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30+ Mind-Blowing Chemistry Gifts for Science Lovers

Is your friend a chemistry nerd? Then here is a list of mind-blowing chemistry gifts that your friend will definitely love.



chemistry container glasses with different liquid

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Now that you know what to get for your owl-lover friends and your engineer friends, you might be wondering, “what gifts can I get to my chemistry nerd friend or relative?”

Keep reading to find out the best thirty chemistry gifts that will surely blow the minds of the future Nobel Laureates in your life. 

They are all great gift ideas. 

1. Periodic Table with Real Elements

Heritage Periodic Table of Elements

There’s nothing more exciting than seeing chemistry hard-at-work in real life! A periodic table is a classic way to show love for your chemist nerd, but this has real representations of the elements inside.

Not only that it will be helpful for studying, but this periodic table will also remind them why they love this branch of science.

I would enjoy giving this periodic table as a gift because of its unique quality— truly, there’s no other gift handmade like this!


2. Washable, Anti-Dust ‘Chemical Formula’ Face Mask

The Calculation Formula Of Chemistry Mask

Chemists know how important it is to be safe and healthy in today’s time.

During the time of the pandemic, show your chemist friends that you care, by giving them this practical, chic, and fun mask, decorated with chemical formulas that they will appreciate!

I always keep my face mask on hand to protect myself, and this washable and affordable face mask would give me that same ease when I think about my friends.


3. Chemistry Engraved Rolling Pin 

Engraved Mini Rolling Pin

As they say, baking is a science! And cookie shapes shouldn’t be dull. This star-embossed rolling pin will amaze a chemist friend who also dabbles into cooking.

Also, I love how affordable this rolling pin is! I would enjoy seeing the delight on my friend’s face as they add this rolling pin to their kitchenware collection.


4. Geeky Wine Glass

Wine Glass I Drink Wine Periodically

Is your friend a wine lover? Then look no further. For your friend who knows how to have a good time or just wants to take a break from studying organic chemistry: this wine glass reads “I WINE periodically”.

For an affordable price, I would love to get this for my friend so we can both toast the good times together.


5. Caffeine Molecule Beaker Mug

Caffeine Beaker Mug, Caffeine Molecule Mug – Chemistry Mug 16 oz Borosilicate Glass Coffee Mugs with Handle and Measuring for Coffee, Latte, Tea or Hot and Cold Beverage, – Tea Coffee Mug by Amugo

Sleepless nights are inevitable for your hardworking friends, especially if they are chemistry students.

As they experiment with the natural world, show your appreciation by giving them this beaker-shaped mug.

It even has the molecular structure for caffeine imprinted on it. This will bring a smile to any coffee break.


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6. Science Bookmark

Chemistry Science Periodic Table Paper Bookmarks

As your friend reads through countless scientific journals, remind them that you have their back by giving them a periodical bookmark!

The bookmark’s easy cost allows me to get my friend more than two chemistry gifts without discounting on quality.

Plus, the back of the bookmark is a fun reminder of the days spent in laboratories using their genius brain.


7. Chemistry Genius Socks

HAPPYPOP Math Socks for Men, Math Teacher Gift, Math Gifts, Gifts for Math Lovers

Nothing says comfort more than a pair of socks, and nothing says chemistry more than molecular structures.

Put two and two together, and you get these comfortable pairs of socks that will surely put a smile on your friend’s face. This would be a cute gift for your science-loving friend.

I love the feeling of wearing a pair of socks because it brings unbeatable comfort, and getting this gift for a friend is a way to share that relaxation. 


8. The Science of Cooking 

The Science of Cooking

For your chemistry-obsessed friend who can also rival Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, this cookbook is a top pick. 

With a mixture of science and cooking, the book is a one-stop-shop to satisfy the chef and the scientist inside!

This is a gift I would even keep for myself! This book, for example, explains the science behind a perfectly cooked steak.


