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50 White Elephant Gifts for Any Time of the Year

Trying to find the perfect gift for your white elephant party? We got you. Our gift guide will help you choose the best white elephant gift.

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A clear jar with a ribbon and picture of a white elephant wrapped around it.

This post probably contains affiliate links. Our full disclosure is long, but you can find it here.

This post is all about white elephant gifts.

White Elephant swaps are gift exchanges where you buy a present that anyone playing can choose from.

Finding the perfect gift for this game is always daunting, whether it be for family, significant others, or friends. Expectations for every person and every occasion are different. 

While most people have gift swaps during the winter holiday season, having a White Elephant event as a graduation or birthday celebration can be fun. 

All items can be found with an easy Amazon search or from small businesses on Etsy, a site useful for finding personalized items. 

Each of these 50 White Elephant gifts can be bought for any occasion. Most are also affordable for college students on a tight budget. 

Table of Contents:


White Elephant Gifts Everyone Will Fight For

1. Travel Water Bottles

SPECIAL MADE Collapsible Water Bottles Leakproof Valve Reusable BPA Free Silicone Foldable Water Bottle for Sport Gym Camping Hiking Travel Sports Lightweight Durable 20oz 600ml Grey

In between classes, work, and leisure or social time, it’s easy to forget to drink water. And coffee often tends to be the drink of choice in any young person’s lives, they

may forget to drink enough water because they drink so much coffee instead. Gifting a reusable water bottle may nudge your friend into drinking enough water each day. 


2. Unisex “SpongeBob SquarePants” Socks

Odd Sox, Unisex, Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants Socks, Cartoon Novelty Socks

Amazon offers various options with different “SpongeBob” characters on these socks. What else is there to say here except “Are you ready kids?”


3. Mood Rings

5 Pieces Stainless Steel Changing Color Mood Ring Unisex Temperature Emotion Ring

Once upon a time, having a mood ring seemed like a rite of passage. 

Grouped with slap bracelets, glow-in-the-dark jewelry, and silly bands, mood rings can bring a sense of nostalgia. It was always so interesting to watch the rings change colors.

Buying one for a White Elephant swap can make your friends remember better times. It can even make a cool fashion statement and match any outfit. 


4. Adult Coloring Book

125 Mandalas: An Adult Coloring Book Featuring 125 of the World’s Most Beautiful Mandalas for Stress Relief and Relaxation

My childish tendencies come out to play with this one because I love to color when I have spare time. Coloring is so relaxing and is a great way to express creativity. But I’ve never gotten the courage to buy this large adult coloring book. I wish someone would bring this to a gift exchange so that I could potentially end up with it.


6. Unicorn Plant Pot

Rainbow Unicorn Ceramic Container Plant Pot Planter

Keeping up with the pattern here is a unicorn plant pot because I find this so cool and would buy it in a heartbeat. As someone who loves horses, I find the idea of one with a colorful and mysterious horn cool. And I know others who would love this. Who knows, someone you know might like it too!


7. Drawstring Unicorn Dabbing Bag

Beabes Watercolor Unicorn Drawstring Bags Backpack Bag Horse Cartoon Animal Fairy Tale Pink Purple Hair Hand Paint Sport Gym Sack Drawstring Bag String Bag Yoga Bag for Men Women

What else is there to say except it’s magical and delicious, and one click away from becoming an inside joke.

The inner kid in me is ready to send this link and make a funny joke about it before asking someone to buy it.


8. Sloth T-Shirt

Lazy Is A Very Strong Word Sloth Gift T-Shirt for men woman

I think this pajama T-shirt is the best possible item to end this list. This shirt would be a great gift for a wide audience because sloths seem to be universally loved.

So many people I know can relate to the sloth’s laziness, sleepiness, and laid-back demeanor. Sloths are also cute and funny. 


9. Crocs

Crocs Men's and Women's Classic Tie Dye Clog, Pastel Tie Dye, 7 Women / 5 Men

I had to make this last gift a genuine White Elephant gift, because no one would see Crocs coming. They are functional to wear both in and outside with little to no effort, and they come in many different designs.

Almost everyone loved wearing them once upon a time. Once again, they are the perfect step above leaving the house in slippers.


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Gifts for Self-Care and Organization

This section is perfect for anyone who has been under a lot of stress recently or needs to relax.

