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40 Adorable Penguin Gifts for the Penguin Lovers of Your Life

Charming penguin gifts for enthusiasts. Discover unique presents featuring these adorable creatures, perfect for any occasion.



2 animated penguins are standing next to each other, the female penguin is holding a gift

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What do you call a happy penguin? A pen-grin! I just could not resist making that cheesy joke, especially since many people love penguins. Do you have a friend who is obsessed with penguins? Do you want to make them pen-grin with penguin gifts? Then you have come to the right place. 

In this gift guide, you will find forty adorable penguin-themed gift ideas that your friend is sure to love. Maybe they will even have happy feet! 

1. Penguin Lights 

Brooklyn Lighting Company LED Wire Lights Strip

I know I love the idea of having some cute string lights in a bedroom as a form of decoration. So, if your friend also loves string lights and is obsessed with penguins, then this is perfect.

These penguin-themed lights will add some warmth and decoration to any bedroom. These will also show off your friend’s favorite animal.

These cute penguin lights are a nice twist on basic string lights. 


2. Penguin Thermos 

Penguin Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermos Travel Mug

I personally think a thermos is an essential item. I am a coffee addict, so something like a thermos comes in handy when I need to take my coffee on the go.

Thermos come in various shapes and sizes, so get your friend this penguin-shaped one. They can use it for hot or cold items, which will stay at the perfect temperature.

It’s a funny contradiction that an animal that loves the cold can keep a beverage warm. Your friend can also bring their favorite animal wherever they go. 


3. I Just Really Like Penguins, OK” T-Shirt

Funny Penguin Gift I Just Really Like Penguins OK T-Shirt

This shirt is perfect for your friend who is absolutely obsessed with penguins, specifically if their love of the animal is frequently being questioned. Wearing this T-shirt can stop all the questions thrown their way.

Plus, it’s just a cute penguin shirt they can add to their collection. If I were to need a shirt like this, I would need one that says “I just really like cats, OK,” because I always talk about how much I love cats and how cute they are. 


4. Penguin Wine Glass

Penguin Wine Glass

First off, wine glasses are always a great gift, especially if someone is just starting off building their glass collection.

I have gifted several glasses in the last year as several of my friends turned twenty-one. I also received my fair share of glasses.

A glass that represents your friend’s favorite animal is the perfect gift. It is something that is practical because they will use it often.

So, everytime they drink from this cute glass, they will be reminded of you and their favorite cold-weather critter.


5. Penguin Wine Opener

TrueZoo Kingsley Winged Corkscrew

This goes along with the wine glass idea above. Everyone needs some sort of wine opener.

How else are you going to open your wine? (My roommates open our wine, but that is beside the point.)

If your friend needs a wine opener, why not make it one that has her favorite animal? It is adorable, and most likely no one else you know will have this specific one.

It is the perfect penguin gift for your penguin- and wine-loving friend. 


6. Penguin Pillow Pet 

Pillow Pets Originals Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

I don’t know about everyone else, but I loved my Pillow Pet when I was a child. I had a purple unicorn one, and I loved it and had it for years. So, this next penguin gift is one your friend will love.

This present will allow your friend to relive their childhood while also having a new comfy pillow.

They can cuddle with their stuffed penguin or unfold it and snuggle with it as a pillow.

It serves several purposes, making this adorable gift perfect for your penguin-obsessed friend.


7. Penguin Blanket

CUAJH Cute Penguins Blanket

Everyone absolutely needs a comfy blanket to snuggle up with at night. I love having at least one blanket that I can curl up under and relax with.

Of course, your penguin-loving friend needs one with penguins on it. At night, they can snuggle under their blanket of their favorite animals, with their penguin pillow pet and relax. In my opinion, that sounds pretty relaxing.


8. I’m a Penguin Trapped in a Human Body” Mug

Wampumtuk I'm A Penguin Trapped in A Human Body Red Coffee Mug

I am known for looking for any excuse to buy a mug. I have way too many mugs but am always looking for ways to add to my collection.

I suggest getting your friend a penguin-themed mug as a gift. One with a fun saying like this one is even better than a simple one.

This mug is perfect for people who love penguins. They may have even said this phrase before. I love giving and receiving mugs as gifts, so I think this penguin gift idea is a winner. 


9. Penguin Snow Globe

Elanze Designs King Penguin Family Musical Water Globe

Snow globes are a classic gift for any occasion. There are snow globes that fit any event, place or season.

I have gotten a few snow globes over the years, and I think they are super cute. Your best friend needs a snow globe of their favorite animal.

They can have it on display, letting anyone who visits them know what their favorite animal is. Also, they can shake it and watch the snowflakes dance around the cute penguins. It is a cute decoration as well. 