9. Marie Curie Tote 

Marie Curie Science Chemistry Beautiful Tote Bag

There’s no better gift than a tote that commemorates one of the most prominent chemists in the world: Marie Curie!

This tote with cotton-webbing is both practical for carrying life’s daily necessities and aesthetically appealing.

I always keep totes on hand for the days I have to lug around heavy textbooks or groceries, and this tote is perfect for these instances.


10. Infinity Scarf

Science Infinity Scarf

This science-themed infinity scarf, which comes multicolor or monochrome, will surely bring out the science geek inside.

It’s a fantastic way to show that science is not only cool, but stylish! To me, scarves are so versatile, and improved even more with the scientific flair.


11. Hand Drawn Style Chemistry Mouse Pad 

Lunarable Science Mouse Pad

When not in the laboratory, your friend is probably busy researching in front of the computer.

For that reason, this hand-drawn chemistry mouse pad, complete with beakers and scientific drawings, is a brilliant way to brighten up any workspace.

I keep my workspace entertaining by filling it with items I love. Giving this to a friend would remind them of their passion for science. 


12. Microscope Earrings

FUSTMW Microscope Dangle Earrings

The microscope is one of the most important tools in chemistry. To blow the mind of your fashionable and brilliant friend, these microscope dangle earrings are one way to do it!

This jewelry is versatile and perfect to show one’s love for science.

I love how these earrings are affordable yet tasteful. For just $11.99, I can brighten my person’s day by surprising them with these microscope earrings. 


13. Beaker Wine Glasses

Periodic Tableware Beaker Wine Glass

A quirky chemistry gift comes in the form of a beaker wine glass!

This adorable tableware bring together the love for science and wine in a cute and unconventional way.

This is a great way to unwind at the end of the day— so long as it is wine, and not toxic chemicals. 


14. Chemistry Popsocket 

Chemistry PopSockets PopGrip

This popsocket is an excellent way to show one’s love for chemistry in the everyday.

Not only does it provide a good grip for your friend’s phone, but the word chemistry is enclosed within a heart of molecular structures.

It’s cute, simple, and hard to go wrong with.


15. Serotonin Molecule Print 

Wunderkammer Studio – Happiness Serotonin Molecule Poster Print – Scientific Wall Art – House Home Décor – Housewarming Gift – 8 x 10 Unframed Art Print

Brighten any living space with this print: the molecular structure of serotonin.

Printed on heavyweight matte paper with robust and supreme pigment inks, this piece of art will amaze your person’s visitors!

Usually, art prints tend to be on a higher price value, but I adore just how inexpensive this print is. 


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16. Periodic Table Gift Wrap

Science Themed Roll of Gift Wrap by Nerdy Words

If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, consider wrapping paper.

With one simple look, the receiver of the gift will be reminded why science and chemistry are so fascinating.

This gift is sure to bring a few laughs.


17. Chemistry Tumbler 

ALAZA Chemistry Periodic Table Water Bottle

For the on-the-go chemist friend in your life, this insulated flask is the perfect gift.

This easy carry and leak-proof flask is practical for carrying hot or cold beverages— plus, it’s stylish with its chemistry-themed design.

Your chemist friend needs to stay hydrated, and so this is the perfect on-the-go gift to remind them that they need to drink water, and that they have thoughtful friends. 


18. iPhone Case 

GKMXA Chemistry Periodic Table Elements Phone Case for iPhone 11 Pro 12 Max 7 8 Plus X XR XS Max Soft Silicone Protection Cover,Black,for iPhone X

Since we all can’t leave our phones nowadays, take a look at this iPhone case.

It is designed with a periodic table of elements to remind your chemistry-obsessed friends that they have unfinished homework to do!

I personally like the clean design of the periodic table of elements, and it would definitely be helpful in my chemistry classes.


19. Caffeine Molecule Necklace 

Caffeine Molecule Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver, Coffee Necklace, Coffee Lover Jewelry for Women, Coffee Gifts for Women, Coffee Lovers Gifts

Give this caffeine molecule necklace as a fun way to say, “I’m energized by your presence.”