These gifted items may just help someone get their energy and peace back,  which is an important thing.

No matter what point of life someone is in, it’s always important to be comfortable and worry-free. 

10. Incense Pack

Natural Eucalyptus Incense Sticks [90 Pack with Holder] for Meditation, Focus, Cleansing & Positive Vibes | Charcoal Free Incense Sticks Made with Herbal Vedic Masala & Pure Essential Oils for…

Incense is one of my favorite things I’ve been using these last few years. To balance out mental stability and fall asleep better, I light these at night. As someone who loves a good scented room when I walk into my own space, this gift is a necessity for me.

A good scent makes me feel relaxed and puts a smile on my face after a long day. It helps me rebalance when it’s time to sit back and unwind. With self-care seeming more essential now than ever before, there’s plenty of scents and benefits to incense sticks. 


11. Incense Censer

ComSaf Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner Ceramic, Handmade Small Portable Censer Incense Cone Holder Fountain, Aromatherapy Ornament Home Decor Yoga Meditation Relaxation Office Gift, Mountain

A censer is a container in which you burn incense sticks, so it pairs well with the incense pack. This is perfect for a user who likes or wants to try out incense. This item on Amazon is one of my favorites, but these censers do sell out quickly. 


12. Rainbow Candle Light Set

Lily's Home Color Changing Everlasting Tealights Candles with 7 Rainbow Colors- Set of 12

Not only are these rainbow colors, but they also change colors! They can be used for signifying holidays and seasons. Similar to mood rings, these gifts can signify whatever mood someone wants their space to be. And the candle light set doesn’t have to be too bright for anyone who wants minimal light.


13. Scentsy

EQUSUPRO 3D Glass Electric Wax Melt Warmer Wax Burner Melter Fragrance Warmer for Home Office Bedroom Living Room Gifts & Decor (3D Fireworks)

If candles or incense are not your friend’s or family member’s favorite things, the next best thing would be to get a wax warmer. These also have different scents that come in cheap little boxes and are good for relaxing.


14. Face Scrub 

Brightening Vitamin C Face Scrub – Natural Cleansing Exfoliator – Blackhead Reducing Facial Mask – Deep Pore Cleanser – Gentle Exfoliant – Oily, Dry & Sensitive Skin – Green Tea & Coconut Wate…

A lot of people I know have a skincare routine. It’s been monumental for me this last year to find facial scrubs that are refreshing and don’t cause breakouts. There are a lot of options out there, but I have found the best are ones that are smooth and natural. 


15. ChapStick Pack 

Chapstick Total Hydration, 100% Natural Essential Oils Set – Collection of 4 Lip Balm Tubes 0.12 oz Each

A lot of people often forget to moisturize their lips, even during the harsh winter season. It’s important not to let your lips dry up. Putting on lip balm is a simple action that can make you feel like a new person.

This gift is a thoughtful and considerate one for White Elephant. No one can ever have too much ChapStick, so don’t be afraid of giving this pack as a gift.

The person who receives this self-care item can keep one in their bag, bedroom, and car. Plus, a ChapStick pack is a good holiday gift in general, even if you’re buying it for yourself. 


16. Backrest Pillow

Ziraki Large Plush Shredded Foam Reading and TV Relax Pillow – Perfect for Adults, Teens, and Kids – for Bed Rest, Arm, Back, Pregnancy Lumbar & Head Neck Coccyx Lower Back Support Cushion

I own a pillow similar to this, but I wish mine sat up and was firmer like the ones I see online. Still, I use my old backrest pillow often. Even though it is a little worn down, I still use it while reading or watching a show in my bedroom. This pillow has good gift-giving potential for someone who likes to relax but could benefit from not slouching. 


17. Plush Seal Pillow

Rainlin Chubby Blob Seal Pillow Plush Animal Toy Stuffed Seal Plushie Cotton Cute Pillow Gray 13.0 inch
I found this pillow by accident, but it’s the perfect, most unserious pillow to let out any emotions into. And I’m sure everyone, no matter what stage they are in, young adults, in particular, would love this.