10. Penguin Necklace 

TANGPOET 925 Sterling Silver Penguin Pendant Necklace

A penguin necklace is the perfect present allowing your friend to add some accessory to her outfits.

I love adding a small, simple necklace to an outfit. Your friend can do just that with this penguin one. It is a simple way for her to express her love of penguins without talking about them.

She can wear it whenever she wants to have her favorite animal close to her. 


11. Penguin Socks 

HAPPYPOP Funny Zoo Animal Crew Socks

Socks with a fun pattern are always a win. I do not have that many fun socks, but I do have some with cats on them, which are my favorite animal.

You need to get your penguin-loving friend some penguin socks so they can share in the sock fun!

These are perfect for lounging around the house, going out with friends or just running errands. Any time is the perfect time for some fun penguin socks. 


12. Penguin Planner

Penguin Planner 2021 – 2022

Staying organized is important for keeping yourself motivated. I am the first to admit that I am not the best at using my planner, but when I do, I definitely get more done.

What better way to help your friend stay motivated than to get her a planner with a penguin on it. She will be drawn to use it because of the penguins, and it will hopefully help her stay organized.

Plus, if your friend is stressed, the penguins may cheer her up. 


13. Penguin Gummies

Gummy Peachy Penguins Black & White Gummi

I know at first, two pounds of gummies seems a bit excessive. However, your friend will be set for a long time if you get them these gummies.

They will have candy to soothe any craving they may have. They may even share some of the gummies with others, meaning you may even get something out of the deal.

You can even work together to come up with some snacks you can work the gummies into.


14. Penguin Robe

Just Love Critter Robe Sherpa Trim Velour Robes for Women

I never used to be that big of a robe person, but that has changed. I find myself putting on my robe after my shower and not wanting to take it off.

A comfy robe is the perfect relaxation item. That makes a penguin robe a great gift for you friend. At the end of the day, they can just throw on the robe and relax.

While wearing the robe, they can put a warm drink in their penguin mug, wear their penguin socks and chill out. 


15. 3D Penguin Light 

Penguin Night Light Visual 3D Lamp

This item really caught my eye. It is not a typical gift someone would think of getting for someone, so this would be an awesome gift to get your penguin-loving friend. They definitely do not have this already. Plus, it is not super expensive, making it that much better. 


16. Penguin Cosmetic Bag

ZoCr Make-Up Cosmetic Tote Bag Carry Case

This is another gift that serves a practical purpose but is made better by the fact that it has penguins on it.

As someone who struggles to find bags to take their makeup in when traveling, I would find this bag useful.

This item is great for showing off your friend’s love for penguins while traveling. It can serve many purposes and can carry whatever more than just makeup.

The penguins are wearing hats and scarves, which makes them even cuter. 


17. “Penguins Can’t Fly, Therefore I am a Penguin” Sweatshirt

Funny Penguin Quotes Animal Lover Penguins Can't Fly Gifts Pullover Hoodie

A sweatshirt with a sassy quote on it is always a great gift in my book. I do not have many of these in my wardrobe, but I want to add more.

This one is a strong contender to be added to my collection. I think it would be a great addition to your friend’s collection.

The statement has some great logic that they will appreciate. Plus, it is a great sweatshirt they can just throw on whenever they want. It is something casual, cute and funny. 


18. Penguin Earrings

925 Sterling Silver Penguin Earrings

I personally do not wear earrings often. However, if I did, I would want these in my collection, especially if I loved penguins.

The outline of the penguin is simple and not too crazy. Also, they are not too long, so they won’t be heavy on your ear.

If your friend loves jewelry, especially earrings, then this will be a great penguin gift for them. Plus, they are silver, so they can go with many outfit options.

They can be dressed up and down. Overall, these earrings will make a great gift. 


19. Penguin Wallet 

Shag Wear Women's Vegan Faux Leather Clutch Purse

Finding a wallet that works for everything I keep in it can be a struggle. At times, I may have two wallets going, or I constantly shift from one wallet to another.

But, I think this penguin wallet will work well for your friend. It has multiple slots for cards like your ID.

It has a pocket for cash and change as well. It is also a fun blue color, which goes great with the penguin pattern. This adorable wallet has everything your friend could possibly need. 


20. Penguin Shot Glass

Penguins Shot Glass

Just like the wine glass and wine opener, you need a shot glass collection. (At least in my opinion you do.)

Everyone needs at least a few fun-themed shot glasses, so why not gift penguin ones? They are not expensive and could be cutely displayed on a shelf with your penguin wine glass.

What would make it even better, is if you found a penguin shot recipe and tried it from the shot glass.

I have no idea if that exists or what would be in it, but maybe you and your friend could create something. 