This sterling silver pendant necklace is a sure way to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

I love caffeine and necklaces, so a caffeine-shaped necklace is just a delight to see. 


20. Chemistry Washi Tape 

LiFe Chem Chemical Elements Washi Masking Tape Set, Creative Flash Card, Chemistry Décor, All 118 Elements, giftwrap

For the person who loves both chemistry and DIY scrapbooking, this washi tape gives a nod to chemical elements. It is a simple but effective gift.

I love giving out washi tapes, because they are a very underrated gift, but incredibly useful, especially for someone who loves to bullet journal or scrapbook.

This one from Amazon is so affordable that it can be an addition to any other gift.


21. Cuff Bracelet 

Periodic Table of Elements Cuff

What happens when you mix elegance and science together? You get this periodic table cuff bracelet.

It is perfect for accessorizing any ensemble and a fabulous declaration of one’s love for Mendeleev’s work.

This one from Amazon is in my top five. Nothing is more special than a tastefully created gift just for your person!


22. DNA Tie 

Josh Bach Men's DNA Necktie,

This double-helix tie will blow the mind of its receiver.

Tastefully mixing fashion and science together, this is one of the best gifts to give a friend that is a science teacher or chemistry teacher who’s not only smart, but unafraid to make a fashion statement that will turn heads!

It’s also a great conversation starter about the fascinating workings of science.


23. Vintage Chemistry Art 

Vintage Science Lab Chemistry Patent Poster Prints

This 3-piece chemistry art set is sure to bring wonders to a STEM aficionados’ home.

Featuring a distilling apparatus, a white condensation apparatus, and a chemical apparatus, the art set brings nostalgia to those who are used to working in laboratories and utilizing the tools depicted.

This art print set is also vintage-inspired, handmade, and offers the choice of framing.


24. Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus 

Lab Essential Oil Distillation Apparatus

Truly, there’s no better gift than the gift of practicing chemistry in everyday lives. This distillation apparatus is perfect for those who want to cultivate their skill in essential oil making, while applying the basic processes of chemistry.

Not only does one build a hobby, but strengthens their wet lab skills! I would absolutely love to receive this gift because it satisfies the curious thinker in me. 


25. Notebook

I Use this Notebook Periodically: Black Funny Science Notebook, Size: A4, 8.5×11 inch, 120 page perfect bound soft cover Periodic Table humor Chemistry Notebook, Paper: College Ruled Lined

All great outputs start with great ideas and planning. This funny chemistry-themed notebook will make your friend smile and give them the space to jot down their fantastic and world-changing thoughts.

I always keep a notebook handy for the times I have ideas that I do not want to forget. Sometimes, writing it down is better than going to your Notes app,and your friend would love to have this option, too!


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26. Serotonin Ring

JZMSJF 925 Sterling Silver Serotonin Ring Molecule Adjustable Stacking Chemistry Jewelry Gift for Women Adults Science Lovers Size 7

How do you say, “you make me happy” to a person with much knowledge and interest in science? With this serotonin ring, of course!

Giving this ring is a sure way to bring happiness, regulate mood, and add to one’s well being. I would personally keep this ring for myself, because of how affordable and creative it is.

Even just the thought of owning a serotonin ring gives me serotonin. If you’re going to prioritize anything from the list, I will suggest that this should be among your firsts! 


27. Chemistry Wall Clock 

Vintage Vinyl Record Retro Wall Clock

Your hardworking chemistry friends sometimes forget the time, because of all the effort they put into their work.

This wall clock will remind them that while chemistry is important, it is also okay to take breaks. I always keep a watchful eye on my wall clock to remind myself of tasks I have to do, and getting your person this handmade, vintage, and chemistry-themed wall clock is a must-buy!


28. I’m Diene! 

Organic Exam Shirt Funny Chemistry Joke Gift T-Shirt

We all know how hard organic chemistry can be, but the humor of this shirt will take away some of that dread.