18. Chalkboard

TenXVI Designs 11×13″ Magnetic Chalkboard Sign – Remove Legs to Vertically or Horizontally Hang or Stand – Perfect for Kitchen Countertop, Tabletops, Weddings, Home Decor – White

This gift can be used at any time and any season. A chalkboard makes a good, unique White Elephant present for anyone. Chalkboards can be used to write down special messages for another person in a household. It’s nice leaving a special message for myself, a close family member, my best friend, or a significant other. You can even leave little reminders for yourself or cute drawings to liven up the space. 


19. Planner

SUNEE 2024 Weekly and Monthly Planner – from January 2024 – December 2024, 8.5″x11″ Daily Agenda Planner with Monthly Tab, Flexible Cover, Note Pages, Pockets, Bookmark, Spiral Binding, Blac…

Sometimes, people forget major events or don’t dedicate enough time to certain tasks. This is especially true for young adults. Important tasks get delayed because they slip the mind. Having a planner in a designated workspace at all times is so important.

A planner makes it simple to get into work mode. Having a list of priorities can help make tasks feel organized.

I have tried different ways of organizing my schedule over the last three years. Using alarms, sticky notes, or phone notification often don’t help me be productive.

Organized words on a planner page help a lot in between meetings, jobs, work, or projects. It’s a game-changer when utilized to meet deadlines and maintain schedules. I think anyone would be grateful to choose this during a White Elephant exchange.


20. Food Storage Container Sets

Airtight Food Storage Containers 25-Piece Set, Kitchen & Pantry Organization, BPA Free Plastic Storage Containers with Lids, for Cereal, Flour, Sugar, Baking Supplies, Labels & Measuring Cups

This is one I would do because I’m very much a snacking person, and also very organized — to an extent. I love the idea of just opening a cabinet door and seeing right away what I want to eat.

And like most people, I’m sure everyone knows someone like me that would love to have such control.


21. Silverware Holder Set With Bamboo Wood Base

Sorbus Silverware Holder with Caddy for Spoons, Knives Forks, etc — Ideal for Kitchen, Dining, Entertaining, Buffet, Picnic, and More — Stainless Steel with Bamboo Wood Base

I can’t be the only person who loves to have their kitchen silverware organized along with other things. This one’s pretty self-explanatory. This silverware holder set helps even those who aren’t the neatest people, and those who are going into adulthood.


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Physical Fitness Gifts

Maintaining physical health is important for everyone. Without moving for a period of time, people may feel exhausted.

And once this feeling settles in, procrastination follows closely behind. So it’s important to get up and move when possible, and these gifts are perfect to help with that.

The solution to a sedentary lifestyle often involves certain equipment, which can make great gifts. 

22. Mobile Desk

SHW Height Adjustable Mobile Laptop Stand Desk Rolling Cart, Height Adjustable from 28'' to 33''

This one is an obvious choice for any person who hates sitting down at a desk while working. It is easy to assemble and allows for more movement when working to prevent exhaustion or laziness.

This will help someone be productive once they feel energized from moving around. With more people working at home because of the pandemic, anyone would be happy to receive a mobile desk. 


23. Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) Wireless Ear Buds with USB-C Charging, Up to 2X More Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones, Transparency Mode, Adaptive Audio, Personalized Spatial Audio

Everyone needs to have some wireless earbuds. A benefit to wireless earbuds is that they have no wire. Users don’t have to be tied to their computers or phones during Zoom meetings or phone calls. 

Apple’s AirPods are not super affordable, and some people do not have Apple phones. So, buying a more affordable brand and giving it as a gift can make anyone’s day. I just bought a cheap pair for myself. They work well and help me focus on my work.


24. Hubba Bubba AirPods Case

OCTT Cases Compatible for AirPods Pro case, Silicone Kawaii Fun Designed Charging Case for Kids Boys Girls with Keychains, Soft Skin Protective Cover Compatible for airpods Pro Case

This Hubba Bubba case is a classic, and it’s perfect to go along with the Airpods, too — not to mention, great for a trick on others who ask for gum. If I ever got this, I would probably end up doubling over from laughter before accepting.


25. Jump Rope

GRAWUN Jump Rope For Kids, 6 Pack Soft Beaded Jump Rope, Adjustable Length Tangle-Free Segmented Soft Beaded Skipping Rope,for Women, Men and Kids Keeping Fit, Workout and Weight Loss

This gift idea is the child in me manifesting itself. I still am very much obsessed with jump roping as a physical activity. It’s such a good idea for people to do in their downtime throughout the day.