21. Penguin Wine Stopper

Cheers Penguin Glass Wine Stopper

When your friend opens their wine with their penguin wine opener and pours some into their penguin wine glass, they are going to need something to make sure the wine doesn’t go bad.

Why not buy them a penguin wine stopper? It is the obvious choice to complete the penguin experience of drinking wine.

Plus, this wine stopper has multicolor LED lights. What could possibly be better? In my opinion, this is a must-get for your friend. 


22. Penguin Keychain

WSNANG Penguin Gifts Keychain

Keychains are a simple gift that have a wide range of possibilities. They can be a basic charm, have a simple shape, contain a funny quote...

My favorites are the ones that have sweet, uplifting messages on them. It is not often that someone just comes up and starts reading your keychains, so it is like a sweet little message you just have for yourself.

This one would be such a meaningful gift for your friend. It has a message that reminds them how strong and amazing they are.

It would mean the world because you would be giving them the gift. It shows that you feel that way about them.

Plus, the penguin on it is a nice touch and is something they could smile about when they look at the keychain. Keys go everywhere with you, so they will always have the gift with them. 


23. Penguin Stress Relief Balls 

YoYa Toys Beadeez Penguin Stress Relief Balls

When I am stressed, I want something to get out all my anger and frustration. Sometimes when I squeeze something, it helps relieve some of the tension.

These penguin stress relief balls are a great penguin-themed gift for your friend. They are especially useful if your friend has some stressful times coming up or if they are often anxious.

They may be hesitant to squeeze the penguins at first because they love them, but once they realize how much it helps with stress, they will love this gift. 


24. Penguin Slippers

Sanfiago Knitted Penguin Animal Lovers Slippers

The ultimate relaxation outfit is not complete without slippers. Your friend may have the penguin robe, socks, a mug full of a relaxing beverage, blanket and maybe some stress relief balls, but they need the slippers, too!

The soles of these slippers have memory foam, which ups the comfort level. Plus, with their arms wide open and ready for a hug, the penguins are so cute.

This is a must for the penguin gift list. They are perfect for lounging around the house on the weekend. 


25. Penguin Cocktail Shaker

HIC Penguin Cocktail Shaker

Now, my roommate makes most of our cocktails in her cocktail shaker. She loves making them, so if she loved penguins, I absolutely would get this shake for her.

It has a sleek silver design that will look gorgeous up on a shelf. A regular cocktail shaker is boring; this one spices it up.

This will make learning how to make drinks fun and will definitely help make your friend stand out whenever they are making drinks. 


26. Penguin Dryer Balls

Friendsheep Wool Dryer Balls

Okay, this one may need some explaining. I mainly put them on this list because I thought they were cute.

These are just balls you put into the dryer to help make your clothes soft and wrinkle- and static-free.

My roommate uses simple dryer balls, but when I saw these penguin ones, I thought they were a perfect cute yet practical gift for this list.

By getting this penguin-themed gift for your friend, you are not only giving them a cute present but a useful gift to help with their laundry. 


27. Penguin Cross Body Bag

Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse

Just like with wallets, finding a purse that works perfectly can be challenging. They are either too small or too big or do not have enough pockets.

I am constantly changing what purse I am using, hoping the next one will work better than the last.

Just by looking at the cute design, I think this purse is perfect, The mom and baby penguin are adorable.

Plus, the bag itself is not too large, but it’s big enough for your wallet, phone and maybe some small items.

It will be perfect for when you go out but only need a few things. This a purse your friend will absolutely adore and use for many occasions. 


28. Penguin Wall Art

Penguins Watercolor Animals Wall Art

The two penguins on this piece of wall art are so adorable that even I want to hang this on my wall.

I have a feeling your friend will have the same reaction when they see this as well. The two penguins are simple, but they will stand out in any space.

This painting will make the perfect wall decoration for any room. Get them a cute frame to pair with the picture, and you have the perfect penguin-themed gift. 


29. Penguin Stuffed Animal

GUND Christmas Puffers Penguin Plush, 10"/Small

This was an obvious choice for this list. Anyone who loves penguins needs a penguin stuffed animal.

If they do not have one already, get them one ASAP. If they already have one or more, why not add another to the collection?

There are so many out there; I am sure you can find one they don’t already have. Stuffed animals vary in size, shape and style, so you have many options. 


30. Penguin Water Bottle

LaserGram Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is such an important task that everyone needs to remember. I have my favorite water bottle that I like to use.

I fill it up every morning, and I take it everywhere. Just like how I have my favorite bottle, this penguin one will become your friend’s favorite.

It has a sleek silver design with a penguin. It can even be personalized, which means you can specifically tailor it to your friend.