It is not only a shirt, but an affirmation that your friend made it through an organic chemistry exam, hooray!

There’s nothing more that I love than good humor and this “I’m Diene” shirt is the definition of affordability and fun.


29. Pillow

Funny Chemistry Beaker Chemicals Don't Feel Stable – Pillow Case

Whether for comfort or decoration, this funny pillow is a terrific gift for your friend who loves to relax and appreciate good old chemistry humor.

The cotton pillow is a blissful addition to any space. I always keep a comforting pillow close to me all the time, especially when I need to relax or to rest a bit, so getting this pillow for your friend would remind them to rest from time to time. 


30. Heavy Metals Shirt 

Funny Chemistry Gift – Heavy Metals T-Shirt

For the friend who loves listening to heavy metal bands and who loves parsing the purpose of heavy metal elements, this chemistry-inspired shirt is second to none.

Just like I’ve mentioned, I admire tasteful articles of clothing with puns in them, and this would definitely go to my go-to shirts. 


31. Funny Beer Chemistry Mug 

12oz Beer Mug Stein Glass Funny Science Geek Nerd I Drink Beer Periodically

This is an amazing gift for a beer drinking science, teacher, student, doctor or anyone interested in the science field.

It will surely put a smile on the face of your loved one after a long day of work and/or study.


32. Chemistry Fluxx Game

Looney Labs Chemistry Fluxx Card Game – Science Games Card Games for Kids Adult Games Family Games School Games with Elements Atom Molecules Periodic Table 2-6 Player Board Games for Ages 8 and Up

This is the perfect gift for any science person into games. With 100 Playing Cards- this deck includes elements from the periodic table, atoms and molecules.

The game is never play the same twice so it keep things interesting and engaging.

Plus, Chemistry Fluxx isn’t just fun. It is also educational as it helps players learn the elements so that is definitely a bonus.


33. Chemist’s Spice Rack

Wink Chemist's Spice Rack, 14 Piece Chemistry Spice Rack Set

This spice rack is perfect for that science friend that loves to cook. The 14 piece set includes nine test tubes for spices, three Erlenmeyer flasks for sugar, salt and pepper, an Erlenmeyer flask for oil, and a carrying tray.

The set also includes 36 stickers to choose which spices you wish to display. It is perfect for functional use and simply beautiful as a decorative display on the kitchen.


34. Funny Science Coaster Set

Funny Science Coaster Set

This might be the perfect chemistry teacher gift because it can efficiently help an instructor implement rules and regulations in a lab

This comprehensive set of SOPs can help keep students safe, but more importantly it can help save some valuable equipment.


Final Thoughts on Chemistry Gifts

It can’t be easy looking for gifts that will blow the minds of your chemistry aficionado friends, but with a touch of humor and science, any gift from the list will be appreciated by them— especially if it’s from you!

But, if you really want to go the distance and keep up with the wonderful world of science, here are some sharpen your own skills.


Ways to Make Science Fun

1. Do a science project

Science projects aren’t only for high schoolers! In college, the best way to have fun while learning science is to start a project of your own!

Whether it’s creating solar-powered robots or monitoring blood glucose concentration, engaging yourself beyond textbooks and scientific journals is an active way to retain the basic principles — and real life workings — of science. 

2. Surround yourself with people who loves science as much as you

The world of science is a constant conversation among colleagues and this means reasonable debates and a persistent exchange of ideas. Surround yourself with people with the same scientific interests, and it will help your learning by offering different perspectives.

Other people allow you to apply, challenge, and improve on your own beliefs.

3. Finally, go to your science professors’ office hours!

There’s no better way to learn science than learning it from your experienced and highly-qualified professors.

If you’re taking a class from a Nobel prize winning chemist or just a regular science professor, prepare questions that interest you and pick their brains during their office hours.

Do not be intimidated! More likely than not, these professors will happily answer your questions, because they have the same scientific interests as you.



Pin for 30 mind-blowing Chemistry Gifts.

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