printer will allow her to print out every selfie she takes of herself or with her friends, as well as pictures of her favorite vacation, spots on campus or memories with her family. She can do this from the comfort of her room. All she needs is her phone and some photos she wants to print.

21. Photo Clip String Lights

Finding new ways for me to hang up the hundreds of photos I have is always something fun for me. Hanging photos from string lights I have always found to be a simple way of displaying your favorite photos. Plus, it is an inexpensive way to decorate a room while doing so.This set of string lights allows her to hang her favorite pictures from the lights. She can take the photos from her personal photo printer and hang them from her lights, making the perfect combination.

22. Skincare Facemasks


Skincare is important for many people, especially college girls. This means one of the best gifts for her is some sort of a facemask. In addition to my bath bomb collection, I have a face mask collection. A face mask and bath bomb are the perfect relaxation combo. Plus, these can be inexpensive, making this must-have one that will not break the bank. Many of mine were five dollars or less. It can be a sheet mask, peel-off mask or clay mask. There are several different brands and types out there that have different benefits. While she’s in college, a set of facemasks is a great addition to not only a girl’s skincare routine but also her self-care and relaxation routine.


23. Light Up Make-up Mirror

Having a good mirror to do hair and make-up in is crucial. If you are like me, and know nothing about make-up and rarely do your make-up, it is especially important. This mirror is perfect for college girls, especially if they do not have their own bathroom in their dorms. They can store it until they need it. The lights will help give her the perfect lighting for getting ready before she leaves for the day.

24. Tapestry

A tapestry is a staple in any college girl’s room. I fit into this category. In my dorm room, we had a tapestry in our common area. Now in my apartment, we have a tapestry in our living room and I also have one hanging up in my room. So I can attest that college girls love tapestries. This is an easy way to personalize a space. The one hanging in our living room has an inspirational quote that I and the roommates love. If she does not already have one or several tapestries, your girl will love this present. The possibilities that you can get on a tapestry are endless. It can be floral, space-themed, spiritual, a quote, a face, a random pattern, colorful, black and white, large, small, and more. Whatever her interests, there is probably a tapestry that will match.

25. Snackbox 

Who doesn’t love snacks? College girls will always appreciate free snacks. I love snacks. I am constantly snacking and love finding new ones to enjoy. So give her the gift of a care package full of them. A box full of her favorite chips, cookies, crackers or candy is just what she needs to help get her through her classes. These snacks will be perfect between and during classes while watching a movie, or for some late-night study sessions. The snacks will not go to waste for sure.

26. Five-Year Memory Journal

The memories you make in college are some that you will remember forever. I know I have made so many memories during my first almost three years. Reliving those memories through telling stories is always so much fun. A five-year memory journal allows any college girl to document her years at school and maybe even sometime after. This gift allows her to write down a line every day for five years, summarizing her day so she can then look at it years later. This unique and sentimental gift provides a way to document some of the most formative years in a girl’s life.

27. Going Places Necklace

This item is perfect for this list. It has a compass charm that symbolizes personal strength despite the distance between loved ones. I purchased the necklace as a Christmas gift for my roommates and I and I think it is so cute and meaningful. I wear this necklace often to remind myself of how strong I am and what I want to achieve in life. The necklace is simple and the perfect gift to remind her how strong she is. Also, who doesn’t love a good, simple gold necklace?

28. Name Bracelet 

Another piece of simple jewelry that is a great gift for any college girl, a personalized bracelet is a simple yet sentimental offering. Something that is personalized Jewelry is a gift that I feel is simple but always has meaning. You are picking something out that you feel fits the style of someone else. That means you took the time to learn about the other person and take that into consideration. Also, the personalized name engraving, makes it even more sentimental. It can be worn almost every day, and she’ll think of you when she wears it.

29. To-do List Notepad

College can be stressful and overwhelming. Staying organized is important, and this next idea can help. This is something I am constantly working on still. For example, I never used a planner before college, now I actually use one and write out due dates for assignments.  A to-do list notepad is a way she can write down what she needs to plan and accomplish every day. On some to-do lists, she can even break her day down by the hour. This can be very helpful. I am someone who gets overwhelmed when I have many things going on and focus on specific days. Having something that would allow me to plan out everything super specifically would be extremely helpful. This way, she can write everything she needs to do in one place and can cross things off as she accomplishes them, making a to-do list a simple and useful gift.

30. “The Easy College Cookbook”

Figuring out what to cook and how to cook it can be tricky. I can attest to this. I am terrible at cooking and never know what I should even attempt to make. This is why I tend to rotate through a handful of meals. That’s why a cookbook is next on the list of best gifts for any college girl. This cookbook provides her with 75 recipes for students, especially those who live on campus. You may not be there to teach her how to cook, but you can give her a book that will help guide her. 


That ‘s a wrap. This post was all about the best gifts for any college girl. Hopefully, it helps you find the perfect present.


Not everyone is the same, but these ideas will be useful in some way.

This is just a starting list; you can tailor it to fit what will work best for her. However, do not overthink it. Whatever you pick out, she will appreciate it because it’s from Y-O-U.


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