Jump roping exercises every part of the body and requires quick thinking. This activity is easy to learn — or relearn. Jumping rope helps our brains focus on multiple things at once.

Needing to jump and rhythmically swing the rope improves coordination. Above all else, it’s a good physical activity to give to anyone so they can have fun and get active.


26. Tie-Dye Yoga Mat

NDISTIN Funky Tie-dye Yoga Mat Home Office Exercise Essential Floor Mat Non-Slip Gym Mat Fitness Carpet Area Mat Black Rubber Back Strong Grip Sports Durbale Mat 72″ x 24″

Many people love meditation these days. Doing yoga is great for getting in some physical activity throughout the day even when it seems impossible. This is the perfect gift for someone that’s transformed into a fitness nut but doesn’t yet own their own yoga mat.

It is also great for anyone trying to become more healthy without signing up for a gym membership. This specific yoga mat gives off cool, hippie vibes, making it fun to look at.  


27. Foam Rollers

321 STRONG Foam Roller – Medium Density Deep Tissue Massager – Muscle Massage + Myofascial Trigger Point Release – Includes 4K eBook – Aurora

This one is for those who need to just stretch a bit more and need some support to do so. This foam roller is nice to use when someone has no idea where to start when it comes to stretching, which can be a good alternative to doing yoga.


28. Resistance Band

Champion Sports XF Resistance Tube Bands for Men and Women, Light Resistance, Green – Durable Fitness Band for Strength Training, Stretching, Rehabilitation – Premium Home Workout Equipment

This one is for those friends and family members who don’t get the chance to get up and be active a lot during the day. It helps get in some movement and stretches for tightened-up wrists and ankles. With enough work and effort, these get the circulation going when it feels like there’s nothing left.


29. Fanny Pack

2 Pieces Shark Fanny Pack Cross Body Bag Wasit Pack Belt Bags for Men,Women,Kids – Gray shark+ Black shark

I strongly believe that you can always rely on a fanny pack, whether you’re just going out to walk around or if there is a person in your life who’s a runner.

They’re quick and easy to slide your phone and other small items into. This one comes with a front pocket where items are easily accessible if needed.


30. Light Up Armband Bracelets

PROLOSO LED Armbands, Light Up Bracelets, Flashing Sports Wristband Pack of 8 Glow in The Dark Party Supplies

This is a very cool accessory to have on hand when it gets late and dark but is still a nice time to go out for a walk around the park or neighborhood. I find these light-up armbands to be a good thing. They signify to others that you’re there in the dark.


31. Sweat Towel Pack

HOPESHINE Home Gyms Towel for Men Women Microfiber Gym Towels Cycling Workout Sweat Towel Set Quick Dry Exercise Sports Travel Towel Fast Drying 2-Pack (Black + Grey)

This is another item for someone who is a fitness nut, loves to go into saunas, or just perspires a lot no matter what it is they’re doing that involves motion. I like to always have a soft towel like these around because I fit into one of those categories.


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Home Essentials

These are all gift ideas to fill the downtime of whoever receives the gift. These ideas can be bought on multiple sites.

Here, I’m going to share my favorite items I’ve seen online that I’ve never gotten the chance to buy.

I would love to be given any of these items to keep me entertained in my downtime.

Buying any of these gifts for a White Elephant party is a good idea. 

32. Dog Wallpaper

HAOKHOME 99055 Dog Wallpaper Stick and Peel Wave Removable Wall Paper Blue/Orange Vinyl Stick on Wall Mural Decor 17.7in x 9.8ft

Up until this idea, I’ve suggested pretty conventional gifts that can be given to anyone. But this one is a bit different because of its fun design.

While not many people would think to bring this wallpaper as a White Elephant gift, so many people do love dogs. Therefore, there is a high probability that whoever receives this gift would be happy. 


33. Cat Door Hanger

Evelots Over The Door Hanger Hooks-Kitty Cat-20 Pound ea.-No Tool-No Rust-Iron

If your inner circle of friends or loved ones like cats better than dogs, buy a few of these hangers for your White Elephant swap. These items from Amazon will make any feline-obsessed person smile. And more importantly, if they have a cat or cats, it’ll also confuse them.