You can put their name, nickname or favorite phrase. This bottle is the perfect combination to promote hydration and showcase the loveliness of penguins. 


31. Penguin Apron

MissOwl Adjustable Bib Apron Penguin

You may be thinking, who gets their friend an apron as a gift? Well, my best friend got me a set of aprons for my birthday this year.

Why? I baked cupcakes once, so now apparently I am a baker! If your friend happens to love baking or cooking and needs an apron, this gift is a great gift option.

It is not expensive, and it is something that will be useful. They can proudly hang this up in their kitchen, adding a bit of penguin decor.


32. Portable Penguin Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Humidifier Protable Cute Penguin

I thought that this gift was absolutely adorable. The penguin with the crown is so cute. The colors are gorgeous, and it is overall just a clever gift.

If your friend loves essential oils, then this gift combines that love with their love of penguins. They can take this diffuser with them when they travel or they can keep it in their room at home.

This diffuser is not super expensive, especially considering it will get many uses. 


33. Penguin Coloring Book


Nostalgia is all over this book. When you grow up, you do not have to stop coloring. I own a few coloring books, and I think they are pretty cool.

So, why not get your friend a penguin coloring book. They can color the penguins however they want, giving them the chance to design their own penguin.

This activity may help them relax after a long day or express their creativity. Also, after one is finished, they can put it on display on the fridge or wall. 


34. Penguin Pasta 

Pastabilities Penguin Party Pasta

When I saw this pasta, I was overwhelmed with how lovable this was. The little penguin pasta would put a pen-grin on my face if this pasta was cooked for me.

You could give your friend a bag of this pasta as a gift, or you could make your friend a meal with it. Either option would be a great present for your friend. 


35. Penguin Hat

Penguin Plush Animal Winter Ski Hat

When the weather gets colder, a hat is an essential part of your outfit. Everyone should have that go-to winter hat. (I know I have at least one or two that are my favorites.)

Gift this penguin hat, and it will become a staple for your friend’s winter outfit. The cute penguin face plus the puff balls on the end make the perfect beanie.

Cold weather is not the most pleasant, but the hat may make the weather a bit more endurable.


36. Penguin Leggings

Women's Ultra Soft Holiday Printed Fashion Leggings

Leggings are one of the most comfortable articles of clothing. I live in leggings. I have way too many pairs but am always getting more.

However, I do not have many that have patterns. But I would love to have a pair of these penguin leggings, which is why you need to get these for your friend.

They will add a bit of pattern and fun to any outfit. Whether they wear them to lounge or wear them out on the town, they are perfect. Every penguin lover needs a pair of these leggings. 


37. Penguin Pillow Cover

Penguin Bird Throw Pillow Covers

Throw pillows are a common item found in almost any house or apartment. I have some throw pillows,so your friend probably has some, too.

If they do not have some already, start their collection with a penguin pillow cover. This pillow cover’s design will fit perfectly on their bed, couch or chair.

Pair this with a blanket to give your friend the perfect warm, relaxing snuggle setup. 


38. Penguin Beach Towel 

Penguin Bird Microfiber Beach Towels

Even though you will not catch a penguin at the beach, this beach towel makes the perfect gift for your penguin-loving best friend.

My favorite beach towel has a character that relates to one of my favorite bands on it. Your friend will love a beach towel with their favorite animal on it.

Also, they do not have to only use it at the beach. They can use it at home as well. It serves many purposes, making this another perfect penguin gift. 


39. Penguin Seat Belt Accessory

CoTa Global Grey Penguin Size: Super Soft Plush Safety Seatbelt Accessory Cover

Boring, plain seat belts are out; seat belts with fun animal accessories are in. A penguin seat belt cushion is the perfect gift for your friend.

All they have to do is attach it, and they will have a penguin with them whenever they drive their car. I would love to have one of these in my car.

This will surely make your friend pen-grin when they open up their gift. 


40. Penguin Bath Mat

SIMIGREE Funny Showering Penguin Door Mats Kitchen

You need a mat for your bathroom so that you have something to step onto when you get out of the shower.

So why not have it have a penguin on it? This is a simple mat that will fit with almost any bathroom.

It is black and white and has a simple outline of a penguin and a showerhead. It is not in your face with a crazy pattern. This will make a perfect, simple penguin gift for your friend. 


If you get your best friend everything on this list, their entire house will be filled with penguin-related items. While that might be a bit excessive, getting them a few items on the list is a great idea.

Of course, not everything on this list would be something your friend may want, and there are probably some items missing on this list that they would enjoy.

At least you can find other penguin-themed items for almost any situation. But I am sure whatever you choose to get your best friend, it will make them pen-grin!

That’s a wrap. This post was all about penguin gifts. Do you have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments and share the love on social media.

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