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3 Ways to Give Sustainable and Affordable Gifts This Christmas

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Christmas is just around the corner, however, 2024 has thrown everyone a curveball with places of business closing down, big stores going bankrupt, and people staying indoors. Buying that special someone a present can be stressful and going to a general store to buy one can feel less special to the person you are buying the gift for. Yet, there are ways to help those small business owners and buy a gift that truly will make a person’s Holiday season better. 


Etsy is not only a great source for people to buy beautiful handmade gifts from small businesses, but they can also be customized to what the buyer needs. Personalized necklaces, glass blown decorations, and hand-painted portraits are all gifts that can be obtained through Etsy and most sellers provide free shipping as well.

It’s important to note that not all sellers are the same on Etsy though. Make sure to check the reviews and comments, as well as pictures from other customers to get an idea of whether buying the product is worth it. 

Some examples of hand-made items that can be bought via Etsy are: 

Engraved bracelets


Personalized jewelry

Glass blown objects

Pop culture items


Hand-made bags


Taqua Czech glass focal beads as the center point of two beautiful earrings found on etsy

Shopping from Local Stores

Whether you live in a small town or a big city. Every place has small shops. While they’re easier to find in smaller towns, finding that small, cute, and local shop is like finding that hidden gem that you never knew you had. Most of these stores are family-run and they are great at providing a special experience for the shopper.

They typically sell handmade items like soaps, scarves, jewelry, and handmade foods. Buying items from these types of “mom and pop” stores not only help boost the business but buying handmade gifts like these is special for any occasion. Some stores even sell homegrown meats and dairy products. Normally you can’t get these in regular supermarkets.

The labels typically show where the meat was produced, what farm, and even what the diet the animal was on. This helps with not only choosing more sustainable foods, but it also helps the local farmers, which in turn helps the local market that you’re buying from. 

Table containing a large assortment of jams and jellies, and some baked good, located at a farmers market

DIY gift making 

Watching DIY videos on Youtube are popular these days, but what if making your own gifts were as simple as watching them? Some can be! Making scarves can be made easy by getting a scarf making kit and the kits will teach the person making the scarves the steps in which to create it; making it simple and fun.

Other gifts like build-your-own wooden wind chime, or birdhouse making kits can all be found in stores like Homegoods or Walmart. These kits come with instructions and all the steps needed to make these objects. Sending someone a homemade gift and one that is useful or nice is the perfect gift for anyone during the Christmas season.

A DIY puppet kit containing an assortment of fabrics, beads, and eyes. targeting the younger audience, located on pinterest

Happy shopping!

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