34. Animal-Shaped Sticky Notes

16 Pieces Self Sticky Notes Animals Shaped Sticky Notes Cartoon Sticky Notes for Students Home Office Roommates Gifts Bookmarks and Index Tab Supplies

Amazon has pretty much any item that comes to mind. These animal-shaped sticky notes, which are a great find, come pretty cheap.

Who wouldn’t prefer animal reminders over the plain old ones? These are such a good small gift to give to just about anyone to cheer them up.


35. “Friends” Photo Frame

Silver Buffalo Friends Yellow Picture Frame | Monica's Yellow Peephole Door Frame | Best Friend Picture Frame | Friends TV Show Merchandise Photo Frame | 4 x 6 Frames (FRD30547)

I have never watched “Friends,” but even I know of its legendary status as an early 2000s sitcoms. The theme song will forever be stuck on a loop in my head. 

This photo frame is “Friends”-specific because it looks like the frame Monica puts around her door’s peephole, so it’s great for anyone who loves the show. But any person may appreciate this cute picture frame, so don’t be afraid to bring it to a White Elephant event. 


36. Lava Lamp

Lava Lite 2124 Lava the Original 14.5-Inch Silver Base Lamp with Yellow Wax in Blue Liquid

This one is a good idea for a playful person looking to add some different lighting to their home. I’ve always wanted one of these but never thought to ask for one and would for sure accept this gift with open arms. I love them because of how cool the lamp colors can be, plus its light that moves!


37. Star Projector

Star Projector,Night Light Projector with Remote,360 Rotating Starry Sky Galaxy Projector, LED Night Star Projector with 15 Mode for Bedroom, Game Rooms, Home Theatre, Party

A star projector is a perfect gift for those people who live a busy work-life in a crowded city and don’t get to see the clear sky as often. It can also create a different mood after a long day with some cool, relaxing downtime and rest.


38. Folding Book Lamp

XIUDI 8 Colors Large Folding Book Lamp,Upgraded Version Portable Book-Shaped Desk Light,Novelty LED Paper Lantern with USB Rechargeable Night Light,Large Wood (Size 8.6×6.3×1in)

Because this lamp is so cool and unique, I personally have it on my wishlist, and not just on Amazon.

As someone who reads for fun, for school, and for work, often in my room, I would love to have it.


39. Moon Mirror

Lunar Sol – Crescent Moon Mirror%100 Real Glass Moon Decor – Chic and Celestial Boho Room Decor for Bedroom Aesthetic, Home or Apartment – Cute Mirrors – Urban Room Decor

Like everyone during the lockdowns of last year and this year, I went for a change.

Mine was redecorating, and a moon mirror was one of the first things I got to add to my space.

These are unique decor pieces for those who want something different for mirrors.


40. Burrito Blanket

Zulay (60-80 inches) Giant Double Sided Burrito Blanket – Novelty Big Burrito Blanket for Adult and Kids – Premium Soft Flannel Round Tortilla Blanket for Indoors, Outdoors, Travel, Home and More

This blanket would be a good joke gift. I didn’t even mean to find this, but I thought it would be a good gift idea. For a rather cheap price, a coworker, friend, or family member can be wrapped up in a blanket that makes them look like a burrito. I know there’s a throw blanket on here already, but this was too good not to put it on this list.


41. Sloth Hoodie Blanket

Sloth Wearable Hooded Blanket for Adults – Super Soft Warm Cozy Plush Flannel Fleece & Sherpa Hoodie Throw Cloak Wrap – Sloth Gifts for Women Adults and Kids

This is another sloth gift, but honestly, this sloth hoodie blanket will make anyone in your close-knit group feel like they are at home.  It will keep them warm and comfortable any time of day, and not to mention, it’s so cute. This gift will be good for just about anybody, but particularly those who are always cold.


42. Recycled Paper Photo Frame

NOVICA Decorative Recycled Paper Frame, Multicolor, 4 X 6, Square Shrines'

Gifting a photo frame is never a bad idea because most everyone has some sort of camera on their phones. You can even take a photo with whomever receives this gift so they have a photo worth framing.

This is a creative and revolutionary spin for a photo frame. I found one like this on Etsy, but it’s crazy popular and sells out quickly. This one from Amazon is just as cool for a new or permanent home and apartment. It would be a perfect gift item for someone who enjoys the Art Deco style or just loves displaying photos. 


43. Filtered Water Dispenser 

Brita Standard UltraMax Water Filter Dispenser, Gray, Extra Large 18 Cup, 1 Count

A water filter helps reduce the risk for those who live in apartments or rely on tap water. It helps filter out any dangerous toxins and produces cleaner water.

For those who don’t want their friends or loved ones to risk catching some water-borne illness, now would be the perfect time to gift one.

A water filter is a practical present that anyone would be happy to receive. Also, no one — especially young people — would ever guess that someone would give a water filter.


44. Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker for Individual Waffles, Hash Browns, Keto Chaffles with Easy to Clean, Non-Stick Surfaces, 4 Inch, Aqua DMW001AQ
I’m sure many waffle lovers would appreciate being able to make waffles so quickly and easily. Just by plugging the machine in and pouring the batter in, your friends or loved ones can start — or even end — their day with this delicious breakfast food.br /br /Besides being used for making waffles, a waffle maker can be used for a couple of other food items such as pizza or quesadillas. I think this item is underrated because so many young adults don’t think about the multifunctionality of items like this.br /br /This specific waffle maker comes in a variety of colors, and some even make fun waffle shapes.

45. Tea Kettle

Lily's Home 2 Quart Stainless Steel Whistling Tea Kettle, the Perfect Stovetop Tea and Water Boilers for Your Home, Dorm, Condo or Apartment. (Black)

I’m not a tea drinker, but as someone who has plenty of people around me who loves this drink, this tea kettle would be perfect for them if they don’t have it yet.  It is simple, thoughtful, and easy to get for a decent price on Amazon.


46. Marshmallow Mug Set 

Marshmallow Mugs Set of 4 with Handle Cute Marshmallow Cups Cute Mugs for Kids Hot Chocolate Cocoa Mugs Gifts for Kids Women Christmas Mugs Mother's Day Cute Coffee Mug Set 6OZ

There are so many mug designs, shapes, and colors to choose from. And some mugs can be very expensive. Mugs are perfect for those who need new kitchen items because they are moving out or because they just want more mugs.

I think this marshmallow mug set would be perfect for a White Elephant gift swap. This affordable set is perfect for a last-minute purchase for a holiday or just any special event coming up.

They can be used for serving hot chocolate in the winter or for serving sundaes and s’mores in the summer. 


47. Bathroom Rugs

Luxury Bath Rugs by LuxUrux Chenille 2-Piece Bath Mat Set, Soft Plush Anti-Slip Bath Rug +Toilet Mat.1'' Microfiber Shaggy Carpet, Super Absorbent

This is a good welcome to adulthood gift. It’s great for any young person out there to give to any friend for a swap. More than likely, they’ll need basic necessities, and of course, bathroom rugs are important for moving into their first new place.


48. Shower Curtain

AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain, 72 x 72 Inches EVA 8G Shower Curtain with Clear Stones and 12 Metal Grommet Holes Waterproof Thick Bathroom Curtains-Teal

This is another necessity for that close friend or family who needs some home items, and you can help by getting it as a White Elephant gift. It’s a simple starter for a new place, but it’s nice quality and cheap for someone that needs it.


49. Bookcase

FURINNO JAYA Simple Home 3-Tier Adjustable Shelf Bookcase, White

This bookcase can be used to hold items besides books, and it gives more room to shelf things. It’s a basic necessity to have in any space, and it’s a decent price.


50. Pig Bedside Alarm Clock

Mark Feldstein & Associates Wacky Wakers Pig Bedside Tabletop Alarm Sound Clock

No, this is not meant to be taken seriously at all, but this is the sound I believe everyone needs — not only to get them rolling out of bed, but also to remind them that laughing is messed up but can be funny, and that we are all animals.

Plus it’s a good way to mess with a friend who doesn’t like waking up, which is a majority of the young people demographic.


Final Thoughts on White Elephant Gifts

Always remember: the most important thing to consider when choosing a White Elephant gift is making sure the gift can be enjoyed by anyone at your event.

Be sure to consider whether they’ll understand it. Everyone would love to receive a great gift that could be used practically or kept as a unique keepsake.

 Just hope the gift you receive is as good as the one you brought!

White elephant gifts